The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1939
Page 10
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\ PAGE TEN. DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLB, PA. TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1939. Courier Classified Advertisements For Quick Results 1 and 2 Times: Per line, 9o cash; lOc charge. 1ASSIFIED AD RATES- Ads to Be Rua 3 Times: ^ Per line, 7c cash; Sc charge. " Special Yearly Rates Upon. Request ( Ads to be Run 5 Times or More:, Per line, 6c cash; 7c charge. Thelse Rates Are Based On Consecutive Insertions. There are five (5) average words to each line. "Cards of Thanks," 50c Flat Rate. Phone 12 or 13 for an Ad-Taker Special--Your Ad Inserted "7" Times for the Price of Six!--ypedal No Ad. Is Taken for Less Than a Basis of Three (3) Lines! Announcements Card of Thanks PHILLIPS--We tahe this means of lhankinfi our many friends and neighbors for the kindness and sympathy extended us during our recent sad bereavement, the death of our wife and mother, Mrs. Carrie Phillips. Especially do we wish to thank those who sent flowers, Rev, A. R. Mansberger. those -who so kindly furnished cars and all \vho assisted us in any way. Wm. Phillips and son. Strayed. Lost, Found 10 Automotive Automobiles for Sale LOST--Brown key case and keys between West Penn garage. West Side, over Western Maryland Tracks and up Morrell avenue. Return to D. L.. Kooser. West Penn Garage. Reward Automotive Automobiles for Sale 11 SEE OUR WONDERFUL SELECTION OP HIGH GRADE USED AUTOMOBILES Oil OUR USED CAR LOT AND ON THE SECOND FLOOR OF OUR GARAGE. - - PICK YOURS OUT TODAY I WEST SIDE MOTOR COMPANY. WEST CRAWFORD AVE. PHONE 407. LARGE SELECTION USED CARS BENNETT MOTOR SALES 255 E. CBAWFORD AVE. PHONE 1234. USED CARSI SEE OUR SELECTION 1 E. E VAN SCOY. INC. 259 E. CRAWFORD AVE. PHONE 243. VOUCH MOTOR COMPANY. GOOD USED CABS. 321 SO PITTSBURG ST. PHONS 8. Auto Trucks, Tractors, Trailers 12 FOB SALE--Late 1937 International \\- tc-3 pick-tip Truck. Driven 15.000 miles. Mechanicaily perfect. Owner leaving town. Write Box 750, care Courier. FOR SALE--Used 10-ton semi-trailer. E. K. Brakes; uses 32x6 or 34x7 tires; rack body. Cost new $1,015 00. will sell for 5200 00, Martinsek Garage. Scottdale, Pa. OUR SPECIAL FOK TODAY! Will Demonstrate Anytime or Anywhere ( 193E CHEVROLET TOWN SEDAN- DELUXE M O D E L . U S E D SLIGHTLY AS DEMONSTRATOR. FULLY EQUIPPED WITH SEAT COVERS, FOG LIGHTS. PANEL ELECTRIC CLOCK. DELUXE STEERING WHEEL AND DELUXE RADIO FULLY GUARANTEED 1 DOWN PAYMENT. S2232B BALANCE IN IB MONTHLY PAYMENTS OF SK 35. FIRE. THEFT AND COLLISION INSURANCE INCLUDED IN ABOVE PAYMENTS. G M. A C. TERMS! (The World's Best). MASON MOTOR COMPANY. CHEVROLET SALES SERVICE 127 W. APPLE STREET. PF1ONE 103 Open Evenings! Open Sundays! Business Service Business Service Offered FISHER'S UPHOLSTERY. AWNINGS. FURNITURE REPAIRS RECOVERINGS PHONE SMS 322 SO FITTSBURG ST. Business Service Printing, Enjrraving, Binding 27 LET US GIVE YOU AN E S T I M A T E ON YOUR PRINTING WORK! Fland Blllsl--BlndlJiel--Calling Cnrdi! Bill Ucndst--Letter Heads! For Rent Cards!--For Sate Cardsl No Trespassing Sl£ni For Salel All Work Fully Guaranleedl AU At Reasonable Rates I COURIER JOB DEPARTMENT. PHONE 65. DAILY COURIER BLDG. OR PHONE RESIDENCE. 01. Professional Services Merchandise Household Goods FOR SALE--Coal ranges $1000 and up; living room suites, S15 00 and up; washing machines. $15 00 find up, guaranteed, radios, elect-ic, 55 DO and up: pianos. 510 00 and up. Also big bargains In other f u r n i t u r e D U L L S STORAGE 122 EAST PEACH ST. PHONE 50. in-GRAD£~SLlGHTLY USED DINING ROOM. LIVING ROOM. BEDROOM SUITES. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD HERE! MERVIS FURNITURE CO. PHONE 2020 FOR SALE--Ut-ed Grunow electric rc- IrlKeriitor, Price rcanonnb!e Phone 1078-R. Wanted--To Buy EXPERT TRUES FITTING--Elastic Hosiery nnd other surgical appliances. A. A- Cl.iJ-ka PH G D.-iifMlsU 223 North PittsbtirK Street- Phone 1.H Employment WANTED TO BUY--Power pinru. over 1.000 watu.. In any condition. Writ Box 161, Dlckt-rsnn Run. P.(. Uelp Wanted--Female TELEPHONE SOLICITOR--Wymnn 30 to 50 -with Rood \ocer for circulation pOl- !i!7 Mi.!! 'invi' i'ood npp'--.iranc*, pt-r- sonallt, cn-opcramc spirit and frt-r to tra\el. Write ci' telephone number. Box 9. r i, Caro Cmsnc- Hc]p Wanted--Male GOOD. DEPENDABLE INSURANCE -AU kinds James R. Laughlin--INSURANCE See me for rates 303 First National Bank Building Phone 520. Moving, Trucking. Storage 25 FOR MOVING . . . PHONE 50. DULL'S TRANSFER CONNELLSVILLE. PA. "FOR BEST SERVICF.I" Modern Storage For Household Goods LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE-- Moving Miller's Transfer 153 East Crawford Avenue. Phone 133. TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE 21 33 30 37 31 17 35 IO 32 A.CKOSS I--Naughty 23--A meadow 9--To (formal) 26_British 10--A preHmin- soldiers otd salmon 31--Sow 14--Toward 32--Masculine 16--Retain nickname IS--Female ruff 33--Loses time m 39--L*tters inaction 22--Woman tin- 37 Tumult dcr religious 38--A Dove vows 40--Witchery DOWN 1--Grumble 12--Dampness 2--Within 13--English 3--Pig pen philosopher 4--Those who 15--Open prepare food (poetic) 5--Vigor IT--Dodge 6--Scent 20--Part of 7--River In Bel- "to be" gian Congo 23--Southern 8--Satiate state (abbr.) 24--Greek letter 30--A eombinu.- 25--Athwart tion 27--Hatred 34--Anglo- 28--Employ for Saxon con- i wages sonant 29--Norse god 36--A simian of war 3P Upon WANTED--V..-m to rr-prc«cnt ;i nntloin! orflnrJarijp-i In Fn\( 1 tf and Wes'morc- land coutnic^ POMtlon pc-manent fc'id offers opportunities fcir one c^o^^^ nrtprenccs required For IntiTvicv. u'lite BON 3r5. Conncllsv.Ue. SAVE YOUB BIG WHITE RAGSI THEN BRING THEM TO THE COL-RIEU OFFICE . . WILL PAY YOU CN CASH TOK ALL THAT YOU BRING 1 . . . AT Sc TER POUND Financial Need Sloncy «*-B rznn CASH--in n hum? we'll lend jou WOO or ICES on your signature, Prrsoial Finrmcc Company, Phone 34. Rooms and Board Rooms Cor HonueKeepIng Livestock FOR RENT--Three lurnl'hcd roorrv balh all conveniences 1218 Chestnut Street Phone 287-U'. Real Estate for Rent Poultry, Effjrs and Supplies 19 BUY--Denny's Baby Chick? lor prof table flocks. Five popular breeds. BLOOD TESTED. 95 c o Livnbllity guaranteed for 14 days. J. ". Denny, Box 734, Younfiwood, Pa. Phone 281 Apartmcnla and Flats Merchandise Buildings, Building Materials 53 IF YOU ARS--Pntchinff that bmall break in the kitchen wall, or plastering every wall In the house, we can furnish jour needs,. Stone Work. Phore 1700. Farm and Dairy Product* 55 FARMERS LET US HELP YOU MAKE SOME MONEY I HERE'S HOW--You can find a market, tor your farm products. your farm implements, your dairy products, your live stock and household goods by running a small Inexpensive ad in our Classified Section. There you will find many people who want to become your customer or buyer. The rural circulation of The Dally Courier covers n large area and your advertisement will be read by many people who are looking for Just the things you huvc for sale. NOTE: All classified nds are payable in advance. You will ftnd our rates In the above Classified Heading. Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers 56 GOOD LUMPY -- Run o£ mine coal, 100 bu , 8c delivered; 50 bu,, 9c delivered; 25 bu., 32c delivered. Cash, Phone 2037. Frank KobaUa. AVAILABLE AT ONCE--Knur room mod crn apartment In Now Wrstey Building Kxlra larj:c living room tpe, newl modernized kitchen and hailv. ay Hr and coJd u«,tcr. steam ht-',it garbaj; removal. Janitor service, special lnundr service. Apply Koller's Shoe Store SECOND FLOOR AP ARTMENT--211 Crawford Ave. Heat, water, Zurnlshea $31.00. Peter H. Weimer, Wcimc Arcade. FIVE ROOM APARTMENT--Two fur nis.icd attic roams, one-car gar-age. 12 So. Eighth St. Phone 1310, APARTMENT--Four rooms and bath conveniences, centrally located. 132 Fairvlcw Avc. FOR RENT--An apartment, Smutz Btulc iff, 735 Crawford Ave., West Side. Real Estate tor Sale Brokers In Real Estate SAY YOU, MR. RENTER--You have pai rent for 20 years--what have you Nothing but rent receipts. Better come in and start on that home. Terms! PETER R. WEI ME R. WEIMER ARCADE. PROPERTIES. FOR SALE OR RENT1 T. C. PHAL.IN. SO. CONNELLSVILLE. PA, PHONE 975. Farms and Land for Sale 33 FOR SALE--1G8 ACRE FARM--2 miles from City, large bam, house In best of condition, hardwood floors, bath and basement. DUNBAR--Three properties, consisting of 2-fot-r room apartments, six room house, store room and shop. 2,500, WM, P. McNULTY. EAGLES BUILDING. PHON.3 1760. GENUINE--Washington Run Coal. Low pr'.':e. Wm. Dull Son. Phone 107 or call Dauson, 32fil and 3G53 FOR SALE--18 acre farm near Mt. Vernon Park. House, barn, chicken house, good water, electricJty. Mrs, Tune Bowser. What makes you think Daphne CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN i THE DINNER hour had come! and gone and, according to Haw-' kins, who brought me my tray, a flreary affair dinner had been. "Miss Daphne didn't come 1 down, miss," he Informed me in mournful accents. "I sent her dinner upstairs, but it was returned un- tasted." "And the others?" "Mr. Horace presided. He looked badly. The guests were present but--" here Hawkins* voice faltered--"but there were those empty chairs, miss--" Those empty chairs. I shuddered. Poor Mr. Richard! What was he eating and where? He and Toots Cemoine! At a quaiter to nine 1 stuck my oead out the door and listened for lounils from above. In her bedroom on the third floor Eliza lay, unconscious and hovering between life and death. Dr. Richards from the town had been in constant attendance for several hours. She had not a chance to recover--the fall down the stairs had fractured her skull. Her last labored breath, I knew, would be the signal for the arrest c£ Richard Witherspoon upon a charge of willful murder. At present he was being- detained in jail as a material witness. As I stood there half In and half out of the doorway the telephone on my bod table tinkled uncerta.n- ly. Without waiting for It to ring full blast, I ran to lift the receiver. "Elsie?" It was Phil calling. "Yes"' "Is she stilt alive?' 1 "I think so." "Listen! Will you cull me at the Jail as soon as she passes out?" "Why--" I hesitated Ho'.v callous Phil was! And yet Eliza meant nothing Lo him, dead or alive, and nothing to me, except that I coulc not view ihe poor thing's death-calmly and coolly na though she were a worm that had been ilcppec on and put out oil the way. "I'll caJ" you," 1 said at la-it. And 03 he was ixbout to hang up I asked; "What about Mr. Richard?" "The kid's sitting tight. Won't open his month until he sees his r. That's Toots' doings; she's vill confide in me? : "She's a woman, isn't she? And desperate. Believe me, honey, I'm not* baiting a trap. I'm playing a .ong shpt!" "All /right" 1 gave my consent 'I'll try. When--when does the exhumation take place?" "Ellis and Mac are leaving for :he cemetery shortly. I'm laying low here. Don't forget; give me a ring the minute the old girl kicks ff!" I repeated my promise and hung up. Hastily I smoothed my hair and powdered my nose. As I left the room the clock beside the phone chimed nine I had an hour in which to win Daphne Witherspoon's confidence. At ten I had an important appointment in the arboretum. And, unless I were greatly mistaken, Daphne herself would be ready and anxious to escape my company when that hour arrived. Quietly I tiptoed flown the corridor. The door of Daphne's room was tightly closed. I lifted my hand to knock. Someone spoke my name. Mr. Horace was coming rapidly toward me. At the sight of him I gasped--he looked like a living ghost! He said tonelessly: "Elixa has just pj-ssed away." "Oh, I am so sorry!" And I was. This rooming Eliza had been alive: this evening she was dead. And the murderer at large! "She died withe ut speaking," he continued. "She was not able to tell us who shoved her. Poor Richard. "But he isn't guilty!" I protested vehemently. "Richard is, of course, Innocent," snid his father with no uncertainty in his voice. "He couldn't commit murderl" "I am going; to Miss Daphne," I said as he made no move to leave me. "I thought perhaps she might be able to help." "I see." His small, colorless eyes bored Into mine. The flicker of a Bmile passed over his face and was gone. "Perhaps she can help. Miss Ritter," he said softly, "perhaps she can." When he had gone I tapped lightly on the door. I hati promised Pinl to call him the moment of aret trom a mirrored. Tshe had lighted it she faced me through the smoke. She had control of herself. She said lightly : "You have been reading mystery stories. Miss Ritter." The fear was gone; her eyes were curtained, inscrutable. "No -- " I sat down on the edge of the bed. "I haven't been reading' mystery stories; I have been living one." She inhaled deeply. "Really ? How chrilhng!" Her hand holding the cigaret shook slightly. I went on: "The story I've been living is about a girl and a boy. They are brother and sister. The boy is troubled; he owes a sum of money to a crooked money lender; he is being hlackmailed by an unscrupulous gold-digger. The girl knows about the boy's trouble. She knows about the emeralds. She knows that the boy is innocent of murder. She Knows who killed her grandmother and her mother -- and know so well -- "you couM do us a b.g favor and the kid as well -- " "I could! How ?" "Get hold of Daphne ar.d make her talk!" "Daphne!" For a moment I saw red. "You think I'd do that?" "Now watt a src! It Isn't as bad as it sounds. I've a hunch that Richard isn't guilty of murder. I'm prutty sure that he's mixed up in some dirty work with Beeman, and that it's ten to one he stole the emeralds. If he'd come through with that, well-- answering to theft la better than frying:" "Oh!" I exclaimed, ar.d I was silent so long- that he jerked hia receiver hook impatiently. "Elsie! Are you there?" "Yes. Phil, you aren't trying to fool me, are you?" He gave a disgusted snort "I'm giving you a chance to do the kid a. favor. HJS best chance lies in coming clean, but the poor dope Is too scared to realize It!" , I was not entirely convinced. Richard? 7*o Eliza? Perhaps in the space of that sixty minutes--resolutely I turned the knob. At my entrance Daphne whirled from the window. She cried sharply: "I didn't bid you come in!" "No," I said quietly, "you didn't.' And though the room was in semi Uurkncss I could see that she hac been crying. Her cheeks weri streaked; there was a jag-ged path traced through the peach of he powder; her eyes were red rimmed and swollen. I stepped forward. "Won't you believe that I am your friend? That I want to help you?" "Help!" She laughed mirthlessly. "How can you help ? How can anyone help? Richard is in jail for murder!" "You can. help him. Why do you hesitate?" "I?" Fear leaped into her eyes. "Why do you say that?" I countered: "Why not? It is true, isn't it?" "So you think I have a motive in keeping my brother in 3ail?" She turned 2ier back upon me and "Eliza!" echoed Daphne, and the fear had returned, a monster vcs devouring- her. I nodded. "She died a moment ago. Soon the boy will be charged vith murder. It looks bad for him, He has so many things to explain, The part that this boy and this girl seem to have overlooked -- "-I jaused. "Yes?" said Daphne. "Yes?" "They seem to have overlooked the fact that if the boy is guilty of theft, that if he confessed his ;uilt, a great many of the things that puzzle the police would be cleared up. The boy and the girl don't understand this; they don't understand that stealing isn't murder." "But suppose the boy admits -- Jieft? Wouldn't the police then lave a motive for -- for murder?" Jone was her pretense of indifference. She was leaning forward, her hands clenched. I repUed slowly: "The girl would have to tell all she knows." "Oh!" Swiftly the curtain descended. "Your story is most melodramatic, Miss Flitter," she said, shrugging her shoulders. "Surely if this girl loves her brother, she wouldn't hide any evidence that might free him." "She might." I risked a shot in the dark. "She might if she lo\ cs also the one whom she suspects is really guilty." "Thai's not true!" she cried in. such anguish that I Knew my shot had hit home. "You've no right to suggest such a thing!" "You've no right to remain silent!" I challenged her. "If there is murder, it will be on your head!" "Go! Oh, go away!" And there was such torment hi her tone that I had not the heart to torture ber further. In my o\\n room I dialed the number of the jail. "She is dead, Phil, I whispered over the wire. "She :s dead." "O. K., Elsie. Have you attended to the other matter?" "I did, but it was no gx." "No?" Well, don't worry. Has Horace sent for the coroner?" "I don't kr.ow." "O. K.," he- said again, "I'll bring him out. Sit tight and remember I'm for you." "I'll remember." (To Be Continued^ Real Estate for SaSc Houses for Sale FOR SALE!--FOR SALE I SMAUL AND LARGE HOUSES--Located in Connellsvilie, Scolidale, Everson, Mt. Pleasant and rural sections of Fayetle County. Sold on small down payment:-., balance on monthly installments. 5 to 15 years to pay. Only 5 % interest, no finance charge. If interested, kindly ivrite, phone or call in person. FAYETTB 'REALTY COMPANY, 405 SECOND NATL. BANK BLDG. T D, GARDNER. MGR PHONE 1375. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. HOUSTON AVENTTE. 216 -- Six room frame house with bath, in the very best o£ condition Immediate possession. Priced to sqll at 5J.500 Inquire, Paul Wagoner. 1009 West Crawford Avenue. Phone 143. COAL--Best grade 9-ft. coal. Prompt delivery for any amount. Gerald Phone 1991 GOOD STEAM CO AL--Fu rnace coal. Reasonable price. Phone 41I8-R-J2, Scottdale. Wade King. OUR CLASSIFIED SERVICE is as near as your phone Just call 12 or 33 and your needs will soon be met without any further trouble on your parL Houses for Sale 84 FOR SALE--Six roo~m house with bath ard furnace. Two lots. FairvJew Avenue, 52,200. Inquire Robert N orris. Phone 505. GET GOOD MONEY for your extra household goods. Put them on view through a Classified Ad. Phone 12 or 13 for an ad-ta^er. EXCHAN'GS what you don't need for what you do through a Classified ad here. Auctions--Legals Legal Notices 91 DESERTION NOTICE. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: My wife, Nona Fisher, having Jeft my bed and board without just cause or provocation, I will not be responsible for any bills contracted by her. George F.sher, B. D. 1, Dunbar, Pa. 17Jan-3t-tues. His Son Escaped The Chair A "HOOM AND BOARD" ad here can soon rent that empty room of yours. Overjoyed by news his son was spared from death in the chair at Sing Sing prison, Louis Chaleff, of New York, plants a kiss on the cheek of a . neighborhoon friend. Chaleff's son, Philip, was one of the two cop-killers whose sentences were commuted to life imprisonment. Three comrades were executed for the crimp- ' TWEHTY-EIGHTH SHHUAL REPORT OF THE CONTROLLER OF FAYETTE COUNTY, PENMA, (Continued from Preceding : AGE:-- TM ~ Commuted.* Unflcx 18 years of ag-e Between 16 and 20 yoara of a^e Between 20 and 2E years of aye Betiv-een 25 and 30 years of apo Over SO years of ago ._ Number had served In Armr and/or Navy "Average doily number of prisoners Average number of days Agr^regrate number of days served Number of prisoners paroled _. Sentenced by Court of Record ,, ,, 1GO STATISTICAL SEPOHT OP PAYTJTTB CCtmTY INMATES 32f STATE 1 SOIT-STATE Ave. Ave. Weekly Quarterly CORKECTIONAX. INSTITUTIONS: Institute of Practical Arts 303-3 Industrial Home. OaJtdaJe Ft. JoBppVs Protectorv Xoorffo Junior RapublJa Ai;aocJn.tJon_ Jtome of tho Good Shepherd Alicjrhcny County Worlchouflo , Svcstcrn State Penitentiary Eastern State Penitentiary , Penna. Training School. Morranza Penna, Industrial School, Huntingdon iluncy Home for "Womon __ Fairy lew State Hoanital Criminal PotJc State School. Criminal Insane aCENTTAIj IKSTITT7TJOXS'-- Farview State Hospital Wornoroville State HoBpital ,, , State Hospital JTrmiber 1 Ave. Daily 5 25 Rate 'so Too ~~80 .78 .TS 1.23 1.16 1.5* Rate Too Too JU.t« Lewelton. State Village S*ynBsrove State Colony , Botnerset County Hospital , 3 Ofl S.OO 3 00 Hospital -- ' ------- ~_ Polk State School _. 11 in no 10 CO , 355 ,, ,, . IIol ^aini'y Orphanage __ - _______ 4 Children's Hom« (FayeUe County). 28 Jndutjtrlal Home for CripoU-d Children ________________ . _ i CJiIJgren In Private JIo;nos ___ . S3 _ ·PayeUe County and tho PHyeUe County Dlstrtct~con" tribnte to the support of tiie Fayotte (.v J n t y ChUdren'a Home 33EET STATEKCEITT BOITDED JDEBT. Created by votn of the ISlcttors __________ Crt.-a.ted by action of the County Commissioners 2.50 __, 30.00 $1 500 OflO 00 ' ' ' Total outntanthnff bonded Indebtedness S3 C65 000 00 - i«g 737 21 7l'ooo!oo 102 151 12 ConUnKcnt liabiliUes . j Temporary loans "^ 2*"I Accounts p u j a b l e "^ ~ 2 \ccrued )n-cr*st on County Bonds I_ ,, Accrued liiLPrcat 0:1 Tempnrary Joans I_ Delinquent interest coupons . 9,988,75 Toud rioatine Indebtedness J 295,367 32 Plus bonded debt 3,665,000 00 Grosp outstanding dr ht at end of year 193S . 53 963 967 3" ss cash and securities in Sinking F u n d 1,325,341.39 OTTTSTAJrZN ZJTJIEBTETJKXSS, CHS HITS $1! 'J.J8.626 311 DEBT irwriT. OUST. Creatcii by vote of Eloctors . $1,500,000 00 * - ' a m o u n t In Sinkirg- Fund Q66.21 73 ·ci Electoral bonded debt . $ 534.755.2* ^d by anlon o! CommissJoncrs $2,1S,000,OQ Less amount in SinkiriK Fund 960,126.63 Contingent liabilities . 5 126,737.21 Temporary loans . 41'o 00*00 Accounts payable II_II 102,451.92 Other Indebtedness 2s!72fiil$ $ 23S,967.:!2 Total debt created by Commissioners ,, $1503'840.69 ss cJ-edUH l i f t e d below . , 392 296,58 t debt created by Commis«ioQers ,,-.,__,..__,,_,,. . . j ai,S4*ll 43,030.27 S37.31G.ES li8ti2'.50 OKEDITS CaHu at end of year (other than Sinking: Fund) Estimated collectible outstanding- tooccs of 51,166,422.10 lean 2% Interest due from banka on Sinhlne Fund Baiancea -_ Interest due on bonds owned by Sinking Fund Commission Total credits deductible ? 89-,2'JB 5S H y r S f f K n ·g.y f)f CAtCmATIO3r OP DEBT LIMIT TOTAL TAXABLE VALUATION 533.502,70300 2% (Comm'rs) SI,875.054.06 Net debt (Comtu'ra) - 611,5*4.11 Remaining bor- rovrlng power $1,264 509.95 5% l i m i t (Electors) $*,69C,, iVet Debt (Electors) SIH 735.2* StTBIKLAItY 7% total debt limit Leas net debt created by Electors and Commissioners -- 16.5fi6.139.21 1.446,3^3.35 Remaining 1 b o r r o w i n g capacity of TSlectora and Commissioners * STA'CEMHirr or RESOITRCES Cash In Treasury, J a n u a r y _ , 193D $ Cash reserved for outs Landing wan ants . Cash in Banks, Sinking Tund CommiaHlon F r f j e t t o C o u n t y 3onds ownrd by S i ' J k i n e Fund Commission Other bonds owned by Sinking Fund Commission Claims against oloscd bank«, estimated collection Balance, accrued Interest pn claim, FNFJ Mawontown Accrued interest on bonds owned by K. F Comni Accrued Interest or. S. F, Comm. deposits Claim nfrain^i- N. B of Fayette Co. 193; Bridge toUa, bal.-Claim nsalr.Bt F. N. B Mason town, 13 H Bridg" tolls, bal -Balance on JSO.fiQG J u d g m e n t entered against Johr C Hackney, Lee Stern and William McShniie at No. 235, Dec, Term 1B30, Cor uncollcctnd laxc« on 1.929 LiUzerTic Township duplicate -Balance on 53 130.45 Judgment entered ajjalnst Fnuicts a. Kei-fited. at No. 233 Dfc Term 193S, for ur.collected taxes on 1930 County tax duplicates oC U n l o n t o w n City, secured by proof at claim of National Bank of layette County rtfraffes of re-cord In the namo of Fayette County to secure payment ot court costs, flnea, and taxes ,119,353.86 51.C20 37 7.577 I J I 305,296 33 0 s ) 8,495 17 G1.R48.23 30,000.00 2.184.02 1,802.30 10.087.-3 1 400.00 3.444.03' 1,721.75 4.37T.05 Returned property taxes unpaid. Year 1930 ? 44,916.99 ''1931 7S.C-T..51 193'2 125,146.42 1.033 ISy 70S.47 1934 17S.157.S2 * 33E 1S5.91U S3 193S 199.6C1.S5 1937 234.75S.3l Due from collectors on 1936 tax duplicates D-ie from coHcctora on 193" tax duplicates . Due from collectors on. 1938 tax duplicates Due f r o m collectors on 191J to 1934 tax duplicaets, ohareud ngn-lnst ^-ach ot the bevcra.1 collectors m thv Con;roll- «*r'!3 tax ledg-era on fllo In the Controller';! office Unredeemed properties bouRht by County at TJ._ aalfs forfeited bonds und rccoffnizances tiled in Pro tho notary'a Estlmaiud outHta.idintr costa and llneb Iue from C, H. Kennell, Cl of Court, bill. lt;Jl to 1935 . assignment, prooC of claim or Bebsle H Phalin, to secure payment of balance on 1S30 dupl So. C'Ullu Due from T o w n s h i p s . State Road Conatr., (Suits pending).. C o u n t y buIMinfi-A. aniJ grounds Furniture and lixturea Automobile and trucks County roads and brldffes Voting inarhliiis ( I 4 f i ) . Machinery b u i l d i n y Roud machinery and equlpmttit U q u i p m f n t Ir. Sherltf'b ofllee Due from H, D. Miner-, County Treasurer, for 25o comni. on Koturned Municipal taxet paid to Countv Tr'iiur-r Estimated value oC County Home Fai m. Buildfnt;. and equipment 2,521.62 16,612.80 423,993.flO 408,430.71 43,811.89 27.S34 C* 3Q.QQQ.tiQ C78.26 216.8S 264,009.23 947,000.00 157,304.40 9,133.07 ·162.647.55 151,030 70 , 5,167.6^ 4, 107.71 500.000,00 Total resources . $6,4 12.40G.64 STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. COUNTY OK FAYETTE. SS: appeared before me, John J. Bradj, Proihonotary In and for the County of Fayiitio, i^nn^ Ivanls, Albert MoiiiKOrncry, County Controller, who being duly sworn doth depose and say that the lorefTOinjj statement of the fiscal aflit-ir-) of th- Count of Payctte an It appears from the several books on the 2nd day oC 1933. In the office of the Controller, Is true and correct to the best of his owledge and belief, Controller of Payette Count~" Sworn and subscribed before me this day of January, 1939. Prottioao iary~

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