The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 30, 1939
Page 5
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MOXDAY, JA.VUAJIY 30, Jf',?'/. TI-T13 DAILY COURIER. CONNTSLLSVTU/E PA'. PAGE K J V E . CITY SCALES RECEIPTS GO DOWN IN 1938 Radio Information At a Glance New UAW Head in"AutoTown' Major Reduction in Coal And Coke Draughts, Report Shows. SWARTZWELDER RAISES POINT TONSGHT Revenue from the city scales dia- ing 1938 showed a substantial decline from the 1937 total, according to figures of Weighmaster Nathan E. Murphy, made public today by Councilman B. M. Swm tzwclder. superintendent of the Department of Paiks and Public Pioperl^ Receipts last year aggregated SS,- 8S4.80 which compares w i t h 32,177.40 in 1SJ37, or a reduction of 3202.60. Draughts in 1938 totalled 14,044. a drop from the gross number of lu',7(H) in 1937. Ljiiit year there were 139 free "weights w h i l e the preceding they numbered 146. leaving a net total of draughts of 13,905 for 1938 as compared with "6,554 for 1937, or a net loss of 2.649 draughts last year. Too. in 1933, there were 004 free weights for city materials. The greatest reduction was shown in the draughts of coal and coke, the decline numbering 1.904. There veic 14.710 coal and coke draughts in 1937 while the total for 1938 was- 12,806 Receipts for 1938. shown by months, follows: January, S306.25. February, S21B.35 March, S187.60. April. SI 00 55. May, S47.35. June, S32 SO. July, S43.25. August, 370.55. September. S158.60. October. S221.40. November. S201.80. December. S298.30. Total, $1,884.80. Draughts last year wei e div.ded as follows: Coal and coke, 12,806. Hay and gram, 241. Fru:ts and vegetable, 9U. Stone and gravel, 67. Sand and lime, 190. Poultry and livestock, 68. Scrap (various). 505. Miscellaneous, 68. Total. 1-1,044. In giving out the report. Councilman Swartiwelder expressed the belief that much hauling, especially that of coal, was being done in the city after the scales close. He took cognizance of the decline of a net of 2.G4S! paid draughts and ;i reduction of 1,904 in the coal and coke loads during the 12-month period. '"It's rather d i i l ^ u l t to understand such a large reduction in the numbe; of cool and coke load= in the city."' Councilman Swartzwelrier said. "An explanation might be possible in other materials out the only conclusion one can reach m the drop in draughts of materials for fuel is that much of ]t is not being weighed as required by city 01 dinancc.'' He added that the ordinance requiring weighing of all materials at the city scales would be strictly enforced and "all offenders will be severely punished." VVCAE--1221 KC. 6.00--Science to the News,. G:15--Evening News. ":25--Sports. 6:30--Rose Marie. 6:45--Play Time. 7'00--Amos and A n c i V . 7:15--Edwin C. Hill. 7:30--Big Swing 8:00--Al Pierce and His Gang. 8:30--Richard Crooks. 9:00--Hour of Criarm. 9:30--Eddie Ducmn. 10:00--Contented Hour. 10:30--Horace Heidi's Orch 11:00--New Parade. H:10--Del CourtP.oy'o Otch 11:30--Little Jackie Heller's Orcn. 12:00--Kay Kyser's Orch. 12.30--Jan Garber's O i d i . 1.00--Mitchell Ayre's Orch. KDKA--!)30 KC. 6:00--News. Sports (1:06--v,, u MOMC Magazi-ic of th A i r . f:30--[\lusic--SIKH-IS G:45--Lowcl Thomas. 7:0fl--Alia.., . h n i n i i e V a l e n t i n e . 7:3(1--Cl-Mm .incl Crime- 7:45--Science On the March. 8:00--Cat-Mjn Robinson and Hi B u c k . . ! Ou .. H.Mll-- Those We Love. 9:00--You Don't S.iy. 9:30--\\"fstmi:isU'i- College Choir. 10.00--True Or False. 10:30--National R.idio Forum 11:00--News. Weather, Temp. 11:15--The Music Vou Want. 12.00--Al K.'vclm'.' Orch. 12:15--New Perm Orch. 12 30--Arlic Sl'.iw':. Ori-h. WJAS--1200 KC. 0:05--Rhythm Kotmr'up 6:10--News ol the World. 6:30--Bob Trout. (i:-!5-- Talk of the To-.ui. 7 J O -- C o u i r l y b u a t . 7:15--Lurr, and Abncr. 7.30--Eddie Cantor. 8-00--Cavalcade ol America. 8 30--Model els. 9.00--Lux Theatre. 10.00--Guy Lombardo's Orch. l(l.;!0--\Vc, the ,/uiy. 1U.-I5--W. P. A 11:00--News with Ken llildebi and. 11:15--Sammy K.iycS Orch. 11 lid--Cab C . i l l u w a y s Orch. 12:00--Geoise Hall's Orc.h. TUESDAY What Boy Scouts Scouts of T i o u p '2 went un ;i h i k e I,]si Sundny e.tlci tiocn. Uillcrcnt lesls \vc! - c p;ishcd by VJTO.U^ Seoul:;, i n u l u d i n y tnc 1-1-mile hike, in .si chiss :md .second class cooking. The Flying ^-'lylc' pHlroI oT Lhib 1i oop vuli bold Us meelni£ Wednesday. Plan for ."Mothers' Nighl. Troop No. 3 made plans at ;U meeting for Mothers' Night which w i l J bu obpcrved F e b j u u r y 8. A clas of t i x . b o y s is btudying mupping under ' Scoutmaster John Brasb. Tickets lor the annual father-son banquet have been placed on salr. Moats President Road Supervisors Special to Courier. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 30 J. D. Moats WLS reelected president of the Fayette County Road Supervisors and Auditors Association at the annual convention in the courthouse, attended by all secretaries with nine townships having fuJl attcr.ciance, ID having ail supervisors on hand and 12 all auditors. Other officers chosen follow: Vice-President, Ray Addis; secretary, A. Linton Sharpnack, 19th term; treasurer, Arthur Shatterly; State convention delegates, Mr. Moats, Mr. Sharpnack and Frank Gleoson, ;nd alternates, Jack Cochran, Joseph Nick and Robert Wheeler. Members ol the nominating committee were Harry Cooley, Ewing Osborne, Steward Henderson, Edward Ganoe and Silas Fast. » Resolutions adopted by the convention were as follows: Resolved thai we ( t h e association) urge our legislators to support an amendment to Act 51-A, to provide that unexpended f u n d s appropriated under the act to bo allocated directly to townships Jor admin's- tration by the supervisors. Resolved that we pledge our bup- port to the balanced highway program, and urge our senators and lepresentatives to support legislation necessary to carry it out. Resolved that we urge enactment of the home rule municipal tax re- lid bill. Resolved that this body goes on record as being in favor of repealing the four bills state tax on municipal bonds and loans. Resolved that this body is opposed to any of the fuel tax being used for any other uses than road purposes. Members of the resolutions committee were Jack Cochrane, Dunbar; Charles E. Black, Nicholson; Norman Snyder, Saltlick: and Joseph Nick, Jefferson. There weie 127 present at the dinner at the Third Presbyterian Church, when prayer was offered by the pastor, Rev. Clarence W. Ken-, and Jongs were given by Gome:- Junes, accompanied by Mrs. Mary Luc:us. Featured weie the election of Sharpnack for his 19th term as secretary, a fine tribute to his work; ^peeches by Mr. Van Riper, of the State Highway department; Senjtor \nthony Cavdlcante, Representative '5'irton E. Tarr, and a round-table :i.-i:uxMon I.?d by H. A. Thompson. .1 't' ^ M v j r t i o n S C X T O t d l V . WCAE 7:00--Morning Express. 7:45--Variety Shuw. 8:00--New-. 8:15--Todaj s Ahnjn.n.-. 8:30--Do You Remember. 8.45--Hits and Encores. 9:00--Women's Club. 9:15--Gems of Melody. 9.30--Band Goes lo To'.vn. 9:45--Secret Diary. 10:00--Co:iti-al City. 10:15--John's Other Wife. 10:30--.lust Plain Dill. 10:45--Woman in While 11:00--David Harum. 11:15--Lorenzo Jones. 11:30--Young Widder Braun. 11.--15--Hoad of Life 12:00--Nevt. 12.10--Melodie-. 12.13- The O'Neills. 12-30--Montice.lo Party Line. 12-45--Sinij.n' Sam. 1-00--Musical 1-15--Little J.ickic Heller's Orch. !-30--Song Sample:. ].-i5--Postal Oddities. · rw_o ui - Quartet. 2 15--Ed. Kit/jjliinld-.s 2:30--Kitty Kecrie. 2:45--Melody Jewell Box 3:00--Mary Marlin. 3:15--Ma Perkins. 3:30--Pepper Vojng'^ Fdinily. 3:45--Guiding Li^M. 4:00--B:,ckil,ige W i f e 4:15--Stella Dallas. 4:30--Vie and Sadc 4:45--Girl Alone. 5:110--Dick Tr.'iy. 5:15--Your Fnmlly and Mine. 5:30--.Inc!: A i m - t r o n g . 5:45--Orphan Annie 6:00--Medical Talk. 6:15--Evcnn.g N'rv.-s 6.25--Spoil.- Exlr... 6:30--Airliner- 6:45--Ralp'. Elaine. 7:00--Amos and Andy 7:15---Vocr.l Varieties. 7:30--Jack Ma:-iard':. O:-,.. 7:40--Opicjittmiln-!-. 7:45--lr.=:de of Spor:.,. 8-00--Russ Morcan's Orcnestra. 8:30--For Men Only. 9:00--Battle of the Sexes 9:30--Fibber McGee. 10:00--Bob Hope. 10:30--Untie L.-I.I. 10:45--Jimmy Kenipei 11:00--News Parade. 11:10--Lawrence Welk'b O u h . 11:30--Little Jaik Heller's Orch. 12:00--George Hamilton's Orch. 12:30--Jimmy Dorsey's Orch. 1.00--Josqum Gill's O:ch KDKA (K10--Cuih M i l l i - i (i:4f--Karrii Market!- 7:00--Silhutiell'- of the WiM. 7 : 1 5 -- M u - ^ il C'li i-K. II Pi all. Clock i 8:00--\ewi-. SMS--Musical Cl(.i-. 8:15--Ur. S j n - h i i u - 8.30--MllMc,il ClO'jK. 9:0(1--Slsopp.ns Circle. 9:15--Linda's FirM Love. 9:30--T.-ie K d i t o r s Daughter. 9:45--Gospel S nger. 10:00--Sl.r% "f t i n - M u r t l . 10:15--lane Arden 10:30--Smiling Kd McConncli. lO.-tj--Hoas"boat H.inriuh. 1!:00--Mary M a r l i n l l : l j -- V i c and Sacle 11'30--Pepper Yo'in; ^ Family.; ll-c Must Out of Life. 12 UCi--N'ev.v, we.Uher; temperature. 12.15--Uaili-v A x l o u . tf-nnr. 12 30--Kiuin ..i '! H i i n u ll.-iu. 1:15--K.irtn ll.'dio Xews 1 :0--.MH ny T»,:i-. 1:45--H-^ppy Gilniaij 1 2 00--Belly and Bob. 2:35--A:rii.k-. G n r n : M " s D a u ^ i i t e r ::3H--V,,hant L.-.dy. -f A l l Chuivnc: 3-W--KDKA Home Korum -.20--U.Jc M'J-'i-a'.-.i'. - ns-\'. j H-cler. 3..'i'i--Ti , Tun. Tin,i. . ;; KV-- i i . t i - j :.· i 4:«0--Club M.itiri'". 5:»ii-- B i t i i u n - n . i j - ' o .;. 5:15--Tc-iy ,.r.d t:.e t ' l i a l L L . 5:::i)_Don V.'uuli.w ·.( ·)..· :'.,vy. 5"45--Tu nil--,N\ 6 W . -- Y i u A i r 6.1 V--SI vi.i.i.- S.-i !·:.., . 6.30 -- . M u - u -- S j . r j i t d - i ; j -- Lo-.i-ell I'hom:c ~ ' -- E.isv Ace; 7-15--Mr. Kren V-.'JIJ--T.-i, Time 8:(ii--G.:!*T! ft Sull:-. n 8 M . -|-l!o;.n.,:;,.;. IMciitC 9 " i i -- M ,: .- .n:,! i; ,: 9.30--K-n;.::- Co'il,-;, { 10 GO-- if i n.i-1 ,, r-!.,,',,i ! 10:30--Kecif l:il S;. :-iphony Qrciu-.-tr.i. ; 11:00--.Vew:; wc:.lrii-r. I'-ti peralure. 11-11--Tr..- Mi, c You V,'.,n:. 12 "O-- lido e Di-'L- r.'. O:e:i 12 lj--,\'ev.- I'tmi 12-30--KriT'.rlii' M.ut.'!' ) ; i i - WJAS 7:30-- Mll.slcale 8:110-- News. 8:15-- T m Again. 8:30-- K n e n i l l v Snivel. 8:45 -- Cnceric- Melo.'lies. U:00-- St Patiick's Church 9:30 -- Joyce Joidan. 9:45-- Ilachelor's Children 10 !-- Viiu.MK Dr. .MaliTM 10:15-- M y i t -nid M,,igc. 10:30-- H i l l t o p House. 10:45-- The Stepmother. 11-00-- M.irv Lru T.'ilor. : i . H -- Si.i.:.':u..oil Baine- H:3n_l|. K S:.,!er 11:45-- A u n t Jer.ny s Real L i f e S:oru-s )2 00-- K,,!e .Snii [.'i. 12:15 -- Her H i:or, .\'.;::c-y Janics 12 30-- .\V-,v.-, of t i n - World. 12 45-- Our C,;,l S i m d . y 1 00-- The GnldU-rj;-. 1:15-- I . i f f C.m lii 1 3D-- Ho ,u ,,f 1:4.'.-- Th.s n.,; iv O u i ; -' l i K - t i . i , F',;,il|. v L . u,!. lei 2 I"'- ."·,!-; · .('· i 2..'iU-- A m - i - K . i n Sl.oi,| of ih" A i r I T (,»_. Oil-iirl...! C'!-..,mUr M.i ic ! .-, 10 -N'. - v ,,. ., s..:i| I 0 l | , . ; l ] . . .-. I,, H",,i!h 1 4 i : - S ; - i;, I. v R. J. Thoma-i ( l e f t ) , riewly-appointcd president of the United Auto Work- rrs, and CIO Regional Director Adolf Gerrner arrive at Detroit from WaMmt£ton. A native Dctroiter, Thomaa wn-5 nfiicially recognized UAW head by the CIO uluch repudiated Honi-r Martin !n the union war which Ihreutena to further split labor. P E R R Y O P O L I S Cornmitleeman Speaks. S. 7 Bcnfurd, member of the i t t o o p . committee, addressed Inc [ Scouts of Troop No. 4 at us Idst meeting. The a n n u a l father and son banquet was discussed and the boys were urged 1 to aticnd. New v/ays of artificial respiration wci c dcrrun- strntcd by Scout Mc.'in" A new law was adopted by the troop wnercby il requires a member of the troop com- miitee to be present on \ibiting nights or puy a small penalty. :, on- uj- ·...,,, n,-r ., ·,, t v .,,,., S.I.-i--I!..,....v w.r.^ : ."-I! ·: , Ml ,:: i .:-.,. (· H.I -- | j .,.,-!-HI . II 1.1--,\,-v. , or t h e W o r l d 6 .iO -- l', r ,\i Trout U !"--!!. , i y V.-.-.'-. "i 15--I:n:n-.y Y n -.-r 7 3 0 -- l i f ! ' : i :.knr.i-n--Second H u s - ' L.u-d. BOO--Edv. .,!·.-! C RobiriEOn--·B:g 1 O-A n. 8 'to--.-M J -on's SIIO-A 0:00--We. Tho Peorte. 10 4',-- An., ru-. n ·;,,·..·,-, r .\. \ 1 D i-- N, -.. - ..i.::, KI n H.Idi Activities Among Girl Scouts S j r u ' n Sli-dduiK and S k a t i n j r 1'art.v. The ^leddin,: and s!:,i!ir-,^ p,i ty pl.inned by Tux-ii 4 w , , s i^t}n:iid frcini l t i:i wcc}-. t h i s v.-ctK, ;iiid wil! be l-c-ld by u x l v i ' I u . i l p.-i-.rn!- J u m h l v d Sports Gunic. A j u m b J c d sp f rlp game v/;is p];i.v J by Troop 4 G j r l bcouls of the Kir^t Pre^byterinn C h u r c h ;it tho mceiniK Tuesday w i l n Patrol 1 p l u r - u i g Putrol ."i, becund; 7'uliol '2., i h i i d u n d Patrol 4, luyt. A f t e r the con'.e.^L n scout, from each patrol ieviewed a sport btnlir.K its origin, progress, rules and methods of piuytng. R u t h j a r n l Anderegg spoke for Patrol 1; Bctly Goldstonc, Patrol 2; Adriennc Brady, Patzol 3; and Hek'n Drtmel.s, Patiol 4. The meeting was held cit the home of Lieutenant Dorothy Shor- rick in East Fairview ;;s r t:nuc. Luncli w;r; served and the meeting closed with the f r i e n d s h i p circ.e and tdpt. f)pc'ul I l a n d u - r a f i .Merlin^. Pa'j'dl ! nf Tioop -1 n.ct k imi.iy f afterisoon v, il!i the Liruli' H..- - , net A . f l u r i p h i f y m Kjst Ccclur ; t \ c - ; iiuc 1 and v. 01 ki-d on h.indit. r a i t The M.OUI.S are si;id ing '.s ooci b u i nin^. Coniinittt-L- Appointed for P I u j . T--f;0|) fi. Older G i r l S ; o u t ^ . of The Chr:stu,:i Church, i n p t r i i n e d by M^, Da i.sey A lien, ,11 inc.' nlod coin m i t tc-es lo produce a play. They ar-c. Pub- l i c i t y C l a n e Verrion; ^t.lKo iranatjer, Mi'lvft B u r d u - k ; prompter. Lieuten- a n t Katbryn Rust: i n u b n - , Betty M i t c l i e U , Lichi Engleka, Gloria De- I^ola; property, Mmerc:, l^or.s f3c\trd and D u r u l h y U.mif.-!s: bi.bsncss mtmaRcr, M n i j o i i c - E n e t t ; piay reading eommittee, Dorothy Daniel.--, Jane Lcc Shaw and M a i t h a Tissue. Dinner Precedes McotniR, Under the supervision of Lieu'en- lunl Jeanne V t m N a t t a , stouts of Patrol 2 of Troop I of the First Methodist Episcopal Church prepared :: mea! at the home of the Lieutenant ui North Cottage avenue, to pass the homcmaking field in second rhiss v/ork. Then menu was: toma'o juice cock t tul, chile eon earne, .sandwiches, deviled eggs, fruit salaci, cakes and chocolate milk. Bracelets Ui'inff jMiiflu. I J a t r o l ;i of Troop 1 hn.s started w o r k i n g on the Arts and C'uitts Held under tlu- .suporv. on of the captain, Katherine B. Humphrey. Bracelets arc being made. To Meet at Church. Troop 4 will meet · at the troop room in the First Presbyterian Church at 7 o'clock Tuesday evening. A review quix^ on sports w i l l be held and reports on operas, gie ( it singers, conductors or composers given. Two Xew Members. Zola Hyatt ard Peggy Tressler, Hie last of South Count.Isville attended the meeting of Troop 1 and plan to be reg.biered. Book of Kncm ledge. Lieutenant Jean Dull's p a t i o l of Tiooj) 2 of Tunity Li,tho);,n Chuivb lias a rioteuook enlitletl the Book ol Knowledge whero ilu- scouts make amends Cor n.tsLomiuct. Scums like u iine P.ttrol -1 Parlies. Patrol ^ uf T'oop 1 held a p a l l y Wednesduy c \ e n i n y : ,i tho ho-iu- c'l K a i h e - i i i e B. U u m p h r o v j i « Cast C i t i a r rt \eiuu Si\ ^m\su v. c; c in allendanLO and ll c e v e n i n g w j - ppcnt in dancing ,md p l a i n g gan-.c-;. Lunch \\ ris sci wi. The .if'-m u ,t i Sc-i'ap Book (in ^pilin, Betty Ann Go Idst one of IVoop 4 submitted a f i n e s t r a p hcc.\ about Spain for the In'.ernational ?'nend- ship Fie'd in second class \Vork. Bird Museum Contest. A theatre party is in store Jor the winning patrol of Troop Ii that wins the bird museum corJest. Each pa- Irol is m a k i n g a scrap book museum ol birds. Vases Completed. The vases displayed by Troop 3 of the United Brethren Church, made from empty jars, are quite attractive. Mock Cafeteria Held. A mock cafeteria was held in connection w i t h the Health and Safety Field in second class work by Troop 3, nt the rm-eting Frk'.ny. Scouts se- 'ectccl HIP food they would like to eat and the menu.-, were .·lu-ck'.'d n n d weI]-lj.'U.'inivrt diets discussed. The troo'j is completing lhi .vr.i-k in the n a t u r e Old. Fcixx Signs Contract. J i m m y Foxx has signed his 1939 contr.-jct but t h e dsure v.-as not re- vca'.ed by the Boston Red So.\ The first s;ie!:e( a ho u.-Jked ci.T ".it'i nearly a ' I o! ilie t.uRKins h u n o i s IM j the Anipriean Lej^iic Uitt se,,.-.on, !i,'d | decl;necl In- win.lrin'l Man f n r ' less Hi, n $-1(1,IKK). J. M. Rifchey Speaks At Maccabee Dinner; Officers Installed .Linn - :.i mi, :u- H ri.-r ci n.-i r TIM'-:'-:' ..' . me.'-irj.' r.( tin- M ,LCM,-CS m T. r I No 13!). Ti:"\- rl.iy ii s:i'- .1 ;:·:',- V M. C A A i-ti.c.i'n cni'iu .- v..,- M - i u ' d ;; r. an o \ i , , i : ,,,,,i ..n,.,- ·,,. r^,.,.. .. few i cm i s -..[·· M r:i,idi- b Hi-co-r: K " i p i - J. I. KI,I-,CI. I .| L . p i u ^ i r i m Y..I- t u . l . t ' i over tu r u f n n . i m U r H C. I!i,i :);.,-'.!. S v M ' i . i l t c l i - K i . u n . W f i c :iMil l.y Sn K n i K l i t Viiu-i'iit R - T i d ' n c . Th.; iMi-^-ii^c^ \ M - I C n u i n Inc i .st,,.'idr:K ciilicci--, nf Uu- Sta 4 .,* wlin i'vp- c .., r c | f i i ' i r ruRretn i i , nut oeint: 'ibic to .lUc.-id the m c u t i n p A '·pi !clc!r;rn n.js r e r u u r d f i f j i n W [:. llhiuey, j^ie.iL L-umniander of I V n n ^ y h .nil,,. At t-ln 1 i_!'i*( uf tlic p i i ' ^ i a i n Sir Knight Rcndiiio pre^cnu-d rL'tir.nR Commander B - . n k l a r d t w i l l i ;i i ) i l l fold ;ind key rinft set, qift.t Croni Youfih Tent ;i~ ;. token of appreciation of hi.- ^er\'!ce d m . n K the ye;ir. Members then went to thci loci^u room ;it ndri P'ello^s Temple where the reguKir review of the ton', wiib held. Several new members wore re- ecived t i f t e r wh.L-ll new o.'lieera for t'lc ensu.nK ye, r w e i e;i.led by Sir K n i H h t I'ast Commander T. F. Bowiin of Confluence Tent. They arc: Commander. B. C. B u r k n a r d l ; eomrmmder, Alonxu Le.ehhter; 1'eli- tenant eommuitdcr, Vincent Fric!; record Keeper, J. L. Kooscr; finnnec keeper, J. L. Kooscr; ellaplum, Charles Enany; plij.-,idaii, Edibon II. lldi-mon; sergeant, Pabqtiaie Gnmakli: mabLer-at-ai-ms, L. p. Stewart; to I he Courier. I M I . a.idie Dull visited her broth- PKKUVOPO1.IS, . J a n :)().--Pc-rry | er. Join: R i f T I c o£ U n i o n t o n n , to at- StU'.; and .!.je])'] 11.i// .il'eiuiecl I t i c l t r - n d in.-, b i r t h d a y dinner given for rnec-liii" of Klre C ' i i R - N and A.-M'stant! him. Fire L'nit'l.-, .it K h . - i i r . v here S t u c k , ; n w i y . i t arc! G i l - i o i t Sibiey \-isited a-, t h e ret nrm .in-'.ck-nL of the- as.--o- | Pin er Hai.ey, a nephew, al Toledo, ( i . f t i o n . Ei.r.L a p t r i m y ^ i f t oj a A' t '\el ; Oino. j.-l.jjr f . t j n Hu'd E.'ikrn f:o:.'t '.ite^ ."M'S Au^'j.'-t ReUbtiom of Faye'.te o!rf V.'.i ! u . f ; ' u n M i h ; u ihc me- min^ C i t y n c e n t i y \ i b i t e d her daughter, pi L- idem :o Ijc j IT! .aid p:..- t .d on M"-,. l l . D. B l . n i . I - I L ' I :···'! Tnc 'iJVn-- 1 . \ \ l i o ( ink u l i ^ . M a r y \'.'ali[;h of Delmont is '.In :· 1 1 ~;. ..ii-- Pie-ici. ir. r. I. lloo- j \ . . i t i ' i g her Uvee chiklron. Mrs. I vtr of Wanu.-,bur-:. '.-n'r-p.-i-.cint . R o n a l d Ilair.ilton and B u t l e r a n d 1 .1 i ' .-n K a d i - h f \ 1 .'. ~ -in :;toa town- A l e x a i i f k - i Wau^h. :·;!:!·. ^t t r c t . i i ' ^ - t i c f ^ i i r c r , C a r l ! c KntorUtilib BriclRC Club. I LM'.-.V -i li,.|i, V i ' i i H - n : p \ n ' u m c Mi-,. I L . i o l d Blnncy entertained her .ii-i.;,·)·!.!·. ' l h i i i n . i i : iicc'.i^ nf B,'ii/. i,,o-i ble aL't!i,n club V,'cdnc-,day W i ' u n C . - . i i ! i T M a t i n * f V e , \ u k e v ' - i . u i ^ 3 U e:tia gunst w a b Mrs. a i . : I - · · I i.. ( 't.r "'. C d i i n r n a. ch.ap- ..'..m: 1 - P i f i - o l . Pn,:cs w e r e av,-ardcd i . n _ i . r . i - A . i d C'i.!-...· "' D u i . D a i i M i - f i , r , k K i \ v e i l and M. s » R u t h EI- 'I : · n \'. n.r.'t::u; v. .'I oc a' v ( 1 1 Hi"v.n \ . I ! ' I'R- t h a f ; 'A't cint- da;, o: ' M.irch of Oimcb I'aity. ''"n:. :· ' V.,ji7H'-i D.' 'he Den-.ocr, tic Club l - l l t i ' i - l a l l l s \ r N C'lllli. | i.a'l i Miuv-'-flll binRO party ,n · v - I ' . ' , i i ; . . i:.,'m-:-r 1 : 1 ' ' . i . . m i i ! K..IU.MI,'. H . i l l Wudncsdaj, the pro- t!,c !·.:." A:t.. C'i.jij y,i~ K N - . . f , : i j i ' r i ' 0 ( i ' s n! V.-IIK.-II'. lo the .Vjrch I ) L - ' I : : ' M a ' i!i: OM "Um C'...i:ie ^ of Dune.- f u ' l d Theie were cbout Hi m.:n . 1 . " l a ' Ksr Ti ,,d-. m C..n- ' '. 00 aiiniisMor. earci.-, sold and many · " ' ' ' "'··· ' . ' · "'!'· ·'···- by i"li call buuslit nvjic cards as the evening i ( '..'n 1 :i ; t i U i ' : - v.i':! ear*, one a n - . p: o^ic^--ed .-.'.t'.n,' v. .;i a fc... ir.::,i:li". t , i k o n . Hold Oancr. ;'" l l ' "' '· JCP.C. ·: . n ! i ; i L - t . Til'- Tl.e Ait.,: Soeiely of S:. Jdhn'f | bl: .p.i- . u ,, t f i : . . - ' K ; d b;. tl:e p ; e i ( C.'iuu h held tho tirbt of a series of «i:"., '.; . M ,ry V/,,!iV il.iue.; m t h e Sokol Home V/cdnes- O l h r r Ilni^ lit InlrrcM. rl.,y i; i; f -i;. Tlio o.inet'i u-ill continue Mr 1)., I L .;.::-,·: ,.; \V. st . \ I W - e'. cry ViVciModay u n t i l lent. '"! - I ' " I '..".· '·'.- C..-M. i v:;-! :., A l l - D a j (Juiltinc. ' · · · - ' · · ' · M . ' . l M. . H( ...ard T'-.e i.;.c,:e.- A.d Sociely of the · \ i \ ' : i :'e:io]j,h.- .Mf.hc.chst Episcopal i K - '" ' l! ' "lid (.'l.iiri-li r; d a : peeial all-day quilling | . . ' i . , . , 'i .1 , ; i , i ;i;._. V.'cdn'-.i \ al the c.i.uidi. M i ' . , :.;, i i , . i K . i ; At Kastrrn Star .llfctinK. M : ~ . V.'.M. m flwell, Mi.-. Fran,; .'.!,-( i . i w c l . Mr.- \\ P. Ln,t and Mrs. R. "'..t P K.,:·;·· cr atler.cled the Eas-tem j-di 1 S'..,i nn.u.1 q 01 tl-c Conncllaville and I'ivp'.c! M .i.e. y n i a i . l . i-i . . I . I Mr a".d M ' - . D: unni ha\ e ' a".J - i r e - . t d .v.iid noip fie dtvn tif the I V.. , . - M l . u . i ,.| A e i D i . n i n i u :n P:it 5 bu:gh. -Ui-y ·!-...'. : , i , -on, Paul. IIL,S the h.ghc.n! -i-i-iilastn.- .andiil" in Ins class f o r ' , u l ..;, ; he pa-,1 'i-ni:. P.nil x i . i i l u a t c r i from "'"·- KI i i d - ' r mr.f ll.-\ i l l c 1113(1 School i,. igsa .,11-.'-, L..u- ,,:-.d i - t h e jouiv-'^t member in nib tia.^ in P.ttsburgh Troop 5 Plans Meet, During a lengthy business session c.l Troop No. 5 meeling last Friday Ihe program for the inter-patrol field meet lo be held late in Febiu- arfly was outlined as follows: Inspection, drill, knot tying, first aid, signaling, fire by friction and fire by flint and steel, compass and an unknown game or relay. The firsi- aidoree medallions won by members of the troop have 7tot yet been awarded as the centra' committee council is waiting until they have enough lo go around. It was decided not to excuse any Scout for a basketball game on the night of the inter-patrol meet. Troop 7 on Hike. Scouts of T: oop 7 met nt Trinity Lutheran Church with sexen in at- lencance. Some Scouts passed ^econd clasfi 1esl5 and Robert Fcr.iello pawed the compass examination. Fridny night the Scouts met at the ehui ch and went on a hoke. In a basketball game January 21. Troop 7 defeated Troop 2 by a 31-23 score al die Y. M. C. A. Scouts Eat Oysters. In place of the usual meeting at the Christian Church, an oyster ··upper was held for Troop No. 8 Scouts at the home of. Fred Shclkey. After the dinner this program was presented: Group singing, solo by John Fleming, movies pertaining to different tests in scouting and of labt ye,a's camp were shown by Scout- mab'trc J. M. Southard, and a talk on experiences d u r i n g the Civil War wa: gix-en by a 90-year-old former shu e. 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