Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 13, 1972 · Page 142
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 142

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 13, 1972
Page 142
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Parade Readers Note...Limited Enrollment Ends August 29th, And Only s l Covers Your,Entire Family for 1st Month Every Family Needs This Hospital Protection-Mow. Every Family Can Easily Afford It! PAID DIRECT TO YOU IN TAX-FREE EXTRA CASH $ 6OOOO-A-MONTH *2O.OO-A-Day Paid to You From 1st Day In Hospital! M ENROLL RIGHT FROM THIS AD-WITH NO ADULT AGE LIMIT AT THE RATE OF PAYS YOU UP TO $600 A MONTH TAX-FREE CASH ($20 a day) under age 65 for each accident or Illness. Benefits begin your first day in hospital. Up to $15.000 forwAbanafit period. PAYS TOU UP TO $300 A MONTH TAX-FREE CASH ($10 a day) when you're 65 or over, tar first 2 months and $600 a month ($20 a day) theraaftar up to $14,400 for each benefit period -this In addition to Medicare. PAYS YOU UP TO $600 A MONTH TAX-FREE CASH ($20 a day) for eacn accident or Illness of your Insured wife. Benefits begin the very first day in hospital. Up to $15.000ltor each benefit period. (Same 65 or over benefits as yours). PATS YOU UP TO $800 A MONTH TAX-FREE CASH ($20 a day) for maternity benefits from first day In hospital for your Insured wife. "TJ? V0 ° * MO"TM TAX-FREE CASH ($10 a day) for each cowered child. Bane. fits from flnt day in hospital and up to $7.500 for each benefit period. T2H. «*JP I* 00 * MONTH TAX-FREE CASH ($20 a day) additional for Intently* Care. HUS: few «rfrv fccrMf*5% rjmr, Arijwtvv- · tetf ·/25%~f» This plan pays so much and the $1 offer Is so food, you probably have some qussHons-or even some doubts. We've put all the answer* (Including the minor limitations) down right here In Mack and white so you won't mss the/Enrollment Deed line for the Extra Cash/Plus Hospital Income Plan. Ordinary hospltaltiation Insurance alone lust Is not enough now whan your family I* hit »*h ·l*«P stay. YOM need[tosupplement ft ertracaah-caahOiat'smMli money and Insurance or UseHara benefit* you may have. Otherwise, you could end up draining your savings. Low-cost Extra Cash/Phm is the Complete with JUST I/ $100 Ik muaeallei toeklai IHt' FrMlJgnlJfti Th* ContinantaJ Cofpontion icic »·"!/ I CUT OTF AND HOLD KM TOtMMCCOND* gMgjU ^ YOUR NO-RISK I J $1-BACK GUARANTEE f i tuoiiM your polto/. Show lttoyourlnurwic« · ^| siarter other trusfsdI advisor, ifrnt absolutely · . . will refund your moMy »t onct. j answer, your Safest Answer. Pays more baeauee K covers more. Helps out for both sickness and accident, the burdensome costs of Intensive Care and convalescent facility. New-for only $1-wtth no hearth questions asked and regardless of your age. or sba of your family, you gat your first month'* i " " " an eligible family members. y, you gat you igiMe family im «ir policy will IM Your pel II be issued on your application _ · · · without any red tape* AN of your unmarried dependent cMawsn re- sMmg M your home may be Included under this plan between the ages of 1 month and 19 years. Both you and your wife - If neither hat bean hospitalized for sickness for more man a total of savan days in the past two years - are eligible for coverage. There am-no other qualifications! The flaw customary exclusions which hsto keep your premiums low am described m question and answer (Number 15) at right AM TMa and Law Rasas. Teal N-BF Ufa keeps costs, down because many people era enrolled at one time through the U.S. maHsTSo aftarthe 1st month ($1 only) you can continue your protection at these UWTMONTHLY RATE* LOW MONTHLY RATES* Age of Insured Pelicyhelder* 19-44 45-54 5544 65 and over Policyhelder $4.50 5.50 6.50 800 PM icyiMNocf aad wife $ 8.50 10.00 11.50 14.50 Only $2.00 more a month Cover* All Your eligible Children-NO MATTER HOW MANY. Sorry, only 1 policy par family. 'Premium based on age of insured and rate schedule on policy* effective data and at time of renewal. When husband and wife are insured, the husband is the policyhoMer. PLEASE REMEMBER: This is a Umttsd Time Enrollment The Company may open other enroll ment periods at a later data, but we wM only ytcspt IMa EnraMmant Farm M * is paatoarkad 15 Important Questions Answers s · WNeTtB tity cffwnGc).4nf IM ,,,....,..--. 1 out j£ 7 P" 0 ** ·"» aech year. CouM be your wife, your children -- even you. You can count on up to $15.000 wtth Extra Cash/ nusi t. $1OOOT New came I'm peM eo much? · Tgi, ,,.,, mott $600 a n^rtn under age 65; up to 25 month* MMffraB/l haMiaiflg a^eia-sjirt !!· ** ..- --J»figIBH ajRVjnBJffl PfJrWQ. PVn TfOfH the 1st day. whether for sickness or accident. t. Wham Yen Pay for My WtteT »r--. ^e*' **'*!» WJV »·* -fct* IITC«I*.fcl«*| each of her htwpttal benefit enlldl » n '« ». Just Who Can «wt In en Extra Cesh/Plusr Any adult who has not been hospitalized for sickness for more then a wMk In the lest 2 years. And No Age Limit for adults to apply. 10. What Are We Paid at Age iS er Overt UP to MMOO . . for up to 25 months for hospital benefit period. $300/month. * J ** v L'lI* t 2 "ont"*: $«00/month e day) for 23 month* more. This means monimoney when you need It most - when J - A m MatamMy JE» Peyt $600 · month ($20 · day) up to 25 month*, for your wife'* hotpital confin*. ment for «.-:· pregnancy, or its complice. Won*, which begins white both of you are Inured. i. Don -InteMlve Cera" DOUBLE Benefmi? Yes. for ·jiutn under 65. Pays $20/dey up to » «·»·· Up to $600 added to your hospital Income Mi*n. (Other generous benefit* for other ege groups.) fttcultr recovery room service covered after 24 hour*. 6. Dee* Ce*h/rhM cever Nursli* Home Ceraf Y ^!;^ ta !? l * t * °* £1*- «»· p«y up to $300 - $10 a day for SO oys (each hospital benefit period) for confinement In a nursing home or hospital convalescent unit starting wHhln 7 days of a 3-day covered hospital 7. WM Cash/no* Take Care of Oar ChHdrenr Ves. pays $300 a month ($10 a day) for up to 25 months for any covered child's hospital benefit periods. One low premium covers ALL your unmerried dependent children from 1 month up to age 19 residing In your house. ·. De They 6et the "Phis" Benefits. TeeT Yes) Up to $300 ($10 a day) for Intensive Cere: up to $300 ($10 e day) Nursing Home tExcept under Missouri Policies. 11. De W* Oet the Intenehi* Cere" Feetnref »es. At ego 65 or over, up to $300. $10 e £ZiJS$£? t 9J WMr ho «P««l benefit* plus Cost-of-UvIng Increase*. Your policy can never be tingled out for chenge or cancellation. Rate schedule changes or cancellation could only occur for all policies Ilka yours In your class and State upon proper notice. 13. When D* New Benefit Perled* Start? Each eligible hospital stay for e new sickness or Injury starts a new 25-month benefit parted. Seme or related cause* are covered for 25 months; if not confined for that ailment for 12 month*, e new benefit period Dogin*. 14. Whet Abcui ^T're-txhrtlni" Condtdeii*? Even these are covered when hospftallzatton begin* 2 year* or more after protection stern.* 15. Let* * Have It. What Are the Excluslener Only these: Condltkm* resulting from declared or undeclared war or act of wan mental illness or nervous disorder; confine- mentt in a federal hospital or federal convalescent facility. Maternity benefit* apply only to insured wive*. ·Washington and Montane Residents 1 year. ) N A I B I S f M A S K I OmCIAL ENROLLMENT FORM ^ . APPLICATION TO NATIONAL-1EN FRANKLIN LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS , Please Print YfUR NAME. First Middle Inhial Last DATE OF BIRTH. ADDRESS. (mo./day/yr.) SOCIAL SECURITY NO., ACE. SEX_ CITY. .STATE. ZIP CODE. List til dependents to be covered Use separate sheet for additional children. NAME (PLEASE PRINT) DATE OF BIRTH (nWday/yr.) NAME (PLEASE PRINT) DATE OF BIRTH Child Child. ChOd. l w o TM ! .fSZZSF"?' ? "^ P 0 *' ha * been ^P"' 1 ^ ««* » ***"«* for a total of more than seven days in the eaVel^htn^be po^kSued. *" C °**'* 1 ' *""*""* Wl1 ' te "" lnsured ' ' under$t * nd th " wvertee will take DATE 4801 NBL SIGNATURE. rtoNBFLMe. Ik* fttHey fitrics C47S7) is avaUaefc to all stain wkc 4095 iS»E.E.Kwers,A.)eiN. PABe* i Franajaa. Dept 323,1

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