The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1930 · Page 20
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 20
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ft.« ,· V '(': f AGK TWENTY, UOU«JtJ5fK, jEJOTOVJ ABSOLUTE EQUALITY OF U. S. Immediate Parity Plan sontefl by Secretary To London Parley. 18 CRUKSERS FOR AMERICA Stylish Spring Costume By -RAMOND. CLiAPPISR'. United Prems Staff Correspondent fjONDQN, Feb. 7.---Spontaneous ac claim greeted the statement 'today is sued -by Secretary of State Henry I Stimson brieslly but definitely settini; forth the aims of the United States a! t h e Ixindoii Naval Conference. The straight forward preiiytatkm of Amorica'f; needs and proposals was received with enthusiasm "by the press in diplomatic Quarters' nnd among naval experts attached to tho live dehsgaticus.-. . , ' . . . ' There-wasp almost a noticeable feel ing of relief that America' had co.m« forward and o-pnly given the gist of what is generally regarded its the .at- cord reaoheil between the ' United States and OTftat" Britain on their ow n naval proble na. , Tho statement, 'Issued lat night, in a word, said this: 1. The (.'tilted States wants im_ rived la to parity w i t h Great-Britain-on every class of ship t n ; t h e navy. 2 . - A n " o v e r - a l l " suggestion was made to Japan under which it wa« h o p o d W a s h i n g t o n and Toklo '-.would reach an agreement probably s Italia i (o (he 5-5-'! ratio now -in existence. .Tbf- term.') of the American siigges lions to J a p a n weve not given, :!. No proposals were , made to either Franco or" Italy. ,Tho statement said the United States was interested . i n their problem,, which it was hoped would be settled, but that nothing definite was offered as a suggestion to .them because their "problems are not so directly related to ours." The United States proposes to go about reaching absolute parity with 0resit Britain in a comparatively simple manner. Two chief classes y£ ships are affected, namely, battleships' and cruisers. As to tho first: Battleship:*: |The statement suggests by reduction In number or. both sidoa the. fleets Ix- equalized in 1931 rather t h a n waltintr uuill 1942. This means Britain, which now has 20 battleships, would scrap five, and the United States, with IS battleships, would scrap three- -l-eaying each with a fleet of 15 battleships In future. Cruisers: The United States offered to permit Britain an advantage of 12,000 tous to cruisers, a negligible tonnage amounting 'to little more than one 1'0/WO-toh ship, America is will- Dr Elmer A Sperry, of New York, promme it engineer and In ventor, was awarded the "American Iron and Ste 1 Institxite medal, one of the two given by the institute in memory of its founder, the late Elbert H. Gasy. , the award was bated oh Dr.- Sperry'a . paper, . "Non-dostirnctiVe Detection of Flaws," in which. he described the methods 'ha has developed for discovering flaws in steel rails and ·bars, · ... · .".. . ' . . ing, the statestnont indicates, to recerle from her origimvl demand for DUNBARFIRE DEPT. RECEIPTS $6,103 IN 1929 · , j- Goodly Sum Passes Through Hands oi' Volunteers, EXPENSES PUT AT $4,434 A tidy Httic sum in handled by tho D u n b a r V o l u n t e e r Fire Department as j ls 'Bl-eaned Crom its '' flnanclal report cruisers of 1 lie 10,000-ton c'a^s, and ] S i- w l l l o h lve * -ind Nation . oE tfee- or s nn- ready to accent IS of thes« cnu R f t r« »« ' iiia '. io » being u real business enter- ready to accept IS of these cruisers as against Britalns 15 Britain a 12,000-ton smaller cruisers with This-would mean: -- out giving superiority in- priss as· we'l las a u n i t devoted to the l i f e and and surrounding' j the FurmiCF T o w n g ' un , eommun-ity. ' j Buring .1928 1929, the ^-epart- i ment's receipts from-street-lair's, eani- n-rii.,i n i - n / v n . A . ion nnn . ' P !li gns aiul othei sources amounted to BT|Uin --,~lpO,OOO.tonB 'S9,OOOtons| ¥ ( U 0 3 . 4 ! ) w h f l , |lfl ,« penditttt . es for the-same, period totalled $4,434.06. The Cruisers Sinnll Cruisers disbursementH United States 180,000 tons 1 147,000 tons i Thus the United States in tyrge ,,,,,...,,,,, ct'uteers, ou (his proposal, would have ar^ti-oot Vairs' an advantage of 150,000 tons. However,' ' ' t h u British n a v y , , i f these terms are the'jnroin'o'Lion inlnstrol show, chemicals and repairs to t h e - t r u c k s A balance-.of $l.ti(i9.'4.3~remains in th Bow is mother to make time for rest, and recreatloD7 JJcnv |» ghe to escapa from. the. dally gnnd? Oh* wa.v;to escape routine make It -mechanical so tliat the mind Is free to travel to pleasant places. ;;Another, anfl less fortunate way oi escape Is) to elevate the details to importance.-. o you argue -with' children about going to b|»d?. Or do you keep the same bedtime from 'babyhood to five years, so that the "child accepts it iin- luesU«naf)fy? Do yoa keep much med- icltie on hand for .sores and infections and fuss uerfouoly ; fhput them? Or do you maintain a maUer-ot-fact attitude in treating .small ailments! showing children how to paint all scratches anfi cuts with a good disinfectant? Do you worry conffnually about drafts, damp feet and th« weight of! underwear? Or do you teach children to exercise and keep n sale distance from r u n n i n g noses? ' Klpe olives are recommended - b v ! Afl the colder weather cc ones on we enjoy boiled dituiers, flsh, cfam and chowders porl In varloua ways su :h as: Po'rk I .oaf---Tako three j ounds of lean poj t from tha uhouldei. one and one-half cupfuls of bre-ad c uwbs, one tablespo mful of salt, ooe-half teaspoonful of pepper, two welt beaten eggs, o le can of pimento, -one and one-half cnpfuls of sweet milk. Mix and put to roa«t In a moderate oven. Sheet Chocolate Co ok led. --Take one cupful of sugar, oae-thlrd of a cup- of melted butter, one icnton egg. pT-ysicinns for children and .'adul.t.a, ! one-half tenspoonful of salt two-thirds Contrary to universal opinion, the Hpe i of. a cupful of milk, two cupfuls of olJve -Is s f o o d - r a t h e r , t h a n the condf- ! flour, one tenspoonful of soda, one ment It isVreputed to be, through its ! cupful of rai«lns and one-hi If cupful of nssocintion with the grten variety. The ! nutmeata with two square of melted accepted. Would have a '.42,000-;toii ad- treasury lor-'the year 11930. vantage in f;raall cruisers, or a 12,000- The -department luui $313.48 when loti net. advantage. t b e - M r s t N a i i o n a l Bank- closet) it By agreement not to replace .ob-1 doors'.-"---"-'--'--'-.' .'..'. .'""·:.. I'olote bsittloships,' ?500,00(,000 would IK: aavod at one stroke. By scrapping l.hroe presMiitt battleships, 10,000,000 to $12,000.0-00 a 'yoar in maintenance costs would be avoided. B y ^ the-suggested, cruiser parity itgreein-jnt. liio United States would ou^tbo other hand, spend about $335,000,000 in liirgo and small new cruis- er.s, i n c l u d i n g either five or seven of tht .15 10.000-ton cruisers authorlzec lust year. These new ships would cost perhaps $3.0,000,000 a year .to o'pc-rato. T.ho feeling was expressed in Jap- unes-e- circlos that the Stimson pro- tM.'iml to give Amoricun IS large {*.Tu!.ser# im-te-ad ot the 21 previously i«s.|.sttd on would furnish a delinlto boaiB tor negotiations Ofllcials described the statement as "M!-ry hopeful" esp«'Cl»!ly tho cruiser ratio. Tho statement was designed probably with an oyo on the United States Somite-which must ratify any agree- m e n t . Thls-w'ns especially true of the proposal for Immediate parity with [iritain in t-very class of warship and fov an option whereby · either could (lii'plica-to tho other's cruiser program. Th-o American abandonment. o£ ibi iiuslstonce by 21. large cruisers and 15 fw Britain WILS teen as duo to cou- s'deratlou of Japan's fleet. SMALL PROSPECT OF FREE BRIDGE AT MASONTOWN UNIONTOWN, Feb. 7.--Despite agitation on tho part of Masontown resi- [leniu to have the intorcounty bridge between Fayctte and Groene counties it Masu.itown freHl, there is very little likelihood of this, according to a state- snout by l'\iyette county coininlssion- or». tn dlscu-sclng the proposition (J-eorge tV. Hibbn ivtited be coukl see no resuson why tho bridge should be iriado a frcs Sl»0 UTS CLEANINGS If anyone thinks' there.:" won't b plenfy -of -rod-h-t- action- when ih Caseys and Kefisy Corners do get to ascr getifler, a W er,. a s tho Oase'y s they -must, the Keagys establish reputation, they are no-judge-of' young men..; The.iaiui! hurled by'the'.Gaseyjs today would cul Uio pride oE an^ out iit, and when it is aimed at an aggro gation which htis the Imposing recorc of ' tbe 'Corn-or quintet, then each o those affected i i likely to take it 86 ii porsoiial i n s u l t . It. would be' v a wise t h i n g to hav'o two oliicials of tho two tribes maintain ait amicable atlitudo long. -enough to arrange a pame. A single contest would; .probably..- bo ad- visable,'rathoi- (ban ji.aeries. MOTORIST MUST "STOP, LOOK, LISTEN" BEFORE CROSSING RAIL TRACKS PtTTSBURG, Feb. 7.--The duty of i, motorist to-st-on,-' look arid listen and :o leave his car to look along tho tracks In "event of an obstruction- at view was upliol 1 by Judge Jumea H. Tray in Common Pleas Court, denying i verdict-of. *? 10,000 -awarded:. .Mrs. "essia.M.-.-Weber of Overbrook. The v-erdict was r e t u r n e d by a jury; in her suit against the Pittsburgh Wast Virginia Railway Company for the death of her husband. , The chief, argument oC the defense was that the yertUet was excessive. Judge (^ray,. 11 an opinioii, held that under the testimony the condition was Inesciipablt that the-collision was inevitable ae \S'eber bad not looked, or if ho had', that tho train wan close «nd he a t t o m p t i d to cross ahead o f ' i t . ripa frnit has surprising fat content and calorific or .eriergy-givlnj? value. ICxperlence htui".shown that, when to- flnonija Is prerjent and e. patient be- cotnei) III- despite -all preventive meas- uros. the outlook for the patient's recovery Is distinctly improved If he Is promptly put to bed Bind a doctor Is called. The patients who Insist on figntlng the disease of* usually suffer th(s Most serious conse-quences. '.:. Mental hettUh Is a nmtt*r of belns ."nblc to extract Interest and happiness .from the situation In which one finds oneself. : u _ i _ i ^ . r s^ :.. Too frequent.wetting of the hair.In .'.'Salt water ore-old showers is h a r m f u l , .lending to fallingriinir. Tight hats, V-rrhlch Interfere with circulation, are to be discouraged. Artiflclal coloring w i t h so-called harmless prepnrntions -'Is neither beneficial feo the h a i r nor convincing to the beholfler. Tonics, shampoos,' beautiflers, dandruff cures, ns advertised, Bhoukl not be used without expert advice, . One of the most satisfactory treatments for the kitchen walls ts a - w a s h a b l e ' c l o t h ' w a l l eoveflnf,'. Such cloth is available' In most attractive colors and designs and is, of course, thoroughly sanitary. There is at last a sute .method of dry-clOHnlng nt home! A machine which uses a specially prepared, non- explosive liquid, fens a* clamp top which would insure 'safety even if the liquid were'Inflammable. A h a n d l e t u r n s ' t h e metal, Box-like container, and the motion slushes the clothing .around In the liquid sufficiently to remove soil, Hats may be cleaned hi this container without Injury to their Shape ns well as such heavy things as ' suits. span at prcsont. As u matter of fact, lit; Hiild, tin* fttatutes'require that the!, Holds' Off 11. spun bo puUl for by tolls and but I LOS ANGELKS, Feb. 7.--Cowing 11 $.10.000 has boon Collected in the tliruo j bakery employee .with a revolver, n j VL-iiM stnt-o ll« opejiujg. Tho bridge bandit late laef n i g h t leisurely'loo«l'I ·osl JTOO.Of'O which wae HvMel on a ! the s«fe of*l,li,-0 in aixl $4,1.100 in i · 12 and f«S per cent basin between ) checks arid ther- lied in an a u t o m o b i l e . ! SrneTip and Fayottf counUos and t h e j --__ _ L__ | !!; aro I w l u g rtlvldefl accordingly. flnnifts* i Kverr-lay you will flj.xA homes and F*p Chisslfled Ads. fiotne sitr-s adMrii6«3 io our -read thorn ovar. Godets Feature Latest Pajama Style Note Whether one likes t h e m ' f r i l l y or plain, the ne^v nlghtrobes are varied enough/to please every fype from the wagger young colleglenne to her dlg- nined elder. Lace Is employed In new ways on the lovely gowns and pajamas d though there may be yards of ft, the garment remains beuxitifully shn- , ! of line. The princess silhouette irid : ribbon-belted waistlines, even Rhe anger hemlines and graceful trains of the dress mode, are adopted for night wear. Pajamas wear shmrt litt.U: pepluma and flaring godets.·' chocolate, j f f x ; an«l spreai on a baking sheet and baUe In i moderate oven. When cool cover w th tha Wl- lowing frosting; . Chocolate l-ro»tlna. -- tTak ion-is cupful each of white and one of b sugar, two tablespbonfuls of flour two-third? of a cupful of roilk, cot t and stir until the mixture hairs, i hen add a taWespoonfnl of butter anc cool. Beat until thick and cream. Ac 1- chocolate to uult tbe tnste. Sprea I over the sheet of cookies nnd whs n cool cut into a n y desired shape. Harvard Ueott.-- Mix 01 e-h«lf cupful of sugar with one ti bleBpoonfnl ot corn starch and one jlghth tea- spoonfuf of suit, Add on- -third of n cupful of cider rlnepar a? d one-third cupful of boiling water. Cook until the sance Is clear. Add wo cupfuls of freshly cooked, drained, .1tced beets. Set in a warm place for b .lf an hour. Add two tablespoon-fills of butter. fiad serve. " Oyster Stufflng.--Take wenty oys- tersij drain, rinse and p!«ce ID a square pan with two tablespoon) ols of butter; bring to tbe boiling point, add four eupfuls of bread crun bs, one-half (anlespoonful of fiiilt ant pepper to laate. Add a tabl«spoonfu ! of minced parsley and stuff turkey. Uplmnd Rlc« Unprofitablo The Oeparlment of A g r i c u l t u r e t h a t u p l a n d rife Is not raised cominer- eiiiliy, since \t produces only about h a l f as much per acre B*.does the -lowland or Hood land rice. Families through South C a r o l i n a - ' a n d A l b a n i a sometimes raise e n o u g h . f o r t h e i r ow-ii urtfr. -but II is nof prodtabla for market cultivation. . . . . ·'.;· World's Oldest Library. Diacovertst In Syria What Is supposed to I o the most ancient library In the wf rid, consfst- I u of documents written In the first alphabetic 'sifrns known to snvants, was discovered in Syria -y a French ·archeolog'lcal expedition Blffhteen large and small tablets, et graved with ..letters thot are tiellher' ) terogtyphics nop Assyrian -cuneiform characters, but evidr-ntly parts of thr first alphabet made of 26 and 27 signs, were found by a young Alsatian archeolofflst on the Syrian eoanf of ha Mediterranean, n t n place culled .ins-Sh.iinra, near Intiikleh (Lodlktya) The expe- clltlor; had discovered Hie 'e a neorop- ol!s, the 4,(K^-yiiT-o!d . ruins of n Phoenician pnlnce nhd town, n n d numerous ancient viisef Jars nnd statutes of great archer logical and historical vniue. The ppli Ion was put fonvard by the A en de in I · t h a t ' these nilns reprcjiented trnot's e an Actflim colony that eslfited .on' .th -'.Phoenician coaBt a,000yeai-a before Ihe present era, t*nd wiiose flviUjtullo , w«« of the Mycenlan period, Salon :iu Kelnncli, the famous French historl m, wbo wns preeent when tha repoi :. was pra- Bontea, t h u t lh · (IlKoovery WHH a rn«nt exit a n r d l n a -.v .-one, and IhflC It -.woulrf h« pf .-the' ?i-fintest lifi- porrnnce for Uie study or nn.cfenl. history. · - - . . · . CAPE- TRIMMING OVER, Nepv Yorker Winner Of Gary iliedal Award SPHYHX. FJROCK: PATENT OPERA PUKPS O N R E A R I N G CHILDREK feom CRIB;-TO COLLEGE the KITEHE/S Iff). JS2». W«at»ra N«irpnpei Union.) "8«lf-revore«o», gftir-control. Tbnff» thr e life to uoT«riJK!l p'a.T * sf: Jor Bai-gt In» I if iw, real th^ advorrtie ns coltnttaa FRIDAY, 'FEBRUARY 7, 1930. all A P F«M»d Stores For those thrifty housewives who pride oa their ability to obtain the finest qwaEty of food merchandise at th: most reasonable price. Drop into your neighborhood A P store today, and take advantage of these Worth- While Savings. j for Hel Monte Specials The Del MOB!» line is fmnoaa few its fine quality. Vary yerar menu with wholesome*Del Monte Products. Fruit Salad A carefally »electedcotobination of the finest fruits grown are naed in Del Monte fruit salad. No. I cam 45* P^HF8 » No/2% ; cctM Spinach Fins Bel Monte Spinach--It is the Saeet grown, ready to serve, free from grit, and economical. No. No. Zoom 45' Bartlett Pears retain tfaoir exqtiiaite .flavor, freshness*, and initial goodness through tlic Del Momte method of selecting ami packing, Ttun Skinned, Juicy Tbi« is Nation*! Tea ,Wcek In all A P stores. Choice blenda «ra offered at lower ., '· -prlew. $' · . Nectar Orange Pekoe 30C CJraadmother's 39c Tetley Salada 23c 25c Lipton v* lb f fe « 25c *** 2lc 3 29 C *** Florida Grapeifruit Crisp Celery Hearts CaMornii Iceberg Lettuce med hea * 10 Detroit Efot House Rhubarb Sunnyfield Sugar Cured Sliced Bacon Blue Rose Fancy Rice In * t*t 19° lb 5 Choice, Solid, Ripe Tomatoes Dd Monte No - 2 TM n 14 C Hand Picked, Navy Pea Beans Michigan Cream, Brick or Daisy Cheese MM and smooth i I^.B.C. Specials Nectar Tea Rings " 26c Anorted Snow Peaks * 20c Soft, C«*any Lather In any Kind at Water ,i Camay Soap 3 cake, 23C I One Cake FREE wit every purchaser n/ three cakes Ivory Soap 3 ^ 19c pels Naptha IQaAa 49 C ' Im Our Meat Sirloiti Steak 49 324 North Pittsburg St. Connellsville Your meat problem is solved when you purchase aJl of your meats from this modern, market, for you are assured of the 'finest quality at the moat reasonable of prices. Select your .-needed meat requirements from the 'terns here given. Of Lamb Tender lb Rib Roast of Beef »35 C ' Fresh Ham whole or Half Pork Sausage Braunschwiger lb 35 Till* I'hin of Lot* IK siluiiic in the most b o u n t i f u l s u b u r b a n set'tlon ot the City. A b-wlnalv cur rl ni«Btit«. walk from "Brimstone Corner." C. B. M c C O K M I C K . Box IU, will pivo j o n f n r d i f r I n f o r m a t i o n .

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