The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1930
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. UU 1/Xtl.n/tt, UUmNJlil JHJ1J.PJ, 'FEBRUARY 10, last'. CHICAGO POLICE 1,000 GANG SUSPECTS; FAIL TO GET BK Generals, Colonels, Major and j Captains Conspicuous by j Absence. ; GOT TIP, HIED TO OTHER CITIES Former Bolivian Clerk Becomes Tin King, Second ® Capital Police Get Fighter Commissioner J?y rt.Vl' BT.-ACK- U n t i e d Press Staff Corfcxponctcnt. i CHICAGO, Fe-b. 10.--A strategic j Victory woe claimed by police today in i thoir offensive against gangland « 1 ~ ' though jf th aDjiroximately 1,000 pev-; .sons arrested not. one was a r a n k i n g ; officer in the host o f - racket ' sharp-; shooters, machine gunners, "pine-; apple" hurlo-ra and underworld Uhlans j t h a t has made tho city fstveetsi its no' man's land. ! Two murderers and three shootings; occurred as police- picketed the c i t y , : rounding up hoodlums, k n o w u e r i m - l inais and euepicloua characters. ; The eighth and ninth killings In 10 ; days of stroel war came when a« | automobile load of intoxicated youths '· aroused the ire of a machine load of G u n s blazed from t h e ' car and two of the youth:?': w'ere m o r t a l l y .wounded. A n t h o n y - Kllburg, 20, slumped over the ijieertn'j: · \ t h o e l and Herbert Gere, 19, slid to t h e ' floor from the back scat. U n d e r the arc l l g ' i t b ' a t iho d e t e e - · f i v e bureau yesterday 451 prisontm ; imssml in njirade. The remainder o i ' j i h o 017 had.satisfied authorities they j had no connemon w i t h the crime \vavo ! aiifl wovo rubnirted. Of the wuepecU ' who walked . through tho gigantic j "show-up" wlHlo police, n e w s p a p e r - t men and v i c t i m s of holdups, robberies, i k i d n a p i n g * . Muggings anfl assaults I looked on. ( l u r e were 271 w i t h police-· rocordfi. \ Hut tho geUPrali*. colonel*, major**; ond captains of tho gang armies woro tonsnicuoiiHly absent. Reports from gangland .said they i\nd leanietl of tho ·- police drive BS early us last Tuesday and h«id beat a hasty retreat lo other cities or entrenched in (some hideout. Twenty, guns were found on. tlio j prisoners .examined yesterday. Those who carried them will face indictments ! today. Scores of others were taken · back to cells to await f u r t h e r attempts j at identification. j "Those drives are to le continued j w i t h o u t letup." Police Coinmiesioncr | William P. Uusaell said. "The police-.! are point; to kill these lioodlumH, p u t ! them ;ri prison or drive them out o f - tho city. I aw tired of h a v i n g a lot of cheap Klin carriers think they can rulo a big city liko Chicago." Police exchanged shot for shot w i t h the gunmen in the- drive. At the Orrington Hotel 01; the North Shore, officers fought a pistol battle with three youths who had juet held up tin;, clerk and a ^ucbl. The- trio, Oliver Dihvorth, A r i h i i r Miller and George Sturgeon, ami a f o u r t h , 'Koseoe- Kll- patrick, who waited in an automobile ' out.sirit!, were among (hone in the j s h o w - u p . " j Jamos Kiley and Thomas .Sawyer, j /iioth of Del roil, w e r e , shot and! wounded whon tiioy tricl to rob! 'i'ollcenuin Herman Meyer. 3 ,, Detective ,(''milk Vitek wa« shot In the luind wlton he souj;ht to question four men ' in an automobile, lie emptied h l s ' K U u , ,-n them. ... . j A m o n g tho. lessor l l g h t « of gandland ' ;i rrosted WHS - L o u i s ('"Iciuento, booze f r t i n n o r 8ail to- be ' lined -with tho-| 1 ; i SGOTTDALET MEMBERS HOSTS TO WASHINGTON es a«l Contests Featui'e Visit of Neighboring County Saturday. Simon Patino Holds Automo- )nv-HH(l. ( J a n j n l n f r . J n f ns- trics in H » n d . HUGE HOLDING GROUP FOR VIED Major-General Herbert B. Crosby, chief of cavalry, U, S. Army, chosen by Pres.dnt Hoover »H Police . Conimissicner of Washington, D. C,, in liia ondeavor to make tha nation's capital the modal city. As commissioner, Major-GonersI ('rosby will deyo.'e hi« attention to tho city's policr. fire and traffic service, " a n d will take over his duties March 2.1, when he will retire from the SIXTY MILLION LIQUOR BUSINESS IS UNCOVERED I L'u ml red F i f t y Tor-sons lit volvcd in Nation-Wide Conspiracy. CONGRESS MAY INVESTIGATE WYANT APPOINTS BOYS TO MILITARY, NAVY ACADEMIES l.iy l h i l l « l Press. \ V A H I i r . \ O T Q X . l-'c-b. lt.---U(;pr«- S L M i l i i t i v c Ad:m M. W y a i i t , of (Irpons- !mr;; today recommended tho foJlow- im; Westmoreland county boys for ii|jK»liUmi3ni to tho U n i t e d Ktates . M i l i t a r y ;unl Naval Academics: \Vu.s! Poim--Carlisle O. Lewis, Deri-y. p r i n c i p a l ; Gront Cluwson, New KcMi'-uii!.;loii, first a l t e r n a t e ; ,F. \V. I t i i r k e r , f.S'.-ocnsbiirg, second alternate. Aiin;i]iollj - J'lmil Vernncciiii, Mon- (·-·SOH, mid WllHrim Orlando Brays l t a w , V'andcrhllt, ]rli;cipats; llobovi. L i n c o l n 'Trnfichf-'r, Jcunncttc, cind .MLUIOVVP, Ki:;or, 1'rlecdale, first nl- l o r u a t c s ; .Kisopit Smith, f r w i u , and Konnetli K d l u i B , Gt'eoiiBburg, aucond icllernale.':; xTohti AVaide, ' Scottdaic, iiiid K a l p h J. Cotonna, Yourig^rootl, By L ' n i ' c d Press. CHICAGO, Feb. 10.---A eojyy.rlKhUHl story in the Chicago Herald and Kx- amineT today saUl that the biggest lici-'jor conspiracy in prohibition enforcement history, involving more than 150 persons who operated in cities from New York to I/o-s Angeles and sold $60,000,000 worth of alcohol diverted from government sources, had be«n ilncoveved by special Federal investigators working: out of this city. The story predicted a congressional Inveutlgation. I. 0. .lamie, c i i l e J of the special g o v e r n m e n t agent.*, was named as tho man m a i n l y responsible for disclosing the conspiracy. Ha had been w o r k i n g (in thii. - c a s e .sint-e last July, it was said. : T h e - ' H e r a l d "ttU-l" Examiner quoted "government ageni-; us saying Ibey had triicec'. -4,000,000 gallons of alcohol diverted, by " t h e syndicate - t o Chicago and New York alone and that other shipments went. 10 Kansas City, San liYancis-c.'o, IMS Augeles and pthor large cities. : In'v-ostigatorK. v.-ore q'uoleil as de- cl'arint; (hat nn .ilcohol s'hipmeut by j the Dee Drug Company of N e w York ' to A. Sebreu, de -cribed as a f o r m e r Bulgarian chemi t who sUirtecl dl.s- inl'ect.aat and rhemical companies here, led to discovery of the ring. v Perryopolia PI'JRRYOFOLIi-', Feb. 10.--The I'erry High b a s k e t b a l l team now lias t w o , more v i ' - t o r i c s marked up to its croiiil. On Prlday evening tlie Perry girt.s won over' Moncssen, while the boys won t.l'oir biggest game oC tlio season f r o m Dmibai' Township. Perry a n d Diuibu- are' now tied for iirst place iu Seci.ion .XII. J n a Stuck, who waa formerly employed in the Wa ihingto'n Coal Coke oflice, is now re;uly to go to "work at Clyde No. 2 as liookkee-per. Mr. and -Mrs. .J!. M. Galloway of Un- lonlown spent Friday with M a r t i n t i l o t f u l t y of Pcrr-.'opoliB. Mrs. Oionn H n n g h spent Ibo week at California. Clifford; C!. Dicksoii, coach of tho Perry Migh basketball team, was con^ flned to ' I l l s homo Ifrid'ay, owing to illness. (ilrl. '.Ifon Jfolrt !ri Kobljery. UlKMINUitAM, Fob. 10.--A girl, \vh« idontifiod liensolf as Sallle j. Richards, and two mon, Joe .Damaer «nd JC-ddio Palmer, wero arrested last night in Montgomery aa sus-pect-s hi a .Buffalo, N. 'Y., jewelry store robbery. Tho girl bore three bullet wounds. Ico I'nfrol Ordered Out. WASHINGTON, Feb 10.--Tho international ice patrol, static*! in tho North A t l a n t i c as a result of tho TttaiHC'a collision with an iceberg in 11912, was ordered out early this m o r n i n g . Several bergs are already in tho steamer IIUUM. Everaon BVEKSQN*, Feb.. 30-- The Boy $cout.v attended t h e - S u n d a y evening services at the United -.Brethren Church;, in a body. i' Migj Mary Caroline Cfretz, al nurse in tho. Connellsville Stato ^i'jmpital, spent Ji'rlday hei'e at the h o m e i o f her parenle, Mr. and Mr«. Charles Cfre-tz. A biifjine«s tin cting of tlie Senior Christian Endeavor Society was held in Everson United Br-elhre-n Church on Thureday evening, ii was well at- tonded'and folio.vJng the- buwiness session a social ttm- was enjoyed. Lunch wad served. . ' i Elmer F. \Ycaver of Ih-e- N'o RUvlc | Company, i.s i l l at his home at Scotl- dale. i l''rui)fid SUivei' ii I ' n i o n l o w a vlnitc^l I w i t h relative^; h''i - e otrji'ridiiv. PRINTING PLANT DAM AGED BY FIRE fepestal to The C o u r i e r . SCOTTDAU5. Feb. 1C.--The Wash- in gtoii, Pa., Y, M. S. A.. WJIB enter- tallied hy ScoUdalo Y, M.-C. A. Saturday. A · -goodly rep'^BsntaU-s.iv wan present.. The friendly events ihat were held wore ovwnly divided, each winning four events!. It living Just a frendly meet, no points were kept on the cc'ritesttf. The program of evonis h^aii «it 3;!lt) o'clock a n d included bii«sk»lhaU, ping j»ng and voHayhatt. In I h f j MJdgots' biuikotbdH game, the score was 20 to 17 in (avor of Stou- dalo. In. the pine* pong tournament, Herrli of Sooitdale lewt and Taylor oi' WittjIiinBtoM V/oii. l« Usii rfchii' race, Scottd'alt). Jostt to Wiiivh.IUAUils, The ScoUdnlc lnt(snnelSat(i-s' relay wan IOIM to WashiiiKton. KcottiUUc- (tankntbal] Snierin-fliifates-also to»t li-Wa«hlngtou -by .-s sc'ore oT 1-1'to IS, In Uie swim- nililg avent«, Scot {·!»!« kal 4$^% po!ntn and Wasiiinpton, M 1 '.. S(xtt- dalc'-von JK th« Ixi^UvlbnU evonl, 21 to 20. Hcolldak 1 took tho v-oU'yba.H'i-o»- tes-'. A social hour \v;i« hfjl! at. the d i n n e r j hour !n the »vjrvlnB, 't'ha MtUil hour , ! Jjiler in tho ovoi^ng wn» * ut. short on Inccount of tlni'Mnsa of the hour, I Sc.tulaio will; return tfci- vlttlt, j Printing'IPInnt Jnnmgrcd. Tho volutiiteof S'sro depftrlniont wa»s calle-l out twice OH Satu^iay eveniiij:. Tho :lret wai( to a chlmn!' Jiro at the horaf of Ge4iirgo Blxlcr in Third »ve- nue, where no dninago wa»s done. Tho second fir«, obowt .11:30 o'clock, was discovered tin tho vacant rooms over tho Thomas Brownfleld p r i n t i n K oatab- Jlshmont In Broadway. Th-3 building btjlongs to Naum Acheff. Just how It'could hare caught fire Is a-mystery, gince thoro had been no person living in the roirmB. Tho flro ;ite through tho wall* 'he-fore tho Jlroroen could f-xthsgulBh it. The most, damage done wae that to the jiresaeB ar.d the stock o[ Mr. Brov.uifieir.1, ho h a v i n g lost hetivily by water, Scouts Attenrt Service. The- troop of Boy Sc-.ouifi sponsored hy .tho volunteer fire department cnlc- hratrd annivor««n'y week ycfltorday hy attending church in a hocly, Twcnty- nino hoys, Scontmaeter II. ,T. McKon, and tbe* coinmiU'cemen from IKo firo dopartraent went In A body to tho .Lutheran Church, where the pastor, Rev. J. B. Lambert, preachod a most excellent sermon. Country Clnb Luncheon. Missos Helen Bremien imd A n n e Doorloy will 1e joint hotitefiseti wlUi Mrs. VV. J. I'lailey find Mrs. J. D. Porter of Coiinelleville at the r e g u l a r February' luncheon of the Pleasant Valley Country Club to.he held February .11. ' No Invitations were issuiod to this luncheon. Mrs. "Murray nosless. An enjoyahle evening was epent at the home.of Mre. J. D, Murray of. i-kuvkeye, when 15 ot her friends wera entertained. Music was - tho leading amusement of the evening. At a late hour refreshments were served. Other News. MiiiB ISlizaheth Kelly h;m returned from New Kensington, where- she visited .with her school friend, M r s . Glenn Scholl. Miss Viola Murray of Scottdaie spent the week-end with her graucl- paj-onts, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. M u r r a y at Hawkey e. Following the regular meeting of Thomas A.'lvewellyn Post of the American- -Jjeglon and that of the I-iadieR 1 Auxiliary this evening there will ho a joint eocial meeting from 9 u n t i l 10 o'clock. Ijogionnairee have boon askod to living -their wives, mothera, or sis- tor.s to tho affair. Mrs. .). "W. Tjloyd of Uniontown, director for W^slern Pennsylvania, will ho present, i Tho Uulies' Aid Society of the Lutheran Church w i l l nerve the] father and son banquet at the chuifch on Thursday evening. By RAOPFI HKINZEN United Pre«« Staff Correape PARIS, Feh. 10.-- Simon' I. world's "tin kin;;" and Bolivia ter to France, holds t w o gre; inclustrlea, the · automotive a canning:, and inaj\y lesNPr t the hollow of his hand. M. Patino in today undiffjn tator o,f tho world's tin pr and smelting bninosn. The position of M. Pniino consolidated hy his latest · » » 'Wove, the creation of ;i holditi the Consolidated Tin Smcltt c a p K a l t K f d at. $35,000,01)0, ov h'o- presides. ; The conHolid.-tt.toil. f i n «mell sjviocet'ded in ncqulrini; cotttrc of the principal 8ni6it»rr o-t t worhl, cmisido of tho Unk with piniHK In Liverpool ai w'sll, Knelnti'l. imd V'^nan) ·SSates. Ttivff r » j t j a i t s but, ( great f o u n d r y in ihe Kast^ i pore,. "Tit (i- yen? ,U*;u will ate thf of a iM'iv cru !;t nio i in hidu i-dent., i minis- I worid id food ades in ted dic- xlu-ctlon as been ccea«ful ; 'group, ~s, ltd., r which rs have of four ri in. the Suttt^a, d Corn. Malay -i« other i Singa- ;try." M, of tho and iitrrcdSi- of I!;;, iu inft};-i a t growifig [|«r!R!i(l f u r ihl-t pro our wn»«tfUatt.n. we r amove iBii'ftf'!. the upaeiunK i»iliin M.U:-fl ijjo diH*«'ali!» fir:'- IkitiH, \V» i..-»h-ii i in (K!:I tlti? tii.V .vpi:;t-ii.!u(iri 4Sji (iig, r. Mil! it riurs-lv««." Ytjvrs tifio, as » cl.-rK In i Ua I 'ft a, Utt dro;inisii s-. f r(«a(. savv Ui«- imn-.s-niii m o i \ n i r i l n M ilUfrd with tiiitj-ij'ftfti a ml aski how tht'v- C 0 :iid t).. c x p l bought c-i'c/rv 1 book va fUu.1, u n d rftaii up on took II!K ' »avinK-. ( o^m hi.-j hired n few hiiltuus t,« work- li',000 foot h l R h in the rno« set to work. H- !u«I few hU -«upilleji hail lo ho- CE lie found tin, took some La Pax antS contracted for Without tools, hi:- was oblig niditiHMitary makeshifts. To tin ore, ho lifted ;; Rreat roc iron bar and t h e n let 1t fa!! the ore. Ho had no road trains, hut roped some 11: started regular delivoriea. He soon Kiuhered ;i 1'orhii 000 bolivanofi, wliich would inltted him to live in cotnt'o was so entlniaia-ELdc lie conti day his iniuea arc the great world. His f o r t u n e is "one greatest, perhaps one of largest in the world. His i .luce l.SOO (onu of tin ea livery year his miners dig more of I erica, it won! engineer live days to w a l k t! mines, which are divided i dependent acctlons. Diploi sideline,, tin i« hia s p o r t , h work and f o r t u n e . Confluence and lh tho foo! ·mstantty ;ucL llv from tho tm whicb tl'.icttia- hi! no's of thii- uud suiro in dc-ft, H« -f BoUrU i him«etf i t v d . l i e h? could - I n g . Ho job, and I-R,. Thf-n, tuins. In; dots and n-ierl by back if, ·. murkcc. -d to uis urush bis : with an down on and no ma« and e of 100,- Iiavo pei'- -t, but ho vued. Tost in tho f the six the; two dues pro- h inonth. 15 miles I take an rough his !;o 12 in- nicy is a bby, life- , Pel). 3 ). -- Mias Stella H-einebaugJi was a visitor to Markelton Satuj-ttey. Miss f-iar.l H-eln-eban-Kh, a teacher in tho public Hcliools, visi-'.ed h r home at Gasselman over Siniduy. H. P. Burnworth a r cent business visitor to Komer/lelcl. Mrs. Harry Cam-ixbc.ll i . visiting f r i e n d s in Somerset.. Mrs. 'C. M. CnnnSijg.'inun VHH called to Baltinioro, Mrj., the week-end on account of the serious I l l n e s s of her stetnr, .Mrs. .Donna- Helflreiti. Mrs. Harry I-ianna and vfiss Mary Wilt were week-end visile s to Somerset last weok. Miss Nettie Trirmey, a 1 igh -school »ludent, visited her hom-o at Gasse-1- nuin ov«r Sunday. Be-d-e Andor.son of Bidwel was s4iop- pin-g and visiting friends ii town. 'Saturday, K n v o y Winti Coloinbfiin r residency. BOGOTA, Colombia, Pe'-. 10.-- -En- r i q u e Olaya H-errora,. Coloi ibian inii}- ister to VV'afiihington. AVS elected ·pr-cs-id'Oiit of Colovubia b n.n ov-er- w f i ^ l m i n g majority ye-st rday, 1111- oftictal returns ind'icate4 1: st night. IRENE SCHROEDER, DAGUE TO ANSWER CHARGE MARCH 10 Victor Radios M o n t h l y I 1'a.rmcnts I GEO. W. CARROLL aaoaaasa^'iSWiSycBRfflg Slayer J l u v : 1C.DDYVIU.-1;:. Spring l?i', b.i'Ul F r a n k Barrel!, woumlins r-Sailc c h i e f til' jK)lii'e. il in l-'car 01' Mob. Ky.. Keb. ll).--Uo:/ for tin- tsmrder of F u l t o n mere.hanl, and -' liiMlilleKl^ni,' Fulioii WU.M rusbed li?rc lato mob l;i.:-t. n l ^ h t w h o i nirnors of viol-one^ worn r-ceiv-od :U l i i c P r i n c f (oil j.'iil, i v h e T C I t C Wfis bc.'illjT drid. The (.'asey C l u b w e n t d o w n to dc- CASTLIC, - F o b . 10.--Irene Sebroedei'j tin;: blond trlKgci 1 woman, and her- lover, C i l e n n uagr.e, will be eseorted i n t o a room in ,l.he Ut.tle Ijiuvreuce. c o u n t y uourthou-se on March 1.0 to answer lor the m u r d e r j of Corporal Brady Paul of llm State j Uij',h\viiy Patrol.. · f ' ' Among tliosp who ivill be cuiiii.sel ; lo aid la the prosecution of Ihe w o m a n : anil her alleged uuuoinplir:e will be C h a r l e s MartMuUi, 1'ameil ilei'euse · couiiat'l, who IHIM been r e l t t l t i e i t l.v G o v e r n o r Fisbor us a syeeial prosetMi- tor. M a r g i o t t i at p r e s e n t is a s a o u i a l e de- reuse counsel in the t r i a l of f o r m e r ,/iidso J o h n A. lierkey .of SoincrKot- c o u n t y on i r i ; j i in Kcrlci'iil i;oui'i. in P l l i s b u r g 1 for ;onsj)!rnt',v to-violate il:e ; ) ) r ( h i b t l i ( ) B laws. Healthy. complexions «oms from htinllhy t ystenis. Free (he body of pois. ns with P e e n - A - i n i n t . Effe live in smaller dusea. All drug iislssell (his safe, scientific 1 i x u t i v e . Dependable for.(Junlit-y ami. Value. I'll one 890 Washdble .'.Flit Crepes In Variety of Colors yd. Ivory Maise Pink / Peach Nile Navy Orchid Rose Black Everyone is planning on new dresses for spring --why not make your selection and have the personal touch worked into the garment. Wo suggest 39 inch all silk flat crepe.s in Uxc best spring shades. Lingerie Satin 88c yd, Beautiful shades f o r dresses and costume slips. A non-alip fabric, new for spring, just received. The Leading Vogue yd. Brown Navy Black Sherwood Green Prints have it for spring . . . in sport frocks, daytime dresses, and evening gowns. From the viewpoints of smartness and moderation of cost, choose this material for your new spring frock. In medium dark grounds with pretty floral patterns. 'i*--First- Floor. 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Bringing a needed power, which he perfected, for the betterment of civilization. Lighten Your Work With A An iron that can be ironed backwards as well as front- wards. It will not wrinkle the cloth on the backward stroke. Universal 6-pound electric iron with, plug switch and cord. Tho iron stand is equipped with a hanger to place at that convenient spot. New Vanity ' LAMPS $1,00 Assorted colored bases with matching color silk shades that are very new and artistic. Troiilnian's-- New Bed LAMPS Made of georgette material in assorted colors and styles. Some are with lace and flower trimmings . . . very- new and smart. Store. Summit SUMMIT, Feb. 10--Mra. Commodorti Fike spent. Friday at tlie.iiojne of he-r d a u g h t e r , Mrs. Yiarl Pinkney, at Con- I will Uke thif better way of ·*- obtaining Ojo money you need. Our friendly plan lels you have (ho money promptly and privately, We make no ctnb;irrassins investigations among your friends. We require no oataido signers. You can borrow up to $300. Note easy payments below which INCLUDE lawful interest: $ 5.18 monthly repays S 50. loan $10.56 monthly repays $150. loan S3!.12 monfliJy repmys S300. loan Let us tell -you about o«r dignified loaning plan vnfhoui obligation and our service which px tends over 19 years in Greensbtrrg. Call, Write or Phone 1-3-1-3 lJc*rM»ctl Iff 1 lie Sintc Open S to EiiUO--Satnrtlny H to * UNION LOAN CO. First National Bank BIdg. Itnom 20-1 -- Sci-ond Floor, GREENSBUHG, PA. Tune in Oil I lift Lowe Brothers' Co. (Makers of High Grade Paints) Program Over at --then stop at our otfice tomorrow and get Lowe Bros, free booklet on Homo Decorations. ^ ('mitnictor a n d Wuildors' ,Sini|»{k"s So. iMh St. Phono -270 FOSt CONSTIPATION ( i c o r g o C i r c e n us! U n i o n t o w n was in this v i c i n i t y t r y i n n ( . p u r c h a s e a hoii.o. · Fijfjter F i k u a n i l .Mi.srf K v e l y n \ V o r t h - j Uigton a n d Sir. ar,l Mrs. K a r l P i n k n e y ol 1 C o n n e l l s v i l l e fi|.xMU Frklay in P i t t s : ' Mtii. Mtibcir Wingiirsl W..-IH to t i n : C o n i i o l l s v i l l e St;ik- H o ^ n i ' r t l on Friday evening 1 . H u b e r t K i k e who has b o f i i on 1 lu Kk'ic l i s t la iniproviiiB'. Et.lml Si*ak.v who wiui die- (.·hariiod I'coin C o n n e l ' s v i l l e H t a t c HOH- p l l a i on Tliuv^U;'.}', ir uuavale-sjciuic it the honu of Kran.|])an;nt!i, Mr. ami Mivi. Chirk Mimy, at ConiiellevnU'. Mr. «nd M r s . l O n g . ' i i e \Vint«i-h:ilU ; -r of U u i o n t o w n u'ij,; c a l l i n s on [lie kilter's .sistei', A i r s , . l u t o b I-larl'tmi, recently. s e i l U i i i H M t l H in t h i s was rt: uoi-i! il iun» in i l i e viklen,is;H .N'urf Aiigli.-. 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