The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1930
Page 4
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FAGJf FOUR. *THB DA1LT CO'URLEJB, PA. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1930. vnta cotiniiflft co,, Publishers. HENRY P. SNYDBR, it and Editor. 'S70-1018. MRS. K. M, SNYDER, President, 1010-1022. J.AMBS 3, Preside it and General Manager. P C. EtxMUNTSON, Vlco-Presldent. AII,3S U. A. DONEOAN, SoclttLty and Treasurer. JOHN I* OANS, Editor. WAI/TRR 3. STIMMEI* City Editor. I MISS I/fNNE B. KINCEUU Society Editor. MEMBER. OP American Newspap«r Publish wo Association, Audit Bureau of Circulation. i'onnajlvania Newspaper 1'ubUshera Association. Two cents per copy: 50o per month; $5.00 per jear by mail 1£ paid In advance, l-'c par we*k by cantar. tntcred'us second flass matter at tb* rostofflco. Connallavillo. HOW BEST TO CHOCKED IN DAWSON-LA i'TOJf-BAJfNCN'U ROAD PROJECT. The problem confronting the Daw- flOit-Lay ton-Banning road supporters i« to twcoi tain what prospects there may bo early action can be had on tho completion of this improvement. Nothing definite Is at preaont known as to what the county commissioners can do, In ovoat it should ha decided to rairy it through as a county project. Even to do so this year may he renderi'd doubtful tor lack of fumta. It may 03 that having it taken oVer .ie a part c f the State System will he more expeditious, but if it is necessary to h a \ e it included in an omnibus hill passed by lie legislature, this -will involve considerable time. The legislature docs not meet until next. January hemce tho earliest time a bill could ' bo expected to lo passed and approved would he a, least a year hence, which, ·would defer action on a survey and award of contract until well along in the earlr eupimer^of 1931. 'To wait 3 o long la undesirable. It might be t ossicle, however, that the State H i g h w a y Department can point out a plan whereby tho project can be. undertaken sooner. Tho prospect that thie ft n bo dona makes it desirable to ho,-c a representative ct the department at th* proposed mass meeting who can explxln the situation and state f'eflnltely what the department can In the meantime the who arc Interested in this proposal road oan with patience await the work of the committee appointed at ths meeting held at the- Orange Hall oj Thursday eveniru;. It will confer M H h tho couuty tomraisolonors and leajn their altitude. Even if that body 5s unablo lo at.fcuinc responsibility for eai ly con- ef ruction, ^cry likely it can indicate what would ho tho proper a n d most expeditious course ot procedure. Tho project may he sikl to have inucU u otart and a somewhat «n- wuuuginp; me Us rate of pi osrt- w i l l he me .mured by tho continued ituere»t HIM' activity of tho con mil(oo ami citizens That this will bo shown is to bo expocted. ItfOHK THAN 11KAK1XO A SPKAHHK. Tho conunitteo In charge if tho arrangenit'N s for the annual K",vanis- F.irmers dinner Is to be cou« cd as most f o r t u i a t o in having soured I'l of. A. A. Borland as the speaker. Professor Hot-land :B qualified by both t t a i n i n ; and education to discuss any topic icKituig to tho a)iy in- d u s t r y in M i c h ;u manner that it w i l l b» mad? dear, interesting a i d informative t both farmers and tho town people. Reared on a tarm where ho t a r l j leu -net! the rudiments of the a i t , latei e d u c a t e d along snetial lines, and Siubsu'tjuintly engaged us teacher, member of d a n y organiza.tiom and conducting )0faeueh and now engaged as head of ho Uairy Depa^'niant of the Pennsylvania State College, equips htm as few men sue to dlcusb any and all topic relating to daiiying in all its phase i. His coming is certain to jwove pi'otitnblo to all who may hear him. oxpeit in hi 1 ' line w i l l not be the only , , ., , f e a t u r e of th s unnual gathering when shown Iram the esulla of a questlon- tlie people o' the farms and those o f , n a l r e to l )Ubl!c «' Uo °* sla6Hee IQ Mng- t b o t o w n traternizo as neighbors, and 1!sh - t u o answers to which are printed In The Writer lor February. Tho questions wcro given to five hundred fconoe ata/ncE a good chance of escaping the penalty jit?tly due them for their dastartMy conduct. The lesson of the experience of thlb young woman should not be loat on other girls who foolishly accepti the proffei^ o£ a rme in an automobile driven by yoao|g men whom they do not know. At tte sumo time amipla and adequate poliio protection should be provided, the plan adopted at Scottdale belag the best. It is, of course, impossible for policeman to he present in all parts of a town and arro-ht all ·off-endors of this type, but when one is caught ho should bo mado to Miff or Mich sevorc p naltios iliat it will att as a d«terxont to others who may bo disiposed to tho saitto practice. BmASUBE OP IN- TEKEST J1V TOUGH JRIVER ASHOCIATIOW. The arrangeiaent to appoint regional directors for the territory embraced by the Youguinghany River Im-pTov«- ment Association ought to prove helpful In centftrlnt interest In tho objects of the association, ealairglng the mem* bership and cOTitributing substantially to its ultimate success. The essential feature, oE the new arrangement, u s wU as vital to tho effective fun-eboning o4 tho association as a wliolo, -will bo memberahip. This will be a measure oE interest the 1 .people have in the project. The importance of the several directors' did- tricto will, in p \rt be determined by the number of persons who may enroll as'member i. It is desirable, therefore, that, citizens who are interested, display that interest in this manner, "With 101 members from this sqctjon a fairly good sart has be«m made but it is only a be) inning.' Several times that numbei ought to be definitely aligned Ui supinrrt of the association. YOUR rNCOlttE TAX The Return oi a Minor, How to repoi t tho return ot a minor is a subject of frequonl, inquiry. The revenue, act ep iclflcally provides that every individu-J that teaa a net iri- come of $1,000 or over, or $3,COO or over, depending upon his marital status, shall file a retarn. However, \Yhefher the m nor haa been emancipated -- allowed control of his income -- by his i arents and the source of the minor's income are material factors in determining how tho Jn- eonifl shall be taxod.. Most ailnora are unemancipi ted. In such instances, tho parent has the legal right to the minor's earnin ;s and must include them in his re urn. "A minor Hving in the home of his parent may bi emancipated. If the minor pays hU board and otherwise supports himself, there !H an Implied emancipation. Tho same rule s;ov- orna It tho ml lor Is carrying on a business for h mself u«d tho parent exercises no c uitrol over his earnings. ISraancip, tlon may be or Implied, i?er sral or limits. How- over, generallj arid in the ubsp«cc of proof to the contrary, a parent is to ha/e Uw legal right to the earnings oi his minor child, and tb,e minor's ea nings ar« taxablo income- to the pa oat. On tito other hand, any (ncotno to an unoraanrtpi'ted miuor not analogous to earn ngs, such a« interest, dividends, r e n t 1 , royal Ui a, t-tt 1 ., from n boaia fide tru i fund or from property possessed by to bo included n minor, are not jjarcntS rctnrn, Instead huch tu-onio rnuat be ro- ivorted on a » parate ro-turn of tho minor and bo t aed u him aa la tli«t case of any iu-livldual Tbo rtrturn is to bo llk*d erhor by tho minor. 01 his parent, or by -he trustee of a t r u s t fund in b halt of tho minor, Wo have hoar! much, In ehlldhod'a days, abimt thr "f'vw That Jumped Over Hie Moou.' H win be a novel experience to 1 arn about "Th« Cow That Jumped Over America,'' about which Prof. Bo land will regale tho guests at tho I iwanls-Farmcis' din- nor, February 2 . If the Ground tog does as well duf- ing tho romalni is flvo weeks tvf his control of tho v eath«r as during th-o first, there wi!' bo little complaint over his admini' tratiou. If im-provomi nt ot the Tough "sounds like a million dollars" to Tony itendlno ai JSlks Park, 20 miles distant in the mountains, what kind of a noise will it make tor those near to the fccene? Kind of Stories School Children Like Best to Read manifest interest in euclt/other. Previous experience has demonstrated t h a t these dhmcrs have been occasions enjoyoU qulto as much bv ,tho f aimers as by the business mon oC the town. r l here in no formality o£ any kind to .aiie anyone present to feel himself nnder restraint. It is a effort on part of pach to understand the other hotter. The suc- uf previous dinners has been so dut a i?currence, of the wont is ulv iyy looked forward to · w i t h many peasant anticipations. Uiivine: bei omo better acquainted year more cordiality to the greet Inn j, thit are exchanged h e i g h t e n s t h e fooling of pleasure t h a t i^ experienced. and CKK1LS 01' ACCEPTING LN' /tl'TOJUIBlLBH. 'I'lus \vlMclori jt tho action «f the ik-ottdal'j jvoHn* dfrpartment in issuing oidor', which are Intended to stop the p r u t l e e of yo mg men haUint; glrla on thu at reels a n d taking tiwui rides in automobiles, JUIB tteen conflrm-od by tin? nnfoi t u n a t e of a Un- Ion* own i;lrl vho complied with a remit «t o- (Hi-. Kind. Instead of being t a k c . i t '!· , i omt she waa carried to si i * . \ u ) ui. v * *vutau!e the town w i n \ v, \ .uo.tulttnl by tho jouiig li'-'n U i i U , t i n d Her \'..i homu as l«it t-! 1 ^ t,ou.i bho i's now a patient In tho- Ciuon'ottii hospital suffering Ciorn n c r v o u j sliooK Tlio t'Ui:^ i i n a l h who wes« her »*· ^ l i a n t iuiM 1 n«»t boon a.pj,r"lc;ivlsci children, to about an equal number si; boys ami girls- -an American group, a foreign group, children from wealthy families, ehildrtn from the upper middle close, children from tho lower middle iclaee, and, finally, ohiktron from the extremely poor. Answering tho iiueetion, "What kind of a story do on like best?" 129 liked advsaturo; 112 wanted something doing every mluuto; 68 preferred stories of sports (they mentioned football, baseball, oti.); 10 stood for Indian stories; eight for talee of cowboys; eight for detective stories; four for storiea of shipwreck; one for tales of airplanes iq which "the pilot almost Kefs killed;" on liked murder stories. STOP, LOOK, AHD READ! Stability in Money Rates Has at Last BeenAccoimplished Sl«?h of lmpro«inent lu industry nnd Fsyorable OuUooJc In Business. By 0.VVID I^AWJIIINCU (Copyright ?«« by T«i Ctui-j«r.) vVAntNGTON, i-ftto*-- ih* crrit . r-«tab!lltr Sn of th* for World Not Y et Definitely Out of Ice Age In splto or pojiulitr b li*«f to tho incrcatB of evaporation from tho ocean y c t i u n i l pr««"ipltotion which uHberecl In the Glacial perkx). The high ivinda of oontrnry, fie wurll h-,« not doluilteJy ··««/el fi om i la Ice Thi*M* i« A th» again in a Utesc iimfH took from the ocan--at a ui iMVtral, thousfts J ot years' mi« naauh grecitor than during iho th«* northerr p.irtof Ainci ca, with its i pwiotih I'Jlocoao pcrkxl -- waters and a'l 'vM»n w o !* proton t! which subsf«jitintiy fell in tho various may tx* overei by ( centers of Accumulatkin as snow. The ht'JfTS. c-xtrftction of 6ea wator to form Ice Rotwr* W. H.*ylr«!, *;«lo S«Jt of J I n r - j 3.000 fix't t h l n f c over tho lands, reduced I'nivprsrlt*, depict* ; uch a con^j the octwtn !*vel considerably." in tlf w o r l t s evolution in i*n tirUoic n p n e t r i i f f In In* apply it to the ekln, then talio off cream and dirt -wi h cleansing ttesue. Put until I'ecio/itly, oomimiatlvoly Cow women wlio uaed i roam for cleansing recognized tho fac'-. thai the 4 crcem )Klge6 ^ ith the d rt in tho tiny depressions in the bkin. The only way I t can bo thoroughly removed is b^ ueing a liquid solve n 1 -. This should bo either woap and wuor or a liquid made for (no purpose of llssolving tracts of cream- Soap and water, of course, are slight ly ustiingont in action. Some of the cleansing liquids have a fatcly s t r o n g astringent quality and are recommended particularly for women w i t h oily skins. "A cleansing regime that te easy for most women to follow would include a thoroug-h ch'ansiiig night and morning, puring the d ly the face should bo cleansed, by soap-and water or by creen, or with the convenient liquid cleanser. I£ your tkin has a tendency to seem drawn or flaky after cleans- Ing, apply a Uttle cream or soothing lotion to tho clean skin.. If the hkin feeenis irritated or itches, its probably not normal and the mechanl$m ot the skin is not functioning properly." Each Infractio i of Law is an Attack On Ail the Law Much i« B*fd In th«^se days a!xut "respect for law, reverence for law, enfprcement cf law and ob^er- vence 6f law.," ' While aUtof-jthesa are very important, none o£ them ie more vital to the welfare of thft tftate than the observance of law. Trtio observance of law comee from the love of the irntte of law end order ,md not from the fear of tho penalties attached by the violation** of lasv, writes Jainee S. Ogdeu In the Unitec States Daily. P«oj)le must get in the frame of mind ot hating crinre and abhoring a disrespect for law V dosp-aeated love of the fruits of la v and order will produce such an at'itude of mind. "W* are too 'Jrklf with oar sentiments. We ar« -tx often ecattor- hearted e.s well ai ·scatter-brained. Wo need to concentrate on a love of the things that law and order carry Ln their trail, Our lives and oir valuable ere protected by those who lovo the frnH« ·of law and order. It H not tho coiier policeman that really protects llto and property. It is not the safety box In the great eteel vault down at the bank that protects our money, stocke and bonds. And it is not (he judge and · jury hi tlve courts of junUco that pi-o- jtact our liberties. It is the love of law and order a-s tught in the church and the school and the homo that are the real pi-o- tection to life, liberty and property. Remove from this community or any community th?so infiu-encefi and' the police, safety vaults and courts copld afford no protection. The influence of tho church, the school and the horno Is th fundamental protection of .ill our free Institutions. It i6 in the church and the school and the homo then, where we most begin to teach reverence for law and respect for authority, then it must follow as tho night the day, that tbxjro will he observance of law, It is not the fear ot a policeman or tho fear of going to jail that causje any lone to have a real reverence for law, Reverence comes from within the heart and when implanted therein there is a proper observance of Jaw. Some of you may recall the incident related of how our own President Benjamin Harrison, on. one occasion, refused to follow a companion over a grase plot in Indianapolis «8 a shortcut to the elreet, He knew that crossing that grass once would not injure it, but he kiw-w if others did the same the plot would doubtless soon be dej- troyed. tt Hie habit of being conoern«d with the effects of his examplo caused him to "refrain from doing even so triflng a thing. The principle involved m the act concerned him. If each ot tia will bear in mind on r own. responsibility ae to observance of law, the task of officials in enforcing tho law will greatly decrease. The cause of Jaw enforcement is weakened in a great degree by the disposition of a surprsingly large prc- portlon of the people to disrogar i thoso lawti they consider unjust ami unwise. The law, however, cannot be broken in one particular without affecting all law, for each infraction cf Jaw is aa attaclc on all the law. Consequently there muet bo observance oE all law and not merel^ those laws that one chooses to observe. of 31/svir-wt, 'or F« i int«wy tin f«ir tbfs V^Cftpe ha* txlandu oi licrmuda oftor the si.' t A coroprtonrl itlcSe w i t h which, lo study theo- ' r-app»d UK nthsi -appf-aris ni iw M hav* a* jiovi-d, h« stock niafl^il Octob4«r, thi^rfi worn prt- f how kA' tmJB'fty rattai would stimuiato conatnictkm KnS I far ennufih to cover the n rlh« r i Ucr of «tatt*! rtv( ttine? dvirtng this inn*,,!, th* fi-'Cloj^tet BoiftJl · Ut, U) i lal lie Originally! InilJt. up from th^ sea bottom by vol- ounto cruptkinH, tho teUuid* are, Detroit Deports All Shady Record Aliens DMTll OIT, Ii*ob 8-- A now war 071 Detroit's underwork! In in he-r w th police «ml JeOer cooperai Ing in dap irtatton of all aliens whose leputatlonu waro shady In the- last 18 m o n t h s feuci-a! iiguntB have quebtloned hiul dBported nenriv I,0u0 aheiib tfct! hy suspicion." 1'oiic unable to fralher ovidonce enough 1 i t-onvlot a suspisct of crime, now rei ularly tall federal igenls who ItiRiiii : into the suupeci'a nationality and hin entry into America pc/tod of high ratess vhlch h:»! throtllfld biuiinc^x iti mtstij- fit-Hs ihil lo'ir money didn't come. ,Aj)'i thtro were days of comparative in tho monof markt-t, thn prKlucxl unc^rUitnty '1 he nitvmmt of gold abroad cauv'i t^jin* eottcern. An I tho real antalo flrht martgagw market of tins c o u n t r y showed Uttlo imjirov-omein. Ono of ilu* flret thlngH Treasjnry ofTiiUls uald whon thi market col- lap-,od \\a,s that tho MgRst slnglo Hem In a butlnewti revival would bo lower money rotea or rather "cheap mo icy," Itso Federal Reseno hanks did reduce their rediscount r.tto arid this wa« a sign of the direction in which money rates wore moving, bat when the'o was a hesitancy u week ar two ago to bring the discount rate down further ihore was some corrohoratlcn of he i-dea that fluctuations had not ended and that money rates might rise again, The significance of the action of the .Fedoial Reserve Bank la rodnclnK the rediscount rate on Thursday to four per cent, which ot course had the approval of the Federal R-efcervo Board h«ro, was that tho authoiities decided mouey rates could go down still further. The fact that money in the coll mai-ket was renewing around four per cent with a tendency to RO down bflilow that, 'iad its effect but' at the same time the drop In the rate o£ bankers' acceptances proved a decisive factor, too, for at last the bill jiolicy of the Federal Reserve Board lost summer is having its maximum influence. Qontrol of money rates through the regulation of rates oil bills has long been agitated as one of the functions of the Reserve system. The bill or bankers' acceptance having the endorsement ot two or more hanlca, is considered' even better security at the Federal R/eserve; than commercial paper or collateral loan's. Hence, as tho bill rate goes down because o£ the demand for such acceptances, the rediscount rate is supposed to come down too so that the tvro may keep a certain margin -between them. It was when the bill rate was higher than rediscount rate last year that the climax came and a high- rediscount rate waa finally established after a prolonged argument between the Tedoral Reserve bank directors of New York and tho board here, Now there ia absolute agreement on how mouey ratas should b handled and tho drop in tho rediscount rate at Now York may be expected to bo the forerunner of four per cent rates In ot lei 1 Federal Roaorve dlsti lets. Ii t*i '.till (kmbUul whether the rut^ w i l l o\ or go bach to throo and :i halt per cent, which was UM boginninB of t h » so-called CooUiiao boom, hut it is much more likely to gf down than up attain. Tin* font' per f o n t , is tioiiiidcied i utoihmn t.ito ,uotmd which the other with Cc*.s Ua(.\ ot raatcrinl in (he various evolutionary stages, whicti in- 1 5wt of th*»«, known us the "Wtewnslnj Jscatcn th»y ^merged during . a-ci.iintf," X x g n n to r«cxl not more: petiodx "C low ocxm IcwH, and wore , Usan 40,ftC'ft )onr« (f;Q, to aparatlvoly | again corcrtsi and eubjwxttxt lo 1ho [ short Uwi* i i jrisotoiiical «ilcutstions. dfeslnlt'ifratlnB action of Uio waves, "It w«« dur'.'iK Ui-3 WI contstis wd-i fin«.!ly eracrsing- during tit? poricwl of vati« that 11* RlA--Sal dcp wilts which! tho Wksconeln advanro to hccome the nr!* spread verj-wlor* or «r the sttr- fac sf Kaw KnKl.ind W« e fornifnl," ho eay«. "Thin Jeir Ja'gan to melt ttuiy ahout 25,000 to 40,0f( ycaw iigo. Since that Uinfi llH* Htnisttv lia* h. tijv»d ivi si erKU)l«»r w a y jj^vewl ttm«f but novnr again }wvo tlio condition roturnctl that are n:i{Llatte f a r « gr at advance of on ice t,heet. Tliis doet not iio-coti- earHy mean th.vt tl c ijreal Ico Ago ia ovpr, ft t n j r v l y ijiiticat( i t h a t wo may Ito Hvln/f in ar Jjitorg aclal blago Uxhiy, tlu i length of which 10 one can ctilculalo Once apain th Ice may como down Irom tho nort u No ono ktiowB." Bach of tl-e ad' anccn, tho Review ot tloviow avticlo tointa out, has boon mado possible !y weather conditions unknown lo co temporary inlands wo know today. Why Do Women Wash Their Faces Bat Not Tbir Powder Puffs? man. "Ono thing Is certain," saye the ''There wan a · rerueradoua mouey influences can rei conlldenw, A four per count rate a hotter bondf and the financing c struatlon. adivitiea of tJi through building loans. It a decided improvement ii and a favorable outlook in. o4ve with ent redis- narket foi f the con- country ·I a sigu of industry msiness Abe Martin Glria arp g l t t l n ' so p ' ^ n t i ul .an' stanflardlzerl tlifil t h « y ha\ to Cloanllneits certainly comes before cverj'thtug olao in achieving; skin boautf -- and (hero is no substitute for it, flays Hildoga.rdo JTilmoro n Mc- UaU'6 Magazine. , "For most oi ua, the skin has to function smoothly in extremes ot intense heat and bitter cold," haya Altes Fllmore. "It has to 1 unction, in tem- poraturee that \\oukl bo too ecvera for many flue plecee of machinery. It must resist au atmosphere that is often over humid or over dry. Besides be i bo^v-)pjjgtd tt, 'oolc. "Oh, T n.le',t talco o, b u l I'm n"t I n k l u * a n i ! i n n t f 4 being a barometer of beauty our regulate the body temperature. "In a healthy skin, nature provides the machine 'ss'ith Us own lubrication. When it lails to do thie we must do tho obvious thing, apply softe'niiig oils to the surface and try to normalize the fckin'ts functions until the akin itself ItirnlHhe« the amount o£ oil it needs Lo keep it "emootli and eujiple. One ot Uie chief functions of the skin is to throw off perspiration and waste and to slough off -dead, worn-out (sells from tho surface. "There are many women who still scrub their faoos harshly and hastily and who often forgot that last stimulating dash oC cold water thai is so good for the circulation. Hathet than scrub your laco with a washcloth, rub the skin briakly with d towel when you dry if. This, brings up a nice glow and takeb otf any loose dead colls. "Since cleanliness is so simple to achieve, it Bcema unbelievable wo do not eliminate more of the common dangers of infection and the too-persistent accumulation of dirt on the 6kin There is, for example, that much-discussed matter of the compact powder puft. Carried every day in our purees, used frequently, it simply cannot remain clean unless it is washed often And if you ask women whether they wash their powder puffs, I am afraid that you w i l l ftml the custom Ifc not a n y too common. "During the daytima, particularly If wo nre away from home and circumstances do not permit frequent cleans- i n g of bunds and face, we mnet try not to touch our faces with our fingers. Liquids for cleansing haves another LOWER TIRE PRICES PI/AY SAFJE, HUT OJTLY NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRAKDS Boy from your home store and save moaey. If yon prefer Ilrnnds not li-r-ed fxjlow me will pret them for you. Stoe H ,'palBr 30x4.50 Pathfinder $ 5.70 6.25 WO Vacanm Cnp $ S-i)0 7.40 Firestone U. S. Kubber or Goodyear Goodrieh 33x0,00 7.60 SJIO 9.70 10JS5 12UW iUO 8.90 9.40 11.20 11,70 7.40 8.10 7.W) 8.40 3.75 CLO. S, " 4.85 S.OO 32x4 H 5i9x-UiO 30x6.00 30x6.% u u « ·* Duty 12,35 13.70 8.00 7.00 10.00 10.60 14.35 12.10 18.76 14.50 15.00 5.86 S.10 8.70 3,00 10.10 10.40 11.20 1.1.00 ia.05 IfiJO ft.60 V.10 11J30 12.70 17.00 10.00 29x5J0 81x8.00 83x6.00 11.60 13.15 13.60 14.00 16.50 15.70 12.00 12.75 14.90 15.40 16.80 VIM 11.70 12.10 125 12.80 13.70 15.50 16.00 16.40 18.15 18.60 1S.15 17.75 19.85 14,35 15.50 Union Supply Co. Sixty S(to"cs fn Nfae Conntias of Pennsylvania. Bilvi i )io:ne J i i h i . sc " cor "' iifro hofcldfa that oC a rjitick clean-up. , I n U M r i cm- Tho/ mtiht a l w . i \ i l)t' used a l t o i you hav-e cloaiihed y o u r latse w i t h cream, tfhsu you ubc trudui to (,I«IUB«, you oi n ' h u p at If AH, MY FAVORITE DESSERT Is this tlie Kappy cty of the home-coming males of ,your family at the sight of the last course of their very enjoyable dinner? Make the evening meal a joy* oijs .event by preparing their favorite dessert--you will have plenty of time to do this if you complete the afternoon shopping in a comfortable and convenient electric car.

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