The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1938 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1938
Page 7
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TU2SDAY, JANUARY 3 8, 10BS. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLB. PA. PAGE SEVEN., *"· 1 C R I B B A G E DRAWINGS COMPLETED Scottdale Tournament Will Get Under Way Friday Evening. OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST Speclit to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, Jan. 18.--The following names hove been drawn for the cribbagc tournament which will have its first playoff at the borough building on Friday evening at 8 o'clock: Table 1, Edward Murray and William Kock vs. J. C. Fagan and Hobcrt Gllchrist; table 2, J. J. Koch and R. W. Kurd vs. Don Laughrcy and H. L. Becgle; table 3, Jack Shelby and Walter Haines vs. Joseph Shelby and Harry S. Long; table 4, William Simcox and H. R. Aikcn v. Edward Anderson and Frrfnk Rais- hart; table 5, John P Burns and C. M. Kennedy vs. J. C. Kcpner and James Clarkson; table 6, J. Sidney Leonard and H. E. Yoho vs. E. J. Chrjstner and Dick O'Toole; table 7, George Collins and Dr. John F. Taylor vs. C. A. Farmer and John Woinck; table 8, Martin Orish and Ted Farmer vs. Harry Suttle and Walter Colborn; table 9, Frank Parker and David Showman vs. George Detwiler and Donald Trump; table 10, W. L. Whalcy and Waide Weaver vs. Charles Lewis and S. R. Rutherford; table 11, Harry Byers and E. L. Skinner vs. George Weber and Elmer Wise; table 12, John Steel and Walter Ruth vs. James S. Hay and Freeman Whaley; table 13, Thomas H. Rutherford and Earl Sturtz vs. Cecil Loucks and George Miner; table 14, Lester Sparks and Edward Palmer vs. Albert Reynolds and Scward Wyggle; table 15, Roy Baker and S. E. Brown vs. George Rusnock and C. C. Brown; table 16, A. Balgosky and Andy Martin vs. Carl Pritchard, Jr., and P. J. Eckman. Mid-Year Exams. The mid-year examinations nt East Huntingdon Township High School will be held Monday and Tuesday, January 24 and 25. Rotary Club Meets. At the dinner meeting of the Rotary Club at the Presbyterian .Church on Monday evening there was a general discussion of the community with R. W. Hurd, Attorney John G. Gaut, Lester B. Smith, Dr. Frank Pyle, Floyd Rhodes and Frank Brooks taking part. Judge Matthews of Connellsyllle was a .visitor. Gradale Sorority Induction. The formal induction of the Gradale Sorority was held Sunday evening at United Berthren Church. The program opened with an organ prelude by Miss Thelma Snyder, n Scripture reading by Miss Ruby Wissinger and prayer by Rev. M. M. Snyder. The induction service included the beautiful candlelight service with the altar draped in white. Miss Thelma Snyder, president, presided, and the members of the induction team were Mrs. John Zimmerman, Miss Nonda -White, Miss Martha Hodges, Miss Faithe Crowell and Miss Dorothy Cramer. The new members are Grace) Anderson, Mary Jane Kelly, Nclda Darling, Ruby Wissinger, Vera Jean Kcslar and Jullanna King. Special music was furnished by a trio composed of Mary Jane Kelly, Lillian Solomon and Leona Shircy. The newly organized sorority, the Betas, will have its formal induction next Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock In the United Brethren Church and will also be open to the public. There arc 12 members in the new sorority. Students at Farm Show. Edward Sebold, teacher of agriculture in the East Huntingdon Township High School, has taken six students to the farm show in Harrisburg. Three of the boys are members of junior class and three are in the senior class. Miss Kathryn Trickelt domestic science teacher, has taken two girls, Margaret Dczambo and Dorothy Broush to the show at Harrisburg. Throat Raw And Sore? If you have a sore throat duo to cold and want a real relief quickly, don't take chances on old-fashioned gargles or surface remedies. Take Thoxinc, the famous Internal throat medicine that so many families are now using. The very first swallow starts relief, soreness is soothed all the way down, it then acts thru the system; often in a few minutes you can swallow without pain. And for a cough caused by an irritated throat there is nothing better, it usually stops at once. Your doctor will approve the ingredients, all are listed on the carton. Wonderful for children, too. Buy Thoxine. 35c, 60c, $1.00. Union Drug Co., and all other good druggists.--Advertisement. STARVED By STOMACH FAINS Caused by Excess- Acid · Too much atomach acid can eatiftoalotof pain and dutres. Food doun't digoftt properly, pas give* you pain and heart* burn, you fe«| burning a«nta« tiona. bloat and belch continu* ally Youdon'lcataayouchould and of ten los« weight fast. Do not taV« haUwty raeuurca or DAY IN WASHINGTON BY DAVID LAWRENCE Continued from Page Four. the Rubicon. It is a short cctep now to nationalism o£ railroads, bus lines, banks, air limes, auto companies and dealer outlets, and other businesses commerce. Maybe the government ownership advocates arc right, if you believe in socialistic theory or communal enterprises. But some guarantees will have to be discoveied whereby all government-managed businesses will be kept free from the "spoils system," which Mr. Roosevelt himself tolerates, and free from political influence, which is so rampant in Washington nowadays. Also, some way will have to be found to extract higher taxes from an already overburdened public so as to make up for the loss of revenues to the city, state and Federal treasuries when all these private businesses are wiped out and thoir successors become tax-exmpt. , Likewise, the question arises as to how the transition from a democracy to a socialistic state is to be accomplished; how, indeed, to perform such a major operation on the economic body without causing a loss of economic blood in all arteries ot business when a right arm Is amputated in tlie so-called "public interest." Wendell Willkie of the Commonwealth and Southern system sees the handwriting · on the wall and promptly offers to sell his Tennessee Valley facilities. In his holding company, which owns 100 per cent, of oil the common stock of its subsidiaries, is not to be found, he declares. OTJC dollar of socnllcd "write-up," all the operating companies in his system, some of which arc to be damaged by federal competition, have outstanding about $200,000,000 In first mortgage bonds, of which insurance companies, colleges, universities, hospitals, charitable endowments hold $150,000,000. About 80,000 people own the rest. Then there arc in addition some 200,000 individual stockholders owning the preferred stock and bonds of the holding company, with a cash investment amounting to another $200,000,000. The contention is made 'hat the federal government intends to damage only a small chunk of the system, but the principle is such that other properties could soon be undermined. Under the circumstances, investors will want to salvage os mu^h as they can from the wreckage wrought by government competition. This is because the Administration has announced that, having the legal right to lend to cities and states, for any purpose whatsoever, from the sale of eggs to furniture, grants of loans and free subsidies are to be given to cities which have already been promised them. In other words, an unsound practice is confirmed for political reason. The Administra^ tion, moreover, soys it has no money "now" for further projects and s.ays that "at the present time" it will make no further commitments to cities. How can there be any business "confidence" under such indeflmte- ncss? Only the other day, a big utility holding company went through a minute examination by the Securities and Exchange Commission under the present holding company law and was given the right to continue to operate and to issue securities. Its financing plan is not different from that of many holding companies row in existence. Docs the President's statement mean that this holding company, whose structure had the S. E. C.'s approval, should not offer its securities to the public now because all holding companies are soon to be abolished? It is only fair that investors be told in advance what is the nature of any concealed sword of Damocles. For under the New Deal it has been mado unlawful to withhold any material fact from the public when oflferln,; securities for stile. The utility problem, however, i« really secondary now. What is of primary importance today is that all parent corporations which own subsidiaries have new reason to i government action and_that the present business recession may not be ended soon unless capital funds begin to flow into business again so that jobs can be created. The ziz-zag course followed by the present Administration, assembling business leaders in fine spirit one day and knocking out the props under the existing system of Investing funds the next day, is not calculated to reassure a frightened public. Hopeful statements issued in general terms _._ -- -- e r u f f g . r y a r o o u a IIDGA T»b4«U to allay acid »tomaeh d»- treaa Only Jl for a foil we«lc p « convincing treatment onUDGA'Spo«tUve?uarant«*of UNION DRUG COMPANY and all good druc stores A P P L E S Golden Delicious \ Black Twljr (Rlh9''»P Stamen WInesap fU' u -«.v)l' Red Delicious / ROME BEAUTY, 7 Ib. . 25c ORANGES each 1c Juicy Florida TANGERINES each 1c Sweet Juicy Medium Size POTATOES Peck 15c O.S.No.1 2Pecks45c Purple Top Solid TURNIPS 4lbs.15c Hollow Crown PARSNIPS Ib. 5c Crisp Bleached CELERY stalk 5c Well Bleached ESCAROLE 3 l b . 2 5 c QUALITY FRUIT MARKET 137 W. Crawford Ave. Connehlvflle. Penna. Modern Testing Kitchen A glimpse of Mrs. Dorothy Bathgate working in her testing kitchen where all the recipes for The Courier Cooking School, which starts tomorrow morning were prepared. Fifty different dishes will actually be prepared during the three closes. All the recipes will be on the printed programs. by business and labor leaders have been virtually cancelled out by the President's announcement of an intention to bring on a new series of drastic changes in the economic structure. His impromptu comments last Friday present two concrete questions: Is private property in America safe from government competition and confiscation? Can anybody put his savings in any large business today with a feeling that the government itself will not interfere in its management, in its equity ownership, or in its opportunity to tom- pete and live? The most important thing to determine is whether the Administration really knows how serious is the unemployment situation and business demoralization today, or whjthjr it docs not care, how chaotic conditions become because this may mean a natural opportunity to acquire moio power for government. Such suggestions were scoffed at a few woeks ago, but they will be raised anew in view of the President's disclosure of his attitude toward private property, an attitude Involving a course far more revolutionary than his proposals of February, 1937, to Influence Supreme Court decisions by legislation that would add more judges. The big issue for the 1938 congressional elections may have been born last Friday. If the people want state socialism, they at least cught Morgiotti's Chauffeur 'Licking' Stamps After Speeding Brings Arrest HARRISBURG, Jan. 18.--Attorney General Marglottl's chauffeur, William E. Brilhart, arrested in Stcelton for speeding, avoided hearing on the charge by paying the penalties. His driving permit was suspended for 90 days by Governor Eailc. It is definitely known he is "licking" stamps in the Attorney General's office. Mrs, ShonK's Funeral. The funeral service for Mrs. Ella May Shong was held at the home, 122 Snyder street, Saturday afternoon. Rev. C. George Shupe, pastor of Trinity Reformed Church, officiated. Pallbearers were J. Silbaugh, J. Schemer, H. A. Miller, R. Williams, Mr. McManus, and T. Dcneen. Interment was in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in charge of Funeral Director Milton V. Munk. to have the chance to say no themselves at the polls and not have their minds made up for them through an off-hand scries ot comments issued by the Executive at an i.iforma! press conference or acquiesced in by a "rubber stamp" Congress. Reduced Household Expenses By Buying Your Needs at ASCO's Weekly Sales National "Economy and Health" Bean Sale! IVc Arc Cooperating VTMi the Growers of Bonus, In Offering Extra Spcclnl Prices On Those Products. A Welcome Dish After Rich Holiday Foods! Fancy Michigan Soup Beans 3 Ibs. 13c Fancy Marrowfat Beans 2 Ibs. 15c A distinctly different ilnvor, Temptingly Delicious. Fancy California Lima Beans Ib. 9c Try a dish of Baked Limns for the evening meal. Qualify Blue Rose Whole Grain Rice Ib. 5c Milk Farmdaie Brand 4 cans 25c Happy Baker Flour Bag 65c Pillsbury Flour Bag 93c Pure Lard 2 Ibs. 23c Oieo Princess Brand 2 Ibs. 23c Coffee, Wincrest Brand 15c;3 Ibs. 43c Potatoes Large Mealy Pk. 23c Grapefruits 6 for 25c Apples Roman Beauty 5 Ibs. 25c Carrots Bunch 5c Pork Chops Mixed Cuts Ib. 21 c Pork Shoulder Steaks Ifa. 17c Bacon Sugar Cured Ib. 29c Spiced Luncheon Meat Ib. 29c Courier C o o k i n g School Will Open Tomorrow Morning Continued from Pake One. have been doing things in the hardest way and taking many unnecessary steps from force of habit will find her modern cooking methods n revelation. There are many new ideas for the audience this year. By way of novelty part of the programs will be in the form of clever skits. The program for the first class tomorrow morning will called "Family Favorites." The .foods used are all simple, everyday things that can obtained all year round--but they arc prepared in new ways so that they will quickly become prime favorites with the family. In this program there will be an oven meal that features delicious sweet potato puffs that melt in the mouth. Another complete meal-meat, vegetables, and pudding--will be cooked in the roaster. A special feature of the program will be deep fat frying on the electric range. Mrs. Bathgate calls her_ second program "Happy Endings" "and she will talk about desserts. Cakes will come in for special consideration and explicit directions will be given for "air" cakes such ns nngcl food or daffodil cake with the electric mixer. There will also be chocolate cake, clever little cakes for parties and a variety of tarts. There will be one exciting dessert after another so this is sure to be a popular program. The third class H called "Streamline Cookery" and following the implication of the title, the cooking will be new, fast and modern. The features of the day will be two-hour bread and the preparation of baby food--and the piece de resistance will be a planked steak with all the trimmings. Mrs. Bathgate says she hopes all the women of Connellsville can come to cooking school for she is looking forward to meeting old friends and making many new ones. Her cooking school kitchen has been completely redecorated in an attractive new color scheme. It may be in- Movies of Game Between Ramsay/ Schools Shown Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 18,-There was a public showing of sound pictures taken at the Birmingham Ramsay and Mount Pleasant Hornsay football game at Birmingham, Ala., in November, at Ramsay High School auditorium Monday evening. A large crowd attondcd." Auloist Rams Porch.. E. Butler of near Mud School house, who had been detained in the borough lockup since Saturday evening was discharged Monday. Butler, a carpenter who works in Pittsburgh, backed his car In "an alley between the Andrew Thompson and Harriet Johnson homes in Main street when he collided with the Johnson porch, tearing oft part of the steps end the porch railing. Butler, who has a largo family, was allowed to go after arrangements were made to repair the porch. He was held on a drunken driving charge. Entertains Class. Mrs. William Covert of_Centcr avenue was hostess Friday evening to the Philathea Class of the Methodist Episcopal Church at its regular business and social meeting. Temperance Council to Meet. The Youths Temperance Council willimcet at the home of Mrs. V. O. Bamhart in West Main street Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Ramsay Teacher HI. William Coehran agriculture teacher at Ramsay High School, is ill at his home in Main street. He was unable to attend the farm show or have members of his class in attendance. In Frlck Hospital. Mrs. Clarence Hooch of Youngwood has been brought to the Frick Memorial Hospital in Mount Pleasant for treatment. spectcd after class. There will be a question box Into which anyone may place cooking problems for Mrs. Bathgate to answer at the close of the class. Canadian Minister To Become Pastor" At Belle Vernon Rev. Percy Mundy of Alberta, Canada, has notified the congregation of the Bell* Vemon Baptist Chuich that he had accepted their call and would assume tiic pastorate next month. He will succeed Rev. Walter McCulloch who had served nine yeais at the time of his resignation to go to Irwin. Ignore 41-hour Law. MEYERSDALE, Jan. 18.--Meyers- , dale avoided including of the added expense for the 44-hour law _in the 1038 budget. Burgess Joseph F. Reich said that the tax levy would icmain at-15 mills. Windber also ignored the law in drafting its budget. · ' Notary Public Appointed. 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