The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 19, 1938 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, January 19, 1938
Page 7
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· WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 1938. THB DAXLiY COURIER, CONNELLSVILX.E, PA. PAGE SEVEN. TWO-ALARM : B L A Z E A T ; SCOTTDALE ;Loss of $800 Results i: From Flames at Skating Rink. OTHER ITEMS- OF INTEREST . Special to · Tho Courier. SCOTTDALE, Jan. 10.--A two' alarm fire--the first since Howard Beegle has been chief of the department--occurred yesterday when the skating 1 rink between Third and Fourth avenues was damaged to the extent of $800. / Flames had made such headway when Tiremcn 'arrived that Chief Beegle immediately turned In a call for the remainder of the equipment. Three lines of large hose and one small stream were used, togethar ·with both pumper trucks. The fire was discovered by a woman residing in the neighborhood. Gradale Sorority Meets. The regular meeting of the Gradale Sorority was held in the Rotary "room the Y. M. C. A. on Tuesday evening.' After the business meeting the social committee, composed 'of Grace Anderson, Marjorie Beadling, Emma Jane Parkhlll, Mona Ruth Coffman, Dorothy Cramer, Faithe Crowcll and June Crowell, was in 'charge. Baracas Install Officers. Newly elected officers of the 'Robert N. Skemp Baraca Class of the First Baptist Church were installed at a dinner meeting held in the church on Monday evening. A few friends of the class were guests. Injured In Fall. Mrs. Dora Laughrcy fell on the sidewalk Tuesday morning and fractured her arm. She was taken to the ;Frlck Memorial Hospital In Mount Pleasant. Country Club Governor. Ralph L. Taylor of Pittsburg street has been named a mer'icr of ·the Board of Governors of the Pleasant Valley Country Club. ; Graduate Nurse Has Operation. Stella Wolak of Evcrson, a graduate nurse of the Frlck Memorial Hospital Training School in Mounl ·Pleasant, underwent an operation al : that hostital on Monday night Vicatc Lesion Home. ; Mr. ard Mrs. Carlton E. Hughes and family! who live in the Brooks home in North Chestnut street, will move to the late A. S. F. Keister house in j tttsburg street. The Brooks home was recently purchased by .Thomas A. Lewellyn Post, American Legion. I Entertainment Held. · Odd Fellows and Rebckahs, with their friends, were entertained at a dance and card party in the Odd Fellows I'lll on Monday evening by the members of lola Rebckah lodge. Return Engagement. By special request the Evcrson .WPA Recreation Center will present a return Drugmond Thursday evening. Drugmond is a former ace pitcher of the Middle Atlantic Baseball League. From G:30 'until 7:30 o'clock he will put on a 'show for the kiddies at the old Mayflower buUding now used as a recreational center. Birth at Hospital. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Popochack of Everson at Frick Memorial Hospital on Tuesday night. M.B. Pryce Will Address Dunbar Board of Trade i_ i Special to Tbo Courier. DUNBAR, Jan. 'lO.--The regular dinner meeting of the Dunbar Board of Trade will be held in the dining room of the Methodist Protestant Church Tuesday, January 24, at 7 o'clock. M. B. Pryce of Connellsville will be the guest speaker and will use "Fire Prevention" as his topic. The menu will include baked ham and will be prepared and served by the women of the church. Methodist Protestant News. Circle No. 2 will meet in the church Friday evening. The regular meeting of the Pittsburgh branch of the Women's Missionary Work group will be held Thursday, and it is expected local members will attend. Among (he Sick. James Bell is seriously ill at his hone near Connellsville street. Mrs. Charles Herd is unable to ;ct about owing to a dislocated bone in her foot. Mrs. Jesse Best Is reported ill al her home in Water street. William Fordyce is confined to his home with a severe case of grip. Catherine Giampetio, who is a patient at Connellsville State Hospital, Is considered slightly improved The child was in a serious condition a'lcr a second operation for mastoids, performed several days ago. Mrs. Daniel Rammage of Scaton Hill Is able to be about after receiving injuries to her leg when she fcl down several steps at her home about n week ago. Personal Mention. f Don Grazlano, who for some tinn has been guitarist nnd vocalist with Syl Collet and his orchestra anc Louis Rigo, violinist, will soon Join the former's brother, Nick Graziano who is leader of an orchestra now appearing at a Wheeling. W. Va club. A third brother, Frank, Is i member of the orchestra. The three boys are popular among the younge set here. . . engagement of "Lefty" and" his orchestra on D. W, Rankin Heads · floosevelf Birthday Program at Dunbar Special to The Courier.' · DUNBAR, Jan. JO.--The following committee has been appointed for the President's birthday celebration: · JD. W. Rankin, chairman; executive committee, James T. Burhans, Ralph WOMEN ENJOY COOKING DRILL AT'ORPHEUM Continued from Page Five, showed attractive ways of scrvin, them. There were plenty of question sent to Mrs. Bathgate In the Questioi Box at the close of the class and sh found a helpful answer for each Many of the women stayed afte class to inspect the cooking schoo kitchen more closely and talk ove their cooking problems. As an added attraction, the dcllc ious dishes prepared at cookln, school were given as prizes. Tomorrow's program is sure to bt just as interesting--In- -fact, th housewife with a family afflictcc with sweet-tooth will probably fin it more so, for it will be on desserts or "happy endings" as Mrs. Bath gate calls them. She will mak angel food cake--that bugaboo o most cooks--and explain just wh and where their cakes often fall. T mention a few highlights of the pro gram, there will be- cheese cake cookies, tarts, decorated party cake, refrigerator ice cream, steamed pud dings and dessert waffles--enough t make anyone's mouth water. Everyone is invited to come cooking class and bring their friend tomorrow morning at 9:30 o'clock i the Orphcum Theatre. Moyer, May Miller. Cora Cooper Mrs. Ray Holsing and C. T. Smitli. The following program' has bee arranged: Two Class A basketball games an two boxing bouts, to be held on sec ond floor, Standard garage, Januor, 24, at 8 o'clock. The proceeds will go to new Nat io.ial Foundation for infantile pa ralysls. Folk Not 66 Safe at Home", Household Hazards Many By LOGAN OLEXDENINO, M. M. THE RED CROSS lists a number of "don'ta" for householders: Don't leave toys on the staircase, j Don't open cam with a knife. Don't turn on the light from tho bathtub. · Don't leave your medicine chest open. Don't smoke in bed. Don't use a rocking; chair for a ladder. There are several others that apply more to summer than to . winter. These emphasize that "safe at home" la just a phrase. Tho home in almost aa dangerous aa the automobile. 1 list them by request, but I am' not sanguine that the w a r n i n g s do Dr. ClendcnJnje m u c h good. Even when people have had a warning. There arc plenty of people who will smoke in bed tonight Immediately after reading this article. And there are even people on record who havo set fire to tho bed, and I v*.. Dr. CJcndcnlng will answer questions of general Interest only, and then only through lua column. then two weeks later «et flr« to th« sofa downstairs, nnd a month later set (Ire to the pillows on a chair, and then set tiro to the bed again. Somebody once remarked. Th» bed Is not green even 11 you are." Tells Story on Self' I can tell one story on myself ancnt not leaving tho toys 'on tho steps. There Is a codicil to that which Is "Always turn on the light when you intend to go down the collar steps." Well, I open tha presses to add that Uut night, right after I wrote that good advice, I took a load of books In my arms, piled go high that I couldn't see over them, started down the cellar ateps In the dork, stepped on a piece of fire wood, and nearly became your 'late correspondent". So, If you really Intend to get any good out of this health advice, do as I «ay and not as I do. About the medicine closet being open. The idea Is that young children climb up on a «tool and take out the contents of the medicine chest, and swallow uomo poisonous mixture. The real way to bo safe on thla i* to 'say to yourself, "Don't have any poisonous mixtures or medicines In your mcdi- cino closet." What do you want them for? Especially don't have any cathartic pills containing strychnine--tho aloln, strychnine, belladonna pills -- because more children die of strychnine poisoning from swallowing such pills than all other forms of poison put together. The "Don't turn on tho light while standing' in tha bathtub" question wo will take up tomorrow. EDITOR'S NOTE: Ssron Mmphleu By Dr. Clendcnlng can now D» ob- tnliK-fl py sccdlni: 10 cents In coin, (or each, ana a KlMddreued eS velope Btamptd wlUi a three-cent UUIIMI. BIIU \jnlu.Jl£ , IDlnru r CCQ- . inj:". · Inntmctlons for the Trralincn: I of Dmbftt'j". "feminine Hygiene'* ' tnd "Tho Car* ot the Hnlr and Skin". Rural Scene In Pleasing Stitchery Household jf RichntM PATTERN 6016 A colorful Wall Hanging that will keep you fascinated from start to finish. There's plenty of variety in the simple stitches . . . mainly lazy- daisy, French knots, single and running stitch. In pattern 6016 you will find a transfer pattern of a wall hanging 15x20 Inches; a color chart and key material requirements; illustrations of all stitches used. To obtain this pattern send 10 cents in stamps or coin (coin preferred) to The Courier Household Arts Dcpt., 259 W. 14th Street, New "Stork, N. Y Be sure to write plainly your NAME, ADDRESS and PATTERN NUMBER. Mountain Students Use Thumbs to Get Rides; Bus Service Suspended Russian Purge System Ends; 2,000 Dead Continued from Page One. from his job in connection with expulsion proceedings against others HAPPENINGS IN A N D A B O U T MT. PLEASANT until him. another job has been given -© DAY IN WASHINGTON BY DAVID LAWRENCE Continued from Page Four, when a second vacancy occurred, lost little time in picking the man who had been runner-up, so to speak, on the first occasion. It is a sign, moreover, of the confidence which the President has in Homer Cummings, his Attorney General. In a sense, the incident represents a triumph for the Attorney General over those on the left wing side, who have been sniping at him and trying to force him out of the Cabinet by spreading rumors that he is in presidential disfavor, «!tc. People who say such things about the Attorney General do not know Mr. Hooscvclt himself. · There is one quality which the President has nnd which may not often be emphasized because It is one of those intangible things which ore not demonstrable in words, but he has a loyalty to Ills political friends which is steadfast and unbudging. He has known Homer Cummings since the days of Woodrow Wilson. Mr. Roosevelt does-not forget that, before 1932, when there was a sharp division Inside the party on his own candidacy, it was Homer Cummings who unhcsi- tantingly lined up with him and bore some of the brunt of the battle that gave him his real opportunity. Mr. Cummings is not the type of lawyer who has specialized in constitutional law to the same extent as had his Solicitor General. Hia has been a broader training as a legal consultant. Hence, he never permitted his own name to be brought forward for the Supreme Court, and it s a mark of the man's unselfsh- ncss and devotion to his chief that he could so earnestly recommend Ills own subordinate for a promotion that most every lawyer In the land would give a great deal to win. Mr. Cummings, on the other hand, remains one of the most valued of Cabinet officers because he is of the type o£ general adviser who is most helpful to the President. Himself schooled in conservative doctrine, he has never failed to proclaim the Woodrow Wilson liberalism. The guidance of Mr. Cummings, whose heart really beats stronger for a constructive New Deal than most of the left wingers, becomes more esscnlial to a busy President in times like these than at any other era in the Administration. There has been talk of the Attorney General's retirement to go into private practice. No doubt, with his knowledge of public affairs today, he would find such practice both interesting and lucrative. But, so as Is .known, the Attorney General has not indicated any desire to leave here, and, if he docs some day, it will Lc of,his own free will and not at the behest of the left wing conspirators who arc trying to force Assistant Attorney General Jackson into the political limelight. They run the risk of overplaying their hand with a man of the strong friendships which Mr. Roosevelt forms for those who have stuck'by him through thick and thin. Incidentally, it there is any attack on Stanley Reed's appointment, it will come from the some political group on the left wing which is trying to drive Mr. Roosevelt farther and father toward radicalism, the object of such a flurry being to commit the President toward the appointment of :i truly political radical to the next vacancy on the Supreme Court. Public hearings are to be held on the confirmation of Stanley Rccd. It is to be a custom now. Senator Bridges of New Hampshire has a resolution to make open hearings compulsory before any Supreme Court appointment Is confirmed in the future. He believes that Charman Ashurst of the Senate Judiciary Committee has recognized tho principle of the resolution by announcing there will be hearings on the Reed appointment. But what the New Hampshire senator wants to accomplish is to make it a permanent rule and not subject to the discretion of whoever happens to oe chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the future. Mr. Bridges deserves commendation tor his persistence. The open hearings would have UNIONTOWN, Jan. 18.--Deprived of transportation facilities, through failure of a bus driver to secure a license for $45, more than a score of school students, 'mostly girls, were compelled to hitch-hike or secure other means of coming to Un- lontown. Several remained at home. An equal number ill living here, temporarily. The trouble began when the State Hcvcnue Department decreed that Sheldon Randlct, of near Farmington, who was transporting the students to Unlontown, came under the class of a common currier and should pay $172 for a license. Had he been given a contract by the members of the school board his license fee would be $45. That amount was sent with Randlet's application and refused. Unwilling to pay the difference, the bus driver discontinued the service, beginning Monday. This placed the students in a difficult situation which resulted in .some being I brought to Uniontown in private cars, others "thumbing" their way and still others remaining at home. At the suggestion of the school board n public, meeting of. parents j was held Monday night in the Bethel j Brethren Church. About 75 were present Of that number only 15 opposed the contract which would result in the expenditure of about $150 a month. The majority of the board favored such a contract In order to have the school service resumed. It was asserted that tho-first year 60 per cent of the cost would be paid by the Department of Education ! and the second year about 85 per I cent. i 10--All persons expelled from tho party must be given jobs within 15 days. This resolution was passed at a plenary meeting of the Communist party ccntrul committee, Russias most powerful body . I And this, it was believed, ended a purge which has continued almost without Interruption for a little more than throe years. There were under currents of opposition to Josef Stalin's regime.In Russia, led by followers of Leon Trotsky arid others, toward the end of 1934. They aroused no attention. Then on December 1, in the former Smolny Institute which is now the headquarters of the Leningrad branch of the Communist party, Sergei Klrow, Communist chief for the Leningrad area, was shot dead by young Leonid Nicolniev. The real motive for the murder remained clouded. But it was held that "enemy" elements were really responsible. Kirov was a close friend of Stalin and a member of the political bureau of the Communist party. Within four days of the assassination 66 persons, including a woman, were shot. Month by month the purge extended its scope- until it reached every branch of public life throughout : thc 8,000,000 square miles of Russia. Men who for a generation had been high jn the leadership of the Communist party fell victim; some of the country's highest and admittedly most brilliant army officers were executed as traitors. It had been hoped that the purge could be ended to coincide with the first election, last month, under the new constitution. But now, it was indicated, the purge was really end- Ing. MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 19.-The Mount Pleasant Music Club gave an Interesting program at its meeting Tuesday evening in the .Reunion Presbyterian Church. Mrs. John L. Ruth was leader. The program follows: I j'Highlights "of the News Sheet," (Miss -, Gertrude Goldsmith; "Developing a'-Listening Attitude," with Mrs. Jerry Lcnhart v as' the narrator; piano ; solo,' ,'fAndante," from Beethoven's Fifth' 'Symphony, Miss Gcnevieve Jeffrey; chorus;-"Soldiers' Chorus^" from..Faust;, piano duet. 'Pomp and Circumstance,",-.Mrs. C. A. Thompson' andr Miss ' Sarah L. Hershcy; contralto '.solo, "Cradle Song," Mrs. Presley Hurst;, piano solo, "Traumerei," Miss Anna.Hum- baugh; quartet, "In the Time of Roses," Miss Catherine Loar, Mrs. John F. Erwln, Miss Sylvania Canose and Miss Hozclla Creel; vocal solo, "Songs My Mother Taught Me," Mrs. S. S. DeVaux, and violin solos, Andrew Schwartz. . - · - ' Mrs. J. R. Wood was chairman'o£ the hostess. committee.. Other members were Mrs, A. .M. McCloy, Miss Dorsic Cochran, Mrs'. Clay Christner, Miss Charlotte M. Fox, Miss Alice Goldsmith, Miss Audrey Elcher, Mrs. Frank Cooper, Mrs. Frank Walker Mrs. Helen Newingham and Mrs. Albert Cooper. '. Remains on Hospital Board. Floyd Harrcr was reelccted representative of the United Brethren Church on the Frick Memorial Hospital Board of Directors at the quarterly conference Monday evening. . In Detention Home. ;· Efllo Miller, 15 years old, of Howard street, was taken to the detention home in Greensburg by Constable Chester Wbctsel on Monday charged with incorriglbillty by her mother. To Present Play. A play, "Gideon's Challenge," will be a feature of the annual dues social of the Mount Pleasant Union ol the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, held at the home of Miss Carrie No'ss in Main street on Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock. | Fractures Arm. : Mrs. Erne Beal of Bridgeport, fell on the ice in the back yard at her home Tuesday and fractured the left arm. Tk was reduced at the Frick Memorial Hospital. Paralysis Victim. V/lllllim Galley of West Washlng- .on/street suffered n stroke of para- ysis while visiting at Galley brothers'; shop in Washington street Tuesday* afternoon. He was taken to his ".o'me.' ' ' ' ' '. ' " Undergoes Operation. Eicon Whetsel, 11-year-old daugh- ,er-of Patrolman and Mrs. Clarence Whetsel, underwent an operation for appendicitis on Monday and-is' getting -along nicely; , ' · 'Mrs. Gradler III. ' Mrs. Frank Gradler Is confined' to ler home in Vine street with arthritis.-- ' :·' - ·:· ·'···· ·"' -' : ' .'·:- "·'Farmer Harigrs Himself.-' - WAYNESBUHGTJari; 19.--Body'of F. Marion Hoy, 60, prominent "Greene co-'nty farmer and. stockman, was found hanging-fvom a rafter. in~a barn by his wife. Coroner Raymond Adamsqn caid.hc did not kriowiwhy Hoy ended his-life."' - : ·.'," WHAT CATHARTICS DO TO YOU! · Harsh pills and purgatives often over-stimulate your.. intestines ... and leave "... them weak and listless. Ifyourconstlpatloateof.. . tho common typo that Is duo to Insufficient bulk, ' there's a better way to treat · ' It. KellogB's Alt-Bran sup-,., ·· piles tho bulk you need. It. ·; absorbs moisture and sot- '. teas like a sponge. This water-softened moss aids «.· elimination. But All-Bran . docs still more. It contains . · vitamin B,... the vitamin" · that helps tone the intcs---" Una! tract. . , . . Eat Kellogg's AH-Bran , every day and drink plenty of water. Mftdo by Kcllogg'" In Battlo Creek. ·· - Disml.ued Turnkey nired. GREENSBURG, Jan. 19.--Lev! Miller of East Huntingdon township, recently dismissed as county jail turnkey, has been appointed truck drive-.- for the Westmoreland County HOMO, it was revealed by Superintendent George P. Alms. CIO Leader Reinstated. PHILADELPHIA, Jan. IB.--William M. Leader, who criticized the policies of the CIO, resigned as president of the Philadelphia CIO Council and then withdrew the resignation on the strength of a vote of confidence. been more worth while In the case of the appointment of Senator Black, when Mr. Bridges struggled in vain to get the Senate to authorize them. The hearings this week will necessarily be rather perfunctory, now that Stanley Reed has been chosen. For he has the overwhelming support of the memembers of both parties in the Senate. The idea back of .the Bridges proposal, however, is sound and will be invaluable in appraising' appointments to the Supreme Court, for It looks as if Mr. Roosevelt may have more opportunities to (111 vacancies on the bench--due to the new retirement law--than any President of the United States has had in a long lime. " " · : . During January Sain ... Buy for Cash AND SAVE Uio a "Personal" Loan · Toko advantage of tho bargain* you com now aL Borrow tho cash bora. 1 , · Only ONE thing noodod to got a loan hero: --tho ability to repay moll, regular amount* on cmr loan plan you soloct. AIA PLANS. · Spaed and privacy a- Hired. FHEE Booilol. Omo In or phono NOW1 Pertonal Loam tip to 1300 PERSONAL F I N A N C E CO. Over McCrory'8 W. Crawford Ave. j-jj ! Phone 34 Connellivllle Your Unseen Friend. 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