The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 20, 1938 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1938
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 193S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA. ''PAGE SEVEN. PROMINENT LEGION MEN WILL VISIT National Chieftain at Uniontown on Tuesday Evening. GOOD PROGRAM IS PREPARED UNIONTOWN, Jan 20.--Plans tor the reception and public appearance here on Tuesday o£ Daniel J. Doherty, national commnndcr of the Ai .encnn Legion, nnd William F. Smith ol Punxsutawnoy, State commander, have been completed by Lafayette Post. Commander Doherty will be met in Pittsburgh by the Post's reception committee and, through the courtesy of the officials ol the United States 1 Steel Corporation, will be taken on a tour of the bitf plant at Clairton. The visitors will also be token through one of the belt systems In the coal region, and then brousht to Uniontown for luncheon and a rest period On Tuesday afternoon, Dohcrly, Smith and other prominent Legion officials coming here to meet their commanders, will be given a sightseeing trip to the shrines of historical importance in the mountains. Dinner will be served at G'30 P. M. In the Post Home by the Auxiliary. The general public is invited to join members of all Legion posts in the county and other parts of the State in the open meeting to be held at 8 P. M. at LnFayette Junior High School whole addresses will be given by the two commanders. From all indications, Mr. Bain said, this will be the most outstanding Legion gathering of its kind in the history of the post. Many Real Estate Deals Recorded UNIONTOWN, Jan 20--Real estate transfers recorded with Becorder Pat Hj'nes -- several Involving amounts o£ $3,000--include. James H. McKnight to David M. Prewett and wile, Fayettc City, three lots in,Wilson and McCrory plan, Jeffcrsoi township, for $3,000. H. C.Frlck Coke Company to John Mankov'ch, Lemont Furnace, North "Union township, less than an,acre in North Vnlon. township, for $850. H. 4 Fr *ck Coke Company to Stefan 'Mihok and wiff», Lemont Furnae, less than, an acre in North Union tnvnship, for $900. "Wrlfht Realty and Construction Compaiy to Earl Phillips and wife. Point Marlon, lot 3 and part of lot 2 in Sidlcr addition, Point Marion, for $3fOO. Waltr B. Livengood to John K. Uarpe" and wife, Everson, piece of grounl In Upper Tyrone township, for $1 Lee Cramer and wife to Mary E Cramr, South Connellsville, lot No 2 in block 7, Davldson-Newmyer tract, :onnellsvlUo township, for $2,000. · Anmda E Rohm and Pembort- ton By Rohm, Vanderbilt, lot 5 In P. G.Cochran tract, Vandcrbllt, for $1. . Fracis J. Patterson and wife to Clarccc Higlnbotham, Smlthfleld R D. l, shreo-fourth acres in Georges townsip, for $225. Foi Bronchitis .Coughs, Colds Acts Mho a FLASH IV* incrent--It's faster In action--IV* compcpded on Buperlor. medical fact HndlnJ new In this country. BUffLEY'5 MIXTURE (triple (ctlnE) is thinamc of this amazing cough and cold Description that Is so pure and free fromiarmrul drugs that a child can take it--ai stop coughing On llttlo s.lp and the ordinary cough is tad--a few doses and that tough old han^n cough is seldom heard again-It's ally wonderful to watch how speedily ird, lingering colds aro put out of bustss. BUCKLEY'S MIXTURE Is now on Je at all fiood stores--over 8 million bobs ha\o been sold In cold-wintry Caida --Advertisement. Meycrsdalc Flvo Routed, ·osucll held Mcyersdalc to two fid goals and 14 fouls in scoring a 4jo 18 decision at the winner's gym lithe Somerset County Class A laguc. Money Loaned ON YOUR AUTOMOBILE UNPAID BALANCES RE-FINANCED '25 to *300 Call or See Us If ILOU Need Money For Any Emergency Moderate Repayments Fayette Loan Co. 510 Title Trust Co. Bide;. Telephones 244-866 BONDED TO THE STATE Coiinellsville, Pa, Prompt, Courteous, Convenient Service Gold Bond Sliced, Vienna or R j o BREAD Olcarbrook, Itrookfiold or Blue Vullej BUTTER Lb. 39c All groceries and meats used in The Courier Cooking School, now in progress at the Orpheum Theatre, were selected by Mrs. Dorothy Bathgate, lecturer, at the West Side Market. rillsljnry's Best FLOUR Used in The Courier Cooking School. 24K-lb. Sack 99c 5-lb. Sack 29c Cooking School Special! KELLOGG'S ALL BRAN $ Lge Pkgs. 45c - And 8 Cup Muffin tin... FREE: Good Luck or Nucoa OLEO 2 Ibs. 39c Sfritfly Fresh Country EGGS Doz. 29c The West Side Market! i'ow get the finest fresh foods on tho market. You get the tastiest "packed-ln-flnvor" canned foods. You get the most tender cuts of meiit.s ... but you pay no more when you buy nt tho West Side Hnrkct. Because MO buy In quantity; hocnuse our volume permits a smaller profit. Blscoter how economical It Is! i . PLEASE NOTE: Because of union regulations we arc unable to make delivery on orders received after 41 P. M. To enable ill to rive you prompt ·ervlce pica.-; phone your order as soon u possible. Lux, 2 small boxes , 19c Lux, 1 large box 22c Lifebuoy Soap, 3 bars I9c Rinso, 2 small boxes 17c Rinso, 2 large boxes 41 c Lux Toilet Soap, 3 bars 19c Spry, I Ib. can 21 c Spry, 3 Ib. can : 55c House of Lord's Mayonnaise, pint jar . 23c Gren Pac Diced Carrots, 3 cans . 25c Thompson's Seedless Raisins, 2 pkgs. 19c Heinz Tomato Catsup, 2 large bottles 37c Gold Medal FLOUR Ib. Sack 99c Van Camp's MILK PEAS 2 cans 29c Llttlo Waller, Enrly June, Sifted CUT BEETS 2 Ige. cans 19c Oron 1'nc Brand 3 Cans 20e BAKED BEANS 2 lg. cans 19c Hitter's. Very tasty PEACHES 2 Ig. cans 39c Fox's, fancy Yellow Cling OLEO King Nut 2 Ibs. 27e EGG NOODLES 2-1 ib P kgs 25e Vine, Stadium or Broad. DATES 2ib.pkg.23c Fancy California, In the Cello pliane Package. CAKE FLOUR P erbox25c Plllsbury's Sno-Sheou. Used -In the Cooking School. COFFEE ib I9c Circle "IV." Always fresh. TOMATO PASTE 4cans25c Conferva, I'ackcd In California. SARDINES 3tans25c Bonita, Oval shaped cans, In Mustard or Tomato Sauce. POWDERED SUGAR3boxes25c Sunny Cane Brand. Used by 3Irs. Bathgate. ' BISQUICK Igebox29c Something to make cooks happier. GINGER BREAD MIX box23c Duffs. Makes the Ideal Ginger Bread. Jersey Wheat Puffs 3 boxes 25c A really delightful breakfast cereal. CORN White Dove hngiir Corn SAUER KRAUT Trlmbcl's. Very good. 2 cans I9c 2 cans 19c NOODLE SOUP 2 c a n s 2 3 c Campbell's ·nlth chicken RELISH SPREAD26oz.iar23c House of Lord's PRUNES 2 No. 21/2 cans 29c Honnrcu, fresh Pineapple Juice 2 cans 19c can 29c 2 cans 25c Bonita Calif ornln Brand FRUIT COCKTAIL Bonitn's. Ko. 2}£. Cans SALMON Quaker's Alaska. Lh eon. Red Kidney Beans 2cans19c Jackson's; 1-lb. 4 ox. size CATSUP 2for17c Nans Supreme, 8-ox. bottle Specie If BRAUN'S LAYER CAKE Golden Each 35c Beechnut COFFEE Per Ib. 33c A-lb. FREE with each purchase! America's No. 1 Cracker Krispy Crackers Lb. Box 17c Friendsvilfe's BUCKWHEAT 5 Ib. Sack 20c lOIb. Sack 39c .W VICITABUS B A N A N A S 5«b.25 25c Sweet Potatoes, large. No. 1, 6 Ibs. California Oranges She 288, 2 Dos. 29c Golden Ripe Table Grapes, 3 Ibs. Maine Potatoes, 15-lb. bag TANGERINES 2 Dox. 29c Florida Oranges, largo size, doz. _ 23c Stayman FANCY APPLES Per bu. 95c GREEN PEPPERS Doz. 35c California Carrots, 4 bunches Baldwin Apples, 7 Ibs Fresh Cranberries, Ib Stayman WInesap Apples, 8 Ibs Onions, 10-lb. sack Calif. Celery, 3 bunches .... Button Radishes, 3 bunches ... _. Head Lettuce, 3 large heads ,,__ 25c 19c 25c 29c 25c lOc 25c Idaho Baking Potatoes, 10 Ib, Leaf Lettuce, 3 Ibs. 25c 33c 25c 25c 15c Spinach, Parsnips, Turnips, Fresh Peas, Parsley, Mew Cabbage, G r e e n Beans, Celery Cabbage, Green Onions, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, etc. Government inspected A T S Finest .Quality Swift's Selected Yearling Beef 17c 25c 25c 19c Presh Beef Brains, 1 A per Ib IVC Rump Roast, Ib Rib Roast, short cut, Ib. -Chuck. Roast, center cuts, Ib. HAMBURG 2 Ibs. 29c 25c Boneless Rib Roast, Ib. 25c Beef Shank or Neck, Ib Plate Boll . 2 Ibs Tenderloin and Sirloin. Roasts, Ib. -Veal, Pork and CA*» Beef, ground, 3 Ibs. «JUC Ready- to-Serve H A M S Whole or String Half Ib. Fresh Spare Ribs, Ib Pork 1/oln Roast, rib end, Ib. ,, , n l , Pork Shoulder, whole, Ib 17c 17c 17c Pure Pork SAUSAGE Loose or Link Ib. 19c FORT PITT BACON Whole, or Half, heavier are* Pork Loin, rib end, Ib.. 19c Mixed Pork Chops, pound ,.... Pork Chops, center outs, Ib Pork Liver, 2 Ibs., Pork Shoulder, calla style, 5 to 6 Ib. average, Ib. __,_,,,,---, Mush, 2 Ibs Pork Butts, 4 to 5 Ib. pieces, Ib. -- 15c 18c Canadian Sliced' Bacon, Ib Neck Bones, 3 Ibs.. 25c 45c 25c Fresh Hams, whole or string half, 10 to 12 Ib. average, Ib. Honey Brand HAMS String Half Tfhole or Ib. Veal Loin or Rump Roast, Ib. , ; , _ - . _ , ,, Veal Shoulder Chops, Ib. Veal Chops, rib or Loin, Ib. _____ Veal Shoulder center cuts, Ib. Veal Steak, Ib Cottage Cheese, 2 Ibs. 25c Lamb - Shoulder Roast, 4 or 5 Ib. In a piece, Smoked Sausage, Ib. 25c Roast-- 15c 30c 25c Swift's Premlnm HAMS larger Arerage, 25c Cresent Hams, whole or string half, 20-lb. _ 1 Q average, Ib. _.,, .---," JLI/C Genuine Spring Leg of Lamb, lb-__ Lamb Rib Chops, Ib. Lamb Shoulder o A Chops, Ib. OUC Lamb Breast, *}C« 3 Ibs _£DC Home Made Liver 1 C _ Pndding, per Ib IOC Swift's Premium Sliced .-HAAMb.-35c Grape Fruit, Seedless, 6 for -Fresh Tomatoes, Ib LEAF LARD perlb. l i e 23c 17c Small Wieners, ib. Club Wieners, Ib. Skinless Wieners, Forty Fathom Fish, fresh,Ib Frying and Stoivlng Oysters. Halibut, Red Salmon Fresh Pig Feet, 3 ibs. Smokqd Beel Tongues, cooked, Ib Spiced Lunch Ham, Ib. Sliced Corned Beef, O P _ Ib. ODC 25c 30c 35c Jumbo Minced Ham, Ib. Ring or Long Bologna, Ib. -- 18c 18c Bacon Squares, Ib Swift's Premium Bacon, Ib. package .. _ . Sweltzer Cheese, Ib. Pure Rendered Lard, 2 Ibs Fresh. Cottage Cheese, 2 Ibs 15c Sliced 35c 35c 25c 25c 1002 West Crawford Avenue PHONE 620 Connellsville, Pa. C H I C K E N S Per Ib. 35c Rousting nnd S ton lug, ' 1'nlJy Dressed,

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