The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1930 · Page 18
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 18
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PAGE THE DAILT COURIER, OONNEI LSVTLLE/PA. PBTDAY, FBBB17A-RY 7, 1930, / People Who Leatyi By Experience Rely On The Quick Results Brought By These Ads CI*ASSrFfBD ADVERTISING INFORMATION AJ1 ada."aro restricted to tlielr olttsslllpsUlon and to the v insular style of typo Tbo publishers reserve the rlsrht to edit or reject any claaalflud advertising ct jy. Urrors In ivdvortlsomentn should bo reported immediately. The Courier u l U not bo. responsible lor moro than ons Incorrect insertion. Charged ads tor responsible partita -will be rrool /od by telephone, and, if paid within six clays, cash rates will tie allowed. AclVertlolns ordered tor irregular Jn- NortlpnB taUo3 the one time rate. No ad. la taken for loss than a basis or three lines. Count the average words to the llns. ^n average word contains alx lottots. Ada ordorodi for throe or six timea and atoppod before expiration, will be charged far om!y the ntimbor ot times Iho ttd. aptot»red, and adjustmont made at Iho rate oarnwd. Hpctal rat 03 for yearly advertising upon request CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ·RAT1CB. Daiiy rate per Una for consecutive Insertions. Chftrgo Caah Ono Tlrno ............... 10 'S? Thrqo Times ... ..... .. -OS ·« blx Times ....... . ...... OT 00 WUKN AND -WHI5RE TO PIACP YOOH ADS. Tho Clas.-lflea Ailveitlblns Depart- merit Is situated nt Courier Plaoo Tills oflU-e Is opuii to receive advertisements trom .30 A. M. to 5.00 P, M, dally. AU ii«3 rouoived up u n t i l 11,00 A.. M. will appear la editions tlio tUyv I'liom Your Cln«»lfied Ao. ' H«. 12, 1U or 4UO. The Ad T iker will gladly assist you, 1C desired, so that the copy tot o u r ad. is prepared in such a manner as to bring tho {^cutest jo-suits for you. Classification Index The Indlildual advertisements u n d e r Uio fallowing classification tvrs ar- ,-ansrod In AL.PHiUil3TlCAi. order for quick roterjuco. A-NNOtlJNC) JMJfclATS -1 -- Deatiis it-- -Card*, of Thanhs ' ! -- in Jidanioriam 4 _ Flovvaro and ilournlnB Gooda 6 -- funeral Uirectoia U -- Monuments and Cemetery -- _ Kelu.ioua and Social Jflveats y -- i$ocU ijea ftiid t-adges 10 -- btrayed, Liost, i v ouua AUTOMO'iHVE -A -- Automobile AJjenciea , I -- Automobiles I0r Bale U -- Auto Trutkif, aractora, Trailers lit -- Auto AccoitoCn i ?s, Tiros, Parta 1 1 -- tjurjjjes-- rAutoa £or lUro, Taxi li, -- .Motorcycles And Bicyclea iU -- KeiM.srinB -- barvlce blutlooa 17 -- W*iaed -- Automotive ·Hi S LMiibS SKU * tClfl--- la -- Uusmesu iaoivico Offered ia-a -- \viiero to iHno l»-b -- XUrDerliiB, Beauty i'arlora , lS--- -Miscellaneous iy -- ilulldlutJ und Contracting: JO-- CloanliiB. iy6Juif, Uunovalins _1 -- Uloianiakias' and MDllnury _J -- JltutinS, I'll inblfig, K _a -- Insurance anil bui uty ^1 -- Laundering j j -- iXo\iua, Truckiim. btotago ^0 -- 1'a.iullns, i'a ^8 -- J' _'i) -- JLtoi JiirinB a i d ^y-d. -- A w u i i i B s and Upliolstcry oU -- UaUorlns: and S.'rt.aaiRs O l -- Wanted-- iiUBinusb beivioo -ii3 'VVciiiled -- Fl-Hialo \Vajilod -- MU.IO i^e p -- lrf,to and 1* i»inile bolic-ltars. Canvas »era. «\geiit» b U j n t i u u a SVanieU -- iouiilo a i t u a t l o u a Wauttci -- ilala u u -- !«' t-ituitiiits, aiocks. Uonda jo -- ilou«y to lo-u -- J amll I-.o it-- .Wnin-d -- 'to hioi ttjuK«.a Couisca jj -- In uructioii Classes il -- Aliibicul, Uunciiib', »iamatio '15^ -- i'livate J i i B t r u m l o n lj-ii-- b'rivate litniruccion -- Music 10 -- VV .tated I n a U U L t i u u 47 -- u»«», Cuts, Other I'Qts jib -- iluraos, Cuttle, Utliui clock 40 -- I'uultiy, titsa aad buypllea GO -- \V anted -- Livestock, J^KKa MBHU11A.NU1SK -- . jil -- A ticits lur Hale ji-a -- Uaitor aud J-Jxclmnge ^J-- Bijtits anti Acc»aaoilsjs ;,,; -- u i i l U i n b u , BiiUUintj Altttorla.1. 51 -- .U iMui,aa and Ultitu i5 -- 1- ijwi aud iJairy oi-a-- i' idijuii^nient 5(, -- .Fuel, Iftiuit, imrlilUoi 67 -- (Jjod Things lo i/8 -- HoiJUima,au il) -- iJouaeholil Ciuoda OU -- J v . e l i ) , Watches, UltuaunOTA Ol -- A*a.Chiaoiy and Toula U-- -- MusicuJ .\IuK-iiaitclliiO t»J -- tioeds, Planw, 0-1 -- bpoeJals at t h o oCi -- ^VoaIIllg Apparel OU -- Watilod -- To Buy UOOMb AAJJ ItOAHU -07 -- Looms With Hoard as-- JUooma, W i t h o u t (jy -- i,oams,, tor 70 -- \ u cut ion Flaces 71 -- Wheie to Jj,at 7a -- Whore to Stop In Town 7J -- Wanted -- ftoorus or Board HE.A1 liSTATK FOK UiSNT -74 -- Apartments and FJa;,s tfi-- iiublnesa Places lor J'ient., 7G -- 1 aims and -UiuUs lur Kent 77 -- Jiouses £or Kent 78 -- Gfllce and Uoak Boom 7t) -- thoro, Mountain, JLake for Rent SU -- t u u u r b a n , Country fur Kent 81 -- Wanted -- To Kent IIKA1. IflSTA'i'K FOll SAJLE-- K -- l i o k c i i s lu liuul KstatB 8- -- IHiainosa i'rupmty for Sale -,. -- j .lima and I^'ind for Sale 81 -- Houses f u r Sale 85 -- J..JU for Sale bU -- iihojo. M o u n t a i n , Lake ior Salo 87 -- i i u b u r L a n for bale jj«j-_'l'ij fc;ifohang:t -- lieal Batata jjl) -- VVantsd- -fleul Uatato 00 -- Vuctloneer*, Auction Salea Ul -- l.«gnl Notices AIU YOU OM3 of the satisfied money \\lu vt-io t h u classllicd tririf! T l l C U I V S \Tlhi'AOTION for both u r t v e i l H c r and r e a d e r In every classl- Q»d ail. Annouii cements Deaths -MnSr BLANCHE Mrf /fjlanohe Ve Itlicr, 48 "i'ears olO, filed TIiu»-hday at t i e (jounty liospltal at Mo i pun town, W ' V a . ' The itody will be proufrhtito the homo of a sJBter, Mis. li^ra Beale, of'Smith- field, Funeral sei vice will be held Hutiday afternooh i t S 30 o'clock iu/th^ Jletliodiat ^'rotes.otit Churclx of Falr- chanco. , I * and IilournJng Goods 4 WBtCDlNG BOUQT BT3 -- And funeral clesigrns at reasonable prices. Alpha moral Company Plofl-sti, 105 West Crawford aveuut. Phone 1155. Strayed| Uost, !0 POTJNI5--Key ring on -BYJaay, 81st, on Cottage .tvenuo, nsaj: hospital. Owner may hav · same by calling at Courier! Gfllce ind Identifying Icey ling and paying for ad X.OST--Pair glass s In case between Orchard Allej and West Penn Terminal, on Saturday, .Reward If returned to CourU r Office. LOHT--ttolary In -ase, Monday Initials M M Si Ran ird 1£ returitfrd to ,Courier. | NOTICE--The paity who toolc the sled J'rom the pre-mj os ol 122 N"fi"rth First utroct, We-st Slc'a, la kr^Owon, and If 11 ii not returned at oncoj. trouble -will follow. Automotive Automobiles For Sale 11 IT k ,WJC£i PAY--1 ou to BW us first before buying Used Car. Bv«n* MoUr Sivlco, West Crawford Ave, Phone 1834, , YOUR PJJBA3E! qtUAKANTLBI HSBD CARS. THESE CAfiS--/ro «72 in A-Kfo. 1 con- dltl(!i, and luivo n;iaiy thotiaaBd mljes Of .in-wsod ti aiispjrtatiou left tor you Other Good B u y j Not Listed 1 . CABS lt2ft li'ord, Mo.lel "A" Tudor ?»dan. 19at( -l?otl, Mo el "A." Fordor Setian. IM^i* Ford, Mode! ".4" Standard Coupe 10i!i Kaaex Co ich. 1SV215 Chovrolm Coarh. l 1020 Ford, "Mo lei "T" Sport Roadfcter. 1Q27 Essex Ci icli. r RUCKS 1023 Chovroloi Truck--Scrcea SSldes. 1925 Ford, Midol "r" 1-lon Truck. Easy Paymc ita--Trades--Terms, Open J3verings and fciunda; rf. WI;ST SIDE suyroR COMPANY" 401 W. Crawfor 1 Avo. Pliono 107 408 AUTHORIZ1. FOltD AOBNOY. GET ACjUAINTKiD With Th City's Best Iitia In Vtc 'lain Vautl CUTS Automotive Aatomobllas For Sale 11 BIND FAVORITE CAR Come In ^ See The OHH.VSUSR, gKDAK--Condition and ap- pears,nce ot-this car le like new ~" , - . been used vgry little ........... $376 BUDOON COACH, 1B26 -- Fastest H'ud- *aon in this section -- N«w Duoo paint, tires, new neat covers ..... $250 )T ., ROAJOSTBR-- Just reflnlshed la a beautiful gray, ilxjta of extra equipment ........ ............... $ t BSSIiX "6" COACH, 1828 -- Be«t buy In Conn-eflsvillo n.t our low pr-lce ... $350 TRUCK -- Pan«l body, 3 for uso of bakor, butch«r t of tanor 1 . 1928 model ,.. ?S76 Btncrrc PHAETON -- Mr/ op«n Buyer! Heres th6 smartest looking Bulok In town. New tan duco paint, trunk, lots of extras . . ---- ..... J225 PONTIAC CABRIOIJBT-- A amooth running' llttlo car -- ^Not a seiuaak or i , rattle. New paint, good tiros .. $326 MAXSVEU1. COtTPE -- ^Wel) taken caia at N«at appearance. Priced 4,t. ,?160 MEANS USFSD CAR MARKET t Trade?' Open Evenings' Terroel 151 SOUTH JBW3-KTH ST. PHONE TIIIS IS A REJAXa BUY BRAND NJEIW NKVER BEEN A SAVTNGS OF -- 5190.00. ON THIS -- Essex Town Sedan. p;lc of $065.00, haa ocon cut to JVOii. ·Oh! Boy! "VV^at a bdrtraln. Can bo 70'J8-bt tbroup:h our l,any Payment PUn WIJST MOTOR CO AVJC proNis ifte, Anto Aci-esBorfes, '£ixvs, Farta 13 The O f « s i K listed U'era And ,sav i Vonrpolf lJna 192f (Two i C'iu-yrolef Cn*Or«jf. 19JW Chen list OODIX* li*2U ChiJvi let (Jabfitjlet. lO^n OlKiv okr. Coach. 102S Chov olot t ' / 4 - l o n Trm k 1027 Ford Tutiiir Sedan l'»US (J)iPv olet Cabrlojut lSi^ - , Oitk] nd (.'dupe 1 THUCKH ONK TDK XT UCK-- Chevrolet, !n of cori'lltlot IltiH f o u r -- tvt- ·svaitt transr tlsolon * OXK AND O^ E-ft.\LK TdK TJR.TJGK-- C h t i \ r o l f l , v 1th l ^ u . U ^ i p i r Wlie ste, MABOK MOTOH COAIl'AW* Tfitclos-i-t pen Suriflayii -- -Teriiii? WEST A P P L i l STJlRiri'. 1'IICiKK IPS USI5D AUO'OM'OBTt.B AC- CB8SORIHJS--Wo have most onytaine 2 ou may w a n t iqv your car or truck, HattcriuB, tires, ilka n o w ; w i n d - jivleWs; springs otx Vou can't Bret lower priced, so don't "Iry. We pay .ash for yoar old worn out car. Kayettc. A u t a WVecktnjr Co, McCor- mlck avenue. Plsono 88, RcpiUring~,Swviw Stations 1(5 A R E YOUR TIRES WO»N OUT7 IK SO Vmf NOT O65T TttKSMt RK-CAPPI^J IU5KB! WH Gl/ARANTKK YOC AT ^ COST In Tires, Ttibes And Riro» WK SAVK tOU AND JBKVB SOU HMKVIOW jrroRi«., INC. , AI'PLiK pT . COR 1KA1XW 1'UONK "2V C, ALT.ET tUCO AWD DOPY SHOP-- "We »r« fully »iulii*»d to com- your car, imil«|r on* i With only one pront. 1'hone 1'DBI C A R T US! D C lit PRICES CU'J TO 1 f{J3 CO UK 1 R- J-AI-S-M-U-K-K M my Ot tcr V a l u e s Not 1DJ9 Toclrt ' i." Ford RtKUi'lard foupv -- 5aur 1029 Modol " \" Ford Sport Coupe -- $380 10-0 Model V I' ord Spurt Rotidatoi -- know them tr«m ' A to Z." tlun Foa CmY Afford It can't a fford i^iot to spend money f on somffof the articles ^,nd services listed in this catalogue of opjfbrtunity. Spending at tho right time and in the right pld.ce is really sandng. Thes ads show you the -way. I Always Different--In Opportunity The A-B-C- Classified Ads Always tke Same--In Service Business Service Xailoring aud rsows ng RICHitAN CLOTHJK1--AU » 2.50, Sold only by Simons Csurti t nd Carry, Phone 1908, t Help Wanted--Ma o WANTIKD--TMvo man over 5 who are dlsbu-tlfruod TVltlt prscai' eurninsa and oppartaaiiy. Old established concern, Parnjanant · orlt wlUi future ti men who qnsU fy. 'W»rltc n. E. SmiLli, Wlo 1'eoplftB Uuilc Elds, Slfcoatlo »s Wantocl--i at; bo*u skeepor tor widower or couple. Axitlr ss Box 309, Situations Male 37 ,ioli by jioVUlo white man. v, tth family. CJood mechanic, and can 1 most ^ny kind of work., Wr te Bos- 25, oar i Courier. Financial Famllj Loans JMOKiiY QOK 24 Hour OaorUw»« f ftrvlc« C'm CASif WUNJ. Up ' » *SOO, SS1AX*L. WQNITJU/r PA.YJM 1NTS -- Coro« In tor fall lutcm-natlon- Juat Phono, "Si" or CJOWS-AKT A\ Ea«os, cnrsr PBIISOWAX. Jjaistructio Inatiuctlciii- ittusl* tfi-A QUiKON SiOUOOl--Of ualc. new dome, bav Kiiru fefors rhuiia 1)3 ". instructor* In Piano, Ji».n3i, MAIW slUi, UUltar, i/t and Trurap-tsA. ."Live Stock , IgS?!* be iplies* Merchandise Fuel, Voed, COAi,--Buy "Washington Kun coal at cash prices by truck load delivered. Screened ooaJ loo tu, Run at Mine 3L3 bu. Slack coal 11« bu. I'hone OONNEULSVTli.:B COIOLNG deUvercd, Oc a,l tho mine. West Side Coal Company, Ninth, atreot, comer Lciaonring avenue. Phone J.075. Real Estate For Sale Wanted--Keal J'.state 3D--To hear front own«r who has} 6 to 125 acre farm *lth buildings, for sale. Write John Lyim, 0nlon~ towi 3?a., care Box 15 J3, UcuaeJtold »--.» SAJ-JS--JTloor show case; _ mach.lni; Bate; roll top deal*; at top desk; and one high top a».lc; three wall aajioa aad one ba^Jc wall ca-no suitable for barber Shop or confectionery store. Bull's Btora^-» i'-'» Bast Pooch street Bhona 60, C2A BO43CH RADIO -- Soreon-Oril. damiwatra.tlon. Radio Service Co., 135 South f Ittaburg street. Puaae 17J5. KDISON AND PJEill^CO--Kadlos. Free domonstrailons Tnoinaa J. J.djb, ll'J West Applo stte«t. Plxone 1802. riAlIO SAi-BS AKD 1525. TUJS MOST AlODEttN SOl-tBBN JiAJilO--^Stewart-Warner. 0o*3 your radio ffivo you any trouble; If »o, phone "JIM." Wo ropoir all makes of radloa. A, A. Ctiwfce Dru« Store, J J Ut«*urif jsttnout. TliS NBW MAJlfiBTlO JtAJDK) -- Coroe In and beai it. Gol4ti Tire und Kadio Co., ISaat Crawford avenue. Phone 10. at Uze jrJUBBKK tUVJEtDWAKE COMPANTT-- "liverythlD^ In Judwaro." Wo ttav« you U«il l«.rn. Sbo u» lirat, ISi W«at Crawford avenue. Ptione MM. Wanted--So Bay fig W1UTB RAOS -- W«otxL, a per pound. Courlujr Will \VA34Ti3JO TO BUf--Flat Lop typo- writer Je«k witii lypowritcr cm- tJArtmunl at »IUe. CiU UttVcs, CourS«r, Rooms and Board 49 CIUCKtj -- 1 lsu*« yo r ordei'n now I for b p - l o ^ J/eU-xjrVj lit ^oueXo lto.rd~ w».r« i^f jfp W* VA ist Kooras Witboat Uoao-d . tti«,n for you at s; viry rate, U/tr( KeAular r!ar* iUiodi^a Molt)) 1 C'». Service Service t)fffir«»I romi UBATING MAY WOT BK -- Olvlng you at thin MJT« of thd year. II BO, lot irio psy you a vlaiu .Ms advice coata you 1027 aiodol f" Ford Coupe -- $100. 1020 Model "T" Ford Koudaleta, CJ), each -- f'tO. l»i!S Uudiion Coatii -- "ffiSo 1028 Chi y sit i Sedan-- ?SI3 ^ STATB YOI R OWN TERMS-- YOU can purchBfaB uiy ot the u-bove cam at your own tcrma Stop in today and let us shi \v you our Hasy Payment Plan A. It. ' WARM AIR HKATiNO « PHONE 3M2. MOTOR CO.' A u t h nl f i l l Ford Agency SCOTTJPAW J, PA PHONE CATT GO WKONO -'VH'B'Nr TOO BUY ONE nff THE FOLLOWINO USED CAIJS » Many Other Values Not Uated, 129 Oldamobile Landau Sedan. 1929 Oldamobllo S^dan. 1028 OWsrnobfle Coupa. 1927 Olds/notolle Coach. 1D20 Auburn "8" Uodan 3»2(f Oldumobile Sodan 1026 OaJiUnd Sodana, Cheap, ( t w o ) 1020 OldBinobilo Special Coach "Give-Aways" lt2T Kash Coach--$100 1020 Hud ion Coach--$100. Chevralo Hoadster--.$25 SJMAIi, DOVN PATMKNT--And easy monthly payments. Buy now w h i l e prtoos ur i low. CONNEU SVIIX,E-OrIXSMOBrt,IS CO Opon Evenings And Sundays 517 EAST \.PPI,B ST, l'HONK571. jBT o p p o r t u n i t i e s pass y r n by. Look o\c! the Cltisaided Saollcn every day tnir to i'i «« rctti niLbltt. A.. J . HOVE 5 alx Cr.arist Minwng Cleaning, lyciriff, Renovating 20 ot February JlriJ to StlJ--Top-OoatB, cleaned, pr^auoS and deilvoied lor Tito, Connell«vllU Cleaners ivnd Dyor*. Phono 180. 1'iuniblrtg, lloaftnff HEAT1HS1 tlEJATBRS 1 Ilepaired iind claanea. All makes. "From 1 White It's ISO South flttfcbuig l''or service, phone 018-J'. QUALITY PL-UMBINO-- And heating 1 . VVJlliam Sellera Company, South J?lttsbuts St. ]?bone S16, Prompt Seivice. QUALITY PLTJMBINO -- And quality f l x U u o u , at very moderate pi ices Phone "1710" itor prompt service Cypher and Son, North Second atreot Insoraiice and Burety UondH INSrrRANC,E--"We write U AU Utndrt Cook n.nd Laughlin, Xnc , Insurance, 'MO First National Bank Phono K30. INSURANCE--AU kinds, exooptinK life, Borthu Cuunlncrham, I n s , Notary Public JOO B'lrst N u t l u u a l lUjilc JJuiUlinir P h o n o lUo Itcs 30'JtI-l-t. '( rnckluy;, ^ici'a b « distance, Opp, A i l l n g t o n Hotel PJione- M^. Hesidenoe 4102-Rlng 1 22 TJi'lfillB'S PiaOJm- as wcil as I n t e r e s t in Uio claaaltioii nuwa. Gen. Alexandei- K utepoff, chief of the Russian exile j in Pans, and former military I ader in the counter revolution iry campaign, who has boeii mil sing 1 from his home in France, s believed to have been kidnapc by th« Chelffl, secret police or jamzation of Soviet Russia. Drench secret service inen are f the opinion that he is being n aimed to Rus- tia for trial an 1 exeeution- l'"OH Rl'JKT--SVriiiahciJ dingle 1-000x3 or ,,iH. ail collvunlencoa, Jioor. C,iJl 1KT3-1X. Real Estate For Rent Aprtmeuta RENT -- i-unUeh«l i «ntraily loao-tod Moiern( oo«v««i- «fH. c*ll Hll-J aJior 5 K M. fur Kout KU«T -- 'Cwo Uuuse ly »tary brick, STOREI l«OMTM.At ion W, Apple St. MUitUlii f«i ani store. 16x40 I n q u h e Oc ajul lOo WUI Paper Co»n{»any. tar Heat A KODRItN BRICK HOMB p 1 --Bight jpooms nod two Uaihs, FUxs Hirtxi tai»beJ rooms lu aJ.tlc. Also a fiolahoJ. collxvr, v»Hh a now steum htavUiff ayiUuux, aud u Kucid Ju- Htntittmeoiia hot watur heater, ilotisa in very Brood uuAiiitiuu. jjocaltd ou Wcat Bido, 201 North ITimt street, Hfeiita nt $0000 per month. Ituiuiic FAVKTTB KBA1 AUCAUIJ CQMJPANT PHONW 1870 F/JUST STJtaEXT, NUIWU. 201--Brlch Jiume ol aioven rooms aud two batha. Suitable tor two famlUas lllas (Slec- UK, gas and ateam heul Hunt in very reasonable. liiQuiro A. Jfl. Waijonor and Son, WOO West Craw- lord Ave-nuo, .Phono 148. AVlsJNUJS, 51XV--l^our room house, gas, electric, water iiaitL I1J.OO. Garag-o $1.00, GliMJiN STUKET, JttA8T, 2l«--feouth Side, suvon room house,' bath, £ur- na.ce. Itont $15. Phone 1317-C. PITTSBUHQ STIiKB'i', SOCITJI, 131-- Voui loom aataument, partly furnlah- el. lleat and water furnished. Phono 1025, TliUMP AVJflNTJK. 010--Five room house and bath. Inquire 4UH East Uieon street. A PARTMJ5NTS, KOOA1» AND West 1'each street. HOUSES, STCXEJD- re 12 Hhone 476. Real Estate For Sale Honseu 1'or Bale 1TOR SALE--My ton room houae, two bath rooms, ' hot water heat, lot 80x120 feet, laaUolla Road and East Green Btroet Ca,ll a n y Urns except from sundown on i'rliJay to sundowa on Saturday J It bembower. FOH SALE IN fcjQVBU loom !jauie, l « u potulittb, cornonted ja.senaenl, bUitlonaiy ·wa^h tulii, iiot a n d cold w a t e i , biato ioo(, w a i m all tuinace, lialh, gub, tie^xitl^ ml elocLUc H M U t O b , J J i R u only ,si,T,"0 5TjlJ ilnwit, Ijaldiice ^3.3 m o n t h , You d i e i n v i t e d to jiibpuct this fine home today. I m m e d i a t e possession, Union litalty Company, 1' Home Building', oppoblla Coiut Houie, U r i l o u t o w n , Talepiiona 30M THIS CLABSIJMBU SUiCTtON you a daily economy sai'vioa Foundation Garments Extremely Important Foimdatioa garments for evening, ·wlUle negligible in tie matter of oii0ces, arc extremely Inportant as to lJa«. Jaijues Worth, wfeo was a phy- siclan before he becamo the president of tbe Syndicate de U Couture, de- ciarcs that every woiruuo should wear a Cfjinture or girdle of Bopple elastic, not only for appear trice, bat for health. Tucsa clastic girdle-!; are now designed for tlie new wr Istline, extending several Inches abore the wulst. Many women feel, hov rover, that the modern evening frock, with ito suave, nnbroken Une from slontder to hem, requires a longer fonnJatlon garment, Jn order to restrain any tendency to superfluous fleira. "Tin.-SB women ore adopting the oue-ple.-e garment of crepe de chine, satin or triple net, Dipped in at tbe waistline, with shaped panels of elastic 'on tlc hips, and uplift brasalere tops. \ Although It i« boneless, this garment accomplishes miracles in doing awny with bulging curves, and producing an. effect' of long, slender ticm · Many of these fotmtatlon garmenta for evening frocfcs reach new heights ot Iuxoi7 in fabric. They are elaborately trimmed with lace and made lu the ivory and pale pastel tints used for llngerte. Finished with wide lace frffla and strapa, tney meet the requirements ot cors»t, chemise and Slip. Whoa Mngcrfe is wora, It Is of the sheerest fabrics, destined on the new princess lines and 1 cat away in the baclc to tho waist v -iace, both black and creatu-*olo*ea, i:i nsed tor princess chemises and dance sets of step- ins, and brassiere. Many of these chemises have bib fronts with narrow straps buttoned to the waistband at tbe back. The softest of crepe satin In ivory, flesh and p;nch tints also IB used for the chemiie or Blip to be worn tmder evening frocks. Ninon, a French silk voile, comes in lovely ysstdl colorings for evening lingerie. Where a slip is rrqatred, as under a frock of sheer fabric, It is usually made of georgette or chiffon. Bear «» * ConneCra Gallo-Bomana were almost modern in their use of cosou tics. 'Mwy recog- nised tbe value of sold water to nt~ fresh tbe sfcto. To preaerv*. tb» eora- plogdon, however, thi»y bathed taa face in the froth of beer or with chalk dl»- solved in vinegar. '.Ohe eyebrows they dyed with a Joic* biken from tha sea pike Aabnrn or yeBow hair wna greatly admired in women and those who were nrnCortunintely and unavoidably brunette either Umed the teatr. dyed it, or wore w! JB.--Detroit Fireplaces Wmr« Wooden Marty of the fir it nrwpiawa were 1 built of wood, and plastered nrvr oa tbe Insidft with a a )rt of mod njortar. These early cmdti C replaces were hctgo thlnga, and unquestionably tt Is from ( them we got onr st ory of Santa. Clana '· and tha chimney. Certainly he wooW Ilinve had no dlflfcolt? coming down i those early fines. In fact, tney were provided with otara on tbe Inside in order that th« man of th« houso could patch the cracfes In tb« pteeter with new mod.--Successful Farming. WARTIME WYOMie BUDDIES CONTESTING FOR SAME JOB One Wants Court to Ouct Oth*r, From Position of Adjutant General. Clieyenne, TTyx--Wyewafeig baa the unique situation of World war bad- dies, both uerfoasly woanded during tbe same bottle and approximately at the same time, contaxdlog tor the same office. R. L. Esrpay, recently appolntetX adjutant gen^rnJ of Wyoming, went toto office upon tbe removal front tbe aarae Itost of Lieut CoL Walter f. Davis. Mow Davis la contesting tha removal in tbe courts at Oheyenn«. Here'n tbe co-Incidence--ESsmny and Doris were in tbe 0ame brigad* and in the same division, Che Ninety-first, daring the World war. Botb were in. tb« battle of Argonne aad It wa* Ks- may woo led a platoon to relieva that In charge of the tlion, IJsotenant Bavte. A short lime later, Dirvis, bocte to the front with bis platoon, was ehot In the leg, meanwhila EJsmay bad been shot twice in the bead and once In the shoulder. They were aemt to different hospitals. By chance they met each other in Paris shortly after they had been released. Meanwhile In Wyoming, Etemay'a father had received official notification that hia son had been killed la France on September 23, which was lonr days' before he was wounded. And Davis' wife, in Wyoming, received a menage from TTnel* Sam Informing her that her husband hud been seriously wounded. This useawsw WOM dated weeks after Davis bad !een re- btsed from the hospital. . Tbe war over, they returned to Wyoming. Bmnay was appointed adjutant g«n«ral. Came a cang* of ad- mlnlfltratfoo. and Bemay wan removed tod Da-rtg appointed in We place. H»- inay became a mtlltta captain twd«r 2avle. Again a change in administration and out went DaMs and Bs- may was put back in office. Now Davfe files a petition In the courts «uestloEiDg tbe right of the governor to "safe aim from office. The Motor Quiz Bow Maar Can T«m Q. Wby i ebotdd tires be changed trom one -wheel to another? . Ana Mora mileage can be obtained from them If ttxia to done. Tirea tttot are run In the oamo position coodnuoosly develop wear peculiar to that po- ultlon and if changed about; wear la distributed. Q. Why should the dust tbat collects on the headlight lenses be removed? Ann, To Improve jncmtnntlon. Q. What other effect, aside from safety, results from the brakes being kept In good condition? Ana. Conservation of tbe driver's energy. Q. What will be tb* resnlt !f spark plags are lD8ocore!y Installed In tao cyUader? Ana. leakage of hot gajes b«twe«a tbe plug sdd eyltmler threads will occur, causing the ping to ran too hot, resulting In loss of power. t t ) t TxJay*s Cross Word Puzzle ii JL I n ACROSS 1 8hy 4 To empl y habit- ually 6 A sphere a Having 1 1 mall holes it A luminous phenomenon 14 Within 15 A rttseaai (abbr.) 'i6 Near IT To proceed 18 To Binlc In f!0 Surface f!2 An imp] jnicnt 23 Once anuni] a race course !i5 Muturo 20 l*reah water (lull '28 Member of a trlbo I of American Indians 29 A long period of time 32 Trivial 36 To brcalj iiuddonly 38 A tajirel · 38 An extremity of an axis of a sphere ·10 To prow dim 42 Range ' 44 Elevated railway (abbr.) 46 Point ol tho 47 Exists 48 Behold) 49 Ono who serves food B8 To be suited to F4 Borrow 155 Anger 56 Before (pootsc) DOWN 1' To peruse 2 Either 8 To warble 1 More than ono % Thirteenth letter of the alphabet 6- A water animal 7 "In the master of An»w«r to Pinx1« 8 Marab.y 9 lilquld meaauren 10 A trlbft of Amarleaa Indiana 13 Tart of tbe body 38 fa round-up 18 Turf 19 To appease 20 Haems to tut 21 Atmosphere 3-1 Bufll'x "like" DCiDIB sun In an position ?1 Unlocked 3S Word of ncgatloq »4 Secured 85 Potoon 37 Artinctnl iowela 59 A squad coIUx|.V 41 Born Jl. · 43 To hurry |y| 45 A legal code 46 Shelteretl Hide 60 A mythical uiaidoa 81 One of the New England atatea (abbr.) ·' 62 A swhatantlvo 63 atiffix denotinjf -

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