The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1930
Page 5
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TUESDAY, FBlDHUAilY 11, 1J30. ·i'HE DAILY COURIER, OONNBLLSV LLE, PA. PAGE P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Prank H Vniersky and son, Bonnie, visited at HIP Yorawr'jj home In Pittsbui'K % for a \\eek. "White there Mn. VenerskV won .Irst prize playing flro hundred ab the PlttbuTg Cluh. This February lHh bolus ou- 23rd Anniversary we wiuh to thank our many friends and. ouslomero for the auocess that ha« tieen ours due to tholr kind patronage, noya McParlarid, Milliner, second floor. Title Trust Building. -- Advertisement, -- llfob~lt. Jloy S3. Otto of EaU Crawford avenue left Monday morning for Atlantic Ci*.y to attend the unmial convention of tho Pennsylvania and Atlantic Seaboard Hardware Aiiaociation, wbirh is in es«!oi\ In tho new convention haU In that city. Mr, Otto 1s representing tha Loucka HarJwaT6 Company's store, Wo carry a comrlete line rf Valfrn- tine jafl«^ Valentines, lamp shades, and napkins. Everything for Vakn- tHe Day, Fehruary 14th, at Keetner'a Book SUM-G, J2,5 \Ve6,t Apple street. -Advertisement. -- 11 ,'et-3t. Mr.e. H, J. J3lf«l of Lincoln Bveotie h.;s relarned homo aftew 1 a visit at Weye'rsdale. ( Mrs; O, J, Feathers o£ Smithfleld, "whq is a patient nt the Untontown ijfospltal, is reporieit, to he convnles- c ing satistaclorily. Miss Nan Pu.orsau has returned I'vom Uniontown, vrhere she wa« tlip sjuet of Mrs. Margaret B. "WHWi. Mrs. J. D. ArinstrofiR of Carnegie Aunt Het *Y "Emnxie Was the only lazy one in our family. She marrrd a widower with seven children." MOTHERS now learn value i of MAGNESIA. dent of Couneilsville, Mr. Werner is superintendent at tke \Vierton steel mill at Wl«rton, W. V.i. Mr. and MrS. \Vrn«-r will be at home. attw Fe]ru- ary 16 at thioir n«^lv constrnutod arenue was a Uniontbwu visitor Mon-^ louso at "Wehcress" at Weirton, W, Because It is So helpful i n ' keeping babies and children healthy and happy, every mother' should know ubout Philllpp Milk of Magnesia. | This hacBiless, al-1 moat tasteless pre- ] I pkration Is most effective in relieving j | thoHe symptoms of babies and ehil-' ! dren generally caused by souring tood in the little .digestive tract, such as sour-belching, freauent vomiting;, lev- f erishness, :oltc. As a mild laxative, it [acts gently, but certainly, to open the little boW'Is In v cotistipttioii, colds, 'children's diseases* ' j A teasponful of PhllUp^i Milk ot j Magnesia does the work of halt a pint f"o£ lime water 5n neutralising cow's mi)k for iiilant feeding, and preventing hard curds. Its many uses for mother ami child are fully explained in the interesting book "Useful Intor- tnation." U will be sent yoo, free. Write ,TJu Phillips Co., 117 Hudson i St., New 1 ork, M. Y. , [ In buying, bo sure to get genyJna Phillips Milk of Magnesia.. · Docf.ors have pres ribed It for over 60 years. "Milk of Magnesia" has been the U. S, Befistered Trade Mark ot T'ne Chas. H, Phillips Chemical Co., and its predfeooasor, Chas. 8. Phillips, since 1S7S---Advertisement. ! day afternoon. 1 Mrs, Josephine Stader, formerly ot Oonnollsvitle, tool up her duties Monday in the ollce oi Dr. Fred rtablnson of UniontoWh. Mrs. .Chart'tes F. Raymond of ftreet spent th iveek-eud in T'nton- lown as, (bo guest of her son-1n-3a/vv daughter, Mr. and Mrs. "Bar! Wll- ».on. i Mr. ami Mrs. Harry 3. Manaberiry o£ Flushing wer» gueste erf the iar- :n?r's mother. M i s . Herman Welting of Davidson hill uvsr thi week-end There la no improvement in the condition of Mrs. \1.11. Vanoe of South Conneilavine, who has been suffering from a nervous breakdown. She is not permitted to sw« visitors. i Mrs.. Charles I'.oyd and son, Clark, of Trader avenue- nud Mrs. U Etchel- bergor o£ Syoanaore street attended tho funeral service for 1'idward Youn- klu of Markioloii ^Saturday afternoon at Kingrwoott. i'rom Kingwood they Va. GOOD-BYE ITCHING SKIN Soothing, healing and tremendously efflcleht, invisible 2omo brings cool r«!ieit to Itching SkJn JSvcn ·where skin Is. raw and pea Ing, thousands have found that Kem . quickly N- stores comfort. It belpa smooth away blnmU.hes and clear u i Plmplos, Hnalj and nth', r annoying; i chlntt skin and scalp rrrltaUojis. Kc p clean, spptie Zcmo always on hand. Usa It fieely. 3t Is safe, pi- as;uit, l)3e, 006 and StiH. Said evei ywhere. -- Advor* ttsemo-nt. NO TRACE OF (IAS OR FUMES IS FOUND IN ODD FELLOWS HALL The the Odd Follows Hall and Mrs. Kichcl bdrgor's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mis. S, A. Way of Hock- ·\vood ou Sunday. Mrs. May suffered a , . faUmungr invest}gallon iuto the repo -t that gaa loak- fitroke of paralysis, paralyzed. Her right sido is or ftimes hav(? eaueetl the j illnefes of several pei Tons in tho bnlk]- Mrs. John Kvnns of Race street arid '"»· Titih statomen s d«nittd that it ·daughter. Mrs. i'. K Smith ot Vino JniRh!. havo been iroai that cuuao. fetr«ct, spont the day in Pittsburg. j T^° communicatio i, from J. Hall Roy W. Uaxt-er of Johnston are^juo Spe«r, agent o£ the Fayetie County bpout Monday wi,lh hi? grandmolJicr, C'"'* Company, follows: Sirs, A.f!wuuU Hahn of jWttsburg, ile) "Ae requested by -ou thla morning ·was accotapaukd homo last ovoning TV» have made a thorough in KesU{;ation Iby Mrs. Baxter, -who had visited hor of trio possibility o ! gas ]oakaj;o or onolaw, MWJ. Ixtrralno MuQuiggan of 1umes from gas burning appliawcefi ,Bvtnkirk, N. Y. ' " . . . . . tho cattae of tho sickuwsfs oi e-ev- Mr. and Mrs, Y/urron L Wright of eral pcieoiu? in Odd Follows Hall on South Pittaburt fctroet wotoreti to Wednesday evening, Fe-bruary 5. Jlorgantown, W Va., today. They woro "\v flud tho gas, lines, in thie and o£ Mi'tv. jjujjdcent rooms are absolutely tight. Vs a f u r t h e r teat -e tur?ied on tho lour Humphrey hea ing ntovps tu f u l l capacity and aftor burning same for over three hoars, with all windows and doom tightly ilosod, find 'abao- called th'.tro by tlio death francos Hcernuuis Mrs. C. II. Hi 11 and bo by of I'oplar Crovo loft thia morning t ti. Y., to visit Mr«. S. M. foi Otaan, eetz and bous, Hany, Cbarlee and Jainoa, ot tbi^ citj , Percy Siietz of Greensbtirj? and her daughter, Mrs. E. IX Wetherc-ll of IMtteburg. attended tho funeral 39:- vice ior Mrs. lutely no, trace' of f In tnc ToOln. The heating stoves aro in good ndjuat- ment and have igooil combustion, can fml no cimdi' Ion existing on Mary Margaret Cole-man, Sunday after- ( pro mises that totil^t in any -tfay ac- ?.t the homo of her son-in-law j covmt tOr lhe lllae s of the SBV0rft i porisons in quc«.t.on "This room han an exceptionally high ce-Uing which s;ivea the room an excoplionally high · ir oontetit. Thoto is also considerabk 3eaka^c around window frames which provides a con- and Viaughter, vlr. and Mrs. Koberf Sh'iimUcer of Star Junction, H. A*. Sheetz, brother of AIr«. Coleinan, W M 3 unable to attotid tho lurieral op account of Jllnct^. Paul Aluiiboy, manual training tc-acher at tho High School, who was | s t»nt flow of freeh air. Even though vory 111 with pneumonia at tho llopi- ·tal, was able U sit in a chair for a ehort while yestetday. His condition Js toportod to lo s;ood There is no ;haugo in the condition the stoves were ii iproperly adjusted and givhig off eotuo funia, this fact alone would prever t any serious consequence to tho occ ipents of the room, unless the room w.s very much over- of George, two yoara old, who Is very · 111 at the home of his parents., Mr. {md ' ]Mrs. Lcvi Stonr oC Woodlawn avoaus. , Joseph L StiHwagon lias leturn^fl l to State College to resume his studios after spendinf? Iho mld-s«»i«.ter vacation v l t l i his inotber, Mrs. Ella M. Still wagon of 406 Joffcison btreet Mr. ami Mri. Lloyd B. Darby and tjon, , of Uulonto-wn, and guests, Mr, and Mrs. 3ra Mortimer Werner of Weirloa, AY. Va , were guests oi. Mrs. Darby's lirgtiior-iu-lavv aad s,£- te-r, Mr. and l\(r.«. I r v f n V. Albrifiht of Unioutown, Srturday. Mr. and Mr . fra M Werner are on their honeymoon. Thftv hiivo spout the past two w«n» in the East and arc ou their way Uoim\ Mrh. Werner before her marriage, January 15, wab Mrs. Margaret Jolinstoiie, widow o( Eugcno Johnilouo and a foripor BEST MEDICINE SHE KNOWS OF Says "Take Lydia E. Pink- loam's Vegetable Compound" Ft. Meyertt, Fin,- "Lydia E. Knk- s vegetable Compound is the best j ever hcaui of. Before iuy baby was born I wua always weak uritl rundown. I had nervous spc] Is untal 1 coulctn t do my hotisewoik. A tboy re- l mainecl there ror a long period of ,, ' ,me. Tho statement oi Piro Chlot DeBoIt "Health Officer fohn Irwin and I wieh to report J tha wo have made an invostisratim and examination Of yonr lodge rooti and room !ln your building for the purpose of finding a taucso for the of certain members of a railroao ordor which recently m3t in th lodge rooms and found nothing which in our judgment would cause euch illnesB," WESTERN MARYLAND PROTESTS GRANT OF POWER WT IN W. VA. OHAKL.BSTON, w. va., F«.b. it-- in addition to tJie piotesM of the Rportt,- inen'a org-auiaadufts of th© elate against the application of the Vfett Vlrgiul-x Pjwer Transmission Company, a sulisldiar · ot tho West Penn Power Company, or tho wator pow-er development rights lu the Cheat River basin, the- Wosteia Maryland Railroad fil-ed u petition uilegmg thi powov company hju» HO uiimodiate ntentlon of (iovetoping iivt of tho 14 projects in tho «pi)l!catiou, aud tluu tlie giauting of power riicbts w j l l present tlio eApaiisJon of tho lailroud f.ioilitiea of Uie "\\ e b t o t n Maryland and I other companies. AMERICA, BRffAl WANT OF SUBMARINES OootinuetJ from Pas* One from Jts II* em- the danger, eve4\ though limiting the use of snb- use ot tUo Buhmarine, home ptirtjs, is recalled. phasized nmrlnea may exist, of tempUtion to use the roapon in anr way b^tt suited to a bell'gerent's uetls, regardless ot any accepted ?ode of warlare. Joiniiur with Amerioa in dematullng the abolition of the smhmarine, Great Britain, through Albert V- Alexander, first lord of the admiralty, told the conference that it it faited to r*ach an agreotaent tor coraplota aboiilion, Ms country proposed strict limitation of tho wanon in size and minsberB.' IE complete abolition of undersea warfaro can nt bo fUtalnea, Alexan- llBi 1 a(3d».Hl f Great Britain propOseH a revival ot the "Root clauses in the » 3922 ton Treaty, under v.-b(cvi in- FORT Kdlson 88 I'odar. AIYBRS, ,?ta., Feb. 11.- Thomas A. Edison eeached his 83rd birthday today tint look' only half a day off from his saieutllie laboits to cel-eorato it. Except, for his iannuul interview with newspaper men, a brief appoar- anco in tho city park for a tablet dedi- tioii In his donor the Any was little flifierent from otbeis. I lio \ g f t a b i · Compound and it MtuMiKtlieuctl me. Bouuo my owu housework I tun HOW working ia a restaurant and I frel better than 1 hare in three years. I hope my letter wi/1 b*» tho uionns of Irading some other w onmn to bettor health " -MRS. DBIITHV Knuuj, Wll i'oik at., 1 1. Meiers, i !onda. Mi mil Summit boi U B e l tirsi 'ti l)a«iyii'*»r Horn. Mis. J \ a n ^ \Vilson, ,li , or rf- the i a.rtMtt-4 ot u aaughttt i-uat.v The t h l i j l L-* ihi- uiutlu- 'Ml! !w vt.-niuai!KM ud Xoru tfp oa. (taugiuur of Mrs UMUI UpUm of »«« ' J'lhvnrnig. A t i . and Mrs. Wilwi are making their hutuo vvitli the ortniM'ri linclo ami a u n t , Mr and M ' 3 Hichard Hc-U. tioar Summit uwasy-- i nui Uia the safest means available for quick relief, Pertussio acts, quickly and safely ttnd is entirely free from harmful drugs. humat,3 use of the submarino is forbidden. Alexaider pleaded for unanimous acceptance by tb eonftremt* oi the principle of total abolition of sub- ] marines, saying that lite picket wonltl be auprorted by tens £ millions of people throughout the worW. , "It w tali to reach such .ih agree ment h*re," he aald,i "we shall have miasd our great opportunity," , J"ai!iCK to: bring about total abo)3- tirn ot that arm, fb« luJtntrulty lord said "Oreat Britain la prepared to accept the lowebf possible llmit-a that can b(» auRgoiitac', both as to manners and C5eor(;c*a Ijoygntiw, the 'Frcncb mtnii- tof of marine, tiikiiiR l«ii.ue w i t h f!ic American and British tteieftatos, presented Prance's demands for continuation t £ the aubmai'ine as an active £oru is the world's navios. Leygues said his nation was willing to a^rtti to the adoption ot regulations regard ng the use of sulmiaifuefi, nceeptmi the principles of the Root resolutions outlawing unrestricted submn *inc Leygues proposed a resolution providing for the appointment oi committee to prepare an aRrcsemeut to be signed by all iinval powrtt, to regulate Biibtnarino attacks on nvprchaat shipa in accordance with present rules applied to surface warships, Opposing Stimson's aug|?catio« for the boHLlon of bubmarlnrs, Roi^iro Wateatsuki, chief Japaneao delisgate, told t!io plenary sosHion tiiat hik. »m- lion earnestly desired to miniinize the destructive power of that Weapon, xud that he wae emphatically opposed to un) United submarine wartare such as occurred in tha WorW War. Tho submarine *5s not a ruthless weapon, he declared, to be condemned outright. But he gave his full support "to the undertaking to outlaw tho illegitimate use of a legitimated and defensive agency of war." ' Kakateuki declarwl Japan desires to retain her submarines solely ae a meaim ot protection tor nor extensive waterways end vulnerable The- aakftd the ronference to revive the submarine question as it TVM developed by the Washington Coxtfer- ence, and to lind a proper and effective formula which would be "much more Btttisfactory 1n its conception." "Ai cplanerf," the Japanese leader , "Jf they are -alnised, otter a menace to defenseless Hvee and property 1'ur uioie atrocious (nan fcjbmjirines." 1 low on jevery suite in 011 stock! Our Great February Features the Hundreds of Great Values Now! ; 4-Piece Bedroom ; mte« in Walnut With Other Fine Wood* ,,,_ $129 T.%ls :lc typical oil Jfjh* |»lie»«]»*ABl raiues we mro offering in oiu bedroom Mow is tht i liije 4o Ml*ct yonr »«M* r ns prl«e« are almost unbellcyably Other Suite Bargains 3-Ptoce Vanity, Dr* «ser and Bed. Bedroom Suites that sold it-egularly at a muck larger price--Now ._ d«oar»te! 4-Piece Waismt Vea»3er, hi Bwlroom Suite* ao^w, m iJlng at 2-Piece Mobair, Si tte -- TO»Ats of finest quality MoHair tvtth re^ersibl* cushions ________ Startles witlr reversible cvuiihia, \s 8-Piectj Dicijig I oom. Suitee---Here's an cxtratrdiiiai7/ bars »n .,,,--,--,_,,,,---, -- Walnttt Etotog Koom Suites- Are in the sale for ouiy ^--..-u-TM..^ --,_ $69.50 $119 $159 - $95 .. $97 $129 £ venings by Appointment--Call 376. Com store Borne RtmishQrs Day Beds Cut to $18.50 A comitoi-table davenport lyy day, yet always reatiy to ' be opened up into a full size bed. Complete with pad and va4an.ce. Roomy Dre»*erdbs $23.50 Serves'the double purpose of a dresser and ·wairdrobfc. Save on it now. Simmons Beds $5.85 Up We have a vronxierftil stock for your selection. Model as illustrated ....... $9.00 No More Gas In Stomach and Bowels ff Hovcd of take tv 1«* » ·,3«it» 1 »nw tly r*. o c o ·*« to »tom»ch and bowai*. ake Uanlmanii'e Gn» Tnblet*, whi(J» r« prepared e«p»et»!!y (or utom «h lf»« nd nil Ue bnd eifecU rMnltb t from · pre»ure. . TJ»«t tanpty, ifncwin* fa«tin« »t th» pit of Ui» «om»eh will tiltnppw t? thut ·nitlouii. nervou* fettling With o« ri put- a|!a to , you wi » n « deep brmth without Tl»»t drow»j.'» »l«py f»»llm »fter dlnacr VrtU bo hi{»l«c«d by * de ittf lot ·ntertnlnmcnt. B!onUi\a ·Will cease. Your limbc. atois and nngtr* witl no lonfter feel eolfi and "( o to «le V be- c«u*« Baolm.n|i · Cn* TabUti prevent r«* fKjm lnter«rlri({ with the ;lrcul»- iion t.«t the B "uin«. In the y«Hc * pacK- ·(·. at any good drug ttor*. f tic* *t. v A.lway« on h ind at DRUG CO. JAMES H. DUNN RE-ELECTED rfEAD OF MOTOR CLUB UNIONTOWN, Keb. 11.---B ' nnanl- 1116113 vote of the more than 800 persons attending the 2Kst anni al meeting of the Umontown Motor f luW held Monday evening in the Wh to Styan Hotel, -was declared the- n ost successful In the organiTiatlon't history. Celebrating tho elo3^ of Its most successful year t h e prcsidi'i i f James H, Dunn, spared no detail i - t the banquet and moering ecji at 1o success of tho ye-ar just clot etl. the dinner, which started a CK J IO P, M., until tho finale in the audftVHIe eiitcjtalnm-ent the guests w re highly etitojlaiued Thp business session whlcl followed the banqiM wtui itileroatln, as well as instructive particularly to th6 number of members ^ho v-ero attending their f h s t ino'.or c ub meeting. Mr, Dunn v,as re-olocted president find Miss Ignore D Oolle; was )'e- clccted secretary-treasurer. The vice presidents chosen for U e corning year were: Walter I- 1 . Or-ft, D. D Dodge, Homer Vance aiul '. A, Jlit- teuhouse. J'Vod M. niicde-i, Bool dale; Dr ShirJrls Friinkenberges', CarmichaolH, and Homer Ke*-s, UnionUr r n, wero dios-en m5m!u!i'y of tha boa xl of gov- L i n o r s acrvinj" thrfc ye.irB vhilc Dari p l l W. Smilov 1 WUH OK'clnd for a. two vt'ur Icrin, 'OUR CH! LD'S n«d« p ompt atten^ tivy Ko rforShoucs liouU brme relief. All '* LIQUOR PROSECUTIONS DROPPED WHEN FEDERAL AGENTS FAIL TO APPEAR Special to The Courier. Feb. 11.--TVSM liq-uor defendants jiSt "a big- break" In court j this mortiillg when it devalo^ed that F'ederAI prohibition agents ^ho had made affidavits of sale against them had failed to appear to prosocute the casee. Dietrict Attorney J, Is, Adama moved to tltem!as the intormoMons ahd secured an order from the court in compliance. Boesie Perkins, Jeffereon township; Sara Edwards,, South Bro'wns'ville,, Joacphluo Noplio, Kieferto^n; Hugh Pastoriea, Georges township; B»£C(f DeRosa, Kieferto-wu; Ortal Unn,, Lower Tyrone township; Jamee Berry, i Henry Clay township; Harry French,! Mike Balldrt and Joseph Barrett, Con- neltevllle. The Federal agents, It Wa,s explained, were bufiy in court it) many other countie^ of the state or l,ad lefli the aervice. Somerset The annual get-tieth«r meeting of the American Ijeglon, peats of Somerset county will he held -Tuesday night Kebruory 18, al the Somerset Country Club. I Insure?" T h a t ' s been settled long ago. The Questtion'uo'vris: "How inuch insurance d o y o ia need?" The answer is: ^'Enough !Fire Insurance to pro- Tide monoy to replace fiilJy your household goods and furniture," Not forgetting that'slnce 1913 replacement costs have Increased 101%. Be sure you have enough. Let us check up your policy, You incur no obligation, J. DONALD PORTER Insurance--,33 Years Kirst National Bank Phone 7CS. The Unseen Hand That Cranks Your Car - ~ - - Deep in your car lies Uie battery. It's a silent, efficient inkcliine that performs its tasks ·with llttli attention or thought on your part. BiUt beware the dangers of neglecting your battery entirely--craiiking is no fun. Drive in regularly and have your battery checked--it's a money-saving ^habit When Your OUl Eattery Has Outlived Its" Usefulness and Mn:it Be Replaced--Lei Us Install a U S L BATTERY Joe's Tire Service Josj Opperznan 'Henry Oppernian Just Across the Bridge West Crawford Aw. Phone 1252. Schi*tliger Company Federal and Stati Taxes AcTOKiitaiHs and Auditors liJ5-20 Park Pittsburgh, Ta DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS It you are cauiemplutiiie building a homo con:e aud look at these lots. The} art* large-- 430*140 feet. N'atural g«j, city wat^i, tine graa. schoo, and ihurcli. Ou« mile fiom businesis dlsirtat of Counellsvlllo; a 5-miuute trolley ride. A nice location ' loi- a suburban, litsmti lutiuire of C, H. McCormlck, P. 0 Box 144, Con- l-vii:.'. Pa., POPLAR GROVE

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