The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, February 8, 1930
Page 8
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(PAGE IfltlJHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBI .LSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY S, 1930. !*/ Jacobs Creek Company Answers Filed by Ferry Denies to P. S. C. That Latter Fs Furnishing Adequate Service. WITHIN THE LAW, COMMISSION TOLD In answer fo the complaint of the Jacobs Creek Perry Company against I ho Jacobs Craek Improvement As-so- riatlort, operator of a bridge across I he Youghlogheuv River, the board of trustees of the latter forwarded to The Courier it copy of the- answer which has been totit to the Public Service Comirlsslon at Hurrlsburg. Tho Jacobs Cieek (tnpioveiuent Association, of which I'eter Sballenbei- ger Is president, Laurence N'eusalmar, vice-president and \V. I I . Wllllanid, secre-lary-treasurer, denies ".hat it has Uolatod any order. ' The association acids that "the object of tho org.uil/.atlou was to provide ii fi(H bridge i t I hi* VouKhlogheny Rlve-r. and hy the w o r d free bridge is meant that on y such fees charged and I olio arc to be exacted ae will provide .inci maintain such a project for the ( o n u n u n l t y \uthotit pecuniary profit tor any pci-son " Tho answer dealer the "Jacobs Creek Firry Company H furnishing adequate and -atlsfaetory facilities for cioBslng tho riser. Wo charge that tho facilities are dangerous and,that thoy aro 0pei.ite,i in a highly dangerous manner," contending further that Uio ferry operates only a part of th time and that the people affected are torced to seek oth^r means, statins "that In view of the fact that the lorry company (loo. not transport vehicles and pedestrians only when thoy feol so disposed the respondent contends that under Federal law they cannot monopolize a government stream." Tho ferry concern steles to have the footbridge association cease ope-ra.- lioa. Mount Pleasant Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb, 8.--The Boy Bc-outs will attcnl in a body tho Sunday evening service at the United Brethren Church. This is a yart of th« aiinlvomcify iveok progratn. Bean Ilemovcd From Ear. SanCortl Jjewls, fciy years old, o£ LaurolvIHo wont to his home yesterday aftci boirsg admitted on Thursday to'tho Memorial Hospital to be treated. Tho hoy wr.«3 suffering with a bean In his left oai'. Tho boan was r-emoved. Junior Class Dance. The junior class of the high school held a most enjoyable dance in the J Bank Hall lest overling. The (lanco, was well attended, with ruemborB o£ tho faculty, chaperoning. ^femarolin Cln!) The rujinbo-s of the Nomacolin Club litld a chlckon «ind waffle dinner at Oic "Wait'"! Tea Hoom along tho iAn- lolu highway lt.»it ovoning. Cliolr at Dinner. The chou r' the Methodist Episcopal Church hold A cQVoral-dlsh dinnoi at tho liomo of Miss l 1 *rn Springer la«t p.'ovlous to IliC' choir ro- .Measles Case-- l{epvrtel. Margiiret VanOouler, granddaughter «t .Mr. aud SIu5. Joseph Hartigan, i« ill at thft homo of her gtandpareiitK with ineailes Health Ollicer Robin- · law i eportoi. s; rases of measles in (ho borough during lie p-i«t month. t'lii'i 'anifs Officers. The Od 1 V'DHo«s Club hat, named i h e icllnwiiif! ofii«'i« lov the comini; year: President, X AJ Crtisan; sec- leUiry, \V. JI, .Myers; treasurer, C^harles F f- toner; chairman of the house rommiilr-e, i'harle- A. Springer. Wllluril .Memorial Senh-e. The aiiuuul Ktaiicch K U'Hlaui mo- taotlal .sprvite will be helil at the Kioe Methodist lOplscopul C'hnich on Sunday, Januiiry i(i. at li'IJO o'clock. Tlie mee-Ung' will be in charge of trio \VoimutV C h r stinii Toiuyeiance Union, 3 lev. (.'. K lUchatdiMin, pan tor of t'.ie v-il' prMch the s-prmon. c 1 will teiUure the pvo- c h u r c h , Kpecil g r a m . Al '«. (5eorg fo her home \isitlns; witli Personal.'-'. » IX Shepiar hati leturued at Wilklnsburg after her inironft;, Mr. and J U. Cold.-m th Mr. and Mi*». Hnnry Itowicn. oC Delmont vlMltfd w i t h irieiute here. CORSICA SHAKEN EARTH TREMORS BASTIA. Keb 8.--Severe oaah t r e - mors wore f e l t during tho night In various sections of Corsica, particu- l a r l y in the Oastagnicela region. Xo casualises were reported, but a nouse at PoutA Acciuatella was badly damaged '1'otM Killed iu Urailo Crash. HAN WKKNAUOINO, C,il , Feb. 8.-- U'heu Mrs. A. O. Ooraine drove her uiilomrnhlle I n front of a speeding o l n r t r i u train at a crossing near hero ia^t uiRht, l o r two chlUlren weio killed und sho wa^ irOb,ibly f.itally i n j u r e d in the erihh. J u r y Twlco Il*j)orted Dcudlocliod. HOWL1N4J ORKKN, Ky., iVb ».-- Tlie jm Y delltneratinif the fato of I ami's Klnw - Gray.wn, charged w l l l i m u r d e r , wan loulsed u p late last Tils hi for fjirthcr d e l i b e r a t i o n . T\\!uo It had rported iliif If liopleesly h u n g those who New Party to End Rr ligious Rule Former Minister At Scottdale Is Held for Court EXPEDITION WILL SEEK LOST TRAIL Samuel Harden Church, president of the Can egio Institute and a prominent Republican, who, in a speech, flemanded that a new party, the Liberal Party, be formed to comb it prohibition and "every form of religious dictation." The spei ch was giveri at a dinner of the A ssociatloii Against the Prohibition Amendment, Although for man/ years a staunch Republican, Mr. Church sakl that to expect reform from either the Republicans or the Democrats waa Dame Fashion Smiles, By Grace Jetvett Austin Recently n socl'.l clean of a college for young womeji told her students that "freedom in manners, as fem- i n i n e stock, has now crashed to a low level, while being a lady has climbed .sky high on t h e market." Stie referred to the days of the gran d m o t h e r a, when a y o u n g vornnn was judged even in surh points Grace J. Austin. a , w hethei she could tie her horse to its hitchlns post gracefully, Mil declared thnt to- tlny's points for judging "ladylike" behavior, were to be n hundred tiroes more numerous and difficult. Well, It will IH a question whether it will be easier to climb with grace into a lofty-stepped s,troet cur, bus or train when vrcaiJng a long clinging dress than it was when n"short sports frock could he nil d.iy wenr. The socliil dean cont nnes, "today's fashions, more (him my in the last decade, draw (list net lines between snorts, afternoon evening and ofilce gowns, "nd croj ihi! the line is no pardonable socla tret-pass," This ia certainly quite ;i powerful way of stilting the case, and looks more like run k it),; n woman s clothes a "full-time oraipit I Ion," as it is said designers h n v e desired. llrown, green and red have all been good, aa color efieets during the winter, \ v l t h regal flushes of the "dahlia" or "fuchsia" sha les, which after all, ore only llowery ways of saying purple. Black has been n steady leader, Hiul some of t'«e most beautiful hats of the winter have been entirely in Muck. Sfruw tuns aro now of course v l t h us, but J'te r early coining does not disturb any woman as it did buck 1« the ypurs when January and February straws fiisv made appearance. Women aro rciis mable beings--whatever uuie men may say to tho ron- i r u r y ' Ami M u t e they know that n fell )Ht Is now ;-»oper to bo worn ou the t 01 tost das "( July, it will riot be I m r d for ilioin »'i the whole lo keep art average in their ha' wardrobe. There a i e Indications t h a t the fa- voM'il black luul white, which is often one of thfi earlit st of spring signs-n n - t x l r t g P-.PU ho ore the classic blue- b i r d -- w i l l he everlU'itt ( h i s spring also. Navy blue and white, which Is purlicps the mo.M iiiiivwanlly bccorn- I n a c u t i b l n r t t i o n in t h e world, ia alao in (ho miuds of I he (^signers. OtH'e in [t w h i l e smjie ono will appear In print, foretelling tho vanishing nf printed Materials. But these are so e n t e r t a i n i n g lo wear, so practical, so bceornfng I hat anyone who delights In n floured gown may feel safe in chooa?ng it. Fabric makers hnve declarer! t h a t they are preparing large ussoitments of printed {roods, with patterns larger than those of last year, and effective colorings. Whatever comes or goea, lu the way of fashions. I t does seem us tljougti beads and fancy eosturao jowcls might stay oti forever. Dame. Fashion looked In approving ninizament the other day at a smiling young saleswoman who declared that In q n f t f l a short snace of time women had bought 1,555 strings of bends from her! Suppose there Is some ne who has always had a longing for a string of bright red beads--ht-re'i hoping she buys it at once. Dnme Fashion has a creed that ff anything ia really wanted--red pumps, a m e t n l l i : hat or n pendant as laff;e as a crnc'ter--and sober sense crunvote something somber, the holi- dm Impulse slu uld liavn sway. Nu- poleon Bald, "Quarter hours decide the iH'Stlny of nations." And who knows? Perhaps one pal of red pumps might iKo one's whole llfu. ((c), H30, W«eii n Nawapappr U n i o n ) Gnttinjj B -ttor and Better The upnii of 1 fo lengthens Our national diet becomes mors rational, our public hoa'th worlc mora elective. vWoiuau's Uornt) Special to Tlie Cooiler SOOTTDAIvB, Feb. 8.-- Rev. J. Henry Perry, former pastor of the Morning Star Haptist Church (negro), was lickl under $500 bail Eor court following a hearing yesterday before .HibUuo of tho 1'eaco William Kennel in which he- was charged with conversion by Joel Conner, a trustee of the ihiuch. A check made payable to Conner, signed by (ho former minister anl endoreed by the minister. How this check ;ame to he cashed by the miaibter was not explained. It woe for a small sum, 56.60. Conner testified he k n e w nothing of the chock until it was turned over to the- auditors. Another angle of, the case developed that papers or value to the church such ae agreements and mortgagee, which had been in a safety 'deposit j box at a bank, were missing when Conner and J. M. 01 ay brook opened the box January 30, after the resignation of Her. perry. Questioning of Trustee- Conner de- volopijd that there had been dissension in tho church and that four or five ofllckils of the church had resigned, but that their resignations had not been accepted. The last meeting- of officials was January 81. Since that time Rev. Perry entered f,uit for unpaid .'ialtiry. Whan questioned aa to how long sinco Rev. Perry had been pastor of Die church Conner said he had resigu- ed three months ago and that tlie- rcilgnation had been accepted to take effect on January 19, 1!),'!0. Conner said i hat the. business had been taken out t the ttustees' hancU about De- cem-bev 12, 393S, previous to which time the church had a rally and had solicited money from the white as well as negro people. Conner said that, the mo^y realized from tho rally amounted to approximately $545, and that about three months later a note wua due at the Seottdale Savings Trust Company and it refused to renew it, ho learned that the account bad been moved from the Hcottdalo Savings Trust Company to tho Broadway National Bank and that checks were being written, signed by Peter t/anipkhi, treasurer, and Rev, Peiry and endoised by Rov. Perry. Seventeen checks wre exhibited, all fnado pnyab-le to Rev. Perry' and cashed by him. Co iner said that file reason that the trustees did not kao\v anything about the business was because it hat! been taken out of their handa, Chimney l-'frr. Tho volunteer flie department W.IH called to the homo of 0. Myers, Third avenue, yesterday afternoon by a ·chimney fire, No damage was done. Scout Week liegtns, Troop G, B^y Scouts, ,will attend the serv ce on ihinday al St. Joseph'h ;hurch. at Kverson. llov. L. T, 'will be in charge ot tho Troops 1, 2, S, 4, 5 and G met at the Y. M. C.'A. liifrt Craning und ntarched to t i e J)oughsoy ineinorial, where the Scout oath was repeated. Frank Parli-er, tleid executive, will bo iu charge of th« activities in Scott- Uule during the week. ^Vin Medal Contest, Betty TaUciitiie and R u t h Gibson were the winners in the silver modal contest held c.t the Methodlbt Kplaco- pal Church »i Thurwday evening Other number^ on the program hi- clud-ad a plauq solo by Virginia Green, a vcx'al Kolo by ,JVli'H, William Hau- dolpa, a voenl solo by Jane Koosor, a playlet by 15 boys arid girJa and an address by Mrs. C. A. Oolbora. The coniiiuitteo m charge included Mrs. W. IT. Herbert, Mrs. Anna Shaffer and Mrs. Jennings Korsythe. Misa Nolda JDaiiitig entertained the Junior Music Club at h-er home in Market street on Thursday evening Joint hostessei; with Miss Darting w-er Margaret ICurU and Flo r once Stauffier. The music of the evening was nogro EiU'iaa Clyde !Zed.rI«y addietiaod ihe club on nogio nuiHie. Taking part ou the program vi'ere a girls' chorus, a boys-' choruH, ii ladies' (iiiurtet, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Sk-ctinp, Mi»s Barkell, Mis. Bakjr, l^aura Ulae 3 ones, Kobeit Mc- lOowfrJI, Ho-w.ird Matthews, Kobe) I File and Dorothy Honao. There was also a quartet nuntbor b;' Mr. File, Mr. Hits-chard, Irh 1 . Skein p and Mr. Mc- Hoatth I'lnvlct. A health play under Uio direction of Marjorie La. Cla'lr, teacher lu the Pitts- bui'K street school bnUding, was giyen yeslarday afterji'ton. There are 70 children, in thq health cla,ss a,nd at least 30 of these wete presented in the pi a , Lord Dewair of England Makea More Epigrams London.--Life Is n one way street, and there Is no jjoming back, according' to Lord Dewar, famed whisky manufacturer and eplgrammist. Ttere are a j'ew of his latest epi- grama wliich are now known as "Ds- warisniB," "Man was born to sorrow--when he get!! too old to fall In tov« he gets gout Sport gives thfl mind a hoildnj and stopa you nmstlcating the ponder OUB thoughts of life and Its perplex) ties. "The country that Is considered in the forefront of civilization Is the one which can mnkci the mowt deadly poison gas, and send missionaries to eon- vert the heathen. No mnn can tell the discoveries I be Scotch hava mode for the'benefit of eivfliscatton, "Ninety per 'cent of those going bade to the laind are carrying golf clubs, Tha'surast way to be happy ts lo get so busy that you hava no time to be happy. Let us live our lives that the undoitiiker will be the only onu who will rejoice whou we dlo. A h d l t y without enthusiasm--and you ha/e a rlflo wll'hout ft ballet," Still Some Hope Ilriti li EJ plorer May Bo Alivi in South America. LAST HEARD OF FIVE YEARS AGO By ARCS! RODGER.' United Press iglaff Correaj ondent I^OON'OXD-N, Feb. 8.--Tho los trail of throe me-n who ve-ntmed ato the tropical jungles of Biazil uid Hs- ap pea ted will bo sought agam^y an ·expedition to stai t soon, it v is'learu- ed today. Captain Alfred , Tf,. M o r i s , who searched the Aiaguaya River region in Brazil in 1927 for t)K mlaE ng ^aen, said ho iutend« to proceed t lortly to South Ainorlca to continue his efforts to locate tho paUy. Othata had long stttco- given them up as dead TMTho trio who wore awal owed up In tho luxuriant tropical jungles among hostile Indian Jribes were the noted explorer, Colonel P, II Fawoett, his SOIL, Jack, and a ina: named Raleigh Rimel!. Colonel Fa /eett and hi^ expedition sought to loci te a lost clly which he thought woi Id prove definitely tho cradle ot oivlli a.t'un lay iu South America and not A ia. Wj^h him si.rangoly eno igti, the name of ,Ijamixifl.o, the band! , has become afflliftted. Captain Morr s in 1927 discovered th-e Uivizlhar. o-utl w leader and on naming liin acquainta ice found that somewhat scholarly loc ing. ru£- ilan to bo carrying a revoh er and a compass both stamped, ho PB d, "P. H. Fawrett." "VVltero he got them he 'refused to relate. Captaiu Norris believes, ao said today, that Oolonol Fawcott nay have been captured by a tribe wl Ich holds the custody of ft \vhlts Jnan i s a great prize. A Kuripean offluer Morris said, onco was held by tb fanatic members* of such a tribe tor more t h a n IS years. Colonel Fnwcett started Brazilian jungles early in wara fi.s. Hi look \\lth bin Jack, then 21, and Hiiucll, j^tinsj JSng-lisiirnan, The 4at far til is known canw by Ooi them in-May, 1025. The explore 1 - had sp x nt 1 expeditions in South Amerl his final expelitlon was first aa head of tho British Commission and Inter on ti won him the gold medal ot Geographical HoHoty O into tho 925. He hb son, the other word so rler from years In a before irganlzed, Boundary ps which ·J)o Royai and. Pantagcs Appeal to Be Heard on Ft b. 13 Thft Appellate Court has ict February 18 S.or hearing: on. a ipeal by Alexander Pantag»«, weaSAy theatre operator, convicted o- a criminal attack, from two rocer fc Superior Court deninla of hla ap lication for release from ball on account; of illness. Broker Kidnaped For $100,000 Frscs Max Price, elderly Nov Haveiy real estate broker, wh disappeared with four m*n in an automobile, victim of a ludnaping plot, in which rannom of 5100,000 had been or?g1nally demar ded, and on -which final agreement a\r $80 -, 000 was made, was set f t c a In Fairfield, a suburb of ]3r d.Teport, Conn. Ex-Governor Glfford E. Pinchot, Pennsylvania's most not d Independent Republican, who will run for the Republican nomln ition for United States Senator at the May primaries. Girl, Eleven, Wins Million in Fight Over Fortune Denver, Colo.--A fortune of a million dollars has bean assured eleven- year-old Josephine, Bartli of this city, by a court decision against an uncle aud aunt who attempted to break the will o£ tha child's grandfather. The child will get the estate when she la thirty yeara old and following the death of her father and two other relatives. Meanwhile, the estate Is held In trust and the Income divided among the three adults. The fortune Is that of a man who began bnltdlug his wealth as a young Immigrant making hob-nailed boots for miners, tie died in 1918, and his widow died a year ago. Coyote Cunning Fails to Evade Air Hunters Garrison, N. D.--Instinctive cunning which la theirs by heritage, has failed to protect coyotes from air raids. Run, hide or backtrack as they might, the clever range pests cannot outwit the huge winged "creature" which swoops down from the sky and deals out death. George AJbrecht and William Fisher are the aerial coyote hunters, and they are experiencing marked success In the exciting pastime. Fisher pilots the plane and Albrocht does the shooting, A coyote is spotted and quickly overtaken. The plane skims close to the ground and Albrecht opens Ore on the fleeing animal. Crime Found to Beckon Uneducated and Idle Washington,--The average criminal chooses the life of the underworld because he is uneducated, a notnnd and devoid of family ties, the United States censua bureau said in a report today. Throwing the Hfcht of scientific research on lives of nearly 20,000 state and federal prisoners confined for felonies In the first six months of 1028, tha bureau found unemployment a strong incentive to crime. The bureau found that only 20 per cetfit of the criminals were veterans ot the World war. Use ClnssIBed Ads. They bring peewits. AT IT C Ai U. 5. Held as Prisoner Charged by police with poisoning her husband, Emmett Shaw, because she loved another man, Mrs. Ethel Shaw, above, faces first degree murder trial at Cherokee. Okla. State chemist 3 found arsenic in the dead man's stomach. Sensational testimony is expected from her two sons"who are siate's witnesses'. Brad)- Case Still Deliberated. AUSTIN, Tex., Feb 8.--After deliberating 75 hours, t te jury in the John \V. Brady murde^ trial went to bed shortly before last midnight. Only tlie judge holds hope of their agreeing on the fate o£ the former judge, accused of killing Miss Lehlia High- emlth, 2S, capital stenographer. The Caaey Clnb went down to de- jitikado's Government Will Stand On Its Original Itatlo, U. P. Told. STIMSON UNDER FIRE OF PRESS By MlkES W. VAUGHN United Press Staff Correspondent TOKIO, Japan, Feb. 8.--Thorough dlHsatisfaction bordering on irritation was Japan's reaction .today to Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson's statement of America's alms at! the London Naval Conference. Japan has no intention of abandoning her original demands or accepting a compromise involving lessor comparative naval strength, the United Press was officially informed. "If Secretary Stlmson's announce- input represents the final Anglo- American attitude, 1 ' a highly placed official said, "then we ieel the conference will fall." The criticism of the American proposals was unanimous in official circles as well as in tho press. Tho government Is not considering the reaction on domestic politics since the original program represents Japan's final stand, It was officially stated. Furthermore, conversations with men in high position Indicated that Japan's attitude will not be changed following the general elections February 20. An official spokesman commented: "Report that the government will delay its reply to the Stimson proposals until after the general elections is absurd. No party in Japan, would dare to make the naval conference issue one of internal poll- tics." REGISTER'S AND CLERK'S NOTICE Thj following' cxpcators, administrator, guardians inJ trustees settled their respective accounts In the office of th«. Register and Clerk ot Orphans' Court and the same will be presented for confirmation to the Orphanr' Court of ITayette County at the Court House, TJnlontown, Pennsylvania. MONDAY, MAHCU 3, 103O. Wo. M«tsie ot Acwuntnnta Filed I.'--Charles F. % Hood Stanley Lyon arid Herbert n. Hahn, TruiHeeiJ December 12, 1020 2.--Ueorpe Warner ,.Thoma) A. Waggoner, Administrator c. t. a. January '20, 1030 S.--Russet C U u r n w o r t h Earl B u r n w o r t h , Administrator January IS, 1030 4.--Joseph Imllnsr, Sr Joseph ImlliiK, Jr., Executor December S, 1020 B.--Andy Kaaper ,..Stephen R Haky, Adm nistrator November 8,1020 6.--John A Darby The Unlontown National Bank Trust Company, Administrator , ,,......... January ?4, 1030 7,--Joahua A. Knox ,.,,,, .Il'arvey A. JCnox, Executor January 27, 1030 8.--Chuuncoy O Havid Clyde W. David, Administrator i January 20, 1030 9.--William B. McCay .... ..John M. McCay, Admin strator .'..:. January 20, 1030 10.--BiaRlo I/obls .CharlcroS Savings Trust Company, Administrator ........ December 16, 1020 11.--Horace Greoly Mason . . , _ L Earl Mason and Robert D. Mason, Adrnlniatrators January 6, 1030 12.--William C. O'Donnell Mary H O'Donnell, Executrix January 80, 1030 13.--fSllzabcrtli Con well Samuel E. Taylor, Exc ;utor January 20, 1030 H.--Will In m Scullion .....Joseph Nelson, Executor , January 8, 1030 Ifi.--Patrick G-Jcaao.1 John P. and Charles II Gleason, Executors November 14, 102» 10--Cora 41. ifounkln . TUlc Trust Company of Western Fennsylvan4a, Administrator January 20. 1030 37.--John Fosbrlnk II Gporije May, Administrator I^ecember- 0, 1020 IS --Tolin YuclitmoM-c Tit IP Trust Company ot Western Pennsylvania, I3xpfiitor ,, ,, ,. November 18, 1029 10--Sarah Ann Fircstuno 20 -- J o h n Joz w laic 21.--Maria 1,. Kood 22,--John Tiiu]ft»x S.'!.--Wonlcj (ialley 2-1--rohn H. J e l l e y 2 C -- C a t h e r i n e Hartz 2H --John 2T -- }Smma , .....Austin Firestone, Adm nistrator Mary Jozwlak, Administratrix, c. t. a Joseph I), Ilooii and Russell A. Hood,, Executors .. ...John 11. Lindsay and Gertrude C. Lindsay, Executors .... .. .,,.David H. Galley, Admin ati-ator, c. t a .......Verna Gorke, A d m l n U t ator, c. t. a John K. Hartz, E x e c u t c r ......R. W. Dawhon, Guardian ., ,.....H. W. DtWYSon, Guardian November IS, 1021) N o v e m b e r 18, 1020 . January 22, 1030 . J a n u a r y 23, 1930 January 23, 1900 . J a n u a r y 23, 103o J a n u a r y 23. 1030 .. J a n u a r y 20, 1030 . J a n u a r y 20, 1030 January 20, Jt)30 January 20, 103(1 , Elizabeth I). CJarlcy 3B--Tamos K, Darby ... 36--Susan Cagey 07--Margaret Kelser 38.--Tfllien Johnson . . 80--Lillian W a l t o r s 4 0 -- J o h n W. Griffith Ci8.--Isaac Taylor mi.--Pauline Potter . CO--Charles K, Brltt . 01.--Anna B. Coldron 02.--Charles W. Adams 03--Mary C WtlRTua . 0 J,--John J o h n s o n 28--Mary PHsancz R. w. Dawson, Guardian 29--Michael PrlpancK Il W. ]a.wson. Guardian _ ;tO--George P. Stlckol Elery P. Stlckel, Administrator ,...'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'.'.".'.'. January 3o| li)iifj 31 --Joseph y Murphy George II. Murphy, Adi illustrator , November 14, 192! i!2--Ola M. Booth Charles T. Field, Kxecutor , .. November 14, 1020 it:;--Sol J. Rosonbaum .. . . -- .Citlzp.n3 Title , Trust Company, Guardian J a n u a r y 23, 1030 .....The Fayotto Title Tr jst Company, Trustee January 23, 10,10 -- ..Elizabeth H. Darby. A minlstratrlo. J a n u a r y 30, 18,'to ...Lester Cnffoy, A d m i n l f c i mtor J a n u a r y 23, 1880 ...Tiic Second li.n'c of Unlontowii, Executor January 28, JMO .. .b'rank W. Protzman, Kvecutor January 20, 103i ...Tho National Bank of J ' a y o i t e County, Guardian January 24, 1030 ...l'*tank II'. Sleon, Administrator December 3, 3020 41 --Ephriarn T. Walter* ,,.James A. Provlns, Administrator Januarv 30, 3030 42--James H. Hoover Louisa R. Hoover, Geor re P. Hoover, Charles V. Hoover and Uolieit J. lloovor, V.Jminlstratoi-H January 10, J030! K. Harbauffh ..., William U. Harbaugh, Vilminlstrator January'.'), 1030 ·W.---A. B. Clark . , . , Pnarl M. Fazenbaker, A d m r x , c. t a December 20, 1020 415.--Annlo Dlxon Marv CUre IMxon, A e m l n i s t i a t r i x December 33, 1020 ·lO.s--li'rea Danka Munson Ruth H. Munson and T tie Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania, Kxecutoi a December 3, 132!) ·IT.--'David t,. Durr .nihraljeth J3. Durr and ma K. li'onsaker, Administratrices .... January 20, 1080 48.--Harry Harris ,. D. W. McDonald, Jr , Administrator January 28, 1030 ·10.--Andy Mrctwith ,D. W. McDonald, Jr , A d m i n i s t r a t o r January 28, 1030 00.--Charles P. IDg-gors .. Sallle H. Esrsrers and Alson C. Bggors, .·incl Charles F. Thomas, Fxo.-'utor'J Jn,nnary 28, 5930 51.--John W, Towler .Nancy Ellen Yowlpr, K vccutrix January 24, 1030 P2 --Maria Horwat, alias Mary Fabo . .Mike HorvaUt, A d m i n H ' r a t o r January 13, 3030 53,--Patrick J Ixicke John D. l.ocita and Patricia Locke, Executor and Executrix December- It, 1020 54.--Olive M, Scott Beryl Gosnell and Kdltn Hankins, Uxeculrlccs January 24, 3030 r5.-- Sam Price MiUon M. Dai by, Adm n l b t r u l u r December J7, 3020 CO.--Walter B. riIHn«er W L,. DIHlntfer, Kxeuntor January 30, 1030 07.--Julia Seaton ..Joseph Soator, Kx-ocutcr January 30, 1030 ...Morsran 31. Kowman a i d Samuel A. Gllmore, BxecutorB January 30, 1030 ...R. W Play turd G u a r d i a n January 31, 1030 . . . J T r a n k P Britt, K t e c u t i r .' January 31, 3080 ...Wllll/im F. Coklien arul Waltei K. Coldren, Executory January 31, 1030 .. .J. B, Adams, lONfcutor ./ January 31, 1030 ...Fayettu T I L l e Truat Jomuany, TniFte", c. t. a. January 31, 3030 ...Fnyette Titlp TriHt Oompany, AdmlnlBtrator, c. t. a January 31, 1030 OH--Amtinda Grimes . , Clti/ens Titlrt , Trust Company, Executor as stated by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary of Hun king of tho State of Pennsylvania, Guardian .. January 33, 1030 00--F.dward Balslngcr .'Citl7.ins Tltli S. Trust Company, Executor a« stated by Peter G Cameron, Secretary ii B a n k i n g of the K t i t o of Pcnnsylvaata, Guardian January 31, 19110 07--Helen Johnson, a Mnor CllUcna Title Trust Company, Exeruror as stttt"l by Peter G. Cameron, Secietary of Banklnjj of the State of Pennsylvania, Ouaitlian January 31, 1030 OS.--John ,/ohnson, a Minor Citizens Tltli' Trust fompany, Kxecutat as stated by Peter 1 G, Cameion.rSeci etary ot Banking of tho State of Pennsylvania, , Guardian '. January 31, IftSO 0 3 -- G e r a l d Allen, n Minor Clli-/,cns Till a Trust Company, Executor as stated by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary ot banking of the State of Pennsylvania, , Guaiillan January 33, 1130 70--Golcllp V. Allen, a M i n o t Citizens Title Trust Company, Exeeutoi as stated by Peter G Cameron, Secretary if Banking of tho Statu ot Pennsylvania, G u a r d i a n · January SI, 1930 71.--Joseph Hainan, a Minor . . . . . . . . . . C i t i z e n s Title Trust Company, Kxecutor as stated by Peter G. Cameron, Beoretary o£ Banking of the St.ue of Paiinsylvanla, Guardian Janua.'y 81, 1930 72--Anna Zamon, u. Minor Citizens Title Trust Company, Executor as sUitod by Peter G. Cameron, Secretary jf Banking of tlie State of Pennsylvania, Guardian January 31, 1930 7,;--ste\e Zamon, a Minor Citizent, Tit IP ft Trust Company, lOxecutqr aw stated by Peter G Cameron, Secretary }£ Banking o£ thu State of Pennsylvania. Guiu dlan , January,31, 1030 74 c ljuplan P S m i t h C l l t i e n s Tttlp . Trust C o m p a n y , n x t c u t o r as Blatcd b^ Peter G C'ameron, Hcc'relarj lf H a n k i n g of tho .State of Pennsylvania, G u a r d i a n , Januaf y 31, 1030 7;,---Maty Z o m o n , A Minor , CltUens Title S.- Trust C o m p a n y , Guardian, as stated by Peter G, C a m p i o n . Hecretarj ot B a n k i n g . Jaruary 31 1030 ·Madollnij Zamon CHUcn.t Title T r u l l Company, Guardian, as stated by Peter G. Cameron, Kec-rfctary of Banking , . . . . _ January 31 1030 .Citizens T i t l e As Ti usl Co(iip«.n, Guardian, as stated by Peter G. Cnmcion, .Secretary of Banking January 31 1830 Orlando B u i n e t t l Cltl/ens Title Trust Company, Guardian, as stated by Peter *· G. C a m p i o n , Socretaiy of Banking Januai v 31 15)30 .Cltl/cns T i t l e Trust Company, Trustee ,as staled by Peter G. Cam01 o/i, Secretary of B f i l i k i n g k J a n u a r y 31 1980 .Citizens Title Trust Company, Trustee, as sUted by Peter G y ' Cameron, Sccretniy of Banking . .Rel'gh A M n i l e t t a , A i l t n i n l s t r a t o r .Majy U. Strlckler, E x e c u t r i x ..... 70.77, -- i B u r n e t t l 70 , A b b o t t Smith ........ gn. -- s. Paul Ittigan ....... .. fll.--Paul Samargig-a .. 82,--Mlnnlo A. Dawson . S3.--! 81 So 8U --William J a n u a r y 31, J a n u a r y 31, J a n u a r y 31. 1030 . ·3.--Sarah A. Woodward The N a t i o n a l Bank oE Fayetto County, Administrator e t a J a n u a r v 33 3010 ·I.--winona C Balrd Guorge II Balrd and i- rank 3? Hesss, Kxecu tors ....'.,, , " ranti^rv R l ' intn ·'- --C. C. llarford Cltl/,ens Title Trust Company, Admlnislralor jtnuarv '11 1030 --William Hafer Fred Ilofer, Adminls,lrUor ..'.;;:;.' January 31,' 1030 AUDIT JVOTICB. All partioa Intere-stPrt are hereby notlrtecl that an A u d i t List win be made up of all the f o r e r r j l n j nrrotmtn a^a said list will be called on Monday, the 37th day of March, i'.'W. at 30 oVlork A M., a ,d contlnuTtll" re-xf"? c-ich dav (Saturdays and Sundays excepted) u n t i l the list shall have brer, disposed of. c n n t t m u tiipiearu-i each day O. F H A N K !tlJHB, ot WIHH aud I5t:-OfII«lo Clerk ot Orphan*' C»«*t.

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