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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, May 6, 1918
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ConneUsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,738 OL. 16, NO. 150. CONNELJLSVILLE. PA., .MONDAY EVENING, MAY 6, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. RITISH FORGES ADVANCE BETWEEN SOMME AND ANCRE RIVERS, GEN. HAIG REPORTS HILL OPTIONS FOR ' THOMPSONlCOALARE ACCEPTED BY YOUNG GREAT THRONG AT DEDICATION OF SERVICE BANNER Announcement of Close of the Beautiful Service Marks Occas- ins are Also Reported in the Lys Sal- ent as the Result of Local Fighting; D eace Emissary in London. Said to be Busily Engaged but Without Result; 88 Barnes in Casualty List Today. (LIN MAKES CLAIM OF ALLIED REPULSE By Associated Press. IiOXDOX, May 6,--Peace proposals made by Joak- heer Coljn,'Dutch representative of the German government, a dispatch from The Hague says, are said to have been as follows: first--Germany to renounce all claims In the west. Second--Restoration of Belgium. Third--Alsace-Lorraine to be autonomous within the German federation. Fourth--The status In the east to remain as at present. ¥ifth--Austria to make certain concession to Italy jn tke Trentino. ' ·Sixth--Balkan questions to be solved by an international conference. Seventh--All colonial questions affecting Africa ind Asia Minor to be settled by a conference of all the lelligercnts. / Eighth--Germany to abandon all claims to her for- ner Chinese protectorate of Kiaochan but in exchange o receive certain economic concessions in China. GERMAN SS OUSTED FROM CURRICULUM BY SCHOOL BOARD Study Will Be Continued Untfl the End of 1'rcsent Term and Then Dropped. Deal Made in -U. S. Court on Saturday. READY TO PAY THE PRICE ion in Immaculate Conception Church. COUNTY IS CLOSE TO SIX 117 NAMES IN THE LISTi BISHOP HMILTON DIES OF PNEUMONIA; ILL BUT FEW DAYS Loan Reports Here Are Incomplete But They Promise Surprises ' Jfethodisf Kpiscopal Dirine r.infr;tc(' I _ . As Soon as Creditors' Committee Can LIttl0 (;irls Ca ^' » m ' ifc Kasf for . Cold M uile on IVaj tu Dclh.-r I B. 0. FUND IS $277,150 Make Delbor'y of. Deeds: Kxtensioii of Six Months Asked fur Preparation; All Thompson Lands Imoivcd. FRFNfR i-Ktfiui May 6.--The British line has been advanced on a- derable front between the Somme and Ancre rivers, west, west of Morlancourt, says the official statement from Field hal Haig's headquarters today. ["he.British positions in the neighborhood of Locon and the river, on the southern leg of the Lys salient in Flanders, been improved as the result of local fighting. There is 'o "Discussion on the Question, the Motion oi Dirretor Echini! Unanimously Approved; Spanish Considered, X»t Placed on Course, Formal notice of acceptance of the 1 option to purchase the properties oJ J. V. Thompson has been given by Ralph J. Young, with whom a contract' was entered into hy the Creditors' Committee under date of June 2, 1917. The notice stipulates that the 1 " 1 " 11186 " is readv " to pTM»ed with Uie paymB the purchaBC prlce ,. as soon as the Creditors' Committee I Kuch Who Has Kntcred the Arraj or JfBTy; Pullicr Lambing Speaks, The Right R c i e r o n d Franklin Ham- ,, ^ , . ,,. . _ , Father Jirennan Unable to Come-,'Hon. bishop of the P.tLsburg distr.cti ""^' co " rs in """" K u s n of the -Methodist Episcopal church,' Total Snbsorip- died yesterdaj afternoon at 2 o'clock-l tions 1,0 653. ,U his home m PiUsburg of pneu- , . , . . A-jiid scones most impressive, rven , . , .. . these war dayt, tho service flag for -BOOM- STKM.-B HIGHEST are in the service or are under orders to report shortl}, was dedicated last evening at the church, with a galher- ing that overflowed the gieat auditorium in attendance In tho absence of the Rev. P. J. SOTHtXG DOEVG, EMISSABY FINDS. CONDON, May 6.--Germany's peace emissary, according a Daily Mail, has been busily working here,.but has made no ·ess in any direction. There is reason to believe, it says, the German- agent, who has" been- reported a-Dutch sier, returns to Germany to report that there is nothing K CLAIMS REECXSE OF XSOLO-J?B£XCH THHUST. JUN. via London,' May 6.--Reel Ango-French attacks on the German was abolished from the j Connellsv;lle high school at a meet- j ing of the school board this morning., There was no discussion and the vote { to discontinue the teaching of it was j unanimous. The language will he t taught until tho end of the present term, but wili not be resumed next September. French was substituted | for the German language. The motion to abolish German was made by Director Echard. It was seconded by Director Prancis and immediately voted out. There was no discussion. Director Kchard said: "\Vnat about this German question? I am ready to discuss it." j "Don't talk ahoxit t," someone said, "make a motion.' "I move we cut it out," Echard replied. There was some '-alk of replacing the study with the Spanish language, but French was decided on. The board will advertise for bids for school^supplies, and the planting | and sodding of the high school lawn ' was talked over. ' Applications of teachers were gone | over but "none" was voted on. There are six vacancies in the grades and one in the high school to fill. able to deliver deeds for the proper-1 B r o n n a n ° c Uunbar, who uas, kept ties and otherwise 'compiv vrith the · lwa - v because of illness, Rei. M. A. terms of th e . agreement of purchase gibing of Scottdale, delivered tb- and sale ' ! a "^ rei)S °-£ tDe occasion. Rev. John. 1 In order that time may be provided I Burai " rector ° £ tu; c h u r c u - aiso m:uic within which to prepare the deeds,! sccnre assent oC the capital issue-i He Turns in 02 Snbscriptions; Henry I 1 . Sindfr, Jr., Comes Out Second; Urcm ShoHint- is Made Among Em- plojes of the C. 0. Railroad Co. I a stirring patriotic talk. At tile beginning of the committee of the Federal Reserve ' : ' rti - program Oixon ''ing "tied Be With ing, \"V. Va. Pneumonia developed but it was not thought big condiiion i was cnucal unil! Saturday night. Mrs. , Mary .Maekle Pierce Hamilton, his j w i f e , was at t i c bedside when he Idled. Bishop John Hamilton was i preaching a sermon in a Pittsburg i i church w tien notified of the death of In an eleventh hour rush during the i his brother. close of the th,rfl Liberty Ixja.ii cam, Bishop Hamilton was X years old paiRi\ the people of Fayette county and vs.', the son of u Methodist clergy- piled up a tctal of 50,000,000 going man. He rocehed his early edu-a- away over tbe 5^,000,000 quota and lion in the Boston Latin school anil . ' h o voluntaiy goal of 55,0'10,000. In i n 1887 was graduated from Harvaid this city alone the loan committee ex- board, and to have sale confirmed by I Our Boys Tonljht After uhe atidr^-ss , (-nivorMtj. \i e studied three years p=c;.s authentic subscriptions to lop ' ' . . bojs' choir , a l lhc L'nivi-rsity of lierlin. Following the -niilion and a half mark The D.B. SERVICE FLAG · Quesenberry, Las Crubes, N. M.; died j _ o t ' disease, .Major Charles T. Baird,' Twenty-seien Stars on Banner Bedi- Richmond Hill, N. Y.; died of accident, 1 Lieutenants Robert P. Cross,' Hunt-! .j^ ·rs front is reported in the of- ingdon, Mass.. and Chester A. Pud- ' 27 innouncement by tie-war office j nth, Detroit, Mich; died of other i t h o u n s men of , Increased artillery activity j causes, Lieutenant Joseph W. Wilson, taiy service one in of the Somme is announced in Logansport, Ind.; wounded severely, ttement, which reads: er the strongest artillery prep- i French divisions attacked our ns on Kemrnel hill and near il unsuccessfully. They were sd with heavy loss and left over isoners in our heands. ,th Hebuterne (north of the j) strong British thrusts failed. ittle front on both sides of the '; snowed a revival o£ artillery / in the evening. It increased illy near Vlliers-Dretonneux 'the west bank of the Avre.'" 911 AllOIKS X-VKJE ; GOOD USE OF B031BS. ·DON, May 6.--^The official state- In aerial activity Issued tonight 1 war office reads: ire was a dense mist Saturday when reconnaissance Lieutenant Clifford R. Livingston, MerriU, "Wis.; missing in action, Lieti- tenant 'William L. Staggers, Benton, Ala. BRDl'C TK»»Tf IDS TLASES 15 WKBK. LONDON. May 6.--A wounded British airman back from France reports that tha squadron operating in an important sector on the Amiens front, has probablyfcstabllshed a record by bringing down 106 enemy machines in a week, including 21 on one day. GKKHASS AKGKY OVER FRAGER AMSTERDAM, May T.-- The lynch- cated Yesterday. j service flags, one containing representing the number of IQ church in mill- honor of the Civil "WTar veterans and the other in honor of the Spanish-American war veterans, were dedicated at special and appropriate services held last evening in the United Brethicn church. 'Fhe American flag was presented oy Col. J. J. Barnhart. TVo girls ot the Sunday school unveiled the Civil war service flag, and the Spanish-American service flag, while two J3oy Scouts of Troop No. I unveiled the service flag in honor of the young men of the church. AH flags were presented to the pastor Rev. J. S. Showers. G. A. Tipton responded and presented the G. A. R. Hag to Commander W. P. Clark ot (he William F. Kurtt Post No. 104, and the service flag to Commander T. R. the courts, a motion has oeen filed j ° f Bather Lamhiiig the with the United States Circuit Coun | san S Amenta. At the conclusion oi h l b admission 10 t h e New England voluntary goal here was a million and ot Appeals in Philadelphia tor a six j Ule n y rotl Ue l eat! °f tlc service tlac eonfcipnco of the Mothodisi Episcopal: a quarter do! ais. months' extension of the temporary | Procession enieicd the church, Scro h u r t . h 1K ] S f l ] r nf , !]cid t hargcs i n 1 A moisage , f congratulation was injunction restraining Greene county j scant .M.ijor Thomas Com tney, who i^ ' Boston and other New Inland citir-p , recii.ed Saturday night by the Lib- mortgage holders from proceeding' llmne on a furlough, leading Behind J n j a , M ho madr a trip around Ihe i-rtv Loan committee! from D c with foreclosures. During the argu- h - m followed .he cadels and then L,orld .o .stud} mi'-nonary u r r k . , Wills, chairmar. of the loan commitment on this motion on Saturday tho members of lanous soclct e« a n d . Bishop H.-.mi.ton spoke in th" local lee of the Federal Rcsene district at statement was made that the entire others, including Ul^ members of lx)-. Flrs] j| a t h o d l i i l Kpis.-opal church at a Vle-n-Iand. The lelegram read: holdings of Mr. Thompson will pass! cal Brafl Board No J. I War council hold here a few m o n t h s ' "Your showing in Connellsville, e.x- into the possession of a corporation I Following this procession marr'icd ' aco . anc | a ; so attended the ' a n n u a l cecding its quota is excellent. Warm- being formed by powerful eastern and Miss Wii.ifred King as the Goddess meeting of tho bishops of the Metho- est congratulations. D. C. Willis, western financiers. | of Liheny and 10 boyb :n salloi sarb . rlist i b u r c b held about two chairman." Samuel Untermyer and Arthur M. i carrying the Qag, and closclj follow- i years ago a! Linden Hull, the home .None of the banks has yet made a Wickwire of New York and A. L e o j i n g H" girls dressed in w h ' t e , each O f Mrs Sarah B. Cochian. At hc Unii complete'report of the number of Weil of .Pittsburg appeared in court | carrying a white ro=e. rcpresenung general conference he vvap elected and ' subscriptions or tbe amount turned in, on behalt of G. R Scrugham. D. M. | the 317 boys whose stars are on the , consecrated a bishop and was ap- all bcmR pretty well swamped. Clerks Hertzog and R. Jl. Hue. trustees in flag. 'pointed l e t i d c u t bishop of the Pats-' are working hard on tabulation and at bankruptcy. While tbe names of the After the flag had been blessed bj ! burg district. He was a trustee of the rale figures are creeping up it be- purchasers were not given or intinmt- Father Burns and raised to a? posi-[ the American University. ed in the hearing, reports here are 'o 1 lion tbe roll was called, and as the i tbe effect that Standard Oil interests, names were road the girls with t h e ; in the east, and the Hill interests in roses marched hy the Goddess of Lib- the west, are interested in the new erty and handed the roses to her, she j corporation which will assume direct dropping them'mto baskets on eiincr management of tho vast Thompson side. possessions. i The service closed with tic be-^tiriy- In presenting hip argument to thc^ttaj, follonmg singing of "The S t a r , _ court, Mr. Untermyer dec'ared that tho'Spangled Banner. ' Baiter's Sen ttnr Program WI1 Ex- sale of the property is most important, The names represented on the flag, , | lau!l ( Ciitss OIH-, V f t f r Which Deto all the creditors of the former Un- the person being a resident of Con- ' " " ' lontown banker. Sale of tho coal; nelUnnlle, where no address is enen, lands by the lien creditors through the ! are: state courts would bring nothing for IX ACTITK SEKT1CK. the unsecured creditors, who, under' Louis A. Auer, South Connrllsville. the terms of tbe present deal, are to | Z4th Company, Gth Training Battal- | I ginj- to seem as though the total here ' will go over the million and a half mark. The Baltimore Ohio railroad r»- port a total of ?S77,1SO for the Con- nellsvilie division, which is consider- n K i T nr\ nrnrin ITT ir ^ e:sceljeilt - The reports show tiat CALLED AFTER JULY \ of ;be «tTMated 3.500 employes on the division 3.247 bought bonds. Tbe Boy Scouts made a grand finish in the last day of the drive, working up until the last minute on Saturday IN CLASS TWO VERY UKELY TO BE forrrd finises M U 1 Be Called. WASHINGTON, -May 6-^Secretary Baker's uc-w war program, which calls for the drafting of 2.170.000 men for night. The scouts believe if they bad half an hour more they would have had another hundred subscriptions. me nji ui» ui LUC in uat-'ui. uutu ai u tu ~ *"* V " · - · * -- « j , ----· -· · -- o ..«m , · (--i -i j i_ i_i receive 55,000,000 cash for their $1=,- j ion. 155th Depot Brigade, Camp Lee. | ,TM^ '"^ 3 " "f pr °, bably OC*,000 claims. The secured creditors,! Henry B ail ey, Camp Scurry, Corpus ^,^LTMTM** TM^^ themselves, it was -pointed out, would Cansti, Texas. service by July 1, will'exhaust the ! The Iotal o£ «"scriptions secured by receive nothing except the return of the coal lands which they formerly owned. More than $200,000 has been spent by the purchasers of tbe coal lands in making investigation of the properties, Mr. Untermyer said. These investigations were completed April 30, and Mr. Young was instructed to accept tho option. Sale of 7,000 acres of the Thompson coal in Greene county to the H. Frick Coke- company for a sum exceeding $3,500,000, whica is bein,g completed by the trustees in bankruptcy. Andre*- Burns. Battery C, Illh Field Artillery, Douglas, Ariz. Francis Burns, Battery A, Jlth Field Artillery, Douglas, Ariz. . William Boylan, Adelaide, Machine Gun Company, 320th Infantry, Camp Lee. John Francis Boy. an, Adelaide, cording to estimates made by Provost .Marshal General Cro^der's office. 'While the number of men regibtered m Classes 2 and 3 has not been made public, it is believed that a considerable part of the army which Secretary Baker has outlined will be drawn, from these groaps. The call for these men will come alter ib.,-- remaining 2. the boys reached $54,200, with 653 bonds bought. Of the 58 boys working in the drive, SS won eith«r bars . or medals. ] In ihe scout canvaes. Troup 4 look » 601st Engineers. Company B, Camp J 00 ' 00 " !n TM ' n CJ J" S ] ha TM been Laurel, iid. ' drafloli - The pas Ea se of tie bill re- Martm J. Brcnnan, 35Lh Cavalry, Q i France. Patrick Cunningham, Company I, 10th Infantry, Camp Lee, Va. Martin. Cunningham, Company A, Ing at Collinsville, 111:,, last month of Cunningham of the Veterans of For- | Mr. Uaterrayer said, will (aclHLat G the ties and will 13ft the load of encumbrances on tho general estate to the extent of that amount. This transac- Camp Sherman, 0. Merrill. N. J. quiring the registration of men who have become 21 since J u n e 5, 1917, will add about 700.000 to Class 1. I The records of the physical exam- I malions to dale show that 29.11 per . cent of tbe registrants are physically Courtney, Robert P. Prager, a German who was evening, 'ossible. Nine tons of bombs ropped on the Chaulnes-railway j-J££ u* on Baupaume, AnnentU-res, · te and Estaires. accused by the mob which hanged him % of disloyally, has inluriated German editors. The Zeitung Mittag of i upon the German govern- representation to re was very little air fighting, ^stile macuLne was brought y our aviators and four others aissins. Two of our machines issing. Two of our machines 1 5 since May 3 have since re- Bt'DGET MAT 1EA1) TO UfTESTKJAlKMf. HINGTON, May 6.--In taking e-draft ot the array Sppropria- ill carrying $15.000,000,000 to · for 3.000,000 men during the · year,'the House Military corn- today indicated an intention ke a careful investigation of ce and aviatioa work. Al- members did not appear into oppose any appropriations al to a successful prosecution war, many wanted to know ias been done with appropna- Iready made. . - j opposition was- expected to the stratlon's plan to limit the forces only to capacity for jig, training and transporting; out neither seemed confident 3 War Department program (or . powers finally would be sanc- WasSington, reminding the American government that of Ai Germany holds a prisoners upon whom reprisal might be taken "so as to prevent the lynching of Germans in America from becoming a fashionable sport." Return! to Camp. Sergeant Major Thomas Courtney left last night for Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., after spending a furlough at his home here. eign Service. Both flags were made by the members of the Royal Circle class. J. R. Balsley, a Civil War veteran, gave a reading. Music was rendered by members of the choir and congregation. tion, which has been hanging fire f o r ' . Prank Cuneo ' Comgany E, 35th En- will necessitate drawing upon Class 2 to provide the men needed under Sec- WOMENJHBIG SUM Total TillM-fty Bonds ,Snbseribed in County $1,786,000. Up until today at noon the amount of Liberty Bonds subscribed through the ivomen workers ofFayette county during the Third Liberty Loan drive was 51.786,400. This amount was reported to Mrs. R. E. Umbel of Uaiontown, chairman. VULED IS ACTIOJf. CASUAT/TT 1SEPORT SH01VS. HINGTON, May 6.-- The casu- t today contained 88 names, di- s follows: Killed in action, 6; wounds. 3; died o! accidents. 1 of disease, 9; died of otier 1; wounded severely, 4; ·d" slightly, 4S; missing in ac- officers were namad: t Jo*oph TWO ROBBERY SUSPECTS CAUGHT AT MT. PLEASANT AFTER REVOLVER BATTLE many months, will be formally clostd ° ineers - France. in a few weeks. I Donald Campbell, Aviation Depart- Under tbe terms of the Hill deau m e u t * Franco - i " Arthur Cammiskey, Brookvaie, GSth ; Aero Squadron, North Island, San j Diego, Cal. I Louis X. Cage, Aviation Corps, Columbus, 0. retary Baiter's program. deal, the trustees in bankruptcy will bo paid ?16,000,000 to cover the secured indebtedness; ?860,000 to ccrver trusteo and fiduciary obligations of J. V. Thompson; and $5,000,000 which pays approximately 40 per cent to the unsecured creditors. The deal Involves the entire holdings of Mr. .Thompson, in Greene, "Washington and Fayette counties, and in "several counties of West Virginia. Of 269,453 acres of coal owned by .Mr. Thompson and his associates, 01, 679 acres were owned by Mr. Thompson in his own right and 53,694 acre? through stoclc ownership m coal companies m which he owned the majority of stock. Thompson's interest m these holdings has a valuation of ?41,128.044.10, Special to Thn Courier. PLEASANT, May 6.--Following wholesale operations of a' burglar on Friday night, when nine homes about town were entered, Burgess Sam P. Stevens thought it a good plan to swear in, and station some 15 men over town with the constabl es and police officers, led by himself, to see if the robber could not be located. The robbers In the meantime moved to W. J. Rainey's Acme ,works, near Mount Pleasant. John Cooper and John Kortright were stationed at First street, with orders to stop every automobile and every man after midnight and if a satisfactory answer could,not be given the met were to be placed under arrest Shortly after 2.30, two men came running from the direction of Hainey toward the borough. Cooper called to the mea 10 stop. John, Klincock, who was'in the lead, raised a revolver and fired twice. The first shot went past Cooper's head and the second through, his shoulder, causing a flesh wound. Cooper and Koitright returned the fire. One bullet caused a flesh wound in "Klincock's head, one burned the flesh on the shoulder and the other lodged in the shoulder. Both Cooper and Klincock were taken to the hospital. Cooper had his 'shoulder dressed by Dr. il. W. Horner and walked home. Klincock is still in the hospital. The man with Klinclock gave his name as Lopus and had a bullet hole through his coat behind and also had a powder burn where the bullet went through, his clothes. The men gave no ·reason why they did not stop, nor could they explain why they fired or why they were hurrying up the pike with guns in their hands John Costello, Company B, 39:h Railroad Engineers, Camp Upton, N. Y.i John CostcDo, Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga. \ Joseph Cunningham. Sergeant Julian DnscolJ, 32Qlh Infantry, Camp Lee. BIXLER "HONORED" ?fame of Champion Team's Captain is PLiced on }jii»r*rl.y Lo«n Clock. The name of A. O- Bi.-Jer, captain of the champion Liberty Ixjan canvassing team of this cuy, has been placed on the $1,250,000 mark on the big clock tere. Boj- Scout Commissioner A. 0. Stone told "Squire" be would put his norac on the clock if that figure was reached. Bixler set 2 o'clock the Jiour. high honors. The boys of that troop secured a total of 323 bonds from 304 subscribers. Of the total of 55-4,200 collected by tie scouts, that troop had to its credit $25.450. Troop 3 was second with $8,350. Augustus Straub* Jr., of Troop 4, led in securing the highest number of bonds, having a- total of 62 to his credit Henry Snyder, of Troop 3, was second with 31, John Norton of Troop 4, third, with 28, and Paul Lsmbertson, another? Troop 3 scout fourth with 22. Troop 1 secured S7 bonds from i? for a total of $7,350. Tht* troop won four bars and three medals* Troop 2 got 67 bonds from 61 subscribers with a total of ?6,OSO, winning two bars and three medals. Troop' 3 had a total of 115 bonds from 1]2 subscribers, (he amount being J8.350, winning one bar and five medals. Troop 4 got 323 subscriptions front 304 subscribers vriih a total of $2G,- 450, winning 10 bars and six medals. Troop 5 got 49 subscriptions from 45 subscribers with a total of $5,400 winning two ban, and onp medal. Troop G had 12 subscriptions, totaling ?600, winning one medal. The scouts winning bars are: Charles Berkey, Melvin Johnson, Demetrius Soisson, James Sheetz, Grant Clarke, Kobert Springer, Donald La- torlay ,is . Stone "put one over" on Bixler, how- | R ue , ftobert Carpenter.' J»BICS Gra- Scrgear.t Norbert Dnscoll. Battery eTeri wnejl fie placed the name o n , ham. Brown Higbee, ~Willard Her- B. 15th Field Artillery, France. C o n t i n u e d on Pape Eight, ROEDERATLEISENRING the mil-ion and a quarter- mark between 8-30 and f) o'clock this morning. RAISE TWO FLAGS While on their way to Connollsville In i stlrrmB addres!l d c U TM r e d - vos Saturday azternooi, 3tr. and M?s w - lorday af ' c TM°TM « f l l e Dmlba '' t o «»- liam Keid of Denbo. Pa., were In an ' shi » 1»* «·*««" automobile accident near Brownsville ' nn£ No ' ' in t h e p r c s e n c e of '°° por - BelhwsSUrrlDR lecture I mler Friek i 1atrio(ic Sl ""- r - f TM tn TM Occasion nt Company Auspices. i «»)t-Porlor (ui.ip.iny !,hci,,.s. when a car occupied hy foreigners collided with their car. Tho fo'-eign- ers' car turned over and wab burned up, while the fender of the Reid car was only damaged. None were injured in the accident. Showers tonight and Tuesday; cooler Tuesday !s the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsjlvama. Temperature Kecord. 3918 1017 Maximum 85 53 Minimum -- 57 42 Mean _ 71 48 The Yough river fen during the night from 2^30 to 2.20 feet. · sons, Licuteoani George H. RocOer spoke of tbe part the working men are taking m ihe great struggle, :bo j i w o r l d war, and urged them to put m as much time a? possiole in ordei to , iticreabf production. ! Charles B. Fianks presided, anil j among the big crowd were prominent officialb of the H C. Frick Coke c o m - j pany, including "W. H. ClmgermanJ president of: ue company. Lieutenair. Roeder canie to Leisenrmg under the auspices ot 'Jbe H. C. Frick , pany, and the great throng was more j wick, Samuel Melnick, Hyman Rejder, Wilson McClarpn, Frank Reynolds, Robert Schenck. Albert Soisson, Harry Knos and Edward Clark. Medals were won by Frank Angle. Ray Henry, Wrffred Loughrey. John Alters. Alfred Hyatt, Gilbert Shaw, IMward Biuner, Kenneth Cunningham, Paul Lambertsoii, Harry Stafford, Henry Sr.yder, Charles Cochran, Edwin Cunningham. Wayne Lessig, John. .N'orton. Augustus Straub, Jr., William Young, John Bryte and Clarence Mills. On April 10, Superintendent M. H. Broushton offered prizes of a $5 I Tl.nft Book to ihe trainmaster send- Umplojcs of the Boyts-Porter Com pany 1 eld a patriotic jneejmg Friday afternoon whi ; two fiag= weie unfurled in f i o i t of ihf plant. George Straiva a machinist, made a patriotic address. Songs made popular by the war u e r e sung b\ Michael Gjnnon. a fireman, imong them. "Over There," , m ' g ' lu al) . )li( . atlons for lhe most \Mieti J o b n n j Comes Marchmiri ,,.,. Bonds OI) , he coniicllsvjlle I 0 m l s . o n , also one to (he track supervisor ( s o n d i u g . i n the most apr^icauons; also I one to the- ladj employe sending io | :ho niost apiilications. .N'early every j r r . i p ] o \ e on ihe division, of which. (Vest IV«n Trollej anil Machine oi J. | l l l e r e alc ? boul 3 500 ' bought bonds, and there was no one b'Jt that \v^s so'.icivcd many" limes. The division " cme " a ° d ,.'," hcre D ° e ' · ' AUTO STRIKES CAR W. Hiincy Ciiliidr at Lilitrti. J. W. Hanoi of Libert}-, met 01 the battlefield The music included selections by the Dunbar township high school orchestra and \ocal numbers. street car. Haney was thrown from U, but ' caped seiious in;ury. Of the girls, Nelle R. Coughenour _ ! was the highest with a total of $24,- jlOO. Miss Coughenour is a clerk la [.Continued on Pagre X»r-

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