The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 6, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 6, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNET.T.SVTLLE, PA- MONDAY, MAT 6, 1918. ·" - RICE IS COACHING REAL CHINESE j OARSMEN AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY fr I"^'WIl] you', read, that a Chinese" eight-oared, saeU .poEjecTits node across the lDfrVt PoQghkeepsie ahead of .Cornell"; or. Syracuse, or Pennsylvania? . :. J :: v r: Boot, laugh.!" It's .a .possibility. ' . «~.*I 'At Columbia Jim Rice,' the veteran coach of the Bine and "jJWhite.: Is-not devoting 1 all his time to the Caucasians in, training. Far from TthTfi ho is inclined to give a little bit more .of Jils time'to his Chinese oars- ^BKif'whb are making the first Chinese', crew' in, the history of American ·'('aquatics. · " '·" - - . . " " ' . . - . $· These boys are Tight, compared-"to'-an American crew,.but they have all · tni endurance of men bigger than "they" art',**'is-Coach Rico's crplanation. · "Then, too, that coxswain, little I-ee, knows his business. I don'x always i nnderstand his shonts to his oarsraen, but-they do, nnd they can sure hit up · the pace whoa he gets going. ! **To-teU the truth, I was inclined to be skeptical when they came to IDG ' and wagXed ,to make a crew. _But-tbey were very'rauch in earnest, nnd so I ' took taem, in charge. Now I am becoming enthusiastic over them. They ·' obey all orders like true soldiers and are picking np the finer points of rowing j with remarkable speed. They'll make good, mark me, or I never saw a crew i, * . ,,..,. Little Lee, the coxswain, is one of. Columbia's leading wrestlers. Captain ;.K^oag ts_.a strong, .weli-bnilt athlete ant! excels in the gymnasium. Every "I'fcaB In the'bunch Is a. perfect specimen of Chinese manhood, and not one Is a ! bit backward aboot entering Joto a regatta against America a crews. The Chinese crew at Columbia may not row at Poughkeepsie--that hnsn't , teen decided yet--but they wiU undoubtedly compete in several regattas i around New Tort and in yew England, They \yant to test their mettle. ^SIX-FINGERED PITCHER ..... Agitation against the nse of tbe so-cafled "freafc" deliveries la baseball will nave m effect ··GO the most tmocaal style of bozmaashJp of Benjamin Pel- lowibt? ^Philadelphia scbfKrf boy, imitpje pitching Is rrat- ;V*Pelki r witr is fifteen years old. tTbat old saytnir aboot she awfc- ,ward boy.. "His fingers are all :thanib*, M acts -with rererse Enff- Ush. in this case, for It Is on bis two" thnmbs tbat Beany depends for Ms success in pitching. One is ft growth of the other thumb. . Gripping the ball with bia two tbombs and first two fin gen, Penowits dfsco-rered that he could coatrol what* he calls a "four-finger" corv* that is tflfflctilt to hit safely. Hed better than most of Its rivals. If the worst comes because of the war. However. Connie had his clientele on the trip when he smashed and battered down this ffreat baseball club. He knew before he began the destruction that there was no comeback at him because of a third and eTen less enviable distinction that had attached i to bis Athletics--that of having been I the only world's championship team in I modern- history to go through th* sea- j son a money loser! --ANGRY FANS DO NOT J; SCARE CONNIE MACK 7.rjltWetie Manager Is Only Leader "\~\;" Who Dare Defy Bugs. i Back into rhe- teeth of the Philadel- phia'fans Connie hurled it, when reproached for breaking ap his team. "What do you care?" tie snarled. "I gave yoa a world's championship club and you wouldn't patronize it. Good night.'" No St. Louis clnbo*vner, about to sell star, would -hare the moral support of a similar lack of popular interest to fait back upon. St. Louis ftuis have always given St. Louis clubs splendid support at the slightest encouragement. That's why RicKey decides to keep Elornsby instead of th* $85,000 more or less--that Weegbmaa threw on the tabled ;.-i-T SqueamjrtiiKM Met Fownd ta Human ·;:-.',,·' Filament Fran PMtedelpfcta When _ : .': " It Come* to D%x»ing ft Mot -^ ~ . Poputar Player. ',,.,... One of O» dMlncttczM ""^'."Jtabl* Gonote Alack Is Hun of beta; the ceZy leader !n JroaebaH history wltb ±^.-..- . nerve enough to defy home fans by jLj^-··eHlnjf-popular players. ' ... 5: Only recently was presented * ji; spectacle of- Branch Rickey worrying ;p ihtooself atckf 6Ver tfa« problem of wliat ·|;i ^o^dft-TrHib"'a-fabulous-offer forHorne- {*;" jbya-pikyerVho may prort to be ov«r- rf.. - -jiSed"or who may b« orafirt ta tb« if. 1 '·...~?ft -** fr ; ere flw ^^J 8 " «"rp»lsn Is !{;i :-«~"'"'~Coiamop 3ei»c told BIckey that the 1'onl; money proffer ought .to b« ""'"' « wlthont lehattnK the m«t- : ttna. a^wlnfs time,:, yet: »tB2» would accoae Jiim "of i' 8t .the ctnb'm. pennant chancea:! lorc«d him to rut aU:UDOKllts 'of sell? .--Jloy--Hoger3i. Into' tbe backgrotmfl--. ' " iTsilna: hls.brtter Judgment, It may be. No such squeamtfthoess : was to b« locixd la the hmnan filament from Thtiadelphht. Connie srwrung his mace ·on. a VYirlcl's chjtmpknchtp machine »nci wrecked It before the very eyea of ZSkf-aatonnded mob. He has continued ito dismantle it. .eyar since,- has ~ de- ·naded it of almost tho last vestige, of i at» former grentntsa. He tnrvives; he .roil and owns an tnexpen- jiiTe team and. irQl be tt»anclaUy fortl- EDWARD BARROW APPOINTED PILOT OF BOSTON RED SOX .i .Edward G. .Barrow, ex-president ot the International league,, photographed socfa. after his -appointment as manager of the Boston Bed SOT:, TMs Is not Barrow's first experience as * manager. He led the Detroit" Tigers in 1903 and part of 1904, bat his career has been almost entirely In the minors. Since 1911 he has been.-president. of .the International league, resigning lo December because of a salary cat. The Hed 803*3 new leader Is "fifty years old. He ancceeds Jack Barry, who is now enlisted in the navy. . We Give S. H. Green Trading Stamps RUGS "The Big Store Near The Bridge.*' STOVES 154-15S West Crawford Avenue.Suecessors Co. Plant A Garden It's Your Duty Fresh, Cleaiji, New Stocks at The New Store Everything spic span new at the E»Jew Store--new goods of the newest styles. Come in and spend an hour or two looking over our immense stock-- you'lV find it a pleasure and we w;!! deem it an honor. And remember our convenient "charge account plan" is at your service to make it easy for you to own anything in our store. ICE SAVING FOOD SAVING The ice-saving and food-saving qualities of a Refrigerator are of more importance this year than ever before. The necessity o£ saving food need not bo dwelt on and, of course, it is considerably easier on the pocket book if your Refrigerator saves ice. The makes ve sell are guaranteed as to both those qualities. UpiYftril ironi .._ ,, . . ,,. ^. Connellsville's Most-up-to-date Showing of Rugs at the New Store The Zimmerman.-"Wild Store's display oC Room Rugs i?. attrac- ting widespread comment--the best designs of the best, makers are shown here in profusion a prices are most moderate. Clever New Styles in Collapsible Carriages JCST KECEIVEB. Odd Dressers and ' Chiffoniers Specially Priced. TUei'e are some real bargains ' here in Odd Dressers and Chiffoniers of all styles. Come- in and see lie stock while the selection is complete. Hear the Stradivara Phonograph That's a!l we ask for the Stradivara--hear it The wonderful melody of the Stradirara speaks for itself. The styles will ornament any home and the .motor construction, etc., is absolutely guaranteed both by ourselves and the makers. Plays All Records. Vses Any Meddle. 5o Interest Charged on Tour Account. Solid Oak Fumed Finish Brown Leather DUOFOLD SUITES, SPECIAL A beautiful new style Duofold Suite of three big pieces. Duofold, arm chair and arm rocker, all maxle of solid oak in the rich nut brosri fumed finish and upholstered in brown art leather. The Duofold has a sagless spring bed interior. Compare the suite -with other stores' |95.00 values. RIDE IN SPECIAL CAR According to President Harry Fmw=e of the Boston Red Sox, it won't be so.bad for traveling ball plnyer* thia season after all. Instead of having to seek berths hit or miss through the length of rhe trnia, the railroads will, according to Frazee, provide one special cnr for a traveling clnb. Said car will be attached to the rear of the train and will be switched off and on as the dab's schedule demands. This will be glad news to club secretaries, but they will still have the Job of delegating the athletes who shall sleep in- uppers. MANAGERS TAKE TO SOUTHPAW HURLERS Official Averages Show Conclusively Value of Portsiders. Pitcher* UiuaKy Counted On to £ool Batters Wfth Curves Which Break Just Opposite to Those of · R!ght-Hsnd Ffinger*. 1C the value of a southpaw Is doxibt- "td, the official nvemges of the National lenjrne show conclusively that the TOHQ- ( ajrers in the older circuit have no ; doubt cbont their use. The records show that no less than thirty-one portstders worked 1 n the National, probably the largest number j ever gathered together under one tent · dnrinj; a sonson. ] Only R trifle over half of this number i were pitchers, 17 in all; tho rnst worked Jn the outfield or on first base, One inn linger, Fred MttchMl, could have pot nn entire sonthpnw outfield Into tiie Bold hnd hp wished to do so, vnniaros, Woltcr nnd Flack nil throwing- from the fork side. The fldvnntnjr nf !rft-hnnOed pitchers has long been well known. In the days when Thoy wro scarce they couM njsnnlly be connteri on to fool the bur- ! ters with nirvps which broke just tho ; opposite to those of the right-bunders, As the fcnmp progressed some smart batters learned .to hat loft-hundod so they would hf- especially (fYfx:tlv» against IcfNhnnilrrl pitching." Thia alao added spped Jn tbe cn?es of fast has* runners, as they gmned a couple of steps In getting away from the plot* | on a hit. A few years ago the switching of batters to meet pitchers Tvhen a southpaw \vns substlmtPd for a right- hander Tvas flffnred out. In rhe 1014 world sorle?. Manager Stagings originated the !flea, of switching batters to meet pitchers with both left and rigliMh.inrleri nntncldprs, the iisr of Trhnm rlrponrted upon ilie pitcher ivho opposed the team. Al- though Stolllngs did not have a leading : outfielder ou his cluh, the aggregata j offenfitv« strength of his club was much ( enhanced hy this switching. j Bill Card pan, and lately Jacfc Bnrry | used Del Galnor and Dick PIohiltzRl at ; first Imso, the latter against rfeht-1 handed pitchers, the former agnfa*t ' tho southpaws. ; In '-he Inst world's scries both Mo | Grow and Rowland switched to tnt*»* · chnn^es of pitchers. J Rowland used John Collins in left t field until the second Rome. When : Perrit, a rlglit-hunder, was substituted ;' for Scjhupp, he sent In Lclbold .for the | brtlnnce nC the parafi. Mcfirixw used ; Thorj^e on a change of White Sox _ pitchers. i Loft-hnnders have always been won- ; ders nt first luiae. Some of ttje grent- r-w Initial sackiirs of today throw and bat from t h e port side. Witness Hal Chase, Jnkft Duubert, George SIslernnd \ Walter Holke. This day light-saving 'don Is sure to ap[fnl 10 the bnsebaU fan who is tired ot having games called on account of darkness, * * * BnseJmH w!l) be pJayoi] on tlie extensive srnle In rhe army nnd navy training camps where nore than l.fiOO f O(K men «re under military tniinlny, * « * Supporters of the p l n n . r o get Sunday bnsebh)! fnr fbe East, see an opening". Army and nnr.v trsms will be permitted to perform in «nd arownrl Boston. A Soldier's Prudent is ever}' soldier who makes a will and he exercises good judgment in appointing the Title Trust Com- § 'pany of Western Pennsylvania as his Executor. It assures the proper settlement of the estate. .Before going over tbe seas, come in and see us about this important matter. jlf You Can't Fight In France, Get On Tlie Home Firing Line Strike a Won- at Germany:-- By buying: Liberty Bonds. Bv buying Tirift Stamps. By saving Mouey^ regularly. By paying Bills by Check. All the facilities of Uiis bank are at your service. J-ibpral Interest Sufi' Deposit liuxes for lU'.nt. Has Your Come in renew it rtcx time you an Expired? 1-20 W. Crawford AT M ConneKsTJlIe "The Bank that Does Tilings for Ton' Safe Bcposit Boxes ior Bent. jj£ --J«AP* SXUBBS NOT A'TALLI NOT ATALL! By EDWEKA /UNCLE JIM VJU7. SARSEWfl IN C'VIL WAR, WINDPA IN TH' T?L . fiN I WANNA · Wi UNCLE -»!(*·. VMU-Z. A JjewLtrnoiwvRV WAT?, AN- MV

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