The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 9, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1918
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MAY 9 1918 ·THE DATLY COURIER CONNELLSYILLE PA. PAGE SEVEN. The of a Gerrft Written by a Prussian Who Participated in the ing and Pillaging of Belgium *t Deiroi. Free Pro) \ffer rne«?e hostile troops hnd crossed the plan w i«j to destrov the b"Idt,e to prevent their belrg re- enforced That «is u h j the sergejnt manning this switch hid been kept waitin 0 for the order to blow up the bridge But the sergeant In the ex eltenent n n d confusion thought that the cable to which h ; phone wa^ connected had been di-c nntcted a n d biew- Dp Thp hn Ige on his ovrn inltifitlvp w h i l e Ir v^as crowd* 0 bv Frenchmen an tonTM before the enemv could h u v e bad rm opportun!t\ o cm tin' cable At tbt ^iine t i m t the othctr ut thf* iwiuh connected wl h the explosives ui«le~ t3*e ^ercm! br let r e c t n e l his 01 or*: He n f t P i u i r f K ^ntd that the order he rnre'\r! ^vis ]\ inl To rani e out nn tlint be hn 1 lost bis ji e^enre of Mind «nd tl rev in tin. switch tt-f t H t llllu? thou». nds oa tl e bridge ' and l i m n s rmriT ofbrr thousnmN to ·the- inf -**v of the pnunv Fe'or there \\*\* time for more im pn--siots our entire unit Tins orde etl to \ i t n o be n^enblpd in f-ont of the n t l i " r*il VUth " =I,,h of r x l n f we hu ntv] i\ \ for the I rfiuh ar fllerv bf*t:nn o-i e m re o send shell^ irith rancli accu-- u rr o L- the tnti e countr-«!Ule Wound* d non r rom othrr detnclments whon ic pi^e' on tlr 1 ro°d to d u« that the Frenr- hnd il reuih crossed the Mime in «e^ cr il different places Everyone nr OHR i s Toired the «:nine opinion We *iitd al readv sustained great losses fn Bel glau ^oil and ench dav brought ne v sacrifice^ Our lines bfpjuie thlnnrr ·nd thinner Mnnv coraptnies were endreiv destroyed and all writs suf ferwl hra\IIv These companies whose forces had been reduced to ^ minimum ·nrl with the ·mrrl'vora hah starved ·were opposed by an array well ·Dipped with supplies and arms The ·oemv constantly 1 ronght up fresh troops while oar forces became fe 1 * er from hour to hour "XV e realised that It was impossible to mnke a stand her*. We were constantly learning from coidlen of otht-r COD ingpnu that their losses In men and materials w ere enormous. I thought of the God of the O*r Cronos. Had he forsaken them' I thonght It so loud that the others could hear Tes" *»Id another ' whom the Lord wishes to pnnish Is first st-Icken ulth blindness Prcbably bo thought «£ Belgium Donche-r Sommepy ant 1 Satppes, nod still many otlwr places mud let TIS run Into this perdition lil e flying fiends " We reached Vtrrr Here the misery leemcd to be still greater than ever before, for In the ^ntlre town there was not a single htuse thit wos not OTercrowded with wounded In the midst of all this mLn^ry robberv floor Lshed 4.11 residences hnd boon emp tied of thetr furnishings and ererv thing was thrown fnto the streets to make room for tb« Bounded The sanitary squads went orer the to~\n and took every blng of anr \alue The munition and nllroad columns followed the some p-nct!ce Thev had plenty of room for ilinder Tbls was · mplv proven by numerous snizures afttrwcrd of parrels put In the mall which contained gold rlng* watchfs prrclons *tones etc The bi s nes= of the marauders flourished hei«* In Titrv Tb( soldiers In the «-upph columns en countered i-ery litt e pctunl danger thcj had an easr rime as compared with soldiers fghtinc at the front AV c vjon reached tht ralhetlral nnd rep r ed to Lieutemnt El n rlo also hid defended h « fa horl ind at a si p e di^r nre and ! ore Is the c t\ freshly si T\(*rl nnd In Jmmaculnte attire he lool eu \ i " pre*=cnti ble l i t - contrast was vivid as ha stood bef( l e u" who were torn dir^ and LOV ered u l t b blood vv th in I unpt hilr with 1 eorrts grow n and caknd w U mud nnd U 11 \\ c urn obliged r o wait so we wit dot n ant} Jookod arounr! us The clinrr i was fn ! of \v undtd mat \ rii°I under t i e ban Is of the dociois Tli \ were curried u t to mike ron n for ntlipis Thp (lend were f M T k d to one ;I(]p wherf uliote rows of tnrpsc, 1 \ \Vp count*d m re t h T n «i-ctv ( i n c u r s v to \ l t r v we h id ho^pnrt eonu brrnd but we wore stilt Iningrj -CAP"SXUUBS COMB SAGE TEA IN uiuu urvvjjj lun. in c «-- A 1T» A afl/"VI TTkTT 1 P"STMai IT" TTfc'H"* FADED OR GRAY HAIR f pARAMQUN f JHEATRE II Ihxed Mith Sulphur It Darkens So - NiifurallT Nobodj Un T^ll -TOI) VT-- and our field k tchens were nowhere In sight Hie crows of our field LltrhTis ns \e! rs our forngi officers and MOU commissioned orfictr prefer to defend t i e r fithcrlairl i n m kilometers b e h!r 1 the battle fronts The} did not care about us ns long is thev \ve~e not obUirul to go within ran^e of 11 arfiUerj tire Comradeship hns Its limitations with them Other ftp I kit hens were neir b\ Tho had r pa*-ed more food th in t ieir toinj i Its needed 'Many for w l u m th \ hnd cooked w i l l ne%er eat apn n \\e were inUted to come ind i,et u h te^or we wanted Vk e nad scarceH finished citing w h e n we hnd to maich on Pros* ntlv we were joined by more n ( pliers o* our compf m Onr captain npne t ed One of our ofluors r ported to him thp number misMni, Ho ·Hepped in front r f the cmnp mv nn 1 said cN erf till v Tood mornirg men although it v.n« «.t.\tn o ( ' o t L In the even ng V growl A ii 1 * rh on \ response We werr the i o r d t r i d tn trc to the wncons «;tnndin^ ji MH no tli ^-ide of the town nhero e i 1 nnn wns to supplv hn ·- f with n i i Icre ird three hand R-pmi' H \\? ^u hered at th* wngons a 9 30 o cl( (.k nud each intn took oOO car trhtees his three grenades and mitcl es to is:ht tiicio On the *ay to tht. wag on 1 - we saw everywhere formations he- ink hisulv organized from stta\ sol dl-cra and we received the Impression of -ome great activity in preparation Iht. rain had bepnn to fall In tor rcn s A* we took our places we saw thp streets filled with troops wearing "pedal unlfo-ms to ; rotect them nffKinst the weathe~ These Tjalform 1 ! co sj?tcd of a snl of weatherproof clothing a cap such bitgfage as most be l a k t n on a riarcb » tent cloth tent sticks dishes and with the pioneers trench ttols Thus equipped, we stood In the nln and wilted Ijmo-ant of what i before us V e we- ordered to take the breech lock* out of the guns and pnt them in oTir bread bigs The guns no # wer* nn j;ood for shooting We now bejfnn to nnderstand wfait lay before ns A night attack was planned with baronets and baud grenades, and the which had been taken were Grardmoiher kept her hair beauti f u l l v darkened glo s and attractive w i t h a b ew of ba^c Tei and Sulphui NVhtne\er her hi r took oa that d ill Eadtd or streaked appearance this simple mixture wa,i api ted with w o n dtrful efft-ct Bj asking at in d i u g store for ^ V j c t h s Sage and Sulphur Cor pou d ou w i l l get a large bottle of fhis oici unip recipe impro;ea b the addition of other ingredients all reach to u^e at \erv little cost Thi Dimple mix ure can bo dtpendou upon to restore nat iral color and beautj to the hi r A \\ell kno\\n d o \ v n t o \ \ n d uggist ^av e crvboJj uses ^ j o t h s Sagp and "-.alphui Oompound no\\ because it darkens so naturally and e \ e n l j tliat nob d\ car tell it his been a plied-i t s G t a \ to uio too lou simply clan ·)(.-" i comj or soft br ibh ind dii\v it tlirougl \ o u r h i t r Lab ng one strand at a ciine B\ moriiics UIL gra^ hair dis ippears aClcr another dpp t tion or two H is restored to its nil tr colo-- and looks gloss* so t and t i n t fill This ire oar it ion is i ripl! n hUul toilet i nui«si t It is not in ton led Cor tue e ire mitigul on or pre vein on of dibcise Vd PICTURES PR^SE^T CIIAJ^A I\G "THE TRAP" "ion wint stories that move fa« and lot calh ami c irr cndrall ng \vave Oi thLMlling nddonts to i sn A I S O GJRR1 N T E V L M b - T 0 31 O JJ K 0 Yi P-VTHL PRbSlff. rI S IRDM C \bl I i 1 HI Bl ST DRLS-~I JJ 1\ OM i\ IN A M L R r C V IN THh TH1UI I ING bl N « \ n O N M 'HOIOI "CONVICT 993" SUP HAD-- SO SJL., S M D SL T I I Rl D CIU1 V O U S I \ i O U 1JM fclNS 01 Omi KS NO^V HLR PAST ~\\ V^ TI HI \1 1 MNfi 1O I N CLLF HUl SHOl I D SHL i r i L T H T \ f \ N ' ~\VOLLL \OI T U\\l DO\T so* sir THIS PI^TLRE AND sn \\iL\r *o IIAVI- UONC ALSO A COOO COMI D\ WfW*fVVWVVWW*fW^ P roa^n behind the prepar-it ons 'or tho nlc;] t H t t n c k which had now been I cj Ikd oft , Rt idquar*trg npp rontlv 1 nd de ckkd othtn^ise Perhaps it was k n o w n tl pro th it noth ng could be nccora [!ish l in attacking and Uie order was pjv«n to btfjln t b e rntieat which WAS pnt Into effect tht next morning nt six o cl ck He did not realize then t h a t this \\ti** to he onTM last ni^bt tn \ltrv Y\ e were sheltered in a shtd for thf nif,ht As we\erj tired w t soon were fist nsleep We were aroused at four o rlock In the morn ng e^ervom wa-- given a loaf of bread and orde wl to nil bis canteen wltli water after whLh the nftircli began. Although we were Icnorai t of our dejitlnutlou, thp Inn ibitnnts of Mtrr ceemed to onder stand where we were golnp and the\ sto* on the streets throwing ub sig nifi *ant glances, Kveryw here the feverish movotipnt was on Vi e btopped In front of the town hill Here the captain told us that becanne of difficulty In the ttrmln our troops had to rpcote their posi tlons and retire to nearby heights and occupy new defenses With tiiat he turned Jiround nnd pointed to ridge on the horizon "There we shall mafce a. stand and wait for the enerav he said No re-enforcements will arrlre to!ay and In a few davs we mny send pirtnre poRtal cards to your homes f-ora Puris H Thursday, Friday and Saturday The CreaL bcroen Spectacle--the U ^ i r or \\ tb he \\ondc ful Maciste Sta- of D ^ n n u n r i o s C ibn a His Crirne-rd \notli i Jicrord Ph P Pic ure lias the Most R i iirl iblo P n m h Tver Ma n nd Abo mds in H n R i^ing I h i Us 7 TRI \ L N D O u b I \RT-s i om nn nee it 2 I M nd 7 P M l j i t c « du ts 2 ( i j d i r n ]Qc N o t h i n g Seeu l i k e M V C I S l l Fresh From Pittsburgh Eveij Daj TAKE A HOME Served With Many Delicious Dressings at Collins' Drug Store, 117 S. PITTSBf KG THRILLING TESTS OF GICAMiC IN UNCLE SAMS ARMY MONDAY, MAY 13th, Matinee and Night VihnBte Sale St iris IfomLu ilorninjr at Iheatre 5 j'kU -Juice Pntcs: I!tinot--Children, l(»e: Vdi'lts 39c. t--Children 2Gt: Vdulls, 3oc. l^.ir Tax Tncludul. Field Kitchens Were Near By tnken BO that ne ^ould not shoot nt I one uiorlipr In the durknrns , \\ e stood and waited until eleven ] o clock when the O'-dcr suddenly came tc KG Into quirtpis We did not know i t t h i t to nnke of this after all th*» ' prppuratloi 3 We rould tell from the df-uin fire ind the "ed glaro In the sky I tliet ihf I n t t l e had not lessened In I v f o k n c p Thp sk\ glowed illumined l\ the hnrrlnc; \IHages nnd farms [ On the w j \ to our qjarteis \ve heard the ofllccrs «a\in 0 imong themselves that a final trial had been intended to defeit the Trench Th s had beer be CHAPTER IX I must coofesw that most of us he lle^ed In this at the time that w c would soon be In Paris Other bodlfs of troops arrived from nil aiders W had inan-hed s*-rornl hours -n hrn n t w s camp to us that \ trj had been re- tatcn by the French and that thev hif! selred a tremendous amount of nlll tan stores captured the hospitals to- ffpth«*r with their medical units nnd pn tier u nnd thnt the snnltarv cornpa nlcs also had been made prI«oiier-» \t shout two o rlock In the afternoon we arrived at the heights which bad be*n pointed om to us ear'y in the marrb by our captain, We now bepan to understand thnt coniethln? had gon(» wronj? Streets wei e filled with troops from all branches of service trying to usa tl e road nloDi, which we were marchlnp Being- outnumbered we werp crowded backward rmptv munition Columns raced by us in no order whateTer Thov were followed by canteen and otht.r supplv wagons The sreitest confusion reigned everywhere Fve'-y m f n n t e added to the congestion until finally there wns a dead halt The drivers of some wapors pft the road and tried to pns= nroand the congested portions by traversing the fields which hud been noa«ed by hea\y rains Stv era! wagons turned over and others became Imbedded In the mud The hordes were unhitched from these and the wagons left behind The wagoners mounted these horses n nd drove on forgetting everything In one wild panic stricken race for sa.fet'v An officer rode ap and bunded an or del to our captnln \Ve wpre halted it ft field close to the roaJ There we were permitted to suick our g^ins nnd rest As uo lay nt this point w t watched the passing coinmnn, field kitchens munlt on trains, saultaiy tol umns acd field postal uaguna racing by in ono grand cnnilvnl of confusion Everj wnpcon curried wounded rnon Their faces Indicated c enrl/ what tor turi.s they were enduring aa they were TELL 1HL 111 hi SHOCTJ) It is not only the priwlegc but the dut\ of parents to counsel their children in the matter of saving and tell them the importance of it Set iliem i good e\*^* ample by htiv i ng a bink tec ount ^ i t h us also open accounts ior "vour children UNION NATIONAL BANK bumped along OTCT the ·unjrppnkable roada apon hf avj trucks Still they were (inxlooii to RO aheaJ at whatever cost They Beared the fate which would befall them should ther fall loto the hnndfi of the»r merciless enenu Tvhleh wonld show thtm the snma con sldernnon which they themselves had offered In previous encouaters in whloh th*y took no ^rpnch wounded men prlwnors Bvenlng came on and with It tor rentln.1 rain We lav In the fields, weary and chilled through yet no one of onr nnit moved for wo were ut terlj overcome by exhanation \rtll lery detachmontf now began to arrive hut few of them had their required mnnber of six guns Many had onlj three others two and a few proceeded with onli oae fleldp noc At one time a whole row of about flft gun car rtofies passed without any gnnfl mount ed apon them whatever These bat tcrteu had managed to save thel" horses but we-o ecmpellcd to abandon thetr gxmi to tho I reach. Some car- rtages WAIO drnun by only two to fou: horses Instead of the required sir There now paused before us aomo fifteen magnlflrrnt automoMlas, tho rp- penrnnco of w h i c h won tlio admiration of evcrjbocly TO DIC CONTINUED A Soldier's Will Prudent is even soldier who makes a i will and he exer- I cises good judgment ) in appointing the Title Trust Com- panj of \^ estern Peunsvlvani.i as his Executor It assures the proper settlement of the estate Bel ore going over the seas come in and see ns about thib ! important n alter IT'S VT Till UIC iDL irs OOOJD rnr »KLJRt IHI MIOM is VI/H VYSGOOB CH VBLE^ M. BOH K l'}?i,SLMS The Anne 01 ^Iiiuutun ^IiisK il ( oinich (t "The Girls From Loveland" A BIG WHIRLY GIRLY SHOW VM r)rt sour In a Bcpprtoirr of Miiuitnre ILuMcil f oniertv Spetuil Scenerv rvnuisi*e Gours CIe-\r Comedians V Rooi finrden Sho^ at Submarini 1'r.ces. 10 -- M u t u a l toniedi l.uorittv -- 10 ( ntcln Huslc Pretty Girls Clci cr Dancers TIatinee Daily 2:30 -- lOe - 1 t. Virhl 7:"!0 and D-- l"c - 'JOc. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY "LONESOME CORNERS" A Frappc of Fun. READ THE COUEIEE fil^ ratl ? nfor ""tannB ^"ir.T'lor to" iftdedhatr fotrono IHR d»ndruff and i J. B. KURTZ, £ MOTARY PUBLIC I, AND REAL. ESTATE. No, i South Meadow Lino. 'n Cniuwlliivl!l P«. Haoaoooooocxjooooooco^ooooo E A "^H* g" ATHE --TOim-- How a M m lull's mr i Ole\cr Girl SI 1 VNN Ml KUOCK I N Tende M raorlcs fifth til sf"ies t iho bon of Democracy,' 1 -- n m v \ \ M s v i i R D V \ -Thomas II Into 1 res Ji's \ IXriini F i l l o' I ovo. Thrills In n ti and M\"terv -t o h ILV rri its" Slarvnis Pnroih^ Dillon PATEONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER WAS! IF VUH BON'T LET ME SHOOT i · J THAT CJUN, 1 UL 6O HOME O "TRIC.K I O T i EVER HEARD OF

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