The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 8, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1918
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MAT 8, 191S. rHE DAILY COURIER, CONNEI,LSVILL,E, PA, FA'GE SEVEN. Deserter ~ · IT · Written by a Prussian Officer. W h o Participated i n t h e R a * ing and Pillaging of Belgium iV Ft** Prea Where Is onr company? Nohodv knows. We are the company, we 2^ men. And our officers, "Somewhere sorely." snlrl a ?tikH*r, "somewhere in a botnb-pr*of corner." But what were we to do? No otif could decide. Presently n noncommissioned officer of the field gendarmes approached on horschack. It Is the " cf this partic'alnr cla^s of defend- brought before a court-martial. Punishment for self-mntilation was a daily event find many severe sentences were pronounced and then mode known to all the others to serve us n deterring example. The color sergeant 4 ! place wiis conferred xi pon another, after which the captain disappeared once more la the direction of VI try. We marched away and halted fit a ers of the fnthorJard to round np ) point northwest of the village. Herr behind the fiont. "You are pioneers,*' he called to ns ro-aghly. '"Whnt are ran doinc here?" Then he n?ked us innumerable questions which we answered as well na we could. "Whore are the others?" he aj-ketl, "Over there." snfr! n yottnic Ilerlin ioldfer, and pointed to the battlefield, j 'The other* ar-: rtnnd or pprhnn 1 ' ; prisoners. Several oiheis bave t w i n - i agpfS to save thenifttfhrs and art 1 some- j where, perhaps." "Sever inintl," the roncommls^ioned j officer ?aitl roughly. T h e conversation · had become diiap roe able to him. "\Vi\H h^re, tmtiJ 1 COMIC back. Where are j the officer" ?" Agnln no on? cm;M in^wer, "What { nrc rheir nfin/fs? I shall 1'nd them, i Perhaps they are In VIcry." I We fold h f r n r h e iminr«! of our offl- i c**rs. He rriive n* I(fpi)*Itr*Jition p.ipers so that «« miirht NP pttJe to prove ro others Innui.-iiiK why w e were u n i t i n g where we were. "I hope In 1 * hor^r f n l l ^ niul hf breuks his neck." snid one of onr men. We entered one of The hon^f*; w h f r h hn'J . »on I'ohhfri. n 5 * were aU the others, threw ourselves down npon the mat- | trejwpj to sleep, sleep. «:teep. How , lonj; wp clppf no nne knew. We only knew t h n f ir was ni^hr and that some p of onr rompjiny hnd arouseri u*. These f were newcomers who hnrJ been h u n t i n g j for as for a lony Unit-. "Come nlonn. Tbe ( n p t n i n Is out- slrte and he U \ery o'isry. HP has pothered 17 of his men 'ocethcr :inrt H riirsiim H U P thf very devil bc-caube he could not locate yon." Slrop.v. jmrf entirely In li.Terent to the future, we lefr thp buiM UK. We knew thru we noiilri ho «pr t i n t o action n ~ n l n h u t no !uiKtr onre-1, I hud n*»ver lif r nrf" -Pt-ii j.woiip: a bo'ly of soldlPrs R'ldi nji n t inn-sphere nf absolute Indif- we met other pioneers who bud been gathered together from various battalions and our unit wns once more brought up to 85 men. The officers told us tViat we would not enter the b-tttlc tmlay. Our only duty for the time brins was to .keep "he bridges over the Marne In Rood rendition for tr.p German troops fighting on the oilier side, so that they could he used in casp the battle went ngainst us \V? then inarched to our destination, u rich wns at the point where the Sjiiiis flows Into the Marne. \Ve reached I rime to reach the bridges beyond which lay safety. At this Instant the cavalry which bad taken cover along th** river bnnlt galloped to the bridge position. In n moment the bridge was covered with Uumnn bodies, all racing for the opposite banfc. We cotitd see this tern- ! porary structure trembling under this enormous harden. Our officer sftw the situation and he nervously pressed The telephone receiver to his left ear. His right hand was on the snltcl). Breathlessly he nt tbe flreins masses. "If only officer sprang «p, rushed by the pioneer standing at the apparatus and a second later there was a. terrible detonation--bridge and men were thrown Into tlie a!r hundreds ol meters. Just as n river ac high title races along, fating with It all manner of debris, so the surface of the .Murae wa 1 ^ covered with wood, men, torn uniforms and horses. Efforts to swim were futile, yet soldiers continued to jump into tlie river. On \\~\f- other side the French bepnn to disarm Bnch Gernan soldiers as stood there with raised bands. Thou- tne telephone connection!- bud not bern i fiuncls of Prisoners. laammrraMe horsea and machine giiim fell Into tlie hands o* the enemy. Several of our company were Just about to retire with tne electric apparatus when something developed which certain of our number L - J -- - - ' · ' ' ' - ' - been brokcn," he muttered to hiinsetf. Ge knew as well as all tbe re^T of us that hf \rns to jict on the instant that the curt order came over tlie wirn. It was not njwch that he had to do. Merely make a movement of his hands. Masses of troops continued to rush across the bridge until inert* tlum half wo.nj safely over. Tho hnfigc further a b m p was not In such great demand, and with the lessened cofi^eHion almost all who crossed hero were iilreudy safe. Vfr* cnult] seo how the tlrt of tli" FYench nnitsi had crowed, hnt tlie bnd?e conflnnpd to stand. waiting Cor orders, and final'y on own initiative blew It up. Some had suspected. An error had made ant\ it was too late to Tbe upper bridge, which had not been used to any great es±ent by the Germans, should have been left stand- Ing! It hnd been the purpose of the in command to leave tills b r i d g e so that the enemy might continue its pur- j «;tilt of our troops until a certain n r r n The sergeant who (Banned the nppa- ber of Frenchmen had crossed the i tnK j»t thi« bridge became restless | river. The plan wns to permit enough ; ' Frenchmen to pass so that they could i he tftkeu prisoner, yet, not too Inrge ' a force, lest It might prove n menace i to the G e r m a n r r r n « \ Frenchmen and hundreds of Germans upon the bridge found tbeir graves in the Marne. At the same moment tho officer standing next to me received the order ] to blow «p the last bridge. He hesitated to obey, for he could still see ; many Germans OT the other side. Tie could see the race for the rood lending to tho bridgehead as nil sought safety st tho same Instant. There a terrible 1 panic reigned. Jinny soldiers jumped into the river and irled to swim across. 1 Tlie pressure been mo greater as the our destination about i thonsinrN stll! on the other side tried TO BE CONTINUED. Keep lhi i l i t t l e ones hoaUhy and !mpp. Their tender, scnsithr* bodies require a cooling, healing, h a t r r le?s rrmedy to prepare thc.r stomachs for summer's heat Jlollister's Rocky Mountain Tea is reliah.e and ?afo. i Uioro but not injurious. ;(5c.-- Coni n c i i s v m P Drug Co. _ Adv. ' ' ' UV ritmr upon the rap fa in. Tie ; ti-- i I'prt'.icii in[pUN our lit'iids^nr. uniform-- inrn Itrn ^JiretN n n d w i t h o u t pun-- and ktinptacUs. "\VIt\ i . i f - \on running around here?' , hr ronreij. -Thnt ^.'a-; Oiir reception. ' Nobodj on 1 *"*r*-d. X »bfn]y cared, ^niijing could 1'f "irje 'Jian u h n t \ \ e bnrt tippn throns'.i. tnir n ' t ) . ( H i g h every one union;: ni fell kivnl,. lUc mvii-'U''*; i of i he captuio's attttutU we all n.*- tvf lnp'3 'vilfnt. I "U'Jjcrp I. 5 , .inur equlpnent?--I.nsr-- i Tl.'c -fnt. 1 f q u ' ; i - )- * jou rcf e 1 . If fill wert- ):ke .oc--" lie rnT«() on for a wh'le affer th!« I fnsblon. ih*^ 5":iT? fellow, v.ho. n l r h o u t , any. action on Ir.^ own piirt pcrm^tied I the- rebels to retreat will's Uo dc-rewl- cd his f a i h e r l a m J in V i n y , 4 l.'G LUo- nn-Ter*« bc-iiitul the bntile line. around us In an. t?oon were We stood around n.ilf ,i.--lP»*p, Icnn- in^ on our j:»ns, ;md vylt S 1 10 he ltd irce n.ore to *Jio ^'r.'.i^lrfT. A shut fell In our wtd ;, It -tr iok a ^olnr scrjreimt and M.:ashed his rfjrht bund. H^ cried 'nil from :h«? p ^ i r . IJIs 1 nnd \rn*s qn:ckl l,r.nd::gcd lie was the .-is o'clock in the mornlns. The dead lay around In tumps everywhere. We n-cro cnmpfns on a wooded height nnd could overlook i h p country for ninny kilometers in ail directions. We I snw shrapnol bursting by the thou- 1 sands. Little coulc! be seen of the rnon who were fighting despite the fact thnt mnny divisions were locked In a death struggle. Presently w« saw the Gghtlnp line. The Germans were about two kllome- rers behind the Marne which flowed by directly In front o* us. German rivalry In great numbers was en- i camped along the banks of tlie river. '' Two temporary bridges In a very dilop- 1 Ifl.ntpfl condition constructed of what- i over matcrlnls were nt hand were lo' rated near us. Preparations bad been ' made lo blow them up w i t h thousands · of pounds of dynamite. The electric i fuses had been strfmj: to the point ; i \ h p r o we were located and It was up to us to manipulate the switches. Connected with 'he battle line by telephone, ^ e '.cere in a position to destroy thf» brUlgp-5 gt a mompnt's notice, i Thp fiplitls ^ became more lively. \Vp saw the French rusL to attack and rpilre attain. The fire of musketry in- crea^-^d and the attsicks hucauie more frequent. T7ils continued for more t h a n two hours. We pan- the French corjtiming to to fret back. Tho message over the w l i e became more atid more insistent. Final 1 ? rhe Try Onr rifLARMficil Ads, Th^y cost only 1 cent, a word and always bring rosuHs. , Kead our advcrtisomtints. best of hoaltn Halo siad hearty, with good, rad appetite and ffood digestion. Grandpa's nenreB tones tho uni-res and puts rlRXJr and EnetgT UrtQ tlw Ryirtctn. Thore la no mHtcry about Blo- exaoUy the content. Aafc j-oor doctor about Bto-for^ru or. if you trlsh. antid u» hi* naa-art and wo ·wrt'A lor- ·rrfLrd him the complete Cormalo. O*re Blo-for«n a faJr trteJ. If It don't maio gixxl your money trill ba pIea»nUy rocurned to you. Inter- MtttnK boohlet ifUl b» tnAil«il yini on [Uaet w-citnco (1.90 at idl |tlod ... or direct IT your drujnflst don't bajQtDa It. TlJo Suntojael Kam- edj*« Co^ CSnclmmti, Ohio. nnd. In fhe tilood, i?ood fcra Bt«ady, too- He tnk^s caro o( tinveelt He keep* him^eU flt. He scftfl to It that his narrcs and blood are In gtxd uhape. "When he rtnds that he t« a.Unff irlthout relUih, feel- tug 1 t. 11 ttl* depres*ed nd cro»», fticepT all fiar TCA atn not fl\e«p niffht. . . he beclni hie trmatrnoot of Bio-ferun, the nerr« ajul blood tonic ** Blo-fer«ti, a corapouad o* I^sciChln, Iron Paptonte and other vftluobla tonic elemanla in tmblot forn% la Ju*t exactly what the avenge ttrcd buiti- neas m«-u, Lbc average houackstoor ceedj at thia ftoaaoo. of the vcar. It , -] e =pite tlio Omosn n r t i l l e r y tire. pnu-c the French Aft(*r nn n i p i l e n t m t h e P i oral d.^pr- u t kinds of formations, Hni-h t l m p rhf wovpi of offensive trnop« ut-re forcer} hucK. At throe ciVlork in tho nftermnri, under Q blo\v "lilcb m n f f i l n e d the f u l l power of I -anen. 01,r cioopi were forced to re- tn'p. fir^t »lo'vl.v, then in wild flight. Tho pxhftuMt'd Gcrmnns could not be rallied In tUt face of UU.-, blow. With IEAVES NO AFTER-EFFECTS E X C E P T HEALTH A L L D R U G G I S T o - L A R G E An us i happened. He- Ijntl rested ')N on the sun hnrrel in the saose manner as lul aH the otliers ^scept that his hand p a r t l v covpred the mu^Ip. The orders provMe ihat tlv ::u i be IncL'efl If loade'.!. Turning f the color ser- -^rnr, u i i a %ras r-rlth'n,- with pain, tl.p cT-ptnin rmrefJ nt h!n: : *7 shnll report jo'] for pTinlshjnen" for your grcs-5 carplo'-^n^^s anrl frr mutilating yourself 'n t'.:e fip'(' " TUe color ser^ocint. a loiv.-OTOmis- sioned officer, realized that Ids military career was at on end. We all felt for him. During the months pn? -prtinir t h N incldr-nt he nad always nssotiatetl hfra- sr!f v I f h the privates. %Ve never learnt d whether he was The Fighting Became More Lively, wild confusion nl! tried nt the same A tract of 112 acres, situated within one mite of the B. O. R. R. main line, all clown grade to depot and n.ce town of SOO peopJe, having High. School facilities and Qve churches. This tract has GO acres of bearing peach and apple trees which have been given the best possible care. Two good houses and outbuildings, a well and never failing Spring within 30 feet of the house. All will bear closest inspection. An excellent opportunity to make good money and give Summer homes for men of moderate means. Special reason for selling. Price $12,000, Terms reasonable. Parties own one other tract a little larger, two-thirds of planted acreage in bearing which can be bought at reasonable price. "Write for full particulars. Cumberland Fruit Exchange Box 275, CtttriiETCLAm MD. Pathe prices advance, on all models, after next Saturday, ^lay 11. Other t.Ulfiag machine rr'"-es were a.lvancad long a'.;o, since before last Christmas--Patte is tne lasf to take- this step, \ \ h i c ' ' · "i'f"ftiin!ii? conditions, increased cost ot labor and materials make nee '. r s;;r. MAY Ilth. Model No. Model No. Model No. Model No. Model No. Model No. Model No. Art Models 25--NOW 30--NOW 50--NOW 75--NOW 100--NOW 110--NOW 175--NOW - - NOW $ 25--Will be $ 30--Will be $ 50_Will be $ 75--Will be $ I GO--Will be $110--V/i!I be $175--Will be $190--Will be $ 30 $ 40 S 60 $ 85 $110 $125 $185 $215 (Model J2"»-N"i)W !-'2~, "tt'il 1 Xot Jio Jn- creasrd al This T j n i n ) . Last Week (o Bnj Tins So. jfOO L'fltliephor.e for .._.. _...., Aflrr Mas llth, I'ricc Adianccs tu Last Week to Buy This Special Patheinhone Out- iit for 5:3 00 Pathophono (plays all records)-51",.73 Record Cabinet-A u i 6 Double-Saced Kccords (13 selections ol ( j u r o\vn choice)-- AlU-r JIuj Utli, Price Adtanoi"; lo $15.23. Connellsville's Reliable ·nishers Since 1891 Putting out good printing is our business, and when we say G-OOD PRINTING we don't mean fair, but tlie best obtainable, If you are "from Missouri" give us a trial and we will -CAP"STDBES THE WOODSHED IS "CAP'S" PARLOH By EDTTDfA !EST LOOK /VT TH' WU ftN' THftT HRflTTED TOP HAVE TRACKED IN ON TH 1 CLEAN FLOOR'. »'M G-OMWA TELL VER MOTHER t ClOO ! UOOX ftT/ ( ^ Munny FEET\ I FH- SE5T CHNP. H 1 HOUSE-- A M0 WENS'. ~~'"~ {X3- TOO HERE VE COME TRACKIN' THRU PiC-IN'. THIS IS TH' OWLV pLr-, I K'N ttS THO«r , HVHTIN' SOMTMIN 1

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