The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 6, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 6, 1918
Page 5
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"MONDAY, MAY c, i9is. THE DAILY COTTRTER, COIWTECESFTQOB. of ConnellsrtlU, are visiting Mrs. Wattim's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alrin BunrworOi. Mrs. John Darts left yesterday rfor Coimellsvilte, where she -will visit Mrs. W. M. PhUHpi has gone to I Rockwood and Somerset to visit irlth i friends. ; - I Walter 0mpel of the West Side, is Belief Of the National AgSO-i ra « )lo y e(i at [the Baltimore Ohio ~: *· M r\ i ^ ' railroad station as warehouseman in ciation of Coal Oper- place ,,, E B Brownt who is m :OAL FAMINE WILL FOLLOW CONTINUED SHORTAGE OF CARS ators. JINK NOT AT TOP j Bssetel m Sri d? ntput Much Below Jt.iximiim of fnH-1 Time at This Season; lack o! i Steady Work, Duo to lotto of Cars, Affecting Laboj: Supply Seriously. SmiOXJUj LEAGUE. While the government's report jowed an increased output of 306,000 ras in the production of bituminous 3al for the week ended April 20, as mpared with ihe previous week, the ational Coal Association's review o£ le situation, obtained from the prin- j Philadelphia -pa; mintage flelds, souiided a warn- j Plttsburg ig that the nation would be faced ext -winter with a worse (amine than , Yesterday's- Results. Cincinnati 3; Pittsburg 1. Pittsburg 4; Cincinnati 3. Chicago 3; St. Louis 0. .\o others scheduled. ETEK PRACTICAL COAT FOB SPRGfG WEAK. StiimUng oi the Clnbs. W. L. New York 1-1 Chicago 11 Cincinnati Brooklyn "at experienced in January and Feb- St. Louis J»r- last unless' radical steps were j Boston iken to readjust traffic on the Eastern transportation lines. 5 5 3 PcL .033 .786 .533 .500 .444 .333 .332 .200 Figures the Geological urvey show that 11.23C.OOO tons of oai were mined during Uvfc week end- j d - A p r i l 20. or within.· 30,000. tons o f ; 3e record week ot the year. The coal · perators hold that this is far bolov.- ie maximum full-time output and as- crt that it is essential to maintain j laximum production ster.dtly if seri- j us slowing down of the war Indus-; :ies is to be averted. | It is hoped that :he proposed agree- len over the purchase of railroad -lei will tend to distribute the car upply moro equitably and help pro- uction. There are some officials who elieve that a more radical curtail- lent of transportation faailities to le so-called non-essential commodi- Today's Schedule. Chicago at Pittsburg. Cincinnati at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Brooklyn. New Yori at Boston. AMERICAN LEAGUE. MAKING OF FAMOUS How Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Is Prepared For Woman's Use, Yesterday's Results. St. Louis 3; Cleveland 0.' Detroit 3; Chicago 2. No others; scheduled. Standing of the Clubs. w. r Boston --_ Cleveland · Chicago Newr York Detroit es must be enforced in order to ac-| Philadelphia elerate the movement ot coal cars, j St. Louis "This is the season of the year: Washington -hen the mines should be working at! -12 _ 9 - C _ 8 _ 5 _ 6 _ 6 _ 5 L. Pet. 5 ."06 6 .600 6 .500 5 .500 6 .455 » .429 8 A2S 10 .333 Styles come and go. but the cloths ! used in making them stay pretty near the same. Corduroy always has bei'n the prac;ical cloth for a spring coaf. for it K' v es just the quantity o f ; warmth that is needed for spring days ; u-hen sunshine is mixed *vj*Ji breezes. ' Styles in vising corduroy have changed j greatly, but corduroy is still used The color, too, has changed for the better, for this jade corduroy makes a very pretty effect and with its dainty style, the coat is well-nlgk perfect. The collar is of tan velour. The belt o~n the coat, fastened in front with three buttons. Is t h o only slight suggestion of fanciful style. A visit to the laboratory where thb successful remedy is made impresses even the casual look»r-on with toe reliability, accuracy, skill and cleanliness which attend^ the making of this great i medicine for woman's ills. Over 350,000 pounds of vnrions herbs arc used anually and all have to be gathered at the season of the yearwhen '· their natural juices and medicinal sub- ! stances are at their best. The most successful solvents are used to extract the medicinal properties from these herbs. Every utensil and tank that comes in contact with the medicine is-sterilized and as a final precaution in cleanliness the medicine is pasteurized and sealed in sterile bottles. It is the wonderful combination of roots and herbs, together with tbo skill and care used in its preparation which has made this famous medicino so successful in the treatment of female ills. The letters from women who have been.restored to health by the use of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound which we are continually publishing attest to its virtue. ' For Skin Soreness of infant! and chilRrcn you can find , nothing that heals like i Comfort Powder Ttfflft Event Sykes Leading physicians and nuraea hare used and endorsed it for more than 25 years, 25c at the Vino! and other drun stores The Comfort Powder Co., Boston, Today's Schedule. Cleveland at Chicago. St. Ixmis at Detroit Boston at New York. Washingrton at Philadelphia. Meyerscjaie. DOCTOR SAYS VINOL IS THE BEST TONIC sDeed to produce stocics for stor- ge against the needs of next fall and 'inter," the _ National Coil Associa- *oa statement reads. "The mines, owever, are not working at Hop peed, nor at a rate even approaching }p speed. In the face of the heaviest emand for coal in the country's his- }ry the mines have been .io hindered . · -- · j insufficient car supply that they i JCBYEHSDAUE. May 4. -- Mrs. ' . ; me made little if any Headway over , Charles Cook and two children of Honest Opinion Doctor Gave ist year's record-- a record which j Pittsburg, are visiting at the home oi u; p atl 'ent ' ill 50,000,000 tons short oJ meeting | ^o former's brother. Simon if. Bitt- ; m» * aurai* j ae nation's demands. I ner - i Bedford, Ohio. -- "I was in a pitiful ! "Opinions of operators i:i the great ] ^ Is - Charles Phillips Is at Levels, condition, weak, nervous and run. . redacting area east of the Misstss- I u '- Va -. having been called there by down so I could not do -my housework. ' the illness of her mother, Mrs. Marv. I. tad doctored for years and tried Dickens. everything under the sun. A friend -Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Emelgh have " ld "» i*°u.t VinoL I asked my , . . ,,, , . , _ * .. , doctos about it, and he replied, 'It !tnrned to their home in Braddock C(:min i y u the jpi, which' furnishes omre than 90 er cent of the countrv's bituminous oal, requested by the National Coal Association, are almost unanimously retnr t medicine that can the effect that the coal shortage I Wr sereral days' visit here with rel- fcc iad'today. · I couldn't give you . winter will bo worse tlian that of atlves and friends. any b et ter.' I took it, and today I ·Rov. Father Dougherty of Wllmlng- am as well and strong as any woman ist winter unless the minrs are fur- ished enough cars to enable them to ·.crease, materix./, their present ate of production. "Operators .m Pennsylvania fields aform the National Coal Association hat it is the concensus (if opinion hat the coal shortage next winter will e worse than tast. Car shortage is .t present the main factor limiting ·reduction. Lack ot steady work, due o the car shortage, has driven labor ton, Del., is here for a few days' visit with his friend and classmate, Rev. Father Brady. How Sen Handled Their Honey.-Marshall Field. A boy working in a small drygoods could ·wish to be, and it -was Vinol that saved me."--Mrs. Frank A. Hor- kty. Ash St., Bedford, Ohio. V/i5 guarantee this famous cod Hvcr »nd iron tonic for all such conditions, Laughrcy Drug Co.. Connollsvllle; David C. Eason. Duntiar, and at the store In PiUsfiold, Mass.. at $2.50 a host drug store in every town anil j week, became the head of the largest) city in the country. mercantile establishment in the world, t =T^==^rTr^==r^TT=TrT^rTr=r^==^-1 He That boy was Marshall Field. .way from the mines, and Uie present j saved enough out of his weekly earn- irospect is that both labor shortage Ings to take him to Chicago and pay .nd car shortage will be serious fac- j hia expenses while he was waiting 1 for » position. His work in Chicago began in the store which made him Back to Health ors this fall. " "We are facing a shortage just as erious as, and possibly more serious, ban that of last year;' operators In Vest Virginia fields have telegraphed he National Coal Association. There ire no reserve stocks and transpor- atioa. apparently cannot be expected ;reacly to improve.' "Ohio producers with a full-time utput of 00,000,000 tons annually, rc- )ort: Tens of thousands of tons of :oal are lost daily for lack of trans- jortation facilities. This ecal is de- nanded by domestic consumers, pubic utilities and industrial plants who iesire to accumulate a ' reasonable mrplus. The co_a4 thus lost cannot be nade up later in the season. A lull :ar supply from now until nf xt spring vill no more than fill the demand.' '·Southwest Virginia operators re- ort that the situation 'is more series BOW than at this time last year. Jnless - car supply and labor coudi- .ions improve, we are going *.o face a nore serious condition tSis year than ·ast.'" its head and took his name. He saved money as a principle in life. He always said that he had no right"to use all the money that he made; that it Is a duty to save money. Open a Savings Account at The Citizens National Bank, 138 Pittsburg Street, ConireTlsville.--Adv. IS YOUR BLOOD THIN? ARE YOUR NERVES WEAK? You can not afford to miss this opportunity to consult and be treated by this Specialist. Ohiopyle. OH'lOPYLiK, May 4.--Clyde Hyatt iDd daughter returned to their home it Charleroi yesterday afternoon, after i short visit here. Mrs. Loicrnda Hall iccompanied them. ^tliss Helea Robinson of Ursina, arrived here yesterday to spend'a fev.' 3ays. Sirs. · Passavant of Pittsbur;:, is tbe juest ot relatives here for a few days. Mrs. Lambie and daughter Alary bave returned to their home htre after \ short visit spent in Connellsvilje. Miss Delia Corristau departed on Thursday to visit Eriend^ in. Connells- vilte.and vicinity. Atiss Frances Thorpe, \vJio has taught the term of school at Oakdale. returned to her home here Thursday. Alisft Ada Morris, school teacher, o! rrear Pittstmrg. has returned to her home here to spend the summer. Confluence. CONFLUENCE. May 4.--Silas Hileman is building a new addition to his blacksmith shop. Mrs. Charles Watson and little girl DR. R. W. MacKENZIE, PITl'SDVKG Chronic^ DIN««MCH n( IH«n J)U*»i~of flip )3 ladder und K1DNUYS. 'e«lCKf»» and LovMeN SnctwtMfuI Worn-out tind run-down men and women, no matter what your ailment may br. call--H costs you no thin IT. Free examination. Here 'In Your Home Town EACH TTKnjfESDAV OXI/V. 7SEMV STAC HOTEL. 114 9. FlttKbnrc S», Connclf.Hvllic. PRINTING £ I not the cheap kind I but the To pfit back tn h e a l t h : to retrain pbynlcal and m e n t a l perfection: to once more b*- a SQ.CCCAH in the bn«inens world, is the one unceasing desire of very person whose h«aUh has been r u f n d . Tf you a.TM t l m y a i l l n p we w a n t you to honestly investigate our original ] treatment for cants of t h i s character. , "We i n v i t e in particular JiJ3 who have I been treated else where w i t h o u t suc- ! cev-a; all whom; troubles hftvy b«*en HK[ and mn.dc by i n x p e r - leiiee. We will oxi) to you why j such treatim-nt has not ;urfid you and will demonstrate to y.'.ur e n t i r e "satisfaction why we can benefit you nafe- Iy, q u i c k l y :i nd pc rma n c r. t! y. Is not 3'o*ii- health and f u t u r e h n p p i - nfips worthy of your time and t r o u b l e to look Into n. systnm of treatment that has cured to stay curyd eases whtch had nisistcd so many remedies? When we offer you free of cltrirpre a citrful personal consul t a r ion, with an honest and sctem iflc o p i n i o n of your case, will you ignore the o p p o r t u n i t y and thus c o n t l n u n to suffer and y i n k ? Wo are thoroughly sincere and court ; honest InvfeptlBritionfj f r n m every afflicted person \vho really tlenlrea to be cured. "I had been sick for five years wltli a had cnse r,f ptomnuh, k i d n e y and bladder t r o u b l e . , I went io the U n i t e d Specialists for treatnu-nt. and am now feeling- in cla^s shape. "DAV3i SPUUILL,, "R. P. D. !. Greenshure. Pa." NOW GI.AD S11K IS UK'l'TRIl. "For n i n o months I had suffered a l ( most constantly w i t h a w f u l severe back-ache. At times I w o u l d be sw b u r l ' j I could hardly move. Was also Lrou- ; blPd with smothering npcHn, w h i i o at! rest, dizziness, nervousnoss. Could not j sleep prond. T took up treatment w i t h i the United Spocialists tmcl my back; feels entirely well. -Also the rtst of i the c o n d i t i o n s I complained of. j "MRS. AIVX1R FERTIG, / ! "Third and M"ar!--et Streets, : "Belle Vernon. Pa." j CONXt3MSYll,T.F, PATJEXT SI'KAKS. "For three years I had been t r o u b l e d w i t h shorlQ^ss of breath. ] "would g e t ; so bad .at n i p h t , I could not sleep ly- j ingr down. I would have to sit un with j pillows behind me. I felt ail weak and run down and did not seem to have j any strength and together .with my · age. though: my time for this world ! was sb-ort. I called upon the United, j Medical Specialists, and after a month ! and. a. treatment I am feeling-line j and working every c!av. I "fSlj:med) MR J. IS". PATTFjRSQN. "Gtbsoa Avo.. S. Connellsvillfi, Pa." j TbeOnitdSpecialists! Tuesday every week, 9 fH^ : i good kind done here. 2^2°^*^^^ j »«d bouw'ii'S ! .B-rery TVeanaadaj' and Salurday a t ; «^ n, ~ t^ . ml *** j VyyfWtflXJ^^^bfM'u'l *li'l--\fLfLjlJL-'\-fl-t. " * * ' "" -CT^.-I T - ~ : . nn .« i .N.Jt ^TT-- MNY IT FUNMV, HOVJ WHEN A FEU.ER GITS SORE STOPS HIS PAPEO, HE ACTS SURPRISED SECAUSE \ME DON'T AH. eusr OUT INTO TEAftS AMD HANG- CRAPE 1 Bell Phone -i50. 218 X. Gth SI TSASSFKH TOJ1PAST Genera!, Light and Heavy Haulin:;. JjOc;t.l and Long Distance Moving. JAEKS IV. STIU.NUE Cual and Coke. Cunnellsvlllc. War Garden Coupon Do you want a garden plot?. LocaUon . Do you new! plants? When Dinted . Sizo No . Kind. ) you want your garden plowed? Location Do you need fertilizer? Kind '. Do you bave plot you would allow others to use? _ Location , Size Your Name -- -- ._- - - Your address Please nil out and return to Peter R. 'Wcimer's store, East Crawford avenue. Classified Advertisements le a Word. I Exchange Hotel. Union town. 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