The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 7, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DULY COURIER CONNELLSVIl/LD PA Tl. ESDAY MAT 7, 191S ovuns his man-rage to \ns, gnanklcr of Snydoitown Pn ix« Geo-ge E Cook returnLd to Camp bkeraian,, CkiltTcotlie, 0 *. vrhcre he is staiioaed T-he coupls were quietly married Satardaj in Pit.tsttr£ The regulai meeting ot tbe Woman s Home and loici^n Mio^ionarj socie- tie.3 of tie Trmit Lutheran church v.ill be field Thurbda alicrmoa at 2 30 o clock a* tfce home of Mis Harry m Arch street Officers for tie ensuing °a were elected at a recent meet ng o£ the t-p- Tirortti league of the Fust Methodist Episcopal church President tliss El eanor Homer, n-st \ice prt-sident 3Iiss Fredda .Rhodes secern I vice president Miss Isabel e rvagle, third Tiee president Misa MarJia Kauff- jnaa fourth YJCC president, Miss Hes tep,. \EcGarnes, O ecreur Mia* Bertha ain, treasurer M ss Gertrude Toe regular meeting of Tie Friendship, tample ^c^-Sa Pythian S'=ters \vill~So~keld~ Thursda alteraoon in Marleif nail Mothers Day viil oe obser ed Sim d*iv in all of the churches Che pas tors \fill delner appropriate sermons and. the cjio r H ili--rende- tnusic n JteeDiag-witn -he daj The slogan o£ Mothers Day is Tho Bes Mother ~Vt~tu Lver Lived the mothe* of }our heart 'VS hi e the badge is a \v hite carnation mairv persons will wear their mother s favorite flower Tl e Mar -ha Norton Bible class will ha-ve charge ot the service* at the Christian church j , hlch she ta a member An members and will pic-ent each mother with a I and t w o ^^^ Mrs Tnonla5 Court floaer Mrs Robert ^eine is chair- Dej and MlS£ Vargaret Reese attend man ot the flofter comm ttee j ed and spent a j^t enjoyable e\. ! ning Mrs Locej who before her mar FIUEfTr STRATI TTJRBA'N Uf SQUUU ^ttfett Yttt. LLEWELYN LOST LIFE WHEN BOAT STRUCK ON ROCKS This black chip straw turban trim med -with an upstanding graj w-ig is charminglj- sat off b} a square n ·*· h eil carrying a mnning desigix In Velvet. £ed Cross Da., be obsened [ nage , tlas ciara Belle Moer Sunday Maj 1J in the ciu rche* and j was tho e( .,p lent of a numb er oj on the following day the ccuntrv will han(lsome ^ usefu! gl£ts beg n a drive for one hundred million v, as ser\ ed Miss Katharine Frlsbee »ill enter-] tarn the lburoda\ \fternorvCard club Thuisdav aftsrooon at 2 o clock at her h.ome in \Vc»t CraK-ford ay^uue The Knit and "SVia unit to tho Charleston ComforU branch of tie JSavj League met la»t n ght at the home ot Mrs Harry Reagan m Eighth street Greenwood The nex meeting wtll oe held Monday night at the home of "Mrs Jamos Cpher in l^ight street Tb« service. Jlag xLedic i.ted Sunday night at the Unittd Brethren shurch PERSONAL. hine Rendiae is visiting I at the home of her son John Rendine at Wlndbcr She was called there hj ' the illness of her grandson "Uichael Rendine J- who contracted pneumonia M r u Arthur Zsentuan of Scottdale i%aa shopping in tcXln todaj The best place to shop after all Browne!! Shoe Co--Adv Joseph Hild has returned io Cum b«* land where he la employed after spending Sunda ^ith his ^jfe at South ConnolH-nUe Miss Katharine FVisbee spent _ _ i^^ tiiiia ^xtvu'iiiuc A'tjjutti »i*ciit t in honor of tfie young men of toe u p ltts burg chu ch in mil.tao ^.co, «. made ^ ^^ ^ o{ ^^ bv \ft«s T H Edmunds and Miss Amj i Boor -members of the church The icgular meeting cf the \oung t ScoalJtj Parochial hall be held tonight members are Qti of Lniontowti wis the frueit of her parents Mr -inrt Mrs H B P graan of Ft-it Crau ord a enue over Sunday Air and Mrs Charles "^ illiams of The reicu ar meeting ot Ldna Re- befcah Loage mil be h Id omorrow night tn Odd Fellows ball V jarge attendance is desired ·Airs Matthew Cronle* is entertain ing- the Greenwood Lad b I ancvu ork cluo this afternoon at htr home in Eighth streft. O r e°nuocd The monthh busme^ nieetms of 'he I irst Bapt =t S mdaj School at the c'ose of the regu ar prater er I OBicers or the en^u ug jeir w i l l be elected ai. the last regi lir nieeting of llhe X\omans Culture club for tbe cur t l rent season to bo held M"onda\ ifter 'noon Mav IS at he ronie of Mrs G "R CampbeM j u "\ in" 1 street Dele gates to the -nnual neeting a f the l^tate F^dctition of Pcnns\ha*iia j '"Women v-ill ctr^ty _board~ of the to he Ancient Order ho d a euchre and erenin Maj 14 in the j-vw*.- The nracee Is trill be used [tor purchasing lAbe" v Bond** lie. meeting of th X "n class of itheTirst Baptkt chi rch ivdich «at ito, ha\e oeen herd Thursday e\emng ,at the" h^ine of Mrs Herbert Semonea (in \forrell avenue Greenwood has been postponed to F-iday night members a e inMted Por'er aienue were called to Reno; a Pa b tbe death of Dolores T^lliams daughter of Mr and Mrs Geo~ke "ft il i hams | "iou need that new suit more than I ( need he few dollars I may make on I if Order now' Dave Cohen Tailor --Adv Mr and Mrs V G Dunn Mrs Marj Dunn o£ Crafon Rev M E Dunn ind Re\ Carl Dunn of Spokane ^\ash M-s Lllzabe h Raukin of Bur getts'own Dr and Mrs J O Arnold ind da ishter Mis 5 ; Lwlyn Arnold of } Philadelphia ^vere among the out ot eral of Mrs T Scott Dunn Earlj cabbage and tomato plants nov. rcad\ p R DeMuta Son= -Ad\ ~ 3t M H AfcClmtock of UTest Farotte street left last n(t,ht for Camden N J where he -u ill enter q t Joseph s hospital for treatmoni. He was ac corapanied by Mr" McClititock and daughte- Marj Elizal pth Mr and Mrs A ( Vi iltrout of Brownfield attended the fureral of he forme-s niece Mis F E Noon held this a'ternoon from the bnittd Brethren chJrph Patron /e u iiose who advertise Continued from Pace One- deaih of your patr otic son Th-omas \\h.o ft as a menber of Coirpajiy D th Battalion 20th Engineers As T.ou know w e w e r e aboard the ill fated steamship Tuacama \vhicli ivas torpedoed ( f t the north coi-st of Ireland i. D 50 T M February D 1918 On Utis particular da Tnornas was well and in fine spirits and when »e *ere struck marched to his li f boai station with coolness got off in the boat assigned *o him and got safolj asvaj from the tJiip All ^ent well [ v-Hli the boat until th chores of the Isle of Islaj were reached just off the Scottish cotst Ej- t-his time 4he sea had become ve" rough and being dark about 2 A \T of February 6 the boa.1 was broken to p ecus oa the rocks before the occupants realized their danger Tbongi all \srre equipped with, and had on life belts they of. little use on such a rocky coast Thomas bod was recovered th e ne"\t da\ and together with others wns bumd w tli militarj honors b\ the survi\or^ ot,sistLd hy the Scottish authoiities and the people of the island The kind Sco t sh people were rerj tecder m their care of both the liMng and the dead and lavished i profusion of tinkers on the cisk ts of Eiose who I I P no longer tvith us Poor fellows now UeepmE? this 1 ia sleep with tbe so't-ra^ music oC the ocean bea Ing agaij st the elurdT- rock cliff this i\ill be tbeir r*.QUiem Gone but iot foigotto h 1 - lovod ones at home and corrrades abroad Further nformation maj be oil tamed front Colm Camuboll H C W No 7 Charlotte stteet Z'ort Ellen Isla Scotland This gentleman sta ed hat he would be ver glad to hear from the people oC the *nen who in Port LtHen ani that no expense would be s] ared to grant the!" wishes so 'ar is possible In extending- you my sj-mpa^hy for you- loss 1 wish you to tabo comfort in he noble cause in which youi son lost his life and his patriotism m of Cering himself to h s country la her hour of ioed "We ^ ho later hope 1 we rni be spared until w e can render some payment to the pi-ate*, who caused so man^ to go prematurel) Tfa© ©rfss JOHN H MACKB1 Follow n g an illness of pneumonia, John H Micke G -veaih ola died this morning di the Cottage State bos- pita! re lio aad beon L patient since last Thurdiv The body vis rented to Puneral Diret,toi f F Sink, parlors i i later was taken to the hrmc f Ci ncrire Col Hns Na J22 N h Cotnge t \ o n u c whert H Mackej had ho trdcd foi so lie Uire Deceased \\ is bom Jinnan 1C 1S51 and for sc\cn 01 eight j \ears \\is in orderlj at J n n Co tigc j SLatc hOopitai Ho had aoL wotkcd at the hospital of !aie MOShB Oa April 20 Daniel K Moser own Ifn ontov.n man died of piieu This mo-ning hib "wi't ^ac cumbed to tie sa-ne disease Mrs Moser was born at Smitiifleld oa Aa gnst 15 3846 and mo\cd to Union- ton n ii 1001 She wis a member of the Prcsb^"*cr£an church Thico chil dron Charles S Harrv F and Alice R and two brother 1 ; J E Smith California State normal and T IL Smith ui DualMrt township su"v \e. PbVRL OE\3XRIT Pearl the f oa~ xtar old ri^ugiter ol j %tr and MYs Jobcp i Ornd' rft of QJIO- i pvR deiSurda-t Eollo^i g an illness | GRANDMA NEVER LET HER HAIR GET GRAY She Iiept H i r 1 ocKs It irK ond « l \\it3t ba.'t l i a a n i l Sii)|)Ua" being the i ioat Th viJi of nnc \ lo\\cr Than 1 of s«. i \ f ul c i c For Infants and Raildren. Bears the Signature of .oadFcvBrfshncssaod lOSSOFSlECP «S"1) * , «8 Thirty Years 4? Fouiards and Satins for Spring, HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 129 to 133 N PlTTSBUPG St CONNELLSVIUE} jfe COKNELLSVILLE'S GREATEST STORE Pretty House Dresses for $1.25, .aJ.39 and SI.98 Good « vie garmfii -, t h a t 1 _ \ e in air of grace and beauts--ca n / b seued i KM fm h«l r ,,! l In vrr} re spool as good is yo I ! i nkc f u i in ni« he hours of sev mg -c !L( Hriss(, u 9 x «.)! and 53 0- Dsnity Wash Goods lit ind fros 1 " 1 T he *" mil )pr inrn are the new "wrasfe fabric ° c D*uni\ and ci p n t IL \\ aves to be s ft en the coloring Empire Voiles irtbes wide in the most 1 PAUI lul coloring 11 ! at 50c a yard. Silk Gin^hcim and Tissues The dt^ump re? onxcl i! P coloniigs arc so dainfv and fine sill t n t ! J ire in r men i su 1 1 1 nriad of fanciful wajs that on can urdU u!p I c ic r 0 hit ibej u c r ull of life V*e are quit s u i c lliJ-t ^011 A i d K u m i r a t icm at jOc :hc iard Ne-y Ginghams ar.d Percales i t,r \ \ i h Ooodb ^ale lou w i l l nnd a large qna: ( r^ Ginj-] Jiiii. Percriks ind Dc-ionsbires here muc ul for tomoii »%\ A\ c ^ e thrown in se\«ralUiouaar cirt Ic t^l* 1 ct 5d coionrgb and )\ comparison vou wi :h ^ nr\ loi r t ''or oqi ^ qual ties UK \e.u \i i r" Cin^ham f n l l P inches wide price 30c 73- online C nth i« all no new CM. stUes and colorings at 43c yd f prradr of 1 L cilcs f u l l ^^a d \\idc 1 gilt and dark coloring Cboice - c \ iH The dc! ^h c of jour vacation bef n the mocacot vou board a D C Coast L nc Sicamer ior beautitJ Mjckanac lilaod--for b i( of he dclifct e arc in be Lake voyage Ba tio iJ nckeis arc honored o J all D S: C L DC steamer* with out t. la chn lie The D £. C I s H a a i n a u r c s ticb-t n ^?^olnt^3lml« OUUDC ond TatDFt^kicl 1 scrv cc Sa/ciy and health proM6iOC« arc nlj that could be LLS red All £ eaincrh arc equ jrpcd t* th laipul w rc!es water is h eni zcJ by Ida vioi« raj process Two Kplcncl d vvsSeU--C» of Machaac JZ and Oty of \lpcm Il-operate foi-r i TI« 3 » cck to Witd From Toledo Monday and SSO \ M Tucsdas and Th rvlaym 600 P M From Detro t Mordayt find Sa M Wcdactoav* nad Pnda A M Scnd3-ceni etamp for tli « alcd pnmpnlet iod Grcn l a f t M map Addrcs* L. O L E M J S C. F A y Fbird Avenue Detroit Mich $700 Round tnp U.W Toledo $ 6.2S dtngll 00 From Drtrort ear the Skin A b-nutiful complexion is the outward mark of good blood and a healthy body. When the stomach, liver and blood are m good order, the skin is clear and lovely Uns gh'ly blotches, pimples, eruptions and sallow-ness show the need of Beecham's Pills to stanukt and regulate the vital organs and improve the circulation. Good health and better looks soon follow the use of Direchesni of Special Valae to Women are vritH Every Bn Sold by eJmzgisln throughout tKe wwld. In boict, lOc, 2Sc. FOB Y. EC. A. WORK to Sliaro Proceeds of J*la at hoissou Tonight. t pait of the pioceeds from the *iist second perfonr ances of My i When you darken /our hai w I J i Sage Tea and b u i p h u r no one Laa tcil becuise its done so natu-a ly so oven Preparing; inis m i x t m e ' though at home is nmssj and u o u b l e so i e At littlp cost /ou caii buj a in drug btore the. rtad'v to use pien- f ration m proved b^ the addition or otaer mgrodientb ctlleJ "\\ j cu s Sage and Sulphur Compound \ ou just darimpen a spon,^ or soft 11 ish Th** Poplar Groie unit to tbe Red Crosi 7 ill meet Taursdiv afternoon at I Lugene the borne ol^Irs H 3 .3parks, at Pon lar G*we to se* for the ^oztLers ^ 'large attendance is lesired U and draw Un*» through jour ^I [Honolulu Girl tonight at the Sois ' hai- taking one snraU strand it a son theatre v, II be "or the benefit of i tine E mo-nmg all gra\ ha r dis the \ M C A . nan \vork T h e c o m appears anc a'Ur anoJic a - p j i c a mitloG m charge s composed o* Mrs 1 tton or t«o j o u r Ju r JCOHICS beau T No-ton chairman Mrs ufull darkened glo sj nd lu u tit la les B Hogg Mr a "Va^en L j Gray faded hair hough no u s Bright Mrs Morris Smith and Miss grace s a sign ot old age aid as wo Cathenue VQ]^ j d l ae= rn a jouth^il aud at racthe Tie cast of M Honolulu Gjrl limitations are OL for i ^\ai Gar den dance to he he!! at Colonial Inn Frida eveslg Ma l~ bv the Pi Pii^ciub The, 1 -regular mee Ing- of fie \\on- ea*s Benefit a^socTa 'ou, ot thu Macta- composed of 20 performers with real Hawaiian =ingeis and dancers said to exceptional!} clc\er appearance ^et it once v-Lth \\~\- 11. r 1. L. Instatnte. 4 W C T L Institute will be held it tiie Fresbyteria i church at "Van eth s Sage aid b u l ^ l i u r Com round and look \ears vouoger This rei 1 o ^se p'-cpirat on is a delightful toilet requisite and not a rrca ci ic It ib not inteaded toi the cure mitig-a t*ou or pre\enuon o f diseae -- Vd\ \ fishlon authorU vibo Is n l e t n and e-s.n i f p i r bimr sa^\s tl u women lite L, tn nri n., slum In th ir upiurel tills s r n a I oia top t toi fro n tint to shoes the cull N for Jus rous -surfices en Mil 1 tl e 1!^, t pl:n- find d tufts Ml OIL h*p!i\-3 bt ir out his i" trtion In milHiierv Lnsltks t i e r-lmm of nbl 01 s and .UIEIS ih*n ure ill brr *, of *.U/cd frul s in i bv. c r« ! irf iieroi n t, ntl juill** % u r aishul straws nnd r bbon«* t v n th,, modest \iolct il mil 1 -* a slunv swfute and lookb is if it huj OG n c m U i I u tl ribbons are g VLD an exhri coat of pol tsh In sutb i 'stnson Con! inl nnd "itln^- for dresses follow us tliL nl^lu tho (lav Ihej Hie lie in all thtt b"i ituosss i ci inKrtMmg \incty ot i utrrns I i^med foulaidb amUt the most sun pie di signs in li s'-tb H I I L I C lesb sim pie th in tl py sre 1 lie polki duf. is let? r jt. 1 Jilonff \vlth fouln"ls It (n\ itcs our uttt.n rion In tho dross bb \ \ n t t the left oE tbe plrturp i b j \ c \\htre w h i t e poll i dot= In jjtnup 4 - v f thtee ^pjuifilq a stir [IICP of flag bine This youthful tu lei Ij is n %esUe ot \ \ t n t c \% sh feat n at the front t ibe ) ur ice nd o c i c ule (f sum Houmcs j t h Incl of tbo sLirt. » " 'I l ill ·*!!!: al jt th HORNSBY BAT SHY IN M'NORS Int snrprl^ s u= \\1 h a 1 Hie dip it i it ( i n In tbe innncr of a n v ic.) Sot much foul trl is need 11 in a t\n,--- ! odtttd on such biuij IL hi; « ii is an unpretci u us auO pr IT frotl In t l dio^s it tl c rljju of tbe pic ruie a muth uiori. I bt,i l a o f n te n I is ruj i cu to L ir ^ out the Id i^ of the t t,u r \ umc \MI i \er\ full d «i tn ife o r i i M u n t d uHb hTjd ei n. I L I \ In i Uesun tint Includes (utlinos cf iloxvei^ CoIin^L. ind bird^ It 1 "? n snrpl cc boOi o \\ith v n l c i s(et \e^ of ^,t r ttt. crcpo (InJsl t(3 w i t l a i irr \ band of. met illic n l b o n at the fn nt u n l L t o L(3qt, of T n i n o w pf { J i n Tb ^c M-, i «KMCS H P i\n l 1 it Hi u n s t in tin ^ i n i o vra\ Ihls is i quf t ut ''Icli I o ing fr c ' l \vl ' us 01%nor c in tlnss n i to tin I c p) u i Jtrf 1 - of i«* o cj^ion u i i M of n t K b 11 it mi. In dress Hub I Ut-ts Oificcr- _ The Sat ia UiLUOMi club mot J I it hi. 'uui of Mrs J H ila/let U { ' \ a n d e i l li n ^ LI 10 \ e ^ ( ^ I l i , ' % J 4 UK! el ci" 1 ti o f H l ? o^ite ^ 7 5 [b c i i , , L U 1 l e u "S i s { | S \\ i^i no t i co i It ni J 1 H" t tcoa KC ncsi |M s D i \M it cc e n Mi M ( line Yougli House nwrn STAN ; ! u r ^rc t* 1 - *«1 d I r ir pi bjncr^ \ \ e r c p \eu lieirmgs n pn co oint t i t rn ^ Hoi ei fct p arrt, ed ^t 3 11 tic k 1 i i i l\ t iti Itiu i me ^^( Pt n l i b s as i L - our i dcf nit of i ^-i i re 11 \ s t c H on in or matio o ^ h p j i n ' J T O \ o not e e l l e no i ^a i^, i i ru-,h ^ T ic leading lunch stand | ConnellsMile supplies rccelT | Ii e=h e\erv da) Read the f 1 lowing, 1 st of sandwiches j ^ e n eis ^ Boiled Lggs ,, 1 1 1 3 1 . 10 i ta n it, i i r u s h w i t h * Cheese \ o i ? b P I Mni" ajn a]!e-\ J Ti ea E bees w;ll be ield omot-o» nig 1 -! a* derbilt on Tuursdav Alaj 9 The) 7 SO o clock in \Ta.i aoee ba]J nomine =essior \\ilj be at 1030 -~- o clock ind the afternoon session a t ' Mrs. Harold Lot \ -a "ecent bride i l 30 o clock Dinner will be ser\ea iva^ endercd a sur Tj se nj scellaucciis bj tile ladies of tho ^ anderbj t "W C sbo^er last eight a her pa-en s lionie T L OF AGRIClJL.TU'5'e Tastes like ' superior cof-fee , INSTANT POSTUM I Made strong or mild as desired, go Waste. Trotttr Child Dies. an 4lbert Kar^atskv four months infant son of Mi and Mis Hu dolph K-vmratany dt«d this raormng at iLo familj residence at Trotter ' tonorro^ afternoon in Hall ccmcier.3 omnl Opens Mav 6-- The Vev no-nal «cnoo! opened Vondar with an aUead^nce of 41 The nsmiciors ire Prof W H K-ctch nin Mi« Fdlth T\ ilheJm and Miss I raf Forqucr I ool l^cyc Heie s foretasted for tomorrow Sow ^eeds of. fa ilsify during the spring about the. time of the 1 ist 1 111 In? fros in the same ruanne- i 1 - for en-rots or pirsnip« One oancc if seed is required to plant a 100-foot rn» and Oils wil be sufficient for mo-, fimll'rs Wter the planti iiro 11 el! extabhsbed they should be thinned su' ficicntU to PIPM nt their croMdlng Ibo ra!ri\T ou -bould UP frcuo at and ' ft ro igh s i iCj r-ay he d\ g m t i e ^utu n nd ·- o^od in bank« or pi n 01 in th ·· o-aso loom in the ba n in 01 in ij i c ·jllo icJ to i-eraa a in J t g-t ni inJ fiug is need d -- U S Depatijuent a. Prefers to Face Big League Pitchers Who Are Less Wild--Dislikes Shaggy Pills rood for deep mlkctlon may lie found !i the icmarks of t u c u l one yi.-ir-old Honors Hornsby (he ntu Rol ehonrv of the N ttic u»I lon^tie The bccond best h itt i o* ei G-ov e"nor Tenors o i g m u i t l o i l ought to be an anthont} on that partici. lar topic Rogers dopsn t behp\L ii\ UMLIT tt pioufliiie 011 major lei^ue pitchers Lls ten to lum 'Lcpd me a^i\ from iho^o Clj^s G nnd D pitchers who h u i . 03 m ch speed they don t kn n\ ^ hpi c i s go ing U e plnvt d dofln ire u n l mv old home IcTgut I t s q rin^ a \d I v\is To c lute 0 To flutt, lute or ta mile e ill o\it a titifi^ ro i t H u w curl ! g lu Q t loo hot u 1 protctd Pht c 'tct IS as n ocd us huu^u a ui_\v flu tnj, iiou had bici u^-cd. n raid t fro In he pi ite Phi, 1 ind of foil is Ih IE t h r t u ( j at Mm hnd \ \ i t l u n t T n i n k t nro flf n^prnus Up here tlnv 1 o t it ou OCCT sion h but \ 11 j- i L r f l I U Uno^ w i u n I s coning B e M k s tl c\ h a \ e new i ails in i i hie: shou »1J tile Jirrc md I sureh do 111 t to *-\\!tik at tilt, ttlute ones rftci !·»! in at the ;=ba oi ,i busb letguc pill*.' (.las tfiid \hcrt(':(,raeiits rJrg results Co OLb ic a word 10LOH HOtSE LUCH Of Pimples Made Fice Look Uns gKly, Very Bad at Night. Itched So Scratched. $53000000 Dam The Aseounn dam acd other irriga fion works In Egynt have cost $·' 000 300 but the me ease m the \ iluc of land in caidGle aLcl lo^er Egpt has been from ? )jo 000 000 to 52 400 000 000 The total rent of t in lard bas ilsen from SS-010:00 to S 10 OC0000 Thib is what the ensm^er hat done for in less t^an ^o d^cadee WHEM GHiLQREN CRY OUT Ard a c fc\ n i i t - l c j cl i curs! js.If'dai Hiaves npw n,otuotti uthtr" v Hi dqujck rd f in N 01) irG ? sb 11 o d *o "uldrcn thi, G it sr 1 remedy for M i- r; lliev nr e *j to ,, % o (t tl dr n 1 n l! em T.~h clea at, the * omv. a Lj,t.n i\ (, t * Cl» an i breaL p cold^ f v \ hsad pi (.a n teetti(agdi*orf crp \ t,hs c H 0)0: rfE j o jlf Afk vnnr Jn ^\ei o" ] n p rt n j,rt iLtJibe G a / a S w e U o^Jc lor chUu-ui, SL l o u t s fpu.,litei \ rl u ».]j n w i boi i Surd^-v c\en re i t i M ! u ^ L "Ma^ee hofaj^ial i t i I i g o M arri I s R "U I \ ir ul 11 L m c m o \ n li jr ut,h Itiis H md outl Co n c i ( t * ^ i Ic boiough coun cil it a m O f t i ^ I- 1 t V,OCK purchased a ^ ^0 I bo l\ 3ond HEALED BYCUTICURA SOAP AND OINTMENT When my bttle sis»er was three weeks old a bres ^.irg out ca-ne in small red pimples wb'cb after- words became scales and j made her face look un^ sightly Tl^ were \cry badatn ghtandwhenevcr she got verj warm Then tbey connic"ccdtoitchso the shs scratched. ' After reading abow Cu cura. we decided to give *l.eni *x trial I saw thaUbey vc eheJ^mghe amiwei_sed two fuh ^ 2ed boics of Cuticura Oint- tneru and ont, cake of Soap *tsen she was v ealeJ ^Signer]) tr'-d M Draw- bau^^ R D4,Do\e"Pa June i2 1927. How ofte" SLcl. d 3 treE c inf; diafig- ·unngsnnt oublesr-i^ be^ 1 e^en ed by every-day u'-e cf C T "~IT^ Soap and Oin*-rient fo all toil-t j eposes Sample K««h Free card Cui onrn JVpi --THC-- EVERYTHING COOKED LD AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pu \SIv FOR OUR SPECIAL CL BHEATAST A.ND SU^NDAY DINNER, Our Pastries Arc Delicious 1 cause Th?3 Are Homemade DOOR TO WEST PE KOOM. t! A dr . i.o«o re. So p 2 *c O nicc^n '3 Sold ,*d SiJc, usr NO Kt*n otuiDiSi JAsna os OOOS CON VHEAT

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