The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1930
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THE DAILY COURIER, Right Idea Replicas of All Colonial Flags Displayed at D.A.R.Tea Saturday ®- Sooiai oveuts of the puol week wert brought to it brUliant climax Saturday Hftdrnoon with a Oolouial tea. given at the home of Mrs .fofan L. Ganj In i3ast Washington averme by Philip Freeman Chapter, Daushl-ere o£ the American Revolution A display of roplicaB ot .UI Colonial flags, forty-two in number, ovely coctumeo, aoruo in vogue more ihan a hundred yoars ago, and a charming prograri were outstanding 1 features ot the benefit. The proceeds J com the to* ar© to no for the Amerfj animation work. The hours were Jrom 2 to 5 o'clock, dur- Ing which time approximately e«venty- =iix members anu gueists were In attendance. The appointments were mostly patriotic m\A were besntllnl in cvory d-etall. Mrs. Ptul H. Beigjitey was- Koneral chairman of arrangement*. Th« fldRS wore displayed by Mrs Orare Horner of fjri.tro'lx, a member of tho chapter, and as ouch was shown she gave a mo«t inte-esllnij account ot its luatory. The chapter womfrn, under the direction of Mre Horne-r, made tho autl it before they wore nearly two completed- years The painting of the design's was done by Miss .Mary Eoyd of Srar Junction, Beginning wiUi th Haven of the Vikings, usoii br the Norseroon, the flagt, continued on down to the Church Naval flit?, the only flag that May ily above Old Glory when, Columbus took poPhOfaeioii of ouv land "in the name of (Uid and the' Queon of Spain." They aro duplicates of tho original flags and wero shown foi the first time on Saturday. The local chapter prues the -very much Hofncr before her marriage wa Mies Greco J ai'^old and ·was one ot tho first teachers In the new South Side School. The program, arranged by Mrs. R. B. Otto and Mw Miltou Williams, the last named of Dunbar, wab contributed by popular lc;al anil out-of-town talent It. consisted o£ the following numbers: Vocal solog, ''Trees'* and "Sleepy Hollow Tune," Mrs. Fpireet W. Buck. ot ScottJalo, foimerly of Comielteville. Vocal duets, "O'er tho Waters Glide," from "The Tales of Hoffman," vnl "Carry Mi Back to Old Virginny," Mrs, John F. Ottbsou end Mrs. Iceland S. Wbipkey, accompanied by Miss Jane "All's Well That Emit Well," "Carlott.i Mia," and a telephone numbor, Mi u e IHlzabeth Greenwood of Dunbttr. Violin numbor, "Uwsiian Coseack," "KxcorpUj from Viotti Concerto No. 20," "A Port-exit Day," "Saint d'Am our" ui.d "My ile«m at 1 hy Sw-et Voic-o," Evei- ·ott Tho-mas, accompnnied by Mist, Paiiilino Ilombich, a member of the local High. School faculty. During tho afternoon dainty re- fi o*h moats were sf-rved Mrs. A. D. iourM ofle.B and Mis. R. M tea Mrs p H. Beigbley and MTH S. L Baleley also presided at trte teji table. Mrs. Soisson wore a beautiful gown ol white silk net, handsomely appliqu- ed in interesting designs and fashioned over wh to fellh chiffon and taf- totta. The gown belonged to iMM 1 mother, tho loto Mrs. RocfcwoH Marietta t'ritcltaid and prewetned to the local 1 chapter by Mies Clar.t Piitohard The ctiult will b4 sold for the benefit of (the eoci«ty Flags wen also used in decorating. Comrattees svere. Recjeption, Mrs. .lolm L Gant!, Mry. Mary G-ibwri, Mrs. Gi-ice Homer, Mrs Marj- Minnis. Mrs. S Folist and Mrs, John V. Torrent e Btningroonu, Mrs. Jo-hn Patterto'a, Mrs. MUtoa WiUlana- MU* Margaret Beig^hloy and M-s. B J. lioapw, Witch-on, Mr«, B. F. Jon«a Aictes were JVlss N'attle Hood, Mrs, Jemima McCai e, and Mara l^ou Gtto Mrs p*ieturef«iue Jn ilisUucth-o go\ H of pale lavondei taf- fota, trimmed with rare lace It wee ono ot tlio tioua=eu( ot the late Mrs. P S. NMV iiiyu, who \v«is- llis£ Mary Davidson licfoio IHM~ nwrriasje. i ' MIH l!f-ljdil y and Mib". BtUsley alo in jeiit)ing Colonial co?Th(, U»«t Idblt) Jii tho diningroom wa* tive. The «nteriiiece 1-011- tutoc! of jonquils and other spring flowers., j u t e i t poised with pushy willow diid maiden hair torn At either end of the table wro Colonial glass t.indlcstii'Ks fiohHtip tall tapera to harmoiti/o w i l h the geuwal decorative ^(hemc The lovelj silver tea beivice l i n t thai m to the eltect Miss iVcltiP Hood, appeared in a K o w n of tl.u'K grey taffeta wx'li a siiuill fchouldor cape and (iiiaint ixinnet to harmonise Tho costume beloagpu l o lun tranamother, Mus Samuel J'^i ooma i! Mit M a i v Minnis gown ot brown taffeta, o^t'i 100 j cars old, was one ot iiei RiandntoUict s fttus Alan Johnson (. olo Kaqhel Hammer feuestt, w-era Mrs. Carrie Harrison, viee-n gent of Andrew Lynn Chapte? of Unjouto-wnt Mra J, C. Work, orettnl,tin« recent, Mm. J. B. Adams, Mrs. J. Hai ry Gorley, Mrs. Harrietts Bufco, Mrs. F. K. Marts and Mrs. J. CJ. OniToll, ill of the Great Meadow u Chapter of Umontown. Mra. J. C. Kelly- oi Scottd ile and. Miat. Ida Qibaou of JT'-e-aport aid Mra. Daniels ant? Miss Rasa Shruin of l*atrobe. MISS GERTRUDE QOHKN HOSTESS TO JMYISH Miss Gettnide Oonen entertained the ConnoHaville Sc-aion, Council of Jewish Juniors, Sunday Afternoon at her homo in North 3 Hr«t street, West Side. Tea mombei i wore present. \Miaa Sally LAsowit/,, president o£ the ( ouncll, had oh urge a£ th» btisi- neas meeting, at w!hi 'h plans for wortc to be talton up by l'ie oouncii, wero dlBCUGSOti. A social hour -w s enjoyed. MSK Rose Sine, wiio Is h'toe frm Poabody Institute, Baltimore, for tho n\id-y«ar semster vacation, v as honor guest at Uwj meeting and tint rtamed with several piano solos. M *s .Evelyn Gordon rendered a vocal solo. Sho wus ac- coonpanled en the jiano by Miss .Dvora Simon. A doiaiy liuicii was served by the' hostess. DtTKN CLASS KOOH HttlfeLOOM AS The B. Dunn Biblu Class of Greenwood M. B. Sunday School will hold a bnslness and social meeting in the classioom Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock. This clabsroow, i one o£ the show places of Gieeuwood Church, beitg equipped AV\th an open coal flro plac«, which is surmount' d hy a fire front which is an beirloo n ui the family of George F. Pritcbaitl of this city, having been in the family for a centurv ^.nd a half. That purtiou of the metal above the fire it. embossed by a picture of the Lord's i- upper. SILVIOR C. 13. IUMJUT.T P08TPOKBI) TO MARCH 13 On account of special church services the banquet 01 the Senior Christian Endeavoi Soc ety of tlie First Methodist Protestant Church bos been postponed to Thursday night, March 13, in the fcoeial room of the church. The banquet will mark the closing of an efficiency and. n smvboTship contf*t. The regular exe utivt* meeting and business session ol the society will be held next Sunday night at the close of the regulai pr t yer service C. V. HADDOCK BIETJIDAY PARTY 0. W. Haddock g ive a dinner Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock at his home in Crawford avenue, West Side, iu honor of his birthday ttiuuveraary. The decorations were significant of Valentine Day A large birthday eake TW6 taree year old athlete i« the son ot JMjrs M. Sarsfleid, Sl?l Hoopes St, Phlltrfelplria Sb« saye^ "JacJc|»'s wonderful condition shows my idea is right "When over bo's the least erose or upaet, os has a cold, l give Him a little California Fig Syrup. It( always brightens him up; regulars Me stomach and b«rw«la; gives him a hearty appetite I have used it with Jackie since he was a y^ar old, and it has aovar failed to help him promptly." All children love the rich, trmty flavor o( California Fig Syrup. A pure vegetable product, it doean'6 gripe or aiftken. It always acts gently but tboronglxly to cleanse the system o£ bllioub, headachy, constipated children. Doctors say it tonow and strengthens weak , bowels. Try it with. your child. See how bad breatn, coated iongue or feverishness dlbap- pearJ * Tha naro« CaJWornia marks tho genuine, famous for 60 years. So look for it when b u y i n g -- Advertisement. WILL PRESIDE AT TEA TABLE AT HOSPITAL AOXIJaAHY PA1KPY Mrs. W. J. Bailey and Miss Emily Holmee of this city, Mrs. Joseph H. Strawn ot Daweon and Mrs W. H. Clingcrtnan of Scottdale wiU preside at the tea table at a tea to bo given Tiranad ly afternoon in the Woman's Culture Club rooms at tho Carnegio Free Library by the Woman's Auxiliary to tho Connellsville State Hospital The tea is being planned by the. ways and means committee of the auxiliary nnct will be featured bj a weil selectl inufclcal program. Tha hours are from 2:30 to 5 o'clock. The public is invited. A donation of twenty-five cents M agked. MISS blLWAX BOSENDA1/E HONOEEW OJ. ItUlTHDAY Mteb LUliaji lioseudale w,ts honored with a delightfully appointed party Saturday njght at her norm at Grind- stono m honor of the annjversAr of her birth. Arranged by members of her family, the party was a. crmplete surprise to Miss Roaesd*tl«. Fifty-five of her friends w-ere in attendant^ and spent the evening at games, dancing, music and carde., Ml«s Roeeudale was the recipient of a number o£ ptetty ami uisoful gifts. Out-of-town guoste were :roni arownsvillo, CkinneHsville aad Uolontown. Iriiuch was herved. , C E. C. Chtb. Mr. and Mra. J. W. JiYisweU will entertain tlie C E. C. Club Wednesday night it their borne in Vine street. ·Tenrtfe Lajion ^he Jennie Ijayton Auxiliary to the Baltinioro Ohio Veterane Afl(oeta- tion will meet Tuesday night in. the Baltimore Ohio Y. M. C. A. cental od tho table. weie laid Covora tor HOME SINE GFKST AT PAKl i' UN WIOWTOWN AHss lloee Sine a student at Peabody Institute, Baltimore, is spending the mid-year sem xtier vacation with hoi parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Sine of East Crowfard av nue. Miss Sine had at. her guest ovoi the week-end Miss Biis-h Freeman of Union-town. She ac-, companJed Miss Veemian home on Sutday evening and wa« aouored with a delighttu.1 part · at tibe Freemau home. Several gi est.s froin vllle were preaeni "Shu v f.ibson ol I)aw«fn, resent t M , a U o .ippenrod in « ( d u \ one hundred years taBhionod of black silk le wore a white fichu. Hac-hol Hammer wat quaint and charming in OUP or Mrs. John L of tlu ^li.i 4o\\n r m t i o old II atid with tl C/ans' Mrs, ?. M Roust's j;fwn of black s-renadine anil her small bonnet were ·orp than tlity years old. T. o · i n j u - i t y of the coeaitilUee mom" t i .1 i v.'Cf in C'ulo'j al costumas. ' iniinciitl · tllspla-yd in tlie d'm- oiii was H color til allk tiuilt ,i o 'is jr. Xottif Hood and George JIAYOU JOTCEJID IS V1SITOK AT GTtEJKKWOOI) M. E. SCHOOL The E. Dunn B We CUss ut Greenwood ftr. E Sundd School had a num- bor of visitoib Sunday morning,^ in- Mayor II D Mlnord, father, Kev. D 1 Mlnord, ib one ot the charter inem'b^rs of tho class. The Deborah Class. Class of the Preebyterjan Chn ch wiH meet day afternoon at (tio chapol, hej. Inking at 2:30 o'clock Legion AuxlHary. The American I pgioti Auxiliary wall m-eet tonight in he Legion zooms,! North Pittsburg street The pi addent, I Postponed. Owing to Uie death in the family of th^ president, Mm. A. 1. Daniels, the rt eeting ot (he Council of lowlsli Womi n which was to be hold at K\Va Home oit Tuesday hns been indefinitely poitponed. HeheJmhs, Will Moot, Bdna Rebnlcah Ijodgo will moft Wednesday night in Odd Follows Hall 01 Th-o regular meeting o£ Saint Omar Sisterhood, Damea of Malta, will be he!d Friday night in Odd Fellows' Hall. With Sirs. Ciimp. Mr.,. K C, Camp will enttiria-in the Priscllla Sewing- Circle I'VlcUy night at her homo in Haas arenui?. Colonial Club. The Colonial Club will he entortuin- ed Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. Maiy IKJII W-eaver at hor home on t lhe Van- defbilt road. ( BIfss Fette Jlostcs*-, MiJ6 An-na 3i"et0 will entertain the Cr. Ij Card Club Tuesday ni|?hi at her homo m Snydcr street. J B. I. Club. The J 13 1. O'nb will he entertained Fnd-iy ni?ht bjj Mrs Stuart Fenster- niacher at her he.-no in Davirjson a.vo- nuts OLD ( GOLD was created because a throat-easy cigarette was needed Wliy have inlllior s of smokers changed to OLD C OLD since its introduction only tl ree yesrs ago? Because of its notice ible throat-ease and honey smoothn -ss. Because of its BETTER TOBAC COS. , . Qe^n, ripe, queen-leaf tot accos . . . Free of all throat-irritating impurities.,« Try a package today . . . Your taste wiH say: "What a delightful flavor!" And your throat will say: "At lastl Here is that gentle and kindly smoke* I have been hoping for," * 8 W O T On your Radio , A C O U G H I N A C A R L O A D 1 1 OLD OLD--PATH- tVHlTEWAN HOUR. Paul WtdUmnn. with his complete atebotris, tilludOi. » «rcry Tuesday, 9 to 10 P. M., Eastern Standard Tlmt ALWAYS TffiEO? Entertain CInh. Mis. C. B Culver vUll entertain the Mie. L. S Ilobbln , desires a large at- ' F. II. Club Ttuusday night at her tendance, Tbera will be Initiation of honiu at Leisenring No 1. TIow anti! Wallow ed tongrue, poor appetite, bad skin find always Clittiuc, arc yau'tn by cloKged bo\v jls and InacH Take this )u\ piecriptl coiiatantly in nUc? of calomel ttiid woiivon fof !' /aurs -- J warrta Uvo Table! K. Thuy at yet very ettjcttv* A com tngredliMita They o upon ihe lwi"weU, hlp froo th ot jjotson causiHt by isuJty eb and tone ,uj llvisr. Rosy chocks, clear ty^ ac ful enerm PKi-kc a suu oajful ) Dr, Edwards Oliva Txblets, Know tliew by thoir l i v e co 30c find 80x tk.ll tlaeoient, n, coat- hieath, What'ft oi»onecl o livar, n used by man T £kl- iound ot :t oajsily system nination 1 youth- te Talto nightly. BIRTHDAY I'AHTY J'Oll COR I i,EG T)J Dainty apiwlntuioii A higm Valetine Day prevall«J ut a 'f partj given Satuit by Mrs Junn8 J\S. JJriaoi home iu Vtae street Jn 3ion fourtli annlveriturv of tho bir HtUo daughtor, Cora Lep 1 were trora 'i to '· oVsIook little guvts \\eio nroionl aii' tlie amut*emtm.a ISCOJJi h^iut of ellguifcful iy ifter- 11 at her r o£ tlu- h of lior IB liours oo joyed or their Tlio prlzo for plruiiog tli3 cat W48 won bj .louu Fnehe tlia pejinut bunt, by Butty , ebML i-««i4er In Uio altwnooi lundj ^v1s.H aorvod. Tbo tt r-OJitorod ·with a larj-o irid birth dH cuko, oTiianic'iiUvl red andk«, a ciH to Cora hor grandmother, Mr .lanw colJ. Fnvora woio h i ai t-Hlu pops, Tno little honor !?ucn ·roclpwut of i nurijibrr ol lo Mrs. DrlBooJl'n aidca were M 1'. Mortou 01 HorlMsrt, MIB. Clain, Mra. Oeor;e Punhror P,uil V DriscoU. Out-ol'-lo 1 weie Joan Morton ot Her! Betty 4-oan ,mtl P-oggj Rue of all on a AU| for can JVlit- a dainty alo wi.a ttnwtivo /llh four j»ws Trom ./ J i l h - ped lolly oly g-tffl.'). s Walter Jack Mand Mra n gue-stH ort and Mitchell Valentine Party. The Jfcunboy CluK will hoi- a Valentine Party Tuesday night m the home ot Almctla ChlloUntl, East Crawlord avenue, U. B. Jhonlh. Tbe Wienddhip liible Class vv.U moot Tuesday night at the home of Mrs Eli'/.a, fiuns'on, 521 Yoi fc avenue. The Mver I/oya! Ci.isb wiV) roeel TYi- iay uiffht at the C. A. Then wis home, 112 Robbing stroet -vith Lerwollyu liostes«. A meeting at. th-p Good J Class will be hold l^idav ight af S o'clock in tho homo ot H W. Bridegum, Kast Wai^hmKton aven p W E A R C ^ E A N C L O T H E S Ladies * Dry Cloned and Pressed e Prices Effective February 10 to 14 Only Cleaners Dyers Councilsvilks Pa. Phcue /^\ Phone 813 W 814 candklutos too many ptopla foo! thera»iilvc» into believing that it i nigh itn't tfttout. Even a alight cough n iy be dangcious. What in fur wot»c, It ti im down your ro- tuid make* you a prey to more Ueaies. If you ara couyhlng, \ «e Esvcra'a Cuugh aliain. Suothlns »"! qukfely erFcctlvo, this ransdy h*» b»«a a 'muaehuld lavodio At iru«i,Li», Jl *u"j JO eeiila. Lutheran Evenls. The annual banquet of tho Daugh- teis of R\it\\ Bible Glass will be held Tuesday night at 6:30 o'clock in the soc! tl room of the church, Ti e regular meeting of the Woman's Missionary Soctely wll be held Trmra- day night at 7· IS o'clock at the c h ' M c h Hubinet« of impoi t.ince, it is ainioiiiicoil N to Iw I M U * ui tod Oodda d, diiugh- ter oC Adjutant K W Godd rJ of Un- lontown, and F 1 ed Mooialouao, son of Mi. and Mrt. F. h) M orohoube, ot ITnioiuoftii, \ v e e nun (led Sfl.t- urdiiy evenmf, at .'JO t)*cl ck ut tho Third Proabyuilan Church, of Uniontown Rev Ili. E A Vlodi , the pastor, The Mdellb Class ot HIP Oust Mctliodiat lOpjhcopal Phuuii lull mpot Tup',tia\ i\is;ht In Ihe homo of M i s I'Yank S ' V , e n r WilN load I M a n s w . i l l ho matte for the anruitti !na ihi-- wcc t The M. 13 C bailey woik Cluh will meet Tuesrtaj niRht, F e b i u i r v 18, m- llic luot apiilit-ation o Mu»lcrol« ufttm bt Uig* rcht.f J u c d o n u a every hour tor 5 hou i tt ohrjuui teiult in coniplnle con (ort steiid oC Tuesday nlprht ot this \reek. Mrs. Karl Durbin of South Ootmollfe- vtlle Will be tho hostess The Always Busy Club will mec» Thui sday Aflprnoon, I'cbru.irof 13, in the homo o!' Mi s.' A B Stauffei , North Third street, Wost Side. JL. C. B. A. The L 0 B \. will meet Wednesday night in the box uil room of th» 1m- nwoulate Conception Church. 0. 11. C, Auxiliary. The Ladict.' Auxlhaiy to tho O. E C. will meat Thuibddy ai 1,^0 o'clock iu Od4 .Feilowa Temple for the regulai ·session Additional social item« on Page Srt Open fund fcatarduy 'J KIWI 1 vaniined Frames fitted ft-ICENSED^ 101) ^ol tll PitLsbm-j? Street S})«alj'r» J l^ruiils Giuuei, p i o h K l c u l ol t h e IiKlu-pundcMtt drti^c't i' AUiauco, w i l l lalK t i f i i u stulioii K W K l l , b l u e v e p u i t , Jjci , toiuijllt at 10 15 nciouk, oaHtciu standard lime, j.coixluig to annouuce- nwnt j ( Ot ins ro'jUiW'i w/liou pliitxvj in fhf cal- t Tlu flatlj' Oourrlor. Exactly Suits EldfrJj Foley's Honey and Tat Compound Quick]} stops leafing hatasbing cough? that Hre out aucJ prevent sleep. Immediately relicvef dry tifkling thiOAt aud nervoub lacking coughs Sedative without opt.ttes anT mildly laxative Wm, Barms, Ran Antonio,, s.ivs "Actual experience with nid«j t o u g h iiu'dtelnei lias taught m» thiil Voluj's U u n u y iitd TJI excels ju4 wtili it on htkutt I sii.t'l not IWMHJ to polish, tins w i n l u H II.IH buuu north ¥511 (MI a 1«U1? to iiw " ;WA loi H KOI wile by C. Hoy H Uel, Woo'worth Advertisement 4 Looking for Parfr.iins T Ihe advdrtisim«nt« In Daily Courier, UP! A dollar's worth of satisfaction for evorj ono you spend. Call And You'll (ict It? IMmne 5541. Patronize Those Who Adta»rtt*(5

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