The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1930
Page 3
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/ · tTESDAY, mSBRTj'ARY 11, DAILY COURIK3II, CONNMJ gSVOjLOa, PA, PAGE THREHO/ J. W. Prinkey of Liberty Asks $5O,OOO Damages From Dunbar Township Plaintiff and Son Injured When r^r== - ^, v 18-Ycar-Old Fraalcin German Beauty Queen Track Went Bridge, Claim. ACCIDENT NEAR PAUL RESERVOIR Special to Thii Curler. TJN1ONTOWN, Feb. 11.---A, ?50,GOI, damage suit against the township of Dunbar was instituted yesterday by 3. \V. Frinkey and hla son, R. D. Prinkey; both of Liberty, who were injured October 30, last, when the truck in which they were riding plunged through a rotten plank on a bridge crossing a stream leading from tho Paul reservoir, ou "the road between Vanderbllt and the Nellie works. The left front ·wheel ot their truck went through the break causing a wreck Jn which both men were badly injured, althougn tlu younger Prinkey was the most serUluiUy hurt, the petition declares. He 'was confined in the Connellavlllo State Hospital many days and sultert d among other things a rupture of the intestines, continue t'ie complainants. The oung man, who Is 19, was permanently injured It {s sat forth. ,, CHINESE THEATRE MURDER ANOTHER POULT PUZZLER Leaders Shako Heads in Denial of Oiitbrelik of "Warfare Between Tongs. SHOT IN HEAD AS SHOW ENDS By l'nHeI 1'ieai. XKW YORK, Full. 11.---A shrill cadenz-a from the flute, the hharp. vibrating clang of the large brass gong and iho linger,ns twang of the one- stringed fiddle lemladed the audience that the great drama of the homeland "Old Man Birthday" was ending The nasal o£ the 1,200 Chinese, who p ickcd the Grand Theatre, a playhouse tor the orientals in Chinatown, fill 3d the theatre as they prepared to fll out into the cold. Then came the ilnal crash oC She ymba! as Uie curtain lowered, hiding from view an 'ntcuor scene ot a home in China Simultaneously there rang out six shots !n rapid succession in the btlll darkened theatre For a mom t u t there was panic Someone turned the lightb on und the audience VMS itllied. In the ai»U, bet wet n tho first and SIM end rows, lay I he body o£ Chin UOIIK, SI. A b u l l e f through liU fi-ie- luad, o M U d i e l y b e t w e e n tho eob and i i v c othti s MI i1« body i'hc pt)'u a d i i l / e d and found the anriu'iue at itimt in life aa t h i n Hong was in (tedtb ( hlu Hong, they learned, lived at 101. Pell street, headqutirteis of tho Hip Sin? long. The b«ge police shook their heads It no widely. They siuiuaoned Pay Yee, soi'ietaiy of the On Leong long Ilo looked at (he body arid shrugged his si ovilders "i don't k n o w Dial m a n . ' .No, lie aiUltii. ttie On Leongs had no mudg-e agaiiivM the Hip Siriga. All was pwtte and cortontnlent between tlie uiuf-'s anil w i t h that he shuttled uuiet- l/ out \ The new "Miss Garmany," otherwise known »a Praulein Dorit NityVoweki, ^was selected from amonr 1ST candidates. She represented her country in the com- 1 petition in which ''Miaa Greece" won the right to b« called "Mi*s Europe." "Miss Germany" i» 18 years old nnd a resident of Berlin. (Inter national No wire*! Mount Pleasant Fashions Variety Is Spico o£ Paris Openings By FRANCES I'AGK'V Copyright, 19JO, by Style Sources NEW YORK Feb. 11--Advance information concerning the models exhibited by th haute couture at their very recent openings, conjures jp a delightful picture ot tho romance of drese. From Iho graceful Greek draperies falling from the shoulder in statuesque folds, to tho high waisted iOmpire Hue i. a far cry. TWfcse extremes are, however, not the only alternatives ottered. Such terire as clifoctolre, po« tilllon, and Victorian · continue to be bandied about by the ta«3hion virlteis who In turn sing the p-aises of uorcmlly beltel waistii/.ea and of unbelted princess silhouettes. Boleros, peplums, redlngotea, ploats versus flares, lingerie touches, nipped in waistlines, pajamas and all niuunor of things crowd Into tno atyle picture wbJfh however continues, Itt spito of tailleure and shirts and shorts, to be lominine, not to eay elegant. One may now heave a. sigh of relief because iho ghost of tho l_-.g stkirt for strei t wear hia been laid tc lest. Fifteen inches t t o m the (loot can hardly bo regarded ae long, and It is at cuch heij^hts that auit and sports eklrts are copte-ut to remain No dls-' aontlng voice has been raised against the long evening lre«s, and long they aro, beautifully, thillhngly l o n g , graceful and elegant. In the kaleideaeope of color one fc j most Impressed by blue Mustard! yellow te advocate*! at one house, | amotliyst at £ iiothor, gteen in others, but white, and blue In alL 6 6 6 Tablets Special to T i e Coin lor. MOUNT PDEASVNT, Feb 13 Frieuds of Kev. C. C, Collins, who had boen pjvtoi- -of tl o First Brethren Church for sonns time and who has spent a £ow mottl 6 in evangelistic- work grave a vorj /Jelightful suiprlso Saturday evening fcr live minister and hit. wife. Rev. ami Mrs. Collins are planning to m-ve to Cljde, Greene county. Rev. Colllnf recently has b holding services a t tho church at Prlttstown. There were m u s i f , refreshmenta anc! general good tim at tho homo in Center avenue. Piesent at the party were Mr. and Mrt Thomas AlllMj Grant and Tornnvj Allison, !Mr. and Mi's. George Geurh trt, Miss Annabel!, Clarence and Be sie (Jearhart, Mr. and Mrt, I). C Me 31oy, Mr. and Mrs. K, K I'oorbaugh, Mies Lottie Darr, Glenn Atkinson, He · and Mrs. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson, Mrs. Macfcey, Mrs. C. Mardis, Ml- s Mackey, Mrs. T. Maulib, Mr. and Mre. Harry Hawk, Miss Helen Hae H. wk, Mss Christine Hawk, Beit A. IU\\ k, flarrv \V. IIa\vk, Jr., of town mid Pilttstown ftud Mies Siidie Itae Hawk ami C K MtKesson of Counellsvllle. Plan for Hi-out l)ri^. The caplains ot teams whlcli will sot out n e x t \veek raibing money tor iho Iky Scout \ v o i k d u r i n g the coining vear met at tlie high school lat evening with John C. Ifaiherlen The captains are John Freed, Morris Fig- mun, Kirk Uiyeo, J'rank Campbell, M. R. George, On-iu Kuntr.ler, bawrenco Pfaadt and J. R Madden. Boy Scouts d'iniverbary week thia week will hav© lurther .observance Wednesday night when all Scout troops will meot and parade to tho Memorial fckiuaie, where they will have a short meeting Later, this"he- ing tho tegular meeting night of Troop 6, !t will observe parents' night at the high M-hool. Other Sews Mrs nussell Kwnt?,, who underwent an operation at the Memorial Hospital several v eeks ago, returned to het home on Stuiday. Mrb Ilaitle Sasas, wlio was a patient at the Memorial Hospital, has returned to her home in Ilunkoi. JCdward Clark ot College avenue underwent a throat operation at tho Memorial Hospital yesterday. Mr. arid Mrs. 0 P. iiwartz, who spent the week-en.*I with Mr, and Mrs. Ulchard DoncaMei and Mra, E. B. Swa:U, h a \ e retu ned to their home at Belle Vernou Mary Topoli, I' 1 years old. and Joeph Topoli, 12 ears old, o£ Quarry street, underwent throat operations at the Memorial Hospital yosteiday niontiiig 1'rcttk Uen to Market. BANGOR, Wls., Feb. 11.---Blddie, a hen owned by J II Douglas of Wonewoc, Wis., .irrived here iivith three legs and without the inclination to lay a few eggs that might begin a new line of cbleke»e. BlddJe was born with three legs, ttie third appendage growing from the body back ot the conventional logs. Unfortunately for the creat idea of lostering a new aid to the "drumstick" industry, Biddie wouldn't lay egge and took a trip to market, instead. Homes? j 'Everyday you will find ho men and Com* sites ad verified In our cloosl- ned columns--read them over. We Preservers JFOR QUICK, HARMLESS COMPORT Seottdale Guard i Officers Are Host At Roast Pig Dinner Special to 'Jtrio Com lev SCOTTDALE, Feb. 11.--: ters ot Service Company, 110th Infantry, iollbwlng Its regular dilll last evening heki a roast pig banquet. Present at the banquet wero ,02 on- iibted nieiij CapU'In Charles W. Cunningham, lieutenants JameEi Murjphy and Edgar Kelly, Colonel John Alkon, Captain Lucius McK. C'ruinriuo, Caplain Cjeorge S, Weaver/ Captain Ralph ford B, PurmW, Master Wer- geant Clarence H. Earnest of Washing-ton, Po., Sergeant Alonzo Flavors of Greerwburg, Sergeant Oaoar Johnston c£ Greensburg, Major J. t,. Junk of Connellsvtlles Captain N. I* Kerr ot Scottdate, Captain Robert Springer of Moaeseen, Captain Harold F. Stauffei of Connellsville, Burgese C. K. lw(fe, S. B. Buhek of the armory board, former Captain, Paul B Porter, C. B. Ihomafi, James It, Bates and Lloyd Hernlcy. Tho rooms, were beautifully docor- ated In flage and red, white and blue drapes. Red caudles were uoed on the table, arid Poter Sharkey -wag the chef, preparing the ineal as only ho can. Auxiliary Officers Installed. The auxiliary to Thomas A. Lewellyn I'ost last evening installed officers, w i t h Mrs. M. J. Liloyd of Uniontown in charge. The offlcert, installed were: President, Mrs James A Donway; vice-president, Mrs, Fret! Lewellyn; e5ecrp-tary-treauror v Mrs. R I. Benford; chaplain, Mrs. Hay Kopner; historian, Mrs. VVHllam Gieen, sor- eeant-«it-avms, Mre. Pnnl Frotte. Following this n joint meeting' was hold TV 1th the Lxsglon. There wan an adrtres? by Commander Ralph BJ'ara; two readings by Mary Mildred Conway; a paicel post sale, conduclfrd by Charles Woods and an, aldr«c« by Mrs. I^loyd, At the close of tho meeting refreuh- ments were serv«l Hotnry Service Prograjn. Tho Jiotary Club iheld its weekly dinner at the Y. M. C f A last evening. The program for the even DC- wae In charge of George Sharp, chairman of the club service committee an 1 a cli'.b esrtrico program weii offi r«M!l. MT. Sharp apoko on club imimborehip; Homer Ruth, on club attendance; Dr. J. H. Maivlu, on club clauaiOration; Vincent Solnsou, ou rcluli Infocmation. 'Afurslinl Prolilng i Tho Stale firo mtiiHhul w.^s !tro yesleiiit^y ItivosUgatltig the fiie in the Naum A'cheff Building S,ituid,ty Lack of evidence of a n y t h i n g that might help clear up the mystery of Uio fire in the vacant rooms caused the marshal to plve up hia woik yesterday. He wa«J to rotxiirn today for further Investigation, Group Holds Opnfcrence, The third group of the Woman'n Missionary Society of the United Biothren Church held a lound robin at th( homo or Mi«r. John Darling In Merkut street Mrs. W. F. Bloner and Mrs. j5fmor Anderson «r© leaders. Music Clnli Progriim. At 1ho mooting of tho Mo/iday Club at tho Preebyterjiin Church evening, modern miwic waa intro- duccd. therao aonss from tho lateut movies being presented as well as an omaoniblo, by Mi« R. F. Giantlmm, Miss Margaret KrUachgan and MIB. F'lorejice Clabaugh Mra. W. F. Han- ·dOlph Mies Violet McCIoy, Mrs. V, B. uckrr, Mrs. Don R. Baker, Mra. John FMnnerly and Mist, Huth Gallcntine had parts oa the program An ensemble, ''The Song of the Volga Boatman," closed the progiam. A social hour was held, -with Mre. F. O Keletor, Mrs, Dona!l Kejstej, Mre. W. II. Ikxjffos, Miss Virginia Holt, Mrs. Walter Jones, Mtea KatJiryn Jones and Mrs. W. If. llorlon aa heat-oases. Oilier Jfews. S. 33. BuHclc, supervisor of schools, and OeosN. Sk«mj, prosidont of the board Of education, returned jronterday from an educational inot»ting at Harrisburg. Ciuster Btioher, a former resident of this place, now at Donora, was here meeting old friends yesterday. "Hud" Gordon, physical dlrectoi at Dicktrson Hun, visited at his homo yestei'day. John H. Hunter of Detroit, who has takon a position in Pitteburg, vleited with friends here. a ISeailncIie or [irulgla hi SO minutes, ··tiecks a Cold liio llrt iiay, and ffcef V» Jfalttria Iti Uiroo day;. 606 also Jn liquid. A 192P calftu ar p»d pasteil on t!ia tindfi of tli- I9jo calendar is itstndy f'ir rofert nee, PKA15 A SEA HER. MATE l p TMe DOOR INTCI A JAMB, CdUUD THE WOOD SA/oftK.^ OPN MEAD BBut-Bvus OH,O" NOAH- D»D Coming events cast their shadows before" AVOID THAT rUTUR I SHADOW* By rafratnt ng from over»!ndul- gem;e r If } ou would maintain the modei n figure of fashion Women wfco prize the modern figure with its subtle, seductive curves--mt a who would keep tbattrim, pr per figure, eat healthfully butnot mmoderatcly. Banish «access.lvene: s--eliminate abuses. Be moderat;-- be moderate in all things, evet in smoking. When tempted to c xcess, when your eyes lire bigger than your stomach, reach for a lucky instead. Coming events sst their shadows before. Avoid that future shadow by avoiding o 1 er-indulgence if you would mail tain the lithe, youth-* fa!, modern figure; ILucky Strike a jnnan ever ifinest tobac Crop-*'IT' ione knows so "TOAS moves amp» and i tlSe finest Cigarette smoked, made of the ·o--The Cream of the 5 TOASTED." Every- diat heat purifies and riNG" not only re- rities but adds to the nproves the taste. "It's toasted Tour Throot Protection-ogainst irritation-cgoinst cough. *Bc Moderate!. . Don't jeopardize die modern form by drastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducing tablets or other qu ack ;' a nti.fat" remedies condemned by the Medical profession! Millions of dollars each year are wasted oathes, ndiculous and dangerous nostrums. Be Sensible! Be Moderate! We do not represent that smok- mg iucky Strlk,, Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. We do declare that when tempted to do yourself too well, if you will "Reach for a lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-induleence in thmgH that cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form, TUKE IN- -The Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, every Saturday night, over a coait-to-coast network of the N. B. C. © 1830, The AmtHcu Tob«cco Co,, Mfrti Mint- Christine Vest, of Yc Ky.. above, has bcc-n chose in charge of the school foi tain pltildren to be estt near President Hoover's c Virgini«, Jliss Vest, a g of Berca fjfCy,) college, i? fcr with Mrs. Hoover ''' asiumes her ^ .ties -- ) jcmftc, i to be moun- blishcd imp in aduatc to con- rc ,sl\o SQUARE DA!*CE At the NEW COJIMUNITY HEAJiL South Comnellsvi le Every Tuetsday and Friday ADMISSION Gents 50c Ladies 15c At Both Connellsville and Scottdale--10-Day Sale and Auction U S E D C A R S BEGINNING WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH. At the Greatest Reduction in Used Car Values Ever Attempted. SPECIAL --- For our 10- day sale Ford Guaranteed 13-plate Super-poiver Batteries for only $7.25 ,, and your used buttery. These batteries for T a r I o n s tanker u£ cars. TVo are offering 1 n mittt- hejp of 2-ton trucks at special prices. Come and bring 1 whatever you have to trade. We wil trade on any of the used curs selling at $150 and over. We Will Auction Off On February 22nd at; Connellsville and Scottdale from 2 till 5 and 5 till 9 I*. M., a number of ears. Come iu and pick out your car, as they will go to the Ifigliest bidder. With Our Square Deal ,, Guarantee-- ' Satisfaction Jn Every F/espect-- .Small Down Prtyme/i. Monthly Terms to fjtait. HETZEL - YOUNG MOTOR CO. Authorised Ford Agents. Phone 470, 281 S. Broadway SCOTTDALE, PA. WEST SIDE MOTOR COf Authorized Ford Agents. Phone 407-408. 401 TVest! Crawford Pi. TRY OUR CLASSIFIED ADS,--They Bring Results:

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