The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1930
Page 5
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MONDAY^ FEBRUARY 10, 1030. FOOD TO HOI OF GAME Kennicott Brothorn Tons of Brenrt and Annually. THE DAILY COURIER,, CONNELL-SVILLE PA. fty Unltod Preai. CHICAGO, Feb. 10.TMConservation and pnmrvatlon are not mere worde in tho llros of the Konraeottn. Had thcv a coat of arms it would probably bo embossed with birds, flower« and wild llfo, quartered on a background of nnturo, and undernoath it all would DO ft 8crll bearing tho motto, "Conserve wild llfo for the gcneratlois to oomo," To them, there aro thteo brother.-!, nature unoontamlnated by civilisation is a heritage to be nurtured, improved, and rwu-Mod on to the generations to follow. Out on a 30-acro peon/ farm |ust north of Das Plained, 111., Walter C. Konnicatt atil hla brother, Harriaon, have a bird commissariat. They not only flupply all tho wlater birds which come to them for the food that the enow and Ico hide but they dtepeaao food to tho many other workers v,ho have bird shelter*, and colonies that need food. Konnicott solicits thousands of loavee ( stale broad from tho^Bakere' Club o£ Chicago every week end from tho stato grain Inspector's office come many eiickM oC sample ;ruln. Using hi« o / i t i u k and whatever other h a u l i n g (acJhi CB ho can. borrow, ho KO'hors tho Co l and carries it out to h i t farm. ( ivlor Waltci's leadership, tho farm serve-. in UK center for a small army uf lovlni Jovort,. The laaak Walton l.ouKiie, tho Amorl-wn lesion, the Illinois JHi«!iiDti!» Men's Good Fellow- I ahlp CJub, tho lioy Scouts, and many olhor yroupft work wiUh him. Following sovero atortia and freezing spoils, tho birdti nood between throe and four tons of broad a weok or nearly 8,000 IOTVCB. Rant om, anothor brother, le chiot cough made me more anxious «...more frightened!", "It was eleven o'clock on a bitter winter night -- my little daughter Jane woke up-- coughing. My husband ran to the drug Btore and got a bottle of Smith Brothers* Cough Syrup. With the ves-y first iiwoUowo'c the syrup her cough began to calm clown. We gave J Jticra liltlc bit every hour and finally, around two o'clock in the morning, she fell asleep again. Flow relieved I was 1 In the morning Jane felt much better--and in two days Hue was all well again." Mns. J. K. VILA, New York City * * # Smith Brothers' Con(;h Syrup ends coughs so juickly 1 eennae it baa Triple Action s (1) it soothet), (2) ia mildly l«3cativc,(3) clears air passages. SMITH Bin OTHERS Triple Action COUCH S Y R U P forester ot Cook county. Walter,! when do Is not "aiding Harrison with Paramount Theatre. The Paramount Beautiful a«tl colorful settings, some ot them among tho most costly ever built for a motion picture, provide the backgrounds for Marilyn Mil- first picture, "-Stilly ' sat 12ie tho fur oi, i« pros We nt of the Associated Cook County Clinptor of tluv Izaak Walton League and president of tho DOH I'Jalnes chapter. Tho farm was patciitc-d "Sally" has everything. Firisl and foremost, of course, it ha Marilyn Miller, who was the original unforgettable "Sally" on the stago and now | by their ' appears once more in her most trl- Krandfathor. John A, KonnJcott, in | l l r nphant role, eet like a jewel Jn the 1831 tvhon It sokl for $ 1 3 G an acre. It ( midst of an all-star cant, Thoro are htwt been divided and itxllvidert many scores and scoree of balkt dencers, *lncc. But tho principles of that · chome girls, show girls, young gentle- 1 country doctor, who camo to ' m e n of tho ensemble who eln# and f h o Novthwoat whon Chicago wvs an tanca and can wear evening clothes lnnt«nl!leant village* have descended ( as though It were not an effort. And from tl« flotn U his grandchildren. Kvon In that oarly day ho eaw that colleoUvo man spelt destruction to tho picture ia entirely In color. That 1? a short sentence, but It covers a lot; for the new color proctBn has been natumt beauty and life, tiud became'used to bring oui tho full richness an ardent student o£ conservation. Hie and ooauty of euch scenery and cos- forvor ourns on in, his grandchildren. Swiftest, Easiest Way to End Bilious Spell \Vh«n you neglect those ftrst eymT- toms o£ constipation--had breath, lags. tnmos «6 voither creoa nor etage has ever known before. Those who recall "Sally" on the boards of tho old-fash lor od theatre have elwajv? thought of H ae a very elaborate production Jnriet i. But it becomes tlny / even in glaisiorous recollection, whon compared with the -v w i t h wnlch First syetera soon . . , Digestion Blows up. You becomo head- K1 " iri achy, dizzy, bilious. It's easy to correct sluggish bowel action! Take a candy Oascarot to- ly---tho bowels are activated. All the sourlag waste ia gontly propelled from tho syatem. Regular and complete bowel action is restored. Cas-carets aro made from pure eas- cani, a substance which doctors agree a c t u a l l y strengthens bowel muscles. All drtiR stores have Cascarets. lOc. --Advertisement. The etagp is limited The Orpheiim Although Be^o Baker, tho r»tar of "Song o£ tvove " tho Columbia musical drama now pUyiiig tit Orphauru Theatre, ne-ver sot foot on tho profc*- Hional "jUge outside of the Unifoi H(ate«, she m Known from one end of Europe to the other Tho following incident public t«d her talent In 1925 Mtes Baker arid he-r huelsami visited Paris on a pleasure trip They dined one evening at Harry IMcer'6 famous Axxacios Club, a rendezvous for celebrities frooi all over tho world Among the guests on this ooewion were many distinguished New Yortters. Someone eeple'l M!s« Baker and asked her to sing. Tho Now Ytrkors \vero so infilslent that M.\KK Bakf r wis forced to consent Sho sang several songs and received a tremendous ovation. Miss Baker re- lumed to her hotel thinking the incident wa« over. To hor surprise tiho discovered thi t Parte had spread the news of It-or success to theatrical centers all over ISurope. The result wan tliat tJio Am«-lean star was besieged with cablegroiae oeggmg lief to appear in other cities on the contln-ent Unfortunately ehe had to rtiint to tho United States to fulfill contracts with American producers. Although Mi«s Baker would like to appear on the continent, ehe has boon Ghost Annoya Men In Pullman Shops 3!y United Press. CHIOACK), Feb. 10.---There i head Ms ghost roaming around the xhop* of tho Pullman Cur Manufacturing plant at Michigan City, Ind. John Laudwloh, a -workman, claims, ho t a w It and luvsn t been back to \vork slni e. According to 1H tale, it was about midnight whtMi he was walking t h r o u g h the gloomy car shed and heard u inu-'.od tapping. Searching for tho cause, ho found a headless figure rapping o« the side oC a new car. I,;mdwich hurled a brick at the uppurltion and it leturned the compliment by casting an overcoat over his head. There may bo some doubt as to the spector hut he uus the overcoat as tangible evidence. When laud- ivich disentangled himself ho left the scene without f u r t h e r investigation. Tuo episode iccallod the disappearance ot u n*gro worker several months ago and re-ports t h a t he had been murdered and Ida body burned in ii. furnace. An explanation much less convincing to tho suporetiilous element at- t r i b u t e d this disappearance to efforts by Jio police to am st the man. Hut, woikmen about the plant, at night are somewnut un- of tho screen is unbound* cl; and the result of this spacious hi erty is a eeri-EH of scenee which almost take the spectator's breath away. All tho charm ot tho old "Sally" has been preserved, but everything is, on a vaster scale -- vaster, but not so vast a« to lose the human values of the charming story. It ia quite impossible 10 describe the picture adequately, within reasonable limits of spact-. There is simply too much to write "'xmt! Alexander Gray playe opposite Mise Miller, and tho cast alsb meludee Joe E. Brown, Pert Kelton, T. Roy Barnes, Ford Sterling, Jack Duffy, Maude Turner Gordon, B. J. R,tclifi'e and many others. The program aleo includes a Vita- phono act, talking news i eel and ail- talking comedy. Friday and Saturday E-ldio Buzzell and Alice 'Day will bo featured in "Little Johany Jones." kept so busy by her American public that she lies found no time to leave the country. Ralph Graves, popular star w^o playe opposite Bello Baker In "Socg of Lov-e" was selected for this r,le after an oxhruetlve search wen made for a. leading man possessed of great versatility, rho part called for an actor who could elng, act and play the piano. Graves filled the bill., An all-talking comedy, movietone act and eouncl news reel aro also beiug shown. Tbureday, \iViday and Saturday "So This Is College" with Sally Stai'r and Kobert Montgomery in thf leading roles, will be shown. Sues Wife Over Poodle. / CLEVELAND, O., Fob. 10,-- Charging "that hie wifo "bestows all her affections on a pot poodle," Lewis Ctzm- mings IMS entered suit for divorce hero. AH Talking Bigger Than "GoH Diggers of Broadway JL'S AMAZNG how much greater "Sally" is on the screen. A more vivid love plot-, brand nov/ song hits, more sensational dance effects, vastly enlarged chorus. A Miwlcrpioe? ot iHolody and Jtoinnnce. American Business Women / Qualify as World Travelers NEW e u a - and der). can bo sjou glances ovev casting ap- their shoul- Ice Has Uirtlidnjs. V/Il,LSr,()RC), N. Y, Fob 10.--Persons rci.lduiK around the southern end of i^ike C'lumplain s u e,iug tho phf iioir.t'Jioii t h a t cntibed ice to clofai 1 o v r t h e w.ittr.s b-'tween Willsboio i By United Pro s. YO'RK, Feb. 1 \,--American business women bid fair to qualify shortly as one of tho most wldoly traveled groups in the -world. Having in the paat ( no visited 13 Kuropean countries to make the acquaintance of follow business and profoshlonal women, roprcseenta- tives of Lho National 3 edoratlon of Business and rrofessl ual V/oinen's Clubs will extend their activities this year to Rusfala, Finland a n d Poland, When tho summer reason ib over they wilt havo only Groece Jugo-Slavia, Spain, Portugal and the Balkfin countries to visit to be abio to claim first hand acquaintance in very country in Kuiopo t»o rcidentjilly with announcing plan*, for tho Ihird a n n u a l Good-Will Tour cf the National Federation, M!is cnteitained at dinners, t«aa and other functions, bv wonnsn loadetw. Lezw Madcsin Phillips City, chairman of the f New York International Halations Committee of the organisa- tion, has announced that the first in- tcruuttonal meeting of busin-es and professional wom^u or Europe and the I ' o l n t aiid lUirlliKcton, Vt., on tno sumo United Sta.ea will bo hold the lattor daj Cor the Jai.uary ,;o Hind ( jtis«!iiti\o ( i r u - I l n l i ed Snatcher. iKlOKI'MK X V , Kcb 10 -- N'o# comes t U o ^ a -haired l,Midtt wunian. Mrs. Uiii. 1 Yerrv loid j m l x o lu"i purse WHS him-obi'd by an aged w o m s f r t H h i l e slu- w is buyiuir a n s v b - j)«i« v r la a stoie i T ^ t n i t h . The bnateh- «r ijjcapcd iu u t h t o n g ot shoppers our "w^ut" p a r t oi! Auufrst in Gei fva, Switzerland, tho definite dates shortly to *o announcod There t h e casual nc- (luanilaiK-eships begun ( n tho (hreo Ciood-Will Toms \ v i l l be c emenitf.d i n i o frle»dihip.s and t! -i foundations of an IntiHiiiUlouiil 01 ^nbation of bnslnpss and profcwsion U women will Vo lj id Bui preliminary lo tlu (icn-eva meeting throe gioupa rt bubiiitoss mid professional %\omon w i l l tour Kurolm, tho principaJ citieb and being Fhiliips will lead the group which sails J u l y Hi on the S. S. B*r£otifjord for Scandinavia. JTer group will visit Swenden, J^lnland, I'olaud, Russ-ia, Austria, Germany and Franco. Another gVoup led by Mrs. .J. K. Bowman of Jlichmoad, Virginia, first vice- president o!' tho Federation, will sail a few days e-arlior, fjohig to Knglupd, Holland, Btrghun, Uornwuiy, Swit/er- land, italy arid Franco Still another group will ball early m August for tt briet tour, auci aJi thie-e g i o u p s wil) Hi-oet Oensva. Former Good-Will Tours have disclosed tho faxit that are business -women's clubs m Norwa, Bwed- nn, Austiia and Germany. A flourishing ftaiidn Federation sprang up afe a i*su!t of Hie vuit Ql the first Good- Will Toui of Italy lu the Ifl'iS and Viene?o women, In tradiction of their alleged reputation tot f r i v o l l t j , ha.\e foimed tt f l u b Amoric.ui women \^Hea them of con- Auguvt of 1929 A doctor, a publisher and a worl.i-ronowned journalist head tbo new or? aniration Switzerland for a number oE years has had an "ctivo fodoiation of business and profession- til women which Is reported to bo oiiRer to jt'in o t h e r groups in an in- tonwUo-nal organiv.ation, [Bj lal W [U fal A FIRST NATIONAL VITAPHONE ALL COLOR EXTRAVAGANZA With \LEXANDER GRAY, JOE E. BROWN, PERT KELTON Vitaphone Act Talking- N:ws Reel All Talking Comedy From Florenz ZicgfeJd's musical comedy by Qiiy BoKon, anthor, and Jerome Kern,composci. Directed by John Francis Billon. Photographed }jy rechnioolor Process. \dmission-Matinee lOc and 35c--Night 15c and 50c Friday and Saturday--Eddie Buzzell and Alice Day in "Little Johnny Jones" Homos i Every da* you will flud hornps and aotue Bftns advertised in our t-laesi- lied column*)--rend them over. All Talking, Singing, Dancing RALPH GRAVES omvDAVlD DURAND Also Ai! Tnlkii tr Comedy, Movie( Acl and Sound ' Ohiopylc A True Story of the Younger Sefc **"S**HE Friday evening c a n c i n R | party was the wed: s high spot for the young f a l l e n of n certain, simall country cl ib. A four-piece orchestra always supplied the rhythm until older m r m - concewed the idc t h a i mechanical m u a i c would STVC t h e yonngatcm just as \vc^I--nnd coot Iroa. Accordingly, a muoic jnactunc Avas installed. T he plan .vorketi once, but the noxt Friday the little hanci triumphantly t 'turned lo ihe job. "What's wrong with y c u r nrw music box?" a father asked "Wouldn't you rather d mce lo \Vhileman and Valifo rocoitis than to n tin-pan b a n d ? " THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF MUSICIANS JOSEPH N. VVCBEU, I i u a l d o n l , 1 MO Uroixdwuy, New VorEt, N. Y, Jum'nr shook liin h e a d : "Mechanical music i» fine el home but it hasn't the right kick for a dance." What ii t r u e of clnncm^ tnant bi- equally trun of tho thcntrc, Aro YOU Rolling YOUR money's worth in the theatre? AMERICAN FEDERATION OF MUSICIANS J 4 J O Broadway, New York, N. Y. Gentlftnen P I c i ^ o enroll tnv iiamo in t n o JTuslr 1 lefciiKf J^c.iRim us one wJio f l r p l o r i s tho cHmfrmtinn of Tjivlni; J\Iu tc from tbo t h o a t r a program Name ..... _ .., Mate tho»o who advertise. visit epcnt at Gh^irloroi \ \ i l h t h p f r son and d a u g h t o j - i n - l u w , M i , urul Mrs. i llryaan i Charles Cox til M . i t h c i " iirrlved In Oliiopyie T l i U i f i d a y to njiuird .1 fw "\1uli oirror j YLW, Fob, 10--MI-,, r ^m C'ox hits returned NJ her IIOJIIQ on Commercial titioei after n ccveial ayb v i h i L at Mill Kiui JVIr, and Mrs. John Bubae-fec l a v o j i H nvoiulinK «i tew day returiidd to th«Jr homo a (wo we jke 1 i mother, Mra Kliaabelh H i f i f U y of M o u n t witli C'lifford Con'Ht.Tn ol i.peiKling ;i vlhit at hin i« (Commercial 'ilreot irip Kicninif? ,tii(i IJH fir*- i on lined to th n an ;ill;i( k ol i;i i ! M r s . .fui! ») W o l f f spent D n i i b d i y .ml j ii) Connellbvilla bhopping h i e j MjBti lOe'yn Jtanielh wag u vU-ltor in on Confluence G a i i c t t street. , M',^ luinico Hafforty ot I'iltsVjurs MlSb Catherine Bpggs of C o h f l u p i i t i - 1 i p o n t a IPW hours w i t h hor paionl-j, Friday calling on O l n o p j l u MI ,H,.! Mrs K I. K u r t / and J BW !« H a l l m u t o i n d In Unfoutown u p p u l i n c di.s. I 1 M e n Morn Siiot'flNNt'iil nt ' M K M I ' l l t H , 'VYmi, 1'Vb, Hi.--Mnn .irt j m m r hiii-i c i h f u l ,n c o m m i t t i n g »nlrlcl w o n u i i , Memphis poHtvo re-(jrdn i ' i l v 10 wonifii of f i who f r i e d I ion bitccewlod lifera JR 42 times and

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