The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1930
Page 4
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VOOR. THE BA HJY SR, C »NNBLLSV11jLBJ, I J A. TUESDAY, FBBRUABS" 11, 1830. K 1 I-, f-/ r:: r,i Sip* itolg (Emtrfer. WHHD ootrraaat co, ' . BNYIMSR. Preildont »Rd Killtor. JSTft-dWO. t * _, MRS. K, M. SNTPJCR. Proaltlynt, JAMES J. DRISOO1JU ifJeA't-abd' qonorai P. O. 3MTJNDSON, Vlct-Presldaat. MTSS R. A. DONECfAH, Poorotary and Treaauror. JOHN I* GANg, , Editor. , WALTER \ an SB Crusts it JSdHoiv V*ooi»9 . 5 antl 8 parent ban'mot(! which were delight-', lul functions and iiyesented occasion, for talks bjf more, titaturq weniibers th© fraternity 1 th^t were s va!Luanl, lo th,e yoii ufcetera KS itidy . MKitJSBK OF " n N«w*p*per I^ttbliah er* Audit BuretiJ of Clrctti»tl»n. PeisnsyJvanla * Two c-snts per copy: Coo p*r month 43.00 pci ycf.r bjf joUiU if paid In vance, · . -.·--· ; \- 12o^poi- week ibjr carrier. Entered a* socouiJ clasa matter at th poutofllcr, TUK£IK\Y 1WO Df »'HE CHURCHES, insiug.uraUon of tja« persoija evangelism campaign in which 1 J'iote#tant congregations at ih© ctt .are parti eipating. baa bee;a»o ous, and It has awused so much i-st, tnat the results give' ovary prom iso of being hlgfcly saUafaotory. Th* cumpaigru differs from th nting«lifrtic effort almost ·church engages In at J-east once eae yeiir, Th' indirijiual mem'bers of th set«*ral i ongregatlons have been , en ,' listed in the work, \ind«r th« direction an fl leadership of their pastors, a :ontraeted with tlw usual form of r-a vU-iil ser \ices in, which a xniulstar, who specializes tic campaigns, .is the leader .^of th local church forcc-i. The present campaign has bee: preceded "ay a cenaiis which ha? plaeei! tha pastors in pos8;9«3n of intornm tion concerning the church of those mou 'and women who not yet actively identified! teniselm w t t L any congregation In th« olty There are niany families now hero, 'the lather or' mother of not Bwo-mo. ufiLWated with. th church of which th-a other r*jerot is a member. In mapy tar**-.w it ha .boon the aitentlon oi the nou-chnrch member oif the family to Join with hi or her partner in ma-king tho family a church »npjKrting unit. Through neglect or hicllGterence the decisive step never has baen taken. One ob ject of UK- present campaign will bo to endeavor to IsrflUjnce such persons to a rte-ciijlon that will, identify .th*m ·vv'th a church organization, Another group of persons with ·whom ..intimate touch 'will bo estab ISaheii consists of persona, often man and wifo, who have bee.'i memter8 a churches in other towns or corarfuuji ties before removing to ConueHsvUle TVequontly they have-swu^ed-church le-ttevj b u t . i'pr roasons, and often . , witiiauf any, tli cy h'are d«ferrwl pJac- ing their lo.ters with l.ho local -church henco they have s-ou! ! .njjwi -without a , «hurt-.h . .hpnu\ even though they may ·ho moro or loss regular in their a t- tem'ance. The nftnwviatlon oC such persons with tho «-lnirch!S of the town is vory imuh -desired, hence- tito ap- ipoul wilt bf mado to them to present their letters and become a part and of a ' S t i l l - anotlKir group it Is hoped to bring umler the 'influences of : .'jprefie'nf v campaign are young people who never - h n v e - t a U c n the most important; step in theitr' llvev--making a confession oJ their faith in the Savior of men, -· ' T h e persons comprising- ,tii« group:-! will ie approached In ^1t kindness and w i t h a earnest dewlre ni part of the workers to secure their consent tu unitiY with the church. There will be an entire absence of-emotional appeal; jiurt'-.a plain presentation ot "the. clfthlis'-'o'i! UvoijoKiirch upon fcnem. Their t h o u g h t f u l consideration will be sought \\\ U\ hope that they t h e i r ' d u t y ' t o themselves, family: and the community. The novel features* of the campaign invest It with much interest, tlK. outcome of which will be watched -by"the pastors and their church membership ·with nHicii concern. They have/.alto, toowevor, that the sluiplo method!, employed will be fruitful of results, and will at 'loaas in part servo aa - a n answer to ti»e frequently heard, out erroneous, eUUu that the church it los-lng ground. BETTEIt JWADS BEI3f« BUILT. Through the agency oE a device, called the "roiijjhmeter," testa of highways built last year are shown to bo a n ' U n p r o v o n i i at over previous oon- fatruclion, hisofuv as relates to Binoothncss of su(?ace, I'lcretotor'j here has not been as much attentloii paid to this feature of tho wearing surface as Us importance demands, it Is the quality by which ease of riding Is promoted and the ·wear and tear of roafls an-d vehicles Is greatly reduced. "Vlibratton ot the eatplifled ,b; , the addr-essefe' of Br^wn, si ( barter -jnrembor ' of Troop' No. B and now ln$tructor of 6hem- iatrjr at tb» New Iteasingtou lllffJ' School, antl by Eagle Snoxit ^abn F. Lewis, iuat? uetor ot biology and 'botany in oui own hig-h school. Both ot these ftpwltevs by their advance- merit to their present potations attest tho valns oi S^ooutjjuiy, ^ Troop No. 7 ha.9,beatt ateeva'^anined at the Trinity Lmtheran Church ami, Is malcing: headway .toward bocamtn^ as stroing a factor la.Sooutinfe us It was tonnerly. f ' v hen cate that St o^^ug 5j» life in Oonut llSy ot support and needs iroin t he Barents a .the bays tin r,e vfy greaWr prospect foj Scoffing 'hea;e ' ;than' at I anytime in the pre'vious Ijitory oi the moveme »t In, OonnellaTiUe. kind it ot They May J i Their Presickmts In Mexio, But They Never Treat 'Em Like This THERE/ i 0 A OELE^ATION O 'TOREE. TBOUAND MEHBFI?S OFT«£ HUCKLE8ERRV WARV ESTERS UNION WAITIN60UTSIDE The i«f[ia5 raid by Chiai of Police* Wall was rcMier fruitful in'point Of number «aui;ht. If it oervea the still more impo-r/ant servlcs of stopping tie conditions wbicb. was the o-bjoot of the ra'ldm wiU'W Juatifled/ A-fthe same time It f-^nye-ys a strong Mat tf Iwihat will follow. « President's JFisMng Trip Sip Business Outlook Is Brighter H»s Notably Stimulated Travel Of Kort'iorners to Soutlt ern ^ By DAVID OopyriKht 1K30 by The OK, FV*. Ho -W,ben ( tha President gon fishing in. ¥*loritla, lit jnay be titsucicd that nil Is quiet on the Potomac. And it is -- relatively :Cotj5ress, of course, .wbea in tieseion te never quiet, for there is much to do and pressure saffioiettt to keep the varloiva groups act) PC in behalf of a thousand and «ae causes. But the" genereJ outloo-t-^the bueinoes situa- tfoii--which t«o niontha ago gave coa- ce'rii and neve would havo permitted Mr. Hoover to go away for a vacation ·haa,Brightened To the extent that the President's departure from Washington is «ip:nifl- cant o a chan ,e for the hotter !M t tK c busineoa worW It jaay be regarded aa good omen. J r. Hoover sever for a moment lost eo ^.tdenw la the-stability of American industry but be ' the general concern that eal reaction mi .;hl set in which wouM eatise heeltan-Cj or jKatponem«nt or R ·walUag policy. , , ( ^ '-., After a peri d of there came a t loart-r vision of 'just whtyt -the, stocl lifeline or Speaker Longworth Resents Reference to Lower House By OHARf^E^ P. Gen-teal Preaa Staff Writer Jan. October did or r)id not do. And l,iu«l- nese has irnprovixi ever since the oixact facte wero mad available. Th'e iipur to construction has given decided encouragement to many lines of business whlch'are' producers of raw materials or manufacture] -3 of their by-products. The easing of jnoney rates ha« Only-. been .accomplished, so tlltero'. Nicholas Ixngworth resents refer- e»cea to the Housio of ilepr«fleritat-ivMt an the "Lower Hwiae" of Congress. For years it haia been .customary to s]«eak of the Senato as tho upper lymse a«rl of the Iloui* of Representatives as the lowttr one, but it Ss a crsiom which Senator Longworth recently challenged pretty tartly. Ho .says': th.ero. Js n o t h i n g "upper" altout the- ssuatora* chamber; nothing "l3wer" about tho rf.'*entative«'; Ibey r,r' on an oqtis-iity. · · · 4 * » Arthur I. Faubel, asao:Lata profes- aor of c-conoinlcs of Now York tfni- verally (who also la sMxretai-y ot the At loriean Tariff le-agiie), wont oven fuj-ther than Speaker Liongworth the other day. 4 A* a witness before StsatOr niad- de w HJ Caraway's lobby SaveBtigaUns cojiiuilttce, ho intimated that the Senate is a kind of Congressional Vermiform apentlix, which ougrht to bo reiaov^d maybe---a superfluity a'n}v leg ahead inttny benoflts erpected; to'l "vvav, and somewhat daiit;eroaa. accrue from 'atabUJmtion of the (iiostj J t will be recalled that Joseph. R. of borrowing. J lus.lness' has-"regained Gnincly of Pennsylvania, not .long ago aSs expressfid himself in lavo.r of re- c-rgai3i?ing the ftcnato, so as to. m*ke it.r-joi'e like Uve House of Repmsenta- tivcs. IIo may.have changed.his mdnd sin no becoming a Senator hShagell, but .that w»a hia judRm-eiit before ho iial any personal interewt iri tho matter to prejudice h-ini. . · ' ' ; · " . " # ' * t ' The/'(lue-slloH of parity between tb« 'Senate and the Houso of Kepresenta- lives is ilebuta'ble. ..' ' The '"founding fa theirs" certai^y ineflht'the Bunato f.o bo the more i\riv, tocratic 'body o . f - . t h o . two, as they showed by providing for liio'ikmators' election by their'respective state legislature*, 'for the--very purpose of exeiaptlng them from the'tinftlgnifled necessity to scrabble for ordinary people's votes, Hke . the .repreaenta- tivet. I-lowever the- 17tb. Amendment ·tooit that privilege away from them, leavJng them as dependent on popular ·good : will'as any other candldate-s. Still, a,Senator has the' advantage of ruunlug : only once in six years instead of thrice that often. He'-. 1'oo'ka inort'.inrportant, too, in a .body of Sf) members than lost te a mol o£ OS- hut 1h,o pay is the same.' -..;-. ·".'·.As for : lawmaldr,g, H takes . both houses, to-do anything. . ' True,. "only the House- can start flnanoial loKisIatiop; yet thp: Senate iii'ust o. it.'lt, to make- it Irindlng. On the other hand,, the Senate/aten* 'can chamber, Tho luttor co i delay what It .dislikes',: b«'t ,mt irere .t It. The f^flat^ ia a a po f-crful aa ot yore but lias -.hittf a KO nl -"bit of Its arlstocmoy rublxd off I r Uie 17th It has had ao r.iu«d.i ro jbed off that it IK more porm) ir wltli the aver«j?-3 American tluui ih* Xtousc of Jloproscn- tativoa, an 1 thin 5 tvi' it irks folk Jifto Speaker Ion^w»rth. The speaker 1 rf-aliaes that his mujit n longer gets tho plauditi, is jealous tnd takeis It o^it by aeolding wnen me? lion Is made of the OiM»'x:t ot hla ru icor ati the upfer hoUhO of Ccngress. the Jilke I'olo on ft asi US ANOBLiaS Peb. .11 winter rnflmih.s on tbo T'; ciiflc polo Is the chiet-'ont-rtoor diversion of society sixrtsi,nfin with il a. single, ex- ceptlon of golf. The Dancing Bear A Ix»ndon iwper tolls this irtory ot one oat ot many dancing bears, Oar Dumb Animals : lUngtMl ami muszledi ohe spet six long years dancing at fains before going into films. There, owing to "tha long hours beneath blftzing Hghte, the inevitable crt»lty of tho disclplinu of tamod besahit," ehe' becaino irritable and dangeroas. As a result of the con- tinnal pullingr on her .ring, her; nasal bone was broken. The barbarous cruelty not yet ended. Another hole was to be in»*e in her nose, another ring: inserted. "MoTRrno." ro6l«tcl this second operation for two hours, baiiig Tajjqaishetl only by ropee, chains awi chloroform, gho ' dio4 under the chloroform. Yet during 1 theso six years thonsandu oi thoughtless p e o p l e donbtlese to sea thSu poor beast do her tricks. ,ta pcee and he H budgeted iteelf for 1D3Q Av'ith an idc.i. of w h a t may be ftx- pocttkl in the wry of Income, Fonru-' ftry rntty therfp -e be a monlh of tin^ isual 4tct)vity, re- fleeting tho boginniing f t plans that wore sot aslts Jn No- omlwr and Deoember una in which tie- ·isipns'wore iriaca In Ja,nnary. NOr is tho Prt :)ldent itlono in tils leterniinatio.a to tako d reet at thie too.-, -A' local travel. bureau repd'rlfi hat-both December and January were r joof moritho ; in /act a decided sh'rthk- ge in the numbsr of tickets bought or winter resorts wae noted. Yet February Iraa, started off with a ruah the amount rif business* is f a r - i n ssrcess of a year .-igo. The umial com- m-ont is that Dof embor and January required the .jnxMenco o£ business e at their dosks, but reorganlza- 'having been completed,' tho veary; oxccutive« ire confident enough i?out"i the -future, to kiftvo the oxecu- fon ot their phins to sub-executivco .tttl responsible Btanagers. Thla is a ilvotai point of travel southward and lie increaeo in Florida traffic Is (?on~ lerable now that the ii nation has cleared. Mr. Hoover's vacation comes ofter ylego which beg.m when ho was In- ugarated. Ills w^ck-e-nd trips to the aii flahing ci'.mi) hardly afforded ha rest or eeclueion that he will get the Florida K y«. And the Pres- d'«nt will need all the strength ho aa acquire. There are plenty of ins ahead, oi 1 which the tariff nd thfj Prohibition 'controversy need Americans Bli id to Economic Loss of Fires most direct ratio to : the dtgrc-c of emoothness. All moving parts o£ tho car function JIM re satisfactorily which lesseud the strain aud the cost of upkeep. All riders in automo.bUes know the a-unoylng experience o'f xltihis ever bumpy roads. When those are eliminated the impact of the c a r . ou tho roud svtrfauB is reduced, aud, as Chief Engineer Bckles say«, "everybody saves money by that." The o.xperleI!':'.; trained by the better Class o£ coi'Vvi-ttiiUon last your will create a dtinaud iliui Uie standard bn o o n f t a t i t l y I -uprovcd, ;n the trend ia roud u n g l n e t r l n K plainly .rorecaats.' t'httt dune eivse ot rlditiK Will bo still f u r t h e r promoted and Incidentally iUo \vllt be Ics.i. U E V I V A L I'A' SCOUTOG. The exerclsi-'fi iucidont t o - t h e 20th 4anlve,Ttiary of the foun-diag o* the Boy Scouts is being: ace OBI pan tod by * revival o£ lu crest which is moat hours of have to spend whan he comes "back from his winter fishing expedition. Fewer Suraspots Promise Better Radio Reception According to Dr. Ht-rlaii ,T, Stetson, of Ohio WftHleyuu University li3() slioul-d be H , .jj.ood yoa.r for 'the rudio lover, because better ri.'cuiiUoa'lsproto- «.We with tho de«tou:ilnt; nuw-bor of HiwtH on the sun. As t h e year waxefe, the number or s£x l.s b, oxpecltnl .to rosuitlu;.; In tx correijpoadlng in- al Htrewgth In tho In broadcast scone. last ye^r followed t u n IS-. mouth i:yole o'bservud- in tlie uunspot uumberA with a iniu-kefl depreciation during Uie fall maximum, when, tiniljes' normal couUUon.8 radio reception tu r n down and reject treaties. :/ ·}'· ; ' - * * " * ' · All in all, the Senate' app.oars to have the edge. Whether or not it is 'sufficient tfj justify -calling it the tu- per cJiahDtM'r .a inatter of.oplii-ion. ' Whoreas ' Speaker Iffick : Lougworth's opinion ia in. .the negatlye, Pro-EcBsor Faubt'l'fl ··complaint, is that the Sena- tprih have too -muuh power. '.The professor likons tho. Seuftto to the British -House oi: Lords, 'which has 1-osi- most of its -authority in the last. two decades; und vould have the Senut! 1 .s similarly making the House ot RopreBentivtlveK practi- cuUly the whole .thing;, like ICngliutd's House of Commons. ' . . . . - - . . » * * . . -, AVhut Professor Fnwbel overlooks ia'' the - f i i c t -thiu two entirely different Lhings have happened to of. LorJs and tlw United SJ- .iho^ld havo been improving wl .gr hours oJ sunshine. lh Houise u t f j i Semite! Mouse of Lords is as tonyna O'«'er it was but, just as lluv prof ess or says, i;. luta -lost mo at of its uuthority. T'Wlce in auecession H can put file Wbosli ou a bUl which Uio House of Couuuous Uiis passed, but if the the j o t Contuiatia passes It a t h i r d - t i t t i o l!. rbeconn'S a law rosardloas'ot the otUor Wien. apparatus resp'ori' s to a ilre, aa it so often, dooti 1 over/ day in it arouaea a .liv 4y interest 1 In 'fho-p'oopk/Oi! this coriim inity. Thin Is only natural, but unforti imtely, one receives tlvj'ininrosslon ia wirtchinff . a erowil at. a are '.that exclt aient pro- ·domiuates rattier than coi ccrn aVxiu-t tibo economic JOBS of the pt jperty destroyed. The' goherai attit .le la well In the ioUowtn : , incident: A man had Driven hSa/cn- Ur a fire. Wlion he returned a fev minutes litter, friend called -to him "^-tow was 'Iho Qro?" Ho replied, "N* t: eo good, hardly worth ^oing to." T ie flre was merely the prospect of a .go d show to ,hhn .end ho htul not found i' worth the effort i-equired; to get there ' If a fire oiwure In a b tae nioro concernte felt for the nwnei or tenant Wero they injured'? Did bioy carry enough infmraince? Thip le a very solicitous ajiirit, but . the rouble fn few think -the m«.Uer throui h; in fact not many get beyonr the id' a that insurance covers tho loss an I that the property burned wiH be it placed by insurance.; It i« indeed a fortunate thing .that eound flre ineur mce -does provide : a flnimcial «a.fegvu rcl enables so many to rebuild, ' . If only tho American pu die. could Abe Martii Frogrosstve ' Ct-ti(.«r iu · a '.school Ter IMIK d r j v c r f . 3-afB Buil stiys he K n ^ w n Die ^ccret o' uccfliis, bU-t he clou't. Ituoft' wl 3 'to fl*. seo whftt actually takes place when property burns, It would realize that the material btsrnnid represents a definite amount of tffte cowatry'a eco- 'nomic wealth pennanently destroyed for till useful, pnrpoece, The con- t!nu«4 1«6H of the nation's wealth on such a',a enortiiona scale a that rep- reeentotl by tho annual flre waeto in recent years means impoverished in- diistrics, a land doyoid of natural resources, in which the attainment of prosperity is wen nig-ht imposgiblq. In : indu«try, lire brings a loee of time tha.t is an eponomio waste. It results in unemployment, of short or long duration. The accompanying loss of wages lowers tho buying power of : vvorkere, thereby affecting other in- ·dufltrlee...' Often the 'growth ot corn- muni tiea i« checked, when men thrown ouf of work because of..flre, must iseek eruployraeiit elsewhere.; Fire also affects other industries ..'.that', railed ou the 'products of the| destroyed factory for u«e in their own proce^Mes. ''-' The, flre waste in · America baa been Increasing nt a heedless pace. In 1913 !the loss totaled $203,783,550; by 1926 it had almost trebled, reaching the total of $506,1548,624;. In the next year, however, a considerable reduction was effected, the total being $472,938,969, giving evidence that the campaigns .in: the ijitenpst of better .building 'and carefulnesij) were producing reflulta, In. 1928 : only a, Binall reduction was registered, the total being $464,607,102. A, sizeable' rednetion oc- cnrred in the following: causes of fire: : Reduction Hot . asheq . . I -------- ,..,.... $.2]7,-7'J2 Matches -- smoking . - . . ; . - ' ..... . 1.-H3.0.16 Pptvoleiini and it's prodiicts. . . 08-1,*-I21 Explosions ...'. ...... , . , . . . . . 3,678,820 Exposure .(Including conflajjrra-. ' lions) ........... ..... ... :t,Sfi3,2ii,'( Sparks · fr-om maelilncry ...... . ^,,'i,'{4,012 Ijlsrhtnlrtg: - . ...... - · · · ---- · · · - 1,370,100 Spontaneous combuatloii ...... l,52'S,ajS On the other liaixi, theae rednctioiw were offset by larger lossefi in certain clasises ot fireis: Increase ....... ?1,3.'{),007 . . . . . . l,t)Of!.72K - :i,07U,-'JO Sieves," furiiacHi boilers ami Open lights . .Uahblsiraiid Sp'nrks- on roofs " of- olih:t,i'U:ily ......... U.fHri.L'OS j It is "evident that a larse amount o f ! ocUieUloji;il work remains to be flout 1 .!. Tliu Araericaji u u b l l c must be. shown what -a.(:t,uu.lly happens when lii-o des- t'r.oya property, for tin Ui they realizo Uie economic lose and how it affects every citizen, 'it is apparent their attitude will not change. Perhaps the majority of Aniorlcana would iUivo a different view oi the losses if the .European" code of re- sponsibllUy woro enforced in thw. country. There, when flr© OCCUTO on a man's proper^." duo to his negligence, and spread* to his neighbor's, no is b.eld responsible for the loseisustalued liy the other, tiow different it i« in An:ei'ica. Ou:i- flre losses can be cut in. half, at leiiet, but tbij will npt come about until the public realize*) the economio Iocs, from fire waste and learns to build to resist firo, as w-e-11 aa to practice ;carefuluesi- in tho haadlirig of flro -hazard's, ' All That Ruoibles Is Not: Thunder I a Sound Movies AH that rum-beg isn't thunder; nor Is all that s,plasln?s against tlie window pane rain. Not in tho talkies! The 1 hitherto .ildcten truUi.: of tho nutter is Wat f illy half of those realistic'siotmdfa you bear when you Viiw'-ai motloti picture of the new era dcn't co-mo from where tbey cem to originate at all. The faci is that thavnd«r doean't reproduce oirer a nAerophone. Nc matter bow loud it sounds to you :la its nniiiral state, it is of too low frequency to be picked up by the sijinul- catcblng' device. A pistol shot likewise is top s-udd-n; it doesn't record itself at alJ. And the saure holds for dozens of. other i.oun.da, ail of which are quite flssenti il to the succeB-s of lh« picture*. So it is up to that rfr- sourcetol gent!en,aii, the techniciflu, to de\dse gAbstitu to rounds and'work tbfttn into the picture after the scene has been. shot. }«or Instance: 1 bunder is a few ro- soundittS'whacks oa a hunk of tin, up by the roll of a kettledrum. That's tho revolving' of a canvass barrel wjth il quart oi bird*. shot inside, Wind ;sighl rig through tho tries in nothing more natural than a a-nvan cover workod over . a . cylinder oi wooden slate. When it comes to racing car effects, ,ft motor attached -. to u basa drum grivefi tlie proper, effects, A real major explosion would .vreck every Bound tube in ite viciult;r. S« the expSoeion is phot.ogvaphcd aSlcntly first, then a load of . citonoii. inills is rolled down long wooden chute to produce the menacing sound, rumble and reverberation. The crack of an ord.'.rvary piste. sho(: won't record, GO 'the pistol i» flrnd i«lo a barrel to get the realiatc effect. To gat tjie eound of a horeo fallingr, tho technician found -that, nothing heavier than a bundle of gunny *aoks dropped from, a height would do. And for the fall of a human, body a l-rop- ped pumpkin makets the most ,cou vine- ing plop. That leaves one major problem. Ton rarely hear a real .rooster crow, donkey bray, horse neigh, or lion roai in tho niovles. 1 Animal sounds ! iave become the province' of a specialJzSne group of human 'fakere. One man '-woria. constantly at it, and he'* always in dcmajid. He can im ilo.t« faithfully the! sound of anything with hair or feathers,, barring the mart-bou boa. And no script has called lor a marabou boa yet. of Psittacosis. IVb. U.-- Dr. Will iam Royal Stokes, director at the- city bealtii iepartnw3n.t'ft bureau o£ 5wc- (erlology, diefl here late last ·. night oi psittacosis, or ''parrot fev«r.' Looking for Bargains 1 If so, read the adverttatag oi The Dally V*ttrk(r, Factors of Personal Service in Stock fire * · '*«^*« . - -.v;/,^ ..-· v Insurance Stock personal Fine representatives in city, Ywn mid hamlet in this ooontry. In i M other boBmess Joes the agent mean ao xnuch--in no cither field is the relation of the afent with his principal moce intimate. Thtsettcraaartda of locai agents, en truatetl wilh f^reat authority--juaufied and equips pcd to rcpder intelligent insurance service--make aVailahle to every i American oont- nxoni · y the many helpful activities of th« Stodc Hre Ixumrancejkmsmeaa. Ji^bee TJmierwriter; Qnt -die judgment and, experience of thus Tandenraltcr, contracts for insurance pro* tcctjoci aite accepted or rejected! The public and the iiasorance companies are jointly interested in preventing unwarranted or iBegrtiioate Iocs payments. By considering indivic tu?J reejKjnsibilitjr, and using the vast ismount o£ reliable information by wliich risks aiw judged, the underwriter serves the public by avoiding unproper losses, i ." . · . i The Inspector: Here is ^the watchman in the to^srer". He is. alert---intent upon discovering hazards which ithreaten the destruction of life and property and add to the cost of insurance. From liis findings yon may obtain spnnd advice, based upon knowledge of construction, fire prevention, fir© fighting methods, hazards of occupancy and processes, and other conditions which go to make property safe or unsafe. Hie Adjuster: Tnls man-lbllows disaster. Owing to the disturbed condition of the poKcyJbtoMer at the moinent, his task is difficult. But big purpose is to settle each legitimate .claim itt keeping with the rights of, the interested parties. '.Leas than one percent of his adjustments--with neaely a million reports of. losses ea5h year--are followed by litigation; a fine tribute to hifs fairness and ability. All of these personal factors are aa essential part of the service rendered by Stock Fire IBBItrance. T H E N A T I O N A L B O A R D ^ F l l i E U N D E R W R I T E R S B 5 John Street, N«w ESTABLISHED IN

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