The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 7, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1918
Page 4
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rr--- PAGE FOTJB. THE DAILY COURIER CONNEL.L.SVILLE PA TUESDAY, MAT 7, 1918. (teror. KE2TRY P SNTOEB, Pounder and Editor 1579-19H THB COURIER COMPACT. Publishers. -~" JAS. J OR1SCOLI* Secy anfl Tr -asji~er "Business -OH^J L. GANS Manat,in.g bditoi 1 WALTER S" S City Editor 'UTSS LYNND B KI* Society Editor MEMBER OF Vroclated Pre^s Audit Bureau o* Clreulattcn Pennsy]\ai a Associated, Dailies. Two com 3 per- copy 0c par month 55 Jer e-xr by mail it paid in advance Entered as fecoml clas*; matter at the posJoWce Cornells Hie Pa TU^DIT TKc Courier · Service Flag WIL.L1AM P SHEKMA.N* Hospital Ltit L. ATcrioan E*! Dedit o n a i \ forces Fri.n^e F VI i U F SLIGEP Compini H S13th Infan ry \j S. N A Camp I-oc ^tersburg Va. MICIi -LEL. GPKN Vl-DC H \ P O L D P.ICHcA Battery B Meld \rti lery 2Sth Dmiion U 3. N G ._--_ LLOID B COX Company F 37th Cnsmeers U S A Fort Mjrer 13, ,, are anxious to ship It. "Time was when the blame Cor short coke receipts TV as laid upon the operator by fWVnace and foundry managers who were crushed between the upper millstone of furffius demand for ,iron and the nether millstone of sfiorfage ct fuel But time "heals most injustices and today the oven ope-- ator is getting sjmpathj where once he got sarcasm Bio unenviable posi tion hafa been shown m its truer light, which is that of a man with bi^ hands tied behind him, struggling \al antlv to do his du / He ought to U ivc aid and cooperation instead of knocks Vid he is neare~ getting such coop eratioa ano help todi\ than an time in the past year T-IP coke operate^ of tho Connells viHe region are grateful that tlieii ef forts to overcome the dificuUies un .dcr tthich huj have labored have heeu gnen r^cogniUon even if it ] 0 belatej Thej have often been ve-- unjusilj charged vnh respcnsibi n for some of the irouoles coke consumezs have been, \ont *o coraplam about,. Thc ra-eh if ever take time to resent these c larges being too bvisv on the Job o: gelling as much coke to then customeis as car shortages labor bhortages and other more or less chronic hindrances would pe mit Now that our con tempo-a r ha^ gene-onslj urged *he coke consumiig trade to cooperation with the coke producers there is certain to be a bet ter understanding of the situation helpful alike to the maker and to the user of coke ember ot The. Prea.%. The Associated. _?««_. ** * JE clusl\ft}y entltled-to the uae tor republlcatlon t£ all news dis patches c*-cd v^d to It ay not otherwise crcd ictf In ttt'3 papsr and also the local newfrp herein. SHOliD U)D ~ It is not cori^ct as some declare that the action of the school authorities throughout the couatrj in elim- inatmg Geimaa langudge ird luera lure from of j^d obedience to public clamor [t is true that public sentiment is directing ed acators and school officers o a consideration. o£ the bubjtct but the action which lolloped hat. Us basis in substantial facts and reaso is Men lauUjgeai enough o hold member fahap on a 6oT.rd of educatit n are in the habit of giimg cai^ftil Utought to all probTetab aftecimg the pubuc school If they do co and allo\\ themselves to be swayed bj ^entimeni or sympathies the^ are strangely out of place in ihe po*-uioni thc\ hold In the public and newapapur du us- sions of the quest'on. attent ou has been more direc ed towarl certain well defined reasons for the exclusion of German from the publ ^ schools rather than to a ouaing beatitneni agajiiat it because H is ihe lan^jage a country %van %\rica i e are a war The lundameucal ob ection 1,0 ihe continued use of Germ-in lies m die baneful influence^ w h C T I are now The niitn.beiff. of the school board ·wish i-- f.o be k n o w n that t h c t r knov, Jedqrt of Gtr~)an Js limited to the ex pTessKc phase Faus mlt im And thej r-vusecl im all right. iTnlontoArn mi.j be a trifle dlsap pointed o\^cr the Liberty Bond total but it finds consolation in tht. announ cemeit. thai the Tnonnpson Hill do il has he-en closed It will soon e $1500000 o clock In onneflsv (Ite "With ti e rai idly nccumuKtinjr col lections of mi. lilt ba~* our Boj ire apt to he w f j f j k e r for er irit returning f om the A e"t --n froi t But the veterans will not be jf tloui Cor they k r o w tha the Scouts are holpinp o mike It jiois bio Cor our r-cn to feet back fr m the froiL Tho \oung- lidy c-lerki at the I . O prove 1 thern^e \ es to be bon 1 bo cr of fit. f st cHst Pith « c f c d n c c-hurch service flit de'-or m n i 1 ^ b r n (,ins t h e A ir clo 1 ? r home and the c! Lrch cJuscr tilt firing HT*«S Know infr th it. s urch home in 1 ct i n rj ire "tintimi, heh nd t oni our mf- it the fr( nt 111 n e x e r w i \ e r or f ilt r in their dut NoUod^ but a H u n could eior con P I I » nf t h a * form ff f n p h t f u l n t h i noiv ir ipr practiced in injectmt, is|ih\.iit nr KOS in letters prisoners in Gt.rmanj- cna to therjrlenos Thf i ubllc will not he concprnfd in\ c c tic"\tion. J ,of the production oC mill t-irv aircraft hur\ explode if the result of It is to »end plcntj of mi-chines up in tho *.ir SOME OF THE GERMAN PRISONERS TAKEN BY THE BRITISH E^W^AiSIsM That all the prisoners tao.en during tho Go-man c h i v e in Trance iml Flanders aie not British and French is siiowTi by this photograph of Gennjins ~rhc were capt.ured b^ the Tonuiiies somewhere on the battle front -- \OLll N D J *1-S "iNG I " VOT t O R SAti--fLLNOLLt M 7 f c Y \ n Odclorh 6Jc tr 1, DOS? carj tls from to $1 " -5 r tilt, i ] orU i . A i n i I t iiov. ti i 1 (, r " h -«t. C.ON\L.l 1 \ 1 L I I M-\\ S i t 3M1 I! \ V J rt. H T L I I CO Tri b it*, f t e 7m is t FOR faAI I --C HI \ P I ST A 1 its tcr Vf ST IP "iOU A R L u \ B L E TO WORK n the inside or do hard laborous -work ind arc lool infi lor a position on the out- Je -\\herc ihe w o r k s lig-ht and plcisint wiih a chance of rapid pro i i o t u n I can pHce you providing you t i n f i r n f s h itisf^ctpry references \cltlrcss SvLCSMAN \\A\TPD- HOLT . CO -L VBOftfc-nS A Bro Ufa d Pa tnrrt inj-i it WANT* L--COL.O1 1 D tt All CU \ O L C H UGLSfc. I B b T A L R \ N T _ J a i rtftl n | ard others. City w a er natu -vi ^ is tlr-cfic tight trulley service Ericei _ ' -an^o fr mi S50 to £ (OU but moatly ran^e uroui d ^^00 I mi re wli le the last at tlit office of I i CONNCLf ^ VIULL* E V l u N S l U ^ Cl Ml AA ^ The A T ! Cou '*- r Sui'dittf, Onnelljn llle Pa. The Courier 4ma 3t Citr Ordinance re'Jb and L i r t T A . N t M L ^ J \\ ^LVMl j O R 1 abn Jt br r. of e J i inr t r r m l l u i r o m L r 13.1 un le )^ltl v. a 1 \ li U l« i i %V \ M 1 I ^ O L N C "*[ \\ TC OI 1 1 t t 1 \ tor \ui t be J a i arj, t-,*. \ p j H K U B ^ C K I US t, i t cla o u n ck 0 \CRI i b v l l l f near bTTTAll V C l l l n f r o n t nd rail t l f - M uf to- D -- Tl man hi i Main n no \ ri- n -no MI old i o\ \ c l r f r TJIIII i H O M I rn irkct ' j - u . r u to TJro- t v, n lor pl-i" t usi r . ind r 1 per i -p \1 D FOP IM nt i r i n m l w i t h rlfn p r o d u c t - H t j I t m l ei {r ipcd In 01 or a bir^ain price Bot G" Cnn in 1 \\ V.NTCD -- BO^ S ^ N i.ara o* vfje. I lid N N ! » La\ I I LJ G I F V- O\ 3, h ! I t i r n i i b -.11LL. f t p r ' f d ^T -- Tit H c ir bob \ if r e t u r n o 1 tr p Pn ^ri ntr»rc majlt* \\ A N T J- D-- V, OM h o u s t u k \ppl STI O G a.t Y U{,1 N I- OR. U M K V MKK c J VTIM 1 use re t a u r n U -Jtiprtf BI"LL NO 191 WAS INTRODUCE!) i in Council \.nrU 15 19X8 and will be \ o t t _ d u p o n at a mectmpr held Ma 20 1918 AN OPDIN \NCE To provide for the ending filling i w i t h slip baw curbing itnd paving I w i t h brl* k ot Da%id«jon a \ e n u e east fro I I a. sburg strict to Oak street a di r nee of 1 jfiS ieet- FJc t e n a c t ^ l b^ the Courcil of the f t t j nf Councils^ ille -ind It I" herebj r- « cred b the a u t h o r i t y of the same Sou on 1--Tl at Di\ ld"on i \ e n u o i r t fro n Pittsburg street, to Oak Direct a li-ttanec oC l 368 t et be 3T irl d filled w ich si iff base curbed m l p ^ d ·» Ith br ck in aecordincc j w . i t ! ) ^l ins and specifications for h« | rloint, n[ such work o be prepared bj j tl c Cu nfcjnoor and approved by , Cornell j Section --That thf cost of makinc the s i i d fmprs^e'T cnla ho collected fr th proper i r o r e r t j owners ac j xclinu to bcraflti as povidel bv Act f * ^**t, rib h in svich made and i p r r o \ r t . A O EIXT t,R C1U Clerk ipr30 may " 14 W V N T ^ D -- J - X P U f^ri Tier Ml Sd H b A ' Vi \Gi-N J H N ( i d IN N| ^l\ 01 · u uHs C H PIT PC -TS V t R r t l - BII D A t l d l s o n l a orce *% otlc course ·« c hould, Frank Bu» h a v e a -whole one By Has die Connpll-mlle ^inr. Mount Pleasant Jft ir -il Mr Criie a Joja! old Cn II "VVar rot direcjj traceable to German thought ^ o ttl " n Re%T, C e B1 M i mK !1% h (! ?e l0 Of as disseminated through tfce medutm of the language Until thi progress of the war -made revelations or the sinister purposes ind designs of Ger many we ae\ er suspected th it ihe Ger~ man language was being employed as a vehicle lor the extension f that nation s dangerous piopa.sand.i That it has been so u^cd now maxCa it imperative, as d measu-e m ue interests of the nations future welfare, that the 5t.idjrpf German be di continued m our schools. It is becoming more manifest e^erj da that the- commercial relations o* the United States attec thf war will be most extensn e vrith. Jioso countr eo ia Tvhica French or Span-b. are spoken A more intimate acquaintance \v ith these languages tha' %ve now ha-ve will be a \er necessary part Large oaks f-om l i t t l e acorns growths ftist m^n s Lid Ions' lon^ ago Oh 'le Jiad H\cd and ln\cd and learned and ere he to the du-*t rt urned he a u m m t d up alT the thmes lit knew -- ind he had I d a r r t U a fact or two--and sprung them in o form ou know Large oak*? from little ace r-m t,row One da\ the n e u a from it ince w is ·\ ilc the Teuts ad\a"ced m i l t f tier mile it seemed tha thej \\ oulO \\ i tho crap and b ICK, the allies on" th map \nd fcor^s of men w ith a cti N i l I -- \ r house T. Jth Sriri , \ Ur U M Ll S i I LI n -,r ii t \ IbLL. fall Iv I I L U ^ D I)-- OM N1C.HT \\ TJ j ) t n une t ir h nUi r bl c k s m H i i rjo-*t f \ it- s i a pl\ in [ ero n o \ I i C i l l v u ' 'i o it-h C i t-uot \ r \ \ n r--MX plant.] and mil IK Go il X i f* i A M t i I V N SV\S CO Hack' 1 L^totAt IJe-w rtttt %n v. } j \ j n i \ in s » i su i v l u, 1 ft m 1 1 i u u a r d w i t t ro\ r- iti i I \\ ti t b rt-T" t le i r an i t s r»r icr i_u i t r i t i l r I r \ i 3 i su\ il n f a n n t i : il i las rl tin a SJ t] L.-VJJ -\ t tj Cl HCt L VI ION tnw b«t to I "·*"-" * « = ' * · . ^*o V t t V r a* foni j [^ t ^"^ b 0 ^" * 1 In t h i i C.LPV Imv L I \ T H - Si rt, of I en ) \ m n Coun 1LIL.I N J e l l nt M\CH1M.U\ Srnaj U 1 f Pui 1 c M J I ^ponsKj \ttorney Gf ORGI t l RNC1 VS rt. nev in the CTUrL of Common «_iifl of I T.yeUe county Pa-- No 1£T March Term, l^is TO Annie ferencj You are hereby no tiled .nd alias aybpoena been ret ur Ted N o n est i n x p t i i s j o^ ire there! rt, re (luhea,Lr ippoar In uie Court o Com mo i Pie L. t)t F i v e to counts Pa, on h ice nd M"t udT. of MB.J of siid i ourt A D l j ] 8 to a n s w e r he libel in! co-tip iJnt R1?1 therein and shon oiu«e if ^nj yr i 1 a\o u hy a dtxorce from U)c b n1s of Imoni shouJd not be t, j.ntfd l i e lihellant iho\e n Lined 1 LTOVAS J HO\\APD Sher Iff SherltTs Otlteo Vprll 5 191S nl 1 r siid i oun W N r VI ONPh J I I !?nced '.ale^Ja 1^ r»i J-at un I t r s i uid il tTati n*. « ci Curi ist re \p pij r j ui Lbb DI i u i ^ i- NT t/rorih 2_0 vorth I i t t ^ U J T r , " n t i e e t " C a j t r t t iio faein) dlO don Teet were treet their whole appear nee vi L ~ thint, was ·\\ NT I 1 OL.D I AI SI Tl I CH Don L miifct r t broken 1 p i $2 OU o $!·»£) 3 p r "-st. Stntl bj parce po t » 1 rcL. iv check by return m ill L M \ ^ L R _ O J South i? irtti i t r t e t 1 hlla deiphia I i 11 pr2U* I n j t law rii it Jit cul Uion nf rii p ;it.r i ubl slifd in 1 tb it tl t. iiui the ·% f i J \ \ j l i n accoiJ d i i l j ne s II I m n Co-nn ** _ 3* Kali h K G Mil Alton ej GL.F N MO miS ^ S R \L^H M o i r l " In tne Ooui t of leas of l a j i t t c count Pa. Dteember Terr i 1917 To Morris Respondent Y o u are lie re by "otiiicd LJiat the sub poen i ami al i ubpoena. n t u s case l u r i f P c d i C 1 ' nil G C v , . , of our preparation -o ta^e our rightful place m the woilds comrcerce when fro~t th siid thTt tho war is over Lnless we make ! OSL The Teut^ h a \ o w o r thoj =iid , .-, * ,, t° mc t h e j 11 mnich right o n w a r d to such a preparation Germans will out- the , e a. and ere t ey ^top their "nf l Kini(?s the '1 bomb ird TV in ]»or and St fine strip us in an effort to regain a commanding place in trade wit i the Sou t h American, countries and our own Spani^n ^peaking dependei cies oC the Philippines and Porto Jl» o These, and a s urd -Vncrjcanism W e as we[l lake fn ou-- W \ N 1 1 ins u t cth b ( I I or th^ !\n\ Station a n j thjrfe -- every hi and do it [ii,h[ C COl limn uilcc L K I N D or RI L i. cillmr c i r d s-ti en«,r t\ t.t3 u cud l , LCTI nt \\ e pr ii --do It prom L 11 tne PIU.U at ILj^. f l s \ i l l e 1 a. | have bcc.i lelurnotl Nor CTI in\ ijicr^ p i i n t t U % ou are therefore required to appear in n S i t m d i . tlip Qouri ol. C o m m o n Plpaa of I aj ettc ^ s ' o u t t j Pi on t*ie stcond Mondaj of i " ~ - » ! M i j of ^ v l d Court \. D 1918 to nns j G "IM u o~ yht, J i b e i and coniplaint Sfed the-e 1 G J 1 1 m an 1 show rauae, 1C in vou hi\o u h - v i d i \ o ce fr /n tho bond« of mairi 40 i^S riion fahou d not bo ^ranted tJie llhel Q " - » U i U n T.J)0\f named THOMAS K HOW n b; mon h- \TMj b b c i I f T SI crifT s O lict, A.ijr]t 8 u is s Col U18 arc ihe"real rea ace eierj- %her*e mfluencing i^chool boards and educational leaders to discontinue the · use of German and to get is far a\\a as possible from everjth ng tha,, is pro-German in langruage thought or influence Our own school board has wisei taken, steps on this proposi tion to the extent of cu ti ig out German The further one of aiding Spaa jsh EO the couise should ollow So, rarely Uoe» l Lappcn that the ;· coke~o5orators of tLo Com ellswlle -c " gion have a word of appreciation ot " the eflor.ts__meiu con^tantlj mafee to « meet trade conditions m tbe direction " of taking care ot their tuatomers in- teroots gnat when -Iiej ar commiser --atcd ever the long conun icd discour- ^ageireats tht,^ hae endured such Q\_, pres-ionb of syrnpatiij ar certain to - be mosv k ndl zecencd Thus when * tue Cle^eiaad Iron Trade which has a j timea fojnd it difficult o penetrate . the veil of smoke haiigi ig o^er the J coka"region later obtafcs a clear ou* Mine of, the difficulties which ha\c been so long persistent and so cour- aseoiiah and pal entiy me M the pro- 'du^e-i^ he lake- keari from the' I said 10 thpm Oh morbid cea-fc putting: up such doie'ul 5 Therms noth npr lo-?t t H Per wires th-U he has bub-ted all his ' few br -jk v , o r l M I t h r o w around t h e i r t i confound all 1*105 needed an I tho find bet ten bonc? w e d u h f p t i p * es A few hriffht T\ rds in ^eason jprun,j M i l o f t relieve t h e w i t h e r s v, runt, i v f t a r ind hopelessness in 1 woe larg-e oaks from little ico-ns f^row p fis'lnj be abJt. l j O l l j f C t LO j perl IICL · Cr an 1 j N( If. 1 \ I \ 1 U l S T n u u * I eliru i r j M i r h A p r ! Hi-it the f o i he ^ea lows I nth D I j J6 I t 1 1"0 73" l 3 S 2 t a. c rculat on bs 1317 to da e u 13 G r f ot month* it f o l I t t r t j fa! LIL i n t J \dilr.. s *?'· FIT \ (J,FA HAG. 3*y EdjTT A GJ "t. Th s I hearcl the O i l Flat, «!ay A^ I passed it ^ esterda M o n t h ? apo your fr en lit hinds F a i n u d mo on =r ci dfr strands rtnd \\ itn patriot e lo% c PHced mo here to u a, e above 1 ou and ( youri I heard 5 ou sa\ On th-u ionff c.c-nrted d n ^ n ts: of all thit s true and flno "W.i\e ibo\e this, houso of m ne Bf the first at "breaic of dav \nd the last at n i f f h c to Baj To the "world thi 1 " \vor3 o' cheer Loyally abiflath here ! J 0 ) 0«0 M i s t V tiuti-i c i e r u h t i unnece^ 1 - i \ M e n ml w mt n d i t,o\eriimc! t pt sitiona u ritf foi particuU- to J C I I ON VK[ Cor C \i1 Ser\ ce I xj.mii er b 3 Kr Bide Wa.;hn f,toi 7m t v u VNTLT -- i\i \nr 01 j J RING Here on e % e r O or our po-til r ti r i and snrn in J chal s blown I ha\ e 'lov n a-te battered me S rms at nijjii ]\i-\ e tit er d me Du^-t o" s rrcL inc chimnev steel Di b\ da-\ h i \ e ? ainod me black \nd T ve wi'c^cd j ou paisinp there AVondcr ng -uch 3 nu care H i \ c n u noticed t K 3.t j o u r I5 todTV a v-mtl b i o w T rag 7 H i s our lo\e so Gardes'- s r o w n B v *hc long neglect \ou\f shown That } OL nover teemed contemporairj o the s eel ride which loMow Cornells 1'le coke sh pmcnts are being iecei\«,d bj blast furnaces and foLttSries in the midcle west and cer- JMain portions of the east -n somewhat ,UmDEOved \olnrne Thev are not a.11 ^UiaVanj due consutaer would wih^ Itbut^tbSi a^e in such c fturast with' wlm once was {and not so long ago ·either) tha* chej ghe a more comfortable feeling to their anxious ra- c pients Production is being kept up remarkabb by the o\ on operators despite Luelr weeklr di appointment , over the frregularitj o£* car supplies Lax* of cars Is causing cofce to be stock piled at ovens where operators that vou fi * which no st"in hi«s been Tien I inswerfd n m^ =himc Oi mv lie^d mi^t lie he blame. Nt TC with pi riot c hand. I H re to ffr«ct_ each pa-^rrb N " c r more snatl flap 01 mine t nepiect the thing I lore But Tny-fla^of talth sha 1 be f ' tor cc " eve to " ot! Tr.Hradj Called. Dr Hai rj- Bradv of Ma^ontown left Saturday for Camp Grrenleif ^Fort Oglethorpe Ga, whece he has been called to tha Offjcers aiedical Reserve Corps steit,\ etuplt rnent to men 1 twee the ifet-h. f !i j.nd to for 0 \ J r n m e n \ o K ind regular conn ercl l i n s Our f ic n r 01 ei ue n i x \ i e w eek n t h r e e f i c l t h o u r s h i f t s W ul ieiirning ipor Hit ns « f p ly y u 1 cj per hou plus J C per cen h lius n all _ u mcs f j r stoid\ 11 t nd nc-e e m ute 1 in wee! I v per od^ \ f r e r I t i f i l n f t5ie j // v. ori ^vl Sch til e 1 ; fr i one to sis. ' u p t k s i ire ililc to eirn f i o m 51 ' to f5 per da.v a.nd b e t t e r "We h a v e a i Houslrt, Depirtment which %v t i l as "tyi ou [ pli J.T is in securing houses and roomfa a the U \ nst rate 1 - U c al"o ncctl T. iaruo nt nbcr of }rfrl" ises °1 to ! r or **tr t j p r o f i t il le factors c rtplo nt. t I- hi ticil examj n a t i r r re iu "ed ^ r p l i in per on or cfmmnnl« ite w i h Pact r% r nploj. m t n t 0111 e THC GOOm r S.P TIKP ^ Rl I5I1 » CO-MPVN-V \kron Ohio 2 5 i p r l 2 t ^ril M i l J me \ U L - U S t be t e n t h c r iictobci ~\o\ en bor Dttembf r Total Arcl f u t h e i Month 1^ Gl 130 ; i 119 31 l.iJ ISO !·! » 16111 ..DG 15 i r-s IG j j 5 D illy \v 5 3 " t S "»,, 5 334 C 5uT 5 T I 6 H(i C 1 H e n j 6 I 7 1 S \ tl Is 151 1-12 G S^D lye I nr t \ \ \ i IL nnrsco t 1 c ibo I b e f o r e me \ P M ( H I S J B K L U T Z N P For FOK RENT OIL S\L,r--GOOD Ll o late re table Bo irrl nj, lloubc on ' S ct C i i u f o r U C i i l Bell US I m ^ S t c 1 C \ U \\ VE BIUtVD. Oh do not think thi I en iplan On w a r ,nm yta(,o T (( T) ij my part \I1 ellisVi p! isurcs I 1 disdiln I i j) i!i Sot it c irt T glidlj s h u t all (intls of meit And bread i d cike that Hoover li-u-k But 1 confosq I cannot ea H G Ma A t t o r n c % C L \ R V MAY tlRST A S THOM \S r 1 ITST In the court of Comn on Pleat- of I ivctte co int Pa I^o 224 Mi-cr Term 1318 To Thomas T First Hospondenr You 11 e i c r e b j notified that the HUbpoena, incl al i«, subpoena in t h i n cj-bt ha\ e been returned Non p«t insentus. j ou tire thf r fore ^^ luired LO api car In he Court oC C m mon Pie uj o* Pa.j ette county Pa on the second Mond«i oC Maj of Bait] _ourt A D I j l S to tniTver tho Hi el and comjilamt nicd therein and show tiu"-i if IJTV i ou J u n e w}j\ i dhorcc fro i tho bontlb f niatrftnon\ bhoulfl not be j,rinlcd the llbUlant ibo^ e I nxmed THOMAS L HOWARD Shor ff Shericrs OtHce April S 1918 II M Carroll At ornev L VVAJA H S\\IGCRT \ S SAAt iiel T Swig-art. In the Coui t oC Co i mon J?leis of Pis ette count Pa No 1GC Septomhej Term 1917 To Samuel T ST* c, rt Rfi ondent lou n r o he-e b\ notill^d that the subpoeni ind allis sutjpoen i in t ^ i s cnse h a \ e been re t u r r e d Non ebt i n \ e n t u i y u arc therefore required to appear in (he Court of Coiamon Pla3 of t aj ette Coun t Pa on the second M o n d a j of M L\ of 'jaid Court A D 1918 to answer the 1 bel ind cormlaini liled therein incl sho^n cause 1 if an you ha\ e whj a l i % ( r c e from the bonds of matrimony should not be granted the libeltant nar-ecl THOS L HOWARD Sheriffs Office iprii 5 191S ibov Sheri T lose V cars ai *;or\ etj on Pullman I OP K L N T -- T \ \ O I \l\GP L N f ( I nib led r o~"b foi 11" H 10 i s e k e e n i n t \o c u l d i c n 503 i. '-t O r L C J i ire I. 2may tE co 1 For S \LE -- N TT\ RELD ADply*2U^ Ijincoln A\ FOR S\.L-E--DINING ROOM TABL/C pood as new cheap Call it 10LO Chestnut St Gma tf I OR er bo Biff bi neiv tires ne vjy "\ \ TT ma tf FOR S V L F -- 10 VCPTS FRLfc POP'" 4 1 - £o t coal near r O ioaU Opened and dc\ eloped reison for se Scottdule To. Ow ner in draft onlj R if \\ KJT\ fc,R ^maj. Ct C orn m u f h n s bu H l)-v cooks who\v The .i) t of mi Jilnma (ing- I Ym K id to ca.t h u t 1 f o i j , o The k i n d ihe 1 ul'i un diner^ buy I o not u iv L t o b a t *· i-tL b eacl That nee j m o t l e i Uhed to make I onJ\ ibl th u I tni f d \ roll tli it 1 h i \ e bfength to break I -wonclt,! w h e n on Hips I m sent \nd Pn Iman oil* at e served to me "Whit 1 incl of plaster or cement results in such tei acity B j t that O r i m faubstltute for -wheat Thev ^ei^e on Pullmans a- la carte I \ \ o u l d bf \ c r j ?Krt to eat J* I could t e n the th ngr apart "Wars s t e i n necessities v?v face Vnd ouch of u mtist do Jus shaie I h o l e t t T \ e the feensc i ad grace N n to complain it v tr time faro Pljjht t,lacl am to piss up Tn^a 1 - \nd ^vheit ind other needed stuff But I c"nfe*-s and I repeit Those Pullman bullets -u-oi too tough Ch is W Baer Attornev JOL. CSVSZAR \S JULIA CSAS Z Ml 3r tl c Court of Common Pie t of Tijctte county Pa No 141 'tti-ch Term 1D18 To Julia Caa^rir Rc«» pondont \ o u are hereby notiited t h a t t e subpoeni ind alla-5 subpoena in this case h^ve boon returned Non e^t fn \entus yuu ar therefore requir d 10 ar Tear in tJ e Court of Common Pleas of 3?d.y(tte countv Pa, on the second Mnrda-v of "Ma.} of said Court A D 1318 to ai swe- the libnl and comj laint fi ed therein and show cau°c if am you h a \ o \ hy i dlvoree f r o m the obnds of matrimony should not be gnrLecl the libollant above named THOS Jw HOW A.RD Sheriff SherlfTs Omce Apri 5 1918 16apr4t tues AT ONCE ONE LIN OTV PE OPERATOR AT THE D4.ILY COURIER OFFICE A great opportunity awaits vou now at our stores to purchase shoes There is niach talk of a scarcity of ieat])ei, reguUt) 3g Ll P height and and styles of ^ omens, mines', and children s shoes et roUMthstandint; the shoes are still lijgh-topped and the di esses are short, and all indications point that thev are going to remain so, at least during this suminei The shoe Styles and the shoe prices for ·vtoxnen arid imsseb is what \\e especiaM-v v-ant to call our attention to The high top fancv colons, all leatliei, \\e have galoie You v, ill al^o Una them here with leather vamp and cloth tops *i the various colors, all the different lasts Thev are all novelties and at popular prices By careful comparison }ou \wll find the\ ane high class d^ebs shoes for women, -and^miss, are lower than any legitimate competition, you will find the styles perfect, the workmanship superior and the ^pp^ral make-up can not be excelled lou know enough about slices to convince you that oui prices are an induce- jnent for vou to purchase from ub In addition to the fancy colors there jb a very e\torsne line of unite shoes, high tops Ofonis and other sorts The spring season is nov^ heo and the demand up to the p^esei^t tin* 0 has been brisk There will be a rush no"^, so get in early while the stocks are complete ft is hard to keep lines up on account of the scarcity of goods and inferior transportation facilities There is a popular line of shoes in our departments for men and bovs, dress and \\oikmg You are invited to inspect them 63 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmorelaai? and A31e?hei Counties It's footwear that women believe in, as we Iiave for 30 years, if you buy them Everything ne\\ that's good is here for your choos- tng Black, \\Tiite, Grey and Brown. Shoes--Pumps--Oxfords YOUGH TRUST COMPANY Anything, Have Ariything for Sale 01 Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results.

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