The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 10, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1918
Page 3
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if ' i- /JPAOS FDvra. /£--- r--- DAILY COURIER, CON'NELLSVIIJJE. PA. FRIDAY, MAY 10, 191S. ( · I ·* B^NTVY P. SNTDER. rVmnder -And Kditor, 157B-191S- TFr/3 f.'OCIUEH COMI'AXTf. K. i!. SNYDEK, J Pr*iia?at. T JAS. J. DRJSCC'LL. and Treasurer. BuslAcss Jttinoser. JOHK U GAIsS. , ilanivjrinc Kct'.'Oi'. -WALTER S. EVt-V-MKU , City. Editor '·VISS 1.1TJNK S. K.'KCELJ-. Society Bdi:sr. il£MJJS]J O~: Awoc'.ltfta P-PSS. lt Bureau o£ Ci-eulatlon. Pennsylvania Assoc'.a-.ed Dailies. ~»o cents per copy. C.OC p«r month; Jo acr year by i=a:l II P.--W in advance. /Entered 33 secoijd clss-i matter at the p^£3ce. Connellsville, Pa. ···ETDAI ETE-VJKC, 3C.YY 10, J01S. ."/ / / - / ! i · t · ». v T** The Courl«r» K1»B. TTILL.IAM P. ST.KIXMAJ!. Hospital Unit L. A: Expeditionary Forces. France. RALPH F. SUGKK. Company H. 31»tb Infantry. U. N'. -V_ Camp Lee. Pster.tburg. Va. MICHAEL GBI^N'ALDO, HAROLD F.10HET, B.Utery E, Field Artillery. 23th Division. U. S. X. G. LiOYD B. COX. Company 5% S7tb I:nfirirvers, U. S. A.. Port Myer. Va. JCLIUS CKt'USE, Company E, 15th Engineers (Railway). Amercan Expeditionary Forces, France. Jlruibrr of The A*»oci»tel S*rrn*. The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the ua« for republication oC all QOWS dispatches credited ta it or not otherwise credited in tfaia paper and also the local news publlsnoii 16 OUK SEX.T DCIY. The masnificeat work of ihc Third Liberty Lxsan comrat-tees of Fayettc counti', and the fine j-pirit of cooperation displayed by the people in mating that campaign so conspicuous a success, is going to terve as a splen- *did preparation for 3ted Cross Week. The unselfish service this great or- gaalzatloa is doin^-fir the welfare of classed Democratic candidate a chance to win in November. In tins exploiting the caudidacy of J. Deany as the Ayo~tle of .Reform the Democratic organs are upholding him m tiie deceit he is attempting to practice upon, the voters of the state. "The man who seeks nomination on. j chu Republican or Democratic ticket in a I tee and open primary tacitly ajjru-3 tu ~biac by tbe decision o£ that primary," says the- Ilarrisburg Tele- gn'-ph, ' and ho is in honor bound \o givo his successful opponent jiist as j.earcy 3-nd sincere support at th.e general elections as ne himself "would h'j.\'c expected had he heen the wia- ncr. This is the principle o£ majority rule. U is the method by which parties choose their candidates. It is t?.e basis upon which the uiutorm primary Is founded. 'Without it parlies could not exist and nominations would be merely the decision of tw'o or a bun- j ^ drcd men to run for iW same office, , with resulting confusion, and turmoil m an extreme- degree, and the chances very good for an. entirely unqualified man getting enough votes to win. "If J. Denny O'Neil, or John R. K. Scott or others do not mean to he governed by the decision of the May primaries ibey should say so now, so tha; '.he voters may govern themselves accordingly. Surely the candidates mentioned do not have it in their hearts to deceive trussing supporters by their silence. They owe ii to themselves and to all loyal Republicans to speak out. This is no time for concealment, particularly on. the part of men who insist that they are leaders of great governmental reforms. _"U the men named do not mean to abide by the primaries then they no longer merit the consideration of Republican, voters, for, -with thai adm^- sion. It would be evident that they meant only ;o earn* their petty personal quarrels into the general election in an effort to defeat oihers for the offices they could not then hops to wm for themselves, and so disrupt the Republican party m the state at a time when it is extremely important that Pennsylvania be kept at her Republican moorings. Silence on this point is not strengthening any of the candidates on the O'Xeil slate. Rather, For FOR SALi:.--10 ACRES FREKl'ORT . -1 1-2 foot cj-ii near r.,ilro.-id. Opened I and developed. O\\ ner in draft, o l y | reason f o r selling. R. if. \VEUn:H. j Scotttlale. Pa. C m a y G t , WANTED--SECOND TRICK COOK. B. S: O. UESTAV1V.VST. l o m u y S t . WANTED--COLORED WAITER AT TOUCH HOUSE RESTAUKA.NT. WANTED--GHtJL. FOU Gi:SKllAL. ouatiWorlw 517 \VCKt Cr.l\vforil . 'Jrn^j it LQ3T--BKTW.CKN' U T R P H Y AV3- nuc and K It;h b c l i u ^ l p o c k J i b o o k u' 1 "- tainiiic o^aii«,f and ra-lro,,a Licit el K i n d e r call M ilS. CAVLAN, 410 Kn^t. Brintr your CIHHLJE.S C avenue, C C L E A N I N G PA nj'ma, and .straw LX'S. 170 \Vcsi Cr, fn. Jnij, ANTJ3D--J3XPEUIENCKL* TV'AlT- and LaUy Second Cook. M A M I A ' P - j CAi'U. m a y t : ANW5J -- r;SHVTASl Ui 11 AT y. (;OMUT ISLAND lll'.SVAUllANT. i v.-ayos paid. S::,,iy3t ViJ--KO\'S A.N'U GIttLS O V K I . of i-;c. I'a-.d w h i l e . i r i , n i B XdVlLnj S11..K Ji HJ^. lU.i-prlfd A i l i n l n l M l r a STATK OK " G I O V A N N I BAT'HSTA I'ltj-ro, UUo u i Ln:nbur L.i\Mit,hi|,. e L l u B o u n t y . I'jnnyyH ania., d-*:ec:is- Lotiers o£ u i l r r . m i s t r a t t u n on the ,-c T )jiH«*ii .s'.ati,- h a v i n g l i ^ e . i jrrant- o thii u n t i e r«ijr.i J, n o t . r u is h e r e b y -i t i nil person.*- mtu ''tut! u said It; t u m u k c i i n t j ' f ni;iU |),iyim:n l. VXTED--WOMAN VOR G K N K U A L un-v t r k . A p p l y Jrns. c. J - \ K M - r.UiNG, at Y u u s h House roylam.m'.. :iml I'* thosf | nollsv lorn* 1 : n t i l i , an- 1C. U'.miM- C u i i - , J. K I U E C KENNJ-JR. A L - j G n p r C l - f r i - WAITED--AT ONCE. MEDIUM size house vlth convenience, or apart::uHs, C«tU T47 c i t h e r f i h o r n - or Bell T V . I m a v L i W A N T E D -- J T A L L A N G I R L SPliAK- infT gooil En?lU«h to wait on tables a^.rl a t t c n c U f r u i t stand. TOBY'S Ql H'K LUN'CH. Dunbar. Pa. lOmaySt' WA-NTED--AT O N C E , U X P K U - ienced saleslady, must u n d e r s t a n d ul- terat-.miff and f u r n i s h r r f c - c n w n Apply pr.OrL.ES' UBJ'ARTilKXT STOHC, 2 Z O N u r t J i IMUsburg s t r c u u M a p r t f ·ft' V.VTED--AlAN FOR S W E E P I N G cars"at n l f f h t ; 11-30 T. M. to 10 30 A. M. Steady work A p p l y ! \H1 BK \IKCif-VNJO. West I'enn F l a i l w a j s Co. 8m.i.y5t W A N T E D -- Sr-VEUAJi CALU'EN- ters ttr repatr w o r k on croeL cars and bulldinc. Steady work; tt-hour day. A r»pii MASTER MECHA.VIC wet I'«nn Railways Con-pany. Sm.-vySt our soldiers and the soldiers of our { this or it is destintti to'rob tlicm of votes they other-ft-ise might receive, for, above all, the voters at the coming primaries want straight-Cor ward, open and honest methods of campaigning. They are distrustful of anything else and , are in no mood to tolerate hedging or dodging on any is^ue." There has been no side-stepping on' 1 other jssue by Senator Sprout, Senator Beidleman, candidates for governor and lieutenant governor respectively, nor by Thomas 3. Crago, Candidate for re-election as congrcssmon-at-Iargc, a real fact that the voters know bears no resemblance to the make-believe efforts oJJ the Democratic boosters of J. Denny. The elimination of German from the schools is making much more fapid prepress than the- elimination of "United States" as it is beins spoken by our raen in France, who are servinj? wt Instructors ir. the Kaiser's course of study In the sprlifir drive school on :he western front. Thf, government j y a. good lumber customer, or rather a ijood lumber t a k e r , as Connellsn'le dealers are disposed to term Uncle Bern's method of buying. "With the United States Steel Corporation turning out heavy artillery and Charlie Schwab b u i l d i n g - ships to carry jruns and troops across, it's only n. question of time u n t i l Brutal Bill will permanently go out of the war and Kaiser busmeFs- by Fay'ette county 14 pome farm you consider the f.^nres c o m p i l e d the f a r m survey. And we h.ive somt; farmers -when you consider the statistics of their products. Now that the- K:nt,er and h i s supporters and the C r n w n Prince and his- favoritcs are d i f f e r i n g a* to whether "Hiidy" has made ^ood on the w e s t e r n front, the Bis? Drive may yet pet' Into the prize fi^ht class fuid end in hot a!r in'rteod of hard punches. .After gcttlngr i n t o the million dol- ! .i.r class on "joncl purch.iEXis it o u g h t 10 be very cnsy for the Connelisville district to raise the t r i f l i n g s.uin of 550,000 for the Red Cross. Allies, and the stricken civilians "wha have suffered war's aeaviebt burdens. has become to be so much belter appreciated and understood 'that when the people of Amerija are asked, as Ihey Trill be daring the week beginning May 20, to provide funds for another year's activity by the Red Cross, they will be even more ready than they were a year a^o to respond to" the appeal. Moreover, the recent bond campaign, has brought to them a more comprehending understanding oi the term service. They realize that dollars as well as raeu can be enlisted and that hoti are among the prime necessities in winning the war. They appreciate the dilerence between loaning money to tfce government and giving it to the Red Cross. While doing both, is prompted by patriotism, tne former is an .nvestment in the safest securities in the world and the latter is a voluntary offering made as a measure of Interest, sympathy and concern in the greatest humanitarian work ever undertaken. Tne purchase of a Liberty Bond brings the buyer into tho relationship ot a partner with, the government in the sense that the money of the bond buyer goes directly into the vast business ot running: the country's war machinery, to be icturned to the investor when she gorernment no longer has need oC it- In the conduct of war there are essential activities that can be better carried -in by civilian organizations than 1'j" the government. This condition called the Red Cross Into existence anc' it is now recognized by all nations aa the ir.ain or- ganisation or public instruraentality for relief of sufferiig inevitably resulting from war. It is'maintained in its operations only bv the liberality of * those persons to vhom the cry of the suffering or distressed cover raakos a vain appeal. About a year ago there was prompt and generous answer to the call for funds to adequately equip the Red Cross for ;he prcrlijdous task laid upon it. These obligations have been so fully anil satisfactorily met and the people's trust has been so faithfully administered that the opportunity which is offered to aarain help in providing a Red Cros War Fund will be welcomed as a duty. This duty will he all the -more willingly discharged by the pecple of Conn^llsville and vicinity becausp the entrance during the past year of h\m- dreds of our yonjsg men into the military service has ( reated a closer sympathy wiith that agency which, for ought we^nowkn w, may soon be called upon to lend its kindly ministrations to those who are close to us in tne bonds of kln;,h;p and affection. Purgeting, as we will, the unp?e- cedentpd demands upon our patriot- ! ?'^i l m . ru'-tjn^ n° w _TM\ a 'l ism and liberalit;- we will ^croclr- gladly and in the risnt spirit to the request of'Presideit "Wilson, contained in his Red Crosi Week proclamation, "to give generously to the continuation of the impcrtant work of relieving flis-tres^, rer:xirin^ the \vaste of war and assist]i it in raarataining the morale of our y-rn troops and the j Fra p ; C d K ed to ^ducaU them well, troops find perplr-. of our allies by ! Some day i think their .-kill will sen. this maaefeKtst!* n cf effort and sacrifice oo the part of tbor^ who. thrush not privileged tc li *;.r a'-p.-: are of f 'if spirit, p'irposa aid ^itn'.iinaaor -KiHi. our warriors." TVH: or worn ITS noosr WASTED -- MOl'LDKHP Iron. R-reen sand; also co Steady work, u n i o n rhop. hourr". CHH1SMAN KOL'N Mors.intown. VT. Va. OX CJltKY re: makers. Seilcd proposal:, the ultU-t- if A n d rev/ )'. u c'u, T u l I-'ir-a Xatln-.r ;ntr, L'nioiuown, I'.i.. u ViVtlnc-i'lav. M,t.. lalh, .itio'is a n - I AiUli; t o r ·- ' School U ' l U d n n C j,moui v tiruc f o JTi'il.dO : company each bid. The bo; i h f r i f r h t 10 rcji ct n n lu sciio*»i. n o A i i i i or TH j 1ST H jt'/r UK rr.t'.iiY T ^yxsnir Fcr Dr J R M a r t i - . P n ' - n l - i u W* U Ki«-t)eck. Sccrc:..ri- A n d r e w J 1 . i,'o/»per. A r c h i t e c t . t i n a G i f fl m r CO.. D t r a y C t ·WANTED--AXT KIND OP FRI-^A- insr, whether it is a calling card, sale bill or the finest ongraved Wfcdtlir.F invitation or announcement. TVc print ftnytdlntf--every thins:--do U promCt.y and do it rlffht. CR!\ the rruvn at TUi COL'ItlER o.'Sce. Both phones. 27-tI ·\r_\NTKn-- THP.KK TO SOC drcd UoHars m o n t h l y salary o mission v o H l n K oils, jx-iinr^, ro m e n l H , sportialtl^s direct fr ri tors* F1N1XC} tor t h l f i W r l t p q i i i f k l y . P H K M t K U rOMFAN^, CIcvLind, O. W.\NTKP--OOVVnUs-JtEST "0 QfO Cltk? at Washinet«n. Bacfimlna- L i o n , e v e r y w h e r e May 25. exponent"unnecessary M^n and women desiring irovcrnmcr.t potntlona w r i t e (or tree nartlcular* to J. C L.EONAJRD. Cormp.r Cn-V. Service Examiner. SOS Kenoln BUlp . -WivBhlapton. 7mav6tx to Contriicto ctiived u p uiii :J I K J U ' L Tintr-dtlay. M.iv 16. for Die Jn.-'i.'i l.-iti^i) of a, w^rm -ur hen-tinp and ver.f i U i t i n ^ syslom to b* 1 insLS-U-ed ta thu Victoria ifchool. Perry toi\ nslnp. fa Certified c h e c k for | 5150.00 to accoir.p;.;-;- all hirls. Plan" ' and Hp-citlcALiun- CTII bo h.ul ut tli- ' n f l l c f of Aiu!r?-.\ 1'. Co t ,pvi. Archl'.tx't, 704 K i r n : .Nain-nj.1 Bank. buHtltns, L'n- ' Ion town. Pa. T'.ti bon.rd rest r V P S the j rltrht to r u j i C L i - i y cr ;.I1 l.ids. Kfhoo] I Bc.irtJ of the Si^ool P i ^ t r j c l of Porr; Township. K n y c p To-mty, Pa DP, i J. R. M A R T I N . I-rr^tcient W I,. RIS- BIOC'K. S?("-et iry ANPKi:V." p COOPER. Architect.. Ii"muy3t-cod | e oJ familiar trick of putting the biggest, ripest berries on top of the box often appears in showy surface to hide the absence of good f abrice and good tailoring. In the Kirschbaura suit you get here, the standard is just as high, the -workmanship is just as exacting in the details that don't show as in those that do. $20, $25, $30, $35 HORNER CO, 106 W. Crawford Ave. Connellsville, Pa. F*r FOR RCNT--SMALL APARTMENT. I n q u i r e KI-ORKNCE S.MVTZ 9mayt£tl ~FOP RENT-- FURNISHED ROOMb for I l f h c housekeeplnfir. M3 S. StxtU St \vv-t Side lOmay'J-ood FOR P.CXT-TVTO NICEL-T FUK- ijished rooms for l i g h t h^JsekeepJny. 121 i Vine street. lOmity-Lfd f a n BENT--TUBEC r rooms. 135 X o r t h Seventh O K RBNT--JL'.VE J-'IRST KIG room flat. 'W'eit Miin street i n n u l 1!5 West Apple. 3ma.y2t' I'OU R^XT--TWO OJt THP.H nicely Curnishei'. rooms Cur iish: h n u b ko.;pmfr; «se oC b:itii. 121T S c a i n u street. lOrnm-lt is one in which the mer- chanthimself has implicit the merchants -who advertise in this paper. faith-else he will not a d _j They.vilUreat you right vertise it. You are safe in' p a t r o n i z i n g t h e mer-; chants whose ads appear; in this paper because their j goods are up to date and' not shop worn. : : :, AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE KOK KUXT--TWO L,AR''rK D1tR- ab!* 1 F u r n l f r h c d rooms Cor light house- k«fping. All conveniences. HO Sort!; Pittsburff. lOmfiylt FOR P.KNT--FJVK ROOM FLAT. A l . co'jvonienous. Small tf.wd^n. 1-1. SC'LKS, F r a n k h n street, HH.XK A d d i - tion lOraaytfd fOR RENT--A L A U O E STORE rc m with w;vrf:hou30 Uast Crawford a e n u f . louition Call J. M. 6-46 Tn-Statc. SmayCf FOR SALii--LAXD Price riglit. COXNEI^LSVILJ-E CON"- STRL'CTION CO. l O m a y t f d Rccoenizing 1 the raisin? of g orden i E,tufC as the chief industry of Lho sea.- ' son Ma rr Du^^a-i very properly hap put the ban on raising the devil Bettor bci^in today p l a n n i n g that letter you are E"0ms, to w r i t e m o t h e r on 'Mother's Day. Jissft Folfag KOK SAL.C--TLJMATO PLANTS, lf,c per cloasn. A p p l j H. T. TVL'^SOS. 31G East F:r.rvitiw avenue. S m n y t t KOK SALE--O.NE FORD T O U R I N G C.-LF, in good c u n d j t t o n . J. M. SrHiSLUii, Kverrfon, Pa. 8 m a y 2 t It's footwear that "women believe in, as we have for 30 years, if you buy them. Everything new that's good is here lor your choos- Black, Wfciu;, Grey aud Brown. Shoes--Pumps--Oxfords KTESTJEEJfTS. Investments, if I rightly learn. Are m o n cy spon t that -vv i! i r e t u r n . I don't know much of business ways; Jn other fields 3 vc spent my clays. But I have f o u n d , f r o m w t u t t I'm told. That M-hcn another risks hisr gold He wants tu k n o w the or men Who w i l l be charged to guard it. when Ho is not there, aid will it pay For him to chancu his wealth that way. FOK SA«E--TON TRUCK U N I T FOR Ford, bed and cab. 305 H i l l street. Tn-SLate ihone 3111-2. 10.nay.1t* FOR S.-VLB--FIVE PASSENGER Etuick. touring car. in good condition, McCREARY MOTOR CAR C O M P A N Y , East C r a w f o r d a\ e n u e S may-it FOR SALE--VIM TUt'CK. ' LJlOLIV- cry body, ncv.' Urea, icwly o v e r h a u l e d . Uig barsalr,. Sec 11AL.PH HYATT. FOR SALE--WE BUY LAP IKS 1 AN'D rents' Hucond hand clothes I'hone Tn-Sta.:e 229. residence. A. S111JL- MA.N, 211 Isorth PltLsburg strbet l U m a j Cr FOR SADJ5---1314 HITDSOX SIX. .-lectric starter, l l y h t . tires good, :j ex- j tra.. Good condition. Drafted. £16 PitUburg »trel, Hcottdale. IQmaySt* . FOR SAJjK.--LINOLEUM 75c YARD, IMvestments---children small. Oilcloth 62c yard, new carpets from $5 their f u t u r e ' s worth the to 512, gras ranees, porch iwin^s, lawn In I dinner. I think their va'ue ivill adi'ance. I think they'll p.ty on what I've spent A prrenter rate than, sis per cent. And Viewed from every business way, I "tMnk those l i t t l e ones today Arc; worth my b^st and fintf;:t care; For all my riches center there. it the fl Of And as t h e y rise to service One. i Life's b^st rcwp.Ttl i* ill tlien be mine, i Ii r r u t b an A Jionfir J would t«:vch j Tham h«».',,· th^ t-^is.^, of h f f to reach; i i*i.'«'d .v^tcl' their iert they ! A.TI-; corri* to hi,ter £"i-ie£ sortie (lay. [ T h e i r f u t u r f ; means so much to me, j IP t S i t m lies ovt»ry joy to be. ' Bui ji"*!-! is all mcr.ey earns, to vnri ricn-T joy slia.11 c r o w n the strife in ' m a r k b a w-pll invested l i f e . .. f ) Tr. t ^ f i m I would i n v e s t myself. and gurden hos Bnv SBCONT-iiANT FURNITURE CO. Trl-Stata Phone. 7may41 von SAjjK--GA.RAGE. FORD AGEN~cy tn two towns nf 10,000 pcpulatton each and parts of five townfhips. En- tirv stock of tirc-s, tubes, accsBoriea and Ford parts. Salef -j.\Prsse SlO C'JO ' per rnoath. Owner in rtmCt. onH- rea-* ^oa for selling,. WEf.MKK M*OTOH' COMPANY, Scottdale, enliven the int *rF5i of the pnopii* th candidacy . r J. Der.ay O'NoM K* oppo^t'o! 3 r Mt or Sprr,; Vr ^ \ Republican gu;."n:a(Or:.-.i - ,-»j...i,;., ' t .t tile ^act cannot b? cout.-3A.led ".'lit the ! T f hop,! of the Dflr ocrats is that "Uecay j Th * n ^ roat will run indcp. cdentij-, following his j M«t at the primary e ,ectio tt . and i wll , n ^^Tjr UiUfl give an o. terwise hopelessly out- , ways brins results. plendor irhon my .=orTic- ends. " 1v t^py shall turn out line, l l i l ' f the J°3' tint's mine. j FOR SAL'S--THi: DBAK IJOTTLlAG j "^"or);E. Kest busine-is in the city Tor j the money invested, doir.i, t-no,ii;h l»n^i- i ntas to employ ivfo trcckb. Jtcason j for HSt'Iry, jroing to berv^ my conn- i iry. Thl- J ii worth any man a cyftsid- ' erat!on. VTI1J teach you this business i brCore leaving. DAVID HARDEN. t proprietor ' Smaytid FOR SALE--EXTRA LAIIGC Lib r a r y suite, mithog-any finish, uphol- ( stered Spanish leather, consols of ' , davenport and erood all cotton matress, 1 1 Sft'o largt rockers and large s t r a i g h t ! I chair. Only used short t i m ? ; can't t e l l ! f r o m new. This is a hiph prade suite j and ·will be sold at bargain. Also three-quarter_iron bed and matrons. Inquire 607 Second National Bank j building, or Marietta apartment No. ."White Front building, evntn;rs 9rnay2t,- YOUGH TRUST COMPANY "The all-the-year-rounel store," because" whatever the season, are always filled -with new, attractive merchandise. Buying quantities for cash and selling at moderate prices keep OUT stocks at top-notch mouth in and month oat It is now May time and Thrift time; the season calls for women's raiment and here they axe in all the new styles. Beautiful waists, -white and colors; a superb line of women's skirts, washable if you want them, silks of the most beautiful patterns; serges, and other kind. There are numerous tempting offerings of cotton fabrics, skirting, stripes and plaids, in a charming array of color schemes, embodying almost every particular shade at reasonable prices. Dresses and prices that have the art of 'pleasing, for misses and children. Good values are like a magnet;you have only to see those we are displaying to be attracted. There is a wonderfully attractive line of women's, misses', and children's hosiery in all the beautiful shades to match the fancy colored shoes. Good, large stocks of gloves, silk and cotton, made in white and all the fancy shades; summer headwear for children in all the nove'. styles at very moderate and very reasonable prices. It is awfully hard to get children's neckwear, something that is "becoming and to match their clothes, but you can get them at oar stores. If you will take time to visit the nearest Union Supply Company store we assure you there are many lines of goods that we can^save you money or.. You have most all good convenient street car serrice, short automobile trips; go to the country store and do your shopping. 68 Larse Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Have You Anything FOR SALE or RENT Do You . WANT Anything Try our Classified Ads You Get Results

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