The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 8, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1918
Page 2
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s*AGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA- Continued f r o m Pace One. opportunity to get together on a- common ground, as in ttie work of the Hed Cross and Uic Liberty Loan campaigns. "If it is accessary :o unscramble us after the war we wiH bo better for the- experience," he said. MrsJ'R. E.' Umbel of Uniontovn, W. Utts of the West Side, lias returned j In prsentfnt, '-he tlag. Judge Hop- DUNBAR OBSERVES " ITS VICTORY IN THE LIBERTY LOAN - county chairman' of tiie Woman's Suffrage party, announces that she will be glad to-accept checks for the Over- | Uniontown. seas hospital fund being gathered by ] We all know there is a war going the- -women of : the .· Unite'd States on, but why not brace up and dress up and forget our troubles? Dave Cohen, Tailor.--Adv. home.from a visit with his uncle and | per: said, "This is. a beautiful token. aunt, .Mr. and }!rs. Clyde Brehm o£ j it carries a great honor. It also car-! ries a ^reat responsibility." In accepting the banner Rev. Humbert, pastor of the church, said he f e l t , bo was voicing the sentiments of the ! people of ih e community in saying Name. Street or R. F. D. No-- through the. National Suffrage party. - Two-units'-are already at--work-in France, just at the time when extra i Mis Lodmu LoRaw of Washington, ; that while they were not boastful there hospital service is so much needed. ! U. C., formerly of. Connellsville, re-. was a feeling of great satisfaction in ^They were organized in the New York | turn-ed home this morning after at- , winning it as it indicated all had infirmary for Women and Children j loading the funeral of Attorney Rob- i done much toward putting an end to and sent to devasiated parts of France ! ert P. Kennedy, held yesterday. Miss j German frightfulness. It IB not 'to reader 'ranch 'needed treatment to {LaRaiv is employed in the War De- ' much, he continued. The banner the neglected ard wretched women ! partment on the staff of Adjutant Gen- i means infinitely less than the stars and children oi Jiosc sections. One ! eral McClain. · ' ( i n the numerous service tlags hanging; - .has been detaine I for war work and j Early cabbage and tomato plants ; in thc windows of Dunbar homes. : iis working now tock of the lines ' now ready. P. II. DeMutii Sons.-- '· Unending the entry of the United' somewhere, while the other has been : Adv.-7-3t. j States into the war Rev. Humbert i CDYDITCn ' sent by the French government tn the · Mrs. S. IF. Sheet:: of Washington ! declared had the nation not acted God " afVullLU ; Bordeaux regions to help the refugees : avenue. «-ent to Pittsburg this m o r n - j Almighty, would have despised us as JS ON FOP CONTROL ·who are' flocking there from the war · ing to visit her daughter. Mrs. Ray t a great slacker nation." \ (FLAG COUPON) HOTV YOU CAK GET A SPLENDID FLAG FOB: LITTLE MOST2Y. All that is necesary for you to do is to clip the coupons and 'bring or send them to The Daily Courier office with $1.49 and the beautiful Flag is yours. Description--The flag is 8 feet long by 6 feet wide; rainproof and sunproof American bunting--absolutely fast colors. Stripes sewed| double stitched. Has strong canvas heading and metal groninients. Ttjis SxS Foot Flag for 6 Coupons of Consecutive Dates and $1.49 Cash.. Note:--If ordered by Mall add lOc for packing and postage. CI,tP THIS FLAG COUPON TODAY ! and. with required cash for Flag send to Plug Department THE DAILY COURIER 130 1-2 TV. Crawford ATC-, COi'NULLSYILLE, PA. State- HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE; 3 529 to 133 N PlTTSBURG St. CONNEILSVILLE' J °S zone. Mrs. Charles Tiffany presented; Wetherell. - . | The United States is in the war in ·tbe appeal, to th-i Xatiopal Woman's-; .Mrs. J. J. Dougherty of the South | response to thc demand of outraged Suitrage association to raise 5175,000 Side, is. spending the day in Pitts-1 ;,u!)]ic sentiment, said Wooda N. t finance'"these units,' which '.vere \ burg. ; Carr. Occasions like .this are the ready to so to v.-ork, and which are I NCOS -Hcnne will restore- grey hair ,, n |_ v oncs j n w hjch a democracy can entirely equipped by women doctors, "to its natural color in one application. ; r n ter a war ill defense of human Buries, ambularce motor 'drivers, ;The .N'ovesta Shop, 117 East Crawford j r igj, t an( i liberty. .Mr. Carr created a cooks; Jtnd- alHnecessary'attendants.^ ave'nue.--Adv.--8-Gt. . Morm when he prophesied that soon OF COKE COMPANY Continued from Psure On«. Tlk© ( ROBERT PLAVFOKD KEXXEDY. Largely attended was the funeral of Robert Playford Kennedy held ycsler- Second National Bank of Pittsburg, | day afternoon from St. Peters Bpiscn- 5,750 shares which had been placed : I)a( church, UnJoutown. with Rev. Al- witli the bank by J. V. Thompson aa j b o r t f e ii SOll Siayion, the pastor, uffi- coHnteral for money borrowed. When ; dating- , Music was ron dercd by a Mr. Thompson was unable to meet j q u a r U L composed of Mr.s. Mary pledged. '.'Peansylxanil was/onginally i Rev. J. S. Showers was in Union- .given J30.000 to raise, or which Fay- i town today on business. ette countj' was apportioned $567. Mrs. i Umbel was aske.l to look after this j _.._ Tj rA1i .Ti R , nr rivriTr ;fund. Anyone desiring to make a con- j iHfi WOMEN Of F A l t l 111 tribution toward.-; this worthy cause ' may do so by sending their ch-x-k to Mrs. Umbel. COUNTY DID A SPLENDID ,ory of autocracies anddemocracies. Mrs. Matthew Orowley was hostess ; at a very enjoyable meeting of the Greenwood Ladies' Fancywork club . yesterday afternoon at, her home in. j Eighth street, Greenv.-ood. Fifteen | meniibers and two guests attended | and spent the Afternoon the soldiers and sailors. ' Delicious ' I'rrcenwood of Dunbar. One of his pointed remarks L'lat he was glad i Dunbar flag :s decorated with a star i uml not with tar. There was no ne- lITAnv T»T I A I IT f I IUin 1 ini : llp ssily, he said. for.the use of i;ir and WOKK IN LOAN CAMPAllaN feathers to indue, subscriptions 10 I t h f e bond issue. .Urs. Umhol. Chairman, Expresses Her i Chairman McGce thanked those who Appreciation of Coiipprution (.liven I participated in the loan campaign. by the Several Agencies. The church choir sang several pat*'The report of the "Woman's Liberty 1 riotic- selections. I Loan committee, running one million [ The thunderstorm broke soon after ° r j and a half dollars, the exact figures : ihe people catered the church and the ITniorftown. spoke briefly, giving a n i s _ ; oe^ by ^Andre^ Thompson and some j HilRail| J o h n Buy i e , D. M. KerLzos and M. Cochran; acl.ivc. Aitt/rnt-ys .uryis. G. B. JeffriOH, D. \V. .Mn- · Donald, Wooda N. Carr, W. "W. Par- I shall, L. H. Frauher, It. F, Hoy wood - and Senator 'NY. E. Crow. ' scattered allied shareholders, has | The closing address was bv G. W. ^ V o n ' il ^ said ' a i n ^ o r i t J* of ^ e ! i stock over 10 the Ilillman jjroup. Tbe ! CGMHSLLSVELLE'S GREATEST STORE Q! I IT These Suils go on sale tomorrow and you appreciate the opportunity to buy Suits worth up to .$43.00 at the un^ paralleled low jjri'je of SlM.75. Come see tiiu Suits--the Saving is great. cri The seasr,:i'o bi/st values in Trimmed Hats. Conuells ville's Kj'catest store exciuHivencss Hats in liiacl- white and iht preferred colors. WAIT WATCH WAIT DOMING SOON BIG WHITE SALE This W l i l Hi- Ynsir Orcati'st Opportunity. refreshments were serfed.- Mrs. John ; lot" which have not been entirely veri-1 ptials at times almost drowned the fied, represents a splendid devoted j voices of thc speakers. .""" ' """ ! work on part of the Payettc county I day-afternoon, June 4, at her home in v ,, ^ ^ R £ J mbcl c|ia|r » man,*Q a statement issued this morn- infe. ,, , , ,_ ,, u v r ' ' "The city, town, township and ward Comforts branch of the Navy League ; leadc , s ha \. e m .; na§cd t ' hcir ^ palgns with great ability. The work- K el ley will entertain the club Tues- j day -afternoon, Isabella road. The G. I. A. unit to the Charleston TO RAISE WAR FUND total capital Rt/ck of the company is i $3,000,000. consisting of 30,000 shares. Anxious that tbe stockholders should participate in the Ions deferred dividend paj'mcnts, the hoard of directors n?cently closed thc stock transfer books and directed the payment of Lhe dividend. It was opposed to this move that attorneys representing the Hillman interests, sought but were unsuccessful in securing a restraining order last week in Pittsburg. Thc next sten was taken Monday when ei-Judge R. FJ. Umbel of Uniontown and Attorney Thomas Patterson of PiLtsburg appeared in the courts of Fayctte county asking for an injunction to restrain J. P. Brennon, W. G. Rock, John M. Reyburn, A. S. Livengood and the Thompson-Connellsville of Mrs. nue. P. Jones in Johnston ave- ... Mrs. FrT. Robinson left;yesterday for Cleveland, attradrthe annu- ' ;al convention of the Grand International auxiliary .lq the Brotherhood of Xxxjorhodve Engineers.' : The Daughters of America will meet tomorrow-Evening at 7.30 o'clock in Odd PellQws' hall. The fegular meeting ol t h j Ladies* circle No. 100, tr. Uie Grand Army of the Republic, will be held tomorrow afternoon in Odd Fellows' hail. All members are inv.ted. The V. L. club will give a dance tonight in Haddas hall. West Side. Kifeirle's orchestra will play. Principal B. B. Smith of the city schools has been chosen as one of the judges in the Junior Inter-Society contest of the Uaiontown .schools to be held Friday tvenini. The regular meeting o£ the Christ-, ian. Sndeavor society of the Methodist Protestant church will be held Friday night at the hone of Miss Clara Mae Critchfield in East Apple street. The last meeting of the Silver Thinrble club for the current season is being held tMs afternoon a* the home of Mrs. Joseph Riling in West Cedar avenue, * A cottage prayer meeting will be Local .Methodists IVill Make Ciinyass Afternoon oi -Hay JO. j Cokc compan y from holding its annual Tbe war work council of Ibc Meth- i meeting set for May C in tbe offices of er d have exercised the most conscier.-! ndist Kpiscopal church was organized the Prmlucnrs' Coke cornpany or any tious care in securing subscriptions j Monday evoni.ig as follows: James I adjourned meetins. and handling t h f big sums of money j McCairnes, chairman; Herbert RIcht-| entrusted to them. . ; (: r, sccrc-cary, and Lyle Buttermore, "As chairman of the county I can ; treasurer. This war work ioam is to no', adequately express my apprecia- ' work in connection w i t h the McKees- lion of the excellent record made for i ,j 0rL district -,var work te-ain. of which this department or home service. ! Ucv . G . L. C. Richardson is chairman. "The men's · committee, under thc , The National' War \\'ork C'ouncil is able management of - M. H. Bowman, chairman, and Russell Carr, vice chairman, and also director of t h e . tjatholics have raised $1,000,000, tin W. C. T. U. INSTITUTE Will Bi» Held Tftmorroff In Tresbv- (r-rian Chnrch at VniuIerltilL j Rev. D. C. White of thc Presbyterian i asking Lhe Methodist Episcopal church i church, wil! conduct the opening de; to raise 51,000.000 for war work. The j volional exercises at Uic Woman's '. MARTIN T,. WAl/TMAN, SR. | Mariin L. Waltnia.n, Sr., 62 years I nlrl. a former rtsiclcnt of ('onut'Jls- vilte, died at ihc residence.' of hia · brother, Daniel Waltmac. Sr., ai Gla-Hsport. l-^niural services wore Ue!d ' this afternoon, w i t h interment in * Mount Vemon coniftcry. Deceased is sur\'ived by his widow. Mrs. K:aroa " oue son, Albert, and a daughter, Anna walimau. .\niS. HlOI^KX O'LAUG-IILIN. I Mrs. Helen O'l-aughlin. 23 yearrs ol'!, . w i f e of Martin O'^au^hlin of Dearth, dird yesterday morn ing in.the l"n:on- town hospital of cerebral hemorrhages. In addition to her husband ; she is survived by two children. lu la Lhe r, James McNnniara, and L.-A si;-;ers of McC'lellaadtown. JOHN H. MACK.KV. The funeral of John H. Mackey will take placn from tiie residence of Mr3. Catherine Collins in Non.h Cottage · avenue tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Kuv, D. K. Mincrd of D u n b a r wil3 officiate. JiHormeut in Hill Grove cemetery. "Heavy, heavy hsrns over your nesd." "0,1 knew what it is, daddy I You held it too close and I smell it-ifs WREGLEVSr" , Christian Temperance Union conven- | work, infused into thu Third Liberty - t Lutherans $1,500,000. the Baptists ?!.- ; t lon to be held tomorrow in. ihe E J res- Loan campaign from Lhe stari Uic ,ioo.00(] aud the Christian church is: by tor Jan church at VandorbilC Others most admirable spirit of good wil] and putting on a campaign for ?1.000,000. j wbo w i l l appear on the program are: i .. , ,. t cooperation, and as thc representative ;U! t h f s for , vork ia the individual i Mr« G B Roberts Mrs R P Kam- i ~, L G a: Rockwood otl Mo »- of the women of the-county I wish to '. churches made necessary by the war. 1 ? TGr Mrs BHsKtbeth Lvce \frs S W ' y cvcni11 ^ afttjr an MTMss ( f only a acknowledge the honor accorded them ; Thcre w i u be an overv m t , m b e r caQ - j Bry ^ n ^^ Lucy Cochran. Mrs. Kate ! t e v da ' K ' pi ^' slciaus attribute SOLOMON J. IUTTNER. Solomon J. Bittnor, :iged 76 years. vass in in their appoinimcnt to one of the councils of the Liberty Loan organization. "We would mention the effective speaking of the- Four-Minute men, wJioso splendid work greatly assisted the women in selling bonds. "Last, but by no means least, we thank the busy editors and writers of the press columns and express our appreciation of the readiness witii. which they adapt their talents to as- i -tf^re Than JKtiibte.s Allotment of h . dcath t ° 1 ' t fal!ur0- T!l -' . every church in 'Methodism ' Rigour o." UnlontoTM, the county , . .luring the week of .May 13 to 111. The ; pre:;id.HU; Mrs. W. H. Sloan, Mrs. .M. I 5 " .-hurch is asking from each member '. \f. Dyers, Mrs. "WiHiarr. .Martin, . i 5um C(llm i to onc day,, wage The ; Blanche Halncs, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. S. local team expects to set everything : ·«-. Dunn. Mrs. W. H. Martin, Mrs. ready to make the canvass on tie aft- j William Griffith and Bertha Junk. rrnoon of May 19. SMITHFIELD PROUD The morning session will convene a t ; JO.30 o'clock, and the afternoon ses- ; sion at 1.30. INFANT D'tBS. The infant child or Mr. and Mrs. I r via Wolf, of Rock wood, died on Tuesday inoroin^, having been i l l since birth. slst, .not only in this loan drive, but in j 1 S4-MUO for -.Liberty WILL VISIT DELANEY'S MTIS. KfMA RRU.N'DBRKGE. Mrs. Emma Brur.cleregi 1 . ;G ye-ars old, diet! Sunday a', her home at High House, following a l i n g e r i n g illness. WILL SERVE LUNCH '; the ;tamie of 'Mrs.-X_-Bisei|"4206 Syca- -inore streeiT ----- - ^- -',"--' --The Baltimore Ohio Veterans' as- i . sociatiOE will meet this evening at ; T.3C In 2Maccabee hall.- at 8 o'clock at Committee of-.-DanBliters of Isabella . ^turned for ;Kcd Cross Drive. At a special meeting of thc Daugh- all good work. S.MITHF1LLD. .May 8.--Uishier W.: IVoodlienrt's ItioUvfrj- Class and Others "We value this service far beyond j rf. Leech of the First .National B a n k . to Co to Cave, wiat we can hero express. | ,,f SmithOeld, who had charge of the "The final report of the Woman's : Third Liberty Loan Campaign in Liberty Loan committee will bc pnb- I smithfield lished as sooa as it can be completed." was 58G.600 contributed, by 5U persons. Tbe number c.f contributors speaks volumes for tbe interest suovrn :ts Avc-Il as the patriotism of Ibo citizens of thLs connmmity. It more than dounlcd thg allotment of ?·!·!.100. TIRE PRESS INSTALLED s filed his report of the wiu bc mado u n d e r lhc d i rcc tioii of j results of which ho is juslly proud. : A _ K _ ^-oodhead, teacher o£ science at The total subscription to thc loan j t i i c h .p h sc!loo l. Members of bis class G,GOO cnn!ributed. by 511 per- = and olbcr Q i g b school students, with j .some of their friends, will make tbe ; The South ConaeHsville W. C. T. U. will meet tomorrow ^t 2 o'clock at the home-of Mrs. C. C. Collins at South Councilsvi'fle. - tors of Isabella last, evening it was · decided :o have ine following mem- i bers serve lunch to the men of the Red Cross drive Wednesday, May 22: Mrs. Hose Sbpwaiter, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. James Ashp. Miss Gertrude Soisson, Miss Rose Schneider, Mrs. Agnes JjOgan, Mrs. Georgu Snyder, ^rrs. Rose i NO FOUR MINUTE TALKS Speakers AVill Take IVcck Layoff AfUsr | Thc special car will leave here a; 7 o'clock in thc morning, r e t u r n i n g about 6 o'clock In the evening. Persons wishing to go on thc i r i p should n o t i f y Mr. Woodhead ai the high school. Hartl Loan Cuinpuiirn. There w i l l be no Four-MinuLe talks, in ihe city this week, the speakers . , . ,,. ,, ( . . ' K03 ° ] l a k i n S -i rest preparatory to lining · , veok bl -, ca .. ne the head of the largest ! T,\erthe,mer. Miss, Catharine Convvay, · ,,,, for t h o Iicd Cross dr : vc . ul( . rcanti i c establishment In the world, i At a meeting of Athens Temple of i ^ ra 'E c| SaJD 1 mn A Mij,3_Jcnn, e Gando_lh,, The Red Cross enrnpaigm w i l l begin Tllat boy was M n r s u a ii P i C !d. He 1 . How Men Handled Tlic'ir Ifoncj-.-- Jlarshnll F.ield. A boy working in a small drygoods i store in IHttsiield, Mass., IVells-lIllls t'ompony lias Only Out in This I'nrt (if County. The wiuijimeut of the Wils-Millp G'traye company l 1 .;'^ bcpn C"l!!pK't with t n e inslal-iaiion of a ^olid t;rt ; preKii with a pressure oi -i' Mi pound--.. Tim pros* is Lbo only one Greansburg aud Uuidiuown. IVI'd In CunilMTlniiil. James Marsh n.nd lloien both of West Neu'lon, were yra.n;ed license to wed in Cumberland. the Pythian Sis:ors last eveain" a| Jitrs Ellen McGrogan, Mrs. Teres'j. | ,, n May 20 and the F o u r - M i n u t e moa _crochejted door p.mcl chanced off was-^T 0 ' Mr!i ' JcnD!o R'tchie, Mrs. C ; c o , w i l l begin their lectures on that or-; Pirpcliirs lie-Elect* 1 !!. Directors for the Tov/er H i l l Con- nelisvillc Coke company vrere elected - won by A.- B. Piokard The panel is i Cun ' eo - %Ii = s Mayme .Malloy, MLss Ann :;anization just, one week before, in the possession of Mrs. A. J. Stohi! iK-Iutyro, Mrs. Rose Naninni, ^!iss of 08 East Cedar avenue - I Alice McKevitt, Miss Vcra Driscoll. . .. ._ . . . |Mrs. J. J. Daugherty, Mrs. A. A. PERSONAL. ! Straub. Mrs. W. F. Soisson. Mrs. Car- Mrs. Elizabetl Rankin and son. | rio -Voonan, Mrs. W. E. XIland, .Mrs. j Monday'aftf rv.oon at a meeting in l,'n- 'Harry Rankin, o! Biirgettstown, have i I L J - Coslet, Mrs. Anna Koeikor, Mrs. j iontown. All of the directors were returned home after a visit at the ! Marj' Laffey, Miss Elizabeth Mahon, | rc-clectcd wiih the exception of I. W. home of the tenner's daughter. Mrs. j Miss Margaret Harrigan, Miss Mayme j Semans. who retired in favor of W. Laura Plersol of Morrel! avenue,' McXulty, Catharine O'Connor, May | L. Robinson of Cleveland, O. The di- GVeenwood.'-'-Thry were called here : King, Klla Cunningham. Alice 'Bonn- j vectors elected wore: J. R. N'utt, S. by the death'of '.Irs. Eankin's sister, ! n' au - Katharine McKevitt. Kalhcrlne; A. Myer?, P. A. Myers. W. L. Robin- Mrs. T. Scott Duan. ' i Smith, Nolle Bcvans, Hilda Smith, | :--on and Androw Scmire. (if Cleveland, The beat'plac to shop after all j Anna Clark, Gertrude Dixon. M r s . i a . and C,. F.'Harah, .r. V. Thompson. BrowTiell Shoe Co.--Adv. [Fred Scarry, Jirs. George Lieb, Mrs. j j . R. Thompson and I,. W. Fogg. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Eisel of Uniontown are guests at the borne of Mrs. J. saved enough out of bis weekly earn- j ings to take him to Chicago and pay ; his expenses while he was waiting: for a position. His work in Chicago began in the store which made him its head and took his name-. He saved money as a principle in ":.fc. He always said that he bad no right to use j all tile money that he made; that il is a d u t y lo save mane/. Gandolfi and Miss Jennie Cunco. The above named ladies wil! meet in the school hall on Thursday evening at 7.30 o'clock. Bisel;. Sycamore street. Pejer Hoy .has returned to in em- barkaiton camp a f t e r spending a brief furlough at Ilia home near Lplsenring. i BATWIW SPAlPU fsPUWJlTi Charles Utts. s.,n of Dr. and Mrs. C. i DAltlL\l3 MAUl (nlfLliti) '· -- - " : -~- - . - ! j'jftehur^rs tit [Inn South Connclls- j " . ville Uesnrt, It is Suiil. | The South Connellsvilie bathing bcacli was opened last Saturday. An! \vas made touaj- that a 1 '·Pitt«!)iirg pyndicaic 1 " will take over I ihe beach a*:tl provide tents and other ' conveniences. Also it was stated that . a lauy life- guard will be in attendanoc 1 . Escape Serious Tninry. M'illiam P. Dil:= of Smithfield and a man and hoy w i t h whom hr- was riding in an automobile from j . Snap--Vim--Vigor--Knergj'--'Rrnvcry Open a | --and nervea of EU-O! nre required to go Savings Account at The ttiizens Na- I l l?TM* th , 8 ??''', on , t!l ° fl E|! tin frO! -- ttona, B Bank, 138 PiUaburg Street,: 6£TM£ ^oS'^^'SJlTn"'' Connci Is ville.--Adv. "Riahto, sonny --give appetite and digestion a treat while you tickle your sweet tooth.," -ii$%m '^Al^P^Pis ^®^-^W^^W t | this feme o f t)]e soldiers at the front, but .-- i our f 0 ]jj 3 must j,. lve energy to iiybt the Spoiclicr Chosen rrlncipnL ! battlo of life, right, liere UE Dome. It ia ROCKWOOD, -May S.--At the regu-1 not on the batlle:ir-ld alone tlinb this war iar mcoiins of the Rockwood Board ! « bein- fought. JB is waged m the'lac- of Education. H. B. Speicher of Ga, |£^ ^^^*^ roll, was elected as pnr.cipa. of tiiCj.jpi 1 0 palo-cheeked woman at boiae, as Hockwood schools Tor the !!11S-1! ' we u as the workman in the shop, feels term, and Miss Clara Saylor as as- '· that lack of snap and energy which rich- i , , , , , , , i._:.._ r I like wheatless days!ft JUST GIVE ME » POSTTOASTIES OF CORM) Classified Advertisements firing "results. Cost only Ic a word. i (Jirl at Konm Home. Mr. and Mrs., M. J. Rohm of Green- j wood, are receiving congratulations i upon the birth of a daughter Sunday. j Thu fa^iUy is now composed of four jsirls.' '" · , CASTOR For Infants and Children In Use For Over 3O Years No soiling of haads, or broken nails One turn and the cover is oS. You then have a wax and oil polish that is easily applied, shirusd with a. few strokes cyf '·'oth brush. It's easy to shine joi- C~fB. SbOSS THE S'jEi'si^ Prove it. Ask Any Store Black, Tan, White, Red, Brown dono, it's time to take a blood-maker and McCormick T.oscs. | tonic-a tab:c:t_wl-.ioh h|« Jast ""^ JJB ht ' In rofusi-.g a new trial yesterday to ! ^^Jl "? t i°p e p t »TM^ 1a "-i ta1 jjty^ir«f vfgor i Constable Mont w. .VcConnick of Un-1 ^ yoa ° T1 f jg ]' a |. esc product., wliich the ; iontown, who was convicted of as-! test science and skill couid evolve, called i sault and batterj' and aggravated sauit and battery. Judge K pert said be was convinced the presentation o£ tbe evidence another jury the same verdict would be returned. Classified _ s- " Irou-tic," is the result of tbe B] H Rep-iments of a dozen medical men asEoci- 1 that with ! atcd with Doctor Pierce at the Invalids' ,vi,i»n,.» tn Hotel and Surgical Institute in Buffalo, N. Y. If you want to try tbesu " Irontic " tablets, send lOc. to the above address for trial pkg- but almost every druggist can sell you Doctor Pierce's Irontic Tablets at sixty cents a vial. Tbey make LONG DISTANCE MOVING 11 Money on Long Trips By Making A rangernents One Week in Advance. Get Rat P. B. KESSLER. 613 McCcrmick Ave., Connellsville, F Tri-Stafe Phone 404. Bell Phone 234. , . ,-,--- -- -- , -results. Cost only Ic a word, i pure rich-red blood. £cart to-day.

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