The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 4, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1918
Page 7
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SATUKDAY, MA4P4, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE PA, PAGE SEVEJV The of a Geri^d Deserter Written by a Prussian Who Participated in the irg and Pillaging of Belgium CHAPTER V. Not far from Sornmfcpy the French r*«r jfuorrt stopped 4_"in Four bat tertes of our «rtlU*rv -Atre brought Into position and oa- company, m!on* with machine gum,, vere ordered to protect th« »rtlll«t7 Tbe artillery of- fi«r* did not think tlti=i stifHctent protection because the sliMunos had df*- covered the presence c* strung French cavalry detachments R irt £ oa\nlry at- rnct Trns juajwctea El'-^ccer, a stronger gusrrj could .mr be provided and there was noih'nft tc t b done but take our position wn-.i uw?« th» bast of the sltWilJoo W*. tiug ourselves In j to the right nml left ot the batteries | In a field of small pine trees. The machine jfuos were set up and ^uppltud with ammunition. We uer« then givyt* Instructions as Co "hat to do Ea t 5 " 1 eveut of a cavalry attack. An j I iwjor of Infantry, with white hair, took command (ur n ilt was placed with the Infantry, hut our "brnve" officers dl^nppenred s«(Mt»nlv To them the fief en-e of the fatherland vns the business of · private. Since we had been assigned to assU** infantry, our officers ctnnilerw) themselves super- Bum]* and tooL French leate. ThK state of affair? affects oniy "Vloneer* officer* who. uhea their unit* are attched to infantry or cha*- war tTrclrfoni, *carceiy ever rake pnrt rn a hattle. This w«* the cn*e with our officer* durlnj* mj whole war career Th*»v remained far nwav fn*a tfce iron fire In comfortable *ecnrlTj. ThU I* al=o the ca« \clth maaj La- faoiry captains and alriost all higher olBreri. Majors colomH. etc- nev«r tafce pun in « stcwnilng fltticU 1 wa* Told nnil seieral Umes 1 observed tills myself. Oar lE'Ttroctloiis were a* fottoirs: la the e\«» of a cam!-} oiUclL eTery- thin? mii'Jt be quiet. Tin* gun must b* pointed btn linltkn 7 t « machine |run must not be fired uitil the major In comma ml phei rhe order Then there ujusi h« a UveU, q u i c k fire. Our hotlerjf* fired vloli-nth ut u biplane fixing hub oxer them w h i c h ga\t? s'j nnl* wtih "snr shell's wb th were read onlx hv the ohsener Hut rhe expectei* at ack did not fume, tht' enemy's infantry n a ool to tH» st( u \\ e [ueparetl ty rename our (tiprih tnd «i*re a l E renlv to mo.e u itf n th*- onit'r r*n«e to tihoune The 5jmr where vre vcre to -CM \\«« as K * J H ! f i n d hj the -. cff so ilut they btiew ttlure to find us at n n v tlm*. H n r d h h ir) u e reat I ( d t'to p' ice when our fitld Kitrlien «Iiich w e supposed h i d hpen lo-n, nppr.inrt n^ if it had tnnie out erf the gioun I Tl tw tn ct i-£e of tie fie U kit hen find re- chived no krowlpdjje of oar losses o* ihe M«i fcv. fti\* nnd hod cooked for the old number They were ffrmtli «u-pri-od on seeing m^tc-id of a br-ue 11 tijnriT of «t~on^ ' pfonter^ ** n lot of rii^cil, p^tnn^'pd rnnhcd h im.m »hi (Vi*" 1 ^ We were given soup bread. rwu, apple* and every one received fl i-ipiretti 1 v h i t l i wn« rnort* \vekfiine to n o«! o/ u« thun food and rjrlnh Jl e nott morning «e s ept rntil six o'clock and eron though w e tver» Inns on the hare ground It w:n re-3 hard t« wake u*. Hrcakrc^t wa\cX(c!!eat. It cc"5i-tpd of mutton irbkh lifld been requisitioned. \ci,erth!c, bread cofTee. « go tict d* irlnc, rnt 1 hin OUT cap- t n l n m'd u to ent nil nre con'd ns we IIK] n hnnl diy's march hefo-e us. Vt'o rcsa*ncd CTIT march at aeree o'clock E ^ o n h o d v ivns in high spirftJ and In t h p con^e of our conversitiocs It nec^Tie ippnrcnt thit -re hod lost track of rhe time cntlrelr Notwdr kn*^r ir!iethc»r It wn«( ITondoT of Werlnc«!rts\ or whether It was t^e fifth or tenth uf the month. h^trTne rrn*-e and more general dlPT* nprer ^mr the dir of the onp ]·: It-si lite ni other Sundaj nr Thursdn-v We "itop^E-d TO res* ot norm on a ffirce fnrm btiT ircre ohJT^ed fr wait In the rain fnr the field kirc^cn^ Mcao- whitc.tre helpcrt oiirselTC'i We «hot one of the COST'S ^rnzinj in t'le n«*aijow cm ope« th* Wde withont btrthcrlir^ to drain the Wood from the carcn'w. Then eve"Tlod^ c u t off a ptote of meat. «tlll unrrn, uhlch wa^ frlc*l in n pot ror-tr or «t?n nw irlth n little ^H by a -nit trnmi of rhe soldiers. This killing of cattle vrp* repeated nlmo«t dally hy the sok\ier* nrtm^ with out order* frorn rhclr uppri r r 1 ' A** n r»mseinen''e thnj 1 all j;ot i-romnch troulilt from eat tag- meat which waa too trwb without hrend or vpgctabtea. In spite of this tbe prm tfce wns continued. If a toi- dier became huogrj during a pnuae ID the marching and founO c pig, cow or Icmh, he shot It cot out a piece for bis o*n use. and let the ret spoil. Under a barnlng taldday son we imin-het] on amid clonda of dust, along a road used by munitions columns and other unttt, which ne\er gave the dust ·n opportunity to settle. In all the fields which we pnsaed, fugltires hnd set op their camps fthere they lived like poor homeless gypsies, Mnay canoo up to us and begged for scraps of bread. We marched without resting UJI late In the evening and at nbout nine o'clock we approaclied the city holl of Sommepy. lo and around Soiu* mepy a battle bad started. We were ordered to take a part o the northwest bectfou of the city It was already dark and once more we halted. The fields ail aronod us were covered M fth dead. In the middle of the streets were Kreiicn batteries and munition column*, tlorses and drivers had been killed, [ After a terminate rest w« started | again and ID double-quick step ap- proucbed a little forest. In which dfa- mounted cavalry and Infrmtry were engaged with the enemy la A desperate band-to-hflnd QgJbt As a sobterfnge we tbrew ourselves Into the place with blood-cordllng yells. We succeeded in the darkness in reaching the enemies' rear. The surprise attack WBS a roccess aod the Freadi, startled by our yell* and by the attack, threw up their hands and surrendered. Mercy was not shown them by the Infuriated cavalrymen, Whenever there appeared to be any temp of tbe slntigbter of the disarmed sol'liers by our men new horrors were enacted uruler the commands of the officers, who kept shoutinp. "No quarter, slaughter everybody." Such were the orders of our distinguished officers. We pioneers also had to tate purt In this coW-blooded murder^f unit rovd men who had ihrown"~down thrlr flrms when they realized the fB- tlHU of further resistance. Our offt- cer* tnok care this Urne, as In maoy earlier and later ID stances, that there ^luiuld not ho many prisoners tabeo. The pioneer bns a sidenrm which. nutirdlnj, to the Inw of nitlons, must not he q«!eti ncrouse the bncfc of this ;ldpnrm consists of a three-millimeter shnrp stbel saiv In pence times the pioneer^ are not drilled -with the bayonet heciuse thl* sldearm should be used onlv for the special duties tfhfch the pioneers perform--bnt the law ot mrifn« !;. pot lie law of Prussian militarism. Wp wpre obliged to ose the snw from the b^clnnlnTM of the war. It was in opposirlon to ttll tbe lairs of humanity TVhen an enemy hnd thi 1 ? snw In his hren=t onrl the victim bad long stnco ^topped every effo-t of resistance and en effort wes mnde to try and remove the dcndJv rteel from rhe wound an Instant and horrible death resulted. Of*pnt!mes this horrible weapon became embedded In Uic breast of a victim «o finnly that the attacker, who toad to have back bis sldeann again would be obliged to piece hU foot upon the breast of hit victim and use all Wa force to recover the murderooa lustra- ment The dead and nonnded ta horrible comlifion Inv all around us. The manj of the wounded men Troold bare soft- 1 ened a stone but not tha heart of a Pi-uKlaa soldier Kot a)} the soldiers Approved this senscJcss, wtiotoc murder Some of those officers wbo had ordered ns to kill the French were themselves Wiled by miTtate m the darScness of the nigfec by their oaro men. S»*c* mfstnke* arr still Doing repented almost dally and I could dte many name* ami place* to benr out this testJniony. On this particular alght a captain end Q first lieutenant met their fate. A second yenr Infantryman stabbed the cnptnln In the abdomen and iJie first lieutenant recmed a stab in the b^ck. Both died In n few mlnctes Neither of their slayers felt any remorse and none of as felt Inclined to reproach tiem We all knew that two murderer* hnd received their Jot deserts. Another Instance requires me to run Komenhdt Abend of the sequence of events As I talked to it comrade ft? mjr company the next day I a»ked him for a poehetUnlfe and Is reaching into hid pockrt he pulled out three cartridges. I was surprised thnt be should cnrry cartrldsres In his trousef'fl pocket and asked him it he Ud no room In bis '7 have," he said, "but these three hnve a special miwlon There are names of the Intended victims oa these bullets." Some tlnie letcr ofter we had be come good Mentis I asked Mm npeln about the three cnrtrftlfjen Be bad only one left 1 thought nbout H a grent deal and In my mind went over the noncommissioned Officers, who, before wnr \vns declared hnd treated us like animals nnd wbo'u we bnd hated as only huronn fiends can be bated TT%O of tr-«se had found tuolr grnva In France The murder of Frenchmen who had surrtadcrcd continued as long as an enemy was alive Then we received orders to determine If tho enemies lylnjr on the ground ncre all dend and unable to fight. It anyone was found simulating denth It was ordered thnt he be killed But the soldiers hftd lost some of the fever which hud seized them during the battle and refused to oney th's order. How they felt about It was Illustrated by the remark of a member of my company: "AVe hoc] better look once more and see If the two officers ans reully dead and If not they ought to be killed without mercy for a command la a command " We now advanced quickly but our , pnrt In tne battle was over as the entire French line hrtd retired to umkc a fresh stand two kilometers west of Sommepy The city wad mostly In flames. The enemy artillery bombarded the town without inteimlsbfon and shells burst nil around Se\eral hundred prisoners were corralled In the market place Several French shells struck the prisoners but they were obliged to r^mnln where they were. An officer of my company, Lieut. A R Neesen, remarked that DO bnrm ^as done as the prisoners knew at least bow their own ammunition tasted. Toward one o'clock the battle south of Sommepy reached Its climax When tbe Germans advanced to make storming attacks on all points the French gave up their positions and retired In tbe direction of Snipper Whether our company was no longer considered fit to fight or whether we»were not needed any longer I do not know We received orders to go Into quarters. But neither a barn nor a stable could be found so that nothing remained but to camp In the open The houses were all Qlled with Bounded Citizens of the town, nho hnd not fled were all gathered In a large barn. Tneir houses were mostly destroyed so that they had to make use of what shelter wafi offered them. There was one exception to this ar- nngcment and tbnt was a very old little motberl womnn sitting, bitterly crying, by the debris of her late home nnd nobody could induce her to leave. In the born, which served as a sbel yr to the civilians were thrown together men aad women, youiUs cnii dren and old rne0 Many were wound ed by shell splinters nnd cartridge" and others hail suffered bums. Everj where was tbe most terrible misery, sick mothers and hnif-sturved infants for whom there was no raillt were nblfged to perish here; old people died from the excitement nnd fright of the previous few days and last of aU men nnd women In the prime of life slowly died from wnnnda because there nas nobody to care for them. A company of Hessian reserves every oce a veteran, pessed with bowed heads and tired feet. They moat !inv« had t very long march. Their of- flcrrs tried to mafte them move more lively Tney ordered thnt a son* he snnff but the Hessians were not In the mood TO BE CONTINUED "TiZ" FOR TIRED PUFFED-UP FEET Instant Kelief [ot Siru, Aching 'lender, CallDuied i'tft and Coma. "iou're fooUick l o u r Eeet feel tirad pufted-up, chafed achiEg sweaty and thev need Tdz " . 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GRANT MY Ens, Are You Acquainted With This Fellow? i Have you, gentle housewife, encountered the outstretching grasping, home wrecking octopus that is stretching out his- arms to wreck the business interests of the eomnnin- itj in which you live' Aie you one of its victims upon which this monster pirate of American commerce finds prey 7 Have \ou been sending out from the community in which you eke out your existence the money that rightfully belongs there, just for the support of this scavenger of world of business' Let's hope' that you are not a victim of this monster and that you will take waraing that his long, grasping arms w i l l never succeed in reaching ou through his misrepresentations MORAL.--The person who feeds the octopus mail order house is the mam morsel of his diet A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. ZHt3fEKittA?f.WLLT) COMPANY Furniture, UUKS, Stores 164-15!i W. Cnnriord ATB. IV. X. 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HE'S MO'BOOV CAVJ a HIS

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