The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 4, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1918
Page 8
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA. SATURDAY, MAY 4, 1918. WWS Y NOTES TELL WH ArS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN nt BrMeo Presented . r ._With Clocks by Members ' of Standard Bearers. SOLDIERS FEASTED! Calls Xeetiag Tax to Complete Vlams for V»- SenrJce Flag; ITOMU Pies at Hospital. Special tt_The Courier. Mar 4.--Mis» Jesse ! ·roim and UTS. J. P. .Striekler ware '""'"' ho»te«M» at an informal .party tor the Standard Bearers at the JMhwilat Epicsopal church at the " i» ot'-ltTS. J. P. Strickler. The; jgrMidenf and vice president, both, re- j MM brtdea, were given beautiful raa-' becany library clods. The presidest | .. Benjamin Willard. and before i marriage "was .Miss Grace Lock- j tha,.rica president Is Mrs. Albert' p aad before her marriage was Florence-Herbert Hiaer for Draftee. H. p. Portertield of "West it gave a dinner Wed- ·Ttsrinjc for Herman Porter- toft with the draftees , for XKt-Qwmas. Ky.. Tharsdayj Covers aun.laM.for 18. »"-· .Image JEtaf DedkatloB. i. Oliver Shannon ot Everson called a meeting ot citizens of. for Sunday .afternoon at 2. jjjfelock, at the Tyrone hall to complete * gements for the unfurling of ·'« *errice flag. C. X. Sodal. MI Christian. Endeavor society of United Brethren chnrch gave a ?(oeial OB- Thursday evening; 'There "M a.mmsical program. ; Kn. Bertha Jane MorraT. Mrs. B«rtha Jane Murray", -wife of ;_C, SUrray. aged 41 years, died at H..M«B»orlal hospital. Mount Pleas- IJC ywterday morning. The body taken by. "William Perguson, the rtakcr, to the Murray: home r.t Funeral services will »-h»M _ Monday, morning .at 9.50 '""K* »nd interment wiU follow in StMffeir cemetery. Baviif Hmor TUg. on»T is being raised among the empiored at the Seottdale furnace- ur-a flag to float in honor of tlie Der.ctnt rot»cription to the Lib- · .Loan. The flag was among the 11* «lT«n out in the Plttsbnrg dist asd went to plants employing" ·« tha» 1M people, where each and ipioye had taken out a Ijb- jjty Bead. The furnace employes 174 jflf. and hai m«t the requirement. fl«r i* on exhibition in the win- at the Seottdale Savings Tnist and will be there for a few Both the furnace and the. bank Mt jiutlT proud of this honor. TWttig at Skaron. J. A. Barnhart left yesterday for Sharon to «pend a wrek r^two wtta her daughter, Mrs. Owen MCL40D. fc JTATIO-f AJ, JDEAGUJE. PARAMOUNT THEATRE Program For Next , Wed After reading this program be convinced that, we get the. best, MONDAY AN!) TUESDAY Jlo\v a Nation Threw OH 'Its Chains' is Told in "THE LEGIOJ* OF DEATH*' Metro 7 Acl Special Production De.Luxe Describing Russia's Fight For Freedom and the · Russian Revolution, Starring EDITH STOBKY "The Bernhardt of the Screen" . as Russia's Woman ^"arrior. . Also a Comedy in 2 ^Vcts. r __.._TM-,.,_. _~_ "It's a Blue Bird." Sec MON- · ROB SALISBURY-and RUTH CLIFFORD in the Stirring and Emotional Drama ITHE BED, RED JIEAJMT Adapted .Prom the Famous Novel by Hoaare Williams. Also an L Ko Comedy in 2"Ac!s. .World. Hctures Present Charm- ~ "THE TRAP" You want stories that move fast and logically and carry you along on an enthralling wave of thrilling incidents to a smash- inf big climax. "Well here you are. See this and be satisfied. Also Current Events/ Patie Presents IRENE CASTILE, the Best Dressed Woman in America in the Thrilling . Sensational Photoplay "COXYICT 993" She had-- so she said -- suffered grievously for the" .sins of .others. Now her past · was threatening to engulf her. Should she tell the - man? Wonld you have done so? See this picture and see what you would have done. Also a Good Comedy. SATURDAY " The Peerless Cowboy Star, ROY STEWART, in His Latest Blood and Thunder Picture in the Triangle Drama of the Wild West "FAITH ENDURES' » Also a 'Selected Comedy. fflany School Children are Sickly -Moulds who ViU!ioUiac owr. comfort and the mdfure-of their cnildrcn, should uever be wirh, OBI a box of Mother GniyV SW«JE Powders fo- Ctiililreri, fir nap throughout the sewcm. Tliey Break iip Colds. Relieve Fcverialmess, CoimUni£ non, reethrnff Disorders, Ffcfiilnchoand Stomach IJ?, 1 ^, 1 "^ 0 * 013 by mothers fo c ,30ye«». THESE POWDERS XI^KK PAIL. W Drue Stores, 35C- ^»'(r[cwp(a.,[yBwteW'r. Sample FREE Address, .Mother.GrayCo,, .Ulioy^Y. FOR .HAJLE. x Good cie:m. sharp bu titling s.'ind, also m o u l d i n g s.ind. Bunk First sLroet, W u d t Side.' TH- State CSS. CUAS. H. BALSLI2V. 11 a North First street. West Side, ConnoIIsvUie. I'a. J. N. Trump W TRA^SFES J1OTOU TRUCK Md \VAOONa. M O V I N G A.NI HOISTIKO PARAMOUNT THE AT: --TODAY--" GOLD\VYN PRESENTS MABEL Nf?R.MA.VD. THE SNUOOLY GIRT., IN THE DILAMA OF THRILLS. MYSTKIIY, LAUOHTKH AND LOVE IN "DODGING A MILLION" IN S ACTS. THE ROMANCE OF AN HKIRESS WHO LIVED IN LUXURY ON NOTHING 1'OR OVER A YEAR. ALSO A CHRISTIK COMEDY.. . MONDAY AND TUESDAY HOW A NATION THREW OFF ITS CHAINS IS TOLD IN "THE LEGION OF DEATH" ' METRO 7 ACT SPECIAL PRODUCTION DE LUXE DESCRIBING RUSSIA'S FIGHT FOR FREEDOM AND THE HESSIAN REVOLUTION, STARRING EDITH STOKKY RUSSIA'S FIGHT FOR FRBEDOM AND THE RUSSIAN WOMAN WARRIOR ALSO A COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. Ii! ORPHEUM THEATRE --TO DAT-- WILLIAM S. HAHT IN "BLUE MAKES TUTORS" An jirtcraft Production and a Good Comedy. --MOXDATC-- · SESSUE HAYAKAWA IN THE SECRET GAME" Want Ads--1 Cent a Word. OOOOOSTCOCXKKfOOOCOGOOOOCOOO J. B. KURTZ, ? MOTARY PUBLiC r - AND HEAL EBTATB. f lift, "*: touth Mcadov. Lan f ' SOISSON THEATRE TODAY "The Girl Two Good Screen Comedies Finish up the Entertainment, Besilts. «; Plttsburg 2. ***-York S; Boston 1. |Claetaiu«i.9; Chicago 8. S; Philadelphia £ Chi«c° |t..LMi* Clite. "W. L. Pet. --OS " 1 .929 _ 8 ' 4 .667 _ 8 6 .571 -- S 7 .533 _ 5 6 .455 -- 5 9 .357 ^- 1 10 .286 _ 3 11 .214 : T«iaj Sehednle.- . ieoi« at Kttsburg. ·-·-Cincittnati at Chicago. ·',-- -Philadelphia ax Brooklyn. f - ~ - - · · · "New York at Boston. LEAGUE. I fit YMtcrfej's Kcsell*. I Galcago 19; Detroit 3. f -Ql«V«land 5; St. Louis 4. J Wladel jihii 8: "Washington |-l«»w;Tork-3; Bo»ton-2. f .'£""" " Hg; of tie Clubs. -York- OYES 200 YEARS L. Pet. 4 .750 4 .S52 4 .600 8 " .467 8 .3S5 9 .357. 6 ^33 8 .333 Today's »t r«trtiL · at Si. Lonis. Wa»)iSi,;r;oo at Philadelphia. · ; Boston at "New York. .-3. 4 Soisson Three Days--Beginning Monday Matinee, America's Greatest Musical Comedy Success m than iOC- ysn-ra, Haarlem famous D^'Jo-ial rem*Jy of »» b*en -rocwsnUe-tl na .in in- { ~-r*lt*f fruru MV fi*rr.s of Jiidiiay; diHr disorn^r?. Its very a K e U i that ft maE have unusual merit. | wmre troubled w i t h pa'ns · or - "" w " 1 - f*«i tired in t h e : ftlll»r. h«»l«.ehe. indi^AStioix. losum- lyalnful or too frequent passage of JSV.'irri»«tJMi or stone In the b;add«r. ~ i t - c e r t a i n l y f i n d quick re- Mj:D,VL Barlem Oil i.lx.tAe Good eld remedy ,·»«·* the test for hundreds of in the proper quantity form to tsJce. It Is Im- .from Holland Iftborator- yon .c*» f e t . l t at any drop money promptly refunded - not r«3i«V6 you. But }« sure th« r**"**n* GOT. In k»x*«, Uir*« sites.--Adr; 25 -PEOPLE Real Hawaiian Singers Dancers A Host of Pretty Positively a $1.50 Show for 35, 35 and 5Oc Matinee Daily at 2 P. M. Prices 25 and 35 Cents. Evenings at 7.30 and 9.15. §S Gifts That Add to the Happine Comfort of Any Soldier Boy and --Khaki-covered water-proof Money Belts with three pockets, each. j --Soldiers' and Sailors' Diaries, . ;,:c JinJ 85c eacli, --Khaki-covered Testamccts, tl,"»c i S52JIO ouch. --Unbreakable Trench Mirrors, 3x5 inches, Sl.OO each. --4xG-inch Mirrors in "Watcrproo: CKSCS, S1J0 oncll. --Khaici-covercd "Waterproof K i f s containing ImchRlor buttons,, shoe laces, purse, darning cotton, thread, needles and scissors, .Tflc to 52J?5 ear;li. --.Military Brushes in khaki case, $3.50 set. --Ktniki bound bill folder with memorandum identification card, 50c each. --NVatfirproot Pocket Match Box, r»0c each. --Khaki-bound Photo' Frame, pocket size,- rncli. and --\VaterprooI khaki-colored leather bound Comfort Kits with mirror, purse, butions, safet}' ra^or, shaving brush, shaving stick, lalcum, hat brush tooth brush holder, tooth powder, d r i n k i n g :up, soap box, comb, military brushes, and pocket large enough for lowel and wash cloth.--S8-50 each. --Kbaki-covercd waterproof Comfort Kits, 53.00 tfl $6.00 each. --Khakil-covcrod Hdjuslahlo Comfort Kits 10 he filled,--SJ..V) each. --Khak:-covcred Red Cross Emergency Cases, .-Si tfl $:Wfl each. --Writing Tablets -with khaki-bound cases and Fountain Pras,-- SIM io $i2S each. --Waierprool Tobacco Bass wish Pipes.--at ?LfK) each. --KhaJvi-covereri Lunch Boxrs suitable for mailing.-- 65c to $1^!5 each. SPECIALS! --fi-l inch Mercerized Cotton DatnasK. in five Uoral paLLurns, today's pric c ?1.QO the yard-- spw:ial at 7iic yard. --IS inch CoUon bcmmcd Najikins, flora] and stripe patterns.--sppciai at $1.50 dozen. --22 inch Cotton hemmed Napkins, stripe and floral patterns,--special nt $2-00 dozen. Patriotic Citizens Hvae you a FLAG flying at home, or at your place of business? We havo a large assortment of FLAGS, in all trie desirable sizes, moderately priced. A Flag, 4x7 feet, Pole, Bracket and Halj-nrd for $1.75. Still They Come New Foulard Silks! Plenty of the most desirable colors --black-and-white, white-and-black and blue-and-white. All sorts of patterns, 40 inches wide and moderately priced at-82.50 the yard. Summer Underwear In Popular Qualities and Sizes for Women and Misses --toadies' Union Suits, low necfc, no sleeves, loose and tight knee, shejl finish,--regular sizes 85c, OOc, $1-50, 32.25. Extra sizes $1.00, $1.75 and ?'2.SO. --Closed Union Suits, low neck, no sleeves, bodice top, shell Jjnist, ia repular sizes only at 85c. --Union Suits, closed, low neck, no sleeves, lace knee, in regular sizes only at SSc. --Fine weave Union Suits with band top and shell, in all sizes, at S5c and S1.00. --Pink. Union Suits with hand lop and shell knee, in rrpnlar sizes only at $1.25. --Marvel fit Union Suits, tight knee, in r^trnlar sizes only a t $1.25. --Ladies' lace trimmed pants, open and closed styles, regular sizes 40c. Kxira sizes 50c. --Loose knee pa:Us, shell finish, open, retrui-r sues 7uc; extra sizes S5c. --Hand Crochet Vcsls, in regular sizes only, at $!· --Band top Vests, refrolar sizes 3Sc, 50', fiflc; estra sizes GOc and 75c, --Bodice Vests in regular sizes at 25c- SUc, OOc, 65c; extra sizes at SSc und iiOc. Lovely Cotton Dress Goods for Spring A Wonderful' Assortment Here--Hundreds of Styles--Exceeding Anything We Have Had in Former Seasons. Of Voiles, for instance, we have dozens of shades, yet thiii is only one oE scores of weaves. Large and early purchases have placed us in an enviable position so far as variety, exclusiveness of style, and price advantages are concerned. There are many others besides these:-- . --Silk-anl-Cotton Crepes, seven shades, 65c a yard. --Imported... Woven... Voiles, Sac to $2.50 the yard. --Dress Giuerlmins at 35c to 50c the yard. --Plain Chiffon Voiles ranging in price from 25c to Soe a yard. j --Japanese Crepes, very popular at 29c ynrd. --Printed Voiles, dozens-to choose from at Sac to S1.25 the yard. --Woven Voiles, excellent patterns, JOc to $1.00 yard. A Spring Dress "for the Table Many housewives who insisted upon linen damask now use cotton damasks, both because of the scarcity of linen and because of the fineness of the damasks which are being v.-ovcn on the same Irish looms that formerly wove only linen. Cotton Table Damask ·--Woven Tissues, checks and plaids--at oOc the yard. --Colored Dress Xinens, excellent Quality at OOc a yard--Percales in great variety at 30c the yard. --Mercerized Poplin, at 40c the yard. Mercerise:! (lamuuk, Gu inches wide, T5c a yard; CO inches v.-itie, $J.OO a yard. Satin-finish Dama:;H in three gcod designs, 71 Indies wide, ?1.CO :i yard. L-.nen-Gnish Damask, 70 inches wide, ?1.25, ?1.JO and $1.75 a yard. Heavy satin-finish Damask--half linen ami half colton. 70 inri;es wide, S2.00 a yard. Napkins Mercerized Damask Napkins, from an IS-inch size at $1.50, to a 22-inch size at $3.75 the dozen. '""'f-!i:ien Damask Napkins, 18-inch size at $3.00 the dozen. Towelings--Half Linen Absorbent brown crash weave toweling. IS inches wide, and 23c a yart!. Cream bleach, crash weave toweling; plain white or with red or bluo borders, 17 inches wide at 27c a yard. C'ostly woven toweling: with red border, 16 jnches wide and 30c a yard; a heavier qjiaHt.v with blue bonier, 27c a yard. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend. Indian Creek. j INDIAN CB.EEK, .May 2.--Harry I Miller and Orovcr Bigam are spending | today among Connellsvillc friends. I 5Ir. anil Mrs. Link Davidson arc I calling on Connellsville friends and | shopping today. I The management of the Indian Creek Valley railway are securing Liberty Loan subscriptions from their j employes today. -Misses Nettie Miner and Lydia Eicher are spending today among Connells^ville friends. .Mi3!ard Prinkey from Rogers' Mi]], is a business caller in Connellsville today. Eicnard Murray is transacting business in. Connellsville 'and L'niontovvn. John Johnson from Mill Run, is a business visitor at ConnellsYille. Misses Geneva and Helen Cole left for tieir home in Leisenrinz today ; afior spending a weei; here among friends. Clark S. Miller from Indian Head, is;ac;h)g business in Conneiisvilie. ; W. S. Calhoun from Mill Run, is a i business caller in Connellsville. Ijanrence MUier leaves for training :carop in Kentucky today. God speed i for l^aurence. j Prcd.Hoenshell from ConncllsviUe, i is a business visitor ia our valley to! day. !L

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