The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 30, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE DAILY COURIER CONNEM.SVIt.LE PA UON1JA1, ) \ M . \ H \ i I l'J.j Courier Classified Advertisements Tor QUKM Resu'ts 1 and 2 Times Per line Do cash lOc charge XASSIFIED AD RATES- 4ds to Be R u n 3 Times Per line 7c cash Sc chaige Special Yearly Rates Upon Request Ads to be Run 6 Times or More Pel line, 6c cash, 7c charge These Rates Are Based On Consecutive Insertions There are five (5) average words to each line "Cards of Thanks," 50c Flat Rate Phone 12 or 1 3 for an Ad-Taker Special--Your Ad Inserted "7" Times for the Price of Six!--Special No Ad Is Taken for Less Than a Basis of Three (3) Lines' Announcements Business Service Merchandise Strayed Lost Found 10 LOST--I-adj s Elfin \vru,t vicim'y ot East Criv.iord ward Phone x 03 R T.\ itch in A%e Re Automotive Automobiles for Sale T O D A \ S S P E C I A L ! Af The Clevrolet Sales 5. Service 1935 CHEVROLET SPORT SED\N-- DELUXE C.SED \ E R \ LJTrLb \S A DEMONSTRATOR BE \U TTFCiL, M \HOON DbCO FINISH EQb PPED \ ITH HE \TF DE FROSTER I \ \ E u ti^ECTniC TLOCK DELUXE STEERING %%'IEtL SELLING \\ITIi \ NEW CAR GL^H\N.ri.E DOV.N "\\ A1ENT "28''B P A L A N C P IN 13 MONTHS P ^ M F N T S OF ^_0 0, FI iE Tl LFT f rOLLJSIO - IN SLRE CE INCLUDED IN \ E O \ f PA-i AiENTS Printing, EnwavuiE Binding 21 LEI US GIVb VQU AN E S T I M A T E ON YOLK PIUMTING WORK! Hand Bills --Binding --Calling. Cards! E 11 ticadsl--Letter Heads For Re t Cards!--for Sale Cardsl No Trcspassnc SIgnj F o r Sa el AH Work FUly Guaranteed All At Reasomblo Rates! COURIER JOB DEPARTMENT PHONE 05 D MLY COURIiR BLDG OR PHONL REblDENCL HI Professional Services 28 EXPERT TRUSS FITTING--Ela Uc Elosi try ai ti otr-" su pica! apn!ifinc£-S V A Cl-ir.,e PI G Dr WKist, AO Nor Ji PnUburR Stre e L P! one !·! C M \ C T ( T i e U o Id s ~R\1S Bo t MOTOR COMPXN-. E STREET P 10^ E Open E \ c r m 3 b f Open S indal i Employment Farm and Dairy Products 55 Li.T Ufa -{ELP YOU MAKE SOJVIi, MOlsEYl HEBE S HOW --Vou can fand a tnarr^eU lor your £arm product 0 iour "arm implements your dairy products your live stock and hoj ohold Roods by runninc a ·?mall inexpensive ad tn our Clas ifiQd Scc-Uon Tlicrc you \. U I rd many pcop c who want to become 5 our customer or buyer The rural cl culatlon o* Tic D a l y Courier coders a large area and j o u r TdvciU=cmenl wiVl be c cl bv many people who arc looking lor Jus the things you ha\c for sale All c a^s lied ads arc paj achancc YOJ A li find ci in the nbo\ c Classified Household Goods t O R I I B 1 I (· --Co I u i t r Ci C S1 0) tc d nd n t) t! j p T *· U W 111(1 Up in otl cr ft i i re Dbt I S STOR\GE 1-. L\ST r t \ C £ ST P! OVE s 'slO t0 and up tKJ ind up w a ^ i J p }- Tin «· oo d t. ur AI o big bdrRaina Help \\antcd--Male 33 1 S BEHINI THE~ __ By PAUL MALLON 2% Cent nucd Iiom Page tour only as to the ton* e^peuiiLuie but o VvP V pi irtices Downtown spcndcis \\ant to Keep then free ind cii^y i nrestnt. ed \v ij, 1 - Dcfr t oE Mi Hnosevc t hot fore ncm me ns hit. m f luencc v.ill not be p i no in in v, riling t f e rchr r p o- £, m Toi next yoai R Iso sug,,c5 that [ lie e nnot v,m this Congi"; on c ef po!itv~ 11 SSUQ \ v h u h cn- ib LS him to b ink btrongcst city -me st Uc pit-^Liic upon tl o logisl luic^-- he c n hnicU expect to \vin 01 ^ny- thinf, SEE OUR \VONDEnFUL SELECTION OF HIGH GR^Dt. bSED AUTOMOBILES ON OLR LSED C \ R LO^ ^ N D ON T IE SECOND FIOOR OF ObR G \P \GL P CK \OURS OUT TODA\ WEST SIDE MOTOR COM'MN^ WEST CRAWFORD A\E PI ONh 401 LARGE SELECTION USED CARS BEN'TETT MOTOR SALES 256 S CRAWFORD AVE PHONE 1234 USED CAHSE SEE OUR SELECTIONl E £ VAN SCOV INC 259 E CRAWFORD AVE PKOVE 243 HO\ \\ObLD \Ob-l I c t c fTec g ic c tin i f t tk I I I he 101 pc ici cc ncLc,t,c Op Ic. t InJ Ditailb m a i k d f c Morrro h C nt ni t O STLAD\ \ \ O R K - rmr u a n t c d lo Fa\et e Counl COOD P Y i -- U l n b l ( c 11 o" fiimci i *s Nr e v p t r i e ce o U \ YOUGEi MOTOR COrVlFANY GOOD LSED CAHS 321 SO PITTSBUHG ST PHONE S FOR SALE--Chenp 1930 Ford Coach In qu re 113 East Crawford Avenue Phone 031 Auto Trucks Tractors, Trailers 12 FOR SALE--Lite 1937 Inter a iomj on pick i p Truck Dm en lo 000 r- MtcJ a cal \ perfect O\ ner Icav town Vvntc Box aO fd c Countr Business Service Business Service Offered 18 FISIIERS UPHOLSTERY AWNINGS FUHNlTljRE REPAIRS S* RECOVtRlNGS PHONE SC'ia 322 SO PITTSBUHG ST W ite Fur t V TrQ i* Cnndicr E dr E Ui more Met Financial Need Money 4t B NEED CASH-- 1 a hu rj- \\ c 1 Rnd jou S300 or IL s o- \ a ic ·ucmtu c Personal Fmd.nct Company Phone 3-J Livestock Poultrj J-Kgs and Supplies 4J BUY-- Denn B b\ Chicks fnr - o nl e flock m*. popul r ^ t c J Bl ODD T^SThD )T I t \ n f i 1 p. -imtte J fo It da c Dt B--\ 3- "kotuiR\ oo 1 Pi I c U Merchandise Buildings Biiildinff Materials 53 SAVE Y Q b n BIG WHITE RACSl THEN SHIVG THE% TO 1JIE COURIER Ol FICb WILL P\\ V O U IN CASH FOR ALI THAT \OU BRING rN AT 5c Ptl POUND Rooms and Board Rooms for UooseKecpinn 69 1ion ·» I inner accounts \Mi tc IToasL I i c l K s \ ere the s me as U o-c pel fee ed duunji, the l i t e 1 men ted t o irt tub 4 - e F T C tele iho 10 fi orn ben ito Pittm in -, I-01 cigii He it ons L o m m i t t c r loom r i Imost contmti- au= y t h i o u q i to the vVhile House God s room the oflice of Senate Secrctnij Colonel 11 ilsov v, is n- r\ usr'o BT\TNG ! sl( ^ c ' tieadqii *1 ^ ricsicling n e t the ROOM BEDHOO I ^ ' CI i n L - !P "* n d "HOUlld bout hC P cm-Dir js GOOD J \ ere Gcnci il I- i k\ A si stint / t lornev Cent i Joe Koenan SCCTL- tr's ( i ^.i^rit uiture V» i l l i c c ^P'X A.S 6 ; b ml Con ngtor Gill Cv.ho«c in in ID % s to 1 ecp the 'Vdmin ·;- t Lion Sen itc i s lo ided H ith fi\ or- able st i^tic^ ^ But some of the pic su e cime lon^, disliiHt hi L\ o inb inLes it c irro from loc ii city politic il rra chines in ho Ahdwcsl bu n thcbc Mmc Lv o nsunces it -^ecm^d to hi\e h id no cfTc t or the two Senators fmi i these st itt« They voted ig nisi the Prc-c dent CHAP1£,R THIRTY SIX : TVVE\ IY questions I had com piled, AJid I did not know the an swer to one of them 1 I--my hand holding the perctl stopped in rrid air for a sc-eam the scream o£ a v,oman in mortal agony eel oed through the house Somehow I got to my f eet and somehow 1 ran tt*c length of the corridor to the front sU rs I will never forget the scene that con fronted u e Mr Richard h * face gray anc. ashen stood on the upper ]andinff He v»as pcciing over the b a n i s t e i -- p e e r i n g down vard-- peering helplessly hopelc c sly at a snapeless blanketed bunolo tha^, bounced craz ly from step to s cp urtil at list it came to a sudden * still stop in U c ha h\ay below I =1 r ekt,d E I m-ju have sh-ieked for suacienly on a i sides doors opened Upstairs and down McLn tyre Ins coattai s flyjug rushed from the library followed by Phil and Ch ef EHia Mien and women I JJootied the co ndor 1 half walked half ctauled down the stairs My klees \\ere so xveak they ooubled under me at every fatep Dear God 1 Its EU?a Daphne her face a whi e mask o' horror, whispe cd the words She s done for The chief knelt beside the blanketed bundle She s dead 7 A man s voice whJiper^d the words Mr R chard stooc bes)c,e me His dazed eyes wandered around the erclosing car cle \Vhit--\ hit w it' Mr Horace appeiied scen.iingly from nowhere She £, dying tills a:os Call a doctor someone D n g 7 ^ho ta dyin?: 7 Mr He race did not understand He looi ctl f'-om McJtUic to Elli 0 The forme** said ioftly I t i E l u i Mr V»Jther3noon She Is c'jing' I Uurk--I tlunk abe iruet have Fallen clown the s ai*\» Ihe chief laughed j ROO L I \ f \ G | M ITLS 1OLR in nr M t l U l S t b R M I L K b CO PHOM 2020 | __ | I-OH 5 . U E - U d C r bit Phone Commissioners illO Pay ny ncreases GOOD DEPENDABLE LNSLRAJNCE -All kinds James R Lau"hhn--tNSUR- AJNCE See me for rates 309 F rst Naaonal Baik Building Phone 5°0 CO^^" ^ Ll,T^ LI ^ u St r \ n \". Iln P nla or in c 101 rd L\ r mr j po c b t c n e ^Vori- Phon 3703 i f OR RT T-- } 13 c n n j ic ! PI o c JG \\ Tucl Feed rcrtillzers 56 Moving Trucking, Storage 25 FOH MOVING PHONE 50 DULLS TRAVSrER COMXELLSVILLE PA "FOR BEST SERVICE! Modern Sto age For Household Goods LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE--MoUng Miller s Transfer IsS East Crawford Aionjc Phone 183 GET GOOD *\ ONEY for our extra household gocds "^ut Ihcm on view through a Classified Ad Pnone 12 or 13 tor an ad la^D-- GOOD T U IP^ -- Run of mine co I 300 b Ic tit! it. cd SO 1 i DC d t l h t i c i ! -5 Hi T'c Jc i\cred CT h P^oie _0 7 Frarrt I- oball GEMJINC--Ua I in; ton Hi i CoaJ Lo\/ pnco \\m Dull Son Phone 107 or call DvAMm 3"G1 and 3G3L COAL-- Brst Eradc G f dc \ c r Sthomcr Real Estate for Rent Apirtments and Flats AS. \ll ABL*- cole c \ a l j for PJioi 01 amount, GcrdlQ \T O^ i .E-- Four oom in rt t n t i \ \t_\v W t s v 3uiU f li\ n room u pi ntv. % k IL c i and I i l l \ T T t \ tc hcit j^urh t i r ^ r \ i c pft ·)! 1 mnc,ry PI 1 K lei i SI oc S n c WHEN YOU HA\F somcthint* wh cl %ou woufd i kc to cl( jus caj 12 or n for a C ai, r cd ad taker "iiur ad on thi page will urcl catch the cc of i-itcr cstcd bu\c s ' \ P \ R T M t N r - t o i r r nvf ni i tc LCI I iOP R r N T -- \n rtpaiticit fanjt/ 13 n d inj, 71o Cia\ fc d A\c Wtst £ t,t. TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE 12 2? 31 37 2S n 35 ^ 36 13 Real Estate for Sale kiiccs ntrc bo weak they doubled under me at e\ery step Brokers tn Real Estate OJ MH R C N - n n -- \ni \i\c ] (i \c rs--\ hit h vc o u f I it re L ICCL pL Be tcr c ala L on t itit hoii c f ci n Pf FLR R ^ LIMEK \Vt IIFR A R C A D F FOE SALF oil T C P H A L N CONYELLSVrLLE PA PHONS 075 I arms and Land for Sale 83 FOR SAL.E--1G8 ACRC rAR"I--2 miles f on C tv lir; c bdin house n br-st of tonriujon hajdwood noor b h and base-Tie it D U N B M --Th cc properUc conjisling ot 2 £our room ipditrrcnt s . room hou c c r lorc looji and shop 2500 WM P McNUL/I"i EAGLES BUILDING PIION1, HGO Special to Tlie Cou-Icr U M O M O ^ N , J n 3 0 -- C o u i l tomms^ioners % nil on rccoid is being opposed ih o ] u l u l \ lo my m- crc iscs in ^il t r i e s for coun v couit- hoi e cmp ojeb on g i o i n d s the «IK- P J f I th b t mt, cou d no expected to s h o u l d t i this dd d l i o r s u e i e slow i id thousinds of pi p e i t es lifted foi ». Ic U i t h thouv nds of p e r s o n s f cin^ s Ic t f then lomcs for delinquent t n c s they aid it ce iuinl v.ould be p f t ohcj f i us to -ippio\c an | n u n sc n s r i l i u c s of c o u i t h o u e ' i m| !u^ cs * J h nmunt me i t -- i c v e j l i n f t un- ir im t j nmonfe Die boird of com- niKstoi)Oi--uua n iric- l i t e yestt - rf j j t f t c r conference Unt \ \ c i c to h t i e been had \\sth f h f hcdds c f tin ^ i IOLIS ctncc 1 ; failed to nulcn lizt? The to nmissjoner-^ icvcTjed t i n t a 10 p t c e n t increase loi e ich prn- ploe u o i f d mean $23 000 i d d i t i c n a l to the p j i o l l nnd h it, to meet thts it wouJct be nccp s a y to incioasr t i x c b t h i c c - C o u i t h s of i mill Totil oC 14 mills i the assessment no\v ConrTiiebionoi^ iKo made it pi un U cy h n d noUung to dr \ itb the ic- cent i n c r e a s e gnnlnd court i tichcs Tiiosn increases w ^ i e m ide b\ o dei of eotn I ind v,e. had nothing Lo s \ bout it declirccl Comm s- sioneis John W Rin tin and A Lhui «1 or 1 She v. is pushed more U an U k e J ' Is anjane going to call a doctor " III--111 phonp my ph\sicion Mr H( "ice pullt?ci h maelf together Enid ran into the library O K. ' Ben '·" give me a hard \Ve H ^.eL he- 1 upstairs Riphi I h i l v, liked o^cr Sick cned 1 closed my cjes \ou -- Todjng on' s h o u t e d \ cs' Jeffrey sounded badly itlnker T ike mv p ace here witli Ben. son l \ e ih nga to do hc^c belo % I cneneU nv e e b \o\v ther Atiss H tter He was pcmtmi, to me Did jou push her dowr 7 I 1 * I could not b c\e my ears \\liy--I \\-\s m my room' I hen d n screirn tnd I ush^ 1 1 out Mr RjcharJ was Jiere a-d n e S4\\ -- w e siv.--)5cr fa) in^ do\^"n the "tiir ail 1-M r Richdrl j o u s i \ 7 \ e b and-- I slopped applied What had I siia' In mv eagerness to drtcnd msUf %vhat hau j. said 7 I glanced ' C L r f i l l y aroand the silent circle M. cj cs w ere upon Richard Uitiicr^nooru ?fy hcarL t i m e d o\er in my b cast Ellis a d v a n c e ! upon the st JcK " boj So il ^ TJ 3011 \\Yio pushed her 1 N o Pich i d den cd the accusation I Vvas in--in-\\ ell' Richard froxvnecj slight! 'I did . push Eliza Vvhy sho lid I ] ust happened along eh 7 *\es' i heard a scream--" The chief interrupted him Just ·Ahere \vore you wh n *yOU heard tli s scream 7 \\liy -- v,hy -- 1 was coming down the corridor* I ran to tJ e head of. the stairs I saw something v, anred in a blanket t'oancxng from step to otep' He bruvered I didn t Know it was--was Eliza Iheti Mis*! Rii-ter came runn ig and I rollov, ed her down thf stairs-- I_lhs laughed You 11 iia\e tc th nk up a better one than, that, ton' Alcln yre intervened Perhaps she di 1 '"all* We hav^ no p.;oof that she \\ is pushed She may have o-ipppi or the blanket' Of course Daphne came for ·Aird She must hi\e j-ippeu 1 \Vh shoult,--anyone ha\e pushed he lown tl e bta rs" 7 ' Ellis said da-klY Ma be she kne\\ a thirg or %vo ( V^oII is she t i n e 7 he demanded as Phil and Jeffrey Todlngton came down from above Phil wao sober faced ' She s alive he said and I sighed ui re lief But he \\cnt on acdtng some tJ ng She rcgimed consciousness for T moment She-- she said some tlnng- She d i d 1 ' £. ha ^as jubi ant U c I o t \ n t h it She sa-d Frul began and the silent circle of men. and v\omer in MDtntari y closed in upon hi f the t.ud woids Ht. did it " So T e chief e dialed loudly Did jl e mention a name 7 Phil slioolc his head. She lapsed Into n coma \\ ell she said enough Ellis mo cd to \ art] Richard Wither «poon Ihe onl he around when slit \\*-"t do\\n uas sonny heie'' M i c protested Don t ma^e a mibl ike cr^cf "iou ha\e 10 defi. mtc proof Proof enough' The boy pushed her down T.b b ire as I m fa ancmg here \% hy, he wa-j caught r n d at been so cagei Tllis would never have known of Richards presence a^, the v t id of the stairs I c:d not belie\e Diphnes broU-er guilty Not foi one m nute ! Someone che had push°d Eliza 1 Someone who bad done * quickly silently and then had a ca Thai b beside the point ' Elhs uis con\mced of the truJ) of hia our deductions Piobably the lad ·was TOO scared to run I cLcln t do it 1 Before God I didn Richard \\^s half crazed with fear and shock Come along *=on' ' You -- j ou iren t arresting him Daphne she led h m with her body \ou arux t talung him a\\ay" It s the law -- Plca«e' She imploded hirr Tie is innocent 1 "iou ha^ent proved a tlimg Tat s for a jury to decide ·* I \\ouldnt null him in so fast, if I uere jou' What i-llis spun on his heel TooU L "ii one aims akimbo stood behinu hni Ifou heard me' the old girl do\vt He didn t ell' "No he dion t' ' Oh are ou c Ham'*' Dapluie » despair yielded 1 1 hopef-Jiness Sure I in certain' Toots shot her a glance of scorn Richarr 5 was with me -- in my roo*n' \\erer t jou dailing 7 "ies I was with Miss Lomoins *i her room tne bo affi"ired eagerlv j. was in hei room urea I first beirJ the scream Is that '-o' 1 Ellis pursed hia lips r'e fio\\ned I held m breatli Well h° said he c ita*itl \shy didn t jou aaj so in the first p ace 7 Toots shrugged The kid s got screwy ideas copper Ho thinks being in a- lady s r om am t nice' " \\ ell t jsn t Elks scowled* His hesitancy jielded to certajrty t Perhaps he %\as there and per- ' He duln - sho\e Uie btair naps he wasnt' just t o make her' He looked Lo tus faister Daphi c \\ab \\ecping siltit v \\ hj -- i e staimerLl *he liglu ot com irehension ia\\nmc in his c^cs -- w h y -- 3011 t!iiuk 1 did it' I su[ po^ -- and E lis was open Ij disbelief ng; -- I suppose yod handec ' I interrupted BUL jou m^st be wrong 1 ' If he had pushed her he won in t 1m e \\aitcd to be caught red handed He would ha\e run i\.\dy I HIS o ck at what I in my folly had done If only I }-ad «uie I LI take the two of yoa dov,n for good rreisare Tl en all three of us can ha\e a nice quiet little chat -- 1 1 yn\ My God 1 sounded ttie \osce of Mr Hoiact. (To BP Continued) ACROSS I -- Nephew of 20 -- Fretful King Arthur 23 -- u \ e itSSStTcal 25 ~ Son 11-- A false god 26-- To be 111 12 -- A bottle 19--Man s mck name 21--Tipc measure 22--A planet 23--God ot the undenvo"Jd ,*. ^ o ?J er * 29 ~A. rustic 13-- Goddess of danco 14-- 0?e tScotch) 31 -" 0 "^ let 15 -- Amencan 33-- Replete ornithologist 34 -- Sparusb. and write- n\er IT--Goddess of 36_Abo/o dawn ,,_ ... IS-Anglo 37_Wntc3 Sa.xon money^S -- Smoldering of account j ema-ns DOM'S" 1 -- A baby S -- American carriage writer 2 -- English river 9 -- Associate 3 -- Scarce 15 -- Lad 4 -- Tlie wapiti 16 -- Concave 5 -- Detests vessel 6 -- Oieek letter 17 -- Engrave bj corrosives 27--A paco 29--Swarm ot bees JO--Southwest Vvlnd 32--Boj s rick- nanit, 3t--S eal 35--Bono 1P3S. Kuis fciuics Ssaic-ic, lor FOR SALE--18 acre f u r-n neir Ml Vcr no i Park House barn chicken liouie kood u a t t r electric ty Mts Tur c Eowsel Houses for Sale I OR SM L --FOR i=Al L SMM.- AND I ARGL HOLSLS- Loc ted i ConneMs\ ilR St-Ottda e Evorson 1 V t Ple-j^int and rural be uonb o£ FayeUr- Count Sold on krr E 1 dour pajr"cnl c ; balance on monthly Instil ments 5 o t j ye r o pay Only o% nterest no hmnce charge If I n t e es ed kinc y w r i t e phone or call in person F A ^ F I T E R E A L T Y COMPANY 40u SPCOND NATL BANK BLDG T D GARDNER MGR PiiOM, 13 a CO^NELLSVIIAjl PA ThMtro P i r t j Studci ts 11 he Fifich Club held i the iti c p u i t y nnd \senl to ee H V^cic Kinj., asL \ cek Tennis Article Ue id Dunnfl the C n U , Li idcis Club ITC.U ng Mibs G l i d \ s C l i i k i c \d m jrui.]" w i n on b\ Dono d Budge per- L iming tt trc Budge Vine-, Ion \ s in tLh held at Duqi t,no G irdeni m Pittibush i 1X\ wcel = -\ n o A fin ther discu^ion of bibl etl^ill rules %v ib held DL\clop rilni-, The bcgi me b ir thi. Cmen Club uith demonstntions students b the Exceptional £ng[uifi Tilks \ception I al 1 s \\e e gi\en in Misb I K ndi V i r j j h i i l s Juniot Li g- 'ish eldb^es v the follo\s ng Elites loi es Doiotl 3 \^ i hims Rosen an Hopl i ib I-iOib /cmbowei Pcggv Davidson M a i y C a i r o l l Ai Ue M ma beigei C irl Anstine H e n i \ IMcRob bie Jena Goo Bet v Ac 1 ims \ m t i Renzi Ruth Hnger-mn nncl Hich id. Malcon Topulaiiij Contest Results iss C ill udi s iect on of Senior u-eie tiu^h ho\s to dcveloo flms in i Stud Hall A held n populanty cc i- a tank sc r Ivluilin \\ llartni in is spon- HOUSTON AVENUt 2 G -- Six room f i a m t hou e e \v h bath n the \cry bebt o£ condition rnimodiato possi-csioi P iced to =cll it SI o03 Inquire Paul U i R t r e 1009 v,est Cra\\roic. Avenue Phono 148 1OR SALE--Sn loom hoilbc w th batli a d furmcc Two lotb Fnirvieu Avi. nuc ="200 Inr uro KODC t Nor is I 3 ! one 505 OLR CLAbSiFttD SLRVICE is as near as your pi one Just ca 1 12 or 1^ and you needs \vill soon bo met vu-hout nn furtiier trouble on o u r part EACH OF lie c ads bungs together tv.o pejple-ad%e tser a d cader--for their cautual benent and =at»slacuon T h e i r t t e scb in p ly to coutl tl- tachei ho\\e\ct was but a icstoia- tton of a u l uhich scveril yens Jflo had \ l u n t m l y been nken in (he ITLO of the county b dire fman.- ci i! situation AL t lat tune 11 couithouse em- ploye 1 - sufleieri decrepscs n their P O envelopes But w e r e not fiomg to st ind to h i \ e these cuts icstorcd nt this j time the corrmis^ioners dcclaicd We s t u d p i t on tint and w e r e ben ing \\ lining Ih L any such p opobit on by the he id. of -iny office v. ill meet \ th stiff opposition fiom f h!^ boaid * Conducted Concessions Bob Younk n and Helen Vunson 1 dd ch 11^,0 of t ie cor ess o is at the 1 "ind onceit ind VH^I na il un h L nd "Cd th Bine ul U c basj^elball 6 m - Recordings Pla ctl Ell 1 Kinglei nssistccl b Art Gralam nnd Ccc 1 W gonei pi jcd re- LOiJjngs ot popalji. o chc rs using in amphfiei in IV is L K n d a Alai- bh^lls Scntoi Ilomeioom i Tcrteo Chun Dies lodeo Chun C5 of Blythedalc, d ed lac-bda} it his norrc lie leavob his ^ j f e one sor Thoo-iotc of Sjeisville h\o dnuj,hteis two sis- teis thtee btotlicts and three grand- chi drcn The Itir^ral service was he d r idny iftc noon with inteiment being m dc in \Vcst Newton Ceme- teiy \\illiim A Brant Dead W i l h i m A B mt B S j e a t s o l d di d Tnrijy morn ng at his home m Ligo uci township He leaves one biotrei Co\ode ot Cock tounship nd one s ei His Jol n /irrmei- rm i of Johnstown l i e funeiil ber\ ice \\as held Sunday afterroon at Sibels funeial parloi 1 ! at Ligoniet Usher it Couriet bi,!iool Stt dents of Miss Alice Muri nv t foods clibsct, ushc rd it The Counci cookii g school at the Onhetim Tl e itie last weel Con\ersdtions Discussed IV iss Mat ha Hot! ^ s I icjuet e Club held a lenj,tl " discUbSion r^i- tauim^, to conve s itions mciucl n to tile use o blang ( tc football and Bovin? Talks Jonn Barboi Bob Iloopct arid Arthur II Hull talked thioughout he meeting of the 1 oolball Club on \\o spoils footoah and bos.irg tost \\ th the outcome ib Best c'rc-esed Don So^iian ind Bev- eily Sti uvn best look ng H i ry ivin^lev and Be yl Shelly most in telligcnl Ned Ship ey most quiet " V V i I I n d R i l l c i l j noisiest James Smith ard Edv. ud McGill, tied laig esl teet Jim Thompson Trench lliks. 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