The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, February 8, 1930
Page 5
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K, 1930. THE DAILY COUBIER, CONNETLLf-VILLB!, PA, PAGE "-»I The Goal of the Sermon oh the Mount "Brass Tacks" on the Sunday School Lesson "'vO'lWPf: V'^i ' ..,_*X~ ! ' ^* ' J 1^' '''. "Every true thai bringeth not Forth good fruit U iiewa down, «n cast into the fire."--Matthew 7:19, it profusely illustrated with contrasted pictures: Two gates, two ways, Iwo builders, two foundations, two final results. Tho te ct is "Enter ye in at tM« straight gate, for wide is th« gate, and broael is the way, that ioad«th to destruction, and many there be which go in. thereat; because straight la the gate, and narrow is tho way, which lead»th uato life, and few there be that find it." He warns against false prophets,' who, liko wolves In sheep's clothing, oppose our way to this goal of 11'e, and commands MS to test all teachers as trees are tested, by their fruits as prima facia ·evidence of life. Mere professions of "I^ord, Ix»rd" are not sufficient, but only the po'vas-saion of life evidenced by "doinK the will of my Father which la in heaven.' The life that seeks exemption from pay--this icssa-ry prl-ee of success must ond in disaster and ruin as a house built upon sand. "Therefore, whosoever licareth these i«yinis of mine, and doeth thorn, I will ilreu him unto a wise man, which bui t hi- house upon a rock; and the raj i descended, and the floods came, -mi the windti blew, and bent upon that 'lou'so. and it fell not; for it WHS foun led upon a rock." This should bo the goal of all our MliUi'a! building-- lability, permanency, abiding life \uytlilnp; short of this" ih ruin and a. comul?to missing of tho goal of life. (Tho liite-ruationa* Uniform Lesson lor Febuiary U. is Matt. 7.1-29, the feubj-ect being "Warningh and Promises," and tho Golden Text, Matt 7:19, "Every treti that t ingeth not forth good fruit Us hewn i own, and cat Into tho fire.") (Tho Daily Bible Headings fir next week's study ar* J o n , Matt. 8:5-13; Tues , Matt. 9.1-J3; Wed., Mark 8:1-10; Thura., Lu! o 18:35-4',!; ITri, John 11:33-14; Sat, I/uko M:\3-2 Suu., Isa 35:3-10 ) By DB. AikVIN E. BEJL-L, Up to this point in his Incomparable Sofxnon on tho Mount, the King uas laid down tho fundamental principles ot his kingdom aa follows: (1) Its Nature, Spiritual not Political, Matt. 5:3-12; (2) Its Purpose To Transpose, To Transform, Not Coorcs the World, 5:13-16 (3. Its Policy, To Fulfill not to Nullify the Law, 5:17-48; (41 Its Spirit, Sincerity not show, 6:1-18; (5) Tt9 Wages, Spiritual not Material, (!: 19-34. The tvo principles he has jot to develop a^e:: Its Atmosphere, Love, and Its Goal, Lite. The Kingdom's Atmosphere, Loo. "Judge Hot, that yo not bo judged," in tho King's text for tho fifth sermon within tho Sermon on tho Mount (7:1-12) which ho opens with a humorous cartoon Illustrating how ridiculous is the. unloving crlUc, who fusses about motes in his brother's eyfe, unconscious of tho stakfc protruding from'his own oye. This is not tho atmosphere of te kingdom. Tho atmosphere- of the kingdom Is tltat ot a f a m i l y , wherp tho father w«e!i6 to tweet every need of his children hi love: "How much more t*haU j o u r Father in heaven sno good things to thorn t h a t ask him?" This dtmotphore of tovo will bo fostert'd Uest'as our touduct roflecU tho Gold- oil Hulo ot tho kingdom. ' Thorefoio, all things what-mover j e would that men should do to you, do ye 'jvou «o lo Ihom: for this la tho law ind tho pro phot a " Th« Kingdom's God, LiU'. Kvory sermon must have an object at wliKih owry JurKUUiont is aimed, a ·;oal to which e.ery Huce"eding statement load" This incomparable Sermon on tho M o u n t sets is its. goat and tho goal of thn kingdom, that substantial spiritual lUo thsit evidence!, itself in its f r u i t and its Mirvhai through all tho storms, that beset tho Christian itt hU journoy through this Wvrld. This auction of tho sermon First Families of the Garden In the plant world there ara certain j families which show ambition and ability beyond others. When ghon opportunity an*! encouragement, they produce improved vaiiotieti. New colors «nd more interesting forms appear, gladdening tho hearts of plant breeders; and thefle families become BO rich in color and iutorest, and so versatile In forms, as to merit tho titlo: Firtt families of the garden. A family which every ono will admit qualifies in this class, le tho so- callod China M tor group. It is riot an aster botan cally, being unrelated to tho perennial plants which claim that name. The China aster ie in botany tho callistophus. Callifetophus is a Greek word meaning becullful crown. The original China aster was a sliiKlo flowered plant, tho type color being violet. I! was a native of China an! Japan. It wos Introduced into Europe in 1731 by R, P, d'lncarvllle, a Jesuit mieelonary. At the tlmn it hod only blue uid white forma. The first record ol tho appearance of red and double forma wis in 1753. Its development into n. gieat va- foims in which the petals are flat and overlapping regulai ly. It also follows both forms of doubling which occur ia thiis family of plants. One ia by A multiplication. This ia lihe usual form of doublo aster. Tho other is by the transform ition of the yellow center or cJsk flowers into colored five petals etarry individual flowers. Thie is known a? the anemone flowered type in chrysanthemums and ae the cushion type in asters. The new Sunshine «atcrs show thits form of doubling. Tho modom plant breeder has developed the aeter into a great range of coior from near yellow to nearly clear led with a great variety ot'ln- termeriiate pink an«i rose shades as well as the wide range of violets from lavender to deep pnrplo. RYE BREAD INSTEAD OF WHEAT PROPOSED BY GERMAN CABINET ,y ua.uro a ,,, variable ^ p,an V and the present to^ms are variations and ' wjieftt not hybiatta At tho start there wro U v o ' i b t h o maltt a i T H C u U u ral product no dwar; lo.-m-, They have originated M Germany, and tha present plight of i!- »t w-it, brought I n t o Cunnau larmers \i ascribed to its modern e u l t l u u U m . It haa tuirlv , lul late fUi\veml f o i m s j and liko the i.-hr,ittnthemum luw, touii', I with petato w h i r h ^ u r v e o u t l a i d und | lf -'·40 aurvod v iriotiwi, ** w e l l as| O f ta market pr co. Looking foi Bnrfcnlns J read th 0 !vrt | a ,iji, s ooi umnfl Dally Counor, Personal Evangelism Gimpaign Followup of Religious Census MANY AT ARMORY HEM LECTURE ON CHRISTIAN SCIENCE John Banjul! Dunn o£ Mother Churcli at Boston Speaks On Many Phases. SICKNESS IS LEADING ONE About 300 persons gathered at the State Armory last evening for the lecture on Christian Science by John Randall Dunn, C. S. B., of the board of lectureship of the Mothr Church of Christian Science at Boston. Among ihe sub-topics tho lecturer discussed Vero "Sickness" and "Man in Gud's Image." ! On "Sloknese" Mr. Dunn said: "Relatively few persona are aware of the Kuemlngly overwhelming number of erroneous opinions, and sick and sinalng suggestions, constantly being broadcast into human con- sciousnt'as^ until their eyes are opened thereto )n the study of Christian Science. In fact, one of tho flrat things oue begins to notice after commencing this study, is the extraordinary diseusalon of sickness, unpleasantness, and discord in general, that aboand-s in the conversation of mortals. Take from the average, mortal the privilege of talking about the aches and pains o£ himself and others, and he would be threatened with dumbnei.s, "You have heard possibly of tho reply a wife once made to an Inquiry "about her husband's health. 'Well,' she said, 'lately he has been enjoying very poor health; but today, he complains of feIlng better!' Now because mortals are brought up In tho mental atmosphere of expectancy of sickness and trouble, they accept without pro- tost what physicians and hygtenlstn are pleased to call medical aitd health laws. "At a certain age, a child must expect this or that ailment; adults, at different periods in their experipncu, j are lo look for this infirmity or t h a t ' disease; and so It eros. If these bo Jaws, who is their author? Certainly noi that heavenly Father who the Bible declares is of 'purer »yoa than to behold evil,' and from whom proceeds every good and perfect gift. Arc they not products of that 'voll' caat Each Protestant- Church Supplied With List of Prospects. VAST FIELD TO ' BE COVEB ED PERSONAL EVANGELISM The work to lie attempted i i the personal evangelism campaign "f the Protcetant churches of tho citj during the next weelc will be based --n the information obtained from a rel gious censue of the city made recently Bach of the eleven partlci iating churches has been supplied with a Itet ©- of pi'oepects- ceneus was -persons who TV In n tho taken indicated their EVERY CHURCH IN RUSSIA TO BE aOSED BY 1933 Wild Joe Stalin Said, to Back of Persecution of All Beligions. Be TO BE CONVERTED INTO CLUB HOUSES By U nl ted Press. LONDON, Feb. 8.-- -"It has been offl- church preference. Those liste were J cially announced that by 1933 there turned over to tho pastors. Tl aim ' must not remain in all of Eurasia a iPSttf $!?^'f sySi* iW5"cl!' vf* Jf " ]'$$"· 1 I;|"i 1,^'M* 2$Lk3 ot tho personal worker.! will to single church, synagogue, mosque, or Visit all those persons and, i£ po eible, i sectarian religious house," F. Ker- bring them Into the churches. | enaky, whoee government was forced With few exceptions, It Is sa i, the' out by the Bolshevik revolution, said information Bought as to churc i p r e ( a t a meeting of the Oxford Luncheon forencG an^ong the nOn-memb* ra or those who mcy bo members hu have been inactive, was readily given Each. "The eource of this persecution does not lie in politics nor the church therefore has a fairly ar :urate activities of Christian or other list of prospecte for the personal ligione," he continued. ''It lies workere to can yaws. More can be aceompliatted, n the counter- rein Joseph, Stalin'e wild hatred of evory- thing spiritual In man, against God belief of tho members of the YHnis- and every manifestation of religious terlal Association, vrho are back of tho life, free conscience, or thought. movement, by the personal c invaso "Bolshevism Is persecuting 'all other than by union or individual hureh religions because In itself it la a re- ovangelistlc services. With 0 Is in llgton -- of militant atheism. Since mind upwarde of 150 worker* --men 1929, more than 2,000 churches have and women -- have been enlist* d for beon cloeed, and some at Potrograd tho week's campaign. They "wlH meet' have been converted into clubs for the each evening for a dinner-con} jrence at one of the ahxtrches, fo! owing which they will be cent out by t toe on personal visitation of the home . This will bo continued throughou . the weelc and', In some instances pj 3bnWy into the neat week, depending o i what can be accomplished in cover! ig the territory during the flrst. While the work will be done argely Godless." SUNDAY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE NOW AND A YEAR AGO Attendance in the Sunday schools of the community last Sunday corn- by laymen it i« not a laymen e move-' p a r e i W 1lh a year ago is shown in mcnt, Tho minitsteie will join in tho ( h o following table compiled by the task of rounding up members From the standpoint of tho ;hurcb and the Blblo schools there Is a Conneilsville Ministerial Aosoclallon: Iiiist Year Sunday ago field. Approximately half of '(he rity arc not c ' Ike id nllned with any church and a much i mailer number arc regular in attentU tice, it IH said, Batter C-impaijm On. CHIPPEWA FAlJ^S, Win., F. b. S -Seven hlorr-a in Stanley have ifireed First First Christian. First Evangelical 150 First Presbyterian --. Firs) United Brethren over the nations--that ignorance of j to discontinue u,,, w a e O f butt r sub- United Presbyterian xx God w l l o h ever claims to ooscure s U t utcs, aiding the campaign o! tho Greenwood M. B. aa rf mfan^lse? Chippowa County HoIslHa and 5uorn- Highland Baptist xx __ Ohrltilian Science therefore takes . oy Breeders As«orlahm to 5' crease Mount Zlon Baptist --. the star d that these accepted medical ( t h e use of 6tlUer . Payne African M. B. xx opinion!! and fears do not constitute law, and that they i . - n ba annulled, one and all, by the glorious, strengthening, t eaUli-giving law of God, good. ' of (fad "All these years, mortal?:, in Ignor- Trinity Episcopal xx In fact, a Christian Sclpnre treatment anco as, to thr nnturp cf the o e true Trinity LtUhrran has well been callpd thu enforcement f God, have consequently been Ir Ignor- Trinity Reformed of law and the consequent annulling anco as to the' trite ima^o of ih it God. Ti,otter Community of every so-called law of materiality This hag led lo She fciUI erro of at- TJniou Buptibt and disease." On "Man in God's Image" ho said: "On the third page of Science and ! nens. Oue sees tiniest humori as Health, having led the thought of the! dcncos of this, in the t r t gall' r!o«s of student to a scientific apprehension j Europe, whore aie lain; the %\ rks of of the (rue God, Mrs. Eddy makes this i many of the old maat'Tt. O these statement, 'The Divine Being must be old canvases God is invariab y por- reflected by man.' Here we have tho trayed as either a benign or uistere basic leaching of the Seriptmes and I elderly man, adorned w i t h lu curiant of the Brethren 117 85 of God x . 68 173 ,200 1S9 First Methodist Episcopal--321 281 First Methodist Protestant 248 242 .245 278 .297 246 _277 _103 - 56 ' 47 . 55 50 45 - 50 23 -416 4/0 .. SO .. 32 57 FIRST METHODIST PR DTBSTANT l'\ T i T UA1 J UT, E II Stevens, min- Wc«t Apple street, J. II hambertsou, i- tu auixh tchool at 9--1C, lesson, minister. Class meeting, 9 A M., "Je,u., p .Mu hod o£ Meeting IIuouwi leader, George Swallop. Sunday fcciiool Nood." Morning worship, 10:45, sor- at 9:45 a. m., T. II. Means, euperiu- mon, "From Home to Home Visitation tendent. Morning worship, 11, sub- EvaiigelJJn." Junior mc-eting at 2 Ject, /"^,n Urgent Command." Junior o'clock in the chapel. The workers C. E., 3 P. M. Intermediate C. E., of the evangelism campaign will go P. M., leader, Hilda Maa Bonford. for Instructions to tho Pirat Christian Senior C, E3. prayer meeting, 8:45 P. Church at 3:30 P. M., director Dr. M., topic, 'Ways of Studying the Drukker. Union meeting of all the Bible." In the evening at 7:30 there downtown churches in the Firei M. E, will be a Union mass met-ting at the Chuch at 7:30 P. M. Dr. Raymond First M. E. Church, Dr. R. R. Drukker Drukker, minister of the Forest Ave- of Pittaburg will bring the mess ago. nuo United Preabyterian Church, There will be a meeting in the Chris- Bellevue, will be tho preacher. tian Church on Sunday afternoon at -3:30 o'clock for all tho personal FIRST PRESBYTERIAN, J. L,. workers. Regular Wedneoday evening Proudflt, D. D., minister -- Sabbath prayer at 7:30 o'clock. All the per- School, 9:30, II. W. McRobbie, super- sonal workers are urgeo to meet intendent. Morning service, 11. Rev. promptly at our church on Monday W. Scott Bowman, D. D., of Dniontown will preach tho morning eennon. ' people's meeting, 0:30 o'clock. evening at 6:15 o'clock. FIRST CHRISTIAN, South Pitta- i 3«ni ng service will not be held due burg etreet, Rev. Eugeno N. Dutyj £ "^ U " 1( £! Ch , un * 6 f Vl °f * "** mln?ster-9:30 A. M, Church School f lrst M " E " chtt « h ' Wednosday own- Walter S. Stimmel, superintendent, ing prayer lneoting ' 7:45 ° clock ' clashes for all ages; 10 40 A. M., Communion and worship, "The Supreme Question;" 3:30 P M., Work-! and R-ov. Raymond DrukJter will be the speaker and director of tho work. Senior and Intermediate Christian Endeavor at 13:30 P. M. At 7:30 P. M., TRINITY LUTHERAN, FfUrvlew avenue, W. II. Iletrick, D. D., pastor-- t Catechism, 9 A. M. Sunday 10 A. M. Moining worship, 11 A. M., sermon, "Tho Transfiguration o£ Christ." Luther League, 0:40 P. M., "Ways of Studying tho Bible," leader. there will o. a Union mas , meeting at I "*" the First Methodist Episcopal Church. Union mass m.jetJngr, Firs, M. B. Wednesday prayer meetin; at 7:30 P. M. A mid-week pause to think of God. Union Personal Evangelistic Campaign will be conducted from February 9 to February 14 this church participating. TRINITY EPISCOPAL, Canon, L. H. Burn, rector--Church School at 10 A. M. Morning prayer and fermcm at 11 A. M. METHODIST PROTESTANT, Broad Ford--Sunday School, 1.0:30 A. M., Superintendent, J. C, King. Preaching FRIST METHODIST EPISCOPAL, D. R. Graham, D. I)., pastor--At 11 A. M., Thank offering eervice of the Women'6 Home Missionary Society. At 7:30 P. M., mase meeting with eleven local churches uniting. PRESBYTERIAN, Dunbar,. Loard R. Wylle, pastor--Morning worship at 31, subjject: "The Ark in the House." Sunday School at 9:45, superintendent, Upton D. Speer. Lesson, "Warnings and Promiaes." Evening worship at 7:30, subject, "A Friendly Invitation. at 7:30 P. M. by Rev. King. The text Young people's meeting, 6:45, Todd 219 for tho evening is: "The Holy Temple." Biirhana, leader. Topic, "Ways of 129 . Christian Endeavor Thureday eve-j Studying the Bible." ning at 7:30, leader, Mrs. Carrie Croft. --' A talk will bo given by Pi'Ulino Sauor. CHURCH OF THE 3RETHREN, FIRST UNITED BRETHREN, Lincola avenue ant! Race strcsst, Elmer A. Echultz, minister--Sunday school Vin« and Nowmyer, Rulp 3 E. Shober, {at 9:45 A. M , H. O. Witt, general 105 minister--Bible School at 9:45, Mrs. j. aul V. Ljopley, superintt ndent. Temperance Sunday will lie observed by Rocky, Mount Baptist xx German Lutheran Salvation Army superintendent. Temperance instruction by William Calhoun. Woi ship at 11; sermon by pastor, "Tlu Highest giving a playlet, "Libert/ and Law,"' T J r l e of Study." Education day. immediately after the classes re-' f onlt f Christian Endeavor at 6:30 P. assemble. Worship and termon at 11, M- Rev. Schultss, leader; topic, "How aermonelte for the child en; subject, |" ldyr , th !. ^ lbl f'" J«""°« at 6:30, "Two Little White BuHois" Sermon, ?^a ?raft, leader. Union service at tempting to conceive 01 the A nighty ) xindicatca no report received, xxla- tn thc-lr own image ar 1 like- aicatea not available. « a t 7, AUcc Ridgway in charge. At 7:30 Union service, au lurntfoii tha evangelism workers at First Christian week of evangelism, jn !he First M. Church at 3:30 P. M. the Sclonco and law of all truo being. As will be remefnbered, the very first statement about man In the Old Testaroftnt is that famous declaration In the iirst chapter of Genesis that he beard; in fact, at seemed imi ossible to one o£ those old artists, to c mceive of the Supreme Being rithout i beard. And w h y ? For no rooon In th · world but that they wore beards, and did not was mi do in the imago and after tho I God look liko than?" Deor In Lowlnuds. MART1NSDALH, Mom.., Fob. 8.- Cruoted snow through vthich they are unable to pierce in search of food, haa driven grout numbero of deer to the E. Church. Dr. Raymo id Drukker, director of the campaign will deliver the message. Prayer rnee ing Wednesday evening at 7:30. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE, McOrory Building--"Spirit" is the subject of the Ifson-sermon to be read in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, Sunday. PAYNE A. M. E., W. ? Amos, pas- The Golden Text is, "Not by might, tor--Sunday school at 0 45, superln-' nor by power, but by M.y tvpirit, saith lowlands where torage in easier to tendent, W. F. Thompson. Morning the Lord of hosts" Among the eita- obUiiu. Residents of this ectiou are ^orahlp at 10:45. Eveuii g woiehip at tions^froir the Bible is tho following: protecting the weakened animals from' 7 : 3 °- Young peopled melting at 6:30 " " """ hunters. Patronize those who advertise. ITIZEN National Bank .uarter of a Century First..... Last«... Always The Bank's guarding star through t lie years -- SAFETY. Enabling this veteran institution fco steer a course, straight and true. Always safely within the harbor of 100% security. The house builded on a rock withstoo i wave and tide. And so the Bank, founded upon a. policy c f liberal conservatism, has successfully solved, all problems. Today The Citizens Bank stands out in the Connellsville community as a pillar of safety for your funds. Safety, in the power of assets, and in the wisdo) n, integrity and vision of its officers. Your Account is Invited (small or largo) of Councils wile Gladys Manila, president. FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN, South Pittsburg and Morton avenue, \ G. R, Krupp, pastor--Bible school at 9:45 A. M., Charles E. Carson, Jr., superintendent. Morning worship, 11 o'clock, "Now Therefore Go." Even- Ing worship, Union sen ice in tho Flret M. E, Church. Meesage by Rev. Raymond Drukker of Pittsburg. Wednesday evening at 7:4f, servJoa .of prayer and praise. Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Junior Missionary Society. MOUNT ZION Baptist, North Fourth Whither .shall I go .from thy spirit? 01 whither blmll I flee from they presence? If I ascend up Into heaven, thou are there: if I make my bed in helJ, behold, thou ai-e there." (Psalms 139:7, S). REVIVAL BEGINS ON MONDAY EVENING ATSTAR JUNCTION Evangelistic services will begin on Monday evening, February 10, at the Star Junction Baptist Church. Rev. Walter McCulloch, pastor, of the Bcllo street, Weet Side, R. D. Epps, paslor i Vernon Baptist Church will be tho --Bible school, 9:30. G. W, Sherman in leader of 'ho song service each oven^ charge. There will be special flor- ( i ng aud wm p i ay harp, musical saw vices for the pupils who have been an i ren der vocal eolos, attending the revival con lucled by t h o l Re . Le6 ii e Megargee, pastor o£ tho pastor. At 10:30 A. M. Bible Class No. Star junction and Flatwoods Bapti-t 2, with all the officers, will conduct} churches will preach the first week, devotional services. At 11 A. M. the | i extends a special invitation to tho pastor will preach. At 2:30 P. M. members of the Pastor'*. Aid Society will conduct prayer ami praiee eer- vlees. At 3 P. M. the pastor will preach end administer the Lord's Supper, assisted by visiting minlstere. Dr. W. A. Amos of Payne A. M. E. church will preach at 8 P. M. METHODIST EPISCOPAL, S t a r Junction, E, C. Linn, pcetor. Everything has been arranged for the people' of Star Junction to have an exceptional opportunity to worship at two Dig services on Sunday, In the morning there will "be Holy Communion. Rev. E. H. Grrnelee will be the guest preacher. In the evening the beautiful, attractive, dramatic playlet, "Triumphant of the Cross," will make your heart th -on. The sor- vice will be overflowing with a spirit children, as ho will draw i several colored chalk pictures to Illustrate his message. Rev. McCulloch will preach, the becond week. Woman, 29, Gets Life Prison Term For Fourth Theft NEW YORK, Fub. 8---In 1929, Rath St. Clair eto'e tvro dressee. In 1924, she took a coat. In 1926, she stole a second coat. In 1929, she took two coate and a dress. Thursday Mrs. St. Glair, now 29 y«ars old, was sentenced to spend tho reat of her natural life in prison under of worship and song. On Sunday the Baumce law as a fourth offender. morning, February 16, tho church will play host to the Sunday school members who have finished the year with attendance records, TRINITY REFORMED, Pittsburg and Green streets, C. G. Shupc, pastor --Sunday School, 9:45 A.. M., S. C. Witt, superintendent, "eraon at 11, nunareds" had"gathered"at"a" 'ffi^rtwa^o-n TVTif'eiinn Tin v "ii T*mti ,ITI Wn_ , . « » She fainted and had lo be carried from the courtroom. Legr'on Commander Is IBU READING, Pa., Feb. 8.--Major O. M. Bodenhamer, national commander ol the American Legion, who was to speak here last night, is ill in a New hospital, Micsion Day." Chrietian Endeavor with Willis Lee Witherite as leader at 6:45 P. M. N evening services. FAYETTE CHARGE, Rev. R. H. Arudt, pastor, EastBnd, preaching 31 A. M,; Moore Memor'a , 2:45 P- M ; Mount Ollvo, 7:30 P. M Parents Kilted By Trafn. JACKSON, Mich., Feb. 8. Email children were made orphans latu last uight when their pareatu, Mr. ami Mrs. Andrew Elllngwood* wore killed in a collision etwo«tt H8, automobile and a train.

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