The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 8, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT.- THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, MAY S, 191S. : ^ i at this time', is pleasing in the e x - j j trenie--in fact, will tend to iacreaso, |.! patriotism in this country. i ,1 ! i THE PAK.UIOOT. ·rue so/sso.v.) "MY HONOLULU GIRL 1 !--The performances of "My Honolulu Girl" at FAIR GROUND TAKES ON ASPECT OF FALL RACING WEEK X THE RKD, RKD HEART --A Qve- the Soisson a-e part BJuebird feature, in which MOD- houses and the g e n e r a l vfrdict seems roe Salisbury is seen in the leading to bo thai it ,5 a:out ihe neatest arrl role, U being shown today. The sicnv best phow .ier-? ibis season. Tlie ca.T. from whicJi "Toe Red, Keo .Heart" i reM^aJffl onp Jn^h-pressure, ]00 p e r "taken is e n t i t l e d "The Heart of t h s ' ci-rii, buPet-pno£ comedian m the per- 'to crowded I Knrh AJnruiiiir Pruwsbior. of^ Morses * ; »es Itoiiiul the Truck in Triiin- ini; for September. Dawsou Fair grminds IK now a rcg- j nlar show place fnr visitors \vtio ; ' joumey froir the surrounding eoun- I Astonishing Strength find Encntr i Veins of Men an 4 Brinira KO CbedLfi of W«rroan, finn-Dow Desert," by Honoric Willsie. A youn^ girl arought from the east by her be- j :ng and exceeding)} trothed for the purport of regaining w i t h a b^auf.fully her health, pers,? trolly re in. -.0 i j Donna take interest in life, bavins suffer^ 1 a n e r v o u s aback from a train \ \ r t c - c . , son of Nod M ? l r o y . a summing look- | lies to \vafch tlii'ir Horses thai, are :n ! ; Pr: clever aclrers u'l.'s.i.vo voice in a^t 1 . and iwo dashes of pa- "B.iho" L r .pc,; and Beatrice i:;'.\brook. training over the hoM half-mil o track I .n the rowntry. \v.ille mary of t h e ] trainers of trolling pacing horses not beer. m i ' e i better AO: the firit 'lundretl stro taeet to wh»E (her owc.ihei deny tcplr "Mxw«! Iron pol' T3t Phjifeu (Onidoo: Drri ng, httltbr reopl streaEthtnd BCS " Dr. Jaicei Ft c'. Btl.'evi.- Ho' Tht i_iio ru s danced well The son of an Indian chief \.orkn 5' ami worked w:rh a \ i m every second on a.a irrigation project for ;hc f r ^ r d j o f the way. Th-° Hawaiian. 1 ; were ca;- wiili whom fahe i fit-leir.n;:' * to the g*rl from herself, kidnai^ her and takes her out in the desert thkt she may rjrink of 7hc spirit jf "the dejer. and. forget her ills. This he «ccp::ip!!3heo \ v n i l c her f r i e n is "purs- uo her :n viu. When the :r rl hoij recovered and a fight has bo -ii lor her beiv,ecn the Indian a.ul her lover, slit decide to stay with l ic, Yihora s-c has irauicd to lo L . A c Kiie.ry u ircludej. Tomorrow.. Alice Brady, t.ic \VorId s t a i , v.-il: z\t- l*a-. in -'i.iL* Trap, one uf th ban li.30. ( \\". J. Arnold, w h n wintered 12 V.eac' , of spcedprs at Dawson, has his horses j a l l working 1 honor than 2.25. Each i ual ;intl the music *.\as t u n e f u l . The j m n r n i n t ; i'l is ;i r n m m v i a l p i o r e s s i o n l Uawr.iian.f f u r n i s h a d e l i g h t f u l ' m i l - ' nf horses- poms around (he track and { * i t a l an;i ttencing treat or t h e i r o w n . Hie scones reprosmt ,n miniature i w h i c h was one of the bo,si things o f ; w h a i it w i l l be the week of Scptcm-: the .-t'0». The men have fall voices ' bor 10. when the 1'avrson t-'air give? . COUOJT Hasp.ts), SIT*: '"IfcWM=daaf peiij,t jn(. ler I iota it on det.cirrtir^lii t ·[!) no krmw ivbEiio ttke. Tbsic Is ro;hn s !JU t r j a m c iirn-Huc- . litul. tieallbr mco. To mak £« re*! o-Eia tbe fttcagtti tni c f i t s race meeting in the circuit of ! w h i c h ii it- a meml-or. \ Secretary H a r r y Cnrlvrnn is b u s y ; ·"own »»* TM " folkainr* "s^i"TM ffrli r-lV 'o \wki ttir«. 1] VflT |U nl't»i*iirl *,:;££"'/.£ oiaity mm 7^ r^.- 1 initaice'." "" "»' TV, · .^^'.;; ,v r X (\uicc in t h e apnroM'd siyl(. All in all, i; is a th.i; can be strongly rrc- i ~*^* 1..^^... *!...,, - - _ h o u r and a half of makins prcparacion? for Sis fa" raoi I ^ i-oncti:!!;. v.hirli f n l l o w r AMlec.irs. and ; " ' judsing from ihe entry )i.=t of his four early closing r \ c n t s thr-rp should | * by \. oxcr!]on: onlcrsainnionl. The I^fficicul M'oninn. The foundation or efficiency lira in bo nt Irast 1'JS on the prounds and roliu-t. hi-i! h;- co"s:tt:uion. Whon ready to l a t e w h e n the Dawson Tair . a: ici. \:\£ and ihorougaly delight ul in, weak .ind s u f f e r i n g f r o m i is held. IKC'.IT.CS wiiich has been seen horc .or d o w n piins. inflan:ma;ory arid nicer-' The four early Smith. .Mr. and ,' M o u n t Savaj relati^ cs, Mr .Miss E-v* a l-f. Wash :,-! . Mil., arc MM and Mr- S ,,. *~*ci I^t'fk'" ib; In! 1 net' vibit in * iniib.: i p r of llieir .'·li« Brad appears m lie role o; Deris Saiw, '.he dau^U i-r oJ a fanatical fisherman. ^ap vb the Daw son meet np ?1.0(m and the hoipns ng sti±kc.- for are each for t h a t w i l l com- on* of th vciures. tivat on :ttoiy fot.iDH 1 . e season's inost TllK nt consequent oackac.^e. headaches, ner- vour^'Ci-s "t'it" no uo:;ian peto in tlirs^ ovonts a f t e r the hat- can !,-· cff'.nont o.' iiurd:;.- a lit tom-'t':"" lhc thrc ' f ' wrckK prr-ceecimf; this pan:c:i to ii'.c v. .th. It A e r y »on.a:i . merlins w.ll In- ,-eady for a b a t t l e Ohiopyle. ,li: this condition YTOU!' 1st succe^ ot all only g u o [ h a t | i ° ' a l o\?r the Dnwson t r a r k . Tbe ' ^ root and herb re:i:e,lu'». Lydia E. Finkham's Vcgo- 2.22 trot and t 1-l o - T t r o t will he t h e ; big affairs nt the meetings, but the ' C o ^ i o u n d , a trial, ^.he ivutild 2.16 and 2.22 pares w i l l be ones in j be restored to hea'.th and reach ! which the time made will make the H, Mode's newest, :ravel ies- the post* o: h?i ambition for pprsoua e^ T -o tht Orphcum :hc:.;rc i'iC:c er.c-y. -Adi. cij. May 12. TU celestial nesv j n o a remarkable "ton*, of s; sfeuret curn^rs of the ti, iit'.er Loioic ui: iod. Th:s iric!uue. a visit to Peking j'or- bJdden City. A trip through the Ald B kan wilils is a picturesque ant interesting feature-. L"itH!»ualjy ei ter- tainiiig and amusiug is an exclusion to Coiiej Island, including the \a:ious bfsarrtf devices of the country's playground. "Hoping a Mountain Lion" provides a real thrill, and of absorb- ; Uecd w c f c caUers Ing interest is a series of views of Vanderbilt* spectators sci \ t A l i c t t d y t u o ho |rieir!;iml a i o on j stakes llKit w i l l {along u n t i l tho and lake notice. .^Ps. in r r a l n i n i r nt cred .n tl.e-r pa .np; lie cn-refuliv raced m -on iTie^lin^ when brotbt r Mane, statiny he a Fort Thomas, Ky. IJ. J Cottom of Dt'^v: Ttic-sday dL h,s n f t . t e here C. D. Sailor was a d calif-r Monday evening. i o m he: vud i,uc VAXDEREILT. May ~.--Jeannette Love, daughter of Mr. and -Mrs. J. L. Love, is ill with an attack o£ rnea-sles. Mrs. G. D. Urysou and two gmnd- cluldren have returned to their notr-c at ila»Mitowu. after viiiting the former's daughter. Mr.-. Johri Pratt, Mr. and -Mrs. L. L. Dayton and daughter Francus. and .Mrs. Harry B. i Connellville last ,. - n i L · i , - tbey will be given t h e i r head in win · ft i . Meyersdate. CcmPuence. is .pendLiig Tuesday .11,! "Wednesday w i t h her l a i S E cu. 1 -- h ' r i \ M r - .Jame.s l ^ i i l i i u i , u h o .-p r Tt j the past s e ' i r a l mo.i'b.- at 1'eti.r^burg i r e t u r n e d to her home here S.itnrd.i\ U". U. Glotfeltj' h;'^ returned fro.u a business visit at C o u n c i l ? . -me, Mr uncl ,\:r, R. K. )5u!l left Mor- day p i e n m g for L'nlonuiwn co rpend .1 Uacle Sam's tractors in action. THE army caterpillar evening. Hunting IlAr^-.Uns 3 i You will fmd them in oiir ad. columns. Miss Virginia Pearson will appear today at tie Orpheuta theatre in a bi£ WilHarc Fox war play, "A D ugh- tcr ot Prance." This play is ce: thinly a thriller. The actaon lakes place in. and between the French and German, lines In Prance and it concerns i love affair that springs up between IxMiise de Ciou (M^sr, Pearson) and a German offcer who has led hir. troops iato Prance. The eudfcig oi tb strange affair {particularly straugr 6 BELL-ANS Hot water Sure Relief May 7--Rev. Father Dougherty, who spent a week here with Rev. Father Brady, [eft Sunday evening for Louisville, Ky.. ivhere b e , fen- days. expects to remain for some f m c f o r 1 \V. (I. Coni^tnn is iirprovint; \ r r y the benefit of his health. He was n i c e l y from an attack of r r i p p c and accompanied br Father Brady, who ( pneumonia, mil spend a tew days there. i Patronize those who advertise, Miss Mame Ptatt, one of Meyers-i dale's grade twirhers, l e f t for .toiins- Vo ,. , havo pot I0 ci ,, an M(1 . lmr .,.,, town on Saturday to spend the sum- bowrls thoroly to ',,ue swxl boal-h mer with her sister. Mrs. Harry May aft( , r mnnU ,., J f , ndo ., r }:;: v m l ,,,,,,,,, f'harles Bi-.tner of Gloncoe. Nfeyersdaie business visitor on day. Dr. and .Mrs. R. A. Rcger of Buckhannon. V. Va.. and their daughter. Mrs. Lakin Roberts of Wheeling. V Va., are visiting t h e i r son-in-]aw and "" daughter, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Philson. , Fred Rowe, Jr.', is home fro-n a busi- ' ness trip to New Vork. ' Hugh Srr.nh of Roscmont, "^\', Va., is ! a guest at the home of his brother, i ·as a fo so n o w jf y n u r o ui(i si e t!:eni as Mon- you do your face n r hand., liollis- ter's Rocky M o u n t a ' n Tt .1 leans an 1 clears as n o t h i n g else. Start tonigii.. Connellsrille Drug Co --Ai:\. WHY WE SELECTED gSi loose I'mlcr X A Glean Quiet place 'or Your Let I's Know- What Tou Want and How You Wor.t It --o-GOOD SKHVIC"-:. -- o-Mrs. (. J, Arm^trwiiir, I'nip. To Supply Car Owners of GEARED-TO-THE-ROAD .An Announcement by The Miller Rubber Ca ·v O NLY one out of twenty-five applicants at the factory meets Miller standards. Uniform Tires can come in no other way than by rigid exactions--unwavering policies. Just so CJtrefal are -we in choosing Miller Dealers. We want only those who reflect our ideals here. Theymust be capable of giving you exceptional service--just as Miller Tires are exceptional. Dniionn Tires--Geared-to-fhe-Road Tire* must ·vary as ths men who build them Yaiy. So uniform tires can be built by uniform men only, We, solved this problem by training . crack squads of tire builders. Each must meet standards. Here science keeps books on every man's efficiency. He is marked on eVery tire ne builds But more than that he is penalized if ever one .come* back. Under this searching system mistakes are few. Each man's personal efficiency it 96 per cent One Motorist in Fifty Tires so uniform can never be produced where quantity output rules. Picked men are rare. If you multiply workmen you increase variables. So our production is necessarily limited. Only about one motorist in fifty can obtain Miller Tires this year. If you want to be sure of securing Uniform Tires get a pair at once. Don't put it off. Our limited output compels us to limit a dealer's allotment each month. And the tires this champion regiment builds--99 out of 100--wear the same under like conditions. Less than \% ever needs adjustment. The Miflier Rubber Co., Akron, Ohio MAKERS OF Mil Jer Red and Gray Inner Tubes The Team-Mates of Uniform Tires Connellsviile Garage Co. 117 East Apple St. Bell Phone 514 Tri-State 365-W A Soldier's Will Frmient is every soldier who 'iiakes a \\iil and he exercises good .iiK' ' in a p p o i n t i n g thu Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania as bis Executor. It assures tho proper settlement oC tha estate. Bei'orP gain:; over the seas, come in and see us about tbis important matter. Them As n.Mial this store will be looked to to f u r n i s h the dainty, sheer white fabrics, the, pretty trimmings and the patterns to make thorn by. i And ;is usual tliere v,ill be no disappointment, for we're ready to meet yoi;r oe- ny day. Use These Pretty Materials --Wh-lc Silt Crepe 1c Tliine, W inches w de, fit J1.B.") to S'.'.2." the yard. --VI-He Wasliablo Patiii. 36 incjios wxie.-- nt i?2^0 to ?2/n tlie anl. - Vi'l.ito Crepe .veleor. 10 inches wM,-. excrllonl. qualiiy.--at !.«i-0fl the Jftrd- - -White Satin de F.n\r, 3C in'-!lis wide,--at $-V"i'i Ihi 1 yard. -- W h i t e Taffeta, 36 im-iies wide, io srl] at ?.i.(l" to 'T-'-."" U»e yard. _ttTi)fp Mcpsallnc. 36 in[·.].··= w i d e , at" (be jnnl- --«Ti,te Georff«tte Crepe, 40 irchcs wide, al *2.M, $i.-0 and $3^)0 (lie yard. -- W h i t e Chif-'on Cloth, 40 inclus ivdo. to soil ill Sl-il t h e ynrd. -- W h i t e Cotton Xet. 72 -nelies wide, at SJ.B5 f l i c Tiini. - V l ' i t p Cotton N r t , ?,C i'.ehop w p l n , lit 75c tile ard. - W h i l e Silk N e t . -fn 'nchps wide, at ,?'2.0(l tlie yard. --White Silk, 72 inches w i d e , to sell nt SJ.OO the yard. -White Voiles, plain and ngnrrd. -10 inches w i d e , at :!"· In $L.'(' the jard. W h i l e OrRaixiy, 45 inc!,co wide, at flSc and ^."c tlie yanl. - White FJavoos, lf inc-hes n-ide, to .sclJ ;it X"c ami "c the yard. 0 And These Dainty Trimmings to Go With Them --Filet !,a[ Bands and Kdges. i lr 5 inches wide. 1 Organdy Cmbroiden- Edges. 3 to :0 inches \ride, nt ie ami ."· the yard. - Shadow Hand* and Elites, 2 to 3 incucs w:dc. at le 1" ."!){· 1h- ;ard. - \'.ii f,:ici- l-,d^cs- and Insertions (o inaJrh, ^. to ju^ i p i tirh wile, at Se lo :l."c the j a r d . N , - Top '.ace F;d?i=, ;? to 10 nu-hcs -A'ide, ul 3,"c to SI.00 (lie yard. -Gold an-! Sliver I.are Cdpc- and Hand?, 3 to 5 in^nrs v pie. at ?J.OO t« 5i..".0 tin 1 jurd. Sunday, May 12, 1918. G recline Cards and Booklets to sive or send mother--lOc to 35c onoh. ".My Mother--a Prayer--by Tom Dillon--in a neat Iranic--at ST\TJOM'.l'.l' Ji:rAKTMKST--FlilST F!X)OR Advance ?*Iotice of the Annual f-Vlrp = C* F j - /"~/ ^ImiBi^a^gf^ Red Cross Coming at an Early Date ^ayser bul HEIGHTEN THE BEAUTY OF THE HARD AND AM rt .9! "$ T3 ft 1 -T 'fcllij ^ ff^ '-.*-- IK. \ all white embroidered in colors, at -ttlc to S*2.."rt yard. --\7 t inch Lnr.j rionncius suitable for overdraws, at $HW the yard, --)-adh. N ; t r r n v lidgo* and Band?, 1 to 3 inclies wuif, aJ C-K; to ^-..0 jJjf yard. --Bend Drops and Tas.seIs in sold, silver, Fl^cl and I'par"., Jit 2rxi to 7.V each. --(jOld and Silver .Vets i -u;tallr for ovcrdrapes, 12 iixhos wide, at $2.,"0 Ihf ?JLT(L has received word that head- quarleis wants all knitters to SPEED UP. Most women will not need this advice though for they have their own sons and friends to knit for--socks, sweaters, helmets and mit- I tens--to keep them warm in the service tins Winter. ,, . , , k . , , . , , i MINERVA YARNS- N o f f o "Sp-rta'\ f n o shnri'i of Kayscr fsf'ri' gl-ivcs hovv- p.^r- ' i r i i v , j . y ; )t t:» ,\iii(i. Tti-' i..'aut of t h e i r ,ipp"ar;ii!c-- '.asts until i answer all purposes of a hi,v .ir. w o r n f.j' bocau.-f ot ' h i - cicol.rn- si'.k i-ininnyad. i hig'n Kl" a de, pure T.-Orsted I. ,r n,u -tod: tor Spruu- ,und ri,,,.,,ncr 5 now ',«.,n s .hown, i ' ar "' The - v are here i n t b e ; i.n,i^ A ' l i . - h an- rmi'iy striluns !:o\c-It,(P in !i!ack-Md-v,hitc. , varlous ^eights Suitable for i.'iii. -.i:.(l-ni ,, I,, srais ;u»! uthcr p n p u l a : colors, besides com- i the various garments. iet" 'ni'-= or p'Bin b'iu-k aufl white. j Ask the advice of our salesladies who know what is best KAYSER SILK GLOVES--EVERY PRICE--^5c to $1.75 i n k n i t t i n g . r^^f^SrVj ^ ''v.t -«J*--" fVt-V y\ ^-^\ teOm. \Vomen who wish to attain apparel distinction should Vjy all means give these garments attention. Only the best tailored and best st\led models are offered. Buy Now to Seciire the Maximum of Service and Style Satisfaction \Vorien whn wait lonpror sacrifice weeks of ex!n sen-ice that might just as well be Uiei'-s and to which they are r i g h t f u l l y entitled. Notable groups are especially featured in thehp sections and stand in readiness to nieet every demand whether the decision is bounded by price or no limit in expenditure is made. Separate Skirts Here in An Abundance of Clever Styles Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Just Over the Bridge'T C o n n i - l l s t i l l c {West Siilc) ^.Ci Kvery Liberty Bond you buy is a blow at tUe Kaiser and Germany's "frightfulnebs." You pay Tor tbe bond in easy, weekly installments. Should you be unable to complete pajiNenta. you lose nothing--ail you have paid in will oe returned to you. Come in for f u l l information. Cairoll Battery Co. A Factory Traini'd Ballorv Jlun. 'ii Garage for Sale r ;t .FORD AGENCY j 1 fc I ] in two tovrns of 10,000 popula- I V tion wttli and parts of five town- J £ siups. Fntirc stuck of tm-s, t I j tubiss, Mct'ossories and l'orl 4 I 1 jKirts. Sale-, axoracre $10,(HMJ { i 5 JUT iiionlii. Owner in drail, on- J I \ Jy rtasoD for ?c]lJD£,'. \ 120 IV. Crawford ATC M Co "The Bank that Docs Things for Ton" Safe Deposit Boxes for Heut, i! Y/eimer Motor Co., I 1 ! aiOTOU TH1JCK and WAGOS5. M O V I N G A D noiSTlJVO P I A N O S A bPSClAt-TY, Office JO3 E- GrniHs AJIc7 Ojipo- ·lt«r P. R- R. Depttt. Both Phone*. wcar-r of ? ] a! -^cs a ro^rv" p.i r 11 ,, a - lia rii- niucli ' i i c o n v e n i f n c y w i l l he avoiOfJ ar.rl the urir^n- cy of rush roMiir M Trk olimmated. I.rt mt , )!: .-i),- c 5 o u an extra pair

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