The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 9, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1918
Page 3
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, I91S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEL.LSVI1JJ2. PA. PAGE EIGHTY STARS ARE ! RID YOURSELF OF PLACED ON SERVICE FLAG AT EYERSON r Banner Will be Dedicated at Rally at School Building 'Sunday. PROGRAM HAS BEEN COMPLETED Scott-dale and Suburbs to Participate in Parade to Honor the Boys TVbo Have Answered Gonntrj "s Call; Commencement Pato is Annonnct'd. DISGUSTING, OFFENSIVE CATARRH; Don't fool yourself ith th«- idea thitt ' n b n u t one-qu-arcer t e n - s p o o n f u l to s l o w - j caUtrrh, w h e t h e r of the e;tr. no:=f nr i ly nicll In y o u r m o u t h . In three m i n - j throat iss a harmless disease. H isn't; l u t e s you w i l l pret rid of all t h a t h a r d , . it's a disease to bfe drcswlfed. Airtt your I choking,^injr m a i l e r t h a t nances j doctor about it. ; 1 so much misery and di?tress. A few : Calarrn in I t a . - . ' a r l y slaves ir not i days' -ready r r o a t m e n i w i l l rkl you of serious, but it often ili-velops hron- ' c n t a r r h f u r . - v n r . ( c h i t i s and other aJTectLony of the vita! L'se \\ t - ' n i g h l . f o l l o w d i r e c t i o n s ; b r e a t h i n g organs, hence tho danger* , C a r e f u l l y . Vmi w i l l h r e a t h e freftly. of lie ' Sufferers small jar of RTOOd drustr arc n Bacorn in'.s ha once ar 's Pork ve It, ola J f t U y . all and a-Uow ert f c well r i t or money back t h e m .--Adv. Special to Th* Courier. SCOTTDALE, May 9.---At a meeling of the citizens of Eversoa plans were completed for the service. B;vg 'ceremonies next Sunday afternoon, May 12. The citizens of Scottdale ano neighboring towns have been invited. Arrangements are being made to have the Red Cress girls, accompanied by the G. A. R- lead the parade of ScotU dale citizens who will attend ihc ded- Jcatioa at the Eversoa school grounds. The Scottdale deeigation teacher. Mr. Connors came to complete his term. j J-'or Sale. \ Twelve room double house, mod- j ern known as ibe Taylor property, j Walnut avenue, for S-1.700. E. F. : DcUltt.--Adv.--8-3t. 189,546 ACRES OF : TILLABLE LAND IN \ FAYETTE COUNTY! KIDNEY TROUBLE OFTEN CAOSES, SERIOUS BACKACHE v.'hen your back aches, and your bladder and kidneys seem to be disordered, go to your nearest drug store leave ! a n r j get a Bottle Continued '-nm r^zi- One ' The survey of tlif orchards of Fay- ; ette county iy also just as ir.tPrRSting | to iho farratrs and thost; interasteii ia the h'tg problem of feeding: llie world. | Aiiple :ree.s (1 to S years), 20,:{6-i; j over eiglu years. 38.S52; sprayed, i 3,441V. nximber of husliels sol(3, ;),^tjO. j Peach irecs (I to 4 yoars), 20.800; , Dr. Kilmer's the borough buildiug at 2.30 o'clock | Swamp-Root. It is a physician's pre-.. on Sunday afternoon. The cilUeas of j scription For ailments of the kidneys ' over f° u r years,'2-1,719; 5,019 Inisliels f Kinggview and Kiefertowu will be leo 1 and bladder. Hold, In ihe report only t h e number '· by the Italian band and attend hi a j n nas st ood the test of years and °£ trees are given of the following body. The following program has ; has a reputation for quickly and e f ; varieties: Plum trees 11,885. cherry j been arranged: . i fectlvely giving results in thousands i trees 33.721, grapes 1.468 acros. ber- Prayer, by Rev. G. R. Alban; wel- j. 0 £ cases, rtes 2UG 3-4 acres. t-orue, John R. Byrne; solo. "Recea- ; This preparation so very effective,; The great demand there is for itte sional," Hiss Mary McConnell, oC Con- ; i« aB been placed on ale everywhere. : different kinds of grain Ifi shown iu nellsrilte; tat rod action, "American Get a bottle, medium or large size, a t ' ^be ttiaicmem of the farmers of ihe your nearest druggist. However, if you wish first to test Red Cross Girls," by James Kcegan: "America," by the" audience; service Hag. unfurled by Elizabeth Shafr.r and j t h is preparation send ten cents to Dr. ilarnet Hamilton; community staging, j Kilmer Co.. Binghaimon, N, Y,, for -·;. H. Fuller, director; address. S e n - j a sample bottle. When writing be ator "W. E. Crow, of Unioatown; «erv- j sure a n j mention the ice flag recitatioa, Miss Harriet Sard- | Daily Courier.--Adv. t-n; so!o, "When the Boys Come j " , Home." Miss Mary McConnell; address. Attorney E. C. Hlgoee; "The ^tar Spangled Banner; 1 ' The following are those for whom stars have been placed on the service . 2ag: ' { Antona Ambrose, A'oraam Abdal- · lab, Arthur L. Byrne, Edward A, ', f Byrne. James Boyle, John Boyle, John [ AMERICAN SOLDIERS NOT WASTING THEIR C. Bovle. jcsepb. C. Boyle. Charte.} county as to the number of bushels j of various kinds of grain they desire ; lo The first figure in ihc i foHou-ing tabulaiioii indicates i h c ' number oE bushels wanted and f ;h ; Connellsville \ second figure indicates tbe amount for j sale by the farmers. ! Corn. 790 acres, 176 acres; oats, j 3,538, 353; timothy. 316 tons. 2 tons; j clover. 314 tons, S tons; wheat. 132 bushels, 1.15 bushels; potatoes, 1,783 bushels, 627 bushete; alfalfa, 315 tons; buckwheat, ?10 bushels, 200 bushels, barley, 16 bushels; rye, IP hushels-, hay, 7 ions, -1 tons; millet, 2 bush-els; sweet corn, 3 bushels. Boar* owned are 376 as compared \rith. .128 owned last year and the,TM a.demand for eight against a de* ·ndint,' It Home Instead ot' Spending It Foolishly; Average at Canteen Bairt. Walter Bednr.roirf«, Ralph j S«t More Than $4i Per Xonth. B:xler, Jamea-Ca^bar, Charles Corey, j The latest word frora_ France de- ' 3 j r c lo se u t ^ e two now owned. Joseph Czeraink, Alex Dawicki, John | clares that our men in kaalii o v e r ' Tb e following resume of rlie acre- Frcaburg. Stephen Fiss. Wliber Fa-j there are practicing an economy thai i a g e planted last year or to be planted ·enbaker, John Foils, Joaepa F*;bis- ! makes ihe civilians back home s e e m j w j n DG o f i n t B rc»i.: lea-ski, Joim I^abiszewsid, J.'osoph iroa- | wastrels by contrast Tlie average ! Corn planted 30657; harvested licky, Soben Gove, Anthony Gerlisky, j Amwlcau soldier spe^-da not moreji02!H; to be planted this year 9720; Gilbert Gove, Toxmas Hugnes. Johix \ than 20 cents a day. and makes that last year crop 374,171 bushels. modest sum pay for his toilet articles, j Oats planted Sf-72; harvested 7RD2; his tobacco and sweets. [to be planted 9750, crop 121.222 bush- Nearly alt our fighting men are $v- f els. ing mosey. Many of them are "pay-, j "Wheat planted 37.015; harvested las for th« privilege of fighting for 16878; to be planted 7408; crop 103,- I'ncle Sam" by bunne Liberty Bonds)015 bushels. Hay planted 13034; u be plantea Harper, William Harper, Robert 31111. Wilbur Hamilton, Joseph Klliany, Kar- olia Krosnoski. Wojciech Kuzar, Joseph. KTocis, John Kadron, Thomas Kociak. John Kubiak, Lewis Killinger. Bugene Kane, John Lynch, Mictae] Francis Lucia, Edward Me-! a-nrt war-saviixgs stamps enough to Givern, Michael McGivem, Stanley I make the folks who aren't fighting Charles Micnalsto, Thoams i ashamed of themselves. Almost all ' American soldiers send money home Thomas Nowton. , 'WiUIa.m Nowaskey- John sepli O*Donnetl, Thomaa Vincent O Donn«U. Anthony Qrisb, Antlwnr OTBrlen, Join Ojcenasz. John Presto, Antonio · Phiiia. "William Parker, Alex Pisula, JoM Ecwhnan, ·Witliam Shaffer, Michael Simons, Andy Szalaniiewlcz, Cnarles gTTT.-1-nairf. Joseph. Si^iibi. Sylv.ia Szwud. Bonrislaw Szweil. Le^is Smith; Peter Stachxxwtak. John Szalaty, MI»- dclaaa SCTred,. Joseph. Shaw, GeorEe TnH«y, Francis Tosa, toaeyti "Wagner. John "Wolak. John Werra. Andre* Potatoes planted on pay'day. K. A. Hunfferrord, one of the Y. M. JS09; to be planted C. A, m«n at the front, who helps tiie 'buahels. boys in khaki with their arrangements for sending money borne, ana who is in a good position to xnow how their finances stand, recently wrote back as follows: "The American soldier Is the thrift- 107H; crop 18058 tons. Timothy planted 34; harvester! to be planted 51 acres: crop 75 tons. ' S58; harvosicd · :; crop 57.852 j Wd It Erci' Happen to Xoul After leafing »11 the Plttsbnrg largs store advertisements and noting how cheap they irere selling just the Mud of garment yoor set yoixr mind on and you decided to. go to the city. spend ?5.00 and five hoars on a dusty train and ftve hours bargain hnntine wour ideal, only to come home to find the vrry same garment at tne Broad-. ·way Department'. Store, about J5.00 less than yon paid for it. Such has been the experience ot several people via have frankly admitted same. "We have a modern city store here and sell for less money than the city stores can. Our expenses are much lower and with our New York: connections we are enabled to offer yon exclusive garments for less money. Get wiso and see for yourself. Broadway Ladies' Store, Scottdale. Pa. Just as you set or the car. -- Adv.9-lt Forty-six: to 'Gradnate. Forty -six young people will be grad- uate.d from the Scottdale high school in the olass of 1918. according to announcement today. Commencement fiercists will be held in the Scottdale theatre on "Wednesday evening, May 29. On Sunday evening. May 26. Rer. I. E. Rnnk will deliver the annual ser- iest American alive," " 'I have Liberty Boads, war savings stamps, military Insurance^ and have aiiotted $15 a month to the foUcs bacX home/ said an artillerTiiian who was in the hut last evening- There are thousands of Oncle Sam's soldiers in France who can truthfully say tbe j same thing. They just seem to have good sense ahout money matters. On pay day the rush is not to buy Jcnick- Jtnacics, but to make some useful disposition of money. " 'I want to send some money home,' is a statement beard constantly by tbe Tonng ^fen's Christian Association worker in France. The T" ttas. purposely made it easy for tho soldier to send money home. All he has to do is to leave his money witn the man in the hut, get a receipt for it. ana Indicate the came and adareea of tbe parson to whom he desires the money sent The Yonng Men's Christian As-* soeiatioa has arrangements wtth banking institutions which maJtes pos-. sible the rapid and ineipefi»rve trang^ fer of any amount of money to any bank or person in the states. "Our soldiers are tbinimg straight about money matters. They are not misers by any means, and they are willing to spend a small amount on things that go to make life more en-- joyable, but their chief thought is to insure their economic independence ·ffhea tbe war ig over and tteey return 'o civilian life- men to *_he' class in the United Bred-I "The average sale to the soldiers ren church. Tuesday afternoon ana ; who come into our Young Men's evening. May 28, the class play, "Claim i Christian Association center--and they Allowed. * will be presented at the the- are artillerymen, engineers and atrc. '· d!ushbo3's--is almost exactly a. franc Another Teacher Called. J a day, 30 Cranes, or about 56 a month, Prof. (Jeorgc D. Porter, leather of (The percentage that could be accused manual '.raininSr who con:cs in tin. of unwise expenditure or money i draft, has been called to South Caro- i n-?p;lipble, much smaller tnan in civ^ Una to report. This is the second higii ilian life." school teacher to be called. The other was Mr. Kauffmanu, the science Clover planted 2") acres: hnrvesfed 32 acres; to be planted 42; crop "id tons. Rye planted 632; harvested 593: fa be planted 482; crop 7687 bushels. Millet planted 9 acres; harvejued P; to be planted I P ; crop 11 bushels. Barley planted l 1 .^ acres: harvested 3%'acres: to be planted^: crop 10 bushels. Alfalfa planted 193 acres; harvested 131; to bo planted 18-1; crop 558 bushels. Buckwheat planted 2445; harvested 2349; to he planted 2489; crop 41,533 bushels. Truck gardens planted 154 acres: i harvested .151 acres: to be planted; 17C acres, crop 8813 bushels of truck garden products. Head our advertisements. RHEUMATISM LEAVES YOU FOREVER De«P Sratcd frte Add Drpovftn Ar* Dijw»*lved a»d the rUt*-»o»»tle Polnon ; Pt«rl» to I^«v« the 3j*tcm Within Twewtj--3*w Houirw. The Con-nelleviUe Iruff Co., w b o m ' you aJl know in authorirtxi to say to j every rheumatic suPTcror in t h i n ricin-j Hy that If two bottle« if All^nrhu. the ; sure conxincrer of rb.vimR.tfsm, does. not stop all a*;ony. reduce jrwollfln ! joint* «Jii3 do a w a y with even t h e ! slifrhtent fwinpe of r h r u r e n t i c pain, he 1 will jfJadly return your money w i t h o u t ' comment. Allenrbu has been tried And tested for years, and really marvelous re- iralts havo been accomplished in the moat BftTre ca^c^ where the rtuflerinir a.nd apony wa« iotens* 1 a^id piteous aiwJ ·wher* the patient was helplcKS. Allenrhu reHeveif at once. Jmm«Kl- j!y after you at:vrt to take it the good work bcjclns. Il searches out. tho uric acid deponita, dl»BoIves the score- | tloiia ajid drives rhftumittic poleon out ] of th body through the kidneys ant? i bovrela. Tt's marvelows how quickly it acts niossod relief otten conni? in two dayn. and even in cases wt\er»* '^he auff;rinfi: Is moat p a i n f u l ail traces diaappenr in a. few days. Mr. Jnmea H, Alle.n. of A J l e n r h u , "who Cor mnny years suf The Pathephone is ALL Talking Machines in ONE! Conveniently lo- cate® Pathephone Main: to enjoy the present low prices that prevail on Pathephones. After Saturday, May llth Pathe prices advance--manufacturing conditions, increased cost of labor and materials making this, step necessary. 25--IV ill )c S SO :;o--win ii Model 25--nv 30--Xow SO--Xnw $ 5fl--IVill lie. 7.")--"ow $ 75--M'ill be jno--\M- Sinn--win IIP. *no {..ivst Week to Buy TIIIK Special I'athrplione Outfit for S2n.OO Pathophone (T^laj? all records) -?*.;.75 Ref.nni Cabinet.-And o Dotihle-fncecl Records (.12 soiccf.iODS of your own cboice)--· After May Iltli, Price Ailranccs lo ?4S.2,i. Mmlol HI)-- "oiv $110-- IVill hp 31 odd I7." -- Xoiv $175 -- Will Jx Art Models-- TS'oiv $190-- Will lie $215 (Mode! 22" -- Now ?C25, "Will not ho increased ·at. th'.s lime). The New June "Hits" are out-- hear them! yo. 2(wr,. r _;.-,p. niw'il Ton I.Iltc to Bo IIj- Diiiidj- (Lp'.vis-Younc-Snydcr} The Farbor Girls Thpri-'s n Little Lnrap nf Snwir Down in Tlxii (Brynn-Ye.Ilor-GinnblP). The F.'irhfr G i r l s Tfo. SnS.'iO -- 7."iO 1F.T T.jttle TiambJinc RtKe (Frn.-m:in\, f'air.pbc!'. ami TiMrr Slip's tiir 1anirM£r of Hnsie (TNnidy (Bricp-Donaldson). Henry Burr. Tenor A n i l r : \ e r y f l i i n s . Fran, "P.nliart" Win ( D p Sylvi.i-Kahn-JolKon). Louis K - K - K - K i l t y l O ' l l a r J ) . LOIKS Storkynrd Illuos ( P i n h a r d ) . Fox Trot. Van K p s - B n n t i i Dance Orchestra ropiilarlly /Cohan). Ono Step, \"an EpH-Bauui Dance Orchestra S3 Uisi! Week tn Buy This o. for A f t e r May J l t l i , J'rirc Advances (n Last AVce.k to Buy This -\o, 100 Pathephone for _ After Jlaj IIUi, Price Advances to Slid. What Arc Ynu (ininc to On (o Help h liovs? f K v i h n - V n n Alstyne). A r t h u r Firms. B n n t o u c Vuluuk'ers (Sou.sfi.i, M a r c h , American Regimental Band Last This ,\o. 175 Pathpplione for A f t e r Mat- lltJi I'rii'i- Advances to S1S5. For your * conveni- ence Store will be open Saturday till 9:30 P. M. 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U yon /iro troubled wlcb itsthmn, our ' metbod shonid relievo you promptly, We especially want to snnd H to oppnrently hopalopn casoe, ·where all lorma l of In lift I era. tlouclifta, opiara prepn.rRtton«. fames, "patent finjokaa," etc., liave failed. ; \Ve wont to show everyone at oar oiva ' expense. ««xt tblH now method la cJoslffnod to end all dltliculthrotbine. all wJieezlnR. Bnd till those territile psiroxyssns at ouce and Jor all t!mo. This free offer ]-, too important to n.P«!e?t » elDff)e day. "Writo row and than battin too method at coco. Send no money. mall coupon bdlov. Do It Totlny. m o n e y unless Allenrhu dectnively conquers t h i s worst nf ail diseases, -a.i\il j h haw i n s t r u c t e d tin* .CooneIl«viHp Drug- Company to guarantee it in every instanco.--Adv. STATUE PAINTED YELLOW fit "I ha-', been y*ar« w i t h S Kldn«y 'lisord 3i?vera.i · »inc"l-. practically i«f greatly w i t h afflicted f u r j veral · a n ) s. 1, --i mada a C o n d i t i o n PlJfl.-s .V.' to ;i!ily : my smlt of L- -nwipation, which is the : n\f*ft asi y acaulred d^sord-er of, the j h i - m a n system. It is T h e hub ;,r i u n d w h i c h u o a r J y aj! l i v e r and r;i I n t Uistas'jH radiate. Take a H;:KS .Vativc- T f r r t * T a b l e t at nicht :tr.. - l y r i i j w i l l c-vapp f r o m the many ills c.;us-(i !.j- ;h(.-' : t f T J i c t t o n . B l t s u -V; l i v e H - r i - Tsi.Ieis arr a ?af^, up :ht- '-·y.sie'i:, :--J:arpeii i h e appe- t : t - . ni.-ar t.'.r: t r j ^ j . i e . t i o n , aad give J h : I ·-·::w ,.f r - - - l r f i »n much de- Sir -o. E'Lis .VuLivr. H e r b Tabic-tfe i- :"-·£ :·.'.·· in a L-C.T; .'f -DC ta-blets, ^ r..;.!; ..T ir.p f'.'ur.d'.T, iXlon- (j!fl' J -·i \ VJ ( . . ; . r.r.d t - . f f f y t a b l e t \ZS 1- r C'li for 11 1 ! e money t-ack puar- 3J1 r !n every bo.x. Trice f I.Off. S«.!,i by A. A .Clarke and local ;t(:crt! everywhere. Chicago lias \n Use for Poet dloethf, CHICAGO. May 8.--Tb e colossal staine of Goethe, German poet and writer, vhich stands at tlie entrance to Ijincoln park, was painted yellcw last ni^'.t. Threats have teen m.'ide to thro^ the statue into the lake and recently the park connaissiRners were petitioned to remove it but tht5' (!ticii:-(! i to I«t it rt' At tbe titiT-Hiicg of j t b e Frtatur. rovsra! years apu, Count von Ii:*rjE*f}ovlT. tbc-n Genran amb.i.'i- sartor at V'ashitipton, was tho principal speaker. FREE ASTHMA COUPON FRONTTKP. ASTHMA CO., Ttoom 4561' and Hudson Bts^ Bullalo, :N.Y. Jroo trtel ol yonr methoI to: I If Yon Want Something i Advertise Cor it in our classified col- j umn. 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