The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1930
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVK. THE DAILY COURIER, COIS NELLSVJL.LE, PA SATURDAY, FEBRUARY S, 3980. Basketball By JAMES M, DEI 5COL Perry T\ · ryf · jrv -j /· w , w o -d *\ i H jf% £* i S-d'tf-% /r% SV ** jriTb ·£/* « ^f X"tf ^°w ^ ^"to ip i it?o uunoar ror Jueaa in m f~*. . . . . i . .. ~ Commodores Halt Winning Streak of Leisenring Quint With Single Point Triumph ®- 31 ore Opportunities From Free JMne Pave TV»vy for JMck- SCMI Combination. FLAG STATUS IS DOUBTFUL The Dunbar Township High School passers were defeated tor the first time this season when the Perry Township quintet scored a 24 to 23 verdict Friday evening at the Perry- opoiis gymnasium. By virtue o£ the triumph, the Commodores went Into a tie with the Red and Black foi the top Tung In Section 12, W. P. I. A, League, thus making the championship probabilities somewhat doubtful and giving imlicatlo-n t h a t a s!iy°ff will be required to determine the pennant winner as the two clubs are expected to coast through t h e next three foes. ICacu combination scored tbe same number ot points from the field--nine but Perry secured Us margin from tlie free line and th« fact that the Dickaon machine was given five more opportunities In this department is t h e real ica.sou for tho Rod and fUiu-k's downfall, l.eisenring, gelling but, n i n e chances, shot five from the Ccnil lino while Perry, with 14 opportunities, registered but six. It was pointed out by critics that in the- tlrst half, Referee Tlardy called f o u r "foul'i" on Duubar and a i t on Perry. However not another foul was culled on I lie Commodores d-urin^ ths f i n a l half u n t i l tho last minute o! play. On the other hand. D. T. had sc-vpn "fouls" called. Dimbar's neat winning spree ot 10 coimtxuitlvc contests was shattered by t h o Perry warriors, who also administers! the first reversal to the Leisen- ritic; clan 111 the league a tending. Shearer's warriors got away lo H b e a u t i f u l start, scoring 10 points in tbe first quarter while tho Olrkson i n a i l i i n o t a l l i e d but two. However in i he next, t h r e e periods, tho Commodores ont-H-ered tho 1920 cbiUiipioiiH and in the final forged i n ' o Ihe lead. Sports Comment By JOIEN H. Mid-Atlantic pow-pow Sunday. The moguls Crom eight towns are to meet at Hotel Titlow, Uniontown. The real but inese is the 1980 schedule. After w,itching the boys check- Ing over the calendar last year, we must admit thfy know their business. After taking a peep at* tho elate firawti up, the delegates will "check and double chock" until they get the cream oC the dates and finally okay it with ihe adjustments. Six teams ue certain to go along. They are Scottdale, Jeannette, Wheeling, Cumberland, Fairmont and Clarke- burg, Charleiol and Johnstown are expected to fall in line although, everything has not been cleared up. Czar Dniicy started an economy progra.m--ho ut his own salary and expenses as w 11 as that of the secretary. Then th size of the lorCeii was reduced, Cumberland, 'ti« -said, follower' this up by signing Hooker Joo Phillips as manager and J o h n n y Byrnes as a rpg- ular first sack^r, relieving the l«.tter of the skipper's worries. Ph'llips knows his ba 1 eball but don't forget Byrnes kept the Colts hammering away at the ton all of the time. Not that it matters but--of all the rookies who rt ported at the Danville spring traininr camp and many of whom were promoted to the classier circuits, only one who was not reeom- TiilU'.v mid Roilly ted hi the scoring for Ijolseiiflng while Galley featured jittnm in t h i s Held for Perryopolic Bailey and Miller as well as Skone/uy a n d Behrons also gaVe a good account ·if themselves for the Red and Black The line-up: The lineup: SrrrlcklP)'--S5. Campfiold (Joodlin Ultimo reTM- Primo Carnp l a won't p a r t i c i p a t e in i Laugh nor mended by a ei out got. a diploma into faster companj Not much encouragement for tho yiungKtcrt* who want to section l r y " l °' r hand - i t I be national pastime. stanza I East In Extra wnship With Sewickley ®- Floor Battle Features Clash of Section 12 School Quintets. BRILLIANCE THRILLS CROWD STABS _BY AU WIHFIBUD, W AJUVERTQN, Feb. S.--In one of the hottest basketball battles witnessed here in a long time, the Bast Hunting- don'Township High School club last night lost to Se-wickloy Township in e.a overtime, period by a two-point j margin. The ecore was 2H-23. The school (juintote staged a great struggle for the leadership and it, was soldom either club was far, in the load. The play was at top speed throughout and without question wae one of the outstanding engagements^of Section 12 of the W. P. I. A. League. ' Stnvickley was favored to -win hut BuMteman's protegee were showing rare form despite the fact that Andrish, star center, was absent, from the line-tip until the closing moments. Shaffer and Tometchko did yiximan work, each scoring three baskets. Dessort came through with a trio of iong-dietencc- shots which brought the crowd to its feet. Sewickley'is clever combination staged a rally In the closing moments to tie the count and wipe out a four- point lead on which Bast Huntingdon endeavored li "freeze? tho b a l l - a n d win the clash. At the ond of tho regular playing period the ecoro wa« 22-22. In the extra period play had hardly gotten under way when East Huntingdon scored from tho free line. Then Sewickley also wa« given an oppoi-- tunity, making it good. A shot from bfyoud the middle of tho floor wan benked sharply into the Sewickley gal and the scoring ended there, both outfits Trying desperately to 6ink tho' ball duvSng the next three minutes. arty fnrcos in 1 cnnsylvanla. Chairman Fnuik Wiener of the State Athletic Commission declared at the sports writers' dinner in Pittsburg thai the board realizes thai, its duty ! lub. Thr.isher played a great de- j is to promote me boxing game, not UMisive contest for the Commodores, side-show. The II no- up: Dunliiir- -28. E'erry-- 24. Tulley ..... ______ ........... K .......... DaugUerty Miller ...... - ...... ...... ..... P. - .............. Galley U e h r e n s ....... ----------- C ................. Jenkins Kellly .......... ... ______ C! ...... .... Baughman UatU'j- _____ .................. G .............. Thrasher Substitutions -- Skonezny for Miller, M i l l e r for Skonezny. Galley for Hwftts, Hw.Hts for Jenkins. Field goals-- Tulley 3, Miller, tteilly i commended foi the stand they take, K V C r, o K, Huntingdon--2,'S .Shaffer . Dezort ITyskcll .Tcmesko HO were the gr -atent hitting rivals of baac ballV Cobb and Hornsby? No. · Jobb was going away when Roger was coming in. Ruth and Gchrig' No. Ruth was at liis very peak when Gehrig' ·WPL still raw at the f ime. Here's our best pal · of foemon: Hans Wagner and Na -oleon Lajoio. Old Honus anfl Nap be ran battering ·the old appla In 1897 They both lioppod into tho .300 cl -cle that aea- Bon, I^ajolft with tlio old Philadelphia und I fans with tho Ix) Isvllle ag-gre- ;icason saw a 7-year battle between tho two which ended in 191S when both men vanls icd from the eclect circlfs slmuHaneo »sly. They rode Hie bcl| hta together, thosa two, and they pa .sed down together, too. X»3Jole en ered the new league, the American, '-a Cleveland's manager, and Wagner' rent to Pittsburgh, but the warfar continued 'Xi Its fury, For Jl of tlioste seasons Lajoio bested Wasner. Old Hans took the honors of five others. One ^season, 1003, ended in a tie, for they each hit .365. JjRJoIe's ave-agre was higher at the and of the 17 years, but he failed to' hit ,300 in 1307 and 1908. Old Hans went tbrouffh the 17-year parade without a break. So honors am again oven. In 1903 (tha lie season) and 1D04 tho two men w^ra the reapectivo kingrs of their leagues. Wagner led tho National leagrue eight times and Lajole led the American four seasons. In 1910 "Waerner achieved the teat of his career. In a double-header he hit safely seven times In seven tlmea up, two bornera, three doubles and two ninnies. In the SA.ME year, alsw In a double-header, Tjajole hit safely elgrht tlmea In eight times up, but hia si*«r«n singles and one triple for nine bases falls below Wagner's 16 base* though Ijajoio ,/arnered one more hit. Just about evtm again. There ar» rival batters for you! Westmoreland Basketball Tournament at Scottdale State Armory March 18,30 -® Camera's a n ' i e s and eet-ups will continue, possibly, until some commission ecrape up enough nervo to call a halt to the circus stunts. Three "acte" h.ive fallal to show any boxing qualitie.^ in the giant. Wiener and II!H associates muel bo Hailey. ftehronB, Dutigherty^2, Gal- joy 4, ,lcnl ns, Swotts. Thrasher. Team fouls--Dunbar, 5 out of D; Perry, G out ot 14. I n d i v i d u a l fouls--Tulley, 3 out of 3; Behrens, 1 out pf 3; Reilly, 1 out of 2; Boxing, today, is on th'o akidfi and Carnora'a canijiaign is not adding to its prestige. However, Primo's one-man carnival adds ernphosis to the contention that Score by periods: Srwickley 7 3 6 S n--25 K . Huntingdon li 7 6 3 1--2H Substitutions--Doplo for Shaffer, Wilson for Dezort, Dezort for Hy«- kell. Field goals--Shaffer 3. Dezc-rt 2, Ternesko 3, "Wilson, Camplleld 7, Latighner. F'oul goals--East Huntingdon, 6 out of 14; Sewickley, out of IS. Referees--Drlscoll and Phillips. Cumberland Fight Program Complete For Monday Night liailcy, 0 out fff I ; Daugherty, 1 out I the real sport, where the fan gets a run for hie money, in amateur boxing. Don't iorgat lo witness the next one )t 2: Galley, 1 out of 5; Jenkins, 0 cult ot 1; Swotts, 0 out of 1; Bauech- uiau, 1 out o£ 1; Thrasher, 0 out of 4, i h a l w l u be hekl in t h o ^lavish Hall. Scoring by quarters: Dunbav -....10 6 4 8--2,'! 4--24 Ferry 2 11 7 -- Hardy. The local scrappei'e are going to Cumberland Monday night. AUTO WRECKING TAKES ODD GAME FROM CAPSTAN Auto Wn cker.s won the odd game from the Capstan Ulasa last night on I b o Klk alleys. McUrath was high -usurer with a total f(i2 for three git'llOS. The scores: CVvPJiTAA' (ILASS. K a v t o r MS IRO 107 Cunniiigiiam 122 106 M i l t e r ,...- 149 128 1M ;!91 S6 Shwring Alnbi'lsoo Dummy 140 117 ,, 100 1M 13 6 108 100 325 200 Totals MX! rath Yute.-i Uoorfler Daniels l)iinnu \ Totals .....600 G57 CCS 1S32 AUTO WR1DCKINO. 167 , _______ 121 ________ 160 156 M l 12S 125 100 13!) US 139 100 100 38S 3H5 300 MONESSEN SEXTET BEATEN BY PERRY TOWNSHIP OUTFIT The Perry Township High girls chalked up anotlie-r decision, last nigbt conquering the highly touted Monessen sextet at 11 e PerryopoHa gym in the preHminarj to Ihe Dunbar-Porry league sotto. The final tally was 23 to IS. , Coach Clifford Dirkson had exprcbs- ed the belief th it the Monessen 'club was the only on- t h a t had any chance of whipping the "Coinniodoresses." ,..GS1 Gt.1 59C 1MO PENN STATE FRESHMAN RIFLE MATCHES CARDED SOUTH CONNELLSVILLE FIREMEN'S CARD PARTY WEDNESDAY, FEB. 12 The third of a series of card partiets [ sponsored by th" South Connellsvilie Volunteer Fire i)epartmont will be hold on Wednesday evening, February 12, at Snyder'a storeroom at South Cotinellsvillc 1 . There v,i!i he ^rizch. Lunch will bo served a f t e r the caret). CUMBERLAND, Mrf., nouncement woe made Feb. 8-- An- today of tho following line-up of bouts on tho flsiic progrip between Connalleville and Cumberland Monday night at the Knights of Columbus Hall on North Mechanic street: Johnny Rock, US, Connellaville, vs. Jimmie O'Rourke, 148, Cumberland. Charley Cravotta, 138, ConneUsville, vs. Mike Belfour, Abo Gureon or Henry Kaboskey, Cumberland. Joe Vargofiky, 12S, Counelleville, vs. George Simmons or Austin "Ward, Cumberland. Paul Bolden, 128, ConneUsville, vs. Maynard Sanders, 130, Piedmont, IJon Asto, 126, ConneUsville, vs. Buck Brady, 123, Cumberland. Sain Asto, US, ConEcilsville, vs, Oliver Crowe, 118, '"Westornport, Johnny Giachotti, 112, Connellfiville, vs. Frankie Smith, 113, Cumberland. Teddy Mancuso, 132, Connellevillc, vs. Homer Simmons, Cumberland, or Richard Bolt, Bckhart. ' Charle Short of Baltimore, regarded as one of! the best boxing officials in Maryland and known to many Connellsville fight followers, will referee all of the bouts 6n the program. Cumberland will make a return visit to Connellsville at a date to be made public later. DON ASTO WINS IN MILWAUKEE BOXING MATCH LAKE ERIE FLOOR TOURNEY MARCH 1 AT NEWELL COURT Henry L. (tasKel Named Man- apcr of Dic^ersr n Itun Basketball Contligont, "BUS" COCHBAN MADE CAPTAIN Tbo annual basketball tournament of the PJUsburg Lake J rie Railroad Athletic Aef oclatitm will « conducted on Saturday afternoon a id evening, March 1, at the N'swell g: mnaeium, it was announced loliy. Dicker-ton Hun, Newe I, Pitteburg aiul East Younge'iowii if ill compete for the right to represent this section in tho final eliminations of the Now York Central Linns Athli tin Asscoia- on Saturday, March 8, at ndianapolifi, Indiana. Preparation*! for the La ce Erie play havo been inaugurated ,. Diokerson Run and Hjnry T/. Caeec 1 hai been selected as manager, fohn (lius) Cochran is tho captain of the Yongb- iogheny Division Ixmkeeti rs who are practicing regularly for the coming tournament, Cochran, Robertson, Landymor-e, Laughrey, Ininlap Rohm and Caesel are among the leading co itonders for the flvo pcclcioiifi on tbe club which will make a big bid fo Dickereon Run's opportunity to jou *ney to Indianapolis to compote in tl e New York Central play which will 1 a witnessed by several thousand railr aders, their families and friends. The play at Newell w II begin in tho afternoon, tsvo contet .s being on the calendar. The winni era of. thte pair of. frays will romp to in the eevning for the champio ship. Following the cage encoun era, there will be an entertainment. Uuicks Will He Host to 14 Independent Teams in Title Tiny Next Hlontli. MANY AWARDS TO BE GIVEN SCOTT'DAUi}, Fob. 8-- Tlie- independent tournament ot basketball teotara of Westmoreland county, which will be sponsored by tlio .Scottdale Buicks, will ba condii-etert between March 18 and 20, arcr/riiing to an announcement this afternoon. All of the games will bo played at tho State Armory, According to present arrangements, tho play will be distributed over four UnioniG'wn Nears Pennant In Section X; Scottdale High School Is Defeated -® .P. LA. League Summary SECTION TKN Yesterday'.'. Ttcsnlis. [Jniontown 27; Scottdale IS. Greenfiburg 35; Mount Pleasant 13. Standing- of the Unioritown ........... _ Jeannette ______________ Scottdale Greensfourg Latrobe W. 8 G -t 4 2 Pet. 1.000 .750 .571 .500 .283 .250 .125 Connollsvllle _____________ 2 0 Mount Pleasant ___________ 1 7 Games 1 iicsdny. Connnllfiviile at l.atrobe. Mount Pleasant a'. .leannette. Seottdale at Greeutiburg. SECTION 1'JYK Ichlorday'f Results, Charleroi 27; W« t Newton 20. Donora 2S; California 22. South Brownsvilli' 20; Monoiigahela 17. Slandinp of the C'lnbs. W. L. Monessen ....... ----- ......... ----- 7 0 Cbarlerol ------------------ 7 I Donora _____ ...... , ________ 4 South Brownsville West Newton Monnogahela Califomiu Pel, 1000 .875 .500 .129 .:!75 .375 .000 Games Tuesday, California at Wes 1 . Newton. South Brownsville- at Donora. Clmrleroi at Moneceen. SKCTFON THIRTEKN Yesterday's Results. Brownsville 19; Point Marion I t . South Union 29; Carmichaele 21. North Union 19; iledatono 17. German 20; Georges 10. Turkman Machine Drops Fro'n R u n n i n g for Honors in W. P. . A. League. LARGE CROWD SEES CONTEST SCOTTDALE, Feb. S.-- -Unlonto* n Higii School advanced another st*p nearer lo the championship of Section X, W. P. I. A. League, last night by scoring- a 27 to 18 triumph over the Scottdalo baeketeers at tho Sta'o Armory before a largo crowd. Tho reversal dispelled all hopes of the Blue and While followers o figure in the p e n n a n t disposition .ih the Feyetfe countyseatora continui d lh«ir mad dash, toward what appear to be an undefeated record in tl.e league's (scheduled play. Tho Mil! Towners endeavored de--- perately lo upset the Bvorhert m.i- chino which how over provod able '.o cope w/th tho trying siluations arl weatliorod tlie storm of the Kirkmaii dribblers. The line-up: SroUdnlp-- IS. T.'ir'onlflwn -- 2T. Camlln .......... ... ...... . K ...... . ...... ...JSvcrha't Slauffcr.. ...... ---------- F _________________ jr O ul Cox ----------- ...... ,, ........ C -- ------ ,T. .Toll n Waide -------- ..... _ ........ G- __________________ liankm Rush...,. ...... «... .......... G .. ...... . ......... ____ Harr s Substitutions-- EScher tor Camlii, Conway for Stauffer, Skemp fi i- Waide, T. John for Evorhart, PJ]tt for J. .Tohrt, PugHa for Harris. Field goals -- Eichcr 3, Stauffer, Cox L, Kverhart, T. John, Ford 4, J. John 4. Fouls -- Scoitdalo, G out of 14; iontown. 7 out of 15. Aquadro. Ui or fiva days. Tho exax:t playing dates, xorlh Union Standing of tho Clubs. iv. r,. BELLE VERNON DEFEAT J PERRY Heile Venion rlofeatod tho Perry- opolls bowlers at the for) ier'6 alloys by a margin of 216 pins. The e cores: PERRYOPOLIt Flanagan ... 12G 14! Winterhalter Blaeco Lint TU'i-kosh U6 121 128 12! 134 10! 135 155-- 425 Dl-- 336 152-- 407 118-- 356 17-6-- 85 Totals (165 651 G92--2000 STATK COLUKUK, Pa.. Tc!isr;iii!iic ini'tche 1 ? w i t h of Maryi.uul ft 1 Keb S - - I "I-OOMPBURC Pa., 1-Vb. S --Fred f n i v e r s i t v 1 Pl ' lcle - alleged "b iginun" in the Lacku- i- u p p r o v t i ,i! oi i t . ur U n i-s- \ Ti-Vh d today by the Ivourd of h u l k ' s a t Penn State !.· | MMC team A ni£. tch w l t b , UU l h] ut. on Don Asto of the Connellsville Athletic Club scored a decision over Al Suludouk, Milwaukee feather^velght. ( l a s t night in tlu intercity show be- j Piltsburg and A l l l w a t i k c u at Inni; .(tit! to d si. «i-, Ilrod last 5atui-d:i\ s v i l ) tx» o hacked this, w.-'ck no ;h« w i n n e r . I'se HohU 1'p (ins Siitllou-i, WKI.C11. \V V u , K.-b. S -- A masked b.tiidn lcUI up u\o f i l U n g stations he v e UUP las! n i p it w i t h i n I B minutes. .Vi i ho first lio ot $1", « n d lip took ;ilo.u ibo K j r n » a m o u n t t r o m a s t a t i o n r thy '·(nirt !i niso. ( ' h u r l e y Cravotta. j u n i o r weller- wt^ifjht, lost a close dcfjision (u CJeorgo Bhu-k. T i e Pittsbni's: boxi'rs broke c v o n will t h e M i i w a t i k e f b a t t l e r s . Rocco ... .fames _. Head ley Letts BELLE V E R N O J __ ___ ,,,,] 2 4 155 ,. 336 11C 119 17S ..... . £10 173 309 16S 160-- 430 IE;J-- 405 167-- 454 141-- 522 US-- 495 Totals -, 698 7SS 720-2215 Goverunifinf Win . BUCHAREST, Feb. S.--t'fflcial ve- tram tho Rumania! election tiliow an o v u i w h e l m i n g vici jry for tho Kovorurnunl party, w h i c h won 1,8.'^ lenirilative se-Hs, or SI! pei aent ot I lie total. Tho Lil)(M-a)r, \\on N a t i o n a l Minorities SO however, have not been selected as yet. Approximately 15 contingents are expected tx participate in the tournament which will bring together the loading quintets o£ Westmoreland county who will s-trlve to upset the host dub, 19213 independent champions, Trophies will be presented to the winning team as well as to the individuals. There will be a silver loving cup for the club that cops the championship while gold awards will be presented to the members of the team that scores first honors. Silver trophies will be given to the players oE the roster that figures in second position. A committee, composed of Samuel B. Bniliek, chairman, Charles Woods, secretary, Walter Jt. Lindsay and John Bluhm, has been appointed to take care ot protests and other problems that may arise during tho progress o£ the tournament. Invitations were placed in tho mail this afternoon and acceptances are expected to be immediately sent from the various clubs. There are indications of a very successful tournament m the Mill Town, the first of its k i u d . SPORTS GLEANINGS There is a difference of between $7,OflO and $8,000 in tho salary offered by tho Pirates to Burleigh Grimes, star pitcher, and th-o amount desired by him. As a conse-queuce, the contract for the 1930 playing season has not been signed. * * * Wash-Jeffs basketball team nosed out JL/ehtgh by a one-point margin last night, 34-23. * * * lxo Durocher, cockly little shortstop of the New York Yankees, recently sold to Cincinnati Reds, has declared ho will not report unless ho receives a portion price. of the purchase t InssifiPd i\(hrr1ispmt'iils \V!i,«s pUced In tlift (lolnrnim of Courior bring renulti. Try tbom. Cub Dcher BcuU» i. I ' l T T S B U R G , Feb. S,--.} ihu JMiarr, 211 ,of U n i o i s t u w n . i n t o r i ed police '. pstorriay l h a t lie was at a c k c d and in his I n x i i a b in UJarnond The New York Giaaits will be the iirst league club to get away for spring training. That team will leave a week from today. * * w Primo Camera, I t a l i a n contender for heavyweight honors, has earned approximately $S,000 per m i n u t e in his three bouts in this country, lie is regarded as this Nation's highest paid athlete. it * * Chuck K l e i n , home run artist ot! the Philadelphia N'atiomil League club, and holrloi 1 of honors In that department in the league last year, IHIH ret u r n e d his contract to the club, 1111- has aslied a li, a n d the b i K1U! |. |i e . l( ]mits d l a i y of ?15,01)0. The .season of b a s k e t b a l l t o u i n u - meiits is d r a w i n g close (o h a n d That is a good i n d i c a t i o n ihe high spot ut t h o floor sarno nas- been pa°«ed and t h a t not, m a n y w?fks of w i n t e r r*- Brownsville Point Marion Redstone .. Gormen Carmichaelfi Georges ______ _, South Union 9 .-..6 __ fi .. 5 2 _ .. 1 1 Pt't. 1,000 .750 .667 .571 .556 .250 ,111 .111 EAGLES SCORE WIN OVER YOUGH MOTOR IN BOWLING GROUP Kaglcs won tlio odd game from fl Yough Motor kiol night on the Eikrs u - leys. Mo.NuIfy was high w i t h «. toln! ot -131 1'or three games. The .scores: EAGLES. Gnme Tcnhjht. Redstone at Browmville. SECTION OTYK'LYE Yesterday's Results. Perry 24; Dunbar 23. Sewickley 25; Eaei Huntingdon 23. Belle Vernon 2,8; Huret G, Standing: of (he Clubs, w. r,. Dunbar Perry _ . Sewickley . Belle () ,Vernon East Huntingdon ,,. . Hurst ._ . _.. ,, 6 G _ _ 5 P. Oppcrnian Kemp Kauth ----------M c N u l l y .. Patrick ....... lia 118 SO 181 lli 113 Ml 105 1151 117 111 138 1M 99 111 ;j:j i 4 0 ! 29 1 -13 L 371 Told Is Suydcr Pore ,.. Whit 4 .. Urisooll IFaiucr Pizzi ... G12 (!33 YOUdll MOTOR. ..101 180 J I G 115 lit 74 101 10] 131 120 592 383." 130 126 KiO 137 114 I!!).' 3 S ; 11 ( Pel. .857 . 8 G 7 J .714, .429 .143 j .000 Totals 500 673 1S2*. Games Fdday. Perry at Sewicklej. Hurst at Dunbar. Belle Vernon at Ee;t Huntingc.on. AMOCO FIVE LOSES TO ALVERTON HIGH FACULTY PASSERS SCOTTDALE, Feb. S-- The Pine Tree Amoco Five of Scottdale was defeated by the strong faculty- dribblers of tho East Huntingdon Township High School by a score of 29 to 28 at Alverton. Amoco took the lead and maintained a tiny margin until tbe lflt.1, 15 seconds of play. Fouls contributed in a large measure to the Pine Tree oaskc-teerb as Ea*3t Huntingdon scored !) out of 12 tried while tho losers failed to register in five oppo ·tuniticK. Former college athletes who are teaching at the Alv ;rton institution were the favorites to win by a handsome margin over which is made up school titaro. H u n t s m a n and Ha gilt tbe Amoco of former cUib high led in the scoring for East H u n t i n g d o n while JrtURST CAGE SQUAD ON FRIDAY NIGHT Dunbnr Township High will bo a: home n e x t Friday evening, meet in t Hurst High in a W, P. I. A. Leagui content. The slate Cor tbe remainder of the season follows: February 17, Payetto City, away. February 21, Belle Vornon, homo. February 25, Sewickley, away. February 28, U n l o u f o w n , homo. March 4, Mount Pleasant, away. March 7, Counellsvillo, homo. March 14, Cotinellaville, away. The girls have three more games on the bill as follows: February 14, Connoltevllle, home. February 21, Belle Vernon, home. February 25, East-Huntingdon, away. SIOCK BOWLERS LOSE TO PERRY Smoclc'b ten pin rollers met defeat at the hands of the Perryopolis representatives on the i. A. Brown alley.s at Perryopolis by a margin of ISo Tbe score: Sleeky Newcomer, Long and C. R i t c h i e played j j winters boot for the losers. Newcomer twnc ] \_ stoner through with eight Held goals The line-up : -- ·!«. Merger lxng Newcomer C. Ritchie K. II. Faculty- 21). Anioc Depta F Jlaight ... . F - . . . . Iluntdiuan C navis . . (! C u c h r i n g G K u L t i t l t u t i o n -- A l b l g for Newcomi'r KU'ld g o a l s - - l l u n l h i i i t i i i ·!, HuiVhl Depta 2. Daviw, .\ew omor S, l.j(tg C Ritchie Foul g o a l s -- H u n l s i i«u, 5 out of Keefe Thompson Totdlh W i n l e r l i u l l e r SMOCK . 125 133 17IJ J13 .. _ 131 134 J f 14 138 161 109-- ;!67 112-- 401 95-- IIS 103-- 3SO 172-- 47 S 638 OM-197'J R. Ritchie i T u i n o s k o ·'· i Sriyder ''·! Hlf liu-r ijf, i;,\) K'.l ir.O irl !;;; l:iS 1% IOC i\)7 Davits, o out of ·'!; Rili-hte, 0 out oE -1; KeiVree--Cedar. Timer--Hixson. Scorer--Ha- 1 ' ci ta, 1 oul of i: r | H TRPI-, i) «\u of ! ! Totals! OSS 7M) 7 2 6 - - 2 1 « i fur Bilrgiiln5 7 if sxi, raaj the adwrtu*ing oolumua of Thaa Daily Courier

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