The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 9, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1918
Page 8
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: ?AGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNTELLSVILLE. PA. THURSDAY, MAY 9, 1918. The Greatest Stock of The U. S. Food Administration Says:--"SHORTEN-THE WAR BY SAVING WHEAT" Straw Hats Ever Assembled in Connellsville A statement we make without fear of contradiction or denial. More hats, newer bats, better hats than- even this store has ever shown before. The time is ripe -- and we are ready. Come in, men, and choose from the following: -At $1.50 to $10 Sailors At $3.50 Tyos At $5.00 Bangkoks At $5 to $10 i anamas Leghorns Milans At $7.50 to $10 Balu Buntles WRIGHT- METZLER COMPANY Beautiful Silks Crepes and Foulards Difficult to choose between them, when both arc so fashionable and can be worn throughout ihe/ summer. Crepe Meteor and Crepe de Chine ire hnre in black, white and a splendid range of shades at U)0 a yard. * FOULARDS are almost equally varied, even' imaginable color combination being here. Many of the handsomest designs are our.s ex- clUslvely. Widths are 36 to -tO inches. Prices $2-00 and $2J10 .a yard. SPECIAL! 500 Yards CURTAIN NETS Perfect in manujac- tnre but slightly soiled | on the edges. In white I and cream. ; One Fourth Off SEWS OF THE DAY i AT MI PLEASANT f BRIEFLY RELATED A Late Shipment of Boys' Black Stockings Special, 25c Pair These should have been delivered to us last Fall and nav e only now arrived. In consequence the price is considerably lower than today's market price. They are the sturdy, heavy-ribbed black cotton stockings that are known as a Fall weight, but many boys wear them now and tliroiigh- out the Summer. Wise mothers will buy them now for next Fall, when prices will most likely be higher. In sizes 6 to 10. ^~ That Show AI! the Successful Styles for Spring Are Assembled Now in Absolute Completeness Displays (.hat are important because of the splendid selections and extraordinary values presented. I m p o r t a n t , too. because of very recent arrivals from New York which are, being shown now for the very first time. March a:id April h i n t at Spring attire--May demands it- There will be no better time for choosing your Spring Suit, Coat or Dress than nowi The SUITS at $19.75, $25, $29.75 to $75 Eton, military, and ripulo elects--plain tailored, semi-tailored and dressy--in a variety ot new models that w i l l adequately supply every npprt or women, misses ami stout women. Choice may bn hail of serge, poplin, tricotinc. poiret t w i l l , wool jersey, silvertoae, fancies--:md Silks. Those last liov o jns! arrived .ind omhr.'icc a color range of taupo. prune, navy, 'jlack and concn. Silli Suit jiricos Ix'irin at K and go to $75. Cloth Suits nt $19-3 to SliO-uO. The COATS at $15, $19.75 to $75 Full-bolted and sitle-beltni] effects in silver-tone, Uutotinc, poiret twill, boll via, covert, gabardine, serge and poplin. Shown in every ono of the \vantod new colors, aud in a complete range of si/us. Thurc is no chance of any i:nat wish of citlior women or misses not being satisfied hero. The DRESSES at $14.95 to $49.75 Silk Drosses in taffeta ;tnd Crops dc Chi SIP--aoino with beautiful georgette slcevrs--arc in a collection of smart styles ihat appeal most forcibly to well dressed women--and will to you. Other street dresses tiro of Serso, sometimes used in combination with silk, and at all times very stylish and serviceable. Women's Mercerized Cotton Stockings 65c the Pair A go.od quality in black, white and most of the good colors--tan. gray, brown, smoke, champagne and the lighter shades. They are seamless and the feet arc well reinforced. 600 Women's All Linen HANDKERCHIEFS Made of sheer Irish Linen, plain hemstitched, and marvelously good for every-day use. j Could hardly be bought j at wholesale today for : our retail price-- 18c each 3 for 50c , Kleinert's Rubber Sheeting Good for Baby Good for You Don't wear yourself on'_ Put Kleinorc's Rubber Sheeting on baby's crib or bed and let baby romp. Put it on baby's carriage and preserve the clothes and cushion?. Kleinert's Rubber Sheeting is ·waterproof, acidprooi. and indis- peBsible in nursery or sickroom. 86 to 43 inches ividc, at $1-00 to i?l.SO the yard. Keep Cool Tbis Summer in a Wright-ffletzler "No-Wate" Suit Commencement to be Held . at Opera Hoctse Evening i : ; of May 29. JED CROSS PLANS PARADE Kart Opening of TVar and an Effort Is lo Be t» HftTe Practically ITfaole Towm Participate ia tie Precewsiou. Special to Th* Courier. PLEASANT, May 9.--The £iadutfoa exercises of the local will begin on Thursday, Maj . the class day exercise*- will In the high, school building. 3n Sunday, May 2S, ifee DaccaJaure- lie sermon, will be preached by the : ley. Jlr. J?ulmer, pastor ot tae Ciiurcii tf'.God. On Monday evening. May.27, .he patriotic class play, "Ciaii;i Al- owed," will be given in toe Grand ipfira. house. The comemncetnent ex- :rcls?3 will be held in the Grand opera. iotu»e on Wednesday evening. May 2d. Taken to Greeiusbarp, -George Taylor, colored arreeied by hi police,, was taken to Greensburg ^jponstable Paul Feightner. He wa* wiEted in Greensburg. r:: Eed Cross Parade. 'The Red Cross War Fun£ veek'wJh ;U.rt off May 20 with a paradu that sj-expected to outdo anything !n the ilstory of the town, T. O, Anderson a.chairman of the parade comi.iitte*. Some of the features or ]arade vln be the mothers and wives of men low in the service, who vrttl form u. Iixe.. All wives and moihc-rs arc re luested to write-ifr. Anderson, :e!Iins lim. that they will be in ;Me para/U. ·o-jjiat proper provision may b made qr-sr.ine one to look after this divl ·ton. The £5 uuhs of :ne Mount ,pt*y of the Red Cross alt have se-jarate divisioiu, ana »ffnrt will ha made to have every jr out. J"4^i i orsanirtcirn will ·j^ry i j . Jjwr.iir v: !tli its ouranar, Vhc iitbr.c' aJtd psj"J3*:Lii achoat c* linrcj* CUT t?ic'- pare. Ta« Boy Scoo^ will ^ HAPOLEOR OS5E SAID . »*i JWot«-» f-rf N A-^ Army Ttajf lW-i%lo6, They are clean and comfortable, well-made and smart. Wright-Metzler "No- wate" Suits, treated with a special cold water shrinking process, retain their shape after cleaning. "No-iwate" Suits are here in a variety of fabrics, and sizes to fit every man, at $13.50 to $25 The man "who believes in preparedness mil buy his now and be ready for tl'.R very first day ot torrid weather, t TbfSf "No-wate" Suits art exctosfvn with this store. See them. Wool Suit* arid Topcoats, all sizes, $15 to $45 Coining Soon! Pretty , New Skirtings Are coming in every day. Some of the newest ami most popular ones am: WHITE POPLIN with piaids of colors--blue, green, black and rose. :!( inches wide and 55c a yard. WHITE FANCY WEAVE Skirtings of excellent quality. 86 inclios wide and 50c a yard. Hundreds of Yards of Beautiful Wash .Materials Invite Inspection. Kayser Silk Gloves The range of styles in Kayser Silk Gloves is so complete that you find just the glove you need for every occasion. Kayser Silk Gloves wear longer than others because they fit perfectly at. all points. They settle smoothly over the fingers, palm and hack, and the clasps meet easily at the wrists. Look for the name in the hem. 6Se to $1.75 Pair Boudoir Caps - -Caps of Satin and Crepe de Omit. Ince rind ··ihbon trimmed, ut *1.UO in S2-2:. --Caps of C'hiaa Silk and Satin, Ince and ribbon irimmed.--at Dae to $1.00. Auto Veils --Chiffon Veils, showerproof, hemstitched, rose, sold, green, wisieria, tan aud grey, at $-'50 to SBt-50. --Chiffon Veils, hems ".itched, rose. navy, brown and tan, at $1.75 t4 SS.WL --Fancy Brocaded Ribbons in solid shades and two-tone effects --pink-and-hluc, white-and-blue, at 65c to $1.00 yurd. --Plaid Ribbons in all the ne'w light Gingham Plaids, 5 10 7 inches wide,--a*. oOc to 8»c yard. --Fancy stripe Ribbons, suitable for bairhowg, 5 inches wdie, arc 50c yard, --Polka Dot Ribbons, purple, black and navy w i t h while dots, 5 l /3 inches wide,--at 7.c yard. --Moir e Ribbons in all shades, 5 to 6% inches wide,--at Jific and · --Greeting Cards and Booklets to give or- send j mother,-- 10c to 35c caclu j --**My Mother-'--a Prayer--by Tom Dillon.--neatly framed,--at $1.00. j Sunday--May Twelfth Get Gold Bond Stamps With Every Purchase Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on What You Spend be oat for their share of the honors, ; and every church, church society and lodge In the town will be asked to turn out. .The floats promise to her a very interesting feature. The strceta will be polic-cd so that the smallest child may go out In flafety. Thn time Is 6J# o'clock, and the parade will form at Alain and .Eagle streets. Other 5otes. Samuel Dennison of tT called on friends here yesterday. M£»B Teresa .McDcrtnotr oC Pittsburg, Is the gucflt of ber trtswr, Kath- [ arlne. * ' · j Rockwood. , _ , , . . _ , _rray" - r. . gLUmp4 t mO«rt«n[n«ca,lnili* Army ^A **n»r »uaer from Kt»lcra «.d B«I» --^-*--- '^-'.rf^Jt- Hv*ry **0oinrori KU ·noiiitl 6 boz«*o( Atlen^ Font - Euso, t xntuwptic powtkr to *h»ko ti\tothr atso«i, ila. The TU'.ubnrj :«,3iC, ROCK-vVCOD. Afay 8.--Mrs. W. M. 0. ; Day and sou Vohn are Hpcaeing sev- | era! weeks wfth Air. Day* mother, 01 .' Ealtimore, ilrsi. Day and h«r fion ; j were accompanied to tho city by JU. j Day, woo ri'turnod homo MoMnday \ morning after attending the funeral ° sorvica of Ills grandinothor, MPK. W. | II. Povard, I i The now power plant of the Pcnii j j lOloctric S'jrvlft* toraoacy in rngiAly \ j naitrlcg cQmj;ii f -*9n and taey tixtit'f;^! j tc b^ ready 10 turu out p**«r by '.Ii* ! flrat of Juiy. O?tr cfci uift will bb i j?ed Q-t the- uttv JJOW.TI' rtttTit at ftri* 1 ,. I Mrs. ;,r. II. BMrrfSu of J tan on, ! t-rnw.t sovarai day;, the ftrat o? tho i wsck wHb bijr puri-^u, Mr, ant! Mr*, j VV, J. aanintir of 8;:uiii Rookwood, ; Mr, QJiii Mr-, Chaunccy DoHavon} i Ue.v» ruturasti to Roekwood ffoiu i Iif;/wusvi!lf., fa., wbara Mr, DcHaven j was entpioyed fts cparalor oa the lraftnftyWu:A radroflul, Mr, DcKavait will liktly ft-papi a posfticti wtth lti» Ualtiraore Ohio IlallroHd company, with whom he was empieyed betor* going to Browasvllle, Pa. Notiiitng Like it for Rundown and Nervous People Von Ormy, Texas--"I suffered from a general run-down condition-- anaemia, loss of appetite,and cough, so I was unfit for ray work. I tried different medicines without help, and druggist learned of VinoL I took it; my appetite increased, my cotigh disappeared, I gained in weight and I am now well and strong, so I can conscientiously endorse Vbr.oL"-- Viola Sslada, R. K., Van Ormy, T«. We guarantee Vinol to boild up ron-dowti, zxaztxic folks or return yoar rooacy, W« take all ths risk. Dr. and Mrs. J. It- Haxlait arc spending today with the latter'a brother, Dr. and Mrs. Frank l-lm of "Waynesburg, Misa Elfie Edwards is a business, caller at Franklin. Mrs. ArUnir N'ovman of Scnttda'e visited. Mr. anrl Blrs. V/. H. Hai'.ey ro- 1 cently. j Mr. and Mrs. J. L. U-vo l;-:.vo returned lio-ic froiri ?.a rtu.v-jr:..-'':/;!^ t r i p ; to Ca-rai? T,.f.c an*1 t;i /.'!c;?[V^ r .r 'Aliere J tboy vJ^jtSd Mr, IAIVO-'-I brc-u:?,;, \Vil- Ham I*3V6. Mr. Love vo:i: v: ("'.;iq.ip I'Ce to EJHC Levris !.t3.ToU; Kviil^o car wHe'a he drove hots?.. K T =i:.k Reed. Carap T.^e for a fev days. I^oonai'fl McCalli*ter is ill with, an Mrs. Blanche Thompson has returned to her home in ConnUsvilie after spending sm'nrai days at tlin borne of her sister, Mra. J. U Ixive. y\r. and Mr.-. Jihn Jacobs and daughter, Grace, and Miss Lilburn liwitl returned Monu: last vonir.g from Caiap I.,t-e whore they visited all the ijoys from thi.-i vicinity. The "W. C. T. U. institute .will bn hcirl today in t h e Presbyterian church. j The morning session w i l l begin at j K'.'iO and the afternoon session at I 3.20* Perryopolis. J vtiwiTtsY ETIICC Co ConroilBvltle; '-"·"e «**^^ ^-»» ~;s ·_-"., ·-- - ftvid C. Eoaon, IMmbar. and at. tho 3u croc o^t 'If'-tg Ptoro in every town and i^y Jr. tho conntry, ' . May 13.-- ^r. find Mrs. A- C. Hoi'wick, Mrs, J. W, Rand- mar, and Mr:v Harry Ford motored from ConnelU-.vil:e Monday evening and were guests of towu friends. Mrs. Ciarcncn Cnttom and daughter June of I'iUsbnrgii, are spending the w'Rek w i t h Mr. and Mrs. 4. P. Miss Etina. Lowers of New Castle, as tlie wcelv-end guest of M'tes Hfilen AND rau 3te and wrs . _,,_ _ ! guests of U n i o n t o w u Cricuds Sunday. Is and tlmcwindH of people, saysj iJigluti grade commencenien't w i l l !e iro Jcarninu ov*(rj- wo^k that one of Pet%K 0 n' fi ointment -wiu j u i^ f '^i h o d * r ' a and hnniflb ;ilina, nnd ffrntefai Inttcrs I rccetto uvcry day aro ivorth more W me Ujac num-'y.' J bod £^spmn for ir.finy years on my bond Vasderbflt. VAKDHIU3I1/I 1 , .May 9.--Mrs. D. C. FctU was a rst:ont ConnollovIlU shop- nar, M!aa Elizabeth Burkbolder visited Uio Yanderbllt school on "\VedneBday, MIos Burfcholdor was formerly a teacher hero bat resigned to accept a. government poaftion at "Washington, D. G, j nnd coulil not g.?t j do It any I saw yonr fid End ot one box and Tho Knights ot Malta gave a re- cnpuon for tUc draftees o^ the lodge Tuesday eve::injj; at tV.c Malta hail An elaborate; luncheon was served : 1 owe yon rar.ny ttinnks for Oie good It has \ by tlie local Red Cross units. There : dono ma Tnetrt isn't a biotcb- on my head f W erc 42 members of tlie loclse prosent. 1 Bon/for tie enr*. la jrrMt, Mrs." 1 Mary Hill, : Victor Francis ordered a vote of ; 20 pw .Av«ni£. Pfttsburgh, p a . thanks to tbo ladic?= of tho Red Cross ipoto^^l/^^r'oim-L^^S^ ^r their efforts in making the affair Htm mo, Ijesldea tho pii. s swm to ba»a. a success. -Miss Lena Gallev replied ££Vdn6 \7l£"' ^ w " h "'8 t '"' ATO -; to the vote of tl.anks. · ' ' U^e Pocsrflon's OJutment foi' old sores,) salt rheum nnd all sk'n tltsc^sea. It bim- i m_ v o n r pio-n-pifipil Ads IshM pimples «nd blaeklieads la Irss than! J r j U Oiaao^Hlcu -IUM. 10 (Snya and, le,ivea the skin clean, clear and I They cost only 1 cent a word and al- pleo^nt to look upon. Drutfffiata suarau- ways briBS results _ . Guardians of the Nation Danger and disaster make us realize how efecicnt is rhc telephone operator. Always at her post to protect life and property, there are coundess instances of her steadfastness in emergency. But it takes day-by-day devotion to the ordinary task to make Che heroine in times of stress. In peace or war 100,000 Bell Telephone operators "man" the country's switchboards, rendering a faithful and honorable service. More than 1Z,000 specially trained operators are meeting the Government needs today. Surely the telephone operator is worthy of our deep coiv siderarion, for upon her in no small measure depends out success in this mighty struggle. Buy W. S. S.--Word's Safest Security' The Central District Telephone Company £. F. Patterson, Local M*nag«r Uniontewn, Pfc.

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