The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 7, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,765 'OL- 16, NO. 151. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 7, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. ARTILLERY COMBAT RAGES IN AMIENS SECTOR; QUIET ALONG REST OF THE LINE COLUMBUS NO GLADDER TO SEE LAND THAN MEN OF HOSPITAL UNIT srmans May be Preparing Attempt to Break the Allied Junction at Amiens; British Make Successful Raid Near Arras; American Steamer Tidewater Believed to Have Sunk Submarine. CKtEF OF EQUIPMENT LN JCJIE SIGNAL COKFS. RMAN GAS CLOUDS MENACE ALSACE TOWNS By Associated Press. Reach Front in Force PARIS, May 7--American troops are continuing to arrive on the {rent in force, Premier Clemenceau told Marcel Hugin, editor o! t!he Echo de Paris, on returning today from a two-day visit to the front area. The premier brought back, he said, a feeling of confidence in the invincibility of 1.he Entente forces. The Ocean Treated. Them Well But Several Unbosomed" to the Waves. CGULBNT REACH HORIZON PARIS, May 7.--Active artillery fighting occurred last night wth sides of the Avro on the front southeast of Amiens, the office announces. The statement follows: "The artillery on both sides was"*active north and south of J Avre. A German raid against a small French post nearj TWS is a new photograph or w. C gard was repulsed. In the same region we carried out a local i Potter, chief of the equipment divi- ·ation and "brought back prisoners-" | sion of ^ Cnitcd states signal corps ; He is one of the prominent men of big business who arc helping the government m * ar work. "The trip from the 'l-and of the Froc' was crammed f u l l of new and interesting experiences probably the first of which w;is seasickness," writes "BUI," who also signs himself, "Alias Private NY. P. Sherman, Hospital Umt L, U. S A , P 0. 720, American Expeditionary Forces, via New York," in a letter giving his "impressions about things m general" at Unit L/s base, and the journey thence. ·"Wo sailed away from the shores of America just as darkness was encompassing everything. We were at i mess when, the engines started and the ] great steamer began to vibrato. Every- j body gulped down his food and made a rush for the decks only to find that guards had been placed at every hatch to keep the soldiers below. Night had fallen when they allowed us out and. we couJd then only ice a few din light* on ihe shorr. Everybody secm- pd strangely silent a« they watched i-hese last grlimm*»rs fade out of sight. "Our outfit 2nd a part of a Supply 'Company slept in a compartment on | the aftar deck, this having been form- led by bo.ii ding in space where once [first class-clnss [ws.bengers used to promenade when the steamet was in the transatlantic Of course we had no lights and room was at a premium. Hammocks swung from j hooks under thc deck above w e r e lour sleeping quarters. Slumbering j in a. hammock is something of nn ·art, ' but it is by no means impossible lo gol a good night's rest--aftei you I have practiced for a week or bo. There 'was no danger of falling out---we I were packed in too closely. The sardines we used to buy at the canteen when the ness ha! 1 e,v.s did not suit us hadn't a thing oa us when it came to being pfcked in neatly. "I miRht sav. inciiicDlally, that 1 came to l o \ e my hammock more than , anything else on the boat before we I were out many days. It counteracted j the rocking ot Uie ".hip and helped to 'keep my stomach from turning over. "Tho next mornrig we were far out ; at sea · or at leas wo looked to be ' very fai out All you couM see was ; ocean and ocean. "We seemed to be i sailing across an immense saucer that j had no rim To the best of my knowledge we did not reach tba hnri- 70n at any time dnrinK the trip although we saw other ships sailing on its very edge. Continued or. PARC Eight OF TOTALING LOAN FIGURES; ISCRIPTIONS STILL COME r'J.YLEY WILL HEAD TIKI) ( ROSS W01JK IS PAlESTEfE. BRITISH TAKE PIJISOXEES. LONDON, May 7.--The British made a successful raid last it near Neuville-Vitasse, south-west of Arras, the war office 'its. Three machine guns were captured. The statement ws: "We carried out a successful raid last night in the neigh- iood of Neuville-Vitasse on the front recently taken over by Canadians and captured a fe~w prisoners and three machine 5 with slight casualties to our troops. A raid attempted by enemy near Boyelles was repulsed, report." There is nothing fur- OBDEBS FOE 6AS MASKS ISSUED. GENEVA, May 7.--The authorities at Mulhausen, Alsace, ; ordered all inhabitants to procure gas masks before May s protection "against aerial gas attacks," the Lusanne Ga- LOAN SUCCESS TO BE OBSERVED AT DUNBAR TONIGHT Big Parade and VUlresses W'JH Va(are OreaMon; Parade Forms, ai 7 O'clock. A big parade, in which a great crowd, inc.udirig the school children and .Red Crosj wUl participate, will feature the patriotic demonstration at Dtinbar tonight to celebrate "going PERRY TOWNSHIP BOARD TO NAME CRfflCJEACHER Duly WJli Be to Give Advice to Those Employed in the Loiver Grades. LLEWELYN LOST LIFE WHEN BOAT Hoped They Will Have Completed the Work by This Evenings CITY LOSES B. 0. FUND Only $80,000 of $277,000 Subscribed to Be Credited Here. HALF BILLION MAEK £AB i There Seems to B* 1 Little Doubt That I final Reports Will Shorr Councils- villo to Have Brached That Amount; I County Reports Stil Trickle in. J I l figures on tco Liberty Loan toials Tor this city will be prepared by the banis toniffht, and indications still are that the million and a half ; uw.rk may be reached. At all the banks there are still subscriptions to be tabulated, and th-ere are also many on which the first payment has not been made. It ivas learned today that Uiis city j w i h not got the credit for the full Bal- Dr. John H. Fraley. commissioner of I t j D l o r c 4, Ohio subscription of ?277,- oducation for the stale of New York, 00u _ A hu]e lesfi lhan onfrt bird O f it is announced unofficially. will he ( th]s ^0,^ $80,000, will be pur- tbe head of the lied Cross work in | Palestine, I 'SALARY INCREASE VOTED Story of Death of Tuscania Victim Told in Letter from Captain. FIRST MOVE IN THOMPSON TRIAL ch.'tsod through t^ie baulks of this city aul the remainder will probably be --------= | placed through borae other city. 'The H. C. Coke company has placed ?o5,00ti more in the banks here, the subscriptions taken by its em- pjoyes in the outlying region being I so much than was expected 1C Tft n i T A C U r A C P ! S O niucl lu i U 1|UAOU vAuujthat r- vras possible 10 increase WAS COOL TO THE LAST of tounsel for liefeimo is j says it learns. The truth, of the matter is, the newspaper I o v e r la « to r" "· the .jlberty Bond cam, that owing rto contrary winds large quantities of poison j!»«"£· Dlluter TMTM *TM doublc ' d "* employed by the Germans are now drifting gradually toward ;qu °^ -.^ vU{ fom a£ 7 o , cloct . is along the Rhine which already are feeling the effects of j sharp M the Kn i gh;s of pj- t h la6 ha.ll 53JS. ' jn Railroad street and traverse ovc." ] the principal greets o f - t h e borough. All Will Receive Advance of $10 Per : Scottdnlc Torrth and Others Were En- Month thc Xext Term; Principal of| gulfed by Mures on Uockj Iri^h HJch School to Direct SevenUi and Oast \lhen Safety deemed enr ut Eighth (irnde Work; Corpa Chosen., All school children and others who h a \ o Hags a-e asked to bring triem, lU icqucst b»'Jcg made on accouDt of Uie scarcity of flags. The committee in charge of .the parade asks al! ,as ai: other residents of tile town to GreenW(JOd ·,,.,,, make aa ad . BATTLE TV'ITH V-BOAT REPORTED. WASHINGTON, May 7.--A fight between the American mer Tidewater and a German submarine on March 17, in :h the submarine was defeated and perhaps sunk, was reed today by the Navy Department. The Navy Department Mincemeat said: "The commander of the armed guard oa the steamship Tide-;decora.. ;heir stores and homes for the :r reports to the Navy Department that on March 17, about' occasion The will take 0 p. m. a submarine was sighted off the starboard bow bead- place at 8 oVoci. in the Methodist toward the vessel, about 150 yards off. As the ship turned Episcopal church issed the submarine by not more than 20 feet. The U-boat i fla se Reppert win present the then submerging. Thc, ship's guns were brought to bear and Qa irst shot hit some distance ahead of her wake. t dr , "The pointer fired the. second shot and had what the cap-| chief engineer, myself and other members of the crew call- clean hit and were satisfied it was effective. The third shot fired by the boatswain's mate, in charge of the after gun' Thri . e _,,,.,, ,,, (il , )n(o $ vf ,. M Trnin . ', he having her spotted and firing in the position she last, i ni r ; i.i-nii- Here May 17. nerged. We resumed our course and commenced zigzagging,! Three mea , Joseph Shallenb'erger ding by for an attack, but the sxibmarine did not appear'of.vandcrbiit, Arthur Brown or Dick- 1 erson Ran and Alb, rt Ltndalt of Duu- bai, will line hero on .May 17 for ' training camps. Tlip mm have been inducted into thc service under spe- I cia! calls. j Shalienbergor and Brown w i l l 50 j , to j'irt .\Ijer, Va.. having enlisted as j locomotive firemen. I.mdatl will go ;o An innovation will be Introduced I How - Thomas A. Llewellyn of Stolt- mio the schools, ot Perry township i oa S[.. mvl nl6 dcat j, ,,, lh -^ torpedon ,, when they resume in tin- fall. At a [ of [h( , [Ida3port TuS( . anla ls l o l d m ° m««ing of the icbool board on Satur-] ]elLcr rrom ( a , uam D D H a ) l o t day it was decided to place W. L. Fife,, company D, Sl.Uh Daltalion of t ie principal of the high school, as super- , ;0 tn ijngim,,^ ot w . nlcn Llewellvn isor of the seventh and eighth grades j was a , ' J of the townsh.p, and l m eet- ;T, to the parents ol the ! young man ut Soottdale. Llewellyn, aboard the transport, ·vay bafely to Ufeboata, Ifed by the high seas ing 10 elect a "critic teactier" for the [ %ulll o ih e rs grades under the seventh. The work mac ( P lnclr of tie critic will be to visn the schools ' t, ut were e and gne advice to the younger, teach- when nearing'apparent 7arety°of£"the ers. The war has made it necessary , irish coasti s;tvs the J: . tel . to employ a number of young women, Thomas. WHO was the first boy in many of them without experience. , LhJS region u , Ioie hls , j f o a£[ ' ^ W. L. Fife was re-elected principal l bcglimlng or tbo H a r , ,. Inarcaed w cf the high school, and Miss Kathryn | hls i, fcboal suiuon n | t h coolness ., d Barr assistant. Other teachers were, in evcry way conducled hlmsclr as aj] elected and a general increase oC «:«, Am erican soldier should the letter per month in wages was voted. Thc' saySi bearing the date of A;inl ') teachers chosen follow: - headquarters of the j amount. There are also other large subscriptions which ha\e been turned That Lniimtinrn (Junker is I)''- in and not reported through any can- prned of llijrhts. vassing team. These will keep Con- Bi Associ.Lttd Pjeb.a, nelisviiie's total high. PiTT.SELRG, .May 7.--J. V. Thomp- Out of town districts are still inak- soti, the I'moutou,!! banker, v-as placed mg reports. It seems as though quite on tnai m the Fedtra! court here to- a sum of money has not j e t been day foi allegf-d infraction of Uie Na| turned aa, as some rural residents are uonat Banking IHTVS in connection caJliug at the banks to make payments A nh ;be failure of the First National on subscriptions which ha;e not yet bank ot L"n!O!Ho\\:- L t e n reported. VT. Cooke JIcKeaii. chief for ! Krporis of banis to the county Joan Tiiompson, piesented a motiou that · comuiittee shr 1,332^50 subcribed tLe indictment be (juashed. assigning", for this city, ,\ uh the hna] report of I , ivabous. C h i e f anion-^ reasons | one bank still missing. These figures was the allegation that the indict- i seem to indicate that the m.llion and a men'^j v\cu- nut based on tlie com- ball mark will be lopped with ease, plaint lu'ore Uie 'Yderal commission- The e l e v e n t h hour tale of bonds in. e.- and that Thompson was thus de- i this city is the cause of the big ad- prAed of bis constitutional nghts of | ^a^ce :a the loan total, facing Lis accusers. I Tho county goal of $5,000,000 was Mr. McKean aigned at gieat '.eugth, topped by more than a million, official and indications w e ; e that the motion ligares show At the end of the drive would not be decided until late in thc ! it was estimated that the ?C,000,000 afternoon. \irgin Run--Ciaribe] Eskm. Jackson--Maude Russell. company in Franco. It reads: "It ]·! with deop regret and heavt- vMKR TILEU Sl'.NR j d ress O f Mrs. Z!ta Salmonde. formcr- UV SnOIAl»fc. |]y .Miss Zita Wallace of this city. \V YORK, May 7.--The Amcri- He saj-s he expects to get a para to teamship Tyler, formerly an old p ar is soon. "1 am well and happy,' nioa freighter, has been 1orpe-, he adds. The card was written 01 and sunk off the French coast, jtarch 28. ;Fort Benjamin Harrison at Indianapo- P I R F W F T T P 4 B T V IT ' U«. Ind. The board has not rpceued FABhflr.LL PABI J -»J . | word a» to the number of men who DILKEK,SO [t.ra.' wiu be in thc c o m ingent to go the .Mr. and Afrs. James Beatty gave a j week of .Ma 25. ding to information received in le circles here today. Eleven lers" of -the crew were killed or aed. farewell dinner at their home at Dickerson Run in honor of Harry L. Gillespie of the 32Lst Field Artillery, Bat- RIGHT UP IN ACTION is Way Indian Head SoUlii-r in "ry B - who 'eft .last night over the ·unce Describes His Position. | Baltimore Ohio railroad for Camp Senate Passes c are right in action," writes! or ' rd Raymond Sparks, of Battery J venfh Field Artillery. France, to , TWO TASDERJHLT BOVS loUier. Mrs. I. L. Sparks, of In-! S.VFK IS Head. "I am feeling fin*', i j Word has been received from John you now have seen by the pa- i TV'ilson and Jesse Pratt, of Vander- that we are right in action. I ' bllt, of their safe arrival in France. · Secretary Baker praised the tr. Wilson is the son of -Mr. and Mrs. \merican troops when they went "WiilJiajn Wiison, and Mr. Pratt is the lattle. That meant us. We were ] son of Mrs. Kate Pratt, jrt American troops to land on ean soil. I am not the least bit I or worried, as I have been m rmy long enough t o b e happy , , - . ,, . . . . , . . . . any circumstances. I have Leen R *? Smltn ' who has been m ' ram near where 'Fritz' dropped many I"** c *TM Lee ' has been transferred . but I am none the worse for I to Cara P Humphrey on the Potomac ' enence 'nver according to. a letter received you have'any good things to eat j ^ h s sis « er ii;5s Harriet Smith of forget us in the trenches. I re- | Sycamore street. 1 a knitted sweater from Aunt | ' Campbell, for which I am ^ e r y - ful. I don't see how any good,! American boys who have mothers i listers could wait to be drafted' Conrl Ueoirtps Controrersy Betirppn .ervice. Taey should be herr in ! Factions in local Company. ·e and see the- atrocities the Ger- I In [he co atrO versy in the Highland have committed." | CBem icaI Products company between Star Junction--No. la Josephine heart that I write you regarding Lhe Myers, No. ib. Belle E.chler; No. 2 . , (continued on P, IKO Tvo) Ruth Thorndcll; No. 3. Irene Essiag- --___ ton; No. 4, Blanche M u r p h y ; ' N o . 5 , , Pearl Ritcnour; .No. 6, Ruth Brown; I PR|i( IMINARY IN IIINfTION ,No. 7, Ella Mae Pollock; ,-,). S. Garnet I rRLLMilM{111 inJlmUlUPi 1 .Joaes; No. 9, Laisa Hess; Xo. 10, U. I.L n ,. , , ,,.. ,, "o Kjcstniin Thompson C c n n e l l b V i J l c , Hamsier. ,· , ,, ... .. ', Sweet cake-Rebecca Lvich. ' («kc -mipuny Lleelion. ·! Viclona-No. 1. Goldie Williams; ' On P etl "o« of Harvey R. Wonumg- , iio 2, Dossa Hall: No. 3, Mae Rite- tol! ot P'Usburg, a stockholder m the i n c u r ; .No. 4. -'Ralpii Underman. Thorapaoa ConncllsviUe Coke iom- , Pcrrv-opohs--No. 1. Mae.McKee, N o . l p a n ' Jud?e Van Swcarii.gen granlert ' 2 , Marsuorite S'ickel; No. 8. Jane " I'reliminaij mjunction restraining j Wood; No. t, Clara Hlxenbaugh; No. ' t h a l i-ompany from electing offi'ers it 3, Elizabeth Eicblfr. No. 6. Mary Duff; I l l s annual cice-tmg of stockholder!, at TOCURBLW.W. RAY S.1UTH TRAXSFJIKKED TO CAMP JH"MMLRJEY, VA. Hill- to nxffrmJnnto «s Organization. WASHINGTON. May 7.--Tbe bill declared frankly to bP aimed against the Industi nl Workers oC thc World, ouLlaxvjng organisations whicli use or advocate violence to bring about "any govorniccnt, boc-al, industrial or economic change' 1 during the war, was passed yesterday by the senate. An amendment, offer-eel by Senator Beckham. of Kentucky, to make tho bill apply to peace as well as war times, was rejected because of the- belief that it would make the; entire measure unconstitutional. No. 7, [sabelle Harris. Summer H i l l -- Jaurena Sisley, Wick Haven -- No. 1, Mary Toth; No. 2, vacant Uniontown yesterday. At a mooting in Pittsburg Worthington avers, that u was agiecd that (he election should be postpone! to Whitsctt--No. 1. Sylvia Hixen- f l l c h a lime as litigation now pcnd- FIRST BATHERS APPEAR iBojs find Kt-Iipf From Warm Sun in baugh; No. 2, Ada IJuttermore; No. 3, M W, Byers. Banning -- -No. I , Ida Forsythe; No. ! 2. Elinor Richardson. West Point -- Mrs. Dess?. Elobovtson. Pleasant Gro\e-- Edna SlaufTer. Lay Ion -- No. 3. Marie Snydei; No. 2, Mane Carson. Substitutes -- Mrs. Bertha Lmder- man, Grace Carson, Mary tiaut and Tryllis KefEer. ing could be citded» HOODS WINNERS L KOI EMISTS | C. F. and S. F. Hood, defendants, and I J. The first nver batters of. the year --the one sure sijrn of real summer-appeared yesterday when about a dozen boys went swimming m Uie mill dam, just south of the bridge. The temperature rose to So degrees, the warmest of the season. Straw hats are now coming out fast and hat cleaners are being rushed. IS KEGCLIB AR'tr 1 ' ' plalnutr ' OTer the man - Yesterday at one bat cleaning shop f" , .,, agement of tSat company, the court sevca strM . hats ffere Uft , and cv n ot Ce-nnellsvlUc a- Ut Umonwwn today decided the easel n wanted It flmslled DF ^ » ?gular Army in Puts- i n favor of the defendants. o' the week iy Pittsment in the Regulai yesterday. Y" IJlIBEit*;! R WELL AXD HAVVt IX and Mrs. J. M. Doyle have re j The company will resume business ; activities immediately. Motor to linltimore. C. Roy Hetzel and W. N. Leche left of the week. Ininrics Fatal. Henry Duggaa, who was struck by a Baltimore Ohio train at Sand Patch, died Sunday ai the Allegheny 1 a card from Sergeant L. A.) for Baltimore, Md.. m the latter's au- ·" Leiberger. with Company Automobile today. They were Sate i n . _ .. . _ _ Regiment Engineers Forestry, In I starting on account of the rain this i Ohio tract gang. His home was at ·a In France, asking for the ,id- moraine ' Sayre, Pa. hospital, Cumberland. Mr. Da was a member of the Baltimore IJefnrn to Cain p. F. W. Paull and M. H. Bowers, members of thc 319th Infantry, Camp Lee, were in town yestciday on their re"turn to camp, after' spending a. fur- ! J lough a: '.heir homes in Uuionto\vu. Fnjette Soldier Killed. Clyde N. Kettle of Fayet-e City, a soldier at Camp Lee, v,-as instantly killed by A. L. Lee, a member of his company, while handling a gui; , CORRADO PRESIDENT Heads, Sons 01 Ilnlj I,od(re 1'ormed Here on Snndny. Guy Corrado was elected president o! tbe Dunbar lodge. No. 833, Sons, ot Italy, organized Sunday afternoon a,. Mafidas hall, West Side. Five hundred persons attended the .'eccptLOu, and at the banquet covers for 200 were laid. The banquet was prepared by A. Basilone and under rjie direction of .Miss Jennie Gandolfl, was served by m e m b c i s of '.lie Young L^' So- I dali'.y ot St. Rita's Italian Catholic church. JUNIORS_DEDICATE Sen ice at JJunbar Is Marked by Pa- triotJc bitntTN tuid J'nlk. A service flag vrnh li* siars lepre- sontmg inonibers in military seruce was dedicated last, evening by the Junior Order United American Mechanics of Bun bar, and is now hanging m the loti^e, hall. .Ministers from tho various cliuicboh of Dunbar and repvrsscrAauves from \hc \Vilj F Stowait Post G A. R. o£ Uniontown parlicjpateil iu the program as follows: "Aniei K^," by the audiencr; invo- caiion. Rev. H. L. Humbert; music by Jie qiiaret, address, "Tht War." Rev. W". VI. MeK'Aeen, "On\\avfl CbiisUaa Soldiers," by il~e choir; address on Liberty Ixian. Rev. 1-Juinlicrt: address, A. I. Eliis; rcbponsc Ironi G. A, R.; music, b ibe r b m r ; dedication of service flag hy Rev Theodore Darnell; "Just a Bjby's Prayer at TwilighC' Alex Duncan; "Reii Cross "\Vork," REV "\V]]=:n:i, nnissc by the choir; reading. Miss Cntchfield music by quarto*., V M C. A. \\*ork. Rev. ai. J. j Barker, "Star Sprngled Banner, 1 * I ihe audience, closing prayer, bene- mark would be reached, and authentic figures tabulated at the county bead- quart-ers yebter-iay showed a total oj jf6.04],000. Tbirt thousand faiibscrib- J ers are reported by the county loan. committee. WOULDN'T BE SLACKER d.ction. Rev. Barker. t i (Grandson of Former Burtfess is Glnd , HP'S iu t'. S. Scnicc. ! "-N"o%\" folks, keep up a good heart. You know and I know that I am trying ' to live as you -would have me, and I rven if I do go across it is a man's i duty and one uiat will hr expected i of me. 1 would hate to feel in after 1 life that 1 was a slacker when the [hard-hips came; that I was the fellow \\ho. when the time came in sac' nfice a tcvr pleasures, -wanted to stay;. . at home with the women and chili dren." That is the spirit "which imbues Jo| srph Klump. grandson of Joseph F, For-ey, burgess of CkJnneilsviUe ia. 1S76. The letter was written, from a, southern training camp, just before be was sent to France, to bis mother in Philadelphia, Joseph is not yet 20 years old. He is a nephew of Mrs. S. ,F, Hood of Coiinellbvillc It was just 111 wueks after he enlisted until ho was in Jfranee. TIME IS EXTENDED Attornojs For F. 3L TJndley Have Jtontli to rile Ht-'ahoiii. For fl Trial. Thirty days' additional time has been granted tke attorneys for Frank ' | M. Lintlley of this city, convicted of the killing of his former business pa i t Thunder showers this afternoon or , ner, Frame A. Burtoy, for filing sup- tonight; Wednesday fair and cooler is ; plementary reasons to their motion lhe noon weatber torecast tor Western Pennsylvania. EAGLES UNFURL FLAG Honor Paid (o I'm- -Hen on Koll of OnJu-UMiHr Vorip. r o n n e l l s \ i l l e Acne N. 413, Fraternal Oilier ol Kagles, dedicalcti a bervice Hag Sunday afternoon .it -'.30 o clock -n the lodge room in i'onor of thc mernbt 1 '. s ^ J o aie in active military service. The flag contained five stars, representing the follcAving lodge brothers: E. J Fresbley, 326th Hospital coips. Camp Gordon Atlanta; Joseph Rilcj, Utli Ijnsnoei s. Camp Merritt. N. J.; A Uiv^nflc.d, U S S Gooigia.; C. H. Smith 279tti A "o S(jiiadroh, Gerstner Field/ Lake Charles, l.a ; James Bipel, olth i]ngnieei.~, \Vrightstoun, .\". J. CHAIN MEMORIAL o( Service.-* for Deceased Members 51«} IT J/iiilRe Sunday. The Knights ot Mystic Chain Mon* arcli Castle 84 of Mover will hold mc- mora! services for its deceased mem- l bers Sunday afternoon at 3.30 o'clock | in tlie Cham hall. Rev. Wilbur Nel- I son will deliver the address. The Monarch quartet 'Kill sing. The lodge has j!) dnceas-d members. The death of U. S. Pr.nkey, occurred during ihe [last year. Temperatuie Record. 1918 1917 Maximum. 85 54 Minimum --_ G3 45 Menn 72 50 tor a new trial. The extension was granted this morning by Judge J. Q. Van Sweann- gen. Chief Bowers Improved. Chief of Police W. B. Bowers, who has been seriously ill with gallstones, The Yough river fell during tlie I has about recovered and will Se able night from 2.15 feet to 2.10 feet. i to be about la a tew days Ad(iros S n n d a v .Sc.'iot'l Con 1 .rn. ti'm Ih-rc MJIJ '2K. B S. Forsytlie of Wilk.n.sburg, former piesidc.-t o' the Faypite Counly Sunday School associavon. wi 1 speak at the dist'ici c o n t e n t i o n of t'le Con- nells^ille d i M i i c t to be hed here on Sunday aflenioon, .May 2G vVi;h Mr. Forsytlie v.ii. be the new county prcfc.denl, D. .M. Kertzog of Uniontown I .luniiilii Hundred 1'cr Cent. 1 Due to lite well directed efforts of I Superintendent R. V. Rex the em- jployeb of the H. C. Fr:ck Coke com- pan'- plant at Juniata secured a plac I m the l' lr t per cent class, every work| t r becoming a subscriber to the Thirl I Libci ty Loan. A total of ?21.000 was subscribed at this planu I'ntkcc Brennan Better. ! ita. I'. J. Brennan of Dunbar, who j ha.-, been seriously ill, is reported to be improved. Jlttes to Dunbar. Mrs. Anna Shay has moved from California, Pa., to the Ways property, at Dunbar.

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