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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, May 10, 1918
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Coimellsvillc's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,756 VOL. IS, NO. 154. CONTvELLSVILLE, PA, FRIDAY EVENING. MAY 10, 1918. TWELVE PAGES. i J,r,ISEXHI3f(4 liOY IX · JUKl'OT BUIGiVDE, C.OIT LBB i Cruiser Vindictive, Which Played a Part;PAY IN ADVANCE in the Attack on Zeebrugge, is Filled j With Concrete and Sunk Across the En-; trance; Germans are Taken by Surprise j and Attackers Suffer Few Casualties. IS NEW GARBAGE DISPOSAL PLAN BRITISH PROPERTY LOSS ONE MOTOR BOAT By Associated Press. LONDON, May 10.--The German submarine base of Ostend on the Belgian coast has been blocked as tie result of a new raid by British naval forces, the admiralty announces. The obsolete cruiser Vindictive, filled with concrete, has been sunk across the entrance to the harbor. The British lost one motor boat. Their casualties were slight. The statement follows: "Operations design Ml to close the port of Ostond and Zee- bragge were successfully completed last night when the obsolete cruiser Vindictive was sunk between the piers and across the entrance to Ostend harbor. Since the attack on Zeebrugge on April 23 the Vmdictlvs had been filled with concrete and fitted as a block ship for this Revised Rates for Business Section Also, 1o Be Proposed Xcxt Week. OF NEW SCHOOL, SAYS Bfl BEL! T CAMP JACKSON; SEVEN DEAD I Situation Presented at G r a d u n - i tion of Town's Largest | Early Reports of 30 to 40 Bodies Recovered Are Cltiss. 19 RECEIVE DIPLOMAS Not Borne Out by Later Advices; Five Are Killed and Two Die on Way to Hospital; Others Believed Fatally Injured. jAddnww to ttH- Class in Delivered bf Rev. TV. II. l'ariii-11. Who l iKfcwry Note to Hinph Student Profrruui Rendered. ^T;! SOLDIERS ARE ENROUTE TO ANOTHER CAMP !cortrc It. I'lyuHl. * The urgent biiildmg at Di fore the people of t b a t night by Dr. H. J. Hell, borons u ijs,i "· mi --" ber »·" ICCTY BEING CANVASSED Airents of Department flaking I.isl "( Persons Wishing Sen ice inwi at Ui« selected men on April 27, bas been i s oa p u b l i c scliools held m tie Cochran assigned to the 7tb Company. 2nd Memorial Muthodiai _!uirch. The .ar^c '['raining Battalion, ir5th Depot Bn- auditorium n-as filled LO HH mmo- sade. Private! Flydcii. ·abo is well- fiipaiMtj. and that uie suggestiuu k n o w n ,n and a l j o u t l.eiyecnng .IK a Dr. Hell met w i t h warm a p p r o v a l brother of Mrs J o h n Geiher. lira, the audience wtu. mdii-au-d Dy lh( gen- , B and J. W. F l y - . e r o u s applaui.e » « i c b f o l d e d III.-, [X- followed crushing it. Same Time KxpUunin? the Sow deli of Leisenring ana of Mrs,. Chris-, m.irks Dr Be.I. la liohalr of iht' ' Alex Hoctiniuth. - ; BY Associated Press. need of i new school COLUMBIA, 3. C.. May 10. -- Five soldiers were killed, two . Mii w.ii presenud bi.- ' were so badly injured that they die,d enroute to the base hospital, four were seriously injured and IS legs seriously hurt when :-. wooden passenger coach, loaded with soldiers of the 321st In- rt ihe 31 ; ih Machine Giin ' , n ttxla y- ''' le m e n bad just entrained for the army cantonment at Camp Sevier at Greenville, S. C. Nearly all of the men in the o" wooden coacli were either killed or serioitsly injured, according 10 early reports reaching here. '['be coach jumped the track first 'and a Steel coach System; Tno 'L'nicks at Work, tine K r e i d l o of Filbert. . was seriousJv hurt. It was reported no one ip. the steel coach A new system--pay has been inaugurated advacti-- Dr. C. W. 1 boa/d of directors, uceteivted the I plooias to t,b'' class, giving the gmdilr- : . i alls ralll:lhl p words of a*jice. ) A telephone message reaching the city at 10.15 stated that ln ' c 131S clnRS was ltia largest ever , between SO and 40 bodies already had been taken from the purpose. Our casualties were light." 6-BOY WOCJTDEl) Of BATT1.K. ·WASHMGTON, May 10.--The casualty list today contained 21 names divided as follows: Killed in action, i; died at wounds, 1; di»d of accident, 1; died of duease. 3; wounded se- Twely, 3; woMfcded slightly, 7; miss- Ing in action, 1; lost at sea, 1. 1 iOTtmant Samuel G. Love, Cbes- ter, S. C., was slightly wounded and Usotenant Gnstav H. Kissel, New York City, was reported misting is acUoo. Private Carrol J. Scully of Toledo was tbe man lost at sttu He was i victim of the sinking at the Tuscania, BOT ideatted and buried. Ueutgnant Jaraes H. Fiseus, Greens- Pa, -was slightly wounded. BBrTBH EBCAPTCEE POKTIOS OF TEEJCH. LOiBXMt, May M.--The British, save recaptured a small portioa o! a trench northwest of Albert which the enemy sained yesterday, H Is announced officially. Tne stemat Zol- iovRt small porticm. of oar front deuce, norttweet of Albert gained by a» enemy H a/reeatt of his attack yeaterdiy morning, was recaptured by as dcrmg the evening by a counter 'Ve toolc a few praooers. hoetfle arttUecy was active laex night in the valleys oi the Somme ind Ancre riv«rs and at different on the Ls battlefTont.-" PX4IER TOK PBACE tTBGBD BT POFE. May 10.--A special "prayer !or the cessation of the evil tonnent- ng humanity daring mass on St. 'eiert dav, June 29, is Tirged bj Pope SenetBct in a special meesago ad- Ireesed to the whole world. FOB BCOXD R.UD VTEUi fcTUKDED. DOVER, England, May 10.--Tae de- :ision tc send the Vindictive to Os- end was made a few days after aer etum from the Zee brugge raid, and he task of filling her with concrete i-as begun immediately. As in the joint raid on Zeelirugee nd Ostend this latest British naval ·xptoit was' kept a well guard-id se- ret. As an evidence of this it is re- ailed that after the battle scarred ruiser returned from Zeebrugge ac rgent request wao made that she be ent up the Thames to London for ·ublic view. The authorities did not encourage ie proposal and the agitatioa sub- ided. All tile time the old vessel was ein£ overhauled for her last v.yage. WEST HW TROLLEY CREWS ARE GIVEN ADVANCE IN WAGES Minimum Scale Boo«t*4 to 37 an iiMtr: KaxinKUH to 4o Cents. Employes of the transportation de- partsaent of tie "W-est Fenn Bailwar* company have been granted a substantial increase, effective May 1, announcement to that effect having been posted on Sunday in the crew room here. Under the new 'scale wagea_ have been increased several cents per' hour. The Tmnimmn wage tinder the old scale was 35 cents an hour and this has been boosted to 37 cents. The maximum scale of 45 cents an hour is reached after two years of service, when formerly it required Cwo more years of service before tae maximum scale was reached. For the first six months of employ-' meat, under the scale, 37 cents an bour will be paid. An in creese of two cents to 39 cents an hour will be made in the second six months, followed with 41 cents per hour in -Jie' second year. For the third and succeeding years 45 cents an how wfll be paid. Although no announcement has yet been, made it is rumored that an increase may be granted to other em- ployes of the West Penn company. The increase to the trans pormion department does not include employes of the 'Wheeling division. FALLS INTO WELL Three Tear Old Narrowly Escapes Death Playing "Dim^ Dong Dell." Playing "Ding, Dong Dell, Kitty's in the Well," Hay Schneider, the three- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Schneider o f W*st Newton, had a narrow escape from drowning Tuesday when he fell into a well. The boy clung to th« stones on the side until help came. There was 16 feet of waier in the well. ALFRKI) K K L L J'lAVS BALI, FOR E X K K C I S K A K I ' K U U . Word from Camp \ M * bangs news I graduaiwJ from the schools awi the ! wreck LTtts, head of t h e garbage disposal _ _ .... ,,,, ,,, _ department of the city; also at the of the vigorous activity erf Alfred H. wortc o[ next meeting of council the doctor w i n ' Kell. a member of t h e lam contingent. ^' oraffe propose increased rates for collection of selective? sent f r o m Conncllsviile., 1 nicrabers- i'J member was above tue The cla.*-* is composed of Collection additional in the basines^ section. will continue without charge in the residential There the rate is a dollar per month. Ho. rr-ports that hi' drills f i o m to 6 r ,V. M . i 7 v t L M. and t h e n for exoirise plays KlUtl voung }lau:i., S women and 'it- are O l i v e Jiauni, Dona id aoctions. baseball until dark. Bufah, Neiie cobaeil. u-;-oy"iiaa^iiav- appalled ai the spectacle. Tne soldier who brought the report of the wreck u\the city said he was standing at the quartermaster's depot when he heard the crash of the falling cars. Calling some officers he hurried over to the place ant;! was The light coaches, he said, were The pay in advance system, is not LEATES TOMORROW Haas. Paul Landymo-re, Priscil- I la Love, Alict Martin, Anna .Vtolme. . crushed. meeting with entire popular approval. Some have been beard to say they will refuse to abide by this ruling. opposition, as a rule, it is believed. ! Mrs. Bmma Lytle of arises from tha srperiance that the j ship. Mr. Lytle wtl! FOR TRACSTSG CAMP.! He!fln Mong - BdDa - stiswoo e r- Joseph ! ^ _ _e. son of J. P. Lyile ^ , WdiUa M a r t h a Shophard. Laura TbelCharleroi. viaited bis grandmother, ^cphard, H. ! fcn Snyder, Joseph S n y - ' 1 Duabar town-| der - HRna li Townsend and Alary Zim- l-eave Saturday arbage company neglected to remove the waste as agreed. eTer. thi nk « hu has Dr. Utts, how- improved the whole plan and looks to it to work out smoothly and that the old trouble will be irond out. Collections will be made three times weekly --Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays m the business portion of the city and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in the residential. All rates will be in advance, the httad o£ the department says. Tickets will be issued twice aacfa month to subscribers. They will be punched] SAGE REJECTED BT TRJMJ-I i- morning for South Carolina for training. GO TO CAJtP LJBE TO VISIT T5EEIB SON. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Butcermore left Wednesday night for Camp Le to visit their son, Fred S. Buttecmore, who has boon in training cmp for the last two monttis, Mr. BuUermore ifi in Company B, 31th Infantry. Mr. and Mrs. Buttermore will return homa Sunday. by the drivers at ihe time the garbage is removed. RBCKVITDWJ OFFICES, Joseph Sage weut to Uniontown yes- Dr Ute'staiea that the reason for! terday to enlist ID the army but was advancing' the basine*s rates is only! turned dow^. because of being unable to make it possible to dispose of garbage without loss to the city, and that ttris is the only method to make the garbagti department self-sustaining. The department employs five men, and at present has two motor trucks. Agents of the department are making a house to house canvass o£ the city listing subscribing. Dr. Utts was unable to ay how many have been secured. Tha work IB not yet well under way. LIVED AT TROTTER Hecla Soldier Killed In France VeU to pass the physical examination, hs said today. He is past tie draft ; WEST I'ESS BOTS EXMST EC MATT. John Hughes and Harold Humbaugh, the latter of Scottdale, went la Pittstourg this morning lo cnlibl in the United States Navy. Botil young men ware employed in the offices of the West Penn Railways company. Prof. A. J. Kuos, the achoo! principal, presided. The program opened TSttb. a riolin and piano by Miss and H. J. Craw-fora, fol- proceawionaL The song GREGGJMPROVED Assailant, Leo Ojvpmaa, is EUarrestod 1 and Tafc«n to Untonio-wra. j Tlie condition of George Gregg-, -aciho was struck over th* head and badly injured Wedn-esda^ afternoon by .Leo ; AN EXTENSION OF TIME | B GRANTED THOMPSON TRUSTEES TO CLOSE DEAL lowed o y s - o e r of welcome by the class was the next L el o " r - h W f ° " 0 " e d by tJle iD - Boyts-Poner company as the result of vocation by Rev. G. .U of the Baptist church. The salutatdry addrese by Donald Bub was aplen-did, aa wa^ the claas erty Bonds, is re, ported improved today by Cottage Ril«y. pastor j state hoa3 ji )a i au tiioriaes. It was stated at the nospital that unless otiier historj', ably presented by iliss Mary complications developed there were Gregg's i to talk Six Months GHen for P.repnraiitn 0! Deeds 5 Geoeae County M (tillage Bolders Are Blocfeed. PHILADEiLPHIA, May 30 - The United States District Court o£ Appeals handed down a decision today an extension of sis months to the trustees in bankruptcy of J. V. Be is | Thompson -withm which in ad:ust the Zimmerman, Wn,, took "The Stream H^'b'roCie". ciarUs Gre'i^.T'JSuSr \ uou"a-^ Sf reL°es "uTtiT^'J!^ of Life" as h« theme. In the course j lhe Pmsburg solice fo f ce vbo was 1^, dji At ie sant U m e - h T TM ixt^r ^fi"i^ s^r^±^" w * r TMTM d ir i of -^-«- sJior class reauuned m the class for ! ho TM. l)l!s '"P"""?!. _ . _.. .. G^er.* coimty-mortgaj-e holders to £radua:Km. A. vocal soio, "The Chil- j dren's Home," Laughrey, was and well received. by Mrs. James S. beautifully rendered by Herbert i-' Baum was exceptionally fine, (CoiKlnued on Paiju Two.) the Kjwrrrn Here. ·5 BOYS 15 3IEDICAX SEBTTCTK. Fred Denning, manager of the ladles' ready-to-wear deportment ot the Wright-.Metzler company in Union-i ouu u u r u town Cor tbe past few years; Edward ' fearod tbax TORNADO KILLS 18 Jlore Than 1M larured in Storm Wnlch Sweeps Middle West. By Aasocia^od Proa*. CHICAGO, May 10.--With addiuon- ail rports coming m today the death list in yesterday's tornado in Illinois aad Ic-wa swelled to IS, 11 in lovrz. and seven in Illinois. Ae vrires were Poilowmg has release on bail of 5300 Oppman was r-arrestcd last night m response to orders received from IXs- tnct A^toraej- John S. itorrow and refused bail by Alderman S. H. Eow- 'arti.' This morning he was lfl.frPn to Unionijwn by Constable Charles Wilson, where an effort to secure hJs release will be made. On the recovery dissolve the order restraining the sale of coal lands for delinquent taxes, and foreriosnre of mortgages, was refused. The effect of these decisions win be to afford cme requested by the trnstees within which to prepare the deeds and other documents as strpu- 'ated in the notice of acceptance o£ l of Gregg, Oppman vriil be given a | ojmoas on the Thompson coal bold| hearing before Aidcrman Howard on ings. Ralph J Tonng, holder of charges of assanlt ?n^ battery and attempt to "ml,,made by Gregg's wife. down localities it was deaths were stall BLACK LEAVES Hifrh Stiioc-! Loses Another Instructor Through Draft. Tiw; high scbooi has lost aiiotlter teacher. Leroy W. Black, instructor in having notiBed the trustees that he is ready to begin paymecLs of Trarchase money as soon as deeds are. dfejjrered and title confirmed. The decision aiso means that none of. Thompson's coal holdiiurs in Oreens cOTiiity can be sold for "non-pavment of taxes. Attorneys O f the unreported. Probably 150 persons ! mathematics. Mr. Black bade goodby I charge of the prosecution goTentment of J in. V ; Collier and Russell Umbel, also of ulillr ul u ,^ j . , v , u « ^ - -*.,-* ^.^w -- . . 0 ., ~ ^ ...^ 4 W John DeardOhky of Hecla, who was | UnJontown. were m town last Anight on , wore ir , jured ancl a 'rough estimate , to his clashes yesterday and left today j Thompson for alleged infractions of killed in action in France, was well i tn^r way to Washington. D. L. From l p!ac(i( j on property damage at 51,000,- for his home in Butler county where the banking laws, are makine -i-enl known in and around ConneJlsville,; there Collier and^ Umbel wlU^ go^ to 000 !- =- ---· --»-* - ·-- . - - The known dead are at the follow- having been employed by the H. C there Collier and Urobel will go to Camp Boaoregard, Alexandria, La., JVick Coke company at Trottar pre- both having; en rtated in the^medical vious to eniisting in military 'service. parents, Mr. and Mrs. dh-ision of the army. Mr. Demring will go to his home in Tennessee, and in Michael Deardosky, moved from Trot- ' oase he is released by the draft board ter to Hecla a few years ago. i be will enlist in the safoe company grandson the other two young men. The young soldier was of Staatlaw Liibiack, one of the old- i est residents of Trotter, and a nephew SKN'P TO POltl of Mrs. Charles Dymbrosky and Mrs. Kaiser SchulU. both of Trotter, and Prank LabLack of Continental No.' 3. TEAMS WHICH MADE LIBERTY LOAN SUCCESS TO CANVASS IN RED CROSS WAR FUND DRIVE KKBVKKAT10.V. Ben Bnuiley lias been transferred from Carnp Jackson. Columbia, S. C., to an embarkation camp. CAM BROS ing places: Hampton, Iowa, four; Nashua, Iowa, t w o ; Toulon, I.I., two; Franklin, 111., three. Ready for JTottu'r's r»ny. he will remain until called jn th« draft, lijs raolher has been seriously ill Miss Daise Trump is temporarily filling the position. of Judge Charles P. Orr in quashing; Uie Erie indictment. Before the witnesses left the conrt in Piltsbucg they were called for priva»e esemraauom by the government's attorn-ej-s. The schedule for distribution of lh .Vfother's Day will be observed at the The Salvation Army will conduct a moneys included in ibe Prick (ieal» Sunday evening community services uf special service at 1-he barracks to- , con ^i"^ied by the court last month, 13^ the cburcbes of lawsoii. An appropri-! night. The services win be in charge SpfoiHl Services Tonight. The Salvation Army will conduct a arattons U appeal from the decision ate sermon w i l l beffdelivpred and the choirs w.ll render music in keeping witb ihe occasion. expected to be filed toaioriw, in _. _..,, - wh:ch case Jie money will be ready Bayes of PiUsburg. New soldiers for distribntion some nme during ihe of Brigadier Hunter and Adjutant will b? sworn in by Brigadier Hunter. Tlie Connellsville cxecutife com- i Matthews, Kev. T. .1. Kolb, K. EX Df 1AT OSI X-Ui'S KE»'ORD. PARIS. May 30. -- Six German air- lanes were brought down yesterday T Lieutenant Rene Fccck. ih" n-ar lice anonnces. mittee is at work outlining the plans for earrymg on the Red Cross "War T^JJ]^ ""-^ipaign. ia this district. The teami are being selected and they probably will be the same which canvassed the city for the Liberty Loan. County Chairman J. Fred Kurtz and County Campaign Mtmager J. Lawrence Schick are also at work organizing the smaller districts throughout the entire comity. RENCH CAPTUUE i Tlie Connellsville district execoti»e CIUTEATTES 1'tIi.K j committee consists of toe following PARIS, May lO.-^reneh-trooiy' yes- | members: P. E. Martoll chairaan; rday captured Gri^ennes Part, five · Roberl Norr!s . J ' =· -^^ J ' U Erans ' lies northwest of Montdidier. the i P ' ar office announces. The French Kk 25S prisoners. They organized eir new positions notwithstanding erman resistance. TLL PKfnF. WJIBTflfER M^KBTKJR S H A W , DIE. '. D. McGinnis and Rev. J. T Barns. This committee will likely announce in a short time the plans for canvassing this region. At a meeting beld in Uniontown last night campaign managers and executive committees for Brownsville, South Brownsville. West Brownsville and Masorrtown with its six auxifiar- WASHhVGTON, May 10.--The case a soldier in the American Sxpe- tionary Forces condemned to die for -serting ia the face of the enemy, , Soulh Bro-rasville as seat to President Wilson today | an(1 D K _ Or r. ies were selected as follows: Brownsville, A. L. Dewey VT. M. Lrtley. Hays, Patrick Ralston, Rev. TV. T. Robinson. 11 eceh ed by bis brother. Engineer TVil- i j i i a m Wilson, of Sycamore street.! (Young Wilson is a member of Coir,( B. pany B, 327th lirt'anlr.r. lie leW here for Camp Lee last September. FUICB. CORPORAL HALL DILIGENT IN HIS CORRESPONDENCE; two weeks. ENGINEER DROPS DEAD GYMNASTIC EXHIBITION Pnblic InTitcd to Si-e it at Jlifh School Tonight, The public, the school children ex- eepted. is invits,; to the high schoo. exhibition by the gymnasium class under the direction of Miss Iva \Vat- erbury- The chHdren were given the opportunity of witnessing U yesterday and wiH not be admitted. The numbers on the program, opening at S o'clock tonight, are; March, tactics, gavotte dance, apparatus work, wand drill, gymnastic drill, more apparatus work. Dutch dance and game. I F RBI) McGlLL TO BE JLVDK A COH.rOKAL. "1 have been recommended for a non-cormnis-sioned officer, corporal," writes Fred J. McGill, who at Ihe time the letter v.-as seut wa« at Kelly Fiekl, to his grandmother, Mrs. "Emily McGill of Dawson. Recently, he says, he was transferred to tbe 2Mth Aero ! Baltimore Ohio Jinn Ilad Recovered- Prom. Severe Injuries. T _, r , r , T ^--^^ T/*r-i ! J ° hn A ' S^TM" 12 ' « years old, a WRITES 52 LETTERS HOME; BaU "T e * ° hio rai!road ensineer ; c.r ppca dead yesterday at his home Few of the Conuelisville boys who | He lold me thai March Sloan ip a ' neor Somrrset. Several yeaj*b ago have entered the uiiiiLar service aavo 'member of 4 h e samo rti^imenu l -^r- Schuiutz was badly scaMcd ahouc beec more regular or duigenL m their ] "To t h i n k Hov-ard hat, been in ia« Uhe body as tbo result of a oolltsslon correypondeiic-e ihan Corporal Kugeiie service only a inouUi or iwo and is j near Rowlesbur^. He recovered suf- G. Ila.ll, Jr., who is a member of Com- i somg acro^, w h i l e I ha-ve been here ficienthy to reaurn to his dunes ou tha pany B, 321 at Field Signal BaiUlioii, ! near.;/ six mouths, aud diere is yei no | road again. blaiionco ai Cain[» Lpion, N. Y. Since ' prospeci,: of 0111 goi-^s:" | ^ '· Schmutz married Miss Mar his departure i'rom houe aoout C \ e j One of Corjioral Hall's letters was ! Thomas, a daughter of the late John, and one-half months itgo IIP has \ v r . t - | written f r o m New York City at tie 'Thomas of Scottdale. In addition to ten 52 leL'.ers to his p-iro^is. M i . and ' time lie. as a ineiiibei ot a party of ' Ulrs. IS. G Hall ot .uast M u r p h y ave- j UO members of- his uaUalion who are lis widow he is Kiirvivi-d bi three Squadron. The we.lliei w.irm ar tho tiire at Molly was verr Field. "It hi huntirtf; 190 in- the shade." hte letter said. Fred was Rnt!np?t : ne being moved -- "pht^p. ho did not know. The men were fully eo.uippc-d, he said. nue. lie b greatly intereMed m the work 'of '.raining for overseas sar\ice and hike all bis comradut, is annoui to Itake passage for Over There. In a tetter of a Cev, days ago Corpoia! Hail False "Pro4ent»e Changed. K. J. Kutty was arrested here and D, [Thursday by Constable Ginsfourg and will be given a hearing by Alderman "SV. D. vVinans S. H. Howard tomorrow on a charge . . i -- ·-· -.-- , of false pretense brought by Miss r anal a «"on- TVest Brownsville, Dr. R. A. Sjahr. Margaret Johnston of Connellsville. Uiapiaaa tTani .K pmJer, who was Masontown and auxfliaries, F. E. to whom he sold twme furniture. MitV nt hack from France by G neral j r.obhart. manager: Rev. M. Shivery, Johnston paid cash for the goods ·rshing and afterwards was staiioned |D. R. DePriest. A. S. Mechlins, Wil- · which Kutty had procured on lease Hawsni, has been sentenced to a liara Wtnebrenner, Ira Ross, Joseph When Kutty failed to pay off the ns term ot Imprisonment on charges KraU. fniliam Taylor, Harry D H s ' l e a s e the soods were seized trom Miss dialcyalty. William Graham, A: N. Yonng, W. E. Johnston, Thundershowers this afternoon or tonight, much cooler touiglu w i t b frost Saturday morning if weaiiipr clears; Saturday f a i r ; strong west and northwest w mds ( DA Lives oi Pfiiiwy] \ a t i i a , were being o n K T i a i n t - d by ihe lady .n charge oi ' i h e V. W. C. -A. at Caiup Upton. The part) was rnei al tue train with auto? 1 t-nd t'ivt.11 an aJI m o r n i n g d r n e about t h e cit. fciloifted by a l u n c h at the relates his sii.'pnbc ai seeing Howard Service c!un a:id a \isit to *Jie Hippo- Reppert oC Conuc-115-vi'.K; enter t h e dromo ii: the afternoon. S u p p e r was Liberty Theatre di Camp U p l o n ono ' served at :he Hotel Savoy, followed evening. Howard lc£i ComnMl-suUe ' b y a dajcc a; t o e Centra! Palace. On Cor Camp Lee ;is one of the elcc i,c-» some moftthh agu. He was tr;iart-r- red to Camp Hancock ai.d ast-i^ncd to Company M, i 1-tli JlegimeJK. U r s t e d States National Guards, and still later sent to Camp Upton. At the t i m e weather forecast for sylvania, Tcm]Kirature Kceord. 1918 1917 Maxim «m _ ____ .S2 56 Minimum. _________ 67 40 Mean ___________ 71 -IS The Yough river rose dt«iiur the niffht from. 3.SO to 4.00 feet. the noon i Corporal Hall saw Rcppert h« expect- VTofUern Penn- ed to be sent LO an embarkation camp whence his regiment would shortly sail for France. "U is needless for me to say how glad I was to see fnni," \vritcs Corporal Hall. 'The sighl of a f a m i l i a r face from the old lev-u was certainly a treat. He was the first boy from Connellsfille I have seen in thjs camp. RENOVATEOTY LAWN 1 Cinder* From ItalUmore Ohiti Katrines Have Accumulated Thick!}. | Street Commissionei W i l l i a m Mc!Corra,ck and Labor Patrolman John P. R?no!ds wore g e u m g n ] t C.iy H a l l lawn in shape today. Tlu-iv is a hravy ^ccumulaiior: of engine nn- d c i s on the lawn w i n c h w i l l lutve to be raked out and the mi-s letters, ' s p c H i n y out t h e name ' ConnellFville" One of the novel experiences of Cor- are in Tic«d of repair poral J j a l l \va,= w L u u his baiia.ion ' Th e ia-v\i) got .1^ flrpi m m m m g this, \Vadmg river on w«ck vfacn prisoners worked out lining lawnmowers . Use no"t t d^y the p u n y ua-^ cni^r- j t t i ' U ^ i J at in hoiru- of one of ihe la- 1 di^s in'.'; rest ed ir. Uie w o r k of ibe Y. \\'. C. A hiked 11 miles to Wading river on Long Island Sound, temped on the sandy beach and spent the nighi in shelter tents ivnb the sound of the surf to In] 1 , them ,o sleep. This is but one taken \ \ u h nill field ctjaip-'Qcni part of t h e tiamir.^ (Jus unit is re- ceivins. vfapn their senifnces by on it. Tree Blown Down. of i. mi nbcr of practice marchCE j * The ?torm today blew down a large tree in the yard of T. B. Dinnelly. West. Peach street. The tree fe'll across Ihe walk, blocking the entrance to the house.

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