The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1930
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PAGE TWO, THE DAILY COTTRim, CONN! ILLSVTLLE, PA. SATUKDAY, FEHJKTm^T 8, Sirmmit Aid Society. The February mooting of tho Ladles' Aid §£Ciety if tho Methodist Protestant Church al Summit wan held ThufBday, atitho home of Mrs. Qoorga Clark. There ware fourUten preeerit, nine members and five guefsts. II \vaa in ill-day affair. dleh lunchean Comas Club to Give Washington's Birthday Banquet on February 21 lavttatkmu will ba Issued Monday by th« Comas Club for the annual Washington's Birthday 'banquet night, February 21, at 7:30 o'cloolc in tho Masonic Teinipte, South Ptytsburg street. The affair will b« iotoraial aud Id one oE tho outstanding social ·evoute o£ tho -winter season, C-Hnmlttcwe are: - Jtocoi»tlon--*Homor B. Cunningham, coalman ; WIMam C. Jacobs, Baton li. Bush, Chester 1C McKesson, Boss S. MotUhewa, Meyer Aaron, Henry B. Mason, Cromwell B. Culver, Cfaarl-es H. Stomffor William A. Sopp, Samuel 0. Zimmerman, Clydo R. WaSho, Bd- ward C. Miner, Clydo E. Oatt and G. Gould Hyatt Arrangements -- Charles J 1 , Hirst, chairman; Benjamin GoMercdtt, Roy S. Tronborlh, Kobort B, WlUiem, I/yeli 1. Buttertnro, John B. Struble, Clyde Whipkey aiul Peter R. Welnier. ' The date for the banquet vraa changod to Friday on account of Washington's Birthday falltas on Saturday. B. B. JtrWIOK CHRISTIAN ESDKAVOKEBS HGBE'f The monthly business meeting of the Junior Christian Endeavor 89- oiety o£ too First United Brethren Church was held laht night in the church. The meeting in charge ol s fhe president, Alva Kern, was opened ·with a nxxmber of sentence All committee chairmen ·well written reports. Tlio narao ot the study submitted book Is "Going Through Jerusalem." During the month throw new members were admitted. The society reported sixty- geven incaes of newspaper publicity for the month. Tho members present expressed their desire to cooperate with the Ministerial Association In tho personal evangelism campaign to be conducted throughout the city next week. They aiso are ready tu take their part itx the reveal aervicts to be held soon in. the United Brethren Church. 1'. G. CLl B MEETS WITH MISS *AMT BOOB The rsjfular meeting of tho I'. G. Club wsut held last night at .the^home of Miss ±tny Boor in South Eighth street, CSieenwood, with fifteen *nom- bers In attendance. The meeting was in the form o£ a Valentine party and wa« one of the most enjoyable In many months. Mns, T H. Edmonds won the prize tor the drawing oontp«t and Mrs. Nells Shippy, for the button hole content. Mlaa Boor and Mre. Coia Bess Colborn, who' were Joint "hostesses, served- t dolloious lunch., · MAIIY J. JIHO»ES CLASS PLANS FOH CONCERT The Mary J. Rhodes Bible Class o£ Trinity* Reformed Church mot last night at the home" of JVIargaret Lucky In Prospect slreet. Tort members and four guests were pre«ent. Mrs. Lucky, who proved herself to bo a delightful habeas, w!,s assisted in F. B. MISSIONA BY ASSOCIATI01S . THASK 0V FE1UNG HOLDS A inosst intere itiiig and- appropriate program marked the auntial thank offering of tha Woman's Missionary Association ot the First Uitod Brothcron Church helii last Right, In the home of Mr. anti Mre. WHliam M. Fox, East Qreen «treit, A aam of almost $50 wae realized from tl»e thanfe offering. Th« program, in. oharga of Mxa/F. A. Harah, wan i e follows: Piano prelude, Mitw Jean. Hoover. Thank offenug creed, Worship aervicse, in change of Mrs, . W. Kern. Thank offering medttatlon. "Trouble Bs change" -- Part 1, "Tha Bank ot Earth," by ^embers; part 2, "The Bank of Deaven," by members. Vooal solo, "Thanbeglving," Mrs. Hilda Bieel. Vocal duet, Dorolfay and Jeau Octet- wise. Playlet, "Ttw Tale of the Three Boxee,'-' Mrs. T D. Younkin, Mrs, W. N. Laughray and Mre. Harry Younkln. Vocal duet, lilts. Vend* Collins and Mrs. S. K, Hue/. Reading, ( Maijorie Fox. "Gathering the Gold," Mrs, O. 0., OsterwJse, Mtetj Nannie ILenry and Mrs, C. A. Beetnan. Doxology. Closing pr«iyor. Fifty-five members wore present The officers of the society, assisted by Mrs. Fox, a-arved lunch. Officers for the ensuing year will be elected at lie next meeting Friday, March 7. MISS JENNIL CAJU/SON EMTJ3ETATMS J. S. L CLUB .The J. S. J Club was dellgMEully entertained la it night by Miss Jonnie at htir home in Jefferson All members wera preso-nt and spent the evening at fancy work. It ·was decided io glv,o a dinner next week, the nipht aid pla«e to be da- cided on latei-. Dainty roeshments were arved. Mrs. Ray IHcher will entertain tfho club Friday nlgiht, February Si, at hor homo in Madison, avenue. N. E. L. A. PLANK ANNUAL At noon a covorod- florvtxl. Tho women knitted a comfort. The president, Mrs. John Barnbart, was In chnrpro 6f the business season, A eodal holir was held late in the afternoon. Tho next mooting will be held March fl tit the home of Mrs. Jornce 1ANCE FEB. 14 The annual Valentino Janoe of the Southern Division, W«st Ponu Section, N. H. L. A., w ill be held on Friday evening, February 11 at the Gallatin Gardens, in, Unionto^ra. Hours are from 8:30 un'il 12 o'clock'. Tbere will b« BpecUil trolley seryice to and from the couutyse. t. Tho affair is being arranged ,by a committee composed of William" Alt, chairman, C. A. Miller, Frajik Sproul, W. S. Herman Wea ver. McVaugh and sowing by her John Lucky. mother-in-law, Mrs. The class has arranged to present IxM-eon Purbaugh, eoprano, MM.S Jessie B hodes, pianist, and JVHss Is?llzii- beth B. Hupp, reader, in a concert early in March in fhe church, AT COUNTRY CLUB A 1 o'clock luncheon-bridge will be given Tuesday afternoon, February 11, at the Pleasant Valley Country Club, with Mi«. J. Donald Porter, Mre. "W. J. Bailey of tUH city, Mise Helen Bren- noii aiul Mtea Anne Doorloy of Scottdale hostesses. Covers will be laid )or members and guests. Invitations for tho affair are not being issued. i. ,ir. F, CLAWS The E. M. S. ot the Firht Methodist Protestant Sunday School mot la At mtfht in the church with I w e n t y five inembeis In atteu dance, Tho meeting was conducted by tho president, Miss Betty Fioto. The membership contest fe still in proK-ess and will continue throughout Fobrnaiy. Tho class decided to give flowort ir. remembrance ot MiHs JS.thel Mao S wallop's birthday. The clafes was m mwl for M:ss Swallop Three ·issoclute members wore received. A delight(ul social hour followed tha bulnc 13 moudtig. Refreshments were aorveci by Mist) "alleanor Auderaon, Mtss E/elyti Stlllwagon and MifaS Kutli Man toil. DQRf IS FANCYWOBK CLUB MEETS WITH TtfBS. COS87L The Dmcas F.uicywork Club met Just night at tho home of MrK Julia CoB«el n Snycter street. There were nina inoinbwa and flve gueits in at- tondituce Mrs. F. N. Sherrtck, MVB. Charl«. IoMuth, Mia. K'1/abeth Horon M o Walsy Whet/.el and daughter, 15-ett}, were tfnosts. The evening was synMtt Su fane j vm it and gpimes. At th t'oso ot tliii .session, the hobtosa M M V - i i l u n t h The next meeting will b« lu* il at tho home ot Miss Kluabeth W U l I t "is tridir Uliionr at Ncoittluie. I'u t-H were, won by Mrs Rockcnlmty, MUs Garnet Jonos and Mias llukla Roily at a biidge dinner pi son !y Ml-js /lelori Strlcklrr «t the Bluo Lantern TtMi Room at ScotUtalo un Tiuir^day o\onlag The Valentliw sehoi o was cunied out with spring flow-o ·». Guo-itb iiuhidwl Misses ( iiDt Jones and Marie Snyder of Stai Juno'ion and Miss Mary Duffy «f i o polls. LEE ETTA i.OBCiE CHANGES ITS MEETING J*LAE Lee Etta txidge, LadleH 1 Auxiliary to tho B. ct H T., met Thursday afternoon in Odd Fellows Hall. It was decided to hold tho meetings hereafter In Odd Fellowe Temple, South Pltte- Announced. Announcement is made of tho engagement trf Miss Josephine Genrhart, daughter of Mr, and Mrs, John W. Gearhai't of Scottdalo, tt) EWlward W. Ma.Kn, 3oa at Mr. and Mra. J0d*ard of Scottdale. No date hits been ae£ for the Bedding. ' Mi«( ia a atudewt at the Ofllca School^ Greousbttrg, and la a graduate of the class of 1928 of ScotWale nigh School. Mr. Mason la employed at tho Lumber Gom'pauy plant at Mlller-Coffinan. Coftman of Acme and dive Miltor o£ Wihite wore llio»sod to in Xlniontotrau PERRYOPOUS STUDENTS TO PRESENT VALENTINE PR0611AM A "Valentin* Day program will be presented on Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the Perryopolis ,Grade School with the pupils ot; th,e first, eeicond and tonrtJi gradea J»artk$3«at- ias- i , Tue entf rtaiament Is being arranged by a committee composed oC Miss Garoe, Mias Amanda Baker BOY SCOUTS UADRG, ASSET OF C01/IUNITY | Coulinuatl ti-tntx rasa On* 1 i he placed in Boy SeouUs, M . Scymotrr aoid He oxpie«-i6ed the IK pe thai he will bo crtllud lo Fayelto cc unty u^ no colinty distant Jato to council "\Vith 't-O troops h ! said jlhie would mean fiomethiug like 1,600 Scouts Mr, (Seymour wus the 01 ly (rpeateer of (he evomcg. Soput Executive V. I/. iTniits!erg-or of |W*«tmora] md county woo utiablo to comOj W. F. yUndar- wood, oommunlty Work e «rotiii;y at Newell, wM) a gueft. Mi. Undirwood was for many years s-ecrt tary of tho Y. M. a.' A. i» ConneilevllU and Mias Beulah I The program followaj Welcome song, Gt?ule 4; "Tnrning Uie Tables*," Bernlce Luce; "Helen's Dream," Grade 2; rwdtaUon, JlmmSe Hazy; "Ttoo Valentl-jo Man," Grades 1 and 2; "Attxioualj Waiting,* 1 Ethel Oswald"!; dialogue, John Bordas and Helen Brklyjaclc; I'ecitation, Nicfcie Atartucci; "The Archer," Grades 1 and 2; "Then and Kow," Ellen Gian- oakaa; dialogue, Wiiirui Luce and Henry Fields, "Mother Goose's Valentino," Grade 4; recitation, Velma Livingston; "Percy's Valentine," John florda»; ·exercise, Grade 2; recitation, Fern IMUou; "Mating Valentines," Duana Hafe«r and Httfold Kerr; "Tho Coniic Valentine," Billy Joseph; exercise, Orados 1 and 2; "Papa's Valentine," Mary" Sofranko; recitation, Kalp!i JiJurphy, and "Good Bye," Grade 2. Charles Phillippi, e«b jkrahlp aru! gurdonlng; Richard Low star badiy^ William Ilalsley^ a^tf uomy, bird study," leathercKift, vt jdwork aaft wood!arving, John Mes -oiUit, camp- Ing; Prod B^Miutb, star jadge; Nevin Burkey, ]e,»t1terci'aft; M Mil Solsson,' civics: W. A. Seehrisi, Jr., I«itli6j^- crattj carpentry and flremanship; Herbert KBX kofC, jer.' onal health, leatliercralt, firemanal lp; William ·Stiller, cRrpontryt leatboi iraft and flrs- mfcnsblp; Samoa F. '\j ng cycling; MSICLULLSTHEM INTO FORGETFULNESS OF BUSINESS SESSION _--___ I j A business meetinsr so that offl-eere may b^ elected is ot minor Importance when there's music to be rehearsed This apparently Is the teelinj, ot thra persona enrolled in the Junior Baud, sponsorod by the American Legion Community Baafa of Vander- bllt, who become BO ^rapt up in tho practice periods that they completely iorgot about the organization ee§- sion--until It was ^too late, Friday nipht abont 15 JMSTSODB TO- ported for tho rehcArsal and waeii the meeting closed at a late hour, }t was decided to continue the o.le; ( ttott until next Saturday night when tho burg street. A cartl party will beJwMj uex t practice period will be hold, in 'connect!* n with the next rogtilar, Director Ourte O. Collins Issuud a meeting on TuoFtiay night, February request today that nwre Women and 18. Iflrls unroll in the band. He 8ftW that he see? no reason why they should tot pJay an./instnuctiont in the unit. lie urged, that more report et the next meeting jxlght. G. A, R, CIHCLK HONOIi CIVIL WAJl YKTERANS MemberB of William If. Knrlz Post, Grand Ann^ of the Beipuiblic, will be honor guests at the regular meeting ot the Ladloa' Circle to the 3, A. R. Thursday attonioon, February 13, in Odd Follow^ Hall. A program in commemoration ot Lincoln's Birthday will b/ presented, after which lunch will be served. ;j:jj'5'H,vii: coiraiv IINTEJITAIN JEWISH Gertrude Cohen will entertain the ConueJIsvillo Section, Council od Jewish Junior 4 !, Sunday afternoon at hei homo ia North First street, Wost Side It is the icgalar meeUng of tho council. Mwses Sally and Molly laio- wltz and Wfss Iluth Freeman, out-of- town numihers, are dmorig thoe who win -ttead , i ogg-PuddlcomJic. , Tho raai riage of Miss Lydia, -Ann Vose, daughter of Mr. «inl Mrat C. H, Fogg of Qt wntlyurg, ami St. Micjiaolr, Md., and George Beverly PiwUUcomba ot Montreal, C a n , will lake place this eveiilt e; at fi.30 o'clock In Christ Episcopal Church, Groeneburg, Tha ceremony .vill be aupplamonted by a reception u ihe Ureensbmg Country Club. -- i Outlook (Jinb Will 'Mccf. The OutJook club will hold Its regular meeting Monday afternoon at tba home o£ ^Irs. John Bj Davis, Went Washington avenue Clarenei Faust and Josephine boih of Mount Pliaaant, WCJ-P licensed 1 wed at Greensburg. Utad-D-Kum Club. Mrs. C A. Tlioman o£ 302 Rohbinn atioet svili entertain the Glad-U-Kum Club Monifiy Classified AAve*liseiflits Bring resuiUs wli«n placed ta t umns of Tbo Dotty NOTICM. tho lianer at orchestra played. Assistant fiooufm; ster George Soilor lod tbo troop )n the Hcout oath and law«. Prcsloit gllba \gli gave a brief bialory o£ the Wag. J^. banlo Holo by "N«vln Bui key fol owod, aftrr which Rev. IS. ~ti, Duty, halrntan of tbo Scout committee, mark the Invocation. During 1 tljo x serving oC the banquet II. B. MUSQD, rneml er of tho Scout coinmittee, led 4n iliiging oki j timo songs. ' Vollowing the addr- 8 by Mi- Seymour, who was int winced by Scoutmaster J. M. Sonfcha tt, who ateo spoke brlefty, flret and oeond class badges uvero Awarded by W. B. Htim* mcl, secretary of fhe troo committee, as follows: First claim -- (Robert Sp mr, Herbert JRablsott And Ray Me^tfwsf t. Second claSH -- Jack Fra aks, WiTllan} Fr^Udis, Bobert Ha-rbaur ti, Jatne.4 F. Long, Ernost Mctfoy , nd Wiltfaiu Myera. Merit bailgo a-warda ^ vro raado by James C. Lang 1 , ch«3ranaii of J.h? nwAl badge exarnlntng eommi tee, to the Wade SUllwngou, laad rcrtrft; John Robin-son »tar badge The reiusjjider of tho rogram was: Piccolo oolo, Ilei-bert Rackoff. Balloon boxins botw rn Rayimoad Shipley arid Diclf Long, in which tho foranor won, Saxou)ion ajwl clarl i«t ntimtocra, Junior Aifilwtaat Scon .master Paul Carson "Amiss /md Hmdy," !i radio slant, Herbert. Ilackoff un-d 1 aymojad Aillegieaee to tti« fla j, ltd by Assistant Scoutmaster Se lor, who prc- sided during tho proee itatiow o£ the program. MoLliert c/t tlie boys prepared aaid served th* banquet. Tonight at 7:50 o'clc tt, along with iscmo 600,(M)0 olb-er S.f-o\ M in. the country, tho Iwya of Troop S will gather at th« Cnriftian Cbiutf to ienow the oaffiu Oh Sunday owning, Feibtruary 16, tho annual sermon to- 3io Scouta of (Jie cily wUl 5e doll' oreif 1 at the Ckrlstnm Churtb bj R iv. B. N, loty, the pastor, Troop H's ahttTJal exj osttion. ·will bo at th Christian Oaurca PeJjraacy 21 and Z2. Miss Koll Brant of Jarrott ocnd W C. UtthlUor of Jiallsbui f wore married at CuinborJund. iltoe 1 rldegtroom i« a of BH !«« 1 lea ftrm, J. C. Company of Soliefowry. Jlosack, Scliieilng-cr Comj[ianjr| Federal tyul Bt tte Taxca Accountant 1 * and Auditors Klr-2fl Fa. IN R13. T£I«VlS OP COURT. IN THE O/nlians Court ot layette County Pcnnaylvtmla. Ko, ---- Decoifiber Oaurl, 1029 Now, Kebruary 7 f l i , 301)0, !( In wrdwrou that b c e r l n n l n K on tho iltst Monday ol April nc.t thtjrc ahtttl he ami! alls' j t h f i o i a f t o r two tvildlttorial torms of t h e ! OrpimnB 1 Court oC FayeHc Count} IcnoTVH as IJip A/wil a n d jMay lourijj Tlji) j April torm shall Uftfrln on Ltio ilr«il i Alnhtlay of April ajui feliall c A t t K l t o ' the bo^lnninpf of tho Jvlay term, at»J tho May toi m ahi.ll beKln on th llrnt M o n - j day of May and «haU extontt to tho bo- oe the regular Juno terra, 'rho March torm ?haH enJ upon t h o i ot tho April term. By tho Court. 8feb-lt HAS. ELEANOR HOY Graduate Co Mrs Klnanor I oy, manager, buyer and graduate coraetiare ajid medlcul fitter, -will ittend to yoar porao/ial n-eeds and corcet requirements includiiii? ma ttrnlty fittings, hernia and medl al abdominal flupporls. Wo are c tclU8lv« agonta* in CoanollsvllJe foi Gamp's bojta, -- KELSO S»S-- Corset Dopk, nd l^loor. f Vlslosky-Sleorn. NEW YORK, Fob. 8.-- M1H8 Mary Vlaloaky, 18, formorlv of Star Jnria- tlon, Pa., but at urosoiit o£ !!a Greenwich sUi.nt, Now York, and John Skora, 'M, formorly of Star Junction ami also if New York now, obtain id ti m a i i l n a licoiiho at tho M-iulcipal Buililin^ lioro Thursday, T[iay wove to bo murrifkd »t Ct, Mary's Ohurali hen- tod y, The bride-elect Is f h o daughlor of John and HMcn VlsloUy M t . Sleoi i t» Uio sou o£ Mlchaol a«d Sicora- At Bernardo's Was January 21st Were you one of those Lucky Perse »ns who made Cash Purchases here on this date? JL If you were every penny you spent will be cheerfully refunded. All that is necessary is to present your purchase slips 011 or before February I Oth. r ioo WALL IMPMU co. Wholesale ItetnJl -- All Umdon of W n l Taper. I l l W. Apple HI, I'liouo 1HSH. (ionnel HvHlc, Pa. B E R A M and the Passion Play In 1634 the plague raged in the Bavarian Alps. The town of OBERAMMERGAU was in an agony of terror and to appease Heaven and secure them relief, the pious villagers resolved to perform then 'and in years thereafter a play which should set forth the Life, Death, and Mediation of Christ. The plague spread no more. The vow was faithfully kept and the famous Passion Play will be presented again this Summer. OBERAMMERGAU is noted for its fine traditional sense of Art, so wonderfully expressed in sculptures and 'wood caV^ings. This Art is cultivated there since the 1 2th Century. It is inspired by the paradise-like beauty of the Bavarian Alps, by love of nature and a deeply emotional belief. See Our Window Display Mon., Tues. and Wed. TROUTMAN M ^ E A R C L E A N C L O T H E S Ladies' COATS Dry Cleaned and Pressed $1.50 and $2.00 These Prices EflFective February 10 to 14 Only He GOODWIN Co., inc Cleaners fe Dyers ConaellsTille, Pa. Phone /S\ Phone 813 IU 814 SBSffi OANS If Ifou Need Money for Any Emergency SEE US Fayette Loan Company Title Trust BWg., 5th. Floor. ConnellsviUe, Pa.; Telephone 241 - 866 Bonded to the State. Patronize Those Who Advertise Driving Your Business Benjamin Franklin said:--"Drive thy business or it will Hrive thee." Pi udent is the merchant or business man who plans well for the future. You will find the service of this. Bank a valuable aid to your business. CDNMEIXSYILLE , PA. WEST S I D E \ I I U«e Otir Oaaaified Ad»--They Bring

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