The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 1, 1939
Page 7
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FEBRUARY 1, 1939. Tir DAILY COURIER. CONXGLLSVILLE PA Basketball Basketball SPORTORIALS *«^ By JOHN H WHORIC, Sports Editor ^» HALEY, BROAD FORD NATIVE, GETS BIG CHANCE John (Red) Haley ot New Salem, his contract signed sealed and delivered, is ready to start lor Sea- br ng Fla, where the New York Yankees have their spring training camp Haley former Uniontovvn American Legion team hurler and more recently star of the Newark Bears of the International League has been working at the Bufhngtor mine of the H C Frick Coke Company during the winter months keeping himself physicahy fit for the big top next summer Red the son of Mrs Bridge Grace Haley of New Salem and Ire lile Anthony Haley, was born at Broad Ford vheie he has a kinsman and red hot suppor er in Miss Julia Haley, the postmaster Haley w horn we watched whu fast ones and break slrnts over and around the plate as he toiled for Ihe Imiontown Legionnaires against the Connellsville nine at Grinu^tone a few years ago, was a standout for the Newark Bears in 1933 and his work showed an earned run average o£ 3 47 runs per nine innings Red led the International with 17 victories and two defeats fo** a percentage of 895 His performances included 101 walks, si^c hit batsmen nnd 78 strikeouts Haley worked n 34 games pitching 174 innings permitting 7o runs and 160 hits wmle he completed 10 tilts Afield he had an average of 938 commtting thret miscues whi'e taking care of foui putouls and U assistants The Upper Tyrone township native d dn t do so bad w ith the willow, having a mark of 200 .{ettng 14 sa'aties and five runs in 70 times at the plate His hits totaled 19 bases, there being two doubles and one home run He chased ovr five runs Haley fanned 22 times The elongated hurler according to the experts, has no pitching form But then, too they said Al Simmers couldn t hit because he k»pt a foot in the water bucket But Smoky Joe Martin, Buflalo U ird baseman has other notions about the New Salem **x-coal miner He throws every ball as if he was playing for keeps,' said Martin AHhoug' he is six-feet,-tw o and weighs 200, Haley doesn't have enormous speed But he fires what is called a "heavy ball which according to those who have to bat against him is like using the willow to knock around the shot put Try it some lime Last year Red v,as going to town in a big way and had won 10 straight games before Ollie Carnegie of the Pittsburgh district blasted a brace of homers off him to end his record Carnegie, by the way hit 45 round trippers last season Haley then won his next seven before he lost another game to Baltimore 2-0, although yielding only thiee hits Bed's pi ogress in the national pastime can be -Utnbuted to Dr L R Hei r ngton of New Salem who toon, him around to tne majoz leagues to mg to get him fixed Pie Travror BITS HERE AND THLUE Football coaches 25 years ago weie flabbergasted when Dr Albeit H Sharpe, Cornell coach proposed that players should wear numoers so that spectators might irdenti y them easily Mrs Michael Lerner womar s champion rod ard reel angler, wjl fish for the giant mailin swordfsh, and Dr William K Gregory and associates will study the fish from the scientific angle on an expedition to the Taseman Sea (between Australia and N e u Zealand) Nat Holrran, the Babe Huth of pro basketball, visions the return of the plij-fo-'pij court Winners Open Gait in Second Quarter to Take League Tilt. LOCALS TO PLAY JAWNS FRIDAY game to fie popularity it enjojed ! vv ConneUsville High sulTtiLci Us sev enth consocuti\e U P I A L defr it Tuesdiv n ght it Jeannctte by a i7- 24 scoie is the second h ilf of t c league bislceloal =c^son got undei OVERCONFIDENT DUNBAR BASKETEERS LOSE AGAIN TO WEST NEWTON CAGERS Memo foi Dunbii Towrship High School basketball team Newspnper clippings be what th^y may basketball gimes--01 ary otier ·ipoit for that mnt'e---aie still won on the field ot battle a r o c h i a l s , before the plajers were weie the ball He sals cngcd ns he main f eatuies of the pro game in the j eai when the famed Celt cs of which he was a member before bi coming coach Yoik, at the City College would play as many games j yeii and lost pe hip-, New 115 seven as 01 eight were 3 No zone t efcnse strictly man-for-man 2 no EC t plnv s 3 emphasis or snort pnssmg 4 eve'-vth ng done on the run, and 5 the ele--lent of timing Pararm Al Brown foimer bantam fistic champion has s arled for South America from Euiope for a b mstormms tup oefore he hits New "ioi* on w h a t he describes a comobick t i i a l Kmgfish Levnnskv erst v h i e hcavj- weight fighte-, turned wies'ler was figuratively pitched through the transom by the Illionis Stite Athlcl c Commiss on which suspended t Kmg- fish and Pat Murphy for 90 davs because of a dismal wrestling ma'ch Returns from 14 of the Don Budge-Ellswo-th Vines pro lern ' ma ches mdicale Ihe ormcr made no mistake in giv ng up the am itcur -anks Attendance aggregated 86275 bringing in receipts of S129 8*0 an average ol S9 275 The ol' timr r O h was m 1937 when FreJ Prr-v and Vines s'aged 62 rmtchcs mcl drew n gross gite of 5415 000 Budge is ge'ting S73 000 fo- his pic^ent tour w i t h n privilege of a per-onlage Records of 17 and 18 voung in a single den of fox or coyotes reported lo the Nalional v\ ild Life Federation often indicate th t "i young female his leturnod to the home of her parents to h a v e her fi st Ii'ter according to Stanley P Yot nf of the gimc management d vis on Bureau of Biological faunej Ninth annual tn-statc baskelbil! toUTamcnt at Wajne=burg has been announced for Thursdiy, Fridaj nnd Saturday MaicV 30 and 31 and Ap il 1, Manager Henry Dembo mnounced Baseba 1 ! fans at "Washington Pa, are lay ng plars for the 1039 season in the Penn State Asocial on British boxers v ho appear in p'-elimina T *y bouls are paid icco-d- ing to a trade union rate of pij Mm mum wages follow for t \ o minute loundb Six rounds ?6 50 The Cokeis 1 ept pace nith the home cluo in the irst quarlc- v inch ended in an 8-8 deadloc ^ but Joannette hit n winning sliicie n the *cc- 01 d period to issu rie in eight 3omt advantage wh r-h it increased n succeeding quai ei s Lindci set the scoi ng pace th six double-dcc^cis N i n e m c m l i - s of the Jav squid s iw net on and eig] t of them contributed to V e scoring McCoy Coker t aard h t tl e net thice times from *he field ir once from the foul line to top the Orange and Blick point g( tc e Friciaj riglu the Coders ire nt home when tl e v take 01 Johnstown one o 4 " Scetior %'inc s lenders The line ups Connellsville G F u i t n c j Lew lb p MrCov g TV Jonc r ' Mansberker Totals Ternneltr Lmr'er f Holm c Sterner f* R v i n R Shcjiei f Meimc f Gigh rdi c Baughm n e Toidls Scoring bj Cornells n IE Jcinncttr Hefcree-- 0 1 D 1 3 1 0 1 G 6 T 1 0 9 1 n ii i 16 I'ls J I D I'ti 12 B T 0 qu irtcr Gorcfjc 8 0 4 10--04 7 3--37 W. P. I. A. L. GAGE SUMMARIES Bro\ SFCTION TOLR 1 cslerdaj s Result Mllc T_ Monoigdhcl St-uidmc of (he Clubs ·A I C larlcroi \nn $5 lose eight rounds ?8 25 win, | B l o $7 50 lose, and 10 rounds S17 50 win $15 lose St Vincent College Bearcats football schedule for 1939 h is been announced as follow^ Sept 22 Davis-Eljcms night Out 1 at Niagara U Oc 6 West Virg m i | lc Donor t 1 \ t onnnf nlic C tl fo r niu Pet 1 (JOO aoo (r7 333 ir7 ooo v \ a s n t impressed after he saw him | Vesleyan mghl Ocl 15 Xavicr U twice m batting practice n 1934 and , Oct 22 St Ftancis College Oct 29 St Cansius Nov S Scranton \o\ 11 at Wajnesburg, and Nov 19 St Johnny didn t get inothei chance' until the amiable doctor took hum to Benny Beibough old Yankee catcher and Newark coach who was, managing the New York farm at Washington, Pa Benny signed him to a contract ailer having him warm up for 10 minutes ard in so doing delivered what looks like a gold mine to the Colonel Jake Ruppert estate For Washington in the Penn State Association Haley had an earned run aveiage of 2 44 while winning 13 ard losing four Then he went to Norfolk but got sick and returned home, although he v/ent to Washington, Pa for a short speli and heTped that team to win two games in the play-off for the Penn State Crown Then Halev went to Canton in the Mid-Atlantic v\inning lo and losing nine with an eamed run mark of 2 63 He was with Augusta in 1937, toiling in ol gimes, performing the iion man feat, sevrral times As Haley prepares to go to the Yankee training camp, he will find the community pulling for him to make the giade with a ball club that gives gold doughnuts to dunk in oui coffee If Red can step out h^U as well in the big tirrc as he did with Newark he can rest assuie-i nell have a stendy starting berth with Joe McCa th o aggregation whi-h s in the habit of giving its piteheis a little bit of suppoi I All we can say is good luck Red Wa hope v ell be pulling foi you in ·he 1930 Woild Series, too Bonaveniure Swz'ssva/e, Par amounts Play Friday Paramount quintet mento S^ ;s- vale Merchanls Friday mght at State Armory wheie a dual piogrim will be stated featuunt the I£owit/er live in the fust contest The theatie lads weie defeated eailier in the season at Swi s\cle uid will be out to even the score Ihe frst tilt starts at 7 30 o c o w th Paramounts and Swib^vile gome, into action at 8 30 o cloe Bobcats Spill Youngwood G imps Frida\ Cahfo in i it Moronj ahela Brownsvilcl at Monc f-n btCTION IsFSF IcsUrdays Result Jeinnettc 37 Connellsv ille 24 ^nun 46 Scottdale 11 Johns'own 31 Lntrobe IB Just because the Red and Black hid the garre in the oag be r oie i t ' W u s p i i j e d didn t gi\ e it anv nssur arc 0 *hat H a l woiId oe Ihe case) ifler 32 minu cs of action fuebday night at Lcisennng No 1 Dunbii i conf dent quintet h d the bag loday but it s_errs that a band of dribblers Ciom Vvest New to i ippaicntlv h d cut n hole in Ihe bo ta - orr- o' said big tuesda., right and thf- upbhot of i ill is thnt Leiserring We^l Newton ind Rosli-ner Town-' p s i n who a i e deadlocked for t h e ! leiclersnip of Section 17 As Dunbai faairnbied fo the second lime in the sc-ap wilh Slew Town- be id s 1\" Ro'ti a\ ci Tow rihip under Bob Fti?ier took a big start to ovei- come Perrv lownship Commodores of R =t Stirnincl v h Ic Soulh Hun - ingdin To^ ns up was piactically e imin ted as it bowed to Sewicklej T o \ l s h i [ ) nnd Fajclte City ag in bro e into the w i n column at the expense of Belle Vernon Bruce Sheaicr s combination which vvniloped the dnvhj,hts out of a powerful Rostraver cjuntet at Priccdalc if "r hi\ nu goie down to defeat at V cs i\e\ ton v ^ h c n Rostruer nocked off the Hornci \ as listless s the visitors moved nto a nice lead in ihf op n i n g p^r od 2 ) PI 51 ig tl hoi ic? Ltisenring was / cons dcred i bfttct t h i n even bet th it i v ould chmm itc the Hornets but t! ·· visitor^. kne\ that j o u hnd to w i n t m befori oil ch ilked crn ~ up and proceeded to do just t h i t while t! i Red inci BInek -ippoared t be r o reading th n new snipe*' clip pii Sb that told how thcj I a \ c beer runn n^ w i'd o v c - - t h e o cilled cream o' the scrlior \\pst \r-wTon Sot 1 nv to T 11 6 1 d in the first pcricd ind Dunb tr unco'-krri wh t rroniL it ily looV cd l i c e i i ilh on!*, to h a v e it de^c'en m the r et-i nd p nod md he hnU endfd w i h th v i s i t o r s h'nd li-11 j The r p \ t two periods fa l t d to shake the Red ind Bl ck ou' of iu, R J irgv G-, \\cst N c v ' o r ojtscored it, 10 to ID Dunbir st II hns i chince to horn in on the 1 mrel tut it will have to return to the g u it displayed gainst R o s t r i x i r Belle Vernon ind South Huntingdon It must respect tl e f ic t thit bt itist ci tri n e v e r -e ord histo ~y un I it ins h ippcrcd j^d he Mules c n t c\r ect to put b il! ^ mes in tl " \\ t.o!ur~n until ne hive actually v r n tl cm on the floo- Dunbar goo- to Belle Vc non Fri d then b ho t to Scwicklej goes tu P e n v en c-n ns Rostrivei a i d thi^n vis Us bouth Huntingdon and Fa\cttc City before the schedule is exhausted The surrrmry W Cit Newion G Ln daucr f I I n n neulile Concept on High meets '·foilh Union Towns up in two ga nes tonight d f St i e Armoiy the fust at 7 1 5 o clock The first feitmes the jun 01 v a i s i t y quintets of the two schools w \iic tie second is a fra in the Tiailmg by 21 points at halftime Tciry Townsh p High suddenly came to life in the last two quarters to make its *ussle vuth Bostraver Township an interest ng battle although losing to the home club by a 39-24 score Tuesday night Cowan and Coulson paced the Section 17 leadeis accounting for 12 and 11 points respectively By winning Ros' aver remained led vsuh West New ton for first place The line-ups Pi-try Elan f "rercy f Hahornck, c CLAIRTON IS OUTCLASSED; SCORE 53-22 Red Barr's Boys in Stride To Win Seven First Places Sfalzula North the ng fo~ W i l l ic f Ru nanick g Buttcimoro g Tolils Ilostrav er Cow in t Gordon f McCuIlough c while t i e leadeis Pont Ma ion and Geoiges eioppcc, only one en- cojntei The mam attraction will = art at 8 15 o clock Baseball Pitchers to Tram Ralph Mitteihrg \\ho vviil coach PiHs icvned baseball team in its fi-st yeai this spring, hopes to be ab e to cill out his p tchprs and catchers for indoor sessions early in Teorua-y Tehate i Coulson Johnson Totals G 1 2 0 1 1 1 1 1 G 6 1 2 0 3 3 _ 0 IS Pts 4 4 0 5 24 Pts 12 2 5 1 7 11 1 39 Aim for 1940 Olvmpics To see the 1940 Olympic games as compel tors is tile goal of bo*h Mil Ledeistem and Al Beacon, ciack Pitt swimmer' Bo h have good chances Lederstem in tne 440, and Beacon in the backstroke INVADE BUTLER POOL SATURDAY Conne Isville High s watei team scoied its second straight dual competition Tuesday afteinoon defeating Clsirton -\i the latter s pool by a scoic of 53 to 22 as the boys undci Coach Hea Barr again displayeO fi ie foim One rcw iccord was estab'ishcd that n the 100 b enst stroke in whicn Butteimoie bioke the ape in 1 18 1 as he nosed out a Clan ton man Co) who was pursued c'oseiy by Baldw n the othe Oiange and Black swimmer Comvilsville did lot smienaei first place in any of the se en summing events and only in Jie cenluiv bie st stioke did Clan ton captu e i secoi d place, except o£ couise 1*1 the medleys in which only two squ ds pni icipated Claiiton got eight of its 22 points in the diving event when the Ban ou fit collected only one Because there a e no facilities hcie to train div ers the Orange and Black ib compelled to forfeit points in tins fenture of the competition The summary 40-vard fiee stjle--Laugheity and Continued on Page Eight. Standln,, of the Clubs Johnstown Noi \/m Gieensburg Scot dale Latiobe Jeannctte Council'vil e Pel 8D7 8 r i7 8T5 37j 281) | 28fi| ooo Ajfaott I Hulj c Scholl K Marsh g Shiftman ff Games Friday JeaimcUe at Scotladll Norwm at Gieenstauig Johns 01 n at Connelli/il i Games Tuesday. JeannettG at Johnstown Cormellsvi le at Norv m t L ttrobe SECTIOV 17 Ycstcrdaj's Results Fayet e City 29 Belle Vemon 16 Hos lavei 39 Pei ry 24 Sewickley J9 S Huntingdon 28 West Ivewlon 29 Dtinbar 2B Tola's Dunbai Herrhko f __ __ Pivlosk f ____ _ _ Hert/nell c ,,_ __ __ Husband g Kontia g ----- _ Rorranko, c ~ ,, __ ,,_ Scpesj g _ ---- Tola s Scoring by quarter 1 1 'est New ton 1 Dunbai TV p 0 Rcfciee -- Barr 10 G 4 . 1 0 0 I 1 2 2 8 Pts -1 B 0 10 4 3 29 Pts 2 10 I 4 I 2 ) 0 ) 2 ) 2 ; 6 J 26 8--29 9--213 Standing oE the Clubs FAYETTE-GEELJsE LEAGUi: Yesterday s Results Georges 46 MipMown 22 Point Manor 35 South Union 28 Standing of the Clubs Georges Point Allrion _ Xo-th Lmion -South Union -Mapletown Imma Conception Pel 833 833 Mount Pleasart Bobcalb annexed "W their third victoiy in Section J R o s n \ e 7 Tuesday night by tal ing a -6-22 de- Wes Newton 7 c c ion over Youngwood al the i i t t f r s Dunbar 6 ilooi as Rudmk led t i e R irns ly .it South Huntingdon * tick Sewiekle/ I Tiailmg by ore nomt a tie end Pony i of the first quarte- Condi Nee. C u H - Fajette Cuy ci s lads s'owly foiged n o a l ' - I l lead at h ilf time v\ iith icy n- citased bj t\o moi^ jr th t] n i quartei and then ba tied tl p 1 01 n -lub 01 e\cn tcims in ln_ 11] stinza Belle Veinon 0 8 Games TricI ij I Cil t Peny K ) s i \ n i Soul i Hunlni£,dor Sc icl li_y a \\c*,l Isc. ui JJun 3 n it J3e Ic Veinon Pet B7 r 875 750 500 100 250 250 000 Game 'lomght Union at Immaculate Con- Air Route 'sets Kecoid MIAMI Ha Feb 1 --Al Uivc! 000 between the Amciicans thiougli tin 5001 mtermtioinl gatev jv made a no 137 nil time tecoid m 1938 w i n 73910 000 passengc s passing thiough the a u - poit he'c Tne pHne flew 3082800 miles 01 nearly 124 timei aiound t ie vsoiln SFCTION l i ception Hit bj Tram Dies CANCASBURG Pa r eb 1 -- r r nK Kobrjsh i3 died in Canon-i- bu ^ I'o^pit 1 a ^hoi lime £ ci tae- ms ' U L T b\ i Puin \1 i i R il- 10 a i j, i gti i n nue Paul Menuchi liansfcrrca Paul Menuchi loTneih ot Con- nellsvilla ind an emploje ot the H a h d Vai Sei\jn. n bt_ i transfoi-cd Irom t i c P t ^ b i h bnnch to the ^c\\ 1 m i c,| % ^ ,, , U L i n e 1 cbru u y 1 s l u i d m g of UK Clubs n Reds one Bu t k \ lie iNoith Belie Vernon Gerrmn Cen erviile Fl!;\ 01 li E^= B r t h i t r c m E s ^i L I un Scotties Fall At Norwin With Slough 1 inlo centei Icaamg the atlael Ivorwm High hashed to ,1 iG-31 victory ove bcot'dile Tucs- dny night it I i w m lo rcrmin t e d w i t h Johistown clefeitmg Litiobe 31-18 foi Ihe »t Section 0 Ro^s Scold lie foi u a i d became (he scchor b highest fco ei \ hen lie h i t lie colds for ID poirts to go iheid of T e n nelte s T nnclei by one po nt bul w i t h evci-v nuirbci of the hone c'ub scji ng wo 01 riorc lointb t i l bco ^ were u lablc to t i n ntuin a similai pace Pel 87 a 7oO 714 571 4 2 9 1 375 286 000 G a m t s rhitrsd-n L i n t I l l l n al \ o r t l B i l t \enion 1 ^st Pike Hun i Ge run T\ p Casey Baskefeers Will Meet Tonight The Ca«ey basl etbai] teim co- "ponsoied by John I Spish l v ard he Knigits of Columbus v. i I hold an important meet ng il 74") o e ock ton gh at the K of C cluo looms in No^Ji Pittsbuig sheet Managci J mi iv M j u c uigc'-al 1 plijcis to attend EXTRA SAVINGS FOR YOU OURSNG THUS GREAT SALE Ti on iiiui d o n e iiiwl Iiy M a i t i n e for this ·-alp 101 it oiicrb j o u the crrenlcst nnd last o p p o r t u n i f ) f o b u j o i i r 1 i i r n i t i i r p nnd ][ou»chol(l n* i. ds ni i r r a ( l j reduced prices. 9-Piece Modern Living Room \ complete, haimoniouslj-matched h\ing room that spe'ts LUXURY and GOOD TVSTE m any language' You d expect to pay well over this pi ice for the Lmng Room Suite alone 1 And all the EXTRA.3 lie included to give join Inmg loom that DTPFftRENT appcaiancc' a M't. Suite e Occasional Chan ©Smoker SOFA AND CHAIR ONLY SStt ol 3 Lam])!. © E n d Table ® Coffee T,iblc 1 H 1 ^^!]! i 'J-r...-.-.--.-?^^TM^ f Lai go sue bola Tint co\eini-;s CIioicc ot colois a n d ( h a i i in A e l o n Here's Value'. 2-PC. L5V8NG ROOM SU5TE A hi^het qua'ity l u m suite no\\ -vouis at a while saving V distinctive design, ennched m all de- tailb Alohan Tnezett cov- Come--Shop Throughout the Whole Store--Save

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