The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1930
Page 3
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY S, 1930. *TEE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLJD, PA. . in thV'fbyer" it's in a cigarette its ^ASHIONS in ciress may change in a day, but Chesterfield "comes into fashion," and stays there, for; its unfailing good taste. Mild. .. not strong or harsh .'. . and yet they "satisfy." A cigarette with character . . . not .insipid or tasteless, but rich, spicy, fragrant. It is no fad, this swing to Chesterfield, but a sound and growing appreciation of godd tobaccos, good blending ... in short, good taste-'TASTE above everything" SUCH POPULARITY MUST BE D E S E R V E D © 1930, LIGGETT MYERS TOBACCO Co. MILD, yes . . . and yet THEY SATIiJFV WAOTS CAMPAIGNS OF DESTRUCTION HAWKSSTOPPED Audubnn Association Head n Plea to Preserve Useful Bh'is of At tX American Game Conference Dr. T. Gvlbcrt Pearson appealed to the j game coinroisatonerB and sportsmen oE the couctry to stop wholesale campaigns of destruction upoa birds of prey, wLicli are being widely carried on through the payment of bountlee. Dr. 1'earson stated: 1 With the development of interest in the propagation of game-bir!! for flr-W sporte, there haa come into use lu this country, an old *ord with a new meaning. It was borrowed from ''la the interests of agricultural investments of the country, in consideration of feelings of bird-loveru, lor ".he sake of these great.handsomc. birds fhomselres, and IP. a spirit of fnir- play, will tliu game authorities not be willing to discourage the state-wide bounty systems on the killing of all kinds of bavks; «uid, will they not accept th-i oO'^r of the National AHSO- viatlon of Audnbon Societies to assist in -educating the people of the country, so that the;- may be better able to ! is- tinguifih thf-"0 g^-scies protected Tsy law? Is this not c fair proposition?" ABE MARTIN On Biographies Silk, Wool* Men Happy at Return Of Long Skirts By PRINCESS AM FAKJL United rre is StafH Coiroapon-clent. PARIS, Fel. 8.--While there i wail- Ing ant 1 gnofeliing of teeth among women tho world over, thevo ie a bullish feeling around the eilk and wool the Grouse* Moors of Europe. That i mar]tetg al] OVD] . Ul6 edict o£ Par | s word la 'vermin' and is applied to all 8tv]e CZ£ croaturee which prey, even to a very limited ettont, on game-birde. Often the attitude is taken that all 'vermin' should TJC destroyed wlierover found. style czars ttiat dresets must be lo.'igor. Longer dre'ses mean tho return of the petticoats, and all in all, a doubled demand for i Ilka and woolens. The The object is to aid In Increasing thoj f c h r t sldvt o£ tne pafit three yoars al . number of rame-birds, not that such| mo?l rujne1 , D 3 c i oth business. The birds may multiply so there may be demand was halved and dividends, more of taem to enjoy the beauties of tK) Now all is changed, und sjcep growers, wool carders silk-worm THREE AUTHENTIC L,1K2NESS1 S 0' SIMON KKNTON. tendorc, and f loth manufacturers rub their handt) i leefully. There is a happy Christmas for many petticoat manufacturar-b and cloth makers who have waited lour years for the hem to diop. The revived petticoats are not the petticoats of old, however, for they) have been modernized. A whole dozen | could paG ami you wouldn't hear a ewish. They never peep out from be- ucatli a robe, they never seem to add any weight anv where. Tha new petticoats are really mere slips of things to keep the light from shining through. But they are ^ necessary part of feminine accoutre- ment now that waisle have fclipped up under tUo arm pile awd dresses are dragging on tlw ground. thte earth, perform greater service us intiect-destroyera and give i?lcusur? to more bird lovere, but primarily that they may exist in sufficient numbers to give tho gunner a reasonable opportunity to secure good shooting when In the open ecaeon he goes afield. At stated on former occasione, 1 would define 'vermin' aa 'any wild creature that kHls something that you want to kill.' "It is perfectly natural and ilto- gethor coiamendable that the game- kooper should desire to protect birds; that the funner tlvould seek to guard hie poultry; and, that the fruitgrower should discourage depredations on hia cherry crops SelC-intorest, without which the activities of the work-aday world would cease, demands that guardians be i.ealotiti in protecting their property lights. Furthermore, it ie wteo that fiey take «11 means to make effective intch guardianships, provided they do not interfere. "If :i h a w k catches a young pheasant in a breeding enclosure, wo may readily concur in the gamekeeper's wieh to dispose of that hawk; but* there are many who would not agree with the Idea that the gamekeeper automatically hah the right to make war on all r ho liawUd *iund within the boundaries of the couiuy or state.! Uoibos backward. Vory few people breed pheasants, b u t ) l r or many years Uewar worked 111 a many makr their living by cultivating, Kansas City bla k-smith bhop. tn those gardens, orchards or faims on which | llil ' b t u e «'ainc . brothers were c n n - hawkti render valuable- t-orvice as ducting regula bunk lobbery e\pedl-! ·of uits, mice pnd various t l o u a Uiroughoi t Missouri and othei (Mid-West state- ] I "You see," he confided, "the shorifts ' l a n d vigalanto p ibses never w e r e ablp to catch up w th the Janus, boj s. Their horses' it-alls a l w p y s led to ·\\lierp they had been not w h e r e they v Blacksmith Reveals Secret of James Boys* Elusiveness ST. PAUL. Feb. S,--Jim Dcwar thinks that th · James l/oya, Frank ami Jossiu, wei » t j u c p r fellowsi They wanted Lhc shoes put on their "Sorry 1 can't slop as I'm writtln* a biography o' Simon Kenton, a great historical character, an' I'm afraid Bomebuddy 'II beat ire ' it," r.aid Hon. Kx-Sditut 1 Gale 1'IuiiM.., aa ho rushed out o' th Emporium w it .ii a bottle e' milk t'day. Biography wrilln' Is one o' th' biff present-day industries thai shows no sign u' lettln' down. Thet'd bo fer more unemployment than fher is if it v,uz'n fer biograpi'y Vvi'itin'. 1 cx-pect Lincoln's l t fo is turnishin' almost as much employment as, th' railroads. Georpre Washington, Genera.1 Urant an 1 Kapoleon have nli f u i n i s h e d a livelihood fer thousan's. T ^xpect t' sse a d Uly 'Life o' Ijjncolu 1 bi i'ore th' year li, OUt. Lots o' Avriters are dlggin' out ole, long-forsolten characters like Henry the Via, Peter th' Ureat au' Ivan th' Toriiblo ,an' mlxiu' 'cm up with all sorts o' scandals an' debauchery. Jest as soon as a great historical figure's relatives all die or jest as soon as his patent expires an' ther's nobuddy deft t' defend him, th' biographers pilch in an* explode a lot o' Gtirge an* chor ! traditions al out him, tie him up \yith beautiful an* dfislgnin' women, play up al) his v eaknesBCij an' trim him down 1' jest a mere human bein'. They've 1esi. about i lined Washm'toi? .in' (Jleopa ra, 4?oin" t' keep on 4i' th' names, Abraham Lincoln an' EJ. S. Grant, won't be mentioned In iw'lto sc iltity, I dlda' know th' public nared n ything about th' private lives an' pe soiial affairs o' our great historical c aracters, but it seeme that It does If /e may jodge by th' great number o' b ?, bulky flve- dollar biograi/hle-i that a o stacked up in our bookshopt. I never dreamed that 1 ler wuz anything shady ire th' l i f e o' V/hitney f wlio invented th' cotton jln, but ther must have been f-r Calo fluhart talks some o' -writin' his biogr: nhy, an' he'b got Daniel Hoone on h s list, too. Boone wuz very bravo a i' darin', bul no doubt ho had his wea messes. Some mlfihty rcmarltal le men have boei' playthings in th' ha, ds o' beautiful an' delgnin' wome . Napoleon wuz as ornery as any Jruirrner or roller skatin* instructor that ever lired, an' Ben Franklin, with all his great intellect did.n' overlook anything. William Penn, I guess, wuz party straight. Simon Konton wuz born in Fau- quior, or Cnrpepper, or some couaity in Virginia in 1755, an' after murdierin' a boy companion he fled t' th' headwaters o 1 th' Ohio, -where he met Simon Girty, George Yeager, an' other Indian fighters, all o* whom wuz mixed up with our rovolntionary war. Kcnlon wn^ also mixed np with Mad Anthony Wayne's campaign against th' Indians in 1791-2-3-4-B-G an' so on. He- also foagut in th' war o' 1812, an 1 finally our gover'ment awarded him a small pension in -1824. Ther's nothin' in Howe's "History o' Ohio" that reveals Simon Kentou ·AS a lady killer, that he wuz unhappily married, or bothered anybuddy who wuz married. Simon Kenton got Ills mail at ZanevUle, O., an' is buried at Urbaua, 0., New Jerusalem, 0., an' Kenton, O, Use our "want" advertisement. In short, such people have property r i g h t s which are facr\xl by bome hpeoka of hawks" Ur i ' L a i i o n eullod a t t e n t i o n to the i^euri'hui ·.·! tho BioloRloal ^ i n \ c y made mer a period ol many \ c i i - , which show ··(! t h a t the tood h'ibiih of many encci-i^ of h a w k s and o\\ Is render thorn of benefit to mankind, aud \\iUa the pica; Looking for Biirgiiins T II eo, read th advoi UMrwr columns of Tiie ra.ily (f- Suit Is Put Forward on the Spring Calendar By FRANCES TAUBT ','opyrlght, 1930, by Stylo Sources A'KW YORK, Fob. S--A new interpretation of tho (iai ing bilhouette in in t jackets that give? proiuibo of achieving an important place because of iiti a d a p t a b i l i t y lo flgutes of diff e i e n t typos, in that in which bark and f i o n t a i o fini, w h i l e each side gives emphubi!) to the flaro. Vhib ib imjortant not only in Tay- tlii'e costumes, but enteiv, into the m a k i n g «t tormal wraps ,is well, the flat back line 1n such mo-dele developing into i trailinfr pane], providing greater emphasis for the shorter, flaring sklce. In tho «alor choice, Jiouey beige IH becoming mportant in tho sheer velvet group, united with dark color £uje. For daytimn, jackets £ tweeds or other rough surface woo ena, as uhe- viols and novelty pebbic /eaves, wide plc^its may be posod at tin sides, while in Kott woolpn ai wool c epe covorts, chiffon broadcloth and m vcly weaves tho circular peplum ii torpretation ittalns tho ex lauded nid R. In t latter cl-isn tho p e p l u m ta iern, joining tho Hat, nairow back pai el. A virtue of thia SI!!K iette, compared w i t h t h a t ot Uio al! aiound circular flaro in jackets, JH ound in the fact that it may bo won by figures of tuodeuitely lar;;a pro] orh-ons, as w e l l as by t h e i-llm p rfion. Tho I version that retains the idea ot the rippling hem employed in a manner to appeal to a greater proportion o£ the buying public. There is evidence that the consumer is extreme!}' Interested in the suit of lilted lines in tweeds that retain Iho classic tailored aspect The molded waist is not achieved in an obvious, manner, by lucking or exaggerated sectional lines but through deftly curved ·nde beamings The horn, long at back, rising in i gradual upward lino, io con^ifleied important in this typo ol b u i t The notched type of cpllar jn- vaiially Is chose]) This represents a second silhouette oC which ninth Is expected, since it loo, is Bulled to varied figure type*, FARM BOARD FACING EMERGENCY CREATED BY WHIT SURPLUS To Decide Upon Formation of A Stanilizati n Corporation To Buy Grain. n- josEiir ·WASUEY t'nlu-il frets CJone-!ponJert. I WASHINGTON, Fob. 8.---The Fed- oral Farm Board facing its first I emergency brought about by a wheat] surplus and short ige of a market f o r ' it, -will meet ther i Monday to pledge \ whether it will e f t up the machinery; provided by Cong-ees to cope with such situations. Formation of a ;raiu corporation to buy up the e-urplut hold by cooperatne marketing ajrcncn s aud thutj steady the lagging price, as authorized by Congress, has been recommended by the wheat advisory committee of tho Farmers' National Grain Corporation after canvassing the- situation with Chairman Alexander Legge of the Farm Board at Chicago. Legge is expected back here today or tomorrow and will be prepard to lay 1be whole situation 1eforo tho board on Monday. Whether the bo mi will take the emergency measur -s provided by Congress can not ba lorccaet, but congressional iarm leadeie expect the formation of a $25,000,000 grain stabilization corpoiation within a few days. The $25,000,000 would como from (he ?1BO,000,}00 revolving fund apprpriated by Coi gress. In taking this step, the Government would embark on i bubin«s venture of greater magnit ide t h a n ever attempted before in this country in peace time and one which wilt be closely watched. Tho farm board already has warned farmers lo redui'o spring wheat acreage this j'ear. Thi' condition ai d the lac), of export demand, coupled with a statement from tho Fed ral Farm Boaid that it had not predated wheat prices would he higher in i b e season, baf, re- eulted in a decline )l nine cents 4 a bushel for No. 1 Northern spring, wheat in (he last month . i The Farm Board meanwhile, i s ) maintaining ifo pre^ ions iUtitude thai the prico of wheat i 3 too low. Chairman I^rggp fillid Hie board w*ould con- t i n u e to make ftuppl -mentary loan's to wheat ( o o p c r a t n u issocialloii'-, up to ?I 25 .i bufebel, despite tho fact that the market price is considerably below Hi in a I present. 10% Discount On Any Selected During Week of February 8 to IS YOU'LL invest wisely if you come here to order your Spring Suit because we will malte it aa only really good clothes can be made and at a price that represents only a fair and moderate profit. That ' m e a n s actual, more - than - ordinary value in our Custom Tailored Suits for Spring and up Absolutely pure wool fabrics, best trimmings, thorough tailoring, all accurate measuring that guarantee you style, comfort a n d service, Patterns, colorings and weaves aplenty are here for your choosing. TAILOK 2- S. Fittsburg Street, ConiicllsYillc, Pa. earlier exploitation of c ·cnka pep- Imri, or (luring gored see-In rir-, confiiu'd .such jackets to tlio sm dlor sizes, while Uie newer type i itroducee a Homes I Everyday you will find \iomes and Home sltee advertised la our clafisi- fled columns--read tb/sm over. Typographic ul Error. K. B. C. Sod.i Cia -ken-, and Beans were featured at tho wrong prices in tho advertisement ot the F. IX Stores in yes orday's Courier. The con eel Horns 6 wuld have read: Crackers, N. B. C. Scdns, 2 lb. bos 29c and Navy Beans, fai cy, 5 ]b«. -17c. What hc fifi-ls Lihe, FINDLAY, Ohio, Feb. 8.-- Boys wh neatly, are athletic, honor their parents and are not addicted to pio- miscuous necking are the ideals which Fludlay College co-eds are seeking, according to the results of a recen, burvey made by Mii,s Martha Locej, prebident of the V. W. C. A. for Slargralns T Read the advertis jmeuta In Daily Couriar Illinois Com Queen. TJHBANA, 111., Feb. 8.--MlldroU Rlley, 12, oldest oE a family of ato: children o£ a 210 acre tenant farmer at Maroa, hah outdone the most skillet corn growers In Illinois t« -win thu title of beiirgr Illinois' flntt "corr,

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