The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE) FO OTl. ·rms .DAiJL,r ctramtsK, PA. .MONDAY, FEBRUARY 70, couiuiR co,, HKNBY P. SNYDBR, President ii'itl Editor, 18T»-U018. MTRS. ~, M. SNYT5KR, President. 1916-1922. J. DRISOOLU Preiildout and Ganoral p. c. Vlio-l'raaMeut, TV, A, SocrntAry unl Trwvsurur, JOtCM JU Man «K»nff KUUr, WAT-TTK a STIMMKU City Editor, if ISS JjYN'N'E R Society Kditor. MKJkTBKH OF American Newspaper Publisher* Association, Audit Bureau of Circulation. Newspaper Publishers Two cents per copy; 50o p«r month; fS.OO per year by mall If paid In »a- . 12c por -week by carrier. as srcoml class matter at tho , Connollsvlllo. EVJiNTNG, FEB. 10, 1980, BOARD 01' TRADE FUNCTIONING,. Tho activRtosj of tho "added indus- t-rios" committee oE th« Board of TraxJo will show to the zembarsliip «nd tho public generally that tho interest of tiio community improv-einont body is not being centered on a single objoct, "ior aro Its efforts IxMng confined In ono direction only. ^V^^ilo the- cr.nalization oJ tho Yough has occupied much attention thus far, it has boon glvon, iiuportanco because of tho fact that action ou this proposition warf neeostary to bo tukon bo- calico (ho opportunity NS%%S present. There has ikMi no effort to omphastze It us the. chle' objective of tho board but it was onrjy -realized that unless worn* thins weoe, dono, and clone quickly, tho opporl inity would In all probability pa^i without prospect of return. Now, however, tho project hasi been advanced about as far aa can bo done until tho army engineers Kubiivlt their report to their chlot". Assuming this will be favorable the next ste-p will bo taken by UK- i-hlet of engineers in making his nfommondatioiis to Oon~ cress. It to this s»aj» tbo project ro- rolves favora-Wo coii«i'lcrittion and an Slom for a detailed survey i.* included I n Iho appro]'flalions bill for rlvor and harbor irtprovoment. tho responsibility will then rost with Oongr-c-ss to ras^ tho b U. Tho approval ot the bill by 1'resilient Hoover i« anticipated from tho 1'art that ho is known to bo in sympathy with movements Intt- to advance tho improvement embraced In. th- MissioSippi Syst-em of \snterwas. Tht« done local uctivU.\ will nood ti bo revived and along somewhat d l i f e v c u t line-i, t h a n those followed 1n Jidv.uK'inK the project to its present at !·;('. W o a u w h i l o tho Hoard of Trade t h r o u g h Us -v vrlou-j committee::, will bo prost-cull! ' several HtK'* of endeavor, i u f l i t i ' i n g tho Invvsticatlon of industries ai d In a i d i n g road 1m- p r o v o n u n t p t t i j e c t a in tho t e r r i t o r y adjacent, to ConneUsu'Uic. There if, t!ienforo, no occasion to complain oi' ark 01' e f f o r t or of. op porhinity by or t h r o u g h w h i c h the Hoard of 'I r.i'io c.ui s.ervo the objcrto for w h ! h It \\a; created. On the c o n t r a r y , the tlno .spirit of cntluih iuiirn t h a t in i n u p i r i n p tho tommittee.s w i l l bo tin as'-iiranct-- t h a t they are not o n l y o w o u r a f o d by tho p i o s p e i K but a r o d e t o r n i i n c d !o carry on cncrget- and sy -tesuaf'u-ally. HOY SCOf TS. A COM.Hi'NITY ASSKT. I-Vw people, i n c l u d i n g oven those ^ h o .irv I t f o r m o d as to tho uim« and c-bjeuls of thi Buy Scouts, havo c \ c r ( M U H i d u r t ' d tiu'it! at- n c o m t n n n H y usHct. Some have rupanled them an ono of the nii.ny organiz(illon« which thrlvi! for a umo t h e n , for want ot sustained U i t i i ' f s t , languish aud dlu iv Ithout h'tvi i f ; accompllshert much that is of pemnifi!t valiu-. This may bo ti'uo ot t i ) o n . - ] ot ScoiKs which t x l b t for a U ntjer ur shor!t j r period ( h e n ci-astj t ' i - i r m - t n - i t j . .Such gi-n- trali/.ations a ^ not true oi Scouting as a nation-wid^ acHvity, nor are they I r t i o of any c o m m u n i t y In which t h e r e Is a K e n u l n o iutert"-t t a k f n in Scout troop.-*, whcro Uicre is an appreciation ol' what Scon ing inean« buth to the boy aud to tht tosvn h a v i i ^ a c t i v e lioy Scout orciinixatioius. When theso conditions uxHl Scouts become a real asset to t a o c o m m u n i t y l.s tho Jinn conviction of Major Hoy A. Seymour, -OKional ext'ontivc, wuo wut b p c i i U f r a Un- d i n n e r given by t h e j u r t n t h ol tho nieiubois of Troop No. h. Out of an o.\pi-rlcnce in Scouting w h i c h covert, i n u u y years Major Hey- mour had bef u u close .-Indent and o b s o r v s r of tho practical i c b u l t s ob- Uunt.-d f r o m Uiirt K r boy move- m e n t r v o i ' or[;.uii/,i'(l. Hi UK'!H amply jtiHtUlcl in nuking Mich a chum for the \aliu 1 of Scouting. No doubt lie could p r e s e n t stallatun to .support hih iiiiieruon that t b e money lnvosU'il in Hcout troops t ifirn an i n v e s t m e n t t h a t yiclrl'j j i v o l i t a t ' t c n U i i i i n . not only lo the but to Iho Stai.o t^Su! I h o N a t i o n , The t r a i n i n g Boy Scouts rrceivc- hu t h o r o u g h l y iu. v til.s tin t s i n d a m f r n t a l s of I'ood citiziMibl t p t h a t , us M a j o r Hry- u i o u r dcchirt 1, "Tho t u t u i ' o ct tin 1 c o u u t r y i M t i f i t o l . IH p t a t i - d . in t h ' ' Any oi c r ; u t u . u i o s i \ s l u i - h . t n u . i ' . i t e s tht dsn i l u p s u t ;u oi ^iu h .1 diMrrvc of eontldi'iico in u., bonolii i.i; i n i l u v i K e s ou t h r l i \ e s u t f u t u r e im/.ou-,, is di- 1 MTvitii; ot c v ' i y t'ur'u nf support it need:. t inajv - I j t - t t l l nur^ vtiet1-ie and t \ b r i n n inoio b ''-· iiiUior its h e l p f u l K u U h i r o o a n d dc'ei-tlru d u r i n g the Corrn.i'lvo c - t i l ' T UVCB. Kor t i l l ? V f on a'.ui * ( ' M U K - ' ! -,-i'!'( OUi' 1 !! I , in /.·. i i j ,,) f,v v , , n v i t "111.UN to c'v'.'-id S i . i i t . i t - . . t ' ' i - i'i: v if 1.11- cou ."';'i!K u i 1 t . i i u'.ituni i-: ni n troops and t'.io o n l l s l n u n t of nmn 1 parBiitf, houce more boj · , -.11 its nuiny variod . i r t u i t l e a . 11BCBUIT8 F(SB HOTVITSBR COhrf'ANT. .Tho opportnuiity that oxtMn f-jr 10 or more youfig- nu a to Utlto moin-bor fthtp In tho Howlfc pr (Vnikpany. 110th iTifantry, Ponmsylv t n t n Chi and, will no doubt bo readily ,'(:ci\itcd, t5«oh oponlng* ·tuo not nhvuys ft-vnl) able for tho artmitu Ion of wvultn, 't'lu* (if t!io u n i t l» -UmUi'd by beyond whioti onUHt.'twivUi cannot !o mudo. Tho explvutlon ul on!tRtifio,nUs m*at vnt-anclerh from litiH to timo altoriilm; tho eouvi oi'ciwloii young im n may iloalro. .Inst now u» i v«- it oxpirhiR- inerits provide vm unctoa which It 1b d-e«h-ivW« to have filled aa fur in Hilvuueo na possibio of Fted-onU irv- poctiou next m o n t h . This is nocoa- aury in order to provident} muohtrain- ing as can l« fiiven prior to th-e official teet of th^ company's emd- e-ney. The llo-witzor Com-pa-ny ooatlnnea to raU us ono of the ibest units of the llftth Infantry, In this respect It in nmintiduing tho i ope tat Ion of Us prodccckEisotvH, Ooimany D, Huth Infantry, American 11 x p o (H 11071 a r y Forces, and Company D, 10th JFtesrl- meat, National Guard of; - Pennsylvania. It has a" splendid complement of omeei-s and enli»t-il personnel, making- an outfit vrith which it should be th-o pricks o£ virile active young men 4o be enrolled. Only men of good character aud "Who can manifest tho spirit oi comradeship developed by this organization aro sought. If othorwiso Us mora e coiild not be kept at the M-sh standard Captain Stauffer has established, and !s In^iting shall be preserv-ec?. YOUE tNcoara TAX Compensation for 1'crnoijal Services. One ot the chlel sources of income Is "cornpeneatiou for personal 6er- vicee rendered." All ot the various typ-eri of compon! atlon, unlefts -such incoino is apc-ci Ically exempt by statute, ehould "b-a included In the taxpayer's return ot grotis tncomo. Iu genera), H include i salaries, wages, feos, commissions, bonuses, Ups, hon- orarlunia, prizes, .uward-s, ponslona in rosxiRiiitloii of pas' s^f^'lccs, elc. Companeation fo fiervieos elxmld bo reported {or taxat on purposes in tho yar H Is reoelve , or mode unqualifiedly subject to d'iraaad. If Uie services v^re renlw txl durhift tha year 19US, or ovou prl r thereto, but tho compensation wv not revived until 1929, t h e entire a nount 13 taxaWo In the y t a r received, w h e n tho taxpayer IB reporting on 'hf cafih rotjolpla Vxifrte. Most J n d l x d u a l s usi thu cn»h receipts baala hi r«portlug net income. Tho R'i'arSps f r'c-iieral offict-rn r.nci rvmploye.'' KTO swl jwt to tho income tax, etcvpt iho rilarie« of J'Vternl judges iifti thft Pr bitk'tU of tho Onifc-J Sttit«. Tli«t loUo vitiir !tem« nlio aro subject to the tu.^: Salaries it nsr-SB- b«r« of tin* HO«S' of Rfpr« L H^n'atlvf-! and United rUaU . ,-MiHt--; f*'f( rv- f u n e r n l f c . b.iptitm:. rnarriaKOS, and lili" tre,rvke.-4 Kodora! J u r y cxoculore* fees, f e» rec(tv*sl by a refr-rcH', trustoo, o ' receiver uritior th* National Bankrup cy A c t ; and retired pay. A "Real Boy" Needs Real Room Where He Really Can Be Himself Snppoif- he dw put his feet, on thf bod and liltcti to "make thingH" und ha^ 1 X! "secret in ottnf?s"--thal'n no reason w h y the 'xiy of the hour-* should 1)« btinltshe I lo a 'taro and un| iittractive attir. V live boy HO«!H ,t room in which ho an live, and i l i t t l e t h o u g h t and vorj little ox pens o can e-reuto a room in which ho will do- light. How to d It Is explained by Mary Davis Gllli"s in McCall's for .March: "TJio IHIJ-'H rxit i f h o u l d bo juet as a t t r a c t i v e and c. rel'ully plannel ae any other room, ii order to develop in him a pride- in po aetiniona and an in- loreot In his home "In a typical boy's room, inexpensive beds are used and aro placed THE LINE'S STILL. BUSY V*V * A *m f AX li Interest in City Planning Grows The growing I n t e r e w in nity plan- n i n g and itri widespread development throughout the United Slaleu i3 again H h o w n by a iirvey reef n t l y completed by tbo Oh 'sion «t B u i l d i n g and Housing, United Statoa D e p a r t m e n t of Commerce. A tabulation mado f om r o l u r n s to q.uonlionnalre.1 went to vinous eitloH, town;-, and villages in th * (Jnite! States shows t h a t nl least 31 of these m n n - icipalif.ioH have official j l a n n i n g boards or commin.siOiiri )n existence. Of this n u m b e r , '-08 are cilic^ having in IflliO a population of over 25/100, comprising more than two-thirds (t all t h e citlen in that population gro ip. T'ho other ·!8o -\ary in size down lo villages of lees than 1,000, and several of t h e Hmalle«t, of theeo have lose t h a n 600 inhabitants. The largo number of m u n i c i p u l i t l e n of all sizes w h i c h at ihit, time IKIVO p l a n n i n g comrniseions, and the f«cl, that, (he interest in pi.inning activity is not confined to any ono region of the country, indicate a general appreciation of tho noed f o r modern city planning, according to t'w Department. "Cities having p l a n n i n g commissions aro believed to be more apt than others to c.^ercirfo foresight and trno economy in controlling the laying out and Improvement of si - cets, the location of parkH, playgrounds and public works, the development of traneit and transportation, provieion for street traffic, and in the eoriitablo regulation ot private uso of land -hrough zoning ordinances," the department said. Bay Rum Hounds R a l p h Jf«b The l a w now .si vs I l i a ! all ctray H i n t l i v e w i t h i n 6nr t o w n , I W i l l r i t l i r r h;ive tf b/.it It or ]0ikoij up in tln jnuiind. Ko if you l u v i - n iluij; -,(. homn lio"n U c p p l n g - ;ia ,i pot you I x M l c r U i ' i ' j it h i f i d p n from tlie w l l h Uio bis, loi{j not. liTo' 1 ! n u l l r n 7ol nf purpo Jn ttrvnt: I ot I ' v c r v .-izc « n c l k i n d , ) H h o r l jjiiil t u l l ,itn) f n t and allm, and I all tlio f o l o i s y o u ' l l Jlnd. ni.l I w onch'r vvbi.l w i l l Jiappon -when t l i o flf)H--tnnn m.'tkoa h f » r n u n d B And l u i d K llial n«iW variety I hat arc* k n o w n a.s bay rum hounda? Homo f n l k B t h a i losrs nre jo« n, n u i n a t i f c al thcfr bent, Y e t , there's worpf DilnRfl than a. doff IT j'ou'd care lo maico a. t e s t Ncur, wlifii tho dofwi ar« (fathered In anil lorkcd up 111 tho pound, f S liopp thorp's quit* 1 a fow of those' -vvo call tlio bay rum hound. ' Pajamas Bring A Strike of Waiters Likral Party to Contest Influence Prohibition, Church j j Home-Makiiig Is the Greatest Vocation For Girls SIOUX CITY, Iowa, Feb. 10--When co-eds at Morningsido collefo appeared at breakfast in their pijamos collego men waiting Uibles in Uie residence h a l l s went on strike. An edict was In Is Not Krllslipd B ot* Kithfr Donto- or Ht''pnhli«ia«. T..A\vnrNt-r, 3t»CJ liy 'J »" ·--oxitr 1 M f t . l - U I H (!«'. U v 'hv. j l S . ' J l l . f t t tuitjo' Hy Of A j f i ' .r ··vuijUm!! 1 Mtio H. ir! a u! '.vo incn ·rJf"l \^ ^ a ! ·· vf' j.r \n nioii r i . s . i ; f th · i "'. . )M(-, i.f y rn s ti:'i Iiu'lt r, t'SiS'! nf Uort vt a liberal toloniwco aaJ tndlridwal tii-ht for flv-ttr-S f u r Tf 4 .-ro w .-«iti. rr, in by prohibition an4 the m l n s - i K-nm*. In tin I'nf )f th«. church in politics, !s not i Mont ft irti "!'H 192 ', t ^ .i ;· tau«" vi ·! -1' alti f H ' l l SK at opposite ol tho room, each accompanied by a chest, o£ drawers, in mdor lo create u fooling oC independence 1 . One t'citujc of tho room is tho bench Heat and book shelves around one corner. This arrangement forms an, ideal sttudy U ' U t , and makes the con- The alco find u bench has a. pud storage of eportin? equipment venient as well .is rtecortttivo. radio, books and Is place thcro. Th covortnl with a plain i«iHt colored cotton crush and pi lows. o£ cretonne maki it very com forU hie. Tho drop that hangs Uovi3 the, for ln«tance, may b« a brakc-nian's lantern, olo«trillol. "Cretonne is uet d To: 1 tho draw curtains at the window, u lea).' pattern, «ay, in gay ycllmv, red and blue, printed -on a blacli ground. Tho draperies would be cil'c"Uve if finiehed with pinch pleats al t l - u lop aiui arrangtHl ftHog'ther Thvi old line politicians frown on third party movements ax f u t l K . Thtsy dlsHKo to BOO any jtfvrty started which would draw mi-mlx-rsi f r o m their rp- iasriiA h.i- cr r r ' w l U- spectivo ninliR. There arc Vt'cJf l i t curlmj very tt'.llt* about both i*io TJppiiWkan and IVmocratir .«,(),-(, nm [ a-rcrit-s, tlve'y Ini.lf partd-a and there are voters in both meinbeia f Cutrrt'*;i stu-lt who aro rescuttul ot rollgiouii doniiiia-| f ft rn«iil.i 1.1" i h » dryr. The lion liy groups. I p a r l y tnav d clcl« not -o in- Btr U is not 5*--riouslv supplied all in p u r e l y sUte poMH ·· here thM tho MiKKPfitod LIN raJ party itself enWrrh- 1 tho prni w i l t 'unction as n t h i r d p a r l y at all, whirl! s w u i t c r s and but ranch more as an independent or- of gaui'/atiou with tbo same relationship , Thoro arc a mimbci of ii to UMJ Ke-nuWiean and Democratic p r i m a r y m m p a l j r n s i'i tho H« nf 192H, j !»)·· occupation of bomf-Hraking than .'il*»a . r »3,-iii! Any other single occupation. The )Krut 30,-! lifts'. larjitut orcupHan,)) JTOTIP, ufi .·i of s i f c . ' ,'ihott n by il-.v- f j i s n ' of 1'Cfi, is the i «'u; .'.i'l "jttAnwfa* Uirln;? «nd u-.etb.tnica! in- 1 1 iu:»tii«"v." - n C h a t o t a l of n1y lil^'lS,- ·.ct [ iJ4, ». I T ! s« populatUiD Of t r . e I'nHix! · In 19'Ji; YIH lompntc.J ;.- th* ·' t h u fFi r uu tti lw if-.'.TlO.S.i 1 , N« | -it.WistU'i* ttri 11 a-Viitiabks (ii« to 1h- nnm- , tier »Jf portion*, Ihln^: i u ? ' W ! hi !)*(!*. 'ic ; but \t i« Hii'f- to ' Ihi nptrixi)U.i.uly K'O.OOO.OUO people In )hf l r tiit.i d Slauiii SH'f* in homf-j» [ where Ihe. ^tnnr)aria of effick-nry ·!"- n ml ur«n the. kniHYl«dj,'C »nd (.kill of ho in e - in u K O I ; Them irf a group of oii-upation^ for ; women whk'h us tvo closely related to S hfwioniaklng by tho trainriK and ekill HT a l o f t ! nxiuiri'd ttuit the 1 } 1 should bo /-onsld- iit1-B us ere! in any s t u d y of home-making itit? t h a t ; c-jtieatlon. The training for ono m often used in the other, and certain of the p k i l t required are intor- bctween tho trade and tho ·v ocation. The wonu-ti ongagerj In tbe«o trades aro drosfiizuiker.H, mUHnerfi, bousohoM uHHitttanl iletitiiin.». Tliu i;omnninitit«5 and to i b o In B of tho lv?a or clioBOn. ii lerebtinr; u i h , par- as t'ttc Anti-Kaloon bfap«p haw , t l e u l a r l y in Xnrth Ciroliiia uid A.3a- yoars. The latter organlza- bama, in whin i h o tion tORethor with affiliated groups independent, has been- responsible for tho 18th . would so mix up tho Amendment. It has refused to p u t j e i b l y to brnu; a b o u the . efeat up of an t indidatcH i as poa- of , is ha; l!y likely ihc^e p l a t e s w nld »unci : into "ampaigne candidates of its own , leading dry.-, but has, on the other hand, been mora j that cither ( ,f effective by endorsing or opposing i a wot lo r'onjrrsE L The J.ilx ral parly candidates ot the regular political tactirs woii'd probably bo t ., line- up parties with an occasional indepeiid- and t tiro w its tup pon towan a candi- ont in the race to bring about tho j U a t u , who ^ u i i ^ h t not be wot but who defeat of one or the other of tho load- "" "'" '"' " " " ' ing candidates. It ifi suspected in the National State* have boon unable to meet the domcnds for thote vocational clap«eti. Tho vocatdoiiiil program in homo ceonomlcs ofterts an all-around program of training based on tho respon- fifbilHieis of (he- home-maker, pro- on t l i e toir-ranco wo ul 1 bo able to d r a w voti»s from both 'pin i?R. opporf u n i t i e s o£ tin L/iberrvl p a r t y t o b u r r o w Us way i; to forth- Capital that tho Liberal party will pursue the tactics of the Anti-Saloon [ coming contents for Confess) are League and in Uiia way will become a j limited o n l y by tlie armmn of time thorn la tho side of the Republican ' and energy and m o n e y iho HI onBors of Democratic parlies. The new j t h e new party wish to expt id lo ox- CO. I HO Lit. IT I ~ i - - - - . - . - - -- -- -~- _ i - , .,, .,, ^ mime that is I turininaf-e « h a i they conside a (yran- and popu'ar^n many" coout.7en ns the ' n\^l attitude on ll»- jiart . C certain characterization ot a political party- elem.uUs m Amerlcnu lile.^ Che load- a name incidentally that is far more likely to win converts than the "Association Against I n n 18th Amendment " Tho Cissontiul factor lu all independent parly movements is 1'uudu wilh which to develop and aidinUiin an organization throughout the country. Some oZ the man identified wiUi the now Liberal party idea are wealthy enough to E'ivo the inovemenl :ill the fuiiiiiL it needs. Neither o!' iho major political parties can very well take an oat and out stand t o w a r d the liberalization of the 18th A m e n d m e n t . ers of the Rep abl lean and. U 'inocTutic parties arc not lian-py over -he pros- poet but thtiy aro somew.ha helpless to combat a fraulc attack on them both. to draw, or they might be hung with j NoU1)er one w o u i c l c a rr in i,ts platform rel rings from ,i I duo painted wooden | to toucll l)lo vctigious issue. And yet pole and should ro.u;h just to thc-lo.wcr edge of tho apron beneath the window tiill. "The 1 bedspread, pick up tho Idon- ticul colora in the nruperiea. They arc. made of a coars -woven cotton nui- toria! and s t u r d y enough to t;tanl rough t r a t m e n t . The fabric a frla 1 'H cloth and IK u i D l e r r u r ' g l i n s ; of blue, red, sold and black ebwks, it recalls the w o v e n paper mat of primary school dajv. Tho bi'df- a i e s u p p l i e d w i t h m a n y p i l l o w ^ , fo nimif ui excellent pl.K-o for the c;;iii! " The pino Hooi has been t-craped, painted b|ne, vai Uslied and waxed; for aud should In 1 l l l t K h t lK! and forms a plea t'ue ruga and col* · lr.i|Hrics. ' The woodworl, a i m \ \ a \ c i ! ,nul 'u- · I'T-V iui;iourl or \i i l o a m y .\.--lio,v. Th fielcot their own pi t u r c s ; those should i aided the be L-hanged pouotl call} as tho y o u n g - 1 Htatea. s-tcr-fe' imere-.-* i ha IKO ond exptind." I Fo · ,\ lone the Democratic party in the S o u t h was torn by the rclipriou-j .ssne, the scars of wnich havo not altogether healed. AH for I h c North the Republican party, in such otates as ls'o\v York aud Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, Biid plenty o£ dlfllculty w i t h the- proMbitiott i(uesUon. Tin! IIPW Liilwral party may wreak havoi: in the North aa woll as the South. The success oC iho De-moprals In N w York state elections has been l a r g e l y due to the split iu the Elf-publican p a r l j ou the wet and dry ishiic. T'ie Jjlberal p a r t y will probably keep that o'plit as wide as pos.sible, slowly forelag one or tho o'lier oL t h e ifroups LO b u r r e u d e r and using- tho Ueino- era^lr- party as a wedge to force the leader^ of the Republican party over !owa -d tlio wet tide. J u s t how tar the Libei ul p a r t y m a y n u a d i ' t h o r i o u t h it not yet apparent, but it w o u l d not bo n i ' r p n s i U K il a e o t u i n n a l l o n (it 1 the bhould j t r i c t U H mbide iho Uomoi-ratio part} H e p u b l i c a n s in certain i i m v ( h e Anti-Saloou I ' m f i - r ] i a' .is 1) ui h l - i i l I ' 1 i a t l i i 1 h c ' i i In a t l u t i , - M i n i t ; . i ) i i ; ' » . i f l ( i : i n U c-v U)il i in Ji 1 - - u : ^111 i ' l I / U I l ( l O I l . I I s on %v i - i t t h ' ^ t i l t k^i U p : U U i *.' i^Ot I I ' J W I l I n L l K ' . i t ' t l ' I M U O H I iu tlao e'.'ciuu Kivni IH parried over into the home vrherc actual practical work is done Ihrouuli homo projecifi. I'riiiciples of ficionco and art related to the. home are taught. Conditions for teaching are made ae nearly as possible, (o correspond with those of Uio best average home in tho community. Special part-time classes aro provided for -wage-earning girln. According to tho 1920 census, 89 9-10 per cent, oc nearly two-fifths of the girls from lli to 20 yeore of ng were en- gagxl in gainful occupations; while thoro aro also thousands of girls out of school on home permits who need opportunity through the part-time school, to receive- instruction in homemaking. Special part-time ami evening cloo- fios are provided for adults. All programs are based ou tho actual needs oE girlfl and women for training in home-making. Jloturns from the States indicate that Iho program is functioning in practically ev^ry Stale, and rendering largo end effective, service to the hornet'. One State director report ·- t h a t ui the past six years the d u j nchools alone have increased from 10 to 51, and the roason that more are not. In operation in because of lack of funds to promote (hem. Is Easier to See Ireland's Sights liu p a r l e y how v o u r tfirl ' M l I E. U-! U O W I 1 l l ' I K l I n M l I C When you 'go Ireland, take :i out to (Bounty Wicklow or to KiKinoiT in County Wnterford, about a h u n d r e d inilott from Dublin. This d i f i l r i r l 1101 only has one of I h o ' f i n e s t old b a r o n i a l castles ot I r e l a n d , but it is t,Ull po.s- aiblo to rsee the old peasant cost union. There Pat e t i l l sports a r o l l i c k i n g hat and a short stick, and t h e merry- fauetl colloenfi still koep their shorl p-etti coats, bare h-earK ,uifl hooded i:kials. Irel.iiiil ban cluuiK^d a lot in rccoat y r a i n trom a t o u t i b l p o l n l nl view ; its best p l a t e n arc (xi.sier t u b(.n and tlie stranger is welcomed UH never before. U,~i om "waul." that would serve themselves tor« dlniiiK- The- girl i girls or lro«i bo- decided to Who to Thoss who ftdvertico in Tho Dally Courier. Vest our cliutstfl9ci OB,JB(yriS TO BHTLPrNG PRISON IN FAYETFE (Commiii)icfttoJ) Captain Jolin L.. Crans, Kditor, Thp Courier, CJonncllfiVlHc, Pa.: Bear PapUIn---1 am writinj,- fhat r may ondorne your editorial on tlio qiK'K- ttini ot a prison ur work-houffe In Kay- r t l o county. No ono with the Uioiijjlit. of tho B-ood of Iho r o m n i u n l t y at heart would consider it for a moment. H it an u n f o r t u n a t e stlnrma v.-hcrever It is-so why clioosp t h o . inos! b e a u t i f u l farm In the c o u n t y and =ius«-est I t ? Thero aro many places not wo p r o m l n p n t ami would he more suitable it JiecOHRary for .F'aycUis oounty to have such an Institution. We all k n o w the feeling wo have when wo KO by such an institution. So wli Y chooHp so p r o m i n e n t a place? Why put such a hideous monument In our front y a r d ? I congratulate you upon, your stand !n the rnftUer. FAYKTTB. Whales Off Coroltniw. OCRACOKB, N. C., Fob. 10--Numbers o£ wbalots are boinp; seen off the Carolina coaat by fishermen wlio uso th» villege as a Imsc. Tho \vhalos, however, aro not /eared by -the fisher- mrn ueitrly as murh as tho sharks that ischool around the note during the winter flBhing season. Pecans As n Crop. L.OVBLAND, Okla., Pel). lO--Pocann helped 1111 tho gap in the farmer pocket-book of Bryan ootmty. The crop brought $20,000 to the farmers. LOWER TIRE PRICES PLAY SAFK. BIT O.NLT NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS lluy from yoor h o m o .store and save money. It yon prefer BraciN not listed «;loiv w p will tret tJicm for you. Sbc Jlcpi-lar Pathfinder $ ft.70 iNxi.73 23x 1.76 B.40 7, IS 8,3ft 0.70 Vacuum Cup $ 6.90 7.40 KM) 32x6,00 aoxaii (u, 30x8U C L i 91x4 12.00 12.25 Henry Dnty .00 D.25 12.S5 9.10 11.20 11.7(1 iajo 6/3 10.00 10.60 1-L35 Firestone U. S. Kubbor GoodyeJtr ? 7.1« S.TO 7.90 9.10 ».7f lOA't 12.10 12.75 U£0 or Goodrich $ S.10 6J0 10.00 HJiO S(lr4J»U 29x4.75 80x6.25 Slx5^5 88^6.00 812x4 10.00 11.60 11.00 15.50 lf».70 18.20 J3.15 10J0 10.SO 12.00 JtJ.75 1 i.!)0 15.40 18.90 17.00 17.75 11UJ5 !).«() 10.10 J0.{(] lt.20 i:uoo i:t.(W 1(5.20 U.60 7.10 31 .SO '12.70 17.00 11.70 l'J.10 l.'UO ISJiO 16.00 16.40 19.25 15.50 Sixty S(or-s in Nino Counties of Pennsylvania. Are any of your family suffering from this malady that causes extreme ner- vousner.s and red and green spots to appear before the eyes. If so, cure yourself at once by riding the electrics to and from our shopping expeditions and avoid the nightmare of parking ten blocks away from the store. Rail

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