The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1930
Page 7
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY s, lose. tfHE DAILY COURIER, ; CPNNELIS TILLB, FA. PAGE SEVEN. Looking Backward N*'«« Of th* J?»«t Con- ««in«*d from tho JTUi* oi Tb« Court**. SO, 18SO. Tfto ImmewO' irelfht traffic on hie BaltJmoro Ohio Railroad has necessitated an increase of siding capacity at Oakdaks, Dawson, Broad Ford, Hlcikraan Hun and CUoimbod. Method let A. Banks, Episcopal nouncea to hia oongro pastor of Church, Ulon tlwit it the an- should determine In the very near future onK'Ko construction of a new odtflco to replace tho one which te «eud to bo In poor 'condition. The ohl wood housa ot the B, O. is Txlng torn dovvi?, tx pake room for an wttonsion of the boiler shops which will be bultt Immediately, Dr. Ellis Phillips h:\si purchased the property of Froraneo Batteraoro. at tho corner of Qra-ro street and Mftatlow lane. · Tlic now ooal slope of the Cambria Iron Company at Whooler ie 1 being p««h«l rapidly to wmpletipn by Chief fflngitwior Fulton anTW./J. Gllmore. The slope will bo 2,000 feet long. The coal will be reached at 670 feet. H.'.q. Prick Coke Company purchases the BuramJt mines, Baking a continuous Jlno of worka from Brood Ford to Tbortcm Titno of Dunbar Is seriously Injured by thf- falling of two bontu of a treetlo of tha Youngritowa .JMIftaiMW^^ Paramount Theatre ' ' jw- TODAY --m : '· · .A. CiKJE AT TALKING WESTERN ' . . Yitaphone Act and Sound Talking Serial '"Tarzan the Tiger" Admission---MuUnee lOc and SiSc; tNiglit 15c and 35c Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday "Sally"- -Featuring IMaryllin Miller j V*am**!HiM***MIM*^^ Thomas O. Sample, Pennsylvania grand chancellor, Knights of Pythias, ylaitf. Dunbar Lodge. John Gordon, 90 y«ars old, dioa in Franklin township. 31, 18DO,, report of the Coiinellevitle coko trutle for the -wtiok ending January 25 ahowe a total of 14,541 ovcne In the rogion of which 13,920 arc in blast and 631 idle with ft total estimate! production of 141,625 tone. Christian ball of Loiseuring !a killed when he, is Tjurltjd under a maas of rock and earth which falls white he and tv g«.ng of luborois are^replacing At the Theatres The Paramount 'ICer. Maynard outdoes himself In.'riding etunts in "Serioi- Acu-ricauai'' Ma lattat talking picture for Univfireal, whilch, is on. lhV screen si, the Paramount 't'hefl.tre. Opportunity for opening up a now field of etunt rkling \ afforded by tho Spanish-Californlan festival scenes, which play an. important and colorful part in the picture. For these scenes Maynard assembled a larj:e troape of the most Hie IHful and daring; trick riders obtainable. Tho stunts Ift- cludisd a tug-of-war on horseback,,u scarf from a trtse branch while going at full speed, hor*aback Tin? Orpheum Climax to ivvianty years of research dspertment, j;.nll the, .expenditure of thousands ol ^oUars 'la soon at tho Orpheuia .Thsa:re wqare the first all- color screen future, filmed in natural coiprw tiy a p.-oces« so perfect that th« illunkm te absolutely complete, foe shown. . "The Mysterious Island," Metro- Gold wyn-i!VJ«yer'a spectacular fantasy of under-Bea, life and adventure, with and from t1« fapjoua 'story by J«lc« .V«rae, aeienUncaUjr graphy. In UM most e|«l*orat color to correct the color obstacle racoa complicated by Ijarrete, | subject in history. H Is shown oh the worn out eupportfl No. 2. licenses in tho ehaft at and picking up a rc*e fro«; the ground screen exactly a ctmtury after white riding at full HtKuxl ' birth of th« author. are issued in Uniontown as follows: John Dwyer ot; l\1orrill a!nd Annlo, Price of McKeea- port, Frank \Kockey and M«iry B. Robbina, both of VanderlIU; William J. IJarry of Xlnlontown and Ixsvinia B. Tibbs ot Hopwood; Samuel II. Dunn ami j\Kno« J. Carr, both of Layton; th« In those' scenes "Maynatd rid«s his "The Mywte rjnui Jslaittf" H the ofory famous trick hars«, "Tarz^n." Itv iwl-; of tHo first sutaiarttMs, Musli of U was dttlon to the riding, there Is plonty of j fUmed unoVr MMI, with the mysterious action iu the picture, .1 it- iturc being | trcaturo« of the ocean ai«i the human a fierce sword duel between Maynard nclors. in dUla'g «rm»f, tningiinR in and hi* rival In Jove. "Senor American" the with life Jane Dtvlj-, l,\ojA Hugh** and other in Southern California In t h e troubledf p'ayera, hund'Mta of extra peopl*, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Bigger Than "Gold Diggers of Broadway" All Talking creem Marietta and Sr.die Hyatt, both days i? juat preceding aniie.xs.tton by the ~ - - - Uniite1 Sutes . Maynard plays the part of a young United SU-l*s earalry officer who falls In lovo wi'b ft. Iwauti- ful SpantehCaHfornia.a gtr , portrayed by KatSryn Crawford. Tlw program ,al«o inclu* «* i chapter of "Tarzan the Tiger," ; VHaphonc act and sound news reel. of ConneltevUks "William Taylor ami Marttm Cumniinga, both of Dunbar township. i . .. Georso He-tzel, the Wttaburg street butcher, ft ilia the larj;eet steer ever slaughtered in thd county. It is four years old and weighs 1,49-1 pounds when dressed, Mrs. Mary Stlllwagon, widow of Konry Stlllwagon, recolves $2,025.2 ponelon for nervlcea rondered by he-r late Ivasbund In the Mexican "vVar. The claim ha} been pending in Congress for 20 years. John A. Xiimmorman, 'tocal merchant, and Miss Orle I/awson are married. J. 'M. Smith is appointed train tlla- Ttatchcr of the Kayotte county branch ot the .U«.Himoro Ohio and ateo of the O. B. fihort. line. I lurry Marietta, son of Councilman Rockwell Marietta, Is married to Mtes Sadie Hyatt ly Rev. K. C. Morgan ot the Baptist Church. The. following officers of William F. K u r t z . Post, Grand Army of K-opubllc, lire ek-cted for the year 1S90; David Klchey, commandor; William Mayfleld, senior vlce-communder; U. D. Sriyder, junior vice-commander; Henry Kurtz, The Paraipovint iminy rayjrt*-rl6!» «c«i««s below Uw Hurfuco of. tJw waves dtro wo»«n into the (jrJpplas tiptasy. dlr»ose»3 anl produced by truciets Hiibbard; A ixio-sritHona' act, Roun'd siows roc) i and all taikih j eosntwJ}' arc mlso being The Orpheisun Ballo Paker, fftar of th«^ Columbia f all-talfeing-, elng-lns, ifa-nciiig, 'backstage drama »-!tlch will open MoiUfjay tit thfl Orplittum for n thrcp-iiiy nt.~ "SJally," Marilyn Miller's t'rst motion picture, which comets to th-e Paramount Theatre Monday for a. four lay attrac-; l ra ,^ loa ~ to" a ^ ro dacl."ot~Now"York's tioii. Is made entirely iu 'J echnieolor L a8t . a , !o __that meiroDolila.!! dtetrlcl showing the natural colors of cos-1 tumofl, ticttings and other t poclacular j,rtj 3 (j c of the The picture has been adapted from Miss Miller's great«et stago auccese, and is an all-dialogue production with singing and dancing on the iinoet lav-- (juartormaHter; T. M. adjutant; Kamue) Johnston, chaplain; Andrew Artman, surgeon; Will him II, Shaw, officer of tho day; Israel Miller, officer of the guard; A, S. Cameron, sor- geaiU. nmjor; IMmund Punn, tiuartor- maator sergeant, and T. M, Fee, dele- gttto to th-o Department Encampment. F IMP AY, FE1IKUAHY 2, UMM). .Detaiicd report of tho Connoltevllle coko trade for the week_ ending January 27 shows a total ol'' 19,992 ovena in tho region, of which 19,360 are in blast and 632 idlo, with a total 'estimated production of 215,539 ton*. At thi annual meeting of the Sotitl^ Conuollfivllle Building Loan Association, K. D u n n la elected president to succeed tho l«te John F. Solseon and George J. Humbert succeeds Mr. Duun. H. L. Kurtz is chosen treasurer ami Kmmor SaunJSera, aecretaryj A dividend of eight and a half per cent i lt.i declnved, · ThnoUiy Downing, Jr., 14 years old, line hie log ea badly mangled while ptaylug ti round the t u r n t a b l e oC the B. O. yards that it has to bo ampxi- tated. Marriage licensee are ieeued in Uniontdwn as follows: William C. Johnson and Martha Harris Fuller, both of Mount Bmddock; William P. Sherrlck and Alice P. Slaven, both of Kverson; Willtam S. McWlIUams of OraTton, W. Va., and Henrietta P. White of Connollsvlllo; A r t h u r L. Freeman and Nora Swauger, both of Ish ever attempted on ihe acretn,: An all-«tar Supporting ca: ( 1» «cen with Miss MSher'. Pert K iton, wlio ·eaBt-sI!e--that moiropolilan district that luas produced more political and rl tics than any Other sec- Her caroer startwi early. She made her debut on the eta^e at tho ego of eight, quently In Bust Side appeared tnualc halls, thereafter, and was the flret singer to make a specialty of Uebrow melodic. 1 ?. Morris Geit discovered the talented played In Zlegtold's "Rio Kila," Is tho} t . h u u am , flecWcI ^ i ntr cxjuce her 1.6 ingeuno lend and Alexander Oray, tho j u - p . tow|l auc! | cnoes . An opening was musical comedy favorite who sang iu ftrl . anged f o r llor . a t'-, .Ifammewteln'n '"l 1 ^* n T\ntt r t « « ( - d / \ n r r ^ ' f t r\r\stft ·*« I n + Viii _ , , ,, , ' ' * · ' · ' ' ' i .'' Victoria. Cost interested Leo Foist Iu bte protflge. Both persuaded Belasco ing The Best It's AMAZNG how much greater "Sally" is on the screen. A more vivid love plot, brand new song hits, more sensational dance effects, vastly enlarged chorus. A Masterpiece of Mirth, Melody and Itomauce.' A FIRST N ATIONAL VITAPHONE ALL COLOR EXTRAVAGANZA · - . With ALEXANDER GRAY, JOE E. BROWN, PERT KELTON "The Desert Song," appeals In the romantic lead. Joo E. 1 Br'\vn, Ford Sterling and T. Roy Barnei aro ! t!ie chief comediang In the gay and rollick- Ing story of a grand duke who becomes a waiter and a humblo Vaiireea who becomes a stage star. John Francis.Dllloa directed "Sally," which was adapted for the riereen ( by Waldemar Young from tht- musical comedy by Guy Bolton and 'Jerome Keru. The beat remembered m-elot'lies of tho original etage production are hoard, as wall as additional numl'ters especially written for ''i-killy" on the The famous Albertlna Rasch dancers appear in the esiaembla number's, and a company of more than 100 is seen in aupport of tha etar. "Silly," which broke t heatrical records in every large city iu America whoii presented as a etage musical comedy, is also breaking box o'fllCD records as 41 picture, and -bar. already established Marilyn,: MiiKr ae a screen etar of the flret rank. . ·'Sally" hae ,somo of the biggest stage enaemblee yet screened.. "Look For.the Silver Lhdn'e," and "A Wild, Wild Rose," song ;hits of tho stage version, are. retailed, while new, snappy and up-to-date muaital rium- bors) have been provided by the First National Vitapbone staff song writers. Wright of South Plttaburg 6treet dies at his home at Cadiz, Ohio. Robert Hanlon, 23 years old, a; to attend one of. Miss Baker'e per- fprmancCe. Belawco was so impretiaed vrith tho young girl's ability (she was then about 17) that he wanted to send ^her to Kurope, have her trained and brln^ her out an a dramatic star. Miss Baker,had by tsie time becom-o endeared to the ivaudevine.pnblic. She loved hor work and did. not want to -give It up. .. ~ ; -. - . " · Belle Baker has continued in vaudo ville and; musical .revties from .'that time to the present. She ie one of the most popular vaudeville artists of the decade and one of tho highest paid. One secret of her popularity Is her versatility. ! She , 6lng« peppy jazz eongs, ballada, character and dialect eelctiona with equal auccess; She was the first- p-ort'ormer to introduce the "baby isong" and alwaye .luclndee one In h o r repertoire. . · · · · ' · ·-. Ralph Graves, who iplays ;.,tlie hard- boiled but lovable vaudeville, actor hi "Soug of Love," is not only a jack-of- all-tradja but a, master j of most o£ them/" ! " ' " . '''-" .. ' '''· h "''.' " that Eev. W. H. Hetrlck has accepted the call to become pastor here, Ho has been located at Westminster, Md.' The- Connenflville Steam Laundry Company is ;givcn the contract to d o ' all of the Joiindry,work from the din-, j ing cars running between Chicago and . Baltimore, "iv. O. Adrian, manager, j lands the contract when h4 !irons a ! Vitaphonu Act Talkinfj Ne 11 vs Reel All Talking 3omedy From Floronz ^Ziegfehl's nnisJenl -romccly hy Ciuy lloltou, and: Jerome Kern,coinposer. "Directed by Joiin Francis Dillon. -Thotogrifvplie^ by Technicolor Process. ''A dmission--Matinee lOc and 35c^-Night 15c and 50c Friday and S aturday--Eddie Buzzeil and Alice^ Day in "Little Johnny Jones'^ w* TOE AY ^ in Dialogiie, Sound and Ted nicolot! "THE JIYB -Tuesday--Wednesday All Talking, Singing, Dancing WltJi Lionel Barrymore, Lloyd Hiilghes, Jane Dal. r The spectacular undersets r o- man ce . f r o in Jules Vorne's iii- mous no veil Two years io make! Columbia pnyorrfr ConnellHvillo, and Harry N. Bate« of rittsburE and Martha Hall of .Layton. JAM'AKY 27, 1!HO Detailed report of tho C'-onnellevllio cok-e trade for the week onding J a n - j ^^^^ uary 22 «ihowa a total of :1!,U9 ovene hi tho r(-glon, of which 3^,7S4-are in blest and 2.G2G idle, with a total estimated production of 471,222 ton*. Tho W. C. t. U. of South Coanens- vlllo will make an effort to prevent helper at the Baltimore. Ohio shops, | pa;,. o£ white tn.ueera in record time has. a narrow escape from death to proye : hie contention that his plant i whiU» working in the em-oke .-(tack of : a locomotive wh-en another -mploye, also working on the ougih-o, turns on j tho blower, forcing; steam Into the ( h o gran)Ing of retail liquor licenses at , 1920 Detailed report of the coke trade f o r ' t h e week ending Jan-- uary .'U shown a totai of 36,68-1 in the region of which 23,100 are In Is in' a' position' to do better work in less time. William F. Ooughenour, 42 years old, te 'buruetl U» death when he attempts t.o get his dairy cows I'rom the burning barn on his nt-l;ho Narrows;. The Ides fe estimated at $12,000'. Curl .(. McCormick of Vandurbilt, Weet Ponn motorman, dios. Squire Shipley, 73 y-eira old, a Civil I War veteran, dlcn ut.. friount Also Our, Gang Com ;dy, Movietone Act and Soun d Ne\vs t h a t plac-f. bUmt. and 12,579 Idlo with a total dock. Mls« C'l-ira Tipptnau, daiiglittr of Mr. fritimattHl production of 241,33 ion*. «U1 Mra. JoHoph Tipprnuu uf Coiinellt!- Denjamtn K. Stonn, -a Baltituor-e . vHI«, and Wllliain Finn nre jaurrknl j Ditto tolographcd slnco 1H75, tilen at ul tho I m m a c u l a t e Conception Church liW homo at Sand 1'u.tch: Business West Since January 1 i{ov. l-'aiher John T. Burns. Mr* Cliint Kophurt. Hi yearr; o; h e r lioino at Fayotle City. Mi'j. C'olunilu« M a r t i n , 71 J'IK!'H «tr!, j that UeeldentH at .all plank-; of tlie H. C. old. Kriclt Coko Compnny are i n u o c u l a i e d dies u i Moore, t a i h o r of Mre, \V, L. Gro"ntla fop Oivorca One '··! IU« rviiKmv*' utlviuivpd h.v n fur s j t'l;lns a. divorce from hci ul in N(w|Kiri, li. I., wjis I l i u 1 llf ]|:ll|c lid ICI (1 llll'IIIIT I If 1 f l l l to prevent pneumonlo and influou.n so j M a | ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,,. sn ,,,,,,,,, l h i , , I h n t if« o n v t x l n v n w v v U l iir^t Uii, ,»*v,n M ' V,, ' ' pip l / j i i c l i t ' d ill Hum. I he w i i n i i u i wrii" g r a n i p d n decr«p. an the cround of C . P I l o l l r . , will n n t and production slowed. T r i n i t y l.utharau C h u r c h is 1).'80''per cent of capacity and so mo i nitos have gone as high · as. SS per j i .Mit. Mlsco'llan-ewiS' buying 1 lias i n - i c reaaod in volbnVii. but tlie price reces- f o ' n . i n llnislierj steel^descriptions lias I rough t down tiuotalHnis, in wora-e -ins .liiceK.,. ; ' : ' : . i · -· There* has bi-nn, a s l i g h t ituprovo- i) out In " r e t a i l 'i'rade but on tin; whcjle li lit.lll IB (|Uiet, Jolilicrs report lnty- ii g giiiUM'ally Cor a small . ' - a m o u n t . production t|utl other hidimlrlaa! '- i""^'-'ml ( m l h l l n g uiateriJili ui-c l u - (furine 'the ix-ist week to | u ' l i v o » n d ' b n l l r t i u B openilion* Mfilit, show tlie a l o w Intt steady l u i p r o v e - j No init'tic'ulii.r c l u u i y e i i n -'the g'lass i l i a t h.ia (.·lui.ruiitari.ied ciond'i-1 f i dust ry li sis bsy-n noted.- ' P r o d u c d o t i tlinHigho'nt Western. R e n i u - i y l - j o window jjUias i.-i a! :i low lovol mid V f i n i a ' since l.ho llrst of I he yenv. hoicks reponwl fsu'ipUi'-lo l a k e c'nri? of the rn-qra-ue' rut ingot o u i p t j t in t.hc j ci rrent clpmand. Tiicro |if! .'i IH.nliI i-in- distric|. aW ha.-i rouchcd 10 ICroin Tfi p- ovemviU--in- d o m u i i r l rat u l u t o jflass, .' '.* - . · ' - - ; , ' . ' . 1 ! · ' ' ' · . . SONG'fLOVE RALPH GRAVES cWDAVlO DURAND Also All Comedy, Act and Sound - PITTS'JHJUG. S,--Activity i n ' I.IOIIK 121 t-c'trieul ei|iiipiiHstit d e m a n d · · c 11- j . l a a t w e k !)Ua 0 tsthriut-td ,il about good. !.t«viai\(l fov phuubi') s" n.ilOO.OUl) toim weehly/ \ V l i ! ) p a supplies a n d - s a n i t a r y iit|tiipnient ' ' ' ' · ~ ' t'liik't. A modui'atte decroasu in the [irodiictlon of criidc! !n-H.'«:; of reflnod products sriiKiH' lower on (.he ivei';i.^u. Production o'f'bituminous coal' con- tinues'at .practically-the same nvte as improvement is .noted hi tl|.i! is shown rdr livdnwtrial souvees.'prices'epmtitn«' i l :i id j iittK:ifi(--![icto! i y. · ' : ' . " ri i l l s ; ) ; ; for Burning J the ad verttseiaeuta in, "S

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