The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 8, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1918
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, MAT S, 131S THE DAILY COURIER. CONTsELLSYILUD PA. PAGE FIVE. NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TQWiN Presbj tenan Women s Mis- stonarj Society D o w n to WorK. 138 AT CONVENTION YESTERDAY Much oi the laj Js (*icn 0er to IU ports on I'r^rtss of m Kfstime 1 rtsbyterr, Council Gives $75 lor -UemorinI Daj. Speciu to Th» Courier SCOTlDALi, May 8 --Th 3oth an nual meeting of the tt omaa s VisMonarv societies of tlie .Redstone prebbne*"} opeaed jcsterda n ornms ·it 3 30 o clock \\Hi: devotion il M ^irs France Kt ns Reviews of the ear wa» gsven. as follows The. auiihar ics b Mrc S ( Sic^ea^cn Jouru 1 lexsaat "\\eatmmster s 111 ^^ b Mrs M H bJoan Uniontowu v ] o used a map and militarr terms vt ung peo pit s work Mi "^ra ^ Ison Lnion town children b vortv Mi^-. J c i a n t U e Nefle Bello \ernon Fi oediian s wo"k Mr^ E G Hall Con. elKville literature Mro H 3 Cla- Lnion tow a rea^urers icpo J \I s C M \» ilson Lmoniown an J M » H" M 1 err Connellsville -svaodical i cport M^s \ndrov, Bi ovrn Pa^ ct:e C y TUis ssa« followed b\ '·ol 1 \all bu^v comrn itecs attd a tlo 0 5 pia\er b\ A rs George B JeftrKs L niontowu Miss M Josepbine Petrle of ^ew York C\i\ gave an excellent address Mr= W T Larimer of Pittabur fc avc a fei\ pointers on I reedman s worK slating that S6 000 ncgroe^ we~e defending tho colovs and hese \^ere freerttnan Uial se,eu \\crt, in tbo emplo^ of the foori conaervat oa movement The after noon bebaioa closed with consociation services Dr Kobcrt MacGovvan of BellefiGld church PUtisburg deluerc I the ad dre'is of the tvening The diumg roo-n is beautifullv dec o^attd m red white and b ue iud tap allied flags One hund ed and sev ,eBt^fivo v t L i e versed Cupper b tho local ladies One hundred i ad thlrtv eighi, delegates -wt-re in. if tendance c » t t r d j j a_d at ea»L tha man\ were thert. fo- d nncr aad supper todaj Council in iX'-sion. Council met on Mondaj night at tho .borough building m regul ir raontliU I meeting Oliver ShannoQ burgess o r Livtrson had st,nt in i n v i t Uion for , the Scoltdale burgo e a and c uncil to it end a flag nnlu-hng M 1 \crson o- 1 (Sundij May 12 Thi? wpi icccpted iOoniadeb Ki hn^ and Gn 1 ^ th o£ tUo j Go oncl L.lls'SYirth Po 1 - W C J L piebent and _Acd for the annual donation for Memorial Da\ and §"* wa» O rantcd them The girbagc was j read and was left for revibiou { 1^ C I L l-ntertaintd. Mrs i H licrbort enterMined the .ladies of the M C T L 1 at tier norm. I la^t eveni n g letters w o r e r«?*ul f i o n i Ilcv John Tanneh il of I/ouisville K- and "VUlliam Cople of tort Ogle thorpe w n o h a v e ri3cci\ed comfort kits f-om the ladies The l-'die-, decided to m ike oO comfort bags "or t le Rod Oo^ aad \ II meet av the horae ot ^frs H C Fox on Friday evening to GAVE HER DELICATE CHILD VINOL It Built Hun Up and Made j Him Strong Newaygo, Mich --' My little boy I was n a delicate, weak emaciated condition and had a cough so we had to keep bra out of school ior a year Nothing seemed to help him until Vmol wia recommended and the change it made in him was remarkable It has built him up and made him strong so his cough is almost entirely gone We can not recommend Vmol too highly "--Mrs E N. Hanlon Mothers of weak delicnte ailing children arc asked to try this famous cod liver and iron tome on our guarantee Children love to take It Lautlircv Drug Co Connellsvillo Divid C Lasnn Dunbar nnd at the host drug tore in e\ery town and c tv m the country Other ^ O H ~ Ifs Mrs Jcifcrson r n x m i n is visiting] fi icuris at Yo ngwotx M i s Alhr I Hunp U f t fiis morn ng foi FrLirsbur), \ i o visi her luii bind V bert lUrup \\lio i.s at Ca.iip 1 PC \ir ud M s r ( T^jmaa %rxi H iglitcr He i n of Piusbuig \ i b i ed El ends hei e Born to Mi a r t Mis llodg i Val I nee at ihcii hon e tore yt^torda^ t son \U=scs I ' b ard rloieuce Hill O Conuell Helen a d Miu Boyle i (I 'Wa iok a 1- mile hiic mi ] are for the sen I i lad es sent ?3o jO to keop H Idrptli DP chimp of RlaUKY j-r-llff tlidr war rphln for a"itlier year The boy w r i t e s these ladies ami s^cms to appreciate tiit-ir kindness in look int., aftp-r him *erj mu^h The pro i,ram wjs in ch irgo of Mrs Buit iietd and uab a« follow'; bolo Miss M Dikm solo bugeno Msworger n idinff The Pa h w a j to \lcton Mr-, I! H stoner solo MissCopli solo Constance Diskin i and Lore ta \gnes Sterbul/fl nt-U. O Oon lell t in lie mounu-uv ho', snl. r\\ohe loom I u e boll e nod ern known is t i p T a lor piopeitv M limit avenu fo f I T O O C F DeU itt --Atl\ --8 It {··inprhunis ire Pnpulfir Large plaid { 3 mt,bani cliLCks \er good IMS bi asoi n drCfase streei" wear "We liau tl oin at ver\ lowc t p i i e s n both gm^lilins and silks in^-tle t yi 5n 1 cinliTul stlcs \ o i lol ot now elf s n liffi ta coa(s ind -i I suits sun G with M i I r u trimm u^ How woul i on iki ono or tl ( st now w l i t e M Ian hits or bil-nL I c E l o r n s it ?G 7 Tin v aie ordina ily f l J O D Hi sample, snles of CO its ijid suit ire siill fan nf, rn Jt l relurllon of iboul ( i i M M r d tlie I orig nil p C reiL redti tions ilso in ill tlie othi r il p i r l i u n t s -Re "ell anthnik a cliill n f - i i l o- wnrrin wears at ^our price Bionduij I i flies Store q roUdik P Vs vou Ket off tlie 11 Adv S I* Whesein the Difference is Found Attracted bj it' la\ish advertising of the mail order house this -woman fell pre-v to departirent, fonvarded an even dollar irore than she had been accustom"d to paj- ing her uome to-\vn she e dealer and recei\ed apa'r 01 shoes of which she v, ih ashamed There was no recourse but to sheepishly appeal to the shoe dealer who in the past had been found 'tried and true ' the standard of whose goods the woman knew there was no doubt and who in time of need -would extend credit to a conscientious customer But the appeal had to fall upon deaf ears of the home merchants for they too knew uill well of the lack of quaht st%lo and comfort of the mail-order houie footwear and naturally refused to hear to an exchange for good merchandise Shoes purchased at home could have been excha iged but shoes that come from the job lot' establishments are as that mtich monej thro rn into oblivion MORAL --Real comfort comes from aperfect fit A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. IHJb AARO CO. "Homo builder" 1U S. Iittslmrg bt. GRWLE\-ltfJLSa\RJEZAT CO. Shoes for the U hole lamily 111 Vt. Crawiord ATC ABTMAft WORK China and 1all Paper 147 151 \. CraiTiord VTC. THE CETTJBU; STORE Dry Goods 211 Vf. Crawford ATC. , ELVERVS Ladies' Smls and Coal'. 1 !0 Ii. FitWjurg St. IITE AM) TEA CLT WALL PAPER CO. Hull l'Hicr 183 W. Vppit St. W ELLS-3IILLS MOTOIt CAR CO. Ijcnts fur UiIIjs-KnieLt, O^Lrlund Luis, Accessories WER1HEIMEEBROS. Jlen's Store Ut N Pittshnrs St co^^ELLSvrLL£; LAUNDRY COMPAXT A iirnitnro, Jinsri, Stores l»t-l^S II . Cravnord \re. «. X. LECHE Dry Good« 12"! Vi, Ccawtord ATC. 1HE il, 's \Ycar COIOMAL -VATHmt BAK Lorner I'lttsbnrj; Strett and Crawford Vienne. ML SIC L N D -ELECT1UC CO. A. 1'ittsborg !t ino ». Cnwfor^ Vre. Kojral Hotel Block H. KOBACKEH SONS "dhe Bic S o-c" A. 1'ittsbnrg St. C. W. BOW7SS tootwear lor FrerjbodY 127 Pittsborg St CO^ELLSYILLE MABKET AB ORTH 1D 3TARKET Grceorj S»orca lit and 313 i. rittsbtm; St. LOCCK-s HARB^ABE CO. 116 AY. Cramord iic. Haritra'-e CHAKLES T. GELES Jeweler cst Crairiord ITC. BBOTTNELI, SHOS C03LPAVY flcst Cramord Aye. ^IlUG COMPASi ISO West Crawrord Are, PETES B. \\EEHEB fiaaos and Jeirelry A. TV. BJSHOP W! flcst Cra-rriord Aye. -Snow -\nntc Rork" 12« Rnldvrin Vte. Jolm Dnirunn COLCltBIV H01LL Wcit Sido Hardware 1IUSBEE HVRBYFAEi CO. Cramord ATB Departmer.t Sture tt BIGHT-METZLEB CO. IV". Cramord ATC. LAUGHRET DRUG COTTPANT 112 S. Pittflbnrg St RAPPORT-FEATHI miAJi CO. Ton Can Do Bettir Here. Confluence. I HAVE MAD A NUM8ER OF CUSTOMERS WiSH flECEIVEC FROM OUT OF TOWN HOUSES BUT YOU can MAROW E?PECT WE TO DO THIS FOR 1 W O W L C HAVB NOTHINC BUT INFfRloFI l« TIME I AM V E R Y SORR.V HAVE A PAIR OF SHOES HERE, THAT I BOUGHT FROAn A MAIL ORDER HOUSE YOU COULD FXCHAMCE THEM R1R THEY ARE SO BAD. TO ©bvMCMerker 19/6 CONFIljl\ri v t y " -- A E Prank ^ % i ^ H i g friends in P tt-'biirg Mr and Mr;, O r ^ l ! l p I 1 G j-nr 1 'im ilr and M and Mr 1 ? ' H 0 let and f i m i j Ii L V C ot irned from i \islt w i t h friends m Un o n t w n Harrj Po tertrld Im I urchasert i Ford t.dan from i'it H P ^i' l ^ers i? u i Tie mam fn i n s ot J 11 ice of t c Pcac ( O i roff w i l l j «rn to leirn h hi U t t i is not vi.r soo 1 Mr and Mrs II J II i ncimi b hive ictiirn d to the r home it I em S i tor if c r \ i ins Mr Rl me rmUi s iarent Mr i d M i s I P Shipley ( re a few iy^ Mr* Ka c Iiau Ii LS returned r rom i v bit vr h frie-d it \firltleton M s faue I i 1 - ou c' kjtrsdalo is » tl p friends t i m e l)r II 1 M T- rs inn =^e\eril o In n til s en to ( I v I i n I O *-s i r 1 -v in t w i l t rt-turi t o l l \ v i t n v n i l Ford an os M" ciul Mr hn P i r n r - \ 11 j d a i g i cr F i?al t! 1 t L T t e r d a \ for j. v i ^ H IA tli fn uds u ( lenooc Mi i r M i o t i f - f Jjo-^ld wt re itnonp t'lf v,h ) L t t f n d c d t r f u n r n l The Biggest and Most Important Bargain Event in Connellsville V t c hiuc planned for months lor THIS « l » A r S \ r t and o) spotial mention !i the fact that our Mr. 1. J. k o b i c k i r lias mst retimed from tlio v \ York market, vhore lie has tlosod Itiimonse I'urclMihes u n d e r ( I I P most laTOru'ili o n d i f i n s Jndped p.i-res of ad- xrtispmonts cm Idn't do justi p lo tlu nm^S S'OCh^. H ^ V K U 1 I ) s, THE BI V C T I J i r . N F N S I I J IS, and abo^e all 1IIL » O M ) J b H l l L \A3.LES w i l l be offend I THIS S IXL. See Our Full Page Advertisement in Thursday's Paper. s u r S t L F o v. I l K d l C l l CO P Paul \I \ ul on hi^, r uirned to h s homo in 1 ist n l n i r g if pr a \ sit 10 coke r L, on pom s l o t Ilu li » H o iv MS t i n g nends it. r lanu d M i l e us u i n d to his liome i i CAH n l l b v i l c f I I n i i 1 1 if ilso i \psterda ' 3 r h a i t of T e t rdav on 1 is w iiina w h o e he t o r'rald at onliirq w-u-, b t i c ) o c^mp i n \ L s e i l i s t n I in t h e I Slop Itching Eczema jl Never mi d ho / rftcn j o j 1 i\e trieu ard f-ilcd *oj cin o~) fcj renr lurmrj: ecze-l" q^iC ly hy ar^lir^ a h Lie zcrro furnished bj aiydruir'i t or 35c EtJi lar£je bo^tie, 61 03 Hei.n2 bePins tl e moment 2emo m applied lu n sho-t time usually evc-y traee of ec2erra, tetter pmrj as rs c h r ..Vails ..^d SIFT ar sic T du ''be 0 ^^ 1 be rrrr oved Per c car ~g tMo s. rr c-J naki"^ a \ s p tni ly h alt , always use o Jic pc-^e jit nf, ant icpt c LqL d It r t a C c* sih2anditdo"anoest^ia \ \ h u o hc-s fail it is 112 c o dcpdK ID e tre- Bient for skm trrubka of n ! ki-ds Tl-5 E.7/ it SBff, \o siore in Con lellvulli p n , o -, a larger patronage from out of to\\n ustomer-^ 111 in Kobacker=-- T h e J5ig ^tore --and no store ipp'-eciate-, rhis bu's n r « « nor devotes more effort to gam and hold us trade than v,e do \\ o therefore -wi 1 ?!' to dei ion*,tntp n i prictical va\ , ijuoh ue value their nipper-* T\ p -\an \ou to ittpnd t h i s ,,'rpa p"t of all \ a l le p MII e^ nt 1 ; Our ^"Ip ind taae bic\ the nif-^ge to \ o u r liome toi\7i of the w o n d e r f u l value giiiusr powei of KouacAers tlie Big Store ' \\ p ih «f -von fo f i \ e in m l \ ( r u n TIK] n morping "\Ia\ V th in} I)P on ^in 1 (o (3l»e homo -^our ^liare of the^e 01 Tlie Pie c m o s r " ida\ Spread the new-, inonc; \ o u r f r e u l s ind noisjhbni'. and ir]vi«e 'lien to be here earh i '\Ioiu% ^a\ni2; opportunities all E penrnced «alespeoi le i i all d partmenfs for oui Sale loonier en )lo\ce c : priferrfd A.pplj t onie IONC W. W. G Sale Starts 9 A. M. Friday ^JA-C J ** ~~ ^4^j TRAVEL FESTIVAL ALASKA--CHINA "THE RED, RED HEART" AD\P T 1 D I ROM THI r - U K H S N O M I,\ HON Uxl M SO \ N I KO L O N LU\ THRILLING TESTS OF GIGANTIC T 0 M O II R O IT TiORLD TI( ITKLb PR bl \ 1 Lli-UlMlV. At ICt B K \ D \ IN N UNCLE SAMS ARMY "THE TRAP OIL want sLorios tba inovt. f asl and ]o to ica]h ind narr\ ou along 011 an eniliralling \vave of JinJln g jnc drn s 10 a sma-Jnn5 big climax ell he e \c-u a i t be iliis t n d be at ed Kl h r ! \ ! tfW4^f?*fW^ ' I-RI NCI G i n i I N H L I 1 1 M \ \ 1 M S ; ^r \ IKGIM v "\ i\l I . H I r i i (., I I J I N , ]The. sirfii I i ] g:ani Matinee and Night dvance S,Ue Starts Jlond.ij Morning at 'J 1 c.itrc Oiiic« --Cln'dien -26c; Adults We and "hc. Prices: Matinee--Clnldrer 16,; Adults, 2Sc and 59c TOTIOUROfl R U O K IN 1111 lul H I M (,\\\V

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