The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1930
Page 9
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10,1930. 1 liJLi L/WUitiJtUtt, LiRa VIJUUtL, i J A, V BY ROV VIGKE CHAPTER XXVII. I P the night of Roger had surprised Shirlay, his first words astounded her. "It's quite all right," fie aaij awmrinely. "We don't nm tho alightest risk by meeting, but it would be ,o?t aa well not to outer afty building together. If WB go ahead we can take a bench In the pork. We can talk there." "Why Stave you come--why-- ·what is there to talk about? Obviously you will not take jny word about anything," faltered Shirley. "Pine!" toid Kelton and chuckled. It was the fi^a* time she had ever heard him c} xle. "Bnt there's no need really, I pretty 'sure Bren- naway ia not having me watched. And we dont want to make our- aelves the centre of idle attention. Let via just talk about the weather until we're aura we're alone." To Shirloy his words were meaningless, though she knew they meant Boraethmg . Roger's very presence was meaningless, his strange all' of contentment when by everything that was ssae--be- lieving her *o b* another mans mistress--lie should be angry or at least contemptuous. Through sheer j inanition ehe walked by his side j while he hoped that she had had a pleasant lourney and revealed that he himself had been on the same train. He was p-ivine iier details of how he had managed to follow her taxi. The detail's mrde no Impression, but the tone in whi6h he recounted them made a deep impression. He had tha air of wa ting for her congratulation s of his cleverness. Presently they had turned to a quiet corner of the Square, and sat down. .,, ,,, , "Roger, please stop talking r she exclaimed. "I don't know whether j you h?ve been talking for mero talking'a sake. But I'm still waiting to know why you have spoken to me." . He stopped short and stared at her. , . .. "But, my dear girl--surely--it cannot be that you took my letter at its face value?" There was no doubt about the genuineness of his surprise. "I don't know what you mean. Your letter seemed perfectly clear, I know you have a good case legally--and I don't ask you to believe my statement that actually there was no reason at all why yoo should divorce me " "But of course 1 beJieve there's no reason'" he almost shouted at her. "Oh!" It was a tiny moan and he had not heard it. It was draum from her 1 by nbthinj; other than the sudden dread thai the new life that was opening up before her should be c ut off. At that moment of self-revelation she could admit to herself *a1 jhe did not want to be--"forgiveu" by Roger, abovt all, did not want; to rosuscit their married life. "I still don't understand," she said firtnij. "If you believe that there is nolrlng between Alan and me that there ought not to be-why are ou bringing this action for divorc'i'.'" Ho drew his fingertips across his forehead--it was his gesture of exasperation "J must confess. Shirley, that I thought yciu would take your cue from that 'etter As it 11, you have rather shaken me up i don't know --that it, I'm not quite sure--how I stand. I had a touch of suspicion when Carter came back and said that your magneto was broken," "Suspicion of what?" she askeU desperately. "That jour spending the night thera was an accident, I thought sit first tli U it was the most brilliant piece of fincaw imaginable But in view of " "I underettuu] now, thank you," snapped Snirtcj- "You need not f o on explaining. You thought I ad deliberately stayed the mghv in order to give you a chanco to blackmail 41un by threalening divorce." "My dear, you stress the word blackmail because you are out of temper, that's all. With a little J carefulness you c.\n prove t'lat ! any form of pressure put upon one human being by another is a form of blackmail. But need w« quarrel over a metaphysical mbtletyt" "We need not quarrel over anything, Roger. But--nor need we talk about anything. I was going to keen an appointment when you stopped me " . Her words produced an unexpected effect. "Shirley!" His voice brok« and he caught her convulsively by the arm. "Shirley, y u arenH going to desert me? You won't let Brennaway -- oh, you couldn't! You're not vengeful. I never dreamed for a moment you would fail to read betwien the lines o^ that letter. ( ,As you read it, -I've insulted you and I'm most desperately sorry." Shipley looked at him with ( a contempt not far removed from pity, Shs disefagnged her arm. "Roger, I've gi^en, you all the money I had. I cant do any more for you. I want the few things I n a d that were of any value and I.will send for them. If I can help you in any way 1 would still do so, but I cannot. It I had another fifty thousand dollars or could borrow !t, I would givr it to you. As it is I can do nothing." "But Brennaway--r-you don't mean to say he's going to let the action come into court? Don f t you see he'll take steps to prevent it in his own way if he 1 hints you're indifferent. You must beg him not "Just i mirute, Shirley. I feel aa if mif.ta were clearing and, as it were, revealing fregh mists | When you stayed the night at the, cottage you did not apparently ex-1 pact me to takft steps for a divorce.! Why, then, did you stay the night' at the cottage?" Shirley hesitated, It would be easy enough to say that the magneto waf broken and leave it at that She could lie jf the need aros^ ---but it would have to be lo a man like Alan, someone stronger than herself who was crushing Her. She could not condescend to lie to Roger. "I told you why 1 went to the cottage," she answered. "I went to. pay your ,debta. Knowing that my nerw» would probably fail, I smashed the magneto so that I could not get back in the car, lie did not want the debt paid like that--that is all." "He didn't want to b« made co- respondent," said Kelton, With a Mnile that showed his teeth and made him look like an animal "I know well enough what ho wanted He thought he had fcot me undei- r m "Bui, my dea- girl--surely--it caitU'tt he that you toh my tetter at ii* face vidue?" to let your be through the mire, 'hen I can make terms- with him--1 'm not going to blackmail him--I don't want to extort anything from blm--£ only want safety--in a I conscience it's little er.ough to iisl." "You rieedn't b- so frightened, Roger," she said, really washing that she could con: fort nira a httlo as well aa aave her* elf from the degrading spectacle of his feer. "Alnw !sn/t at all BJ itefu! Ha won't tako any steps agi mat you " That calmqd hjni -considerably. "I don't want to parade my own misfortunes-- and please don't think I'm nurslnr a grievance against you, Shi ley," h« said "But you gave ITU the wrong rue by staying the nisfht there. All tin! has so upset r ic that I find »t \ f j y difficult to concentrate ray attention." Shi rip · groaned at the oft repeated formula. "You must giva m! a lead. L o you think th* best thing would bo to write to Brennvruy and t »y that ! have se-n you and ac,i ept«d your explanation and --withdraw Uie threat of an action?" Shirley felt an tf hei heart had misicd a beat. H a r » wai her crisis, ihe mufat tread v ith the utmost care. If $bc wer to advise him to withdraw from hf nitron in his present stwte of tnmd, he would almost certainly tier pt the ndvici'. On the other 1 .tml, she could never look Alan ir the facr nfain if at this stage 01 thrir relationship she were tlehb 'ratcly to strive for divorce. "I can't advise '«u one way or the other about t ic action," she Said shortly "Th it i» your own affair " "You can at Ifi it tt»13 me this, if you really w^h to help mi 1 -does Brcnna\vay intend to content himsfilf with un o'dmary defence in court?" "No. He does not intend to defend it at all," she told him. "Ah!" He clutchud at his chin. "Why not?" There was a short silence and then: ' thumb--the priixta of i wanted a morganatic wife, he'* go- Ing to h-ai'e a fully legal wife *'hf n the dccrei i* matte absolute "I always suapecifd you two intended to fool »ne," iip eontinupii, his voice high-pitched a.wi angry, "hut I'm aiot quEta *o bralnlwa as you inwgllne He ran put uif ir. prison tomorrow but ho efin'l stop my carry ipg on vqlh the action- and If he does pu4 m* in prison he'll d^clvr? to the world that he bought fc s wi)?e " rh.itiJjs ior our UtUo uilk, ny «Jr»ar It'a probably th» laul w» shill pvir have, and 1 fee! aure you will a3 ffrtUifieri to know it haa b?en o( aurh a,viisUiRM io rne. I tririk ou tuid you nnl an' tie was Vialijmg away find she watched liis retwatitij? fkffur* without thr faintest flicker of o v no*)on.. "Ho is at l»rst I wandojf I havi» never ruct(cni^cl that." ·Sho sighed! w i t h vast, relief, then hiirn*'d o f / to see hfr lawyer It toot Phlfiey tv o flay? to put her fmarnW affairs m orti''i ftyp- niK tha» tunr* she f")t tha f j w t 1 d f f m i t o rie«il of Alan's jfinaty. Bui thn lawyer had proved M-» q'tHte anL thf-fk- vm.«, no point ujon which a h j cou!l lejyitii/u»lHy fl*k AUn'« at.vtc*', Mu«!nr -* apart, it would V*c for him to wvk ives out if he wuht-d f« is^e h}r h'hf vittf dimppoint'»'l when the fir-.! day .I.«A li on and no nie^s .ifro* crttnci froti blim, but, wj,/ wholjy convincf-d that it was m no s«ntft «t ptiifoiuil di8tt)poi!Hm»iit bhr IK eded a i antidote to hr t r l o r view with Roger. Uy tho !aat on tho second day then came a letter hi liii htndwnti ijj. "Dear Shirley," she re«'I, "I have take n a furnished flat, .ul- dresa as above, and if ou are At'll interested jn Macedonian Icv'e!oi- I aiould be glad to go into the question with you at sny timo you care (o come,--Alan," (To Be Continued Tomorrow.) 9^9. hr r iar TI*«rJ Helpful Advice to Girls By ANNEE LAOlifE D fi AH ANMS L.AUKIB: I am In my tccitB, arid cvm in Jovo with a fnllow tino.b years -sty nouior. I wont with him for sue iiMKithii and Chen we parted. l«- cfcuio of s.tiothBr girl. J Wad to forgot him buv found It impossible By hia ACtloua I think that bo would llVd to coma bach but ia Aohtunod to Now, how can t tat him koow that T want hlto «o biuMyT DIMPLJSS itMI'L.BS- that the Winter season with Us pleasant festlv!- Uee is with us, ilorhupa you plan to lavtto a fow friends to your home [n tliat coco would be quito In grctar to sand the young- man on ritulon. Tou trould than know tUa real frftmo of mind, and H ivotild bo «. taotful wa;' to proffer a re- ,'umption of jrc»*r frlenflahip. ¥VEA.R ANNCK I^AURTK JL/ Wo aro two sisters In dl* tross, ploa-.w advise us First Siater: I car* for a txtr vory much but this boy s/i-eus* or soys ho llknB my girl frlood But really h dwsti't Aoom to lil,a ti^r at M\, and all rny frt«nOJ e»f Hiey rcaUy don't be- lt«"fo ho l*koa her t have lifted tbte boy for »sv«ral years anl a4. though b« nev-«- know Jt I hat j to Sive him «p Socoud Siainr: I Am a jrtrl In my mtdclle teen a and c*rw for a bw very much Now. this bov and I have known eat h other for TSKtny years »nd he nlway« seemed to care for rne, In fuc\ ho vised to givo me a gift holiday a»5 always told · to CttUrornln but h* recently te turnod and t »oetn to oare for him vory much He la KO ng with another girl and I buto to lavtt* hlia to my hopB-5 or nnytHlns of that nort. THUJ TWO WORHX8ID SIB^CBKa TWO WORRIKO 1--If the youug man o*sca, be will no dout« ijlve «y or it. nd it ia up to him and npt hla frlonda to aay whether ho corea for tho girl whose comp iay he seems to prefer. It would bo betterito find othar Interest: rather than worry y o u r s e l f rver Konrieane who^b thuugbtfl appetar to be Greeted «la*- where S--Separation often c a a a e u change of heart-'and fec'lnjs. And if y«tr friend has found othar company aioro detth-able ata o hi» Teturti, thorp to little you tan do about It, except to be a good sport and plaj thfc. pijun!; I feel ou;e tiire arc many wtio admire you, BO wfey not forgot caucUtWmsv and (nt i worth while oufof all the that Ufa offMS? D SAR When o. grlrl goes out with a, boy trienl ajid h aato( her to kiss him, HboOld oho'do it? A ii-lend oaJd il wsa ail right Tor the f«U0w« to kiss yi u good-night but t would like to kni w what you think aboat it PEX3OY TJE!aSY. I wn suro O at you know th»t *ucfv conduct 1 not correct. Do not llsbpn to you* friends, be raided bv what you knew to be rlg-ht and you wlH earn UK r«Njata of your trl«m»». Tins means »noro than a IVPI voix ho 1 k»a trio W« w»r« mo««e«tary nJFfeutton, as you will Oi» «. nrated for i, while as ho moved f cover m later years. Nurse io Former Chief JFasffice 13*o*e Who Advertise in Th w Mha Gertrude Ma7iifold, since lest June the constant companion Of Wi liani Howard Taft, former Caujf *histice and ?reid-nt of tht United State",, la her capacity as Wi pc'son,U trained nutse. Miw Mantfc Id is now in constan. ai tendinee vpon Mr. Taft and In her rests itrash of thd ie- fot b 1 I Is I SHEEP'S I GOLD Beatrice 'Gtimshax / Illustrations by Irwin Mye i Copyright by 3ughos Mxsste Co WKV swrltt* teUem all rlRht," proffe on returning. "I t taken) bead belong blm, clenne all same pish, sookem alon stlckcm hi rn head DP Along a (clnbhouae) oupppa^ btm toe talk. . . . Slnabadal" "Well, Bergeaat?" "WhassamosBcr T' Pia looked Into the face -- i kindly, shrewd -- of tho dark sergeant, the "oavago dres serge,'' nnd recogtits«d a miin. bad sinned, wltliout undcrnt the crisis In which nbe fonnd I was offering, blindfolded MB 1 "It's tbta Hergtwint," tihe said ·"Mr. Smlthson was left to It utter rny haslmnd'a golil. If t nwny from it for ana wioon a days, another ma-n i:nn steal i there Is DO gold far raj man, for me. Sergenw-t, do yon kn wny to the tJ«l^ -- I raenn, h w«ur "I BO en.rrj him too much bada. On« carrier h« »avvy Til luge belong him stop two da bnsb," "Whatt you've got a 50»Jjntata "My word, yea, Slaabad*. B blm kill am on « vrhtt« man. ait ta tstn rosd Mm i;o to Jnii «l«ng thla man h« good was, h« Plenty." "G«t hlw bora," Pla ord«r*d Another wild, nnketf erefttn herded up. "Tea,"' M ««1«1, In nnewer "Mo savvy toafl {roi . . Tatat*.t»? Toi vce walk, we walk strong, acih w* walk, wo wnlk strong, tttt we aleop, mornlcs Mw«- s«n b op big, w* coroii np simig Tt own he KOI down, wa « m« irtm ,^ ed the -llem I n bead ; plra, y dnbn much Klwal ed tn Stmol indlng, erself ; elp. briefly. ok oat a runs id two ; then -.o gold iw the »ow It Slna- plenty, n»nr e-fore, ig Ta- Darn; wurry * waa to th« 4) too »r day httlmo coma tntata, days Pin "Twenty nbi« the- day after. TJi(rtym» to . . . . SSergtaatt Mfe tt!m ko«w «notb«f way -- a *!jortcr * "No sarry," »*li! tb« mrriflr t ly. FU wntchcJ htm ; h« tfl* h*r mind, ft IMUVi tea "No BRvvy," wna tlt» r*«iu without a touch t*t leas per, I Vlu turnNt her buck, tnif wal ' U hur lent. H* o»At, hU f c*t strwii that Hdfws cawo erorf, la d«.**m»* ct lutp m "Make Mm utk," »b» fluug «i aUonlfler, «a sh* wfot, *'M^ w«rti, »t« hteni.jr wHl hlro," wa* IN- »tff'wlrt r*acb«^l tnr a utnj tvt It It we,s nlf a in/jiqt^ tr two Uit Thtrtr arrtv* ooa ha ay," fompt- ed, t' -- not ed »ff PAGE NTNffi. THE OLD HOME TOWN Stanlgy OFF M E N - W B ' N E E D -m' PAP A Nice THE \WHO SOUD "THAT 5A1D-AN ORD)NAJ5Y BEAT THE UOCAL. FH5BMEM TRIED OUT "TWE NEW AT THB CENTRAL HOTEL, TODAY- WAS THE HEOo ot= THE ACT *CHUB*VJJl-CeX can't tnlDk ymj Shew wBaf you were Jl^.l__ M n. tr b«t "% knew biawtcd welt. 1 got him away, and kept him awny. It wa* Spteer swsln me; ?oo don't know thai Man--be's jrilly on top, bnt underoentlj, b* can buy *nd Bell ail the wise men. I mlw-aya sort of 1'ked Wra. Yon wotildn't unaonrtand. . . . 1 mar- rtWl bJm when bo asked me; I thlnfc h«'» another wlfa or two knocking ·bout nomcwhere, but I ntekonea I"«J f«t what I could out ef him. A gtrti »«« jtot te UT« Too don't know. Ton kw't know much--th* Hlttt of you." Tha llgfct wonmn'B cantempt for bread- and bntter Innocence tlmlied out. "What «r» you going to doT" "Wluit ar« yo«T" ''I deii't know a* fthnt roHter» cnaeh t» aoyotMt, but Stnlthaon'a c«t and mo. H« wsoliSnt 'R' left ni« alone IB th# bnsti, not tf there'd be^n nobody tber* --bat vnpa the drink wa» P« of him, bo r«t soured at what he Jfn9, and h« «f*y», »ay« h«, Tin off tonight; 111 teUw Shs !titftt and KO, nnd yon can go lo blflnea »r to Mrs. Philip Amory,' »«ps fee, *(or you Rot me inu» this trouble, »aya he, 'an3 thorn Isn't a miner la {·opua willl ev«r take a ilrlat, fnotn me ajf-ltt, so I'd lu'tt^r po noiUb ami »*!»$ a blnnk? p l t U at Newcastle," »ay» tut. Aot he went. And I «*t H* n«. lefflv* ?x wwrdcsTer (tppeiri d, i HbimpertriK. drivtn by i Flfl, fsietlas; m HIT citatp fxn! i a b(?n"b of Jmftkit, quest onerf iti as aa a, And "If, (hern jUDotlustr Kitotit r»pJI»A "Him *ay ye*. I b*d roiid, tun B} slong JftvH," ' "It llila ros*! shortrr " · "Hltu say, wjpp»«»- bl^f r*(n Is road plenty KSsort." "It w* left «t wtu-np, v5i«j eo . sn.f, wosujtijt tloi* net day." "What hupp**!* II it rala»?" "Him Hajr, (tltoictfew we die.' "Plenty d*t« jttojj «lnij}; thfi big rain cooae, trenhi tn tip Igtit," 8 the vc an -ustect J Ser- how- that rib«d, that Id bis rest, anket nd of Pta's inlred more ily he «ome dorrn along arson, Jot a is the Id he "Get ready to atari ut da} B8ld IHa. 'Toll him, if ho showrong: road, and if wa fion't an soon as be Raya, fcdl be shot.TM It wiis pure Wuff, bvt *ho t to its carrjiag, »rlth the did c gennt Simoi, ' Papuans do D'jc'wint; Slmo! ever, gave the Slnnbadn a loo arnonnt«d to winking:, as hg des In vivid langiioge, the troubl would await that raurdc-cr, sboi guiding be poor. Tho callers sottled down t SInsol rolled himself up Ln his b und lay flown across tba open the carriers' fly ^vitbln sight o) tent Tho old sergeant had oc the art of eleepips with one ey or leas open, on march. Saclde was broad awaka There wag 0110 outjtliJo the Stnnbndii'u tent Slmol reached his arm uoftly (he borrol of his rifle, pa It lay Ills leg. He could sen the t Htandlng tn nhniow; tt was mjtho. lie rathof thourht It w white rann SlmlSBOin What ( wnnt, there »t nlijhl? Rtlll wai tlie usreaftnt swung his legs ov end of the stick platform, and tho rifle to his nhouldcr, , , , It wn» tho other Slnabr.dn, oft Who could toll Taubttdns from tmdfi, when thoy both wore tro Ue hnd boon vory near prlng. Orouchlngf Inisldo the fly, Se 1 bltftol ftept watch. We dlfl uat ai of thflH« Inte vlultora of wlietevi he was hare to protect WB t and ho woulcj do [t, What w ottrtsr ftlnnhndfl ,jfi!na I n t n th j for? \Vhn1 w«r« tlie,v lalirlng j Within the tent,' pj» In BO kbakl, bitfjy {ino1rfB|j tiji her ft 1 longings far tl« mnr) w'* star beeu sudrteuty oonft'entcd by ft figure wetaring sftij pnlamns, wf gold h n ' r flytwg In curls Hbmif It Tinny solyereds T i n n j , In a news m«««l. was them "I emit* IB hour," she s i t d , I (y, ' what you'w going tc da " "Hut that's what I wanted I y o u " said Plo Joolilng sadly, flnwert beauty, ilta wasting yoi c'ajtet "01 ir tie i? all, iseru t . , guaot prov« r s«» | harffo, is the w ba , hm! v f v l d d reri mrse nsb t the h, of b« tlafto jott, caa do I t ; yoaSs rlftbt" No carriers! Pla had learned Jrer *lnft« by ttovr; «a« uodenrlood a« w«Sl a» «ny nilrus? or explorer, "no esrrlfra" in tlitr far Interior, 1(1 nioant death, death conatn, and liittle dsrtajMsd. If »he haJ been in- rtln«} to cniit this rrwiturts out, If *h« had hated her, aw «b« vrel! tnlicJit have 6mif, fir thf rain Jinny wna brinslng on the nmfl thpy both loved--oven »o, tt would not bATe been possible to de- ««rt hpr. But l j la h«c! n* hate for J i n n y ; pity, rnUlu-t hpld her "Of course yuu ratssi «(nc w i t h UK," she aftlil. "W«'r« trying to get through by a atort mt. In tirm to snire t h e Halm. My carriers think U ca« be dont, rm nfrald we'll have to tiurry you," "foo'ie going tn--jjut you can't. Ttie time's up Jay after tomorrow midday. ABI! Spicw, he's wultlri' ihoie w i t h his eyes pOfsIlD' out. reatly to IHit In hla pegs If some one olie clnoso't beat him. SmitbBou, he meant to go back with the boys and mo, and beo the f u n r Spiccr piomlacrl 10m half us much again as--as"--her \olce ohoolc ·--"as PWJ wo» allowin' him, to worlr It along with him. And he prorolaetl jne half of the whole thing. He thought he'd bought me soul and body for that But I knew the minute I aw you come in that the game was np so fnr as I was in It I was shlclcercd, and wheu I'm sliickered I'm half nmct, bnt all the same I knew when Td sobered down a bit, I'd be off the whole thing I'm like that I'm on, and I'm off, and when I'm on there's nobody can put me off, and when I'm off the devil himself can't put me -JR. I'm through with Splcer and with Smlthson and with the wliolu 3--n crew, and I wish to God I ci never done it, only it's too late now " "it's not too late. If we stait Just at dawn, and keep going hard, vie can get there before midday the day after tomorro'w. And w e r e going to do It" "You're going to Bfop him?" cried Jinny, springing to her feet ' I'd give the heart out of rny body to see him turned down proper He's--he's made me hate moself. I've dono things that all the puBsy rots meow ut, but I never done a dlity t u r n to anyone be- forp, and It's owln' to ftplc-Pr that I've dono It now If yon d" know nnolher way we tan got back by, for God's sake tnko It, and I'll know what It IS to sloco o'n!glitj flgaln It was when I hoiird from Port thnt ho'rt married you --Phil, T mann--It was then I -went off mo nut, ;ind Splcer, ho took advantage of It. I'M with you, there's mv linnr* on It," She BtrucU bur t h i n (Infers almost palufiilly Into Pin's "Have you got anythlnK to drink?" she lln- lsh?d with midden pat has "I have one bottle of brandy In tlio medicine rhpst," answer od Pla "111 make It do," b'lld Jinny, biiefly. "We'll set there, or we tl dl« " TO UE Ad*. Diet and Health 8Y UJU1 HUNT P£TE«aHO,AUTHOR Or DltT AND HCALTH'AND'OieT TOR CHILDRtK* Appliance* M.--I placo no faith in any electrical or nonjtictlc or other appnancca that wo aivertlaed over the radio or elsewhcrt tr» ibo public ttit tho euro of t-ULU JUJNT PKTERS. M. D la n very pow e r t u 1 t b e r a p c u t l c agi nt, but it ia p r o d u c t i v e of much harm «n- loai tt la handled br Uccnoed prats- If these applt are Inctip- !ib\ t of barm, they aro aJ0o In- cai nblo of ctoX with th* ercep tlon of any J?OCK) rea ilt» that tnny b« obtained throuff 1 ' tli J uso of powerful euETtfesUori. It 11 well known that Iba fltftta of hope t nd faith have their e-fft-cU an tho (It ctleea glands and Ilia nerve system, tnd wtli often giro mich ft 5(cll«5i roa tlon that tm~ provemant rwrulU, and that tha i!e- p, Aslon raufl«d by fee r and worry will bring b»d 1-csulU Tftcio are many who suffer aolch from wrong nionlul ttUHtttloa. Ho- wlju^tlns the mental 1 f« ofloti rcaulls tn n cura. It SB oft«n aania thtt what the liiaajrin^tl"!! -nusc» tht irnn-sinatioii cam cune. This, however, la not al- w«ys true. Hotnotlmna Jio "Imagina. tlon" will briiR on micb dlsturliancos that rnHlicnl or «urj IcaJ therapy must also b« employee, as well a mosnal therapy An Hluirtrntion I beaid recently tn «. \x tur« will bring out thla iwlnt. A man Is In ouch a depi UWXKI mental stata that iin wanta to t-ommlt sul- ckl.) and jusnpa Into t h i river Tho shock of tho cold water makes him rcalizo Ue doton't w a n t o die, and ho his mind, but unless ho uses means lie doi mi't get out I know how plausible tliti ad of tho eloctrlcni or magnetic contraption y6u want rny opinion en, wounds on th- radjo, Mrs M J 11 tenea Jn ono morning', and heirci th« talk. Jhiuch of th« radio advertising rnftktn me recall what Prof Joseph Jauutrow Buys about the radio: " . , After conturUa of struggle by minda of ona typo alowly ac- the facts o' nature penetrating Into tllo )awa of their being, there emerges such a trlumpfc of acientific logic aa the radio, binding the world togrether by Invlatbl* threads of broadcasted speech; and this awe-inaplrlng achievement to actually uncd to disseminate ideas cherished by a totally different kind of mind thnt nourished In the day* of ancient Babylonia and were revived In tho darhel' ages when the) mlrd «cnt Into an eclipse. What a contrast in tho frulla of the tree of knowledge!" · » · Wrv Week Mrs A.--- I win tell oa what Abt. a famous baby oped allot, ears about congenital wry neck: If It ia of Blight dpuraa, the condition sometimes cnn be overcome by the very persistent, methodical stretching of the 8hc» tancd muaclo in babyhood. (Tho doctor muet do this If It tl marked, the treatment I* operative. Tha shortened muscle la divided and the head prevented from movement by a "laaler of parts cast or splinta, for some time Caitaliily thero Is no reason why you shouldn't have n consultation and get tho opinions r othtr bnby sperlallMs. before you liavo the operation your doctor says ia neceoBary. It's your baby « · · Mrs Q -- We have an article on the Cans of tha Hair and SceJp which, takes up the home treatment of deta- tlniff See column rulen for obtaining this (Your other questions or* ivipied in our pamphlet 01 Kidney and Ul.-uidor Dlbordero. Note: Dr. Peters cannot diagnose, nor §rive personal odvica, If she cosflders your QUBHttonn off general Interest, they will bo an- envorcd in the column. In turn. Requests for articles on band mutt be accompanied by a fully eelf- stamped cnTolopo and Z cents In coin for each; tor th» pamphleta on "Reducing OJid Gain- Ing," "Tho Kidney and Tta Exor*- tlonn" and the "Hygrlene of Women," JO cents Jn coin (for each) sad fuUr solf-addresed, stamped envelope. must be enclosed. (Them* charge* aro to cover the cotft tf printing- and handling.) Address Dr. Petes-*, in aro of thia paper. Write an] not over 200 wordo. * « « Tomorrow. Annoert to The Home Kitchen ALICE LUXN BARRY Foo Kftova evrary w often, that w«re BOIT* absolutely new antnM^i or fl»n «r ttKetmM^ that could )M obtained for vsurictort Certainly in Hio matter n rcjjistttWTM thara ia a tendency t» aeotc In a BTOOV(. Th«r« aro «Kt « ly pre^urftcen but tmilta. Wo grow euoh n trmnendoua rarlety arul qtiantltjr of VVIKJJtables In thid country Unit sv«n tn Winter one tould buy a dljferent v^etable each fb^y for u wook And -rf course In Summer tlia viiriefy iii even more Abundant. Not only arc there different vegetables, but wills In each type j there ia vnrlaty. Take sqUaahex, for fa unpin. Th^rc nr* ovm- BO many of th«n, and tho moat common type--th* yellow H«l bard squafili-- JB only on- of thorn. A epeclally delk-ioua variety that IB not knrxwn nearly as much ( a ft dpwjrvf's in Chayote--and this seawn It wlH be Been oo our nrwuksts mere than erer before CUayoto le #rr«WB «n n vinn. »wifi ita origin fas Central America. A fc» now ' (attentively In 5iorida n»A Soatbern California It is a tropical flonrishlngr readily In warm 1 Uie United Staten. Chayoto varies in color and ,TM~, weighing: frt^in a few ounces to OMB or two pounds and even move. It SB KoneraHy about Uie SJKC and shape of jin fyfiTpltui t, the color Vtiryttur from Ivory white lo dark srreoft When nrnall and rouny the tcxtur« Is smooth outside and within, but Ukn 11 n oquaohfi after It go«» more matuic, th* outnlde M rouffher ajid 'h«s pulp more fibrous However, tho quality is better wh«-n morft ina tuio, which Ifl about ?0 da.yjj. or K llttJe tnoie after the time of blosanm- Ing Chaj'oto can be rook«l HJte any aqua-sh aa a 6opurtLt« rcg-etable, or wbon younp and tendpf pnaugh n may be eaten raw, drpswct urith a mayonnaise or lemon jufcx- and pea(toning, llko R salad Tt alw) makwi n delidoua ph-kjf, either sanr ««· you have something to sell and are in a big hurry :o sell it, let the citjssiHed advertising department of The Courier prove its ability aa a speedy and efficient sales medium.

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