The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 9, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIX DAILY COURIER CONN ELLS VIUjG PA. THURSDAY VVT * \}3 TSAP -- la -wajcb Al c Bract} tae Cwiobn? r e*l sc~e*.n star is ' seen, in ULC ol the best ports ahe oaa , evei as^aed that oa a village maiden who ruus awa and becomes an art 1st a t-Ot**-! is berat shown f e-day as i is the Week)* Review ^c Thw Trap, Mus Brady appears in, he rolt o* Dons Sliaw, ihe daughter of *i hsherman The produc ion \ra* stagea j in a qaaint fisher -village ind Jie I scenes oa lat. sensbort, are arroig the } niosi. * ea.uuful ana interest! ig evei seen on the screen \Vlien the rough fisher lad who is in love witb. Dons sees her become interes ed in a stranger he frames up a trap wherebj it. I appears that she is not only indis | creet but bad Doris fatner casts he- j from her home Circumstance takfo feer to a big wty and there she ex | penences a great raair. adventures,,, all of, which go to make the jiost ea i leriaining sort of picture p ajs Ib , New "iork Boris wins fatce But j pbvsicall alluring she IB ca ght m a. i act of cir urr stance.. In. w a i c u her mothers bisicrv plas a pait, How ·*he escapes these circums«xnces ana wins ae la\ e and pro ect on of a real man furnishes this ^Vorltl offering *. splendid story of gripping appeal Miss Brady is supported t y Curtly Cooksi Crawford Kent Frank Majo aad oticr stars of prominence. To- morro \ Mis Ve-non Castle will ap- ,,pear TI Convict No £iOS- Mondaj % tola Dana will bo "ca ured la Breakers Ahead a Metrx f-a nre Also Burned for Almost a Year, Got Worse. Hair Came Out By Combfuls, Cuticura Soap and Ointment Complete!} 1 Healed in Threo Months. My hair b*gan falling out and cha»ged from a shm black to an ugly .g^K dead color My head itched /(^-s^w^* 1 - °^^ bu-ntdday and nigh A^7 ~£\ foralmnstayear Ithcught %.^~S 3? I had drj tf e- aad the ^ .e^ ^ hurcorgot worse My hair f. jis^l came out bv comb'Ua "%^*^tf * was told to use Cuti- cura Soap and Ointment and i did The first application seemed ver cooling so I continued using them and n three months time my head was completely healed (Signed) Viss Sarah Hurst R 1 East Bail Pa October 3 1917 Clear the pores of Impurities b} daily use of Cuticura. Soap and occasional touches ofCuticumOirtment as needed to soften 8oo*hc and heal They are Ideal for every toile* and nursery purpose Simple Each Free VT M«J Addreupoat card Coficarv Dcpt R Boston ' Sold cve-ywhrrc *^oap 2Sc Ointment 25 and SOe. N U H A U I I - V G L L I s r( \ ·· T ( Tits Chicago 8 1 tsburg; 1 Ne\\ \ or it I a.i ph i 2 Bosior j Brookhn 1 Cmcn na i 9 fat LOT i a 6 Now \ork Chicago I Putsburg { Philadelphia Cmcmnat St Louis _ Brook Ijn Boston ,, ng oi tht, llnbs. tt \~ 12 j 8 3 Pet 9 4 J i Ob ^29 444 42 f I 121 Ch cigo a* P tt«sl urg Oinc n m u at St Ixiuis Ph ladelphia at Non York BrookHa at Boston ^ colordav's Tlesnlt* Phllide phia 5 New "VorK : Chicago 9 C!e*elatid o St- bouis S Detroit 1 "Uashington 14 Boston 4 Stan ling ol the Clubs Smithfield. I Boston _, THI- The wonderful Maciste at the Sois son for ihroe d^ij 1 . was the hero of Cabirza, He was the gja it in that w oad^rf ul speciacular production and now isefaee him n tin. Warrior Mar\eloui \Iackste as he was namea in a piciart, released last ca" uses his woaderful slrengih this time 111 a wortbj cau*c T o btltl^-s for the P cture hs.\c bten ^umisc d h\ tbe gieai war--that i oruou 01 \. -.howms a hit of the cuotlict ah i g the 'ronmra of 1 a! and Vustna, -\. n* w a r ^ be^ ginning Maciste w ith h b c mpan ons ic, n t f e i ^ t d b 'he Austrian auihori j lies He o\erpowt- s the feuarus lead lag the Iittk band ut lu Jani w a castle near the bordei I -if o* er an old Ital an nobfema.ii \M h !iib nepluw and sweetheart g \e n s \ l i~^\ 10 the refugees Tht \u»ir aa^ to lou By a. spectacular leap Macia L unseaib one of the enemy and na*s off pursued bj hie would be cap ors w b i i t - h s compau ons e^^ape Tae giant warrior fe Is a horae w i j i aU fist ana us us one \ustraa as a lu~nan c u^ routs tae enure band 1 see the j man} wonderful feats of fcls streng-L you must come aad see Mm at Lht SOISSOT for three da/s Thnrs(la Pri daj aad Saturda Ma\ 3 10 aud 11 1TRF Ann Murdock in T le Kichesi Girl her latest Empire Mu ual er- ter\escca IIKC chamoagnc in a role that is chic and overflowiig with the jov o£ life v outh aad ootiniism is the keynote of Uiss Jtu-cocxs chai acter, and she finds full ·'en iii this charmmg comedr F ida\ ta Td Satu 1 da DoroOi Dalton is tea ured m Thomas H Ince s produmoa lx»c Letters. Ma S--The \. J Stewart heirs M s MetcaEr and ^V 1^ Stewirt are converting tae brie,. stor^, -oom into a dwelling nousc Di A" t, Howard will occup% it w-hea coripleted for an office and dwelling Tho'nao Scott of Lnlom wn has Tio\cd mto the Dr Gu aer proper i Mrs Guiher and dau£*uv- Kcbecci Ua\i ig gone to live at Carrp Di^ N \ w acre the doctor is located m the medical department of the camp Larl Biv stone of Ba_\tc s RI^SN was IP M ^ D f l t ind took our a. d m c r ^ ccn=e to opera i motor trucK tarsiu Llav. oa ^ bo git i Dodgo tou 1 * i g car anri pphed for i license Lu operate it \\ 10 3 iht L b exploslsr tn^pectoi for the · - " of PennsvUania. anci wha i his ad^rf^^" In ormatioii wasted bv a local t x p l o - i V t . igen m order that he t i n mike hio rnoatiily repo to t i m S i n lav ind Mont i\ *-\ ea fcai-Je" n _ki g v cith had Sii \vlin hau t i t i r part^i wtri. ten p c"" to i-t: daj !aw= and pi nt thei u Joh L^kr =uper rttnil n wood ard us f a i l u r u c _ visitor 1 \londi Owen Jonts of J ?)rchaice w*^ \ oroush c to- S IK i \t orncv \\ J st nsis of t nion town ca.llt.ti o -ee hi*, ann u h o is suffering from the infirmities incident to old age | New "\ ork ^ Chicago . St Louis Washington 30 10 S 5 600 Phna-telptita Bostoi at \\ ish ngton New \ork at Philadelphia. i 1 T~"1 'V*/^ r^k"l "9 T T-S -*^ tire Duyin 4^ Most Miles per Dollar T HESE times are £rvin a national laeanin^ to those principles o£ efficiency -wKicb. years ao ^ave to Firestone tke record of Most Miles per Dollar. carry this economy to a still finer degree. "Not only added nulea£,e far Leyond the added cost, but extreme resiliency sa^es gasoline. Also this resiliency in protecting the cor *aves repairs and retards detenoratioiu Invest m these tires and keep down your expense, thereby Helping the general cam»e of conservation, HfJTy Bond RnrprP The 30 IS/ workmen at he Clov*- land plant of he American S eel "ft ire compiny botipht ^96J 700 worth of *hird Libe-tj- I oaa bon^s Patronizp tbcne "who ^ crtlse Ohiopyie. Mea women and children will Cna juat what the are, lookin, fo~ 11 this season, program of L v m a a H Howe:* Travel Featnal which om to tho tu -ned to Uieir ^ome at f o n t Minon O pheum on Monday CoTed in th*; "^cdnesdav after the last two weeks verj best form is furnished in a trip j =-j 5n t he e Her mother ^[rs A.hena OFIIOP^LL Ma S -- M r ^ Grace of j Pittsbnrg is the gurst of relatives I rear here for a few dav^ \Lsb Alice I t rfernnn of Pltts urg Is \isit ng i her home near ne-e Mr« Lnlu Pa=savant who spent the past week 1 erp retu red to her home at Coro ipolis Tue c ria~v Bert Burnworth of Pitt * u E ^ va s a ca'ler here Tue^nav Vrs Bingor 3ho\\ spe"t Chopping and calling on C onn^llsvil e friends Charles Cunningham -md famiH are m o v m s to the C u n n i ighani farm up the ]»! P Mrs Nellie P-ovancc ind babv of furious fun tlirc § by day and night Cone Islana , the children. B -vrer accompanea her borne Mrs Cvnis Sbnw spent will yell with sl"3 *.hen tbe see tht |s,bopp ng and cilling or CoDnelH\ill thousands of ^ole soooting chutes how the wfcuei win smile whea thej icalire TOV, »asy It is to looe hats and w raps in one of hfc» unique amusement dev ces and ho^* the men uill yeara Cor a trip to New Itorks f amous plajground when be see ihe numerous fun making stunts so entertaining y duplicated on the screen in iir Howe z film the j friend box so"fal will be held at Kentnck =chool house ndav ev e- nm^ Mav 17 for the benefit of the Sunday schoo and league to pLrchase a new organ TVont "Holp? Tben use our classified c quits w-iH follow HAARLEM OIL CAPSULES IF YOUR BACK ACHES Uo ou feel tir^d and ^ o r n out*** \ro you nervous and irrltj.ble'' Don t *leep well at n i f f h t ' H a \ e a drabced u t unrested feel ins -wh n vou set up n the morning 1 * Diarcv si ells' Bilious* Bad taste in the m o u t h backache pain or 5orent*"j a the oin« and a.b d o m e n " Severe dlstrc?3 when urlnat ng blood'- cloudy u r t n e or leOiment" 7 v I the^e irdicatc tra-vel or stone in he bJaddcr or that the aoisonou*; ml Bribes ^ hi h are a1wa"; in y ur «:a tern h a v e attacked y o u r K i d n e s "You vhould U"C GOL*r) Mt D U Haar lem Oil Capsules immediatelj The oil «oiks jrentlv into the walli -ind I n f n p ol the kldnos, and the l i t t l e poison the in'lannmtlon d.rc i m m e d i a t e l y nt tacked an 1 chased o t of j o u r s v s i e m w i t h o u t I n c r n v e n i e n u e or pair Io n t delay a rainu e Oo to yon" j dratrgru and nsiM on hia a a p p l j UK you w th a box of GDI D MLD \ L Hiar i lern Oil CaD«ulcs I n "1 h o u r * you will fed renewed h f a J t h and v i^or \ f t p r you have cured yourself c o n t i n u e to tike one or t w o C \\ sules each da ^o is to K e e p in fl s ciaai on U t l o n and w a r d off the ditiper of f u ure ittacn.^ M o n e j r e ' u n d r d if the do n o t help GOI D \ r r Q \ L brtnd -n i t h u s he sure of gr t i n ^ the £enu tie--\d-\ Machine Car Gmisg More Miles Than Ever In bringing the Cord Tire to its p^esert* stage of efficiency Firestone builders fo^nd ·ways of applying some cord principles to fabric construction, More rubber between fabric layers, a reinforced bead "which insures a perfect and firm seatm of the tire to the rmu Also a thicker cushion of pure £urt trader the toug,h tread "which prevents tread separation and reduces stone bnnsuij. Have your dealer sho^w you. Use this improved type and practice real economy, FIRESTONE TIRE AND RUBBER. COMPANY Airoa, Oiuo Brtitcaes »~d Dcuiers Evt^-vrrHore Confluence. Sonu BOTHPhONE5 OPPMAH'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. VI M i Cron n d a u g h t e r of David Cronin is il! x ith a st tack of gr p Tlie rrst of th aro\cr n;, fi im Mr ind Mr*- H rvt,j ^h plp% inr httlo son of Connell'MlIe who w e u v i s i u n t , friondb lu rn fi-ive r*" t u r n e d hon-p ML hod bt I pl*.Ctlp I at the f nnt.rd of 1 v a 0 tkuown yet, t i \frs John \^ oav and visi in^ tnt nds Dav-bon Shaw ! a, i hoin. m -,w % u t a friends h e i e \ 1 \, tl E N Tissue w tn ycbicrda 011 1 u^mc s P V /\cd~o\ his returned to P a i r chince if " v itin his Mrb John Ream and w eni to L rin lls\ il L usit frierds I ot Hu"h of Com ell wllo mg friends in tdib \icmiti BONDS DRIBBLING IN Dccoabor 27th, 191?» Doar S r You ore right ^hen you sry in 700^9 of "Dooo*3» ber 2^*h thnt. s^-nreco is a - 'surfeably gooti *ooth pasta and hat it has a st--*or£ s*c-,j o 'e" 1 ! but the Qiffl- cuitj lies in cuttn^ t^at; *tory in s~~h Isns^sge sa rill co vince u e pu lie. "he Son^eco "tory o^ a redloinol paste that not onlv clea^eers *"Q It. th bjt also J^oeps nouth enfi gi^ 13 health^ when p^t on paj* ·" loos not sound very differe-t fron the sto- rf of j st ary ordinary dentifrlco fo- tjat ^escon T C -lire ove-*y effort to get the people c tri be^-^e o. ^fto" tha* Sorre^o tells i t s ov-i s t o ^ j - i."i 'il ly 9C*^ o ther a^o Senrooo uaera and toOjte-s f~'0'a ''her on. Thfro is a Senreco u^e 4 n Pit Bbxn-gh who hafl 3ntrodnced ou- product *nto tho fanilles of thirty-^our o* has '-icnas. Fn*huci l -sT' T c. . not entirely Simply t case of Seiv-eco noking gooa It is Just oc statod above If they will t-y Senrecro - *i thev once beoon* ucaua.ntefi w i t i a "eel dent ^--i e - w i t h what a denti- f r i c e can and ^hould bo - t-hey are Scn^eco boosters from that tine on. You: dragc st or *oilet counters can sttpplv you v-ith Senrcco It ooaeo in large, two oucco tubes ena retails at 25^. -(in fs ^ f d l nt( iu I it rb 1 i in The binK^ b ive ^ 11 ntado no dcfmi c reports on t le silc of I ibei tj B( nds n this cil in small mm=: re b b o n g repoi ed bi OIKS do chsti cts The total n iml cr of bcnrtfa sold n Connel!s r "ino and \ u nit\ w i l l nm close to 6000 it cs mi"tci' i iu n derful me c iso o\er tho fe \ h u n r i i o l sold here n Uie bcc nd loan d n \ e Why not got a tuja to-day^* beMnd every ractage of SoT-eco with cstoo. Vory trt^ly youro. SCJRECQ, Try it. Tfe stand ·. norey-back- guar- rtesiErn^ I r m Jfcll) Compnm MUs via H i r P t Tipping for n ue \ears ai o^entor ^vitti tl e 3*Ii Tele phone companj here has resigned to tike a position \i th the Aneiican Mang-ancsf corrpanj at Dinbir as T pmate cxrhinge oporato r A d v c r Ise Ton TVunf Anvthlng In our Classified Column Bank Stock for Sale A pir*\ own ug some stock of Connoll'uiDe Ijink 1 ? anc 3 of rc^ncllsuJlo Bar*.* an i nftel ng al h ; a\allal le capita! foi new pnject is w IHng o d )t s of tl n saul ^trclcs on a sit lire nsis \ 1 cnvoniuni catiois st i r t l j conilri ntiul Times P 0 BOX 7 f qiinro ^ n ^ \ \ orl C IT LONG DISTANCE MOVING Save Money on Long Trips By Making Arrangements One Week in Advance. Get Rates. P. B. KESSLER. 613 McCormick Ave., Connellsville, Pa. Tri-Sfcate Phone 404. Bell Phone 234. T YOU HAVE ANYTHING FOR SALE TRV OUR C E N ^ A W O R D AOS j-, It's Fasj- to Advise Hennctta. hut -- Bv C. A. VOIGHT

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