The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1939 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVILLR P\ TUESDAY, J^XUARY PERSONAL MENTION Miss T U i y Rose DeHuil staff nuise L S Veterans Facility, Bata- Ma 1^ \ who is winter \acuhonmg at the home of lici patents Mi and Mib S M DeHufT Race sheet, M a s joined o\ei ihe vceK-cnd by hci Mstei "Mi^b Louise lecentlv pei- m mentlv ssigned o the staff ot the Pittsburgh Public Heal h Nuismg V oua* on Fiee' 2 for 1--A. man t. suit cleaned free \\ th one at regular price of 69c Simons Cas,h . Cany Cleanei = -Ads ei tisemcnt --30jan-bt J V Biot'ie 1 "; ienei il supe intended George Moses \ice-piesi- dent ind Miss Margiict Inun of West F-ivette sheet, manager ol the ladies readj-lo-uear depoitmont o£ the Lmon Suupl Compiny Union- own TIC in New \ o i k this week on bUMre-i Chinese Clicc eib wooden boaic edition, 98c Kcst let s Book Store Uo V \pple St -- \Q\ertisement -- SOnn 41 Vjss tleanoi McCoimick of Pitts- Duigli has rttuined home after a M it w i t h hT Bi?nd r ather \\ilham l^icCormic s ind hcl aunt Mrs LdUii Claik of JMcCormick a\enue Lo\ely iprmg p-mt di esses, now $1 ST Princess Shop--Advertise- mont --3l]on It Mrs Jameb B Harpei of Jic Smut_ A p i r t m e n s Cra\\foid a \ c - nue We«t Side, who lias been ill foi the past several weeks is convi- lescing at the home of hei parents Mi aid Mr- S W Joidan of the \ n r d e i b i l t i o i d M s Harper suffered a neivous bicakdown j Cafete n Chi stian Church Wed- ncsdav -\ening o 00 to T 00--Adver- tisement--Mjan-lt | Mr:, O N W oodwm and daugh- f t"is Genevieve and Allene of Pop- Iji Gio\e left this morning foi [ Marataibo Venezuela South Amer- | RT to join Mi Goodwin uho is an } inspector of otesel motors for the St ndard Oil Compan-v For sweethearts and motheis or Valent ne's D l y -- b e a u j J u l heart shaped boxes Whitman s and Rey- me-'s delicious candies 25c to $5 00 Select your s now Tt Keag s Drug Store--Ad\ertisement -- janSiieb- 2-4-6 Mrs M Stajffei of Scottda'e had as her guests o\ er the week-end hei son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Fiank Home, o£ Umontown Keapv s Drug Store certatnlj have 1he most atti active and no\el Valentines on display Make your selection no\ from this large assoitment --Adxertisemert---jan31feb2-4-6 Mrs Ethlvnne Hasdorf has re- tuined to her home in Cleveland Ohio after spending the pas' ten days v/i h Mrs D H Albright of Enst Wishmgton avenue Mrs E V Kaplan and SOT Donald of Swisbvale and Mrs Paul Shuey of Wilkmsburg spent Sundav ·\vith Mrs Kaolan's mother Mrs Josephine Bhodes of Eas^ Fayette s leet M s^ Anna Grace Molrar daughtei of Mr and Mrs Mo^ar of Leiser- nng No 1, returned Saturday to California State Teachers College where she resumed her studies after having spen the mid-serres ei vacition at her home Miss Ruth Kern, R N , of Philadelphia will arrive Thursday to visit a few davs with her grandmother Mrs Katharine AUer, o£ North Pittsburg street Miss Maiy Ellen Fishbach of South Pitttsburg street left Monday for Moigantovvn where she enrolled for the second senester term at Wes Virginia University Heirmn J Welsh of High and avenue visited friends at Biaddock Sunday Philip Par,b son of IVr and Mis Dominic Paris, who und^rvvnt an appendicitis operation at the C n- nellbville State Hospital, is conv-ilesc- mg at his home in Ivoith E ghih street William M Fox u nd Mrs O O Ostervvise were called It Jeannette ! this afteinoon on account of the senous illr ess of then mothei, Mrs | Maiv J f o x Mis Fox is suffe-mg from a henit condition at the home of her son-in-law md daughter, Mr. and Mis Charles W Miller She is 82 Mi and Mrs Jamcb F Wingrove of Washington D C attended the funeral at Mount Olive Church this afternoon of Mr Wingrove'i. father, John B Wingrove, who died Friday evenirg at his home near Pleasant Valley Country Club They were accompanied by thei" sons and daughters-in-law, Mr and Mrs Robert E and John C Wingrove and their othei children, Kenneth, James E , Lewis Eaile Helen and Paul, and by Mis Vic or Wheeler and Staple Jett, all of Washington Mr Wingrove, father, is employed in, the tobacco section of the AAA Miss Ruth Love, employed at Tioutman's store, resumed her duties Saturday afte- an absence of several weeks Miss Love was a patient at the Connellville State Hospital for observation and treatment Mrs Raymond Burkey of Springdale is ill at the home of her father, O P Pnchard, West Crawford avenue Mr and Mrs Joseph S C Allen and little son, Robert of Cumberland Md \isited Mr and Mi's. Giover Cole of Mason avenue, Greenuoori ovei the week-end. Aunt Het By ROBEtU 1 H looks like big ollju It, \M\\ do t \ e ll ing t x t ^ p L be b i a \ t _ enough to late f icl^ \ \ i t h thnlcen million \vomui holdn men ^ jobs v. c i e bound to ha\ e thirteen million job'css men Beaten By Mate SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOn W/VS BUlL-f IK MOK-l'A.HA., .2,140 FEErf i.OK(^ 14 FE.ET" BY BEAVER'S ARE. RARE1Y MOR.E.-TRAK 5OO FEET l_OKq A.HD 6 FEEt" OF -THE f-HlHEH -Tfeoops WOR.E- WH ICH "THEY I.A.RDE.D, POWDERED AKP OVER. HEW CLAWS By BREAK] H4 Off THE OLD ONES Get' I*t( I« Tti-jin IT*!Demands Manfon's Resignation Take Effect Immediately Mrs Bcnge Hclding her 4 ·necks old son Mr* Amy Benge, c\c swollen ard face bruised, hears husband sentenced to 180 daj 1 ; in jail 1 5 Santa Mon c i Calif , court lor beatinp hei and in junng the baby Jud^e -saui In i brutal crime such u- thi^ one th? punishment provided bv law i^ rot adequate The min bhould bo whipped ' Grim Reaper ·WASHINGTON J m J I -- Chiir- m m Hutton W Sumncr 1 ; D Tc\ of he Hou'-f* J u d i c 10 Commi t r suid tod * th it unlf t4 - he resign lion of M ir jn V» *'ir or ;«*n 01 judge of the Second U n i t e d S' i (.; Ciicm* Court of Appeih hrr m° cfTec'ne qinckh hf u m Id "* iht. commitlcc to pr .rpd «. ith n in\ e s t i R i l i o n into ch rgf s n ' i t n £ u the judge conduc Judge M irlon arnoui Ltd i i ^c \ o r k th tt his n MRD *ior cftd \c M irch 1 ' cil 'he 1 lies %-a6 cnroute lo PrtMden' Roo c c ell n the m«i 1 Mr Roost \ c l t \ 11 rccci c it U du% 1 Sumncrj laid if. it \ ero efloct \ r [ ilmosit imnrdiateH h com- i mittce uould d op ihe mu \c bu*. if i the effectn enes« sere delated \in 1 i M irch he intended to '·(txomire HITLER SAYS HE WILL BE WITH ITALY DANIEL IIARBAUGH Daniel Harbaugh GO ye «i «t old died at 1 40 o clock Mondijr afti_ri oon ' the situatir n before deciding at his home at Hunktr j Cong'-ecsionl \c\». Dnd'c.r^ i-i SurM\ing are his v.idov. Mi- \ i e]j critic zed DJS net At on " Susan Games HarbdUgh i id *ht £ol- Tlicnus F Dove* 1 o r N L W Yo-k u- lo\ving children Cah m of Hun! er j din 'or horning in on the 111- Charles ot Harnsburg Hairy uL home ! \estigntion v iUi k t t c r to buirncri and Mrs Elma Semantk of G u t n s - de'-cnbinj, ^ix mbt ntes 11 v - i i c h hr burg One and th^t brothers and sisters u o Mrs Elma Highberger of Scene rj Hill, Mrs Harry Cross of Southucs Hoy Karnaugh of Ru/TidiJe R D Janos Harbaugh *md JIar- Harbaugh both of Hun]- cr The f uncial set\ ice \%il' bt held at 230 o clock Thursday dftemoon at the home wjlh Rex Luther Futk- ler officiating B u n i l \ i l l be in the Jit Leoanon Cemetery at Tarr Minion CK f u r r s he o\vnrd or rol ed Tllejcedb received n tot-i! o' S43fl 000 in loins from compimrs ind indiudu Is ropre en i r g companies and mdiMduiIi intero^trci m c i^es bcfoic the coui o\ ci u M c u Manton preoided A Fedu *1 i n M s ip *on ·, *T m s \ · i dH b Attornm C. Mm ph\ \ ho c ud \o*. Mip- il th a ihe C o \ c i n m e n t c t n t i n u n , . the m- by seven M R S CATHMirNL I O G \ N Mis Call cnnc Login GO j o r ^ old v,i'e of Patuck Logan died Monday at her home at Gat^s jfter an illness oE compl e itions Besidtb her husband shr is s u M i v e o childicn The bod u u s i c m o v e d tc the? horn of a d i u j h t r Mis, IMclborne Pobm- ! t-omo t ix j f l i r n s of son Union own v,he e it mo be} V in ton Corporation viewed until \\cclnebd mo ning when t h e funeial s t i w o \ v i l l t i k e place at St John s Catholic Church, \esti£. t on ind th-tt ' promised to re*ni,n in ! v \ j t h Murpl \ in No v I \\ odn' sda^ Deue v. T SD d to h jnfo mod six rronlhs ij Suatc T i t Corr , B ites ha m : mtor h id (.nn'trence ^ ork 1 ist Takes Nc\\ position J V MtKenna mine inspector for State Bituminous Di^tuc* No ]J for 13 years bis been named chief mine in^pcttoi loi ihe Pit'sbu gh Coal Companv ind \\\V issume his new duties Febiuary 1 Union*own Requiem high m L,S \ \ i J l be celebrated at 9 o clock by l?ci Thomas J Dunn MRS SAKAH A CHKIVTOPIIFR Mrs Sarah Ann Chi iMopl c r 08 yeais old, wife of L S Chnstophcr died Monday moinn g at hci IK me at Fairchance aftei an ex cnocd illness Dionnes in Television CALLANDER Ontanu 1 in il --The Dionne quintuplets m iy appear on television p r ograms I n s yeai the United Press was informed be ( n fi st 1^.0 In Dcput jiirr Sp^nc r IL, tion of ir- I h n --o c iller 1 \ as pending The td-^ m\C'-tjR tion b i d b^on in p r j,rf ss U nn foi s*-me time U . is n poi ted it De\ e\ s ofJire th U c \ r n if thoi e 1 \ cMdnrf of intone Co U nucd f-oii 1'ifie Ore p m i un if r t a th iTt^i, mHu- t ti 1 "(, c i ol t t I pi r ui u m lie ( f i m l i s \\ ^ ^(-.[nR in i b ^e^h T » rf re d *»f,rr j« illusiors IKJU th i t u u v M pir i of Europe Ont ( f hem b th t our people i e df t d f \ n Am her is ih d our ptop!^ i I no mi--** t h e "·icnficc* i f cf 1 ^ 1 - \ to 01 h iri i therrs"l\ es in f tc^ of w r Th e mpix^siUor 1 - on. f u n d iirr U i l l v c ror tou^ i kno\v prrpM* \«.ill b ice U m t-hos for Uit, n^ t shu k of v,ir A t % hours jcfo*-(. Ccncrnl Jlfi- Gir iud \ I o s lir ch to b-"- a gtne-il- of 1 t I it.nch nrm "-oTie da\ \ as s i nii; at liie pi eat fyirt-S*; ot Metr of uiuch lie is t,o crnor up nc r thr Ct'm front £?*· d n u inn I il\ mist i L i l i o t ul i souid be uic de to it* ILK }· r siut I' ". i«; such ^pce hc c as Ihe p that he · d v t ai s js u ihf n^C 1 - tp li c of Lne minds of D r i ' ^ ?nd trench lodcr^ i cl rt 1 - ncotj e B n on J irt te i IT ( not- iblc t in l i ( t lc iders e l u t e h e d t \ i \ c \ic 1 c'd out n Hitlei i ^tvic- nrn \I] tt ( G c r m a n j ) \ v i n t s F peace ind ouiri Crt TH n \ j c » r to 1 % r i i p. ice ·ind on f-'ifid \ tc ri= ^ it i T!] coan- t l K ^o G f i n m ]i? t ie intrn ion o f i WMII th Br lish Lmpnc in knd o f d i P i r u i t u * I hour oi f ·= opposed to x. i m o n g e r s ) b t h t \ e m H IOHK pei . Surh b t T t e m r n t s is these \vcic held on ^ccond i c i d i i f i s of HiUci s speech *o stind out abo\e his re- n e w e d d m u d fo to -n ts his t ten ent th L Gcmanv \ould be be e do it»j y in m \ n K n ut Itnn At ret'ids the Ital an si tenant thcie u ts t ttrdcncv to aigue--the \ ivli being posMbb f i ^ r r to the thought--that llillr-r meint that he would supprrl Mu -ohr if m t-tli^r iH'ion i UK i.d ituh not it Italy ! ci (.If s rted a w u i President Asks For Concerted Action On Infantile Paralysis \ , \ b H I N G T O N Jin 31--Pieb- den RGO^CVL!' brought to a clo^e to- dj-i t ic nnual cajnpajgn for furds 1.0 i j,ht n f in*ile i i w nlj ·; will a plea foi conrc ted action to itamp out the di'-o i t Le'etr ilm^ his 57th birthday \ \ h h he sud \ is onl an incident roii d i m s u i t h the d i \ c the Prcsi- dt.nt ida "vsej [pi hoas of dancers ·00fl b j r t i d i v balU b iridio las nit i He uigtd a opera ion of ever; U P i id tour e\c~v citj nn( t \n a c** himleL and cross road \ 11 the b i t le to uipe ou ^ t lat crippled him and 1 1 i:. life nearh U ea*s r o m m i ni t h di'-f ht it 1(1,0 OnU b\ such cooperation " he «-iiri hT- lubc'-culosK been brought undu control in cur lifetime Only b% h" i^ne roncer ed action \vill the scourge cf nfan lie pa^3l\sis be ' nnpcd uu He Loncludcd his -ddicss wi h rcf- rTrre to the cekbra ions to raie 'unds bt, n£ held on 1 is birthcaj I ciiDMdcr h i t ns onlv nn incident ind not i to 1'rpomnt int deil bt tin he i d The r r a l l j impoitnnt th nf. \s he u,oik it=eif For thnt noble ork one c 1 v 15 is good ^s n- other the good cause mu-t go 1 u u t h f u l Ililicrs Held I T j N I O N T O W N lit 31 -- F o u n d h Icini; )onj Route 41 Tt an early hour this morn ng bi. S nte Tioope- C n i i l « « A MofT-itt t h i e e H l l l c r Plan vojths \ ere tnkcn 'o the countj jail on suspicious person i inrges Thcj ·.eie booked ns Russell Johnson and W i l l n m His 7 both 17 ard Koget fUv Younp H MofTn't said he not cod the lias nlong the h ghi\ ay, he idi g m the c 1 rettion of Union- tn\ n nnd he stopped 'o in estijntc P i r d i n g tl Lm un ible to exj^hln their conduct the trooper took tl ern to the coantv jnil fo quest on ns tn\ jrreiil t lit i n \ lid b' 1 on 1 nved b\ the tv»r j e n i «· itutc of l i m i t i l n n s "Nnv, Of ]er be i e \ c H t i n t Dn\ve\ j,ot nf\v s r»r tl n imm iKiit Ff d r t I nxe^tit*! ion «l! IO\IK!I lc i^ n t^o Um ed St tes ittornn\ *, im r it New Yot md it u a ^ rcpo led th L Murph planned to ;h il e up the (/Tier i*. t icsu] Caritf! ess ton il Demo idLs niterprpled D c w c y s let ei to Sumnnr^ c an i tt mpt to m ike pol tit al capital o r tl " icsifi- n ition and cnh mee his prospects as I Has Starlet I c v t r C i l b e i t King Rr indson of M i s D C Wnyiei of 2 i _ Sou h Piosptct ·-licit is i 1 u i l l i ic kt fc ei I I L v 1^ btncl en Sj uri y i poknti il Hep ibhc in candidate n 1D-.0 Dcucv h i d stnt the eltei hros 24 1 ours beto-e the resigm- lion v.ns lirst nnounced hcie by S u m n c i s nd 1 itci tonllrtied in ISeu Yoil hj Ihe JUCRC Hospltil Patients Ms Doiothy \ V \ n n ot Rockivood Mi Flo s i n e B i c i k u o n of Dunboi, I f i ' , J i c n c Kc in K o' ConnelisMlle R D 1 i\ rs Marj ^ A almo5k or Union Urn n ind ISicK Dedavecchio of N o i t h 10 h -.tieet have bi_cn admitted to CouiLllsMlle Slate Hospital for tic itmert ~on Born to Butlers A san U T S bom at 11 02 o doc c this m o t n i i g at Connellsville Sta e H o s p t i l o Mi ind Mis Jumes But- Ici of 80f Knee '-trcet NERVOUS, SLEEPLESS? Erie Pa. -- Mrs, O M Bellinger H36 E. 9th St. says I was nervous, weak did not «lcep wdl and ne er wanted anything to ot^ Dr Pierces Kavontt Prcscnptioa rave me «nch a splendid appetite and I became stronger ·=o nucklv I go. afd w f f r f r t «ai no ccirl^ and Wt hett« ic every roj ban d or tablet* f oo your dru£- ri" todjy "Sew u«, tablets M cent*. Today and Tomorrow D O L I U I t H I L L 1'JiOGI! \ M l Tno spljd IKIIIIS ot chilling:, t h i l l l l n p , liidilh- taking excitement. JLuougJi unudiiitciiitc d srrupsoinc- iiess and Jioiiot In lasj j o u a lifetime. Don't miss UK terrorizms 1 sin prises in store for you line. THE NEW Buck Benny Ritfoi Agolnl to a rollicking, romping roundup 'way out W«jt In gay Parse I Adolph Zuke pntir. J A C K J O A H BENNETT 10DELS .UN MARY BOLAND CHARLEY GRAPEWm JOYCE COMPTON FRITZ FELD and thg YACHT CLUB BOYS A Paromount Plt Comedy - Current News -- Shorts igarette Holder Filter Advantage? LOGAN CLEfcDENIVG M D stitutional effect It rd" been abun- dantlv pioxed that it is the nicotine 1.VER SINCE the priCvice of using one cigaiette as a filtei in a cigarc to hoJcei hai been going on, I have been asked to pass nn opinion tint piodbces the general reachor from stroking It is a virulent poison but it is combusted m the consumption of the ugaicUe and i=o rapidly on it Up to the presen-, I 1 ave had b]own oui t h a t therc ls not , r o dependable informaapn buUhcie ^^jpuon lo cause tl e benous poi^ \shich, theoretically, should havc boer several studies of which allow us *o ans^ver these, ^uoti ions I I would ha-vebeen inclined to s a j , j as a m itter of opinion that the use! of a lother cigairttc os a filtei in u eased, lather than decreased thei amount of nicotine which is'obtamed by the smokci Certainly when \ou ^ec one of tho^e limp thirgs taken out of n cigaretif 1 holder, it IOOKS p et y hendish However, careful them cal analsi= indicates that in lome tjpeb o^ holders a h tie moie Chan hilf of the nicotine is removed ind in other t pe= about one third is removed The tiiters made of chcm cil** cotton "wads or rolled paper remove from one third to one- fourth of the nicotine \Vhen two Cigarettes insteid 01 one are used ncirly SO per cent of th" nicotine is removed Harmful Substances These harmful suo^tances uhich arc m cigarette smoke include carbon monoxide, which is presentf om Vi to 1 per cent in a cigarette There Is OVCL 1 per cent m the smoke from A pipe and from G to 8 per cent in the srroke from a cigar Strangely Effect on Heart In studying the effect of cigarette filters on the hear% Dr Segal of Kochestei, JS Y, has shown that smoking naif a cigaiette produces a definite effect on the heart of those subjects under the age of 50 There is an inciease in the pulse rate and a change in the electric graphic rec- oid of the heaiU Those over 50 responded to a much leaser degree to cisrirettc smoicm? This is possibly due to the fact that tobacco is an iiuiant totho ?eart ard older hearts do not respond as well In spi e of the fact that tne filters iemo\c i large poition of the mco tine, the effect on the heart is just tit same with a filter as without Dr Clendomng voll answer questions of general interest onh and then only through his column. enough this carbo i mono vide does no harm as it is frech diluted wiih air n the mouth ard the amount of carbon rronoude that is absorbed is negligible Pipe and cigar smokers seldom inhale srroke into the lungs so tV h a \ e li f tlc to fear from this amount of carbon monoxide Otncr possible harmful substances in tobacco smoke cjre ammonia gas and pyndine or pyridine derivatives Their efect is mostly local and thej cause irntatton of the mjcous surfaces of the mouth and throat produc ng a morning cough, rawness of the throat and conjanc tivitis This leases nicotine as the only other substance besides carbon- monoxide which could have a con- QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS E P L "Please te 1 me -what can be done for a child whose eyes pull imvard toward the bridge of tha nose most of the time Would an op- eia ion be helpful 7 " Answ er--A great deal can be done for squint if the case is taken early enough Treatment by correcting refractue errors with glasses and e-^ercise 13 are successful in a laige proportion of cases if applied before the sixth year Operation ma ha\e to he done and iiEualK is in 2 j pei cent of cases It is quite successful W A "I would like to know if night sweating in a boy six jears old who is ra her pale, denotes anything senoas?" Answ er--P certainly calls for an examination It may be nothing or it may be a chiomc infection such as tuberculosis EDITORS VOTE Seven paraphlrta br Dr CIcndcmnE can now be obtained by sending 10 cenU in com fife each *id * self addressed cn\eloiie sUnapet 5 with · three-cent stamp to Dp Lotran Clenden- inp in care of this paper The pcmphleta arc Th-eu 'fteeks. Reducing Diet In digestion and Conat pntion "Reducmr *nd Gaininc Infant Feedins 3n- s ruct ona for th« TrMtment of Dinb«tef . Feminine Hjgie-e and The Care of tb* Hair «id Skin Amadee J. Gans Dies in Uniontown Hospital UMONTOWN, Jan 31--Amadee J G ins 86 one of Fayette county s outstanding citizens and a veteran teacher, Sunday school worker and business man of Point Marion died it 1025 o clock "ST^ndny rught at Umontosvn Hospital after an illness of 10 dn\s Mr Gans was a member of a pioneer Fuette county famib He w a s boin m Sp inghil' township and immedin elj on qualifying became a tc icher in the public schools following that v,oik for 3.J years He was nssociated with the Federated Glass Conpanj at Pomt Marion as office manager and liter _ u as affiliated \vith the A D Majer Insurance Company He is suiined by his w fe Mrs Ciiue H U Gans four children and six gr indchildren Lease Z75 Acres Prepa r atory to opening new drilling operations Hope Natural Gas Company has leased 275 acres of a Uact m Preston county W Va I.C. MALEGRADS MEET TOMORROW AH male gnduates of Immaculate Conception High School arc urged to attend i special meet ng at 7 30 o clock Wcdnesdaj evening m the "cc nl hill of tl e Irrmaculate Conception Chjrch A piogram of exceptional interest ib being contemplated in behalf of the s c l o o l s extra curncular activities and a laigc attcndnnce is aesired Money Leaned ON YOUR "iLTOMOBILE UNPAID BALANCES RE-FINANCED $ 25 to Call or See Us It o u eed For An j Emergency Moderate Repayments Fayetie Loan Co. 510 Title X arust Co. Bldir. CounellsiJlle, Pa, Telephones 244-866 Prompt, Courteous Convenient Service *OJt FE VTliBE TIME CALL 599 Jeannette MacDonala Nelson Eddy ENDS TODAY WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY --T)OUU,I l E V J T J i l -LUCKY LEW AYRES! married as soon I soive thit Witb five cuch beauties iny up OB His heart! College romancb 1938 style! It's iwell solve a (be ti get married wilt FflBRELL BflSTOB MacLANE TOHEKSEBY O.KtcJ t, Na« ESOMM O'SULLIVAN LEW A Y R E S on Clianctin Crntw by Fntefck mu SI \K'1S STAND UP AN»D FIGHT"

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