The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 6, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 6, 1918
Page 3
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.MONDAY, MAT 6, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONKELLSVILLE, .PA. PAGE'THKEEA X RDFFSDALEBOY IN SERVICE DIES AT CAMP UPTON Pneumonia PTOYCIS Fatal to William Iiewandowskl on Friday Night. THE BODY IS BROUGHT HOME Jaevh Lorn draft Swemte *t His Hoae Sttt ScMfaUk; Iris Cl»b Gltet'Sliiltale; Mrrttors »t tke T. If. C. A Orgulw; Other Xews. to Th« Co»rler SCOTTDALiE, M»r *· -- William Lew- mndo»ski, ag«d 23 years, son of Frank iK. LawsuxKwki." proprietor o£ the Ruffsd»le hotel, di«d trom pneumonia at Camp Upton on Friday night. The body reached Grseiuburg yesterday morning, wnere William Ferguson received it and took it to the Lewandoski home. F.un«ral services will be held at the Polish church in Mount Pleasant Tuesday morning, and interment will follow'in the Mount Pleasant Polish cemetery. LewandoaM was taken ill the day tie left Camp Gordon, about the middle of April. Thursday a telegram received at Euttsdale said ho was seriously ill, and 'a brother, Frank, hur- 'ried to New York. The boy died while the brother was enroute. LeVandoski ·went to Camp Lee with draftees from District No. 7, Westmoreland county, .September 23. Subsequently he was transferred to Camp Gordon and placed in the 320th Machine Gun company. Previous to entering the army he was employed at the Union brewery at Tarrs and about his father's hotel at Ruffsdale. He »as widely known in that conununUy. Jaeok Lom.Gnll. Jacob Loran Graft. 48 years oid. died at hbs home, one mile west ot town, very suddenly at 6 o'clock on Saturday evening, following a few days' illness ot grip. Mr. Graft's wife died December 16. 1917, leaving a family of six children, tne eldest 16. Mr. Graft is survived by -three sons and three daughters, Lenore, Loran, Roy Ellis, Harry Vance, Helen and Catherine Graft; also two brothers, Charles L. Graft of Scottdale, and 'William Graft of near Scottdaie; and a sfster. Mrs. Boyd Lemmon, Grafton, "W. Va. Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 2 P. M. at his late home, ; in charge of the Rev. J. E. Hutchm- son. pastor ot the First Presbyterian , church, of which. Mr. Graft had been a member for the past 20 3 ears.' In, terment will be in Scottdale cemetery. Iri» Cl*t Ibuicale. , The Iris club gave a musicale in the .Methodist church on Friday evening. , the proceeds of which went to the Red ' Cross. A silver offering was taken. ^The musicale "was given by Miss Estelle Miller, assisted by several fellow students Jrom Pennsylvania College 'for women. Miss Florence Younkm, STiss Ella Beren and Miss Eleanor Kolinger. These girls were the guests o£ Miss Miller while here. Director* Organize. " The T. M. C. A. directors met on Friday evening irhen the following new members were taken in: W. F. Stoner, Berkey H. Boyd, W. S. Anderson and T. W. Dawson. The following officers were elected for the coming year: President. Robert Skemp, ; first vice president. James P. Strick- jler; wcond vice president. Dr. Arthur '.Waide; recording secretary and assistant treasurer, Dr. Arthur Waide; treasurer, J. M. Zimmers. It was decided to elect a boys' work secretary as soon as one coud be found. W. C. T. IVImstitnte. An institute for District No. 1 of the W. C. T. U. will be held at Tarrs on '·May 11, 1318, at 2 -P. M. The institute .is being held on Saturday s that the children can take part. The following program has been arranged: De, votions, 'Mrs. H. P. Smith, apoint- ·ment ot committees, influence of the W.' C.'T. U. in a community. Mrs. Will Hill: music contest work, Mrs. C. W. Staulfer; "The Amendment," Mrs. E. S,' Foi; .question box in charge of Sirs. ,G. W. Stoner; election of officers. The evening session will open at 7.30. If. C. T. I'. Meeting. Mrs. A. H. Herbert will entertain 'the ladies of the Vf. C. T. li. at her Chestnut street home on Tuesday evening. i Other News. ' Born, to Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Soisson of Parker avenue, a daughter. William Ferguson spent Saturday It iPittsburg. x ; Mrs. Dr. Ricketts of Pittsbnrg, spent 'the week end with Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Perry. \ Clarenw Morrow of Pittsburg, is the .guest of Frank Kenny. The Red Cross hopes to accumulate a reserve supply of comfort kits for the soldiers and sailors who will follow those already "somewhere in France," or on the seas. Some systematic and devoted women are giving all their spare time to making these comfort kits, receiving the materials from the Red Cross chapters, and doing the work at home. One Chicago lady has turned in 500 of them and this In addition to other Red Cross activities, and club work. As she attends to her own housekeeping. ·he has not a great deal of leisure, and finds it best to specialize in kits -^-so she has become an expert In making them. There Is very great need of mechanics In the ship building arm of the service. Perhaps some of our -womnn readers can be Instrumental in call- Ing the attention of- men of their families or acquaintance to this work. The following admonition appears In the Red Cross' bulletin, Issued by the Southwest division of February IS: GOOD ADVICE FROM ST. LOUIS. A Shipping Crisis. Stowed away in the bold of every vessel that clears from our Atlantic ports are boxes, bales and bundles of Red Cross supplies. The amount of space available for this precious cargo has been woefully limited by the ruthless behavior of the submarine. Should this space be further diminished or finally denied us, all of our preparations .for service, all of our plans for the relief of suffering humanity would go foe naught. 'nlps are needed to win the war, ships are needed to carry succor and sustenance to our armies over seas. We wnei build these shins with frantic haste unless we are to acknowledge the defeat of all our hopes. The president Is calling on the artisans of America to offer themselves for service 'In the ship yards where vessels In Brest numbers are building. Two hundred and fifty thousand Industrial soldiers are needed at the present moment In order to carry the plans of the Emergency , Shipping corporation to fruition. Good wages and steady employment are offered to carpenters, shipwrights and artisans of almost every trade. The enlistment of these men Is a matter of vital importance to the American Red Cross and to oil America'ns. Therefore, we are asking the assistance of chapters In spreading the knowledge of our country's needs. Men available ind fitted for this work should offer themselves at once at the state headquarters ot the national council of defense or communicate rtlrect with Edward N. Hurley, chairman. Emergency. Shipping corporation. Washington, D. C. The headquarters of the Missouri branch of the national council of defense Is at 2104 Railway EicbaDge Building, St- Louis, Mo. £wt* P 7 Everyday Hose, If joor hose are longer than need be, cut the hem where It Is stitched on the wrong side. Then turn down the whole hem and stitch by hand. Smell stitches, and not too tight, then press. Some people wear the knees oat before there is a hole In the feet. This win make them wear even it dona when new. LARGE INSPECTION FORCE WILLCLOSELY WATCHCOAL OUTPUT STOCK OF U. S. STEEL NOW HELD BY 61,044 OWNERS To Keep the Grade Up to the Puel Administration's Requirements. TO COVER 20 DISTRICTS One Hundred and Fifteen Men Will Be Employed to See That Poor Coal Does Not Reach Ship Bankers and PJunts Making War Munitions, Etc. T«* Gtate M tke Gre*t Begular steamer service on the Detroit and Buffalo Division of the D. C. Lfcfca Twines begins Monday. May Sth. The Two Giant Steamers ot the Greet Lakes--City ot Detroit HI and Citj- of Cleveland III--make doily trips between these'points, leaving Detroit at 5 P. M., U. S. Central Time, and Buffalo at 6 P. It.. U. S. Eastern Time. Daily service is also given between Detroit and Cleveland, leaving both points at 10.45 P. M., U. S. Central Time. Rail tickets are honored for transportation on all D. ft C. steamers.--Adv. For Itching Torture There is one remedy that seldom fails to Kop itching torture and relieve skin irritation and that makes the skin soft. dear and healthy. * Any druggist can npply yon with femo, which, generally overcomes all *kin diseases. Acne, eczema, itch, pim- ptes. rashes, blackheads, in most cases Eire way to zemo. Freqnently, minor blemishes disappear overnight. Itching usually stops instantly.. Zemo is a safe, antiseptic liquid, clean, easy to use and dependable. It costs only 35c; nn extra large bottle, $UX. It will not stain, is not greasy or sticky acd is posjirclv lor «end«; setaKire sfctns. T4« E. W.So* Co, Omlaarf. £ The work of gptting the coal inspection machinery of the Fuel Administration into working order in the dit- tferent coal producing fields is progressing satisfactorily to Charles M. Means, chief ot ine inspection division, with headquarters in Washington. In a recent interview he stated that he expects to soon have a force of 115 inspectors assigned to duty m 20 different bituminous districts, among which is the Conttellsville region, already provided with an inspections staff. It -will be the duty ot these inspectors to inspect more than 500,000,000 tons of bituminous coal produced this year. The object of the inspection system by the Fuel Administration is to insure a supply of highgrade coal for fuel to bunker ships, supplj locomotive, munition and-other essential plants of the governmeat and to see, if possible, that private consumers receive clean coal for household purposes. "One of the principal objects of the coal inspection system," said Chief Inspector Means, "is to bring tuei coal up to the standard it was m times before this country entered the war. Then the coal operators had competition, and had to sell clean coal in order to meet competition. "The abnormal demand 1 for coal last year and the government fixed prices for the product destroyed the law of supply and demand and caused a great amount of unclean coal to be marketed. The clean coal movement of the Fuel Administration is the outgrowth of the plan adopted by the National Coal Association some months ago. "Bad coal has slowed up munition and other essential government industries, and our aims will be to avoid a repetition of this in the future. "Under past labor conditions it has been practically impossible for the operators to enforce discipline. We expect that there will be a greater shortage of coal in the PUtsburg district next winter than last on account, mainly, of the lack of transportation facilities. The munition and other essential plants ot the government will require more fuel from this district next winter, and there will be little fuel available for non-essentials. "Also we expect in this district a greater labor shortage at the mines than last winter. Many of tile miners, on account of inadequate car supplies, have left the mines and engaged in other aelds ot labor. With an Increased car snpply next winter, there ·will he fewer men to load them," Shares of Corporation Mor« Widely Distributed Than in Prcyious Years. AGAW OF 4^19 IN YEAR Holdings of Common Stock a Fraction Orer S3 Shares Each; lu- dlTJtinal Investors Hold Over 55 Per Cent Against 44 by Brokers, Ownership of the capital stock of the United Slates Steel Corporation is now more widely distributed than ever before in. the history of the company. Official figures obtained from the corporation's books sbow that on March 1 last the $508.302.500 par of common shares was held by 61,044 stockholders, compared with 56,825 a year ago. The average holdings of the common is less than 100 shares, or. to be exact, a fraction more dan S3 shares each. The lowest number of stockholders in recent years was on. December 31. 1916, when ihe total was 37,720 Since then, however, the No Needles To Change! That feature alone is sufficient to determine why the Pathephone is the ONLY Talking Machine'for YOUR home--because it is the one feature that adds so wonderfully, to your enjoyment of the Talking Machine. -And when buying a Talking Machine, it's certainly enjoyment and pleasure that you are after and. want. You'll get all that--and more--by,, making your choice the Pathephone. The Sapphire Ball --Plays without the Grinding, Scratchy "surface noise"! --Does not wear out the Records! The Sapphire all is round and very smoothly polished--to exactly fit the soundtgrooves of the Records--that's why it brings out ALL the music from the Records. That's why it produces the selections in the natural, full, clear tone of the artists themselves. The Sapphire Ball does not rip, scratch or dig into the Records like the "steel needle" Talking Machines do. That's why Pathe Records will last forever--while other Records begin to show wear the very first time you play them. ^ The Pathephone is ALL Talking Machines in ONE! It plays AbL Records--giring you ALL the music of the world at your command. That's why it hen yon hfne a PBthephone in your home you can have the choice of ALL of the famous stars and artists--whereas other machines ·«!!! limit you to a certain'few. Come in NOW and Hear the Pathephone! Hear all other Talking Machines, if you wish--then come in and hear the Pathephone. Hear it play n song record--a band record--an instrumental record. Then it will Indeed he very easy for you to decide which Talking Machine YOU want for your home. Pathe Records 65c to $4. Pathephones $30 to $225 Conveniently Located Pathephone Department--Main Floor. Come In tonight and hear all of the latest "hits," Stc re will be open till 8 O'clock. Connellsville's Reliable I Housefurnishers Since 1891 You can buy the Pathephone on easy, convenient payment^ terms, if desired. Ask about them. Pathe Prices Advance May 11th So You Better Come in NOW which usually means on cnargin, has been reduced and taken up by real investors. On March 31. li)13, individual investors held 55.49 per cent of the common stock, or 2,820,416 shares, compared with 2,132,589 shares, or 41.95 per cent on December 33, 101G On the latter date the amount of block carried 'm tbe names of brokers was 2,^50.43^ shares, or .%S.04 per cent, compared with 2,252.180 shares on March 33, 11)18, or 11.51 per cent. Liquidation of U m t r d Slates Steel expansion. Since December, 3916, of stock carried in. brokers' names, began following the beginning of the the amount war in -^14, has apparently been ex- DANGER AT HOME As Well as at tbe Front PITTSBURGH, PA.--"I feel Tory grateful for what Dr. Pierce's medicare did( s i ( hausted. Cor the total shares held by alien investors aL the close of tbe first quarter of Lhis year showed a slight increase compared with December 31. 1917. On Marco 31, 1918, foreign investore held 4S5,?06 shares of common stock, or 9.56 per cent of the | total. This compares with 484,190 j shares, or 9.5o per cent, ca December i for me. I m enjoying- good health today because of its use. About five years ago I eanght a acrere cold which settled in ray broach tal tubes and on my lungs. I had the doctor, but his medicine did not seem to help me, I kept getting worse all the time. My cough became very alarming. "When I would take thcso severe coughing spells, I would notice blood. Got so I could not move aiound; i£ I did, I "would havo one of these frpells. I waa ready to givo np when I happened to get hold of a little booklet and read of Dr. Pierce 's Golden Medical Discovery. I made up my mind to try it, as I WES about all in. I had taken about four bottles and from that time on I gamed fast, for it completely restored me to good health which T am still enjoying, thanks to this modicanp. ' ' -- Mis. GKE.TEODE 404 Hemlock St. , FOR WOMEN i Niw CAfiTLE,*PA--- "I am glad to say i that Dr. Pierco 's Favorite Prescription w i a most valuable medicitto for'Vomen. I have myself used it when in a delicate way and the benefits were very marked. It is a fine medicine for that condition. I have recommended it to several other women who have used it for this purpose -- always with satisfaction. I hove also ·een 'Golden Medical Discovery* used in a case of threatened consumption, and the result was to arrest the disease. I know Dr. Pierce J s remedies are just aa -- MBS. Jnucoi Baitram Am The amount of preferred stock held by foreigners at the end of the first quarter ol this year was a shade i larger than at the end of 1917, the m- | crease amounting to one-hundredth of one per cent. Foreign holding of the preferred on March 31, 1DIS, totaled 140,198 shares, or 3.90 per cent of the outstanding stock. TO-NIGHT AT BEDTIME It you feel out-of-fronts run-down or ' alt In" from over-«,vertlon. or if you arc constipated, or your 1'ver is out of oder, take BLISS NATIVE HERB TABLETS In severe ea-ieH of ^ick headache or ; rheumatism pains two tfubleU may be taken ' You will pet np ne-ct morn- j Ing feeling very nruch better. [ BUSS NATIVE HERB TABLETS act gently but effectively on tbe k i d - neys, liver and bo\\eis One box can- talnv 200 tablets coats Jl, and usually last six: m o n t h s Ge' the tfen- /"JIN uine, and look for tr.idf mark MB/ f)f\ eiich box ^^ Sold by A. A Clarke and local agrents e\crywhere. BicG Pkrevl fen* It A r*m«dr for latectloot ot thn n r i u a r j - tratt. Pamlet*. non-pomonoLt ».nd ·rill not itnctur*. R*U« VM In 1 to 5 d»j«- --Pne» «, or S bottle* «.7», .. CINCINNATI, O. Certain-teed The ro- ' that copes with all conditions. Sparks, smoke gases, acids or fumes have no effect on a Certain-tad roof. Rust cannotcorrode Cmain'Utd. Tbe heat of the sun cannot cause it to melt or run. Certam-t£td\$ the ability to resist every form of roofing attack, and the durability to give year after year of weather proof service, with little or no maintenance cost. Certain-teed offers every practical roofing advantage with a minimum roofing investment. In every town, city and stctionycmvf ill find Certain-teed. Everywhere Certam-tcedis chosen fur buildings of all types and sizes, for factories, ronrd houses, elevators, grarage*, ware- houte^botels, frrn baildiagt, stores, outbuilding*, etc. Tn artistic red or green shingles, Ctrtain-teed is very popular for residences, Guaranlefd 5, 10 or IS yoart, according to Uricknm*. Certaln-ttfd costs less than any other type of roof -- first cost and laying coat Jow, and maintenance practically nothing'. Ctriasn-tttd is mort economical than ordinary joll roofing, because it fostj no more to lay and lasts much longer. Certain-teed Products Corporation I ceo a6d \V»rebou.«« in tb* Principal Ciliet of Ameri Manufacturer! of Certain-teed Paints -- VarmtftcM -- Roofing Westmoreland Grocery Co. WHOLESALE DiSTRIBUTORS PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE

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