The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1930
Page 7
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MONDAY, PEBRUAUY 30, ! DAILY COURIER. COKNEL JSVTLIOB, PA. WINDY CITY'S PROMISE TO PAY POOR COLLATERAL \ !Now York Financiers Becliae To Buy 7MOOt000 tax "Warrants. EMPLOYES ARE STILL UNPAID H\ AIKRTON T AKKRS. I'mted IMosfc Staff Correspondent. CIHCAOO, {fob. 10 -Ttio flour in tho bin WHS A litUo lower and the cout pile In tho basement was a little smaller in ttu avcractp" Chicago em- ploye's h-otno locUy and still thcic ·was no hope of setting pay tor tho last six wools of service. Efforts to Fell some $75 000,000 In tax (intlclptitl'm warrants had failed hi?c» and In New York Chicago s t promise to pt y appea^ou to be poor collateral llvcu If the deals pto through, It ap- prAtMl e»rlaUi the Uty and the- hcho bonu! \soiild have to sell at a substantial discount, adding to the mountain of debt Hint alieady amounts to tome $'*00,000 000 ' I.llile better deat" than he ob Ulned when he bought $40,060,000 ·worth of wan ants last year will have tn bo offered if Heibprt C Heller, New York investment, banker, luys ncnin this y e a r , he Indicated before ]onvin? tor Uaims City. Ho Is exported to «;o to NPU York and then l e t u i u onily this week to rebiurie negotiations wilh tho nty controller f inoro than 'Jl'T.OOO.OOO In ·wanants. Boy's Hand and Arm Mangled When Caught in Wringer T t'l.E \SANT, Fob TO William F t n i f i o i k, 14 years old, of Washington. Uroet was most painful ly Injured hat unlay when his hand mid arm \\Vn- caught in a \vringer lip wn-4 rusfif'l to the Memorial Ho c - pltnl w h o r e 'levii\ suttU'cs were used in closlhK thf* I t i j u v y Fln ('nil Too Late. The volume"! 1 llru ilopaftment yes- lordny raornf^K af J o'clock was called out on H i c o i t n l of a fire at Melcroft. Ohief I^i'tit/. before leaving on the Jiuiu or hour azi3 a half dnvo ovr lh mountain, called and found that Hi" stoic been burned to tho i-iouml Fc( hnR that If. was not the piotiei mtn to toko the fire protection ihiit fill away from tht» borough alter the huikilng nt that place Vad jilrondv tunned. Chief Uontz had Ill's jiicn i p t n a l n at home. Illrti da) Aunhersury. Mi atnl .Mis Baei of Foxtown eri- t M t f i l n c d filia Bacr's father and JiuitlH r M" and M I H Lcasure A l l . i l K h t of t h l i p'act, and Mr. and Mrh. 15'xcr ol UuTSd.ilc, parents of Mr. }'aci, i' SUM flu} at a li»iui in honor ol M i s . A l b i l g h t ' s lnith(lii%. Iloj Scouts on I'llnide, The biijUt cot ps of Tioop G, Bu r»tout«, \ru\'\ an i-xcfilent s.how1nt Saturday on parade a.s a part of the a n n l v e i sary \\cck program Last ovonlni" tho lioops attended tho United Biethren f ' h u i c h in a body. Yet"n»ii in Hospittil. J.icob Shivelei, (Jivil War Vteian, Si years old, has- boon admitted to th^ Memorial Hospital foi treatment* Jtlv. Shivelj'i' was on the- police foice jn Mount I leasant fen a number ot ycttrt and H!S« awed as t on-stabif iSfrcct-, Vcrj It'ji Saturday nlt;ht ihr- t,t -cots were in ·worso conelitioti from Eie t h a n thpy Jiavo been, ill wintoi Thy ti-dflle- lUfhta n w o bot »t tjnillon. since it ·was almo'it impossible to slop on the tlowtt grade* OHior ^ c w f . Mrs AHliur Lognn of Turtlo Creek spent {lie wcolv-entl with her purentS; Mr. and M i s Thomas Fidlcr of West .Main .Mid K i i H t streets, ult,o hei brotheis, H i u r y h. Fidler and Law-, teiico Fkllfi. Thomas F. Fidler, w h o hits been v i y ill at hia homo, in omewli,u improved. Chrtiks l.conaid of East Main htit'pt %vas taken (t the Memorial Ho. j iiltul j-fiteulay wfui-(v ito under- w e n t an operation for appendicitis Wilson P.ulitt of Smilhflold street and M l l d i c I HospiiHliine of Main btroe-t woro udmittcd to the Mmoiial Hoipltiit S i t i u d n j foi obss.ivallon A l b e i t Abraham aud hib bon, Jacob, and his bt da havo i etui nod f i o m Syilr, whcu- they had aone ou a visit. Jnco' Abraham met and mur- i K d i\ frill In Syiia and luis hi ought hci back I U I Q t make theii homo. BETHANY AT ENEVA FLOOR FEBRUARY 17 I 4 K T 1 I V N V , \V \M, Feb. 10.«An- nouneemerii \\HH made toda by I3i- j « t o i of A ' h l e l i i s Fin-man L Nus,s of Uo'hany Allege that 'the date and p I c H P of pi iving the Ooneva-Bethany b i',kotb«iU ?aiues has been changed, maltlni? toi the lirst eiuountei scheduled tot On^v.t ou Fobi nary 17 and tho re/tuin at BoHiany Fobiuary 27. '1 he first swniA was originally ached- ulod foi the lthativ floor on February i5. Thli. wa^ the Blaout)' next 5'0rti aftcit (Ion However, *\ has 1« en t'ec-nnMl w h o to c h m g o lHth time Ami phut 1 Th,-= m^.ins that th^ Bisons I M ci to U'»ne\a on Moiidaj, Ft-bruary H t h e lust ot tho series !« f!i (lie of)H; t;,ifnt roin»lui , · 1 lie u t i l v Uiaugti us tho . . . t ( ! t ' i u t \ \ l l i i omo to Bcthanj I i .n.i) t i n ! i I i'lUm* tin I lie c , M i l lof l ( h N l l ' i s l t K ' l l Vk'tfl t i l s c it ))!* ill thut- lite u c v t homo altri i Ltou (· t i n a n n u a l liotm* coniillK alt t i r l ! i f » ! i I h e o j u o n r n t !or thi.s p i ' t ot 'ho i i i ) v ? j . m 'I hi*- j ni.o !·» ' »i iled fi i I'l ' i \ V V h i n u i v WHAT IS rraour A 'Health Value of Raw Vegetables There were a gr at many tunny ho- tiotis cherished aniong our ancestors concerning matter. of diet arid the edibility of peMAIti vogcta.blrB II Ife oCU'ii recalled that itee tomato -was far man} years rogai tied u poisonous and oven up to th time of the pre- ent generation the myfh Rained credence that tteo indulgence in faw tomatoes was quUe likely to calico earner. Nov. the} feed tomato Juice to babies. There was a ho.ror against oaUng vegetables taw "ft i h very tow oxce-p- ttoM. In the I rat piact, cooking- thfem -«ft3,a tnarV of huuuui ascend- ency over the hen ts «hl( h alt them raw, and h) tho second place- raw ve'^frtablf's wero deemwl Indlffcstlblc and dangerous. 10 id oJt these to whicli was attributed fcto evil attribute of producing colic if eaten raw was tho turniu U 1s doul Uul If there ts any authentic oaso nt inch ah outcome of raw turnip eating on record If lit ore i8, it probably could bo traced to tho fact . t h a t tho turnip waft swallowed In altofcether too larpe pieces. The flavor of i aw turnip Is more tempting to nmnj piUMes than is Us WEARING SURFACE OF NEW ROADS HAS BEEN MADE BETTER Both in ju»Iify and ness as ,SliMin !}· By "Jlougli motet Smooth- Tests " Special to The Courles HARRISBUUG, Fob. 10.--Concrete highway surface laid 5n 1920 and tested by the "r iiighometer" proved smoother, on nn average, than «iny yoar's record so far made, Samuel J'Jckph, chlot enR neer erf the P e n n s j l - vanla Departnieir said today Pavement mileage renchlng- tho standard "excellent" in JO '9 totaled 270 out of 532 miles tested, i gain In the number tt "excellent" m tea ot 111 pet cent over the 1928 ri*c ^rd. To be classed exceliout" u. mllo Ot highway ranst i coord'on !he roiiglio- meter not more than 25 accumutaici Inches, of roughness, which shows ujt on the Instrumt tit when it detects Uny ridges and valleys in tha pavement surface. T i e Vibration actuates tho mechanism and a reading dial adds up thp b u m p s In inches. A mllo of exi client surface d«flfB the motorist to di lect "any perceptible vibraUoa" -»blle riding upon it. fn 1828 the meter · ovrrctl 314 miles of now pavement a d indevcnl J S I miles an excellent, 3!i DEI cent ot the total, ·while In 1!!-!) cv client rnitei? equalled 78 per cenl oC the meterecl. The gtancl avei IKC of roughness per milp in 1WJ « id O.S21 inches, hl\ s.'j than tho re lUlremcnt for an in- divUUuil rnilo of ox«ellcnt road This means that man miles, worn perfect, o: noarly so, t hold up the high aveiago ' Thu 19.'8 .ueiage was 80,685 liuhea or move than five points outside the excellet t class In 1928 lor Hit first time the flgines compiled on q u a l i t y W riding suiface were nuido touovm to fontraclors and department held employes, v,lth tpc- attention in Ile! from inspector* A Keon Vivaliy icsultcd, between tho eight depitrfmt'H divisions and amonfi contraetois, o a t h striving to inftfcp records for ninot th rrj.ifl. , "More i m p o i t i n t than the pleasurable beiiKcUion oi t i d i n g over a Hmooth Ad," RckeK d a c l n t e d , "i« tho Cact that smootlJ road cuts down operation costs for the motorist It HUB d o w n the 'bounces' w h i c h are transmitted to the road In impart, and impact lt the thiet enera.\ oC toads When wo eliminate or les en impact we piolong he life o£ the r ad. Kverybody saveb money by t h a t " c-ooketl flavor \VlU'n preparing turnips, the coolt IpV-arltthlrl santples a few rtiiees Children liko raw turnip yet there has been n labors on catlnpt (hent -aw except lit vc-r.v small qilfthtt- tlos No*- we encounter the raw tvtmlp as a delectable ingredient in raw veffoUJjIo sulada. I'Mther dhonped line or RltoPd wafo!' t h i n It Rtres a lino /.eit to the Aad ami is ah iitlr.ullio subbttlato tor tho radish when that 16 not iRTattablo , Yotng turnips sliced Ihlfil .ires an excoSJent malerlA) for ft sAlad, KO wlidl you plaht vour row of tinniii seed tlilh bprintv j o u can take the l i t t l e onoB us von thlti (M row atifl UHC (Item aa r^diihi^H 1u i\ snlutt anrl boil tho (ops for gr6««ns. 1'bme Will be no d a n g f r in eatlui? the lUtte t u r n i p s raw nor k 10 big ones either, for Uwt mnt~ tor, piOvIdexl tlipy aro properly ^ It Is now ·frell known t h a t the valu- ahl« filamine cohtcal of vcffisiabie.s ia moro arallablo Jii n raw stsile thati when cooktxl «d «oW« t the \rSUmlii6ii uro Uat in coOkiua. BatltiK law ^eg» e-tabljs ia n hettlthful FRICK CENTRAL DIVISION HOLDS SAFETY MEETING tho First ·wan Uie- chiuf item of Qlotufiion ill tho atth annual «af^ dinner oi ot tins Ccutial nuinlon, 11. (.'. Coke, held Salm day riisflU at the White Swan Ffotol L'niontowa Covers ware laid Co: 317 officials om- ploy-as and giistb C! ly P. Ljrnl) ^enaral doiit of (lie company WUH tho principal spcdkur ot the occasion He fol- l o w t d tho slogan ot tho employ DS and spots of wifely Ihf alms of the com- pan; ITI bpon^ofiug an pxtensUo pro gran and told ot the responsibility , whl h facea tho men who do Lhi ac- tanl work. C t,. hntton, safety Inftiortor and B. J Murphy, assistant insiie-cto-r, wore othr spcakcia on the p of rani Itoth pa) a uumbei of Htailatics dealing wiLK safety Jlrst hctlvtt w in J, T Pisula, superintendent of tho F06.«dat© and DufBlngton miaes, aerv- od in tho capacity of toiu Imsistor. The cominltt-iso In charge ot /uianfiomeflt luclacted M. A. liurrisa, ch,il rm-a a , .( 1. J'kuidj K S. Wolft-rsbi.rg and G W. Meti. P a3ils roprebentod Continental No. i ,uid , ISdeiuborn, JWiliprt, Footodale, C!at«!, Kyle, " h, U'lmbert, Ije-r-kroiu 1 N'o 1, ly^ckiOno No 5 i/olsoniln^ No 2, Lemont, Palmer, Phillip-j, U.iljib, Hedstona, Ronco, Stmpini? Plant and York Unn Fashions Gray Shado« Over the Face of T 10 Mod By FRA NOBS PAQEl Copyilgjtit, 19 0, by Style Sources NBW YORK, Peb. 10 -- The spiing enaemble Is Involved with related bhoy atul Das fabitce There nio ehoo.s of fabric as well us Iwither, wilh smart bags to match. Palm Beach has addtxi to the prestige of line, both foi shoes j ami bags and itodiev woolenn and | other eupple and Interestlns f a h i l c n f are need in pouch, underarm and vagabond typoa all of ·which aro conservative In el 're Some factors returning from abroad voice the opinion that fabrics wi 1 ! MiperBedo leather, but since Ihe market abounds ·with Bmart purees in amart Ieath«r6 this tiuestlon remains opon Giltekin remains, while g latflkin, crocodile, and Morocco are c'tel aa among leather preferencee. Interest in ( O S t u m o ,i \ v o l i y ie- inalnb at white heat, and along with the many coioi ul hoveltlce Important comes u collection In gray and black, black and whit" and a combination of all thro. This seems particularly interesting hecause of current iumor« of the importance of giay in t h e spring mode Kvlilnm oa of tliifl already have been leported Horn such smart place« at Palm Heaeb ·whether tho fc'rn luce n hu«i goti on ipcord. 1011 bus In eu .1 H't'liiifc dial ^ i a y c i l i e u i U has a lon» rt-^onl t i l to l i a \ e u n o i l . l i m p w h e n \ l M i l ciu JPIII.J The State j n h n Jkirrymore, eminent star o£ and screen, baa an unusual op- porrunlty to rlwpiay his i?oniue for charac'tertKatkm tn "Oenoral Crack" tho Warner Brothers VI tap ho no special coining to tho Stato, Uniontown, lod.iy nnd remaining over for Tuesday and Wednesday This, is his firei talking picture. In addition to portraying the deh- IIIR title role- of the mad Pjineo Christian, 'hoklter and lover, m (hit, virM talc of romance and a d v e n t u r e In el£hte-Mith f o n t u r y KJuropo, Mr Barry- mure oontubutcB tivo oUior mtporb In tho prologue- of tho actual story, he actg the part o£ i'i«j faili-or, a doddering old soldier Mtet- in tho film he enacts the rr-lo of hie father's ghost who appenrn ne a guiding influence in nn important t u r n i n g point in rho atory, Said to he h!« most fascinating characterisation, Bairymore In the title rol as General Crack, is seen as a KtormJng individual in eternal conflict with his gypsy ami hie arieto- cidUc trains--ft man who becwne thia dominant military flRino nf hits time, as well a« the fire«tet.t lovor The supporting caet ot "General Urack" includes JUowell Shorman, Manoh NUon Armldn, JHobart BoswortJj, .fauuelino Logan, Philippe DeLdicy, Otio Matiesoii, and many others. t Thursday, Friday and Saturday, a musleh.1 extravaganza, "T_/ot'e Go Places" w i l l be fchown. Thr» story IB Hglit and laput with «t Hollywood ha -kground * hnli» c \ m i u ,1 e^ · UK' most Our business i s h e l p i n g f o l k j w h o need money a n d n e e d i t qulcklyl Jpto$300 Pl 11SONA1. F i N A N C H Second ! Wi 1 1 2 \Vt!4t ( . l a u f o u i Aveiuitj ( l ) v c i W t L r o r j ' i ) ami 10 Cent b u i l t ) CONNiii5.svn LH, PA. ri-ltphono Cuntii-Hsville 3-4 Opra S 10 ro I--Sicurdav 8 30 to i ---uc,i mto ni T H I s r x r u -- Every Courier Classified Ad has a message that goes straight to the heart of two problems. It brings the offers of advertisers and the; wants of readers together in a unity of satisfaction. In the direct: deals between buyers and sellers which are arranged by these ads thefe is complete imderstaiiding and n-rahml saving of time, for messages that bring profit as wefl as pleasure read the S S I F I E D S E C T I O Phone 12, 13 or 49O The Happy Day Soon Alice Day, lovely screen star, who will wet Jack Cohn, broker, actress. in Paris, according to aa announcement in Hollywood, made by Mrs, IreneDay mother of the In fm'ddon ne«d, w h e n s e c o n d s count, telephone t h e drug store, dot lor or police. \ II O H K T J I O H B 4UVKJUT1BJS IK

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