The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 10, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1918
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

Anniversary Savings on BOYS'APPAREL To Command tlu Attention of Kveiy Thilfty | Mother Uoj.s' ( l u t U Suits, MUuos up to $0.50 in JVoiv Styles, HJI to 17, at ' Suits worth $8.00, novi Trench models, at Ho» V fcl.81 Dioss Shirts, all sJ/an Hos' 59c Summer Union Suits ' MEN! It's Lucky t o r You--llils GUnt Sbht Sale ; f 1 25 to ?1 60 values ut I ot Men a u[ lo Jl 26 Ores') Sliiru One lot up to 75u Men a Shim aad Drawers WiFll 94c |«| 59c 39c Sale Begins Friday, May 10th DOORS WILL OPEN AT 9 A. M. The Biggest and Most Important Bargain Event in Connellsvilie This Anniversary Sale is No Ordinary Event--We Have Planned it for Months Manufacturers with whom we do business co-operate with us and contribute sensational Bargains specially for this once-a-year event. And in addition we have Aniversary Savings On Attractive New Mid-Summer Millinery $680 to $6-50 Trimmed A OfT Mats at ,, _^___«p4:.Otl ilio seasons newest 4iid smartest Uats styles aryl values that prove tho statement- Wb I*I1A_D IN Mil UNI RY VAI OCS Mats ot tine Italian MJlana In black or "WhHt natural Icgllorns shiny lifit re straws In all colors trimmings of flowers and wrings 50 iNen Trimmed Hats, rallies up to $5.00 at $2.00 mid $0.50 Untriininid Shapes Sand brown purple grey and black lieadj to Wenr Banded $2.951 $1.391 added Thousands of Dollars worth of New Spring Merchandise from our Regular Stock which will be priced at substantial savings as a practical appreciation of the Loyal j Bailors and Generous Patronage of Our Customers--you and your friends. Come and share in this Banner Anniversary feast of Bargains. * tJ " rilc sol1 cop TM Brev $2.95 Look What You Can Buy For Only Nineteen Cents Llitldreu b 50c Short \\ bile Dieases 3t)c Coraet Covers al only _ -- . Men s 36c Black Lisle Gau,se Hose Regular 60c Carpet Slippers The Greatest Once-a-Year opportunity in Fayette county to secure Fashionable, up-to-the-minute wearing apparel. at the most unusua! Savings. This event made possible only through our 72 chain store b» iu ing power and generosity of friendly manufacturers who have contributed the most wonderful valuesfor this Banner Anniversary event. ANNIVERSARY ANNIVERSARY Anniversary Specials 39c 39c 39c 39c 39c IHhy s 7( Soft Soiwl Shoes odd mres Uoinen a up to %\ 00 Wlats it ~ - Womeu - iOc Game Union Suits Mou s up to 76c Shuts and Drawers* _ --.7 c Metal Bread Bor* Anniversary Saving *£« Footwear 'Jlhut Will Surelj Make This the TTost 1'opulur Sho» btore in OonnellMllle, WE QUOTE $5.45 $6.95 Wumcu's $7 00 Oxfords _ _ Dark, b r o ^ u or black kid Dark tau Russian mlf lace stock with new m i l i t M y hei.i atvle Has the aew luHHary at ?B -to heel and only $6 OS Hisses' $2.00 White Canvas Balj Doll Pumps 91 25 7 QK Homen's $1000 PD QK I .3U mgj, Doojg _ tDO.i/U $1000 Migli T l i e \ e i y new Seld mou^K kid mth cloth top= new m l l n a i y heel IVomeu'b *900 Shuts The very popular biown or grey kid lace atjle Louis heel at only $735 Wissch' $2.»0 Vlut« ( a n \ a s Shots Ouh Tip to WOO 69 fiQ ISSfl loramrt ShoM _ PA.D»7 shoes Women a up to daU, $1 00 pal "ftometis $3 ifl conifoi L slices ent kid and gwn metal sbops of black kid Iralhei rubber hf! here at 52 69 ana nijiion solea at $2 i3 Clilldrtm's 8300 I'atent and Rim JJIotJil fsliot s $1 jt $2.69 loll "IIS les ttud yc Beat Pel Lilea 38c B i c « o Muslins at 59r \\bite Skluings $1 00 Bleached Table Dam tsk 35c Heavy I n r k i u h 1 owels 30i, Hm k ISi. at Clash f l oO Bed Sheets LI (\ 60 B«J Sprrads it 19c 12ic 21c 15c 48c 79c 29c 27c 14c 69c $1.29 $1,29 UP T 0 $3 00 WOMEN b W4.1VI b CHlLDnfcN S UP ] O $1 75 ^ R 1 \ I M ^ D J I V l b WOMEN S $ 1 l ) SHh-PHRO CI11X K SK1R1S WOMEN S UP 10 W 00 PUMPS \ ^ J D OVPORDS WOMBN b ^1 lO llOUbl!. DM SbJ.,b CHll D R L N b ^1 50 O l N T l t \ M DRLSSPS ?1 50 L \ D 7 I , S K T M O N O b ONL^ MEN S $1 -0 DID Sb S J U R J b X I I p to $10 50 Nen Spring Suits, Coats and Dresses Ptat tired at 1 be garments In Ihla g-ioup are Ihe latest atlea popular colors and mateiials Slrea for women mlaaes juuiora to JSSOC ttlHIIll Suits, Coats and Dresses In tins g i o n u a i e a up to tbi. m i n u t e suits la^ y mid beautiful silk a n d stlge di eases Children b iOc Muslin Draft ers Womeiii regu ar J9c Corsii ( o v e r s These Extra Specials on Sale Friday and Saturday Only A,, \ n n c i i i ^1 w 7Qr» IS - u e w s l ' i n f c 193 ··'*-' 1't.n.ilt J l j u c nn.8^«i I «/t, P u r i l i s n i d jL^2 ' " ' " « - " - "· l l r ""' "" " lei |K "' IQr- M i i h l i l t H ) I I v X l t ^ Mil l i n \ n n l JLt/V^ \ s \ n I x i i t n p l i ol I lie Anniversary Savings 0. \. r,--K H c. t^i) ( w. r, ( n« hU 1 hrfad A l l culur^ A l l ntnnbus. 3 Spools 25c Up to $2500 Suits and Coats Brand .New Spring- f eatured at In this group are the moat extraordinary values aacrl flced to u« specially for this anniversary e v e n t 3i?as tor womcu mlsaea lad Junioi* tip to $4600 Braud YOT 8pr(»g Suits, Coats and Dresses f e a t u r e d f l l ^ao garmci Us will be % sensation wben they B I B placed oi\ sale at this popular jirl e Finest up lo the ruin tite bvilti snjppj ipnojf conts and banriaomi uew di oaoa Dorons of I S i n n f l $1S.75, $82 0 nurt ^ ^ e l l $35.00 Beautiful Silk Dresses i\i!l l)i u r t ' i i i n i U n l i l i K . i t i i r c in t h i s ) ) l i ( h d f l \ M i n i at ( l i b popiihir p r u i 1 H 1 I U V I M M A N Y n i l I I 111 M M O D I i s \ M \ I'ldnl l l n s s t s S m a r t l a f t M u D i t s s c i \ H I mil,ml l)n s s M i i a i l S ( i t o H I I S M S ( i ( | i i ) dt Wiino Dics^os ( i t o i i n l t o ( n i n l i i i i u t i o n s I lip most w o n i l o i f i i l s t v h s the in st f n o i c c ] o l o i s and \ \ i n t e d n u t o i l a l b \M lie I i c v e ttn-j w i l l s u i t l y tlellght eveiy \t0111.111 who \ \ j n t s i biiuut ne\\ dn ss \\ uutea B JGc C avizo "\N i men a 'iJc Ualoa bull 1 ) ,, ___ ^ointD a 75t Union Sutts A h f l d i e u s JSv. Black Hoie Women a 39c Sifk Fibie Hose Woroe» s 75o Sillc Cloves 86c \tilaaese Silk Gloves 75e Hand B-vsb Indies Korrhiefa B.t ^ __ 35c Ribbotii yai d 20c K i b V o n n yard 3i l u b l p Oil CJofh lie 39c 59c lie 32c 55e 68c 48c 5c 21c lie 29c EXTRA ANNIVERSARY VALUES iuaiittes anil Styles Values ind Pikes that prove [his to be the wtUst store for yon Women's up to $3.50 New bpiins ttylea in georgette crop^ de ttilne taffaiaa law as and voiles u flesh wtnta aod uaatet shades also amait strtpa at Women's up to $5 Waists, j AnoUersarj (£O /|O ! Pi loo *P^» *^' j H om n's «p to $6 oO flj /{ DA I M»| h fx at ft4.0» fcitr» Special l o t Ytomen's ip Ui $,!HI atst-s al np to $1.89 Hfiic's V n o t h i r ^ \ l l l l l I l l ot the S a v i n g Aftorded io lliis A N N I V E R S A R Y SALE One Lot of W o m e n ' s Up to V I i.OO Coats and Dresses atlk scrgt, and 1'ophu li sacs niObiJy T o of j. kti\d oa)a are ill p) nu coloi a ant! m i s t u n s bi/ta for \\onieu iud misse** A must innisiial value at These Extra Specials on Sale Friday and Saturday Only M n s -Ot. HUt,h ( utlon HO'ie I hildi 11 -, J i J-1C liiiulku lueri, /?Q ,, VV 11111,11 i to ?4 JO "^*^ 1 nmtnctl H iti 6c ^nfot I*mh ^Tinps l a p e Moaaures ~tve! ! J u s 1 him hi e^ and (.or Q/j 8 K sri i 0 T o til 1 nil,. l)0l I l l l t l U I in i iiu U r i i k u s i i T alcuin I owdt,r at o p «l O o

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