The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 7, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1918
Page 8
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. TUESDAY, MAY 7, 1918. MLUMBUSWASNO OADDERTOSEELAND rHAN HOSPITAL UNIT CoMlnued from Face Om*. treated-us very _well; in JS,'. we encountered no really rough ·f^.at all. Bat notwithstanding this, ?, much, to my humiliation, jfc.'I .had ^counted.. on llitvs. who-ftll victim to the dreaded ia«l. di mere, nautically speaking. I iy.aU right tho first day, but Iliad ling* .of internal dissensions. Just the- earthquake.presages a volcanic iption.'so did I receive notice that 'thing Jwas.coming--up. I ra- ber standing along the rail one lag, -watching another fellow ie and literally uri- 'm himself to the .waves. A dozen linaie.. ol his comrades .were having JB^i. time.df..their lives guying him. Slirls .hurt my reelings, lor 1 knew that Jwfcer or later I would ornament the .e rail, so I ventured to remon- -te with them. I said something :h* edect that I considered it inert of cruelty to make fun ot a '-being in distress. 1 had no «r gotten the words out of iny :t±t" than I. too, mad* a .dash lot rail. After that L stayed- in: my :ock or kept close- to a place which t could see the depths ol ocean. . They have little ladders if the edge of the deck ap you can :ab up. hong on by your toes jind ·.thi little I know-;every. it on* at these ladders. ·:.: seeing two vessels, 16 Mid 11463,214 waves be- we started frcm and n we landed. I believe, at that, oooztt on some ol the wares. porpotae* I recognized an instant I s*w them, lor I happened to : ?· standing near a natnraliit who t»«m at a glance; otherwise I ·are made the same mistake I »;the leUow wAo called' them sea I pa» or :Uie:,isiy-who thought they OLD AGE A CRIME ~-------- i Some people ars roungi at 60--red cheeked, ruddy aaij visorclus. Others ire old at 40--joints beginning to stilr ten up a bit; step beginning to lag and lose its springiness; occasional touches'of pain in the back, fee).tired Vith'ont cause, and possibly a twinge of rheumatic pain. In most cases these are the danger signals to warn you that the kidneys are not promptly doing tiefr work ot throwing off the 1 poisons that are always^ terming in the body. To neglect these" natural warnings is a crime- against/yourself. If you have, these symptoms you can find prompt relief in GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules; For more than 200 years this lag been the'recognized remedy for kidney and bladder ailments. GOLJ JifEDAL faaarlem Oil Capsules are Imported direct from this laboratories at Haarlem, Holland. Get them at yonr druggist's. Do not take a. substitute. In bttxes three sizes.-Adv. THE i I'^r* wore life belts "all the time, ex- ·*«·-·»· siept, and a, lew tiaior- i u on**, didn't discard them even «n. Tte order* said, "Life belts : iut be worn at all times,' but the huT-we'bad (made up of a half dozen "·*» of cork fitted in casings that about your neck) would surely lave worn holes into our interiors %A'we slept with them. on. : ^Concerts were given every after- r OOB by a cavalry band, and at aight ih*Vm«n gathered in the mess halls deck and played cards, sans playerov~wrote letters. Every- had to be in his bonk or ham- Hock by $ o'clock. |*?p»e evening toward tie end of the |glfr"tp vary the program, somebody unouneed at mess, for the amus-s~ ·Si«Bt of the-men, there will be a mor- *d4r. .in No. 2 mess hall tonight at jT.!fo. Everybody is'cordially invited 'ito;;itt'end.r - ' L 'K^I did aee some^giorious sunsets and Hf*'wonderfully pretty sunrise, but Si,,nKnt inspiring sight of all was !® first gKmpse of land--L-A-N 7 D. Marco Polo, or whoever the gink was jjho saw the olive twig float by and fit'r lamped the shores of America fjmi Columbus' flagship, couldn't kave been any: better pleased chan I ^ mountains avray off t dtounce, almost hidden in the «"., Ai~J tb»moTM I tWok o; it the "fine ^bJumbus; "It took · saU-oiiward-over the moaths, ^vithoat -TT-«-*~~~-- --=--=-r--^--T--.T---- -- Intoch ·iwiit3«era:twpaMn'.t jslip ;off ..the brink !i( : :,th» Trortd jome suinjy morning. Ifrnt. *rm if Christontur hadn't dis- "--^r*d a». I ngnre It wo«ltj have i.bnt ».matter: aTttne «niii we'd the otter w«y-«od dlaeorered COMING CHAUTAUQUA WILL PRESENT MANY STAR ATTRACTIONS Kryl's B*n4, War Iioctven, Personal Delegates of t'nrdlnai Jlcrcler, Musicians, £h%, on Program. Eighteen star attractions ' are offered on the Redpath Chautaqua program announced for ConnellsviHe, Jtme 20^26. Probably the greatest event of; the week will be band day, with Bohumir Kryl, world famous cornetist, at the head of an organization of 30- musicians.. Th« Kryl baud will be heard 'in concerts, afternoon I and evening. The spirit of the times Is well re- flected'in the 1918 program.. Three o£ the headline lecturers are Captain Martin T. Hardin, who returned recently fcom a trip of Investigation for the Red Cross in France; Private Arthur K. Herman, severely -wounded at Vlmy Ridge while fighting with the 13th Canadian Black "Watch, and Fatter Jean DeTOle, Cardinal Mercier's personal deiegat* to America. Certain of the musical companies, such as the Liberty Girls, on the opening day, and the.Lovat Concert company, trith noted Scottish artists, will appeal strongly' to the patriotic. Princess" Watabwasok, Indian so- prai», will be a favorite with chau- tauqua fang. Appearing in native costume she will relate legends and sing.' "The Billy Sunday of Business," as Harry L. Pogleman is known, has been secured for an. address that will be worth real money. Gay Zenola MacLaren,. who is ca- pabie of giving any one ot 20 modern plays on a moment's notice, is coming for an. entertainment. The New York Madrigal Stagers, a mixed quartet; William Rainey Bennett, lecturer; the sala company, featuring the former 'cellist to the Court of Spain; James Elcbo Fiddes, Scottish tenor; Sidney London in Imper- sonatMms of great literary men, and Mora, the magician, also are an- sconced. "THE LEGION OF DEATH"--A special Metro production, starring Edith Storey, supported by a capable cast, every member' of which is just the type for the part Is being shown -today. America has no more; popular star than Miss Storey,, to whom has been entrusted the difficult task 1 ;6c impersonating the wonderful heroine In this production, which tells of Rns- sias fight fo'r freedom from-the'rule of the czars, and of the glorious battalion of warrior women who fought gallantly in the trenches after the men had given, up in. despair. Hiss Stores- represents the leader of this · brave band of women. Miss Storey always posseases dramatic ability ot a high order, and as the result her Marya in "The Legion of Death," is a marvel of inspiration and power. No other actress possesses in such a measure the fire, the dramatic intensity,. the fervor necessary to portray the fighting spirit in Russia's woman, the refusal to accept the tyranny and dishonor as the portion of a nation. Great scenes p£ the conflict In Russia are shown, both of the rioting in the streets, the fighting on. the battle front Tomorrow, Monroe Salisbury will be starred in "The Bed, Red Heart" a five-part Bluebird feature. Thursday, Alice Brady, the screen favorite, will be seen in "The Trap," a World feature. "Corn-Less Day" for Feet, Every Day Uae "Gets-It," the Great Com Discovery ! Hakes Corns Peel Bight Off! Ixjok at the illustration toelow. See the two fingers pc«HnB off a corn as though it wore a banana pool! And the man is smiling -while he's doing iti All done painlessly, Joyfully. The moment "Gets-It Tire l, we packed BJ ; batinatewd spent th« night re»ni «fcip. Next morning -we ea- ta one of tfao«e Araoy little . raflromd cam and w«re taSen 11h« emntryto a channel port jtV«tll .ter.Knine*. T3m?»iMl, -we an ..]»..ixy J»«ttx.aad her rad- «hoJdiiot.b« .Judged or the : at *» eaz*. 31e enjtoeens are ·Danr'-HlekeTi for speed. , ·flla« lor ·Prance, we had -'rest' campe. ·-·wrk* ,»»··. flwce again, /or I ;·!·.«·«**'··writ*-a- book on tbe ALWAYS RECWWENDS THIS KJDSEY REMEDY POT twenty yeari t have experienced a good sale for Dr. Kilmer's Swamp- Boot and I am always glad to recommend it u tbe best kidney preparation ~on the market today. Never during my experience have I b«en caned upon to 'take back a bottle of it, and every mer jeans to be a perfectly lat- jrnlr year*. A. L. 'WKflAlCS, Oct. K, Mi*. Clayton, N. T. Tnm Wkat »waa»-lloot WTO Do For To. Send ten cents to Dr. KIkmr ft Co^. Btncfaomtoc, N. Y,, for a sample vize bottle. It will convince anyone. You wfll also recetro a booklet ot valoable intormation. telling about the IWneva and bladder. 'When writing, b« Mire and menticTi The Cohcelknrille Dairy Courier. Mediom and large size bot- tlM tor sal« at all drag stores.--«Ar. "SIT HONOHTLD GIRL?--Billed to hold the boards at the Solsson theatre, opening today and tomorrow, is a neat little musical comedy with, a clever cast, numbering more than 25. It is staged among the sunny scenes of the Hawaiian Islands, alon£ the shores of the blue waters of the Pacific, where the natives -lazily sit in the.jsoft warm southern son, making the pretty things for which Hawaii- ana are noted. It is staged tn three scenes, the first being in Honolulu, showing an. American hotel, 'framed in among the gorgeous ferns, palms and foliage ol the tropical isle, with the turquoise waters of the Pacific and UM motratains in the back gronnd. The second is the dock at Honolulu, with a big ocean liner anchored at her landing, being put in readiness before starting on a sight-seeing tour among tie different islands. The third is. the Island of Hawaii, showing the Kel- auea volcano, one of the Bight-seeing points of interest erf the world. ARCADE THEATRE. Charles W.' Beyer's "GirJs From Loveland" is one of the beat shows that has been at the Arcade theatre. There is no drag of unnecessary stalling to prolong the show, but each , "CcH-lt," lb« Onlr G«aoin«. TtwrouoliCom. P»«tarE«rD»co«t»I. Demand "Geu-lbTM touches a corn or callus the (growth is doomed. It takes but i'wo seconds to apply "Gets-It." The corn- pain Is eaaed at once. Tou can alt at your deafc or walk about, dance, think, love and work with aosolute eaae. You can apply "Gets-It" conveniently almost anywhere where you can take your shoe and Blocking oft for a moment or two. "Gets- It" dries at once; then' pnt yonr shoo and stocking: on afratn. There's no lurther excuse for suffering from corns and corn-paina. "Gets-It," ihe guaranteed, raoney- back corn-remover, tbeonlysuro-way, coata b«t a trifle at any drug store. MYdby B. Lawrence Co.,Cl3icas-o, HI Sold in ConneJlaville and recommended as the world's best corn remedy by uEhrey Drug- Co., A. A- Clarke. Con- nellavllle rru^ Co. i . Perryopolis. PERUYOPOUS, May 6.--Jleric Los- sig, 'William Behauna, Willard and Grayden Berwick motored Crom Con- nollsvnie Sunday to viaft friends and reatires from town. "W. S. Stickd of Oniontown, sicnt Sunday with his family bare. Cecil -Bradley of Scottdale, was the guest of relatives here Saturday. John Thorpe of Jlonessen, has been spending the past week with hte parents here. Miss Maude Russell of Jackson, left Monday tor Montana to spend tho summer with, her sjster, Mrs. Brown, formerly Miss Bessie RnBsell of this place. J. B. "Westfan is able to be out after several weeks' Olttess. SALTUCK OVER TOP Monntain District Hies Up Large Total for tiherty loan. Saitltcfc' township made a fine record in the Liberty Loan drive. Reports turned in to the central committee, which'was headed by L L. Sparks of Indian Head, show the following subscriptions by districts: nomber is "well produced. Dick Maddox is. the premier comedian, with Dave Whftley a close second. . Hal Ring, known as the straight man, renders severed delightful selections, I ^^ ?",' dances gracefully with Ann^ Brittoi, | of besides taking an active part in tiie run ot the play. Era Bing leads ,w- eral niinibrs, singing -best in "Mississippi." Billy. O'ConnBll always pleases wilh. Ws wonderlul voice. The other girls in the chords are Grace Indian Head, 512,000; Champion, $2,500; Davistorwc, $6,750; Buchanan, $3,550; Keslar, $2,150. Other districts arc to be heard trom that Trill township over its quota O'CotmeU, Jean Jtfacfc. Julia Byer and Jane Winston. On the screen a feature IVnc comedy. Dent forgot Wednesday and Thursday, "Vengeance and the Woman," ·· ... OBPHECT THEATXJB. "TWO CON MiH."--A Triangle drama, features the popular star, William S. -Hart. A good Strand comedy will also be shown. Tomorrow, Virginia Pearson appears In tfee Fox drama,, "A Daughter of ·Prance." H, yott .were a beautiful French girl ot nobte blood and were caught in the- Gezman rush into Prance, how would you act? And, furthermore, vtat would yon do if a German officer made love to yon while his soWiers were robbing the village and insulting Tromea? Thursday, Margarita Fischer appears in. "The Richest Girl." D Ion TTant Something Adrerttoe for it in our classified col- One cent a word. JtiJiK J9 PIECES. Indian Head Red Cross Unit Has a Busy Day. The . membecs of the Indian Head Red Cross* unit,' at a meeting at tho home 01 lira. I. L. Sparks, made 12 piBow cases, 12 bath towels, 12 tace towRla and 12 wash cloths; also a hospital pillow. All members were present bwt two. Three BBW" memburs were added, Mrs. C. 3. Pore, Mrs. Chester MJllcr and Mrs. Rebecca Witt. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. J. H. Imel. Merger Approved. WASHINGTON, May 7.--Merger in 1906 of the Cumberland Presbyterian church with, the Presbyterian church and consolidation of their caurch property, was declared valid yesterday by the supreme court Mrs. Potter Palmer Dead. SAEABOTA, Fla., May 6.--Mrs. potter Palmer of Chicago, is dead at her winter home here of pneumonia. "XT snrm TEDS SPOT" "Want Help! Then use our classified column: milts will follow. Re- Patronize those WDO advertise. TONIC - UPBUILDER Sdttotx Ctifki, W«k Lwp tad CM, IT Eckman's Alterative For manr yeara this Calcium preparav- tlon has maintained n.n ever-lncronslni; reputation lor accomplishing good, and «Ueu remarkable rc?uita. $2 Sixe " $1 Size now $1.50 now 80c Price Inc}vdes T?ar Tax. All Druggists. Vckxoan Laboratory Philadelphia Eczema Wash A touch of IX B. D, to any Eczcina BOW or Itching eruption and you'll be able. IP rest and sleep once more. Think--just . touch! Is i* worth tryiac? Get a trial botUc today. 35c, 60c and $1.00. Tottr Hume* back if the flrrt bottte doc« not rcliere J. C. Moore. Druggist. Water St.. Connollsville, Pa. F,-'T. EVANS ESTATE . BOTH PHONES. Time Now to Think of GRADUATION DRESSES and How You Will Make Them : As usual this store will be looked to to furnish the dainty, sheer white fabrics, the pretty trimmings and the patterns to make them by. ( And as usual there will be 1 no disappointments, for we're ready to meet your de- rn4nds any day. Use These Pretty Materials -- WSite Silt Crepe de Cline, 40 inches wide, at $1.05 to £2.25 the yard. --White Washable Satin. 36 inches wide,-- at $2J)0 to $2.50 the yard. -- White Crepe Meteor, 40 inches wide, excellent quality, -- at $3-00 'the yard--White Satin de Luxe, 36 inches wide,-- at $2.50 the ya«l. --White Taffeta, 36 inchos wide, to sell at S1.65 to S2.00 the yard. -- White Messaline, 36 inches wide, at $1.65 tie ynrd. --·White Georgette Crepe, 40 inches wide, at $2.00, i52-"0 and $3.00 the yard. -- White Chiflon Cloth, 40 inches -wide, tn sell nt $1-25 flic jnrd. -- White Cotton Set, 72 inches wide, at S1.G5 tile Turd. . -- White Cotton Net, 36 inches v/ide, at 7rc the yard. --White Sillc Net, 40 inches wide, at $2.00 tlie yard. --White Silk Tulle, 72 inches wide, to Bell at $2.00 he yard. -- White Voiles, plain and figured, 40 inches wide, at 35c to SL50 ,the yard. . -- White Organdy, 45 inches wide, at 65c and S5c the yard. -- White Flaxons, 40 inches wide, to sell at Sbe and 5c the yard. And These Dainty Trimmings to Go With Them 0 --Filet IJCD Bands and Edges, 3 to 5 inches wide, nt 4c and 5c the yard. --Shadow Lace Bands and Edges, 2 to 5 Inches wide, at ISe to 50c the yard. --Val Lace Edges and Insertions to match, % to 2V£ inches undo, at 8c to Sac the yard. --Net Top Lace Edges, 3 to 10 inches wide, at 35c to $1.00 the yard. --Gold and Silver Lace Edges and Banda, 3 to 5 inches wic'e, at $1JM to ?2.50 the yard. j Organdy Embroidery Edges, 3 to 10 inches wide, ail white embroidered in colors, nt 40e to $2.50 yard. --45 inch Lace Flouncing suitable for overdrapes, at $M)0 the yard. --Beads, Narrow Edges and Bands', 1 to 3 inches wide, at 6"c to S2.SO the yard, --Bead Drops and Tassels in gold, silver, steel and Pearl, at 25c to 7oc each. --Gold and Silver Nets suitable for overdrafts. 42 inches wide, at $2.50 the yard. Sunday, May 12, 1918. Greeting Cards and Booklets to give or send.mother--lOc to 35c each. "My Mother--a Prayer--by Tom Dillon--in a neat frame--at $1-00. STATIOJTEBT DEl'AETMENT--1'lfiST FLOOR Advance Notice of the Annual Coming at an Early Date HEIGHTEN THE BEAUTY OF THE HAND AND ARM . Notice especially tie shape of Kayser 'fabric gloves, how per- fectiy they flt the hand. The beauty of their appearance lasts until they are worn oat because .of the excellent silk employed. Oar noir stock for Spring and Summer is BOW being sbown, amongst which. ar« many striking novelties in black-and-whiie, whit.e-nnil-black, tans, grays and other popular colors, besides com- plete'liucrf of piain black and "white. KAYSER SILK GLOVES--EVERY PRICE--65c to 51.75 The Red Cross has received word that headquarters wants all knitters to SPEED TJP. Most women will not need this advice though, for they have their own sons and friends to knit for--socks,. sweaters, helmets and mittens--to keep them warm in the service this Winter. MINERVA YARNS answer all purposes of a high grade, pure worsted yarn. They are here in the various weights suitable for the various garments. Ask the advice of our salesladies who know what is best in knitting. Coats and Dresses . Women who wish to attain apparel distinction should by .all means give these garments attention. Only the best taijored and best styled models are offered. · Buy Now to Secure the Maximum of Service and Style Satisfaction Women who wait longer sacrifice weeks of extra service that might just as well be theirs and to which they are rightfully entitled. Notable groups are especially featured in these sections and stand in re,adiness to meet every . demand whether the decision is bounded by price or no limit In expenditure is made. Separate Skirts Here in An Abundance of Clever Styles Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Bell rhon« 450. 218 N. Oth St. TKANSFKll General, Light and Heavy Hauling. IjOcal and Long Distance Moving. * JAMS 'W. STHANfiE Coal and Coke. Councllsville. Garage for Sale O'rOU TRUCK «· WAGON MOVIIVO A1»I HOISTIXO PIANOS A SPtSClAJLTY. FORD AGENCY * in tvo loivns of 10,000 populo- \ tlon each mid ports of five town- sliips. Kutlre stock of tires, tubys, uocossorfcs ant} Ford parf.s. SJI!PS average $10,000 p«r uiftnth. Oivner lii draft, only reason for sdUng. Weimer Motor Co., SCOTT0.U.E, TA. OOOOOGOOOGOOOOOOOCOCXXXX9OO iwFAB Horaer ' s § §.ffLfil\ QotMngi A Reserve Pair Every wearer ot glasses much inconvenience will bo avoided and the urgency of rush repair work eliminated. L,ct me make you an extj-a pair. A. L.Tucker, OpL D. OPTOWETB1ST. 105 Soutli Pl«.,bnr c fitted.

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