The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1930
Page 6
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S1.X. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEL^SVILLE.-PA. P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Mrs. J. .1. Dougherty Crf Kasl Cedar HVouiio and daughter, Mrs. John Schcll oE Somerset, Spent the day in . PlUsburfT. , Mr. ana Mrs. W. C. Mlohaol of West I Apple street Viere guest n of Mr. and ATrs. Ja.nea G. GrlBUh of New Ken- j slnKton Sunday. i AtUd Catherine O'Connor, manager ot the ladios ready-to-wear depart- J raont o£ tlie 'rroutman Company store, \ left for New "i ovk to buy spring and ; B u m m e r merchandise. I S, M. Sheets' IK ill at his home In ; "West Wiish in j: ton avenue. j Mrs. G. A. HarletU of 10dna. t street j and aon-lu-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Din bin of South CowMiUs- viMo, have returned homo h"om Akron, Ohio, Avhoro tuey wore called by llie florioua illness of Mis. Marietta's dauphter-in-laM-, Mrs A. S., Mari-etta, ·who is suiterlpg f r o m a severe- easo ot erysipelas. When they lett tor home, Mrw. Mariott.i's condition was improved. Mrs. (J. \V. Venrod at Soutli N i n t h s,tret't. Oroomvood, will remain In A k r o u w i t h hot daughter, ftirs. Miinctl.i, u n t i l slu- has been uro- nduiK-wl (o bo out nt danger. "Mi's. Hfirmiiu K r l t H h y tiul daughter, Itlls:, Anna. .01 SrotUlalo visited jeb- ·ferday u i t i i .Mr. and Mrs. John JI. "Whom M i . a n d Mu. W i l l i a m 8. Bradley ol Soiuh C o n n e l l i v l l k left this morning for a t h r e e - w e e k t r i p to Cullloriiia. They w i l l via t points ol interest on tin- w a . Troop 5 Scouts Hosts to Parents At Annual Banquet I'on t i l l HIM! from 1'iigi' One. x«i C l o l l v l l y . H a n y irotzel ai«./ Jciiii Y o u u k t i i . The followuig Scoutn wore promoted in trtjop rank: Patrol J^uler GHtiert Batten to senior patrol louder; Scoul-i Merlo Fair, Alex Hart, Aunt.Met v mtuicri r afci "Par as I knon- I've npver dona nothln' to deseei uto a churdh, ex- eejH once when 1 ivaa y o u n g 1 cleaned my fin jfrr uaiLs ' duriu' prayor." The meeting w is opened with inspection and drill. · Suoutmaslor A. ft Lambert of Troop 5 KUVO a talk, ox- plaining the- significance! oC the an- n u a l custom of repeating' the oath atirl faws, promptly at.SiiG o'cloe,k aU over the country. The investiture reromony at which ·tune A .1 Roy no da, JHHy Moorihau, Jack Col Una, l*ylc Seilor, Proskm Sil- haugh anrt Carl h o t r i s wore Inducted Into Troop 8, was. unusually introst- ing and enjoyed 'y tho guests. Raymond Shipley -wi a awarded a fltHt- cluss badge. This meoting clovd wllli allegiance to the ilag. That cold may load to something gefioas, if noglec ted. The time to do something for it is noiDi Don'I vail until it develops Into^ bronchitis. Take two or t iree tablets of Bayer Aspirin as soon as you foel a xld coming on. ^ Or as soon as possible after it, starts. Bayer'Aspirin will, head off or relioA r e the aching and 1 feverish fceihig--will stop the headache. And if your throat is affected, dissolve two or three tablets 11 a quarter-glassful of warm water, and gargle. ' Phis | quickly soothes a sore throat and reduces mflarnma tion and infection. Bead proven directions for neura gia, for rheumatism and other aches and pains. Gen u'n6 Bayer Aspirin is harmless to the heart. Popular Powder of Beautiful Women _ _ H u r r y who R linn's their- complexions Uso MKJUIX)- J!X) Face Powder , ,, , ,, . only Famous foi purity--Its cotorliiff and fcvnBt unmnge t O [ n l a U o r ta a p p r o vo ( tty tftc Govcrnmr-nt. patrol leu!or. Tenderfoot j The ,skln never lo ki pasty or flaky. It badge, ncre awarded to Scouts CHn- · P0ru \ llhd / ulliri 2! 0e " m ° '"^^T^ ton" Hell, Khe-\vocd Giotfelty, Harry Het/,el and John Y o u n k l n ; r a second- balge ,(o ISrnet llamage; flrbt- clas-.-i Ivtwipos to Norman Batten and t Mt-rlo Fair. Tht'so prctsenlationB were 1 made hy IJrotitmaator Ijambert. Scout Haniage, as6itel by Scout ,loioti gavo u n oxhihitiou o£ knot-lying, w h i l e S; u t b \lex Ilart and Merle Fair Wivo a demonstration ot first aid with John Myers ae, patient. 'J'ho '.Ml a'drv.s of the evening was j,lveu by John 13. B r o w n , a charter inenibe-i of the troop and at present In- »l motor of chemihtry In tho Now High School. Mr. Brown on "Tho Charactorlstlo? of a ." t a k i n g tho Scout laws as a of h i s t u l k and fully explaining «u !i law HI tn jmjpor ortlcv. The t^! ond Hp«a.ker wjt, Kuglo Sccdtt John !' ht\\ in, i t i f - f r u c t o r oC Wology and botany ,'t the I l i p h School, who d i i t o i (.lined Mth an I l l u s t r a t e d slide lot ' u r e on p l u n f H , inject and bird life, sulijfi;l,s \"«lua.blo in nif t i t badgeb. leading to the covotrd riink of ICagle wore tarried out in the troop coioru, ret itnd gold, while tho oetiterpkH'o n the speakers tthlo wan .t f-tUer loving cup offered by Milton U litshof I 'o^t of tho American Legion llr^t at Swut field meets and \\on t h r e e ( i n t e i - u t i v o yearn by Trooj. 5, I h e i c l o r i - l)eint; in p e r m a n e n t poB- bOt';ioti ol' t h * troop. REORGANIZATION OF TROOP 7 SCOUTS GETS UNDER WAY Troop No. 7, Buy Scouts, is m a k i n g groat lie.ulv ay and plans are pro- Krebslni? la.ildlv. There were n i n e Scout 1 ! [n-. ni lor e n r o l l m e n t at the ine-elim; htht Friday nitrht. Uo.v.s I- y - a t s ct' age, vvliether Ihoy a r e . i f l l l l u t i d w i t h tiio liiitliurau Church or n o t , ure \seltome to enroll 5u tho troop Tho next mcetiusc w i l l Iws held on 1'Viday Outhf ul blonm. Miulp hy a nev j.- roncl , process, MEJ-iyO-OLQ Fucc Powtlor stays on 3onsor Conncllsville Lrus Oo. -- Advert! ement IRS. J. C. M'SPADDEN DIES AT ROCKWOOD; WELL KNOWN HERE Mrs. Rebecca MeSpndden, S3 years old, willow of J. C, MoSpaddou, who was a tnouiber of the board of trustees of the old ConnellsvlUe Stato Hos- pwal, di«d Sund ly morning at her hdm« at Rockwo K|, following a brief llhieao. Mrs. McSpadclcn was born in Pitts- b u r g And haO i -eou a resitleiit of Hockwood for a number of ye-ars Sfio was widely known In that eom- m u u i t v and had tricndb 1n Councils- villo. Slie Is sui vivcd hy two daughters, Mrs. L. M. f a r l i u g a"d Mrs, A. H- Blttner of !?oekwood and Mi»a Sarah MoS'padric it at lioruo and two sons, Thomas ai d Sampson McSpael- ilou of llockwoo'l. Slio ia also survived by Hove-rai sistcrfl, Including Mrs. Ida Mar!c« i nd Mt'H. Anna Ando-r sou, both of J Utiburg, 10 grandchildren and (iv grcat-grantlohildre-u. is tho trade mark of B«yr Mnuttlnttuj-a of Mono»cotiaic5d«ater ol Satlcy cacid Society News BY YAA'DKRBtl-T CLU« A patriotle program featured the February meeting ot tho Saturday Afternoon tJlub of Vanderfailt, at whlc'i Miss NeiHe Snyder w«s hostess Saturday afternoon at her home at Liberty. She- waa aashted !y Miss Oraci ^nydor. Mrs, W. J» Reed was lead i r, » During the roll call members responded with familiar sayings of prominent mon. A paper on "Kay- olte- Westmoreland Counties' Historical Hou3o" waq read by Miss Hazol Clelland after Which Mrs. A. D. Patterson presented a paper on ''Our Congressman." "Our Flag" was the, sUbJoct of Mrs. J. lj. Love's contribution toward the prograth. A patriotle reading waa given Sycler. Mrs. Me Spud den s bsotherb wcrt* IclU f.ither and two l iu an oxploslon in a cartridge) Ku-txiry, iu Pittsburg, where they were emplojed, tho C i v i l War Mrs. McSpadden, wuo (if that time was working in li/o cap«d injurief'. 'J'ho funeral i n f u a i r i o d , waa also a mo factory and «s- erviro w i l l bo hold Wednesday a f t e i n o o t i at 2 oMork at tho family honx I n t e r m e n t will IK; in New Center \ l le Comoterj . at 7.;0 o ' c l o c k ni tlio church bnadiiotit. Itoys desiring to jolu tho troop are asUc 1 to do so at once as the troop v\ ill be registered aud chartoi'ijd by Mardv J \vh«n tlie troop will have au I n s t a l l a t i o n t-i'rt 1 - iriouy witli f nother troop of (!onjiells- vllle adralu sterlug the oath to tlie new othcors. Loo W. tiit ia tho st-out- nuistcr. MRS. FRANCES HEERMANS DIES IN PHILADELPHIA Mi.s I'VauoeM i l e e i m a n u , mother ol Mrs. \V. \\ r . Wufilit of \S'arreu, Pa, aud granciniotli r ot Trnneis W W r i R h t of I nl.mlown, f o r m e r l y o£ fojuiellsvilie, dl 'd Saturday n1«lit ni PhlKuU'lphia, w d p r e B)U' had resided for the last fcix m o u t h s She wrM iu TROOP 8 SCOUTS REPMT OATH, INVEST SEVERAL MEMBERS Troop ') and ft Boy Scouts met al t h e C h r i h t i a n t h n r o h ginnasiuni Satnr- l(»i x v(tiii:if,', at whlc'li tloio they ( p J c - titiilccl Iho 1 Otii u u n h e i H a r y ol St'out- ing in tlio I'uitett States, her eighties. Miti. Itoornians ·Al Kiugrwood, W Va , for a n u m b e r of years am! J n t e i moved to Morgantown. She wa^ prominent in "W. C. T. CJ. wot k. Sii liaci visited Mr. and Mrs Frank \V Wt'cjht, now of Orlando, Pla., aud Mr and Mrh. W. L. Wright of Llns ity . and had other trlends horc. Mr. itcerm.iiii, died u number of year ago. " The body a r i l ed at M o r g n n l o w n today and \ v l l l lie In ^(ale in tho Mollio- dial KpiHC'opnl ' h u i c l i i t i i l l l T m a d a y wlioti it w i l l i»e t a k e n to Kingwetul for b u i l a l . KidMIty 'IuI) (o The Fidelity t ' l u b ot Dunbar will meei Tuesday ) Icht in (hb luiine ot Mrs. M a i y IUU · elected. \ \ i l l bo BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON by Miss Grace mualcal and literary program was as follows : Vccal solo, Mlaa Grace Collins, accompanied by Misa Nellie Snyder; reading, Mary Esther TJluck; solec- tion by quintet composed of Jane Ojrlf-voP, Mary Hceson, Eleanor Mlcl:ey and Mary Bather Black; vocal duet Sara Lewis Husband ana aldine Mlllor; play, Misf-tis 'Oracc and Mthol Mae Collins; reading, , Mary K.^thcr Dlnck, pinno d u e t , Jeannotto l^ove and Roe- son. Kefreshnientfi were iicrved at the close of the program. Tlio club will hold an open meeting Saturday afternoon, March J. Metn- 1-ert of the Junior Auxiliary will be NEVER WAS IN ANY ILLEGAL COMBINE, SAYS JUDGEBERKEY the f r o m Pagf · nf. deny individimll; all tostl- mony offered by Welsh in rhlcb. tho judge was charged "with 1 irmin^ a oor.iblne for H-elllng protuct^n to law violator. The defendants w h o m B rkey admitted ItnowiuK wore FoFtc · Ziegler, John Meintlre, Victor CrUssi er, llarry Sellers, Bd D a n , KmmeU Buckman, William Oilman, John Ci slor 'aud John Griiths. All aro r h a - g c d with, thrive counts of conspiracy. Continuing MB ti'Htimon , Bttrk«y lolrl of asking Federal D i s b i f c t Altov- I3ey Ijouis K Graham, the i prohibition legal i-hiof, to send 1 im agent 1 !. "When askei why he should be sent to him Berk -y said ho had four eompl.Untf and .vhea the agents didn't eomo ha made other arrangements, Previously Crabant had t' stifled tho agents were sent but Hot to Borkey. Herkey told of nitfuEdn Federal prohibition agents ptirinlss en to interview Jameti T u r n b u U w h i l e a pr"U- oner. The wlrnrs said he ad agrrted tho men could Uiteivlow T i r n b u i l in hiH inrsencr- and w l i p a thi" said f h a t do BiM-key told t icm thor-o w o u l d bo no I n t e r v i e w . j Uotkey admitted also he ; ent' VK-tov U'U'Bsner and Harry Sellers o Mcyers- dalo [«rUf; tiie flrcmen's I H N N E R AT Mrs t'OI'PLE IlaVrv Joseph and Slrn. Ray onve^Uor -equoit ot Loa.uiro entertained a.1 a 0 o'clock din- but said ho did so at the- Mfyersdale uHl/.ons. I I ; t. iid h"ij did not pay their w.igcb or s"iv tliem (Uiy ini'tructiou.s other 'hau to report to tho committee there ,' Judge Schoonmakcr ritlei that Ber- Icey w o u l d not bo ier a f f c i to n a m e thobe- pcrpons w h o m !i^ ,U ged were liln iiolltical enemies trom t le w i t n e H K stand. 'J'hc c o u r t nel(! tlia lie wight ner Satuniuy evenluK at the home O f | m ' n i l t o n t h u ! P w h o m In a c t u a l l y Mr. and Mrs. Ray i^easuio ot Dawhou, '-'^"^ ^ J l h or met w i t h in t ho could filvcn Iu honor ot Mr and Mrs. Atav ! r l o t Joseph who wpre married recently. I ''^ Covsrs weie laid for fifteen per,son£ The rooms wore- b e a u t i f u l l y decorated m fertift and sprint; (lowers. Tlnti ccn- teri ieye was yellow t u l i p i and w h i t e nttri'lflius. Kavors wore ye-Ilow bas- kot. and red hoarts Mr. and Mrs Joseph wero the- recipients of many b e a u t i f u l gifts. Guests i n c l u d e d M i . and Mrs, Wtl- ^ n u - b l l o n . { whether weri! l l l f l P f I H l ( al friei dt or ene- Don't Couprh I'nill V eak. -No neofl lot si vpro 1 ent \veak- coiiKhfl t h i s win er, when Foloy'h Honoy and Tar Compound carries tho c u t a t l v o halsai tic virtues of p u r e pine tar and fresh dpmulcent hoiiej w i t h o i b r r vahubio t o u g h heal- liam I ' U l m e r aud H a r r y W l m c r of J l l B i n R r «lieoU i n t o d l i t H contact We,t N e w t o n . Allhs POKMJ HC.XHI of w , u , tbts { ,. rU ^ a h i f l i i m t 1 gurfacew Pltlbburg and Mr. and MJS,. A. It. y - iu rf . lh( , ( . ousll 8 ftr , K ^ P|U . Josjph. the parciilu of Mr. Joseph. I m , ,-, L,I W) enoo, Mais , sa · "Foloy's Mrf Joseph w i l l bo as ' Honey and T,»- vor qulckl stopped a MlbS Vclma 1-ulmer of -We*t Newton, bolhcrBomo totigli t h a t hue! hun dnto £or Mis. Amietta Shipley ·ontortainod at a chicken dinner Hunda tit her- homo for relatives f r i t nd.4 in obseivauco ot her eighty- s l x i h anulvereury of lior h l t l l i . otigli t h a t hue! h u n g dnto me, and ysolf and f a m i l y " Koi iialo Dy r. J ,oy Jle-tao! ot Ohiopyla W o u l w o r l h Jildi,'. -- \ d v e r t l i ement. S f i t u r c l u n c t f o n Hivho Mc^. W i l l i a m U. Lomt, 1G mon li«, ^iW. 6O n ^ j e t - dl Mr. and Mrt. Jatute hy m ol' . Shipley le In line health. anl is ahlo to j u j ,aioji, who died J.'jtoa ev»nin f f do her housework without any B J »tai-- | W ^ T)urlx i y^torday atlw won iu w u n c c - iFlalvtootly Oemetoty. A ervtce wtw .Among those prownt at tlio d i n n o r conduete! at I h o homo at 1 -30 o'clock we-u Mre. M. K. Stewart, M i d ,1 U. ! H ev, Lo s ] lo Mogar^oo, pa ,tor of tho i j.~ i n i vvuviit, and Star . l u u u i o n Jlaptltst and Iluv. Crawff -d M. Coul- Woodn««Tcy and Allies Cathryu and ton of MVs. Shipley; Mit.. Wileoti Miller o£ J^uubar, · Ann Herwick ol 1 Coughs from colds may lead to serious trouble. Yi'U cun Htop them now with Crcomulslou, an emulsified creosote that ia pleasant to take. Creomulsion is a medical dist-oyery with two-fold action; it soothca aud heals tho inflamed membranes and Inhibits germ growth. Of all known drugs, creosote is recog- Tiiwcl by hi(.b medical authorities as one pf the gr^ atest healing agencies for cougha from colds and bronchial irritation*. CrrumulMon cMHtalna, in adiiitiou to crco- ».[·, other fcealing eleineuts which 80oli*6 and heal the infarapd membranes and stop tho irritation, while the creosote goes on to the t madi. is nbsorlwd into tho blood, attacks tho seat of the trouble and checks the, growth of the germs, Creomulsion i guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of coughs from, colds, bronchitis and minor forms of bronchial irritations, and ia excellent for building up tho system after colds or fiu. Money r funded if uol relieved after taking ac oiding to iim;tion». Ask your druggi it. (adv.) atewarton, Mra. Luciiula O l i l e r o f B e a r Hu i, nieces; Mr. ,uut MrH. Joiui Onrnni and sons. Alarry Iddwlu and Billy, of Fair aim nco, Mrs, John M a r t i n ami eh i'. Jack, of Oil n bar, and Mr. aiwl ftJrB. T. if. H t i i n w o t l u ami R a l p h Wood- t n a t i e y oL Ohiojiyli-, gratidehlldrcn ami -f at-gralulchilflrcn. ' V auderbHl, Clnis TtfofitlliBr. The A l t r u r t a n Bibie Clnsn of t l o I Kint Uiborty 1'rejbylcrliirt Oburch will meet Wednesday o w n i n g at tho h-omo of Mr. and Mra, C. 8. llarpor ol' Ulierty All tnembore are rflqueotad lo attend, , I'prry W. C. T. U. The Porryopolis Woman's Christian Temperance U n i o n will riieot Wednea- d n v atternoon lit 2 o'clock at the homo of Mrfa Ira Blair of Po-rryopoHa. !ihni)on ('hi)i. 'I'lie W n K i n u i i t ' l u l i ' w i l l moot Thui's- d a ; e v e n i n g at I lie homo ol Mrs. frank l''r.-oinau on Huutli K l K h t h ulrtioi, Won! Hide. All msiinbi'iH aro urged to attonil. 'J'ho moating "viiil open ;umip(ly at S o't lock. COUGH fKQM COLDSJOM THAMG QM --wsftrf, tfte ter, pai tor of liie D.iwson 3 reabyterlan Church, P R E S E N T D A V M E N A C E Doctor.-) (e!Z us that over 50 £ of present clay ills ore tliroctly trnceal c to constipation. In ocular hours, hit ricd mealu, lack of oxerc he, result m fai Ity clitrima- tion ihuscloggmglheKysten With harmful poison, ujirl reclticing ti c efficiency of the body machinery. Keep^your system clear ol food Wastes at all ttnpt Epsotabs, the safe, picas- ant laxative, are enay to ta ;e and positive of action. Take two t psotabs at night for conatlpation v lief in the mornlngr. No griping pain--no inconvenience. Two sizei, 25can i SOp packages. Write for frt e aampl:. Ask your druggist for Epsot;tb?. T H E D I L L C O M P \ N V JMomstown, Pa SATURDAY, FEBllTJATLY S, AU mnHHa furnwhoil wft!h W k B. Onwnl FJ*o*rl« : 4-croto Itrisga TOntlcur "cJn't wfcKf along with old-faeh- soned washday methods another week. Don't oontintie tisittg a waeher which ia slow, inefficient or which^ flaraagea Aiiy Otteofthefhreenew Haagptnodels will bring you washday comfort and satisfaction which you've never known before. Regardless of the else or style ma- chitte you desire, or of the price you wish to pay, one of the new Haag models will fill your requirements perfectly. sizes * There are ti^fee designs--three prices. AH have genwibne pressed aluminum tubs, the modern direct drive and- gteaee-packed gear case, all are of the popular Bubrherged agitator type (created and perfected by Haag). Models -75 and 65 have the latest oversize wringer with big balloon rolls. And all models are of standard Haag quality-- tho very finest, .v^i^Uj^Ar"* Now is the time to put washday worries behind you permanently--and to equip your home with a dependable modern ·washer that will serve you a lifetime. Come in and see the new Haags --· free demonstration gladly given. 105 South Pittsburg Street, Connellsville, Pa. ,CARD PARTY --nt-- ST. JOHN'S SOC'IAl* H A L L Wofit SJdo, roniioIJsvHlp, I'n. Tuesday, February 11 "500" unit HI'S GO Kig-ht Prizos, JjUNCIl SJORVJiJD Tune, In on President of the I. G. A. Over r. HMulcrson's .Si at ion SHREVEPORT A Trettl For liver j Homo T o ^ n o r ! Week of U N J O N T O W X Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday America's f u r e t u o f i actor in bis gienteet l o i u a n t i c rnk- Tho wild adv p n t u r e of » soldi 3r of f o r t u n e who f o u g h t for love or sold ,xnil took liis p a y m e n t s in k rid-JOHN BARRYMORE la His First TaJkliiB Hrlurc A Waincr Bro.-,. it ~ \ M i i | i h n n p TnlKhiK 1'h-Uire. KCI3N10S IN TECHNICOLOR- 1HKST SIIOWINO THIS SBf'TION. 4 H Shcrniiin, Marian Nixon, Ariulda, llobtirt llosworth last Incluilps Thursday, Friday, Saturday A t u i K i n g and dani'ing whirl a i o t i n d Hollywood. A w h i r l w i n d ot fun _ ,1 t j - H o n o ot song - a K'ilc of I d t i g h t e i . A -oiip-f]lled Movietone wbirl i i H i u n d a i)i{; s t u d i o -- !'ox-J{«\) W i t h Lola Lano, l ) i \ t o Leo, Joseph \Sas;s(.i(l, Sharon Lylin, Walter ( ' i l l i c i t . A Voi. M ' i \ l o t o n e -Mii-sical lvalue. l'':rnt time this di*trrt: V U O S AM) AMU K V K J I Y N I N I 1 T AT 'I'ili; STATK!- lOach night at t h e daily pro/-,ram of "A..MOS A.XH A N D Y ' j V UOS A I 7 I' M , : h o s t ' over our gigantic sound a p p a r a t u s A t t e n d the State early e v e i y vvonin;',' If, broadca-?! to our iheni it their Patronize Those Who Advertise in The Courier

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