Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 3, 1975 · Page 60
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 60

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 3, 1975
Page 60
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Page 60 article text (OCR)

4E -- 4ugust 3,1975 * Sunday *? . rtuhrlMVMI V A L U A 8 L F K R O G f R COUPON -- Susie My-650 Sheets Per Roil | Charmin | =Bathroom Tissue= 4-Roll Pack Copytjbt 19J5-Tbe Ureter Co. Items anil Prices t«oH Aug. 3 thtu Aug. 3 ID all West Virginia Krojer Stores enrept in tlie Norttiern Panhandle of West Virginia and McDowell and Mercer Counties. We reserve the right to limit quantities. NONE SOLO TO DEALERS. Kroger's 49 With Coupon Limit 1 With Coupon and $10 or More Purchase Void After Sat., August 9,1975 Subject to Apulicible Stite and Local Tuts iimiimiiiiiiiiiiiimi to Preach Somewhere, Retiring 'Daddy 9 King Says Crispy Kroger Saltines = Continues KROGER TEHDSR.LEAN With Coupon Limit 1 With Coupon and $10 or More Purchase Void After Sat., August 9,1975 Subject to Applicable Statr and Local Taxes Imiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiii || V A L U A B L E K R O G E R COUPON Delicious Valleydale Sliced Bocon 12.01, Pk £ , With Coupon Limit 1 With Coupon and $1u or More Purchase Void After Sat., August 9,1975 Subject to Applicable State and Local Taxes ATLANTA. Ga. AP)-"What am I going to do now? I'm going to preach somewhere." says Dr. Martin Luther King Sr.. patriarch of the civil rights movement and father of the assassinated Nobel Peace Prize winner. The comment from the robust, gray haired 75-year-old minister brought laughter from the 1.200 persons honoring him at a retirement dinner Friday night. King, often called "Daddy" by his friends and family, has retired as pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church where he preached for 44 years and where his famed son served as copastor. The preacher made little comment as he listened through the five hour dinner to the tributes paid his ministry. Sen. Herman Talmadge and Sen. Sam Nunn, both Georgia Democrats, prominent Atlanta businessmen, ministers from throughout the nation, and members of his church's congregation, honored King. President Gerald Ford and Vice President Nelson Rockefeller sent telegrams. "He is a person with a tough mind, a lender heart, the father of a prophet and a giant of a man." said Rep. Andrew Young. D-Ga. "Not even tragedy has changed his love for mankind or caused his faith to waver," Young said. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. the eldest son. was slain by an assassin. His only other son. A.D.. drowned, and his wife. Alberta. 70, was shot to death by a young man who fired from the congrega- tion a year ago as she played the organ in Ebenezer. King's daughter-in-law, Coretta Scott King, said. "When we say you are the daddy of the movement, it is true. Daddy, you are truly a legend in your time." The minister then presented his 11 grandchildren and one great-grandchild to the audience. "Grandaddy. you are the sunshine of our lives," said Bunny King, youngest daughter of King Jr. "If you add all the ages of your grandchildren, it comes to 192 years. Probably to you. that's 192 years of headaches but it is also 192 years of love." She then gave King an album filled with pictures of his grandchildren. King clad in a tuxedo and wearing a white cariuition. opened the book, kissed it and then dabbed at his eyes with a handkerchief. His daughter and sole remaining child. Mrs. Christine Farris. said the greatest tribute she could pay him was that after all he had suffered. "He can still say. 'I don't hate anybody.' " 4 Dead' Leftists Detained, Chile Evidence Indicates Creamy Embassy *£ Salad Dressing 25' OK Label Laundry Fab Detergent Cantaloupes $ Yellow Cling Avondale Peach Halves Kroger White Bread . . . . 20*1.' Loaves Kroger Hi-Nu2% Lowfat Milk Good in Konawha County Only Not Good in Montgomery, Gauley Bridge and Teay's Valley Kroger Stores Now 24 Hours (fawpf AtMond {Wlnelwiter Aw.), G«foway, ««*«, lre«to« {51413r«, Pikeviile, Rainelle, Sommersville and White Sulphur) Plus Top Value Stamps Jones (Continued from Page 2E) the internal affairs of people freely to choose their own socioeconomic and political systems. "It does not contradict the right of oppressed peoples to resort to struggle for their liberation to whatever means they deem necessary. "Nor does it compromise the inalienable right of any peoples to defend themselves by military means against the onslaughts of imperialist aggressors and to receive support from other peoples in this just struggle. The policy of peaceful coexistence signifies neither the maintenance of the prevailing social and political conditions nor a weakening of the ideological struggle." So, we have peaceful coexistence--or "detente" as the French would say. Of course, the Russian commanders weren't worried about the territorial integrity of the Balkan States, nor were Poles, Czechs, Hungarians et al given an opportunity to "freely choose their own socioeconomic and political systems." By Jonathan Kanaeii (C) New York Time* Service BUENOS AIRES-The government-controlled press in Chile is listing more than 100 leftist extremists as having been killed fighting among themselves or against security forces in Argentina. There is substantial evidence, however, that they have been detained in Chile. In recent weeks, the Chilean press has mounted a campaign to impress upon the public its version of the fate of the 119 alleged extremists. Evidence'shows, however, that virtually all were picked up months ago by intelligence forces of the military government in Chile. Onehundred fifteen of them are named in longstanding appeals of habeas corpus lodged in their behalf in Chilean courts. * * * "WE SUSPECT that many of these supposed extremists have in fact been eliminated or have died under torture while under detention in Chile," said a Chilean lawyer who has defended leftist political prisoners in the aftermath of the 1973 military coup that overthrew the Marxist government of the late President Salvador Allende Gossens. "The Chilean intelligence forces have a serious problem justifying the disappearance of people who were detained by them," said the lawyer. "We are now waiting for more lists of alleged pvtre- mists who have died abroad." The Chilean government had previously acknowledged the detention of some of the persons who are now being reported dead abroad. In some cases, relatives of the alleged victims have filed legal statements in which they swore that bodies found in Argentina and officially identified as those of their relatives were in fact the corpses of strangers. The Chilean press and government have repeatedly spoken of a confrontation last month between the Argentine police and Chilean "extremists" that left 59 of the al- leged terrorists dead, wounded or missing. But the Argentine authorities say they have no record of such an engagement and the local press here did not report any. According to Chilean government estimates, more than 42.000 people-one of every 250 Chileans--have been detained at least temporarily for political reasons. Church sources who have concerned themselves with political prisoners believe that the figure is closer to 95.000. or one of every 100 Chileans.. Both the government and its domestic critics appear agreed that there are still about 5.000 people in prison camps for political reasons. * * * MORE THAN 1,000 people have disappeared after detention following the coup, according to the appeals for habeas corpus filed by friends and relatives in Chilean courts. The fate of these people is part of the question of continued violations of human rights charged against Chile--including illegal arrests and repeated cases of torture. Earlier this year, in an unprecedented move. Western European nations that are among Chile's major creditors temporarily declined to consider renegotiating payments on her foreign debt until progress had been achieved in human rights. Last month, the president of Chile, Augusto Pinochet, denied entry to members of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. That action brought a strong rebuke from the United States government. The Chilean government and its supporters have repeatedly asserted that their country's poor image on human rights was a result of a concerted Marxist campaign that has influenced international organixa- tions and the press and broadcasting universities and government circles in Western countries. REVOLUTION is a right, but only Communist revolution. When Budapest and Prague rose against their Red rulers .it was quite justifiable for the hard-pressed local commissars "to receive support from other peoples/' So when the Red tanks crunched in this was according to the book. The ratchet system. Tyranny is normal in human history. Many more of our ancestors lived under despots than lived as free men. We hold freedom by our fingernails. But tyrants of old had no creed but greed. They bickered among themselves and carried the seeds of their own destruction. Here, at last, is a system of tyranny, worldwide, utterly self-justified, vastly appealing to idealistic youth, and organized, once it is in power, to crush any possibility of counteraction. To that end, as Russia feverishly builds the most massive land, sea and air striking power that can be wrung from its economy its emissaries go forth to preach that counterforce among its potential enemies is no longer necessary because of "detente." We have only a short time in which to snap ourselves awake, for once that curtain falls the night will be a long one. A-Bombing (Continued from Page 3E) "I controlled my emotions so nobody knew what I was thinking, often to the chagrin of my parents and people close to me. I schooled myself to take things away from the emotional and into reality," says Tibbets. Both men recalled that their parents were proud after the mission. Only Ferebee's grandmother felt differently. "All she said was I hope the Lord will forgive you," he remembers. Tibbets says most people he meets in business today don't know who he is despite the publicity. He says his name was dredged up during the Eichmann trial in 1961 and some said he should be tried like Eichmann.. Even that didn't bother him. He explained that what Eichmann was doing was an illegal act. What he, Tibbets, did was a legal act of war. He was asked to fly the Nagasaki mission as well, but he told Gen. Curtis LeMay that this wasn't one-man war. that others in the 509th had trained long and hard and should be given a chance. After the second bomb was dropped, Tibbets and Ferebee flew the Enola Gay into Nagasaki. Japan had surrendered .r.d they brought scientists to calculate the bomb's terrible efficiency. Neither man ever has returned to Japan, although Tibbets recently was invited to come on an all-expenses-paid trip to appear on Japanese television and talk about the mission. He turned it down, he says, because of a heavy business schedule. President Truman invited Tibbets to the White House after the successful bc-'bing. Truman had the same old question: Did Tibbets feel any guilt? Tibbets said no. Replied Truman: "You're goddam' right. It's my responsibility. I told you to do it and you did it. And a damn good job of Refugee Exodus Near End FT. CHAFFEE. Ark. (APi - The exodus of Indochinese refugees to the United States that began chaotically last spring is nearly over and "all systems are now calm and orderly." an army spokesman said Saturday. President Ford is scheduled to visit Ft. Chaffee next Sunday, and Rep. John Paul Hammerschmidt. R-Ark.. said the President's visit will be an "opportunity to talk with him about plans toward phasing out the refugee processing center at Ft. Chat- .fee." Arkansas- officials want the camp closed as soon as possible. Ford plans to tour Ft. Chaffee and dedicate a hospital at nearby Fort Smith. Capt. Frank Cannavo. the Ft. Chaffee spokesman, said 105.174 refugees have been released to the four refugee relocation centers in the United States. He said 5.273 refugees remain at Guam. He said most of the reguees still on Guam will be sent to other countries and not the U.S. camps. Cannavo said there are still a few refugees at Hong Kong or Taiwan or other foreign locations, who haven't entered the U.S. refugee program, but still want to. He said 55.757 refugees were at the refugee camps Saturday. Ft. Chaffee had the largest population. 22.435: Camp Pendleton. Calif.. 16.597: Indiantown Gap. Pa.. 13.054 and Elgin Air Force Base. Fla.. 3,171. Cannavo Said. Monongahela Policy Plan Is Available ELKINS -- A plan establishing Monongahela National Forest objectives and policies is now available for public review, fores' . "nerv'sor Ralph Mumme announced Saturday. Mumme said the plan will guide future decisions in providing timber, wildlife, recreation, livestock grazing, minerals management, quality water and other forest uses. It also divides the forest into management units, for which more com- prehtr.rive unit plans will be prepared. Two public meetings will be held by the U. S. Forest Service to answer questions concerning the land use plan. Meetings will be held at the Monongahels supervisor's office on Sycamore Street. Elkins. at 10 a.m. on Saturday. Sept. 6. and at the Cranberry Mountain Visitor Center on. W.Va.. 39 near Hillsboro at 7:30 p.m. on Monday. Sept. 8. Written comments will be accepted at the meetings or not later than Oct. 1. Requests for a copy of the plan or written comments should be directed to: Forest Supervisor. Monongahela National Forest. P. 0. Box 1231. Elkins 2®4i. MAC Meets With Bankers NEW YORK (AP-Representatives of three of the nation's largest banks and the Municipal Assistance Corp. met privately Saturday "constructing a package" of nearly $1 billion to meet the city's cash requirements for August. The problem was cash to make up the package--a difficulty despite the combined resources of the "irst National City. Chase Manhattan and Morgan Guaranty Trust banks, said a spokesman for the assistance corporation, called Big MAC. The city cash flow projections show the city will be able to meet several large obligations coming due, including the redemption of a $741 million short-term notes due Aug. 22. Big MAC was created to meet this problem but the city's delay in taking tough fiscal action and the subsequent cool reception of Big MAC's first $1 billion bond issue raised doubt= "·** it would be able to successfully place a second public offering in time. Sources saiu i-nday that the bankers were considering three possibilities: a straight cash advance, private placement of a loan for the city or a new bond issue, not necessarily one sponsored by Big MAC. Priest Indicted, Fined in Spain MADRID (AP)-The Rev. Manuel Ramos Sanchez, a Roman Catholic priest, was indicted by the National Court of Public Order and fined $5.263 on charges of alleged connection with illegal Spanish political groups, church sources said Saturday. Mr. Ramos Sanchez, an assistant at San Eulogio church in suburban Madrid, was indicted with the authorization of Madrid archbishop Vicente Cardinal Enrique y Tarancon. the sources said. Under the present concordat between the Spanish government and the Vatican, a Catholic priest cannot be indicted or tried without permission of church authorities. The sources also said that this week four other Catholic priests had been detained and put in Madrid's Cai abanchel prison to serve sentences ranging from one to three months after they refused to pay fine? for preaching sermons against Gen. Francisco Franco's regime or taking par) in illegal meetings. 20 Arrested By Egyptians CAIRO (AP)--Twenty persons accused of belonging to the Arab Communist Organization, linked to terrorist activities in Syria and Lebanon, have been arrested by- Egyptian officials, police sources reported Saturday. In Damascus, five members of the group were hanged early Saturday for "terrorist and sabotage acts." The four Palestinians and one Syrian included Ali Ahmed al Ghadban, described as the founder and leader of thl underground grafe.

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